The Coming Storm Interlude 2

Greetings in Truce

By Gasper S. Keltner

1002 AD

She worked in the house most of the time. Time spent doing laundry, working on chores that her son had forgotten to do. Her husband had left more then enough money to help with the costs of living for her and her son. Elanor spent today thinking. The past two years had been interesting considering Crono had been getting close to the King's daughter, Nadia, and Lucca was showing up more around the house. Three days ago, the two young women appeared, stealing Crono of on another adventure. Elanor remembered how she had met many of his 'new' friends. She remembered how odd each was, but kindly greeted them however odd, old, or in the cave-woman's case, smelly.

She had finished putting the last sheet up on the clothesline when she felt a dark presence behind her. He grabbed a hold of the handle of the small knife she kept with her, and pulled it out. Turning, she stabbed hard into the person behind her. The clash of metal objects was heard as she looked up to see the purple-haired man, whom Elanor remembered as Magus. His scythe's shaft deflected the knife, causing he wrist to twist. The small blade flew to the ground. Before her stood her son with the frog and vampire-like man. The other three threw her for a loop though.

"Crono!" She breathed a sigh of relief and smile politely. "Won't…you introduce your…new friends." She saw the frog bow to her again, then shaking her hand.

"Mine pleasure to see thee once more Mistress Elanor." Frog croaked. Magus bowed his head once more. Next, the woman dressed in a light cape, (and from what Elanor thought, a little more dressed then the cave-woman but not by much.) stepped forward and curtseyed.

"It is a pleasure to meet you Madam, My name is Rosa Farrell-Harvey." Rosa said, warmly introducing herself to the bewildered woman. Elanor nodded, smiling.

"My, you are nice…are you related to the king?" Shaking the Queen's hand, then under her breath grumbling. "And if you are, I would hope royalty dresses better then that.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Rydia, of Mist." The Summoner shook her hand. Elanor touched the young woman's hand, and was already matching her up with Crono.

"You are beautiful my dear, have you heard Crono is looking for a girlfriend?" Elanor bluntly said. So much better then that princess, they would be a good match. Rydia blushed, and Crono scowled.

"Mother!" But Elanor had moved on. She reached the Dragoon, and stopped. Kain took his helmet off, and suddenly realized he knew this woman. Elanor quickly smiled, then turned to her son. Kain Highwind shrugged off the notion to speak.

"Now Crono, I hope you've been eating all right, and staying out of trouble." The six looked at each other and felt the somber cloud fall over them once more. Elanor noticed this, and recovered. "If you want, Crono, you can take your friends up to your room, and talk there. I'll be downstairs if you need me." Elanor left them quickly, continuing with her chores and work for the day.

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