Resumption and Conclusion Chapter 9

By Foeciusfoe


A week has passed since Malak was found dead in he and Rafa’s hermitage, and Mustadio was frightened. Someone was slowly killing the original troupe one by one. Beowulf, Malak, Lavian, and Rad had already died, and Rafa and Reis are missing. How long before he was next.

There was a knock at the door to Mustadio’s quarters. His concentration shattered, Mustadio pulled himself together. “Come in.” he shouted.

Farland poked his head through the crack of the slowly opening door. “Master?” he spoke. “Might I come in?”

“Of course, Farland.” he spoke. “What is it you wanted to talk about.”

Farland pulled up a chair and sat across from Mustadio. “Master, I had only just heard. Your friend Meliadoul........she was found dead. No one has been linked to her death, but wounds seem to be caused by lightening. Which means that...”

“Yes I know, Farland.” Mustadio interrupted. “It means Donavan killed her.” His words were solemn. Though his external emotion had not changed, Farland knew his master was in pain. His friends taken from him one by one. It was enough to wound any man.

“I...I’m sorry master.” Farland spoke softly. “My father had always told me that death was inevitable, and only the cowardly go unprepared.” Farland realized his words did not comfort his friend and teacher. “Remember master, God shines on the brave. If anyone embodies the very essence of courage, your friends are they.”

Mustadio placed his hand on his pupil’s shoulder. “Farland,” he began, “Thank you for your efforts, but I doubt any words could ease my suffering. I could’ve helped my friends.” Mustadios eyes began to tear up. “I could have....I should have been their to defend them. If only I had known I could have saved Beowulf, or Meliadoul....or Rafa....poor rafa....I...I never had the chance to tell her...”

The emotion had become too much for Mustadio. He broke down and started to cry at the table. Farland felt it impossible not to sympathize with him. When he lost his father, he was much the same way. He realized, however that now the roles had been reversed. For now Mustadio was the unsure one, struggling to make sense of a cruel world. And it was up to him to enlighten his master.

“Master, You could not have been there.” Farland began. “You could never have known about the attacks. And even if you had gone, it would have made no difference. You would have fallen as well, and your friends would be mourning you.”

Mustadio continued to weep. Farland sighed heavily. “I know that you feel you could have somehow helped....but you have to realize, that there was nothing you could do. Some times we mu...”

Farland was interrupted by a knock at the door. Farland went to the door to answer it. Mustadio sat at the table and watched. Farland whispered with whomever was at the door. Finally the door shut and Farland seemed excited. He ran to his teacher, eager about something.

“Master!” he began “Master you must come with me to the medical quarters!”

Mustadio looked up at his pupil, wiping the tears from his eyes. He choked a bit. Trying to convince himself to seem strong in front of his apprentice. He stood up, and flashed that familiar smile. “Sure, Farland.” he said. “Lets go.”

As they walked Farland began to explain the situation. “Our scouts were out patrolling the area, when they caught glimpse of someone injured just west of Gariland. They grabbed her and brought her here. She needs some of your medical prowress.”

Mustadio sighed. He had mastered the usage of herbs and potions, so he was the only ‘doctor’ available. He walked into the medical quarters with authority. “Alright where is the patient?” he shouted. Apparently the best way to hide his pain is to boss people around, Farland thought.

A squire came up to Mustadio leading him towards a bed. “This way, milord. We had found her while making our rounds and she need...”

The squire stopped as he caught glimpse of Mustadio’s face. His jaw hanging from his mouth, his eyes swelling with tears of joy. “Si..Sir?” the squire again spoke, “Sh-she had no identification on her, but Master Salman believed you might recognize her.”

Mustadio still amazed, wiped a tear from his eye and smiled broadly. “Yes of course.” he whimpered, “H- Her name is Rafa.”


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