Final Fantasy: The Darkness Within Prologue

By Froborr d'Wiggy

July 21, 2119
Lunar Orbit

“Heimdall, this is Eagle II. Over.”

“Eagle II, we read you. Status report?”

Dr. Cid leaned past Wedge for the mike. “We’re on our final approach to Tranquility Base. Will proceed overland from there to Valhalla. Touch down in… three minutes.”

“Roger that, Eagle. Report back. And… good luck.”

“Aye-aye, Heimdall. And thank you.”

Dr. Cid leaned back, stretching, and scratched at the black stubble that covered her scalp. Commander Wedge looked back at her from the co-pilot’s seat and grinned.

“Still can’t get used to being one of us baldies, eh, Mid?”

“That’s just the thing,” she answered, smiling back mock-sweetly. “I used to have hair—you couldn’t understand what I’m missing.”

“Cute—“ her sparring partner started to answer, but Captain Vicks, the pilot, interrupted. “Get your helmets on and strap down, people, we’re going in.”

A few minutes later, after the final shutdown of Eagle’s Minerva engines, the crew of Heimdall Station received one more transmission from Captain Vicks. “Heimdall, the Eagle has landed. Again.”

Cheers erupted through the control room of Hecate, as across the Earth, parties celebrated the 150th anniversary of the first moon landing.

Twenty-four hours later, they were mourning the deaths of the Eagle’s crew.


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