Darkness Falls Afterword

By Gemini83


Once again, I’d like to thank everyone who made this story possible. You are too numerous to name. Thanks to the friends who urged me to write this story...way back when it was just an idea I’d been kicking around. Thanks to everyone who reviewed this work, who sent in suggestions, and provided me with moral support. Thanks to everyone who read this fic, or will read it, or is reading it...I could go on and on.

Now, to the meat of the matter, strange unexplained occurrences in Final Fantasy 7: Darkness Falls, that you should be able to derive anyway:

1) What’s with the “Highlander: the Quickening” scenes?

The whole “Highlander” absorbing your enemy’s power thing: mainly a really cool way to grab your attention early on in the fic. It’s only purpose was to add a little bit of intensity early on. However, it also served a purpose later in the fic, providing Methos with a second wind, giving him the power to nearly kill Kaede.
The are 2-3 ways one can receive “the quickening” in my story: one is if they are borne “to the school of hard knocks” that is the Cetra/Planeswalker/Drahk heritage. If you receive the gift, or have it in your bloodlines, you can do the “Highlander” thing.
For example: the dark beings in the beginning of the fic gave their powers over to Kaede, but not Xizor, later on. This is because Xizor did not have Planeswalker/Drahk blood in his veins.
I say Planeswalker/Drahk, because the two are interrelated, much like the Protoss and Dark Protoss in “Starcraft.”
The only other way to receive the “quickening” is through the Rite of Blood.

2) What is the Rite of Blood?

Basically a pledge, made between two who join their blood together, vowing to protect each other. You don’t necessarily have to blindly love the person, as in the Methos/Veletta case, but it does help strengthen the bond. The Rite of Blood was mainly a tool I used to join the wounds of the two warring couples, Kaede/Aeris vs. Methos/Veletta, and add a little twist to the fight scene.
However, the bond is not total, so if one dies, their power is absorbed into the body of their blood mate. This is why Methos received Veletta’s powers, rather than Aeris.
Also, Kaede’s power did not drain into Aeris, when he died, because it was a dream. If you are one of the people who likes the sad ending however, you can just pretend...
Kaede and Methos shared a Rite of Blood, but that was lost when they went their separate ways...you can only have a R.o.B. with one other person.

3) What about Kyra and Talos?

What about them? They are among the few people in the High Council who aren’t righteous bigots. The others just used Kaede as a tool for justice, but Kyra and Talos were his friends. I would have featured them more, but I wanted to leave you guys craving SOMETHING, and this seemed the lesser of all evils.

4) What happens to the characters after the story?

They live happily ever after...the end, as in many good fantasy/fairytale stories. Yes, yes, again, I saw a lot of Disney as a child. Moreover, in the past people saw movies and read books to get away from the pressures and problems of the “daily grind.” So, reading a sad ending kind of defeats the purpose of setting your mind at ease. That’s why I wrote the happy ending this time. Next time however, I may not be so indulging (probably will though).

5) What about Gold Saucer?

It’ll be raised back up as soon as Dio can get it up.

6) Travels to space?


7) Pairings?

Everyone who smooched, or came close to it, in the fic will be pairing it.

8) Sequels?

PROBABLY NOT (read “MY POINT’ below). I mean, anything after this would have to take place more in space, ending up more like “Babylon 5” than Final Fantasy. Anything else might be anti-climactic. HOWEVER, I will try to write more fics...FF8 and beyond, Neon Genesis: Evangelion, Batman Beyond (love that show), even vampire related stuff (Vampire Hunter D, Blade, Blood: The Last Vampire), Ninja Scroll...you name it, I’ll try it. I’ll even try some original stuff, on occasion. Now that I’ve entered the world of fan fiction, I’m hooked!

MY POINT: I will write sequels to fics if I can make good tie-ins or have some mind blowing ideas. Also, if I can make a good idea for a crossover between this fic (Darkness Falls) and my FF8 fic, for instance, a sequel may happen, tying the two together, to make a loose trilogy.

Kudos to anyone who would like to post this up at other sites, just notify me first please.


FF7: Darkness Falls

Started Nov. 2001
Finished Mar. 2002

Content: 45 Chapters, 2 Prologues, Epilogue, and Author Commentary.
Over 285 pages, single spaced, 12 size font, MS Word

Which Means: I love to torture myself (not really, or at least I hope not!)


Final thanks to everyone. I hope you enjoyed this story, I guess authors only ever write fan fiction as a labor of love...for the enjoyment of those who don’t want to let go of their favorite characters just yet. Well, I hope I didn’t disappoint. Thanks again. Peace.


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