Darkness Falls Prologue 2

By Gemini83

Six months later...

Red woke with a start. It took him a while to recognize where he was...he was lying in his study. He had been having the dreams for weeks now. Dark figures would fall upon the planet, bringing death and destruction. Blood flowed on the battlegrounds, as foretold in the scrolls. It was always the same, every night. Except today, today there was something new. A voice called to him, it told him to gather his friends again.

‘Assemble at Bone Village,’ it had told him, ‘assemble, lest you be destroyed. And there you will find, a new beginning...’

Normally, Red would have considered it a trap, or ignored it completely as a hallucination. But something in the voice had comforted him. In that nightmare, it had reached out to him, forcing him to take notice. Red resisted the urge to go back to sleep.

“I’d better call the others.” Red went to his computer, and began to make calls around the world. “I hope we’re strong enough this time.”

Red first called Cloud and Tifa.

Tifa was the first to answer.

“Hello Tifa”

“Red? Hey Cloud! It’s Red!”

“Red!” answered Cloud, “Nice to here from you again. What’s up?”

“My friends, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.”

“What is it Red?” asked Tifa. “What’s wrong?”

Red took a deep breath. “It has begun...”

Meanwhile, in space, a figure dressed in black smiled. He had contacted the one known as ‘Red.’ Nanaki would alert his comrades. The figure turned to his computer, reading about the various properties of the planet. Nothing out of the ordinary. Even though the planet did have a large supply of ‘Lifestream,’ it was hardly a reason for the Drahk to notice it.

‘Why would they want this planet?’ he thought to himself

The lonely figure sat in his spacecraft, thinking. Why had he been sent here? Then he found something, something that piqued his interest.

“So,” he said to the emptiness, “some of the ancients lived here.”

The records seemed familiar, almost as if...he pushed his thoughts aside. He would gather more information before making any guesses as to why the planet was so important. Then he came across more information, about something called ‘Meteor,’ and reports of ‘the last ancient.’


He looked at more clips, this time actual footage of the so-called ‘Meteor.’ Nothing special, the planet would destroy it. However, something strange happened. The planet’s counterattack, Holy, had no effect. Then, something new came, the Lifestream snaked its way into Holy, eventually helping it destroy the calamity. He read some more, about a man named Sephiroth, and a group called Avalanche.

‘This warrants further investigation.’ he thought to himself, ‘if they come here, it may be to find her, the one they call Aeris.’

The dark figure smiled, donning his black and silver armor. A helmet covered most of his face, but left his mouth and his eyes open. The man tested his armor, and smiled again. It seemed as if this trip might be fun after all. He took a pod down to the surface of the planet. He would first investigate this so-called ‘City of the Ancients’

“Time to get to work.”


Author’s Note: Okay, we are well under way. In case you’re wondering what kind of mask this stranger has, think of Maverick (Wolverine’s friend before he joined the X-Men), except black instead of yellow. What do you think so far?


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