LegionQuest: Apocalypse Epilogue

The End of Humanity

By Gasper S. Keltner

The world died after the climactic battle between the LOF and the Flash. With the summoning of the Dragon God Tiamat, Repike played his hand successfully. The blasts from the four maws of the dragon’s heads decimated Earth’s population within hours. The Legion, in all their power, had failed and fled, perhaps to find some sort of agent that would help them resurrect their dying world.

Gasper arched his back in the pilot’s chair, stretching the creaks and kinks out of his spine. His body was still recovering from the poisonous effects of Repike’s axe, and while he was more then capable of flying of the ship. Setting the autopilot, he made his way up and glanced at the clock.

“Darling, why don’t you rest? It would do you some good you know.” He turned to find ZealPropht behind him, her armor still active, but not hindering her movement. “Really Gasper, after a battle like that, and you’re being up for the last twelve hours, I’m starting to worry.”

“I’m fine hon. DK’s coming on watch soon. I’ll be okay.” She was hardly convinced, but stepping forward she grabbed hold of the back of a chair, steadying herself. He was there in an instant, catching her and holding her in his arms. “Zeal!” Her faced paled slightly, then quickly went back to its tanned color. He slowly lowered her to the floor, and the two sat there for moments.

“Sorry, I felt…dizzy.”

“You’re tired. You used a lot of magic today.” Her purple irises stared up into the hazel of his eyes.

“No, this is different. I can’t feel the Earth anymore….” He hugged her shaking body to him, looking out the view ports and shaking his head.

“Things just got a whole helluva lot worse….”

End Book One:
LegionQuest: Apocalypse


Original Idea and Story: Gasper S. Keltner

Additional Ideas and Help: The Legion of Fantasy

Character Ideas
Boomerang Flash: Nanaki, Gasper S. Keltner (LQ Version)
Riptide, Red Mist: ZealPropht
Repike: Gasper S. Keltner, ZealPropht, and JWolf
LOF Members: The LOF and RC Group 1998-2002

Thanks and Acknowledgements:

ZealPropht, Nanaki, Icy Brian, JWolf, Taran, LorenLeah, Krazy Sam, Saul, DK, Minmei, Jerm and the rest of the LOF Circa ‘98-‘01

Paul Nathans

The Authors of www.icybrian.com for contributions

Special thanks to Beta Readers Taran, JWolf, Nanaki and ZealPropht


This concludes Book One of LegionQuest. For over three years, I have done my best to write what has been my vision for this work. An amalgamation of ideas, including that of George Lucas, Akira Toriyama, and other influential creators of science fiction and fantasy, it was never intended to harm anyone by the use of various techniques, vehicles, ideas, and locations. No money was ever made off of this work, and it is for entertainment value only. No harm was meant in the writing of this story.

While some ideas were used, others were created through the author and his colleagues. All Rights are reserved, and are not to be used without express permission from Gasper S. Keltner.

Thank you for your patronage over the past few years. It has thrilled me to share my vision with you, and I once again thank everyone involved. There is still more to come though, already, there are two sequels in various stages of development. Over the next year, come to expect more and more from the LegionQuest universe, including LQ: Retribution, LQ: Dark Dimension, and LQ: Memoirs of Heaven, Journals of Hell.

Until then, I wish you a good day. And again, thank you. I hoped you enjoyed.

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