Cecil's Journals: Entry 1

By Gasper S. Keltner

From the Journals of Cecil Harvey, Former Dark Knight, and Paladin King of Baron

An overview of the Crystal War, as told by Cecil.

Originally, it was my conscience that started on my writing this journal. It's been days after our fight with Zeromus, and I am ascending the throne tomorrow. Rosa will join me, as the ceremony will also be our wedding. My friends are here. All, except Kain. It seems like it's always starting with him. I guess this is where I could begin the story…

There were five ships that morning. We'd been traveling since the night before. The Red Wings of Baron made our way to Mysidia. Entering the Tower of wishes, we met heavy opposition from the Black and White Wizards. Beating them with little problem, I took the Crystal of Water. On the way back to my home, our thoughts were on our actions that morning. Why did we do this? I couldn't justify it, even of the King said they were growing too powerful…

Arriving back at Baron, I immediately let Captain of the Guard Baigan, and met with the king. The king had always taken care of me, ever since I could remember. I questioned him, and was effectively demoted and given a new mission. Cid Pollendina later asked me about the airships, and I told him the truth. Cid then proclaimed his rebellious nature.

I arrived at my room, and went to bed. Rosa Farrell, whom I had great feelings for visited me that night, and gave me something to think about, to this day, I am still touched by her words.

The next day, my good friend since childhood, Kain Highwind, and I set out to deliver a package to Mist. Not knowing what it was, we destroyed the Mist Dragon, effectively adding a murder to our names by the people of Mist. Their bond is severed with the creature when the recall it, but, if the monster should fall, so shall the caller. We arrived in Mist later that day, when the package burst open. Fire swarmed over the houses, burning families. Their children cried out in suffering. One small girl in particular ran into the streets. Kain and I ran to help, when she started rambling about her mother just dropping to the floor, dead.

Kain and I suspected instantly, and accidentally said something out loud. We had taken the girl to a small clearing, when she ran out, accusing us of killing her mother's monster. It was true, but at the time, we were unaware. Ignorance did not pay off though. Not looking the powerful type, she surprised us, and summoned a Titan. The battle ensued, but we never lifted our weapons, fearing the girl would die or even be hurt if we defended ourselves. The titan collapsed the cliff walls that were between Mist, effectively blocking the cave back to Baron and us. I blacked out and awoke to find the small child asleep next to me. But Kain…was gone. Fearing for her, I took her to the small town of Kaipo.

We reached around nightfall, and I took her to the inn. Free of charge, thanks to the generosity of the innkeeper, I put her in bed when she woke up. I tried talking, but got no response. Later that night, soldiers from Baron broke in, and fought with me over her. I was victorious, and won the girls trust. Rydia joined me that night, and she has since forgiven me of killing her mother.

Waking the Next morning, we proceeded out of town, when we heard of a woman from Baron that was found in the desert suffering from an unknown sickness. I rushed over, and found Rosa. She was close to delirium, and I vowed to help her. Hearing about the SandRuby, Rydia and I left for the Antlion's Cavern. Later that day, we reached the Water Cave, meeting an old man on one of the bridges. His name was Tellah, one of the Greatest Wizards of our time. We rested that night in the cavern, discussing the extent of Rydia's powers, and Tellah's eloped daughter. Anna had run from here father, and married a Bard. They fled to Damcyan, and we both seemed to be headed there. Tellah was amazing, almost like a grandfather to both Rydia and I.

With little trouble, we made our way to Damcyan. As we approached, I heard the sound. It was them, The Red Wings. They quickly attacked, and we rushed in. Tellah, in fear that Anna was hurt rushed in, finding the Bard. She had indeed been hurt, with the Bard, standing over her. A fight ensued where Tellah, in a fit of rage, called him "A Spoony Bard." As Rydia and I stood there, Anna came to, stopping the fight, proclaiming her love for Edward or rather, Gilbart Chris von Muir, Prince of Damcyan. Tellah was heartbroken, as this girl had loved him so much to die for him. But nothing prepared me for the next words of Edward. Golbez.

I had never heard of Golbez, but I was about to learn that he had succeeded into my position as Captain of the Red Wings. Edward also informed us that the Crystal of Fire had been taken. Tellah left us that day, hunting down this new evil that had risen. Edward, Rydia and I then left, to continue our quest for the SandRuby.

We entered the Antlion's lair, and found it to be hostile. After defeating it, we used Edward's hovercraft to return to Kaipo. Rosa was healed, and we stayed for the night. The next day, we made our way to the Keepers of the Crystal of Air, Fabul. Arriving at Mt. Hobs, under Rosa's tutelage and our encouragement, Rydia destroyed the Ice Barricade that hindered our way. Overcoming her fear of fire, I realized that Tellah was right, she would be powerful help.

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