The Death of Gasper (10-16-98)

Nanaki vs. Gasper

By Gasper S. Keltner

Author's note: It is interesting in some fact that the victim of Nanaki also happens to be the author. But, during the course of this fight, it became clear that Brian asked if I would do it; I jumped at the chance, along with getting out of the way of one of Nanaki's spells. Normally, most fighters get bored, or give up, but I did an unprecedented thing. So, some of you may wonder such a gruesome title, I refer you to the two masks that are associated with Theatre in most cases; one of comedy, one of tragedy. Since Brian has written the comedy, I am writing this in a more tragic sense. So ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, The Death of Gasper.


The scene was quite that Friday evening, as many of the members had either come or gone. Of the seven that were there, Gasper, in his Archangel form, walked over to Nanaki offering some entertainment. The room grew silent as the two giants of fanficdom looked at each other. Under most normal circumstances, they were friends. But the air was different tonight. The other five composed of Icy Brian, JWolf, Zeal Prophet, Taran, and Minmei; looked at Gasper as he spoke.

"So, Nanaki, wanna rumble?" He said nonchalantly. Nanaki looked at his opponent and shrugged.

"I don't see why not." The two walked down the stairs from the balcony of the LOF arena. Minmei started laughing, and pulled a chair up to the outlook over the small battlefield. Brian, Wolf, and Taran continued talking as Zeal joined Minmei.

"This is cool!" She thought. Now Gasper's wings folded back, and Gasper changed to his usual form. The men stood there, prepping themselves for battle.

"It will be just one moment." As he and another LOF member spoke quickly. Nanaki sighed, and casted his barrier/haste spell. Finally, Taran looked up and saw the upcoming power-struggle.

"Whoah! Nanaki versus Gasper…"


"I have all next week for Fall Break." JWolf said to certain webmaster. The sound of another spell was casted out over the ledge of the outlook. Gasper mimed Big Guard.

"Rachel?" Taran looked back. And Nanaki yelled up to the two, interrupting their conversation. Perplexed, he made sure Gasper wasn't going to do anything.

"You get a fall break?" Brian then looked up, absorbing what the Wolf had to say, looked down on the fight. After giving Wolf a high five.

"Go Wolfman!" Then, he went over to the outlook. Watching, Gasper made sure his spear was ready, tapping the end of the shaft on his heel. His jacket rustling, he stood his ground, waiting for the first onslaught. It didn't come, so he replied.

"Hm…no. You?" Nanaki now looked at him, and brought up the Limited Moon. Gasper bowed at the waist towards his honorable opponent. Nanaki, followed suit, and growled. Gasper brought up his hands and casted a Flare spell. Bright red heat flowed out and hit the quadruped full force. The ground exploded and he stood there. He looked up flinching, and muttered a simple growl.

"Ow." He said, as if it was a simple irritation. He heard Minmei's laughter once more and shook it off. Gasper looked at his hand, and thought about why his spell was so weak. Must be out of practice. Nanaki took the time to cast his Regeneration spell. Gasper followed with a Life Three combination for precautionary measures. The two stood there, waiting for the other to make the first move. Nanaki eyed him cautiously as he took out a Hyper potion and drank the contents. After two minutes, Gasper broke the stare-down, and jabbed at Nanaki with his fists. Smacking him in the jaw, he then uppercut to the best of his ability. Falling back a bit, Nanaki recited ancient words.


The spectators in the stand where riled up, as Icy called out. "It's Tyson! Bite him in the ear!" Gasper looked up at him and shook his head slowly. Suddenly, a dense ball of rock fell out of the sky. Hitting atmosphere, it struck Gasper down to the ground. Nanaki had casted Comet.

"Did I mention I have an Added Cut Materia with that?" Picking himself up, Gasper grunted.

"No!" Already hurt and full of rage, Gasper hit his first Limit Break. Stretching out, he brought forth a swirling ball of fire. He held it with one hand, and raised the other arm to the sky. Instantly, clouds formed above him and energy crackled in the air. Lightning struck down, hitting the ball. The swirling mass of heat and electricity stirred as Gasper threw it at Nanaki's chest cavity. Striking him, Nanaki felt the blow burn through. Regen had already started working, but its time was almost up.

"Hm… Regen won't last forever." He commented. Gasper recovered from his casting, and went into a defensive position. Something then startled the aging Legionnaire. Nanaki turned a light silver as the living metal skin he called on too form. Gasper stood awestruck, not knowing how to describe his opponent.

"Okay…Wall!" He yelled as a magical barrier appeared before him.

"Would that be brick or wood?" Icy asked, as Gasper also starting shifting forms. Wings sprouted from his back. White feathers covered them; a large sword in place of his usual spear. The LOF simply knew the being as Archangel, but this time there was a difference. Nanaki looked over the scene and commented up to Brian.

"Living Metal."

"Brick would look nice." Minmei asked, looking back at the crowd. White light shone upon Gasper as he called out.

"I call on the Heavenly Guard! I call on Tall, Captain of the Hosts!" Gasper then changed further, becoming brighter; white armor taking the place of his usual coat. The spectators didn't know what to think of the scene, and all Minmei could say was… "Er…" Noticing their confusion, Tal looked up at them and smiled.

"Peretti. Great author." He said. Once again, Nanaki renewed his Big Guard spell. And he knew this would be a long fight.


Gasper started the assault once more, this time taking out the giant sword. Avenger glowed with a soft light. Taking the sword, he slashed at Nanaki, striking him down. Nanaki breathed a sigh of relief for the first time in a while.

"Thanks to the Holmcross." Meanwhile banter went on in the conference room.

"The Hosts?" Brian exclaimed. "Personally, I would have called on Conan or Leno." Nanaki shouted his agreement for Leno, while Tal preferred Dennis Miller. "But Conan is number one!" Taran and Wolf deliberated on a different subject, while Zeal and Minmei watched the fight. They saw the well-known shape of Bahamut fall on Tal. Nanaki had finally started going offensive. Tal, getting ready to slash again, also looked up at the all too familiar form.


"Uh oh…" Trying to think of a spell of protection, he was lost. With pinpoint accuracy, the King of Summoned Monsters hit Tal with its powerful Terra Flare. The dragon vanished; and now Tal felt the pain course through his body. Calling on the Heavenly Hosts once more, Tal lifted his sword to the sky and felt more energy surge through it. It coursed through his body, and everyone saw the Guard of Angel's swoop at Nanaki. He dodged them, and went for Tal's neck. Bringing him down, he bit wildly and deeply; blood sprang forth. Tal then realized what the quadruped had meant by his Added Cut. Tal lost his temper after Nanaki let go.

"Gasper, you're not being creative enough." Severely wounded, he transferred back to his normal form. Gasper felt his body fill with various sorts of energy as he neared his Second Limit.

"That was painful!" Wolf said.

"Go Tal!" Taran yelled, finishing his conversation with Wolf to see the events unfold. Then realizing he was not up with the times, he yelled again. "Sorry Nanaki."

"You will find that I am not so easily defeated." Gasper said, releasing the energy from his body, and letting shoot out towards Nanaki. Instantly, he was melted into a lump of flesh and bones. Gasper slumped slightly, then readied himself. He's not easily defeated either; still, it took a lot out of me. The Materia in the remains of Nanaki's Limited Moon sparkled, and called forth the great bird of rebirth Phoenix. Bone and flesh knitted back together, forming Nanaki's body. He grunted and slammed into Gasper, knocking him to the ground.

"That was Thanqoul style…" He trailed off, walking off Gasper.

"Doing my best, but I…can do better…" With the wind knocked out of him, it was hard for Gasper to catch his breath. Thinking, he gripped his spear that lay on the ground next to him. Nanaki spoke.

"Don't Act." The stop didn't work as Gasper stopped, and looked at the beast for a moment.


"Guess it didn't work." He shrugged, taking out his Blizzard Gun. Shooting Gasper, the blue waves washing over him. He still kept coming. As futile as it was, Nanaki had to try.

"This is new… though I never had a Playstation." Noting the confusion in Gasper's voice, Brian yelled down.

"It's from tactics, Gasp!"

"Ah." He replied in understanding. Just as quick as Nanaki's attack came, he disappeared.


Taran walked over to Zeal and Minmei, whom were intently watching the unfolding battle.

"So, what are you two up to." Minmei turned up to look at the Soul Knight, and smiled.

"Just witnessing this bloodbath, Taran." She said. Zeal, who looked up from the daze smiled. Taran noticed that she had a laptop hooked up to the Ethernet ports of the building.

"Just working on chapter fifteen. It's rather long though. I might have to break it into two parts. Suddenly, Nanaki rematerialized on the balcony. Minmei noticed him and greeted him warmly.

"Really, cool ZP! Hello again." The beast looked at her in acknowledgment, and jumped over the table and the edge of the outlook. Gasper watched the spectacle, looking unimpressed.

"Shall we continue?" He asked.

"Sure thing." Came the response. Minmei looked out over the edge and smiled. Gasper, without provocation, walked over to Nanaki and jabbed him in the stomach. With a growl, Nanaki jumped back in extreme anger.

"That's it." At his limit, his temper flared, and summoned a large fireball out of the sky.

"I don't resort to this, but I don't know what to do-" He was interrupted as he heard a voice shout.

"Cosmo Memory!" To late, the only thing Gasper could do was get Big Guard up. Only half the spell was completed as the gigantic fireball hit him, engulfing the human in immense heat. As the onslaught ended, Gasper crumpled. A small speck of light formed in the sky, and shot into Gasper's body. Feeling some semblance of energy in him, he struggled back to his feet. Nanaki looked at him and wondered.

"Must have some Parasite Eve medicine on you then." Minmei somewhat knew what happened and giggled lightly. Gasper smiled also, thanking the heavens he put on the spell earlier.

"No, Life 3, from Final Fantasy 3." Nanaki nodded slightly, realizing what was going on.

"Ah. However, it does not restore you to full strength. Speaking of Parasite Eve…" He trailed off, back into deep concentration. Gasper looked at the sitting beast, his anger flaring higher then ever. Like his namesake of different spelling, he used time to his advantage. Breaking into a run, he charged at Nanaki casting a warp spell on him. A blue swirling portal opened, and sucked the beast in. The Nexus, as Gasper had been referring to it, was in fact a prison so that he could get rid of his opponent for at least a minute to heal his wounds. Preparing for the continuing battle, he casted a warp gate for himself, and went through. Icy Brian watched, and groaned slightly.

"Uh oh…"


Nanaki floated in the swirling red and blues mists. "The Nexus? From Star Trek Generations?" Gasper stepped out of the gate behind him, and tapped him. Intentionally, he was going to let Nanaki sit for a while, but decided to finish the job.

"Hello." He said, raising his spear over his head. Sensing the upcoming doom, Nanaki turned, and pulled out a small egg like object. Gasper realized what it was, and cursed to himself. Nanaki clicked the small button on the Chrono Trigger, and stopped the swirling Nexus. A gate appeared, and he jumped through. Laughing to himself, Gasper kept the gate opened and walked through. Appearing in the arena once more. Nanaki looked at him and smiled.

"Time stoppage just has a million uses, doesn't it?" Concentrating once more, Nanaki stirred up his power on the cellular level, the mitochondria were at work within him. Casting cure Gasper, drained of powers for the moment, took his spear up and prepared to stab. Nanaki let loose, as an Energy Shot from him into his competition. Thrown back, Gasper hit the wall with a violent thud.

"So that's Parasite Eve," He said in revelation. "Interesting game." Picking himself up, he found Nanaki commenting to the audience. Summoning more energy, Gasper called on Ultima. The blast shot back at Nanaki, flooring him.

"Ah well then, I just got nailed by Ultima." He said, gathering his wits. Gasper looked at the beast and sighed. Doesn't ANYTHING hurt him! He thought. Looking to the sky, he folded his hands, and got to his knees. Nanaki looked at the man, and growled.

Taran laughed and felt relief and victory for Gasper. "The power of prayer…"

"So, you're learning…" He said as an aura surrounded Gasper's praying form. Utilizing this down time, the creature casted Regen once more. The two sat not five meters from the other, both glowing with curative power.

"You have not idea."

"I bet I do." Nanaki replied.

"Of course." Gasper scoffed at the critter's overconfidence.

"You gonna do anything?" He laughed. Looking at Nanaki, he summoned the energy around him and formed ten balls of energy, shooting them back, breaking through skin and bone. Regen had helped, and Nanaki was relieved that his body once again stitched back together.

"Excuse me while I act out a little scene here." Nanaki began his morphing by turning into a middle-aged man. A look of worry came over Wiegraf's face.

"Damn, I can't die here..." The stone he held in his hand, pulsated and glowed. Shaped like a ram's horn, the Aries Stone came to life.

"Holder of the Holy Stone…" It said in an ominous voice. Wiegraf looked at it oddly, and the worry turned to fear.

"What? The stone spoke…" Gasper took the chance and casted Great Gospel. Light shone upon him, as the Sage Warrior expected the worst. No longer occupied with the spell, he watched the unfolding drama. The Aries Stone spoke once more, it's voice more evil then good.

"Holder of the Holy Stone…promise me…. Your hatred summoned me here. Promise me your soul…." Wiegraf was taken over by the light but managed a plea for help before being engulfed. The stone spoke once more. "Your hatred has summoned me. I am Velius, the devil!" Out of the light, came the humanoid body of Velius, with the head of a ram. Gasper looked and prayed for survival. Standing over two feet higher then Gasper, Velius shook his head and laughed. Then in a low grumbling noise spoke.

"I've watched that scene so many times, I just had to act it out."

"Did you memorize that Nanaki?" Taran asked quietly. Minmei understood with a tone of awe in her voice, while Nanaki looked upon himself. Turning to Gasper, who stood up with little to no fear, he spoke again.

"Ha! Superb power!" Unimpressed at Velius' taunts Gasper turned into his ultimate form that of Gabriel, the archangel of the Judeo-Christian religion. Wings sprouted once more from Gasper's shoulder blades, a menacing broadsword at his side. Light, white armor protected the warrior. The five spectators watched, as if it really were the battle between good and evil. Taran stood up and applauded Velius' performance along with Gasper. Velius, in response, spoke.

"Not just power, but centuries of knowledge ingrained into my brain!"

"Yes, but evil will always lose!" Gabriel said, as Velius responded with the summoning of a few archaic demons. The Captain of the Hosts, Tal came down from above in a flash of light. "Tal, have the saints pry for me." Velius pointed to the conferring angels. The demons gazed hungrily as they set about to wreak havoc with Dark Holy. The clouds grew dark, and a storm of demonic forces hit the two. They stood their ground, and weren't phased by it. Tal nodded his head and flew off.

"My goodness…" Minmei said, looking at the upcoming destruction. The five non-fighting members of the LOF stood there in silence. Zeal had put away here laptop long ago, and now starred at Gasper and Velius. Brian and JWolf, who were earlier talking, now looked down on the battlefield. Taran whispered a silent prayer, like Gabriel had asked. The true battle had begun.


Raising his sword high into the air, Gabriel called out to all those who could hear. "By honor I fight. And in honor I will die," He then pointed his sword at Velius. "But it is not you who will kill me!" Channeling the light over the arena his sword gave of a white incandescence.

"That was cool. Very poetic." Zeal said, writing down the words for use in a story someday.

"Yup." Was all Taran could manage.

"I need to remember that line." She said once more. Brian looked at the brave soul who was losing yet winning, and agreed.

"Deep, dude." As quickly as the light faded, Gabriel charged Velius, and plunged his sword deep into the right shoulder of Velius. The Ram-beast screamed in agony as the archangel pulled the sword out of its shoulder. Velius again screamed in fury, calling forth a Cyclops. The creature stirred out of the ground, it's one eye peering at Gabriel. Velius' hands surged forth, showing the Cyclops its target. It pushed forward, and Gabriel fought hard. Slashing at it for the final time, after ten minutes of battle he killed the Devil's slave, but found Velius had the advantage. Charging forward, the demon's horns transformed into those of a bull. Three feet long and glistening they struck Gabriel, one stabbing through his back into his chest cavity, the other horn through his stomach. Turning his head to lift the angel up. Velius smiled in glee. The spectators stood breathless, only Wolf could sum it into words.

"I think Velius is the victor…" He trailed off.

"If you prefer it that way!" It said laughing. Gabriel slid down a foot of the ivory, and felt the extreme torment. In an unearthly scream, the archangel grabbed the hilt of his sword.

"I will…not let you… win!" He struggled to say. Taking out the sword from its sheath, he swiped under him, miraculously cutting the horns off. Velius ran off a little ways to nurse his wounds. Gabriel fell to the ground in a heap. Pulling the horns out to the best of his ability, he felt what little power he had left and spoke.

"Cure." Healed, he was still weak and wounded. Velius stalked over to the still mass and roared. Zeal moaned under her breath.

"This is so intense, it's heart wrenching!" Taran jumped up and down, almost falling over the ledge.

"Go Gabriel!" Velius, feeling the powers of the other twelve stones coursing through him, chuckled.

"Oh really? Velius is not finished yet!" Gabriel struggled to get up, but all strength had left him for the moment. Smiling in devilish glee Velius picked up the archangel, and much like the incident with Bane and Batman, slammed Gabriel down on his knee. The spine snapped, and the heavenly spirit fell with a scream worse then the last. Finding that his opponent was debilitated, Velius watched as Gabriel reverted to Gasper. With his strength gone, Gasper as a last resort called out the words of the meteor Wormwood. Velius looked surprised and batted the rock away.

"Aren't you finished yet?" Gasper was unable to pick himself up. "I've a surprise for you!" Velius taunted. Gasper looked up to the huge ram-beast holding a small red globe. Trying to speak, he was only able to cough up blood. The red orb shone its light, and there was no stopping it now. And in a whisper, he commanded it. "Knights of the Round

"Oh geez…" Was all Minmei could say.

Out of the ground, thirteen armored knights looked at Gasper'' already broken body. One picked it up, and the knights disappeared. Gasper appeared once more. Blackened by fire, his body crumpled and trembling. From the balcony, Zeal sniffled, and felt sorrow for him. Clinging to the closest person, Wolf felt her arms go around his neck. From the depths of his soul, Gasper struggled to talk.

"No…just…really…. hurt." Velius stared in disbelief as Gasper struggled to crawl to the small pack that lay net to his spear. Looking up at the sky, the beast roared.

"I'm sorry, but for that, you have to use some kind of reviving combo." He shook his head in denial.

"This is too tragic." Zeal said, clinging to JWolf. The group watched, as Gasper slowly took out a small bottle of liquid and drank it. For humor, Velius let Gasper proceed. Feeling a little strength, Gasper got to his knees and bowed slightly. To exhausted to stand, he pronounced words that had been said before.

"It is finished." He then slumped forward, and hit the ground hard.

"All right, have it your way." Velius chanted, and changed to a new form. Shrinking from the hulking beast he had become, Nanaki transformed into a human. The knight looked at his opponent; intent on making sure Gasper tried nothing.


On the balcony, it was still silent. Brian, Taran and Minmei had been watching carefully not to miss a thing. Zeal still clung for dear life to JWolf. Not missing an opportunity, he looked coyly at her.

"Yeah, I'll say it is…this fight is an epic." Zeal promptly slapped JWolf across the face, and walked away in a huff.

"That's for even thinking about it." Icy Brian walked over to the embarrassed boy and laughed.

"You'd better watch it Wolf." He said, making his hand into a fist, and cracking his knuckles. Wolf still rubbed his face, with an "Ow!" every once in a while.


Gasper was hurting. In his last defiant move…he slowly chanted his most powerful limit. Once more, his voice called out.

"Sixth Seal!" Much like in the book of Revelations the earth under Vormav, Nanaki's newest form, opened up and swallowed him. Gathering the Leo Stone from his collection artifacts, he summoned its power.

"Time for an Upgrade. Holy Stone, lend me your power!" The stone glowed, transforming him yet again into another beast. Like Velius, this monstrosity carried a huge build. Unlike the last demon, his head was that of a Lion. Hashmalum looked out of the ground that had once contained him and roared in bravado. "YES! Looks like I need to go on another rampage!" It grappled the edges of the miniaturized canyon that held it, and jumped out. Gasper's spell was not through. The sky turned darker then sack cloth, the moon as red as blood. The stars, which for ages had been shining, fell to the ground raining on the Lion-like creature. With that, Gasper went into unconsciousness.

"That's my move!" It shouted, and chanted once more. The stones that made up the meteor belt outside of the planet Mars broke rank and fell down upon Gasper. "Meteor!" The rocks fell from the sky, pounding the body further and further into the ground. Letting up, Hashmalum struggled to recall the memories of his human host. Gasper was struggling to breathe now. No cure could help him, no life potion able to save. In the conference room, Zeal was sniffled and felt tears form in her eyes. Not Gasper! He moaned slightly, but Gasper's strength failed him again. JWolf stepped forward and shook his head.

"The man's got great stamina, but nobody can last forever…especially against the formidable Nanaki." Icy Brian slammed his fist down on the railing, in sadness, and in fun.

"Hang in there Yeller, you can make it boy!" Some smiles were seen in the room. But the gloom fell over them once more. Zeal felt the compulsion to cast a Life spell, but Gasper shook his head, indicating a no. Hashmalum then drew the sword Ragnarok and place it over Gasper's heart. Finally catching his breath, Gasper spoke silently to the ram-beast.

"Slay me, but I will comeback stronger the you will ever be." He started coughing up more blood.

"It's too tragic, I can't watch." Zeal said, turning away. She went to the couch and buried her head into the cushions.

"Armor won't help the heart stay sharp! Shellbust Stab!" Hashmalum replied, raising the sword high, then stabbed him in the chest. A sickening crunch was heard as Gasper felt more of the unbearable pain. In revulsion, blood splurted out, soaking the ground crimson red. Pulling out the sword, Hashmalum twirled it in the air, then sheathed it. As suddenly as the stab came, Gasper's body disappeared. Taran jumped, shouting.

"Yeah Gasper!" As relieved as he was for his friend's departure, it turned to horror as he rematerialized. Zeal Prophet walked over to the edge of the balcony, and looked down.

"I've got a bad feeling about this…" She said. Hashmalum walked over to the broken body of Gasper.

"More powerful then I can possible imagine?" He snorted, and looked down upon the body. Gasper looked away from him, towards the sky, his mind at peace for the first time in a long while. Hashmalum suddenly filled that view, and laughed. "I can imagine a lot." Walking off to the metaphorical sidelines of the arena, he watched the same view the others upstairs saw. The five walked down to the arena, knowing something was seriously wrong. Under normal fight conditions, the opponents would get bored after a time. Obviously this was not one of those fights.


With rage and sadness in his voice, Taran spoke, "Gasper can't die…" Nanaki regarded Gasper with a sigh and walked to over to him.

"Such over dramatics Gasper…it's unbecoming for one of your stature." For a minute everyone was silent, when Gasper felt the power to speak once more.

"Everyone dies, not everyone truly lives…" He felt his head spin. The crushed bones in his spine now allowing him to function properly. Already he couldn't feel his legs. Icy Brian stepped closer, and cast Scan. Fearing the worse, he shook his head and stepped back. Zeal felt the urge to cry once more, tearing up as she watched the man slowly die. Hashmalum felt a sudden twinge of power, and remembered the spell's time limit. Walking over to the others, he added to Gasper's words.

"Not everyone truly dies either." Gasper smiled slightly, as the pain had numbed in his abdomen. Not knowing whether to take it as a compliment or another stab at his health, he tried to laugh, but was hindered by the wounds. Feeling his last moments finally coming, Gasper continued. His chest rose and fell more slowly, as the Diaphragm was giving out on him. Defeat was only minutes away, as the creeping death continued up his body. Knowing he wouldn't stand anymore of a chance, he conceded.

"You…wi…wi…" Minmei shook with anger.

"NO! No way! I refuse to believe it!" She shook her head refusing to accept it.

"Oh man, I am so depressed." Zeal said, her body trembling in the cold wind that blew through the open top. Pulling her cloak tight to her body, she lowered her head.

"I am about to time out…and I will be back in under a minute. Hold that thought." Hashmalum said, disappearing into the void once more. Suddenly, through all the low feelings, Icy mumbled to himself with a smile.

"He's trying to say that you will be trampled by a herd of purple elephants." Most of them cracked a smile. Most, except Gasper.

"There's an image that will haunt my dreams for a few weeks." Wolf said. An orange, snarling beast walked back over to the group, rejoining them. Icy looked perplexed.

"You mean the orange elephants, Wolf?" Wolf looked at him and smiled.



With a wave of her hand, Zeal summoned a funeral bier for him to lie on, his arms over his chest. Minmei felt the sorrow once more and wept. Zeal stood next to her, giving her a hug. Minmei slowly looked up and said hello to Nanaki, then, kept weeping.

"The one known as Hashmalum has gone." He said, then looking at Gasper's body he frowned.


Feeling his friends around him and noticing the women crying, Gasper tried to whisper.

"Cry not for me…" Wolf, overcome with emotion, walked over to Gasper and tried to help him stand. Unable to, he reformed into the line once more.

"Oh my lord, die or I'll kill you again." Nanaki had seen enough and walked back to the stairway that led to the main conference room. One or two of them looked back at the beast and glared. Taran finally came up with the explanation.

"God won't let him die Nanaki." A tone of defense was noted in the young man's voice. Gasper just smiled again and silently spoke.

"No…" His eyes gained the lifeless gaze as the eyelids closed over them. With that action, Gasper laid silent for good. Minmei leaped over and shook him.

"Please! Please! Anyone with Life help this poor man!" She said frantically. Suddenly, the body dissipated, leaving nothing left. The five joined Nanaki, and walked back up the stairs. As they passed the area, they saw a shadow by the lamppost of their deceased friend. Gasper leaned against it, and chuckled. He then strode over to them and bowed at the waist, his performance done.

"Thank you, thank you very much." He said, his grin from ear to ear. Taran applauded loudly, as did Nanaki and the rest. Zeal walked up to him and grabbed him by the shoulders.

"You made me cry!" She shouted, shaking him, then ran to the corner of the room. Icy Brian walked up to him, and slapped him on the back.

"He's still alive! Someone kill him, quick, before he gets revenge!" Both of them laughed at the comment. Nanaki followed Icy's idea and commented to him with a sigh.

"Gasper, you're too rigid in your fighting style. You could have used the holy stones too." Gasper offered his hand to the beast, and they shook in mutual respect.

"I draw it from somewhere, and only games I have played." Zeal looked up from the corner, and shouted.

"That was terrible to do to me!" She then looked down and continued pouting. Gasper looked at her, noticing he needed to do something, and concluded his conversation with Nanaki.

"Good show ol' chap."

"There's potential here." He replied. Gasper then walked to where Zeal was huddled. Putting a hand on her shoulder, she looked up at him. He stood there for a moment, both in silence.

"It is a writers job to stir emotion." She looked up with her teary-eyed face and smiled.

"I know. I know." He knelt down to sit with her quick. She wiped her last tears away, and kept up the smile.

"And an actor to act it." She looked at him with mock anger on her face.

"And you say you aren't good!" From the background, they could hear Taran's shouts for an encore performance. He got up and offered his hand in assistance, which she gladly accepted and together joined the main group.


"Usually all fights I see go on and on until the combatants get bored with it." JWolf said to Nanaki, Minmei and Taran. Nanaki eyed him quickly and thought out loud.

"I guess I didn't give too good of a death scene when Saul actually beat me…The death just usually isn't drown out." Brian looked at him and commented about beating him next time. As the two from the corner joined, Zeal looked at Gasper.

"See? That was an epic. Gosh! You should call it, The Death of Gasper and post it." He smiled slightly, and spoke to the group.

"And now! The return of Super…er…I mean Gasper!" The group laughed at his comment. Zeal latched onto his arm, and hugged it.

"Can I be your toady?" She said plaintively. Gasper smiled at that thought then motioned to Nanaki.

"Nanaki, I have always wanted to fight you, thanks." His opponent acknowledged with a nod and went back to the conversation.

"How do you do it?" Taran said, walking over to him. Zeal, still clinging to his arm mumbled something about not being worthy.

"Do what?" Gasper replied.

"You lose the fight, sorta, and you still get the girls!" Gasper laughed out loud, and shrugged. Taran looked perplexed, but laughed along.


"Have you read that fic Naki?" Icy asked him as he sat down in the leather chairs at the table. Nanaki found his rug and curled up a little. He laughed at Brian's comment with a growl included.

"But of course I did. It was hilarious! You guys had a Mystery Science Theater 3000 think going on in the booth. It was great." Icy smiled on that remark and commented.

"Yeah, and it was all actual dialogue from the fight too. That's part of why it was so good." JWolf noticed the conversation and chuckled.

"He left me locked up in the arena too…big meanie…" The conversation fell for a moment, then they all laughed again.

"Now I wanna take down Nathans…" Nanaki trailed off, thinking of the battle and the fun he could have.


Finding the situation becoming unbearable, as Zeal was kowtowing and honor he did not deserve, Gasper took her by the hand and smiled.

"Don't I'm not worthy of it." She looked at him and smiled.

"Yes you are! That was intense! I worship you." Gasper gave up, thinking the admiration was somewhat unbecoming, but also, he felt honored. Taran put his hand one the big man's shoulder and sighed.

"See what I mean?" Minmei gave one of her laughs then as the four rejoined the main group. Brian watched them take some seats.

"Gasper, are you going to write this one?" He said calmly.

"Yup. But I think if I do this one…I want it to be tragic."

"So do it!" Icy exclaimed back, "We need some tragic stuff, plus you could add some humor in there too. Just try to stick to some actual dialogue and stuff." He said. Gasper sat back in his chair and rested, after exerting himself in death. He got up, and walked out of the main conference room, and into the landing bay. His creation would be unfolded soon, along with his new look. Looking up at the mighty airship Falcon, he felt a twinge of joy. This is gonna be cool. For ten minutes, Gasper admired the zeppelin, when his thoughts were interrupted.

"When you get to Broadway, you will murder the audience! They will be crying so hard!" Gasper looked back to see Zeal Prophet standing behind him. She walked up next him, and heard him laugh a bit.

"I will?" He retorted. He then turned to her and started on his writer's block. The dreaded substance had hit him as of late and he looked at her. "I want to write, but I still can't do it…it's a 'go from the gut thing.'" She smiled warmly and looked up at him.

"That is how writing is. It isn't something you plan, but something you feel inside." The sat looking at the massive blimp, when Icy Brian walked moseyed in.

"You mean you aren't going to do it?" He asked. Gasper thought for second, and hesitated.

"Hopefully it makes its way onto the page…" Zeal said. He turned serious now, and questioned himself. Then, in his all-or-nothing attitude, Gasper nodded.

"It will…it will."


Authors 2nd Note:  So, did ya like it.  I want it to be know that this was done from an actual IRC most of the dialogue is real, just placed differently sometimes.  Thanks to the Spectators: Icy Brian, JWolf, Taran and Minmei.  Special thanks go out to Nanaki, for being a cool dude about it, and Zeal Propht, for the title.  Thanks again.  

"Every man dies, not every man truly lives..."  Braveheart 

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