LegionQuest: Apocalypse Part 2


By Gasper S. Keltner

The large ship held orbit over the planet Mars for a few minutes. Enough to check in with the supply station the Flash had created to house weapons and surplus they had collected from various planets. Earth was no different to them. With so few defenders, the master of Flash knew the small planet would fall to his control within days of his arrival and invasion. Pre-Ion Energy societies were always the easiest for him to conquer, with mostly projectile weapons, little energy weapons, and no spacecraft.

The LOF though posed a problem for him. These "youngsters" knew the force of magic, leading him to believe that if there is one group of Homo sapiens gathered together, there must be others. He had already destroyed one, and the virus implanted in the computers of the LOF Complex were set to detonate in five days, lest the virus was found and destroyed. He doubted it though, as none of the groups he had targeted were that advanced. Rising from his throne, the master of Flash walked to the brig, joined by his young Apprentice. The two walked in silence, and stopped at one of the cells, holding a large snarling beast. The Apprentice lowered his head, thinking, and then started his report.

"Our sensors show that there was an explosion in the LOF Complex. Although no reports of casualties have been transmitted, I am sure we have eradicated the menace." The Apprentice smiled, his green face reflecting the light of the energy field holding the captive beast.

"I have my doubts." The master sighed. "You underestimate their ability to survive. Some of the most powerful beings in this dimension have tried and failed."

"But we are different, we can destroy them. I know it." The master quickly backhanded the Apprentice.

"Your bravado will get you killed. Patience my Apprentice, we will surely have the world for our oyster soon enough."

"Yes...master." The snarling beast jumped forward at them, hitting the energy field, and falling back stunned. The Apprentice Boomerang Flash looked at the beast in contempt, seeing it a weak creature. The orange beast clearly did not fit the description of the attacker that had taken down twelve Capture and Imprisonment Droids. The remaining C.I.D.'s were finally able to sedate it, enabling them to return to the scout ship for interrogation. That had been three months ago. Three months of intense work had revealed little about the talking quadruped.

"Master, why waste so much time with this...thing." The beast slowly looked up to the hooded Apprentice with anger flashing in his one good eye.

"I'll let you know who's wasting who's time you bastard." Came the low growl. The Apprentice only snickered, and turned to his master.

"What shall you do with them Master Repike?" The large man turned to his young Apprentice and only smiled.

"We will wait...and strike when the time is right..."


Steve couldn't sleep. His thoughts were on something else, something wrong with the whole situation at hand. The droid was a total lose, along with much of the furnishings in his room. Took me eight freakin' months to build that room...and poof. He thought in his sleep, turning restlessly in the small hold of the Stormrunner, nicknamed the Storm. He'd built this replica of the infamous Corellian cargo ship Millennium Falcon along with a lot of his private items, and this was now his only home. After an hour of tossing and turning, he finally called it quits, and went to working on the Storm. Taking out some tools, he brought them to the engine room and began work on the new sub-lights. Replicating what he needed, he continued to tinker, adding more speed to the impulse drives. After hours of work, he'd hobbled back to the small bed, and was finally able to sleep.

The next morning arrived in a hurry, with Steve having only five hours of sleep. He could hear the chirping of a comm system, and yelled out a voice activation code. Zeal's voice came over loud and clear.

"Hey, you are getting up sometime today right?" Her voice sarcastic yet light.

"Yeah, what time is it?" He rolled around in the bunk to look at the clock. "Oh, yeah, I'll be out in a moment. Anyone here?" He asked.

"Jerm and Minmei, Brian, Saul, and Taran." She replied. The door slid to the internal control room opened up to reveal ZP. Walking over to him, she smiled. "About time you got up. Taran just got in today, wanted to see you in a little while."

"Okay...Nanaki in yet?" Steve yawned.

"No unfortunately, he hasn't answered any hails or calls for a while."

"Hm...Where the hell has he been?!"

"No one knows..."

"Which is painfully obvious hon." Steve turned, and slumped back on the bed.

"C'mon, time to get up dear, we've got a meeting in 20 minutes." She hesitated as he got back up, and walked over to where she was standing. They embraced, and then separated with Zeal smiling lightly.

"Love you. Now get going!"

"Yeah, thanks Mom." The sarcasm thick in his groggy voice. She left, closing the door and letting him alone to get cleaned up. Pulling on his usual green short-sleeved shirt and baggy blue pants, he laced up his boots, and grabbed his cane. Lord help him, he was going to find some Full Cure Materia today.


The meeting was in progress by the time he had made his way to the Conference Room. The computer system had taken some damage in random sectors from the virus of Boomerang Flash and consequently, the lift tubes were one area that was slowly in repair, leaving the stairs to be climbed by the injured Dragoon. Jerm had already gone through his report on the current state of the computer system, and Minmei was now reporting surveillance videos when Steve had finally sat down.

"In summery, we can see this small ship, roughly half the size of one of the Legion's airships. It's space worthy for sure, and probably fast in a fight." She concluded. The brown-haired young woman sat down next to Taran, and looked at her audience. Saul and Brian turned from the screen and looked at Steve.

"Morning Gasper, trouble getting out of bed?" Icy Brian asked the Dragoon.

"Yeah I guess." He grumbled, slumping in the chair. Saul smiled at his friend's comment and attitude, seeing him tired from the previous night.

"Today will mark the beginning of increased security and training protocols that we have established. Everyone who is on active duty needs to be there today." Said the solemn co-leader Saul. "Let's try and meet around 1 PM. I'll be in the arena from now till then if you want some extra help." With the meeting disbanded, and orders given, Steve sighed and went into the room holding most of the LOF's artifacts and Materia. He browsed through the various areas, finding only Heal and Cure orbs. Finally finding a Full Cure Materia, he chanted slowly and healed the traumatized bones. Setting it gently on the ground and feeling no pain, he tested the healing by walking a few steps. Feeling that it was cured, he set the orb back in its resting-place and walked out of the room.

Walking to the locker-room after a light lunch, he set his cane in his assigned locker, and took out a spear and a hand claw. He then entered the arena and stretched, doing a few leaps and bounds to make sure his legs and feet could still take the stress of his jumps. Seeing Saul, he leapt over to him, landing in a crouch.

"Nice meeting you guys had." He commented as Saul was practicing some slashes and parries.

"Yes, I thought so. Are you okay to train?" Saul asked. Steve nodded, brandishing the spear.

"Well, I could use the practice...up for a little sparring?" Saul raised his sword with an answer.

"Would you rather use magic or no?"

"No magic, just weapons." Steve responded, crouching in a battle position. Saul did the same, and attacking first with a simple downward slash. Steve blocked with the metal shaft of his spear, and then used the bottom part of the shaft to sweep at his legs. Saul blocked, and flipped back, letting Steve follow with a lunge at his shoulder. Blocked, the Dragoon replied with stabbing the spear to the ground and kicking at Saul. Pushed back, Saul saw the opening and slid into Steve's legs with a low kick. Steve saw it coming, and jumped, lunging into the air above the two, and getting himself prepared to strike. At the apex of his jump, he aimed his spar directly onto Saul, and fell. In a flash of light, Steve plummeted to the ground, and was blocked once more by Saul's Star Sword. Sweating now, Steve let the Star Commander take a few tries before attacking again. A block by the Dragoon above his head gave Saul the opportunity to sweep his legs again, toppling Steve to the floor. The Spear clattered to the ground, and Steve hit the floor hard. Saul looked over his opponent, then rearranged his grip on the sword and plunged towards Steve's head. He saw it coming, and angled his head enough to let the blade sink into the earth.

"Nice, but never leave yourself undefended my friend, or you will find a quick end is near." Saul pulled his sword out of the ground and offered a hand to the larger man. Steve took it, pulling himself up with help, and dusted off. Gripping his friend's hand and shaking it, the two conversed a while more, watching the end of a battle between Krazy Sam and Zeal.

Sam had been hit several times by ZP's new Shadow Stars while the Propht of Zeal, herself, hovered above her weary opponent. ZP clenched her fists and pointed both weapons at Sam, shooting more of the Shadow generated projectiles at her. Sam blocked each attack in turn with her sword, the strength draining from her arms with each new assault. Deciding to take a risk, she rolled onto the ground, springing up behind ZP before she could fly away. Grabbing the other girl in a tight embrace, her weight dragged Zeal down with a thud. The Propht was hurt, but she gritted her teeth and kept firing at the Krazy One. Sam blocked a few more before finally calling a truce. The other woman stopped shooting, and shouted, exuberant in her victory. By now, the whole of the Legion was watching the conflict, with cheering coming for each side. Zeal bowed then walked over to Sam.

"Guess I won, huh?" Rubbing it in on her friend. Both women laughed and dusted themselves off. Saul and Steve mocked a golf clap, while others used pats on the back for congratulations.


Kaeru and Minmei sat at the mainframe, on duty, watching for anomalies and other phenomenon that needed to be reported. Minmei was leaning back in her chair, after an hour of boredom, listening to her Macross favorites. Kaeru on the other hand, still learning how to use the computer system, was playing with various buttons and keys when a red light went off. He immediately jumped up in his chair, startled by the sudden noise. Remembering vaguely how to access the new information that had been recorded from one of the Legion SATCOM satellites. The reading, from a meteor impact site in Australia, stated that it was giving off Si Radiation. One of the few traceable forms of magic in existence, Si Radiation lent its powers to mostly the cosmic magics of Comet, Meteo, and Ultima. The reading, though rather low, was a warning sign of someone other then one of the many groups that had sworn to protect Earth. Along with the host of groups, it was more of a problem as no group was located in Australia. Minmei looked over and nearly laughed at the scared Kaeru.

"Gotta problem there?" Her smirk wider then and airship, she could hardly contain her laughter when she looked at the monitor, and sighed. "Is this a joke?"

Kaeru put his hands up defensively, and nodded back and forth. "I don't even know how to work this thing! It just started beeping at me." The woman from Macross punched in a few commands, and nearly lost her head.

"Si Radiation! Oh no. Kaeru, run up and get Icy and the others." Kaeru simply nodded in puzzlement, and went about his task.


Steve picked up a small golden egg and a dark, yet slightly glowing crystal. "This sucks." Zeal was sitting on one of the lightly burnt chairs, singing to herself when her ears picked up his words.

"You really need to get a place too keep all those nick-knacks."

He only nodded and started rummaging for the small stands that held his Chrono Trigger. "Why...can't put them in the vault with everyone else's stuff. These two things are treasures, I can't just put them somewhere...unless you have some idea."

"Well, most people but treasure in a safety deposit box." She said slowly, as if talking to a slow child, then laughed.

"True...but I want to display them...I don't know...They're not safe in the outer chambers...Maybe in the bedroom?

ZealPropht raised an eyebrow. "And how much traffic goes through there? If you want to display them, I suggest you get transparasteel hanging globes."

"But then again, in the same instance, do Saul or Brian really need to know I have two very powerful and arcane artifacts in my possession?" She shrugged in her chair, slowly humming now. She watched him walk into the bedroom, then got up and picked up a broom halfheartedly beginning to sweep up the dust and debris.

"You have a point there. But I bet they probably already know you own that stuff. And they probably don't mind you owning them." He shrugged, and dropped the two artifacts on his bed in the private chambers. Walking back out, and finding her helping, he smiled, and continued.

"True...Thanks for the help though. So you think redwood for the walls, hand-crafted furniture, maybe a mini kitchen?"

Zeal looked up from her chore, and gave him a positive look. "Something rustic, like a hunting lodge." Steve looked up to the skylight, noticing the large hole that was once filled with glass.

"Good thing it hasn't rained much I guess." She nodded, and continued.

"I was thinking a large fire pit in the center of the room which is kinda sunk down with polished stone stairs that also kinda act as benches. The walls are redwood with hardwood floors and some nice, soft chairs and love seats, maybe a couch or two. Hang a few paintings of the forest primeval and maybe a few of some deer and quail so we don't tack dead animals to the walls." ZP stopped, and looked up at the roof. "Make the ceiling domed and made of regular and stained glass. And one wall can be nothing but French windows, two of which open to a large balcony that overlooks the ocean and always has a great view of sunsets."

"You've been thinking a lot about this, haven't you?"

"Yup." She smiled back. "Well, this room is shot. You have to tear out all the charred stuff and then level it all off." Steve turned to the room, and shook his head.

"I hate to say it, but I guess you're right, it's time to say goodbye to this place." He made towards the bedroom, and looked around. With a sigh, he brought out most of his clothes, a few weapons, and the two arcane items he displayed. "Looks like I'm gonna have to move into the Storm for a while." She lost her smile, and sighed.

"It won't be that bad, you'll be close to your ship, and I'm sure we could fix up a new room for you real soon." Trying to comfort him, she helped him carry the large trunk to the bed. Opening it to find a large space for cargo, she folded up some shirts, and continued to note his downcast mood. He finished quickly, as much of his personal items in the main room had been destroyed in the blast. He looked around again at the scorched and burned walls. Steve chuckled, and pressed a button on the side of the trunk. Instantly, it collapsed into a small jewel box, capable of being carried anywhere. Taking it in his hands, he stood up, and smiled.

"Bye room, hope you get a better person then me next time." Once more he sighed, but ZealPropht could only raise an eyebrow.

"Uh, yeah. Okay, you talk to rooms?"

He shrugged, and replied. "Well, hey, this room was really good to us, and I'm just saying bye...that's all. Shall we?" With the shrunken trunk in his hands, he left the room for the cargo bay. Stepping into the elevator, he looked over to Zeal. "You coming?"

"Yeah, go ahead, I'll be right out." She said, poking around the charred remains of the furniture and large lumps of wood from the walls. "I'm just...uh, looking for something..." He only nodded with the semi-sad look in his eyes as the elevator doors shut. Turning, she quickly ran to the blackened mantle over the hearth, and bent down. Picking up a picture frame, she looked at it and smiled. The frame itself was covered in soot, but the picture remained intact, and revealed a moment she would always remember. Using the hem of her cape, she wipes off the picture and smiles at it fondly. It depicted her and Steve posing dangerously for the camera, wicked smirks on their faces. Taking a quick look over her shoulder to check for any visitors to the room, Zeal looked over the room one last time, a hint of sadness in her eyes. Making sure one last time that Steve wasn't behind her watching, she whispered, "Bye bye, room. Sorry that you got so trashed. I had a lot of fun here." Stepping over the ruined pieces of wood and drywall, she approached the elevator and pressed the small green button. The lifts doors slid open, and she walked out of Steve's room one last time.


Icy Brian looked over the report that had just been sent to him over the Complex's Messaging System. Shaking his head in disgust, he threw the report down on the table and pressed an intercom button.

"All Legion Members please report to the conference room in full gear." He sat down and slumped back in his chair, feeling the weight of these past two days starting to get on his nerves. As the active duty members filled in the chairs at the table, Icy pressed another button to bring down the lights, and activated the viewscreen.

"Reports from the Satellites in orbit show a low amount of Si Radiation coming from the Outback of Australia. Even though there are a few groups that use that kind of magic, there are no reports of them being located in this certain area, or on the continent for that matter. Saul, I want you to take Jerm, Gasper, and Sam to this site and see what you can find."

"Okay." Saul nodded with a bob of his head. He looked at the other team members and nodded to them also. Icy began once more.

"The rest of us will stay here and keep an eye on the sensors. Taran, you'll get in touch with the other groups and see if they are picking up any of this radiation, and Zeal, we need you to scan for any anomalies in the magical fields. I'll be coordinate from here. Any questions?"

"What kind of transport should we take?" Jerm asked, his first time on active duty.

Brian questioned himself, wondering that himself. Although Stormrunner was a logical choice for speed and defense, he figured that stealth would be easier to handle, and thus chose Saul's personal transport. "I want you to take Saul's Airship Falcon. It's slow, but it's silent enough that we can have you sneak in on them. I don't want any surprises. You guys be on your guard, and make sure everyone comes back in one piece. Meeting adjourned."


Saul made last minute checks on Falcon before lift off. He summoned the three other battle ready troops he commanded to the front of the ship. Nodding to his Dragoon friend, Saul ordered the Landing Bay doors open. Falcon slowly lifted off the ground, the soft sound of the propellers turning at 25,000 Rpm's. Slowly navigating out of the hanger, the airship rose into the clear, open skies. A few clouds made up the landscape of the horizon pushed the levers forward, coaxing the engines to speeds of 300 KPH (kilometers per hour). Fully automated, the only human component to the large airship was its navigator at the wheel. The Venezuelan enjoyed the wind at his face as the birds were passed, and the ocean seemed an endless stream of blue. Jerm had already returned to the hold of the ship, under its deck. Sam stayed towards the middle though; practicing her sword forms, while Steve lazily stared over the side of the rail. Cruising at an altitude of 1,000 feet over sea level, they reached the shore of the island continent in a little under an hour at their low speeds.

"Sam!" Saul yelled out across the deck. "Go down and get Jerm, we will need his scanner to find this site. Steve, please contact Brian that we are a little under ten minutes from our destination." The two followed orders, and soon were on the ground about half a mile form the site of the readings.

Taking precautions, Saul and Steve walked out first, with Jerm carrying the sensor equipment and Sam covering their back. The hot sun beat down on them in the relentless heat of the summer. Global temperatures had spiked recently, and Jerm had only started coordinating data on the phenomenon. The four reached their destination, which turned out to be a small town in the middle of nowhere. Steve heightened his guard, while Saul quickly transformed into his Star Armor. Jerm called the three to him, and gave them each a small recorder/scanner. Spreading out, the three each took a different direction, slowly scanning back and forth while Jerm tested the air and mineral content in a forty-foot radius. Taking the samples, he ran them through the test equipment he had brought, with each new entry of data being transmitted back to the LOF Complex.

"Samples check out to be clear of Si." He called out to the others.

"Keep checking the area." Saul replied, sweeping his scanner over a large area of rock. Finding nothing, he turned to his right, and went westward towards a small rock formation. Crossing the barren, sandy area, Saul wiped some of the sweat off his forehead; wishing he hadn't activated his armor so soon. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't have been so cautious, and kept cool. That was, until the attack on the LOF the previous night by the unknown Boomerang Flash. He kept walking until he reached the border of the zone where the radiation had been detected. Walking back to where Jerm was standing, his eyes widened seeing Sam run towards him with sword drawn, unaware of the large beast running towards him.

While she enjoyed the adventure, Krazy Sam was bored. Bored out of her mind was more like it. She preferred the action of a battle to the science and study of a survey mission. Her armor on, and sweating in the midday heat, she watched the screen on her scanner flicker in and out the whole time she scanned. She hit it with the palm of her hand a couple times, remedying the problem. Scanning a few more feet, she heard Saul and Jerm talking. Shrugging her shoulders she turned around and headed back towards the two young men, when she saw the indescribably hideous visage of a monster lurking behind their team leader. Throwing the scanner down, she ran drawing her sword and preparing for something more interesting then survey science.

"Saul! Behind you!" She yelled

Steve looked puzzled over some of the readings on his scanner. Though their sensors were very accurate in these cases, Steve found no radiation or traces of magic, save for him self and two others, in the area. He continued his scan for a little under five minutes when he heard the commotion over Jerm. He heard Sam yell out a warning, and quickly ran to their aid. Pulling out a small rod of metal, he clicked a button and aimed it toward the ground. A telescopic shaft extended, helping him in a running jump. Launching into the air and flying over Jerm, he aimed his spear down into the first beast that was threatening Saul. Having a clear target and his aim true, Gasper plunged his weapon into the monster's chest, hearing a sick thud as it crashed through bone and flesh. The monster dropped to the ground, it's black ichor flowing from the hole in its body cavity. Steve pulled the spear out, and quickly located his next target.

The Star Commander Saul had jumped to the side for Steve's kill, rolling and reaching for the hilt of his Meteor sword. Coming up in a crouching position, he withdrew the heavy object from its sheath, and immediately ran for another creature. This one, a cross between a Minotaur and a jungle cat. It lunged at him; its claws ready to rend the flesh of Saul. Bringing his sword up, he quickly lopped off one of the minocat's large paws, leaving it with a bloody stub for an arm. Roaring in rage, it swiped at Saul, leaving various scratches in his armor. He brought the sword to bear one more time, and ran it through, letting the sword's energy course through it. The minocat was vaporized, leaving Saul to deal with his next threat.

Sam leapt out of the way as her third attacker came at her with vengeance for its lost comrades.

"AIYEH!" She cried out as it's large came smashing down just inches from her head would have been. Twisting around, she swung her sword in a horizontal arc that caught the monsters left shoulder. Carving into it and hitting bone, she felt the jingle of the blade bouncing off the dense deposits of calcium. Pulling out, she cleaved downwards bisecting the creature into different halves. Seeing at least twenty more of the villains rampaging towards them, she fought her way to Saul and Steve, who now covered Jerm who was packing up the sensor equipment.

"It's getting bad out here!" She said, launching a wave of fire out towards the creatures to ward them off.

"Can we make it to the ship?" Steve asked, nearly breathless from his draining jumps in the air. Saul looked over to see Jerm throwing the equipment over his back.

"I'm done here, let's go!" Said Jerm, who was edging to get clear of the fighting for right now. The three looked to their leader, who planned their next move.

"Today Saul, they're coming!" Steve yelled, readying himself for another skirmish. The Commander nodded, and let them in on his plan.

"Sam, set up a wall of fire fifty meters from the ship. Steve, cover her with anything you have. Jerm and I will make a run for the airship. Once there, Sam will cover Steve for as long as possible. When you hear my signal, run towards the ship. GO!" Sam immediately started her spell casting as Steve leveled himself for a good jump into the fray of monsters fast approaching the group. Saul and Jerm immediately ran towards the ship, covering as much ground as they could in the little time they had. Reaching the Falcon, they scrambled to start the flying ship as Sam let loose a wall of fire to cover their preparations. Her job finished, she ran to the ship, watching closely to see if Gasper would need back up. Reaching it, she climbed up the rope ladder that Jerm and Saul had dropped.

Seeing that a spear would not work in this close of battle, Steve had used his second weapon, a hand claw. Reaching to his belt, he grabbed them and fitted them to his left hand. Made of a strong alloy not much unlike the Rainbow from Chrono Trigger, he collapsed his spear, and prepared to fight. Taking a running leap, he bounded up into the air and hit the apex of his jump after seven seconds. Already half way over the crowd of malformed beings and seeing Sam had finally made it to the ship, he landed behind them yelled out to grab their attention.

"Lookin' for me!" He yelled out, quickly ramming into the nearest beast. Swiping at its neck with his claw, he cleanly ripped out its throat, leaving it to clutch its neck in its death spasms. From the corner of his eye, he saw the large halberd swung at his neck. Crouching quickly, he rolled to his attacker and muttered a few words. The Claw took on a glow as he stabbed them into their next victim. Electricity emanated from the weapon, as it fried the nerves and boiled the blood in the creature. Effectively roasting the creature, Steve used it as a springboard, and flew out away from the mob and the airship. Landing in another roll, he sprang up and looked over to Falcon.

"Damn it all." The Dragoon muttered. "Get off the ground you idiots!" He yelled to his cohorts, who had finally started the giant engines of the airship. He looked over to the mob who was now nearly upon him. Setting up a stance, he readied himself again.

Standing on the hill overlooking the battle, Boomerang Flash smiled as the young Dragoon fought for his and his friends' lives. The Si Radiation had been a trap. Calling down on little comet was for grins and giggles to him. It was enough to destroy the small village, but what made him furious was the fact that he'd not killed his first intended targets. A note to myself that I will have to kill that one in particular. There is no way in Hell that he could have survived the explosion I had set up, Boomerang thought to himself. Well, I do guess it's time to make a more...personal appearance. Summoning his power, he launched up into the air towards his hoard of monsters that had now surrounded Gasper.

"Who's the next lucky contestant?" Steve cried out, slashing through another monster. Waiting for more, the monsters surprisingly backed off. Retreating, Steve brushed the blood and dirt off his blue flight jacket. Feeling the tightness and cramping in his arm, strained from the constant distraction of fighting, he was starting to wonder if some of that blood wasn't his. In his rage and concentration, he'd taken some damage, mostly cuts and scrapes off some of the creature's bony armors and hides. Now, with the retreat at hand, he looked himself over, trying to find any other injuries. His concentration was broken when the masked figure stepped in to face him.

"It's too bad I can never find good help these days."

"Yeah, I guess so," Gasper replied. "And who the f*** do you think you are bub."

He only laughed at the young Dragoon's arrogance. "It's too bad that I didn't kill you the first time. It will make my job just a little harder." Steve's eyes almost bulged out of their sockets.

"You.... You're the bastard who almost killed me. Now you're going down." Steve launched in, raging with his fists lashing out. Boomerang Flash only laughed and blocked each one, able to land an uppercut on Gasper. Sent to the ground, Steve brandished his claw, and lunged forward once more. Boomerang merely chuckled, using a roundhouse that went high, as Steve ducked and backed up. Using his shoulder, he retorted by ramming into Boomerang's ribs. Throwing them both to the ground, Steve raised his claw high and ready to gut the Apprentice when a blast from Boomerang Flash's hand blew him into one of the smaller rock formations. Smashing into them, Steve fell to the ground, weak, but not beaten. Boomerang Flash powered up another blast, and shot forth, hitting the spot where only seconds before Steve had rolled away from. Using a move he learned from Street Fighter, he performed a somersault roll, then leapt up into the air, getting into position for w flying kick. Landing on Boomerang, Gasper's foot contacted with the man's chest, a thud heard as Steve hit him, and Boomerang hitting the ground. Getting up, the Apprentice smiled.

"I'm surprised you are this good. I will destroy you, and you're little friends too."

Steve's eyebrow rose, a questionable look on his face. "Zeal and Brian are right, he does sound like a bad anime villain." Grounding his feet, he brought up his energy reserve, and raised a hand to the heavens. A ball of fire formed in his hand, while clouds gathered over his head. From the cirrus and cumulus nimbus clouds, and black color overcame them, forming into a storm. Thunder roared, with a lightning bolt striking the now volleyball sized orb of fire.

"Burn in hell." Were the only words uttered from his opponent as Boomerang Flash mumbled an arcane rite. Powered by the advanced science and powerful magic, a shield formed over the masked man. Steve concentrated and let the ball loose, emitting an audible yell. A rain of fire flew at Boomerang, hitting the shield and covering it with heat. The lightning surged over the now violet shield, vaporizing the small power cells that held it in place. A large CRACK was heard as the protective barrier collapsed. Steve heard the shatter and laughed.

The growl from Boomerang Flash on the other hand was of complete hate and contempt for the Dragoon. "I seem to have underestimated your prowess. But it's too late. Now you die." Putting his hands together, Boomerang Flash collected the energies that formed the Earth's natural magical barrier. The energy coalesced into a large bar, and then bent in the middle.

"So that's where he gets his name...not good." Steve said, daunted by the feedback of power from this attack. Mockingly, Boomerang grinned, his attack ready. Grabbing the energy weapon, he threw it out, hitting Gasper fully in the chest, exploding on impact, and knocking the young man to the ground.

"He's getting his butt whacked Saul!" Sam said from over the railing. Saul turned the wheel to the south, trying to get close enough without hitting some of the larger bluffs.

"I am trying! Send the ladder over the side!" He yelled back. The airship rumbled, taken off silent mode to conserve fuel. The large ship hovered over the two fighters, shadowing their battlefield from the hot sun. Steve looked up, almost beaten by this punk who tried to kill him before. On his knees trying to save up some energy, he saw the ladder fly over and then gazed at his opponent.

"You can't run away forever you fool!" Boomerang Flash called out. Steve only smiled.

"We'll meet again, I promise you that." With the last of his strength, he leapt up into the air, catching hold of the fourth rung of the ladder. With a combination of climbing and being pulled up, Steve made it over the railing, before slumping to the deck in exhaustion.

To Be Continued...

Authors Notes: For Chapter 2, I figured I'd start writing these. By now, you can figure that I'm using various things like magic and Materia. This includes anything from Star Wars to Final Fantasy. They are all protected under respected copyrights, and I'm not making any money off this, so don't sue me.

A note that I've had a ton of help from ZealPropht, Krazy Sam, Saul, and Brian on this project. I thank you, because without you, I would never be able to do this. So far, this has been fun, and you can be that it is going to get better. Note I will have swearing, I will violence, and I will have other things. I rank this story around PG-13. Thanks again, and come back when the new chapter is done.

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