Forbidden Love Prologue

By Gabrielle Chicoine

***This story takes place one year and five months after the fall of Kefka.***

The long grass was swaying lazily in the calm wind, shining bright green in the sun. The many leaves in the trees were rustling, as if to express their happiness. Flowers of all sorts bloomed on the ground, as well as atop the trees. The sky was a pale and chalky blue, with only a few little puffy white clouds slowly traveling over the earth. The air was cool and fresh, carrying with it the aroma of flowers.

Everything was in a lazy rest. All that could be heard was the wind traveling through the leaves, and the lovely voices of the birds, singing praise to Mother Earth.

Finally, all was at peace.

The geometry of the whole planet would obviously never be the same again, but at least the earth was finally starting to heal.

Celes could remember, a time not to long ago, when everything was barren, desolate and devoid of any life. She remembered the cold, violent winds that raced across dead plains, and the icy rain which fell from the dark skies, and chilled the land.

Even during that summer after the fall of Kefka, the sun would barely shine through the black, thick clouds, leaving the lifeless earth cold and damp. Even with the villain gone, people everywhere were affected by the destruction left behind.

Celes thought nothing would ever be the same again. Back then, she thought the birds would never sing their melody, she thought the flowers had ceased to bloom forever, and that the animals would never prance in the sun-warmed grass again.

But now, she was glad to see that she had been wrong. Again, the sun was brilliantly shining with its warm light, the wind was no longer blowing at lifeless rocks, but gently teased the emerald green grass. Once again, the flowers were proudly showing they're beauty like a million little lights, while the sky was peacefully watching over them.

It seemed to have changed so suddenly, Celes thought. The previous winter was extremely cold and dark, with furious snowstorms constantly beating at the lifeless earth. But when the snow finally melted, Celes was so surprised at seeing little green buds growing in the trees. She remembered laughing out loud, and quickly waking up Locke, telling him to come to the window.

He had an annoyed expression on his face when she did, but that quickly changed after he saw what Celes was so excited about. She recalled how happy he then became, and how they had spent the rest of the day outside, until night covered the rejuvenating planet.

It was almost summertime now, and everything was like it had used to be. A faint smile appeared across Celes's pale, pink lips as she admired the plains. Her shining, bright blue eyes like glowing sapphires, showed her endless plains of healthy greenery.

Her face was a creamy white, and a slight brush of pink was visible on her smooth cheeks, which was caused by the slight touch of the sun's rays. Her light, blonde hair, which seemed almost white, descended to the arch of her back, and swung slowly back and forth in the gentle breeze. Celes was wearing a bright white dress, which ended at the top of her knees. It covered her shoulders, and exposed her slender neck and part of her chest as well. At the bottom of her dress and on the edges of her short sleeves, there were little golden patterns of flowers and leaves, which shone brightly in the sun. She was wearing a long, sleeveless dark red cloth shirt as well, which descended to her thighs. She kept it open, and it too, was gently swaying in the wind, along with the bottom part of her dress. Finally, on her feet, Celes was wearing white high-heeled boots which stopped short at her slender, creamy white ankles.

Celes slowly raised her arms towards herself, and wrapped them around her body, as she was getting a bit chilly. Gently closing her eyes, she slowly raised her head to the sun, letting it's rays warm her face.

And again, she started thinking about the destruction which Kefka had left behind, and how Locke had so lovingly lead her through every day, with joy and hope in his voice.

He was always cheering her up, and doing everything in his power to see that she was happy. Ever since that day when he had rescued her from the clutches of the empire under South Figaro, he had never ceased to protect and love her.

As she was thinking of this, Celes quickly dropped her head down as a terrible feeling of despair came over her. Without opening her eyes, she slowly dropped her arms from around her as well. How long had she been standing here now, admiring the rebirth of nature?

She remembered why she came here. Something was wrong with her beloved Locke, and she needed to think to herself. Celes knew that by traveling out here, it would make her feel better, if only for a short while.

Shortly after her discovery of the reappearing buds, about three months ago, Locke had been acting very strange. He had started to leave they're home early, and would not come back until very late.

And when he would come home, he would barely talk to Celes, no less even look at her. When Locke did speak to her, his voice had been empty of any life or emotion, as if he was trying to hide something.

Locke always used to talk to Celes, showing her his love and respect, praising her and always telling her how beautiful she was. But not now. No, now Locke was gone all day, and never said a word to her. No "I love you", no praise, no nothing. He wouldn't even tell her what had done during the day. He always used to tell her what kind of adventures he had, in full detail, his voice jumping with excitement, much like a child would have done. But not anymore.

Celes was confused, chagrined and hurt. What had she done wrong? Did Locke love her no longer? ...And where in blazes did he go all day??

A warm tear slid down Celes's cheek as she thought about Locke's strange behavior. She felt alone now, alone and deeply sad, much like on the day when she had awoken to find the world in ruin and her friends gone.

What had happened to the love Locke and her used to share?

She thought back to the previous day, when she had finally brought up enough courage to ask Locke where it was that he went every day. With a bleak, uninterested look and emotionless voice, he simply gave Celes a short reply... "Nowhere really. Just gotta lot of things to do." Then, without kissing her goodbye, like he always did, he disappeared through the front door, leaving Celes alone in the house.

Celes had absolutely no idea what was wrong. She thought that maybe Locke was seeing someone else. But she knew Locke, he would never do that. Or at least she thought she knew him. Until this strange and frightening behavior of his surfaced.

Celes and Locke lived in the town of Maranda together, where Edgar had actually bought a house there for them.

When Locke left again in the morning, after she questioned him, Celes waited until he was out of sight, and then had started crying. She cried, silently, for a long time, and it made her feel a bit better, as if her tears were washing away the sadness and pain, which she felt slowly rising again.

By standing out here in the green fields, staring out into the open rebirth of the earth, she had, if only for a short while, forgotten her doubts, her pain and her sadness. But now it all came flooding back like a dark and horrible memory, bringing her once again on the verge of tears. And she was still nowhere near figuring anything out.

If only Locke would speak to her! If he was sick or troubled, or anything, she would do her best to help him, in any way she could! But, for some reason unknown to her, Celes was afraid to comment to Locke about the situation at hand. The tears which had threatened to fall only a moment ago, now rolled down her face, all the way to her chin. She was never afraid of Locke before. It's true, he had annoyed her, angered her... but never frightened her.

With a quick gesture of her hand, Celes wiped her tears away, but they just kept coming back. Her head bowed low, she turned around, and with a fast pace, headed back for Maranda. She didn't know what to do, what to think or who to talk to. She sobbed as she walked, and through her tears, she could see the rooftops of Maranda. She very much wanted to tell someone, find someone who could help her, someone who could help Locke. But who? Everyone was away.

She thought back to the day after they had rid the world of Kefka, and how shortly after, everyone had left on their separate paths, to resume their lives.

Edgar was busy ruling his kingdom, and desperately trying, no doubt, to sleep with every women he came across. Cyan was rebuilding his own kingdom, as well as his life, with Lola by his side. Sabin left for the mountains once again, to resume his training, and become even stronger. Setzer was cruising the skies, looking for adventure, and probably losing all his money, while Relm and Strago were leading a peaceful life in Thamasa, studying magic. Terra returned to Mobliz, helping to raise the children there, with Duane and Katarin. And Shadow, well, he disappeared the very day Kefka was defeated, and was never seen or heard of again. And Gau? Back to the Veldt no doubt, the only true home the wild boy had ever known. There, he was with the animals, and was surely very happy.

As she thought about them, her very best friends, she realized how much she missed each and every single one of them.

Yes, even that weirdo Gogo, the annoying moogle and that dumb but ever so lovable Umaro. They had all fought together, went through so much, and they all became very close.

Oh, how she needed them more then ever now!!

But they all had their own lives to lead, and their own problems to deal with. If Celes couldn't deal with her own love problems, why would anyone else, even her friends, be able too?

And Locke- She couldn't finish the thought. They had loved each other so much, and now it was all fading away, and she didn't even know why.

Then, Celes fell to her knees, amid the tall grasses and blooming flowers. She put her hands to her face, and cried harder, sobs escaping her throat uncontrollably now. She cried and cried, and couldn't stop.

Why was this happening to her? What was wrong with Locke? She didn't know, all she knew was that she was terribly sad and confused. She kept on crying, and wouldn't have cared if everyone in the entire world saw her.

Until she raised her head, and noticed something. There, behind the tall grasses, a strange, crouching figure seemed to be staring straight at her. Celes couldn't make out what it was. Tears clouded her eyes, and her face now had a flush-red color to it, caused by her weeping. She then ceased to cry a bit, or get it under control anyway. Celes slowly rose to her feet, and adjusting her eyes, attempted to make out what was looking at her. But no sooner had she got up that the figure disappeared in the grass, and Celes heard it escaping. She decided to run after it, why, she didn't really know, but after only a few steps, she stopped.

"Probably just some monster..." She said this in a small and quivering voice.

Celes then continued back for Maranda. And do what? She didn't know.

As she slowly walked back towards Maranda, Celes looked up to the darkening sky. It was getting pretty late, and she figured that Locke wouldn't be home anyway. Maybe she could try to talk to him again when he did come back. Surely he couldn't ignore her for ever! He had to talk to her sometime. Celes turned her head back and stopped.

There it was again, that strange figure she had seen just a moment ago. But it was much further now, and she could not find out it was at all. Celes knew, however, that it was staring at her again. She decided to pay no attention to it any further, and kept walking. If anything attacked her, well she knew how to defend herself.

The town of Maranda was closer now. Celes decided that maybe she could go to the pub there, until a bit later. Then, she would attempt to speak with Locke once more. She had to try to set things right again, like they used to be. She couldn't just give up, she couldn't let their love vanish away. Maybe, just maybe, it would work...Celes hoped with all her heart that it would.

The cool, evening wind, which had gotten a bit stronger, was carrying the signs of a lurking storm, and was drying Celes's tears away. But the sadness had not left her.

The familiar hustle and bustle of the town slowly reached her ears now, and she hoped no one would notice that she had been crying. She still wanted to talk with someone about Locke's bizarre change...But who?

Celes didn't know, but what she did know is that something had to be done.

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