What If...Part 1

The Gate Key

By Gasper S. Keltner

1007 AD

Crono had been staring at Marle for quite a while now. For the past eight month's, they had been getting along as an engaged couple. It was a largely known fact, ever since Crono had been yelling, hooting and hollering when he proposed to her. She just stared back dreamily. Truce Inn had been empty for the last hour, and was usually closed at eleven; but for the princess of Guardia and the Hero of the Ages, it could stay open all night.

"So, shouldn't we be getting home, Crono?" she asked, backing out of her trance. He just nodded. "Don't play that type with me, I really don't like it when you do that."

"Sorry, I thought you could use a laugh. What were you thinking of?"

"What's going on in our lives. I mean, after that whole Ian and Dalton incident, are we really safe? What if someone else comes back, what if you or I disappear?!? What...if..."

"Marle, you know, and I know, that it'll never happen." He reached out for her hands, and held them in his. "As long as both you and I are together, nothing will ever happen." Marle stared at him, and a tear formed in her eye. He wiped it and she felt like she was in bliss.


Lucca stared at her friends form across the room. Being so dark, her eyes were emitting a small red glow. She and Vincent had been married for a little under a year, and lived in the newly constructed dome of their own. Based of Vincent's designs, and the ideas that Lucca got in 2300 AD, they patented it . Only one design stood in all of Guardia, but that didn't matter to them, they were happy. Vincent held his wife, and looked at the two star struck lovers across the room.

"Do you think they'll get married?" He asked as she snuggled closer.

"You bet, why wouldn't they. I'm just glad he opened his mouth and spoke again, after all that stuff that happened during the event, and with all the rumors of his father. And besides they're right for each other."

"Well, in any case, have they set a date?"

"Not to my knowledge, they're not in a real rush. Everything has been so quite for years now, they don't have to be to worried." Lucca got up and put on her overcoat, and got here scarf on. "We'd better leave the two alone for now. Are you ready?" Vincent got up and kissed his wife. Getting on his coat, they left. Leaving the two alone.


"What if Lucca hadn't figured out the time gates?" Crono looked up and stared wide-eyed.

"You and I wouldn't be here, and both my Mom and your Dad, would die of worry." he continued eating his salad. He looked up again and saw she wasn't eating, just staring off into the other parts of the deserted inn. "Why do you ask?"

"I dreamt of the event last night. I thought about what happened, and remembered the blue light, and the pain." Marle got up from here chair, and looked at the wall of pictures and artifacts. Crono followed suit, and put his arms around here from behind. She felt his nearness, and quivered in fear. What if......


600 AD

Crono looked around him. He was no longer at the Millennial fair. He heard a rustle and turned to see three blue creatures prepare to attack him.

"Hey you, give us your money, or we'll rough you up!" The first creature said. Crono knew what they were, but he had never seen one. Imps. He drew his Lode sword he had just purchased at the fair, and got into his stance. The imps looked at each other and attacked. Crono jumped and spun in circles, cutting all three imps in the throat. They fell over, dead. Crono walked over to them and took their items, knowing they wouldn't need then anymore. After finding fifty gold pieces, and a couple tonics, he walked towards the rope ladder. A bell bird saw him and swooped, Crono held his sword up and stabbed. On impact, the bell dropped to the falls below. Dinner is served, he thought, taking the bird of his sword. No other creatures stood in his way as he made tracks down the trails. Exiting the canyon, he saw Truce. Running towards the village, he hoped to find his house. He found it, and walked in. He stopped to see someone unlike he had ever see staring at him.

"Please don't hurt me, you can take whatever you want. Just please don't hurt me." Crono put his hands up and signaled for the lady to calm down. She did and he ran out. "My, what a strange youth, looks like my son." She dismissed it and went on with her work.


Crono ran till he was out of breathe. He looked to see if Lucca's house was there, but found an island with no structures on it. He ran back to the inn, and stared at the occupants. This was not Truce inn, he thought. He went up to the bar, and sat down. A person next to him was talking to the bartender.

"I hear they found the Queen, just in the nick of time too. "

"Where did they find her at?" The bartender asked.

"In Truce canyon, she was dressed in weird commoners clothes, but at least she is safe, after all that has been going on. I wonder where her secret Protector was? If I was him, I'd lock myself up, and throw away the key." Crono had heard all he needed. He headed towards the castle.


"...Crono...Help me..." Marle disappeared in a flash of light, Crono tried to catch her. He felt bad. She was gone, and it was his fault. He ran out of the room, and down the stairs. A guard come up to him, and pulled him aside. Crono looked at him and saw a remarkable resemblence.

"Go to the Cathedral, Glenn needs help." Crono gestured confusion, and looked away for a second. Looking back, the guard had disappeared. He looked at the wall and saw a plaque. It said:

In Memory of Cyrus

Knight Captain of the Square Table of

Guardia Kingdom

598 AD

He headed towards the Cathedral in the woods.


He looked at the stained-glass window in the front of the church, and saw a dazzling sight. Four women stood in standing around the alter. He looked around and saw a small piece of ivory on the floor. He picked it and saw a familiar crest. The four women surrounded him and changed form. He drew his sword, and used his circle cut again. Each of the snake women were hit, but non fell, the four Naga-ette commenced attack. One struck him in the side, ripping through his clothes. Another disarmed him, while the other two clawed at him. He closed his eyes, and waited for death's grip. Suddenly the four Naga-ette's were on the floor, dead. Crono turned to see a frog, but much larger than any normal one. Crono blinked and starred at it. Sheathing it's weapon the frog starred back. An awkward silence followed, and finally it spoke.

"Hath thou not learned to keepth thy guard up? I seeth your weapon, art thou a swordsman?"

"...I...I'm sorry, I failed Marle..." Crono said, barely audible. The frog put his hand on Crono's shoulder and spoke.

"My name is..."

"Glenn?" Crono said

"Yes, how did you...oh, you saw the plaque, 'twas Cyrus, mine friend. Please call me Frog. I am here to findth mine Queen. Willst thou help me?" Frog stuck out his hand. Crono looked, and shook it. "Now, we need to find a way to get further into this wretched place." Frog started his search, while Crono looked at the organ. He pressed four notes at random, and heard a crash. A double door appeared. The two looked at each other, and went through, swords drawn.


"Prepare yourself Queen Leene." The chancellor held a knife in his hand when Frog and Crono burst in. Their fight had taken little more then an hour, and had finally reached the main alter. "You will now depart form this mortal coil." The chancellor grinned and lighting struck him. In an instant, he transformed into a large yellow bug with blue horns. "Prepare to die at the hands of Yakra." Crono jumped, and struck Yakra in the back. The monster yelled and threw him off. Hitting the wall, Crono was cut in the arm. Frog launched his tongue, and healed Crono. Yakra prepared to launch his needles, but lost his concentration. Crono looked at Frog and nodded, they drew their swords and charged. Hitting him at once, Yakra screamed and lunched his last attack. He shot his needles, but they never found their target. Yakra fell in a heap, and dissipated. Queen Leene ran towards Frog and hugged him.

"Thank you Glenn, We can now return to the castle. Who is your friend?" Crono blushed, and Frog introduced him.

"This is Sir Crono, he is a stranger to this place, but is a resident of Guardia. He is searching for his friend." Crono bowed, and noticed for the first time that Leene looked just like Marle. Could their be a coincidence? They started to walk out, when Crono noticed a rustle in one of the two chests toward the front of the room. He opened one, and out popped the Chancellor. Frog cut the ropes, and the four returned to Guardia castle.


"I hath failed, my liege, I shall return to my home in shame." Frog walked out, leaving Leene tearing up. Crono ran out the door after him. Catching up to him, Crono gestured confusion. "I will not stay, I am shamed." Crono thought, and opened his mouth.

"Please stay..." Frog thought for a second, and shook his head.

"I will, and what of your maiden?" Crono looked surprised and ran towards the Queens room. The blue light shone, and Marle reappeared. Crono ran up to the confused girl, and Marle hugged him.

"Oh Crono, what happened, I was in a cold dark place...was...was I dead." Crono shrugged his shoulders, and Marle giggled. "What do we do now, Lucca's not here with you is she?" Crono shook his head. "How do we get home?" Frog finally caught up, and heard here last sentence. Marle jumped into Crono's arms, and screamed, Frog saw her surprise.

"Please forgiveth me mistress Marle."

"Crono, who...what is that thing. get it away from me." Marle jumped down and Frog bowed, King Guardia and Queen Leene entered the room.

"You have no worries, because you saved my queen, I am in your debt. You may stay in the castle as long as you need. In fact I will soon be building a home on the small island, south of Truce, It is not enough I could give you, but it is a start." Crono and Marle starred at each other and smiled. Marle stepped forward, and looked at the King.

"King Guardia, thank you." Crono shook his hand.


602 AD

Crono stepped into his recently rebuilt house, and put his sword away. Marle also walked in and put her crossbow on the rack. It had been two years since they arrived in The Middle Ages, and they were now married. Along with Frog, now the Knight Captain, with Crono his first officer, they dispatched Magus, and had just recently, taken the fugitives Ozzie, Slash, and Flea out for good. Marle, on the other hand, was sure to have an active role in their downfall, as both a spy, and servant. She also had recently revealed she was heir to the throne in their time. She was now heir to the throne. Life was good, but they still hoped to return to their own time. One day as Crono was on an expedition, flushing out imps, saw the same gate he had followed. It shimmered and suddenly expanded, exposing Crono's oldest friend.

"Oh my gosh, Crono, it worked."

"Lucca, is that you?!?!" Crono starred in disbelief, "how did you get here." Lucca adjusted here glasses, and pulled out a long stick, with a wheel and spokes on top.

"After two years I found you. I'm sorry it took me so long, but the Gate Key malfunctioned, and I ended up in the future. You would not believe what I found..." Lucca kept explaining her adventures and Crono just stood there.

"Lucca, hold up, why don't you come to my house, then you can explain."

"I have some friends with me, can they come?

"Sure." Lucca held up the gate key, and two more people came out of the gate. Crono was startled to see a man in a metal suit, with green blinking eyes, and a tall woman with blonde hair, and fur for clothing. "Uh, well, okay. Just follow me." Crono, Lucca, and her two friends walked to Crono's island. When Lucca saw where Crono's house she almost fainted. Crono suddenly realized that his house was also Lucca's, only bigger.

"I remember when we had the two parts of the house demolished when they got old, inside, I found two old worn markers. They...musta been...oh my gosh!" The tin man, who Lucca called R-66Y, stepped forward and beeped.

"This is where the infamous Sir Chronos lived, along with his princess, and wife, Marlana, lived and where..where..memory glitch. You are exact likeness of them." Crono truned away, and Marle walked downstairs.

"Lucca, what a surprise, we didn't expect you, are you here...no, we..." Marle went upstairs

"Lucca, we can't go home, We've been here too long. But..but tell my mother and King Guardia that we love them, and someday, maybe we will come home." Lucca looked at him, and teared up.

"Crono, If you ever want to travel back, use this," Lucca handed him the Gate Key,. "when you want to come back, we'll welcome your help. Be safe my friend." Lucca, the tin man, and the cave girl, left. Crono just looked at them and felt a tear. He walked up the stairs, and went to see Marle. Only one word was left on his mind........Lavos.......


1007 AD

Crono woke up with a start. Getting out of bed, he opened the window, and found it was noon.

"That dream, it was so weird....."


End of Part 1

Gasper S. Keltner's Fanfiction