The Children Of Zeal

The Characters

The Original Adventurers:

Most of the following should be well known to Chronotrigger fans

Crono: A young boy from Guardia, 1000 AD. Despite the fact that he has never spoken since the death of his father, he still led the band of heroes who rescued the world from Lavos. Now, his life is only just quieting down and returning to normal.

Marle: Actually Princess Nadia of Guardia, 1000 AD. Her love for Crono, and the fact that she saved his life during their adventure, has made her the local Big Story in Guardia, something she hates even more than being a Princess.

Lucca: Crono’s best friend, also from Guardia, 1000 AD. She is probably also in love with Crono, but neither she nor anyone else is quite certain. Her mechanical skill is legendary, but generally treated as a joke.

Frog: Sir Glenn of Guardia, 600 AD. He was turned into a frog by the Magus, and joined the fight against Lavos in order to avenge himself and his friend Cyrus. He has now taken Cyrus’s place as chief of the Knights of the Square Table.

Robo: A robot from the now nonexistent version of 2300 AD in which Lavos was destroying the world. He is happy now as a servant to the royal family of Guardia, leading the ‘Bots of the Square Table.

Ayla: The leader of the Ioka tribe of 65 million BC. She is now struggling to keep her people alive through the beginning of the Ice Age brought about by the Fall of Lavos.

The Magus: Originally Janus, son of Queen Zeal in 12000 BC. His home was destroyed and his family scattered when his mother released the power of Lavos. Janus was sent through time to 600 AD, where he was raised by the Mystics. He became the Magus, a wizard of awesome power, and led the Mystics in a war on Guardia as part of a convoluted scheme to gain enough power to summon Lavos and destroy it. However, his plan failed and he was lost in time, resurfacing in Zeal in 12000 BC. He attempted to kill Lavos, but failed, and had most of his magical powers drained. Although he and the others killed Lavos in the year 1999 AD, his magical powers have only been partially restored.

The New Adventurers:

Lucent: A descendent of Marle and Crono from the new 2300 AD. Since he is male, he is ineligible for the Guardian throne (in Guardia, the daughter of the King becomes Queen, and her husband becomes King), and has departed to seek his fortune. He has since become something of a curiosity; the last human soldier left in the world.

Guardia: Schala’s daughter, in 8 BC, she is utterly unaware that she is to found what will be the longest-lasting kingdom in history.

Schala: Sister to the Magus, and the reason for his wanderings. She is about his equal in magic, but tends towards more subtle spells, and so seems weaker. She ended up in the year 24 BC, but is now living in 8BC, where she has a husband and teenaged daughter, Guardia.

Janala: A mysterious person of awesome magical power. Nothing is known of Janala except the name, and that Janala is somehow connected to the Children of Zeal.

Vincent: Lucent’s brother, and a master swordfighter. He disappeared years ago, only to resurface in Twistor.

Other Characters:

Queen Zeal: Janus’s and Schala’s mother. She went mad and became obsessed with immortality. She became Lavos’ greatest ally, but was killed in the Black Omen, 12000 BC, by the Magus.

Belthazar, Melchior, and Gaspar: The Gurus of Reason, Life, and Time, they were scattered across time with Janus. Belthazar ended up in the dark 2300 AD, where he built the Epoch, the Time Machine. Melchior lives in 1000 AD, where he made many of the weapons used against Lavos, especially the Rainbow Sword and the Masamune. Gaspar lives at the End of Time, and gave Marle the Time Egg she used to bring Crono back from the dead after Lavos and Queen Zeal killed him. However, the three Gurus have since mysteriously disappeared.

Psychosis, Thanatos, and Uranos: The Masters of Madness, Death, and Chaos. Their purpose is unclear, as is their connection with both the Children and the Twistor.

Spekkio: The Master of War.

Gaia: A mysterious entity who claims to be the spirit of the Earth. She created the Twistor for unknown reasons, and may or may not be the mysterious “Entity” mentioned in Chronotrigger.

Uzulu: 65 million BC, Azala’s son, and King of the Reptites (what’s left of them). He is desperately seeking a way to save his people from the Ice Age, and believes the Good Omen may provide that.

Yakra XIV: The new leader of Medina in 1000 AD, he seeks to use the Good Omen to return the Golden Age of Magus.

Norn: Controller of the robot factories and leader of the Omens, an underground group who believe the legends of the Good Omen are true.


The Times

The Present—1000 AD. The world is at peace, although there is trouble in Medina. However, a mysterious plague is beginning to spread.

The Middle Ages—600 AD. The world is at peace, finally, and the Mystics have scattered. Now, Frog is becoming bored, as there really aren’t any more quests to go on. Soon enough, however, one will appear.

The Future—2300 AD. The world is in a state of constant low-key war, as armies of robots battle with specialized anti-robot weapons for the amusement (and profit) of their owners.

The Golden Age—1900 AD. The Omen project has nearly been completed, and the world is united in peace and joy, on the surface.

The Dark Ages—12000 BC. Times are growing better now, despite the Rise of Lavos and the Fall of Zeal the survivors have banded together and are going to pull through, especially now that the Ice Age is finally over.

Prehistoric Times—65 million BC. Things are falling apart here, as the humans suffer through the beginnings of the Ice Age which is just ending in the Dark Age. A strange cult, calling itself the Enlightened Ones, believes that within the Dreamstone is the power to survive the Ice Age.

The Good Omen—Indeterminate. The great Time Ship, its building spans more than 65 million years.

The Twistor—Indeterminate. A strange “storm” moving through time and space, under the control of Gaia. Those who enter the Twistor find themselves deposited in the Twisted Ages.

The Twisted Ages—All of the Above. The Twisted Ages are alternate, generally evil versions of the time periods above, some even worse than the original 2300 AD. Examples are the Twisted Middle Ages, where Frog and the Magus have conquered the world for Queen Zeal and are helping her eliminate humanity.


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