The Loss Epilogue

By Gasper S. Keltner

Three Years Later...

"Lucca, where you been?" Crono said looking at his friend. Things had changed since they all said good-bye. Lucca no longer had glasses, because of her new eye implants. The downside was about the red glow they emitted in the dark.

"I was in Porre, at a science convention, the Epoch was the main topic. Unfortunately the Epoch's engines are shot." Marle came up from the behind Crono, and looked at the strange man behind Lucca. He appeared suddenly, and Lucca kissed him.

"Hey Lucca, who's he?"

"Crono, Marle, I want you to meet Vincent..."


Just a quick note. I want to thank Both, Dave Church, and Krazy Sam. Both of them helped immensly, letting me tie into their stories. Also, thank you to Brian, for publishing this on his page.

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