Squaresoft/Back to the Future Prologue

By Fred Delles

After watching the three Back To The Future (BTTF) movies dozens of times, I thought that it would be cool if some of the Squaresoft characters and locations were represented with the stories from Back to the Future.

This story takes place thirty years after the destruction of Meteor, on October 23, 1997 A.J. (A.J. stands for After Jenova, about the time after Jenova destroyed the Ancients in FF7.) Cloud and Tifa marry, and have three children: Locke, Faris, and Crono. Crono ends up going back in time (again!) with Bugenhagen and Lucca’s invention, a modified time machine from the Tiny Bronco that can go back or forth to any era in time. Crono ends up thirty years in the past, during Cloud’s battle against Sephiroth, and accidentally screws up history. (It’s a surprise; read to find out!) Can Crono get back to the future? Can he repair history in the past? Will Aeris have an actual part in this fanfic without being killed? Will there be a fourth Back To The Future movie? The answers are in this Final Fantasy / Chrono Trigger fanfic!

Character Parodies:
The Strife (from Cloud Strife) family parodies the McFly family.
Marty McFly – Crono Strife
Dr. Emmett L. Brown – Bugenhagen (You could say Lucca, but Bugenhagen is more pertinent to thirty years ago)
Jennifer Parker – Marle
Mr. Strickland – Rude
The Pinheads (Marty’s band) – Sophie (not in any RPG), Robo, Cait Sith (as Cetra Lightning)
George McFly* – Cloud Strife
Lorraine McFly – Tifa Strife (or Tifa Lockheart)
Marty’s brother and sister (or Crono’s) – Locke (FF6/3US) and Faris (from FF5)
Biff Tannen – Thanatos (Secret of Mana) (Or Yuffie in the present)
Biff’s gang – Fanha, Geshtar, Sheex (also SOM characters)
Einstein – Red XIII (Nanaki)
Mayor Goldie Wilson – Mayor Domino
DeLorean (the car) – Tiny Bronco
Libyan terrorists – The Turks (well, the next generation)

Characters not parodies of BTTF characters:
Lucca, Cid – Bugenhagen’s assistants
Aeris – possible planet protector???
Emperor Vandole – Sephiroth’s right-hand man

- Yes, some of the characters are related to one another for the purpose of the story.

Part 1 – Crono’s Curse will be the opener.

Many of the characters (Crono, Cloud, Marle, etc.) are registered trademarks of Squaresoft, Inc.

Back To The Future is a registered trademark of Universal City Studios, Inc. and Amblin Entertainment, Inc.


Chapter 1

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