To My World and Back Again Chapter 15

Party On

By Ghost

Marle: So what are the chances that Patrick actually dances with Lucca this evening?
Crono: I don't know…Ten to one?
Marle: I'll bet you fifty dollars that they dance.
Crono: Oh no, I'm not falling for that again. You always win, Marle.
Marle: *giggles* And don't you dare forget that, Crono.

Alleged conversation between Crono Kisaragi and Marle Valeria

May 26, 2006
6:36 PM
Patrick's Home

Thus the final hour of preparations had come for the "Coming Out" party for Millenium to which Chris Baker had invited the five friends: Michelle, Marle, Crono, Patrick, and Lucca. The air was filled with tense nerves and excited spirits. Not only was the purpose of the party to disclose the development of Millenium to investors and the other higher ups, but it was also a chance for all guests to bring their dates and have fun through the usual food, drink, talk, and dance..

The two days after the invitation were spent in hastened preparation for the party. Crono and Patrick had set forth to rent tuxedoes (with rushed alterations). Chris had apparently had duties of his own to attend to relating to the party. Apparently, he already had a tux; everything else related to duties with The Company, the research group he worked for which operated on government funds.

Meanwhile Michelle, Marle, and Lucca had gone shopping in a local store which specialized in women dresses. Michelle and Marle, amazing enough, were enthusiastic about getting a dress for the party. Both were looking forward to the looks on their dates faces when the day arrived.

Michelle, remembering Patrick's rambling about Chrono Trigger, had asked Marle about her avid interest in dresses considering she had despised the royal treatment and preferred her less flashy clothing (if one could call a "harem outfit" less flashy than a royal dress). Marle had replied that she had always enjoyed dresses; after all, she was a woman with a good body and style. What she had despised was the royal treatment. Though, she had admitted that it didn't bother her as much as it used to after nine years of good relations with her father, the thirty-third King of Guardia.

"Besides," Marle had said, "you don't realize how satisfying it is when I see Crono's face every time I get into something a little flashy. It never gets old, and I take every chance I get to put him under my magic spell." The two had laughed at that for quite a while.

Lucca, on the other hand, had seemed rather reserved about going dress shopping. She complained about dresses and parties; however, she did not struggle or fight in any way on the way to the store. Whether she had a disdain for dresses or for Patrick Simmons was unknown. Perhaps she had wanted to keep her regular, more comfortable clothing in the need to keep her somewhat tomboyish appearance.

The other two women had tried to convince Lucca that a dress would be fun for her and pleasing to the site. Michelle had even gone as far to suggest to Lucca that a tight and revealing dress would not only attract the attention of men at the party, but would also cause Patrick to have the mental "blue screen of death" while it gave him a nosebleed before he passed out on the floor. Lucca couldn't help but smile at both thoughts. When the girls had reached the store, all three pairs of eyes lit up at the window displays. Ironically, Lucca was the first one in.

Crono and Patrick were sitting in the living room waiting for the Marle and Lucca to finish getting ready for the evening. As tradition dictated, the two men had finished their preparations, dressed in black tuxes, bow-ties, and matching polished black dress shoes. Michelle was at her own place, waiting for Chris to pick her up. Apparently he would need to be their earlier than other guests and needed to pick her up early. Michelle didn't mind a bit.

Crono leaned back in a relaxed position on the couch as Patrick paced back and forth, glancing at his watch every now and then. The party officially started at eight and would be held in Los Angeles at a classy five-star hotel, as any private party would. The drive would be slightly over an hour long, and Patrick had wanted to leave at 6:45 to make it on time. He had hoped that the girls would have been ready by now so they could at least relax a bit before the ride, but the girls seemed to enjoy keeping him waiting. There was another reason that he was nervous, though. Truth be told, and the trio plus Chris and Michelle knew this, this was Patrick Simmons first date, and he felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Patrick silently wondered if Lucca Kepler had planned this torture from the very beginning.

"Will you just relax and sit down already," Crono commanded, the pacing and nervous vibes radiating from his friend were finally getting to him. "You've been at this for the passed ten minutes, man. Just take a chill pill."

"You think I want to be like this," Patrick practically choked out, "I know I'm a mess, but I'm totally nervous. I haven't been on a date in my life, and I never, for once, thought I would be dating Lucca of all people."

"That's right," Crono rubbed his newly shaven chin, calm and collected, "you don't like her much do you?"

Patrick shook his head, denying it immediately. "No, no, you've got it all wrong. I don't hate her or anything. She's just a pain in the rear, you know?" Patrick raised an eyebrow, "How can you be so calm? You're acting like this was nothing?"

Crono shrugged, "I've been going out with Marle for nine years. I've been used to going out for quite some time."

Patrick ignored it and finally sat down and crossed his arms, relaxing with something else to occupy his time. "Nine years? So why haven't you proposed? I mean, even I would have proposed by this time."

Crono reached into his right pocket and pulled out a small ring box. "Yeah, I know it's been nine years. After we defeated Lavos, it had been only a few months for the Kingdom of Guardia. The king accepted my feelings for Marle and vice-versa, but many of the people were skeptical after the initial celebration. I talked with Marle, and we decided to wait a while before we did anything big. The people of Guardia eventually accepted our relationship after a couple of years, but Marle and I still weren't engaged."

Crono sighed, opening the box to show Patrick the wonderful engagement ring he had. It was a golden band with a small clear jewel embedded on the top. "I kept telling myself that I would tell her one day. Each day I told myself that, but each day I was afraid something would happen to drive us apart. It happened several time during our adventure. She almost was lost in time, I was almost lost; we both had to endure this. I was afraid that if I proposed that something would happen to drive us apart. I had finally decided to propose to Marle with at least a friend present. If I could, I'd propose in front of all of Guardia."

Crono laughed despite of himself, "I had chosen the day of our picnic to propose to Marle in front of Lucca. I had talked to Lucca about it before hand, and she'd given me her blessing. Ironic isn't it? I spent all that time worrying that if I proposed something would happen. Then, the day I finally decide to propose, nine years after we beat Lavos, we get dragged here. All this happened just because I was nervous and afraid just like you are now."

Patrick sat in silence, staring at the ring. He suddenly felt ill. "Crono, man…I'm so sorry about that. I didn't realize you were going to do such an important task. If I had known-"

Crono placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and placed the ring's container back into his pocket. "There's no way you could have known. Now, I'll just wait for a good day to propose. Marle and I both are in love with each other." He grinned, "We're practically married minus the formalities."

Patrick raised an eyebrow and turned to Crono, "You mean you and she..." He saw the grin on his face and gave a chuckle, "Well I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Since I ruined your moment, I'll help you get another one. You want to propose in front a group, right??" Crono nodded. "I've got an idea, but I'll have to make some preparations. You want a crowd, I'll give it to you, and I think Marle will be quite pleased."

"Gee," Crono was at a loss of words, I don't know-" He suddenly stopped talking and stood up. Patrick turned around and followed suit as Marle and Lucca walked into the Living Room.


Around the time Patrick had started to become nerve-wracked, Marle and Lucca were finishing their preparations. They were in the bedroom which she and Crono had been sharing for the past couple of weeks. Marle was already in her dress and putting on make-up. She was applying some red lipstick to her tender pink lips when Lucca seemed to have some trouble and voiced it aloud.

"Stupid no good idiot dress," she said as she tried to pull it on. Strange as it may seem, the girl just couldn't seem to get the dress on.

"Umm…Lucca?" Marle gave a slight giggle, finding the situation somewhat humorous.

"Yeah, Marle?" Lucca had pulled it off, placing it on the bed. She gave the dress a look of disgust, wondering why she had chosen the particular dress to begin with.

Marle put down her lipstick and walked to her friend, placing a reassuring hand on her bare shoulder. Marle looked at the dress then looked into her friend's eyes. "Lucca, you do know you were putting it on backwards."

"What? That's ridiculous," Lucca countered as she looked to the dress. She had placed it on the bed immediately after taking it off. The dress was on its back, and she realized that she had tried to put it on backwards. How could I have made such a stupid mistake?

"Lucca, are you alright?" Marle asked sitting on the bed. Lucca followed suit, sitting next to her friend."

"I think I'll live." Lucca gave a sigh and placed her hands on her knees. "I'm so nervous. I swear I'll have an ulcer before this night is up. Lucca took several breaths, trying to calm her heart.

Marle gave her a light smile. "Oh, Lucca, this is your first date isn't it?" Lucca nodded her head. "Come on, it's not like you have anything to be nervous about. You and Patrick are going to have so much fun, don't you agree?" Marle paused a moment for a though. "Oh yeah, you hate him don't you?" Lucca tensed.

"How can you say that?" Her stomach is in knots. "Sure we don't get along at times, but that doesn't mean I hate him." Lucca fumbled for her words, "He…he's just a pain at times. That's all it is. He's just a pain in the rear."

Marle giggled despite herself. "Well, you better get ready, Lucca. We're going to have to be ready soon..

Lucca nodded an Marle went back to her make-up. She looked at the dress before attempting to put it on again, this time having much less resistance. "So, Marle, what's it like for you and Crono. You know, you're in love with him. What's that like?"

Marle smiled as an image of Crono popped up in her mind. "Love…I guess I would have to describe it as the same way I would describe it when he kisses me on the lips, throwing his full passion into my soul and-"

"Marle, please," Lucca was blushing crimson and Marle seemed to be enjoying herself as usual. "I get it, okay? You're practically married to the guy, but don't describe THAT!"

"Sorry. Guess I got a little carried away. I didn't really answer your question, though, did I?"

Lucca had finished putting on her dress and was straightening her short hair. "You didn't, but I don't know if I want you to try again."

"Oh, Lucca," Marle teased, "love is different for everyone. I would describe mine as Crono kisses." Lucca was about to say something, but Marle stopped her. "Sweet and melting."

Lucca blinked, "Excuse me?"

Marle finished the last of her make-up. "His kisses are sweet and melting and so is the way our love makes my heart feel. It's hard to describe besides that."

Lucca stood, getting the wrinkles out of her dress and deciding against any make-up. She had not use for the stuff.. Sweet and melting? That sounds like ice cream more than it does love. Marle…go figure. "So, how do I look, Marle?"

Marle looked Lucca up and down and gave her a thumbs up. "Perfecto." The girls smiled at each other and made their way to the living room.

6:51 PM

Patrick realized he had been holding his breath. Marle and Lucca had finished preparing for the party, and they put that time to good use. Patrick knew that Lucca was a beautiful woman when she wasn't trying to look good. She had the perfect body and was very smart to boot. Marle was also a good looking woman when she wasn't trying to look good. But when they did try to look their best, Patrick would agree that it was as if they were a couple of goddesses.

Why does she have to be such a pain but be so beautiful?

Why does he have to be such a pain but such a hunk?

Lucca was in a strapless purple satin gown, whose shade matched her hair perfectly. It had a shirred bust and hung loosely on her. Her hair was kept as it was when she didn't have her helmet on. It was left down all around. It was simple, but matched her perfectly.

Marle, too, was a site to behold. She wore a pure white gown which had a light glow. It was strapless and hugged her in all the right places. In addition, the dress had what was called "princess seams." The back was in a low V and she wore a piece of fabric on her dress called a "draping waterfall train." She looked like a modern princess.

Patrick and Crono were frozen in place, their jaws hung lightly down. Both girls walked to their respective dates, taking a finger to their chin and closing the jaw, which snapped the boys out of their surprise.

"Gee, Patrick," Lucca said with a smile, "if I didn't know any better, I'd say you never saw a woman before."

Patrick shrugged his shoulders casually and smiled. "Naw, just never thought you could look like one." The two began a staring contest which Crono stopped.

"Come on you two," Crono intervened, "can we go now? We don't want to miss much right?"

"Fine," they told him simultaneously, "he/she started it." Marle giggled and the two glared at each other again as they walked out the door to the car. Crono offered his arm, which she accepted to have the time of their lives.

May 26, 2006
8:08 PM
Murishima Hotel, Los Angeles, CA

The Murishima Hotel was a five-star modern restaurant with all the accommodations one could ask for. It was comprised of twenty-five floors, 24-hour room service, several jewelry stores, bars, clothing departments, money exchanges, and some of the best rooms money could buy. The four weren't there for any of those treasures, though. They were there for something far more valuable.

After having the car parked by the valet, the four walked into the hotel, asking for the location of the party. They were led through the hotel to the entrance ballroom, which lay behind two closed doors. Two men, one Caucasian, one African American, stood guard, preventing any uninvited guests from joining the part. They were muscular men who wore black suits and shades.

Patrick immediately thought of the movie Men In Black when he saw the two and laughed to himself, despite the guard's intimidation. He could tell that both were rather gentle at heart but did the job they were paid to do. He respected them for this. The two guards stopped Patrick and his friends from entering before they could even reach the doors.

"Sir," the Caucasian guard said, "we'll need to see your invitations before we can allow you to enter."

Patrick smiled warmly at the two guards. "Sure thing," he said as he reached in his tuxedo pocket and frowned. He searched the other side and hoped he didn't do what the thought he did. He made a quick run through of the rest of his pockets and looked vanquished. "Awe, crap."

Lucca's face came to a scowl, "What do you mean "Awe, crap?'"

Patrick sighed, "I mean that I left the invitations on the coffee table before we left." He laughed nervously. "I got so nervous that I forgot them." Though she was a fire element, Lucca glared icicles into his soul while wondering how he could have made a stupid mistake.

"Ouch," said Crono feeling for his friend.

"There's got to be something we can do abut this." Marle said aloud with disappointment.

The other guard said with equal disappointment, "I'm sure you understand that we can not let you in. Sorry."

"Don't worry about it," Patrick said casually, "it was my fault for forgetting the invites. Maybe I could go back and get them."

"What do you mean 'go back and get them,'" Lucca scolded him. Patrick began a mental call for help as Lucca started to get on his case. Patrick took the full force of her verbal attack as he waited. Soon enough, the two doors to the ballroom opened and Patrick's saviors had arrived.

"Gee, Patrick, I leave you alone for a while and you end up getting yourself into trouble," Chris said with Michelle right next to him. Chris wore a black tuxedo as the other two men in the group, but he had put a red carnation on the right side slightly over his heart.

Michelle was in a dress which matched her personality perfectly and gave a bewitching look. It was a red silk pullover dress which was held up by a single spaghetti strap. Michelle pouted at the scene then made a playful grin. "It looks like you've learned what happens when you keep a lady waiting, haven't you? If you apologize, we might be able to help you out."

"You're kidding me!" Michelle shook her head but kept her playful grin. Crono looked surprised and Marle giggled as usual.

This is blackmail. I know it is.l Patrick thought to himself. He met Lucca's continued icy stare head on. "I'm sorry I forgot the invitations, alright? I'm scum for doing so. You happy?"

Lucca's lips turned into an evil smile and she slapped him playfully on the cheek, "I forgive you since you were so truthful." Patrick let out a light growl.

"It's okay, guys," Chris explained, "he's with me under my invitation. Go ahead and let the poor man in."

"Yes, sir," the two responded with a smile. Then to the four guests they said, "Welcome to the party." The four walked in, nodding their heads in acknowledgement as they entered the party with Chris and Michelle in lead. The room was large, easily holding a hundred or so people. There was a bar for drinks and a band next to a podium in the back who was playing a calm musical piece as a prelude for the night's events.

The group was following the two making idle chit-chat when Patrick stopped in his tracks upon hearing a familiar voice to his left. "Well, well, if it isn't the loser," said John Cindel, dressed in a white tux which was contrast to many around him. "I heard you forgot your invitations. How pathetic can you get?"

Patrick walked to John with a smile, nonetheless. "Hi John," he said in a singsong voice. "Guess I'm not the only one making mistakes." He put his had to his mouth as if he said some offensive thing, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to talk about the insane scientist playing God. By the way, where are the legit scientists, besides myself, hanging out at this party?"

By this time, Crono, Marle, and Lucca were behind Patrick in a supportive motion. Michelle and Chris were several feet behind John working on something. John sneered. "Oh, they're off in a corner talking about the ethics of temporal mechanics and whatnot. I think they were talking about blue-hair freaks too. Guess you're popular around here."

Patrick grit his teeth when he saw something over John's shoulder. Chris Baker was holding up a sign that read, "Arrogant bastard this way, folks."

Patrick blinked in surprise as John continued, "What? No witty comeback, Simmons? Nothing to counter me with? This is unusual?"

Patrick blinked again as Michelle held up a sign that read, "This man has no penis. Medical proof available."

"What the hell?" Patrick mumbled. Behind him, The trio were trying to stifle laughter.

John was getting a little pissed by this time. Either Patrick was ignoring him or had snapped. "What are you mumbling, Simmons? You have something to say to me? Come one, I'm waiting to hear what you have to say."

Chris held up another sign, grinning like a madman. Michelle was joining him. "He sleeps with sheep! Details available at Eleven."

Crono Marle and Lucca couldn't help but let out a few giggles. It was taking all of Patrick's self control not to laugh or let anything loose."

Michelle held up her second sign, giggling like a crazy woman in the process and drawing a few looks from those close by, "Cookie dough fetish! Cookie dough fetish! I have pictures! I have pictures! Only $19.99." She immediately hid the sign as Patrick and the trio began to laugh.

"I'm sorry, Cindel," Patrick laughed. John looked insulted as well as confused. "I didn't realize you had such a wild life!"

"What the hell are you talking about, Simmons?" He would never get that answer.

"I'll tell you later," Patrick said as he walked off laughing. Marle and Lucca were hanging onto Crono, who could barely hold himself up, laughing as well. They all followed Michelle and Chris who were smiling broadly as they sat at a table. The four friends collapsed into their seats, finishing off their wave of laughter. Those around them either ignored them or didn't care.

"Oh, man, Chris, Michelle, that was great," Patrick finally got out. "How can I repay you guys?"

"That was rather fun, wasn't it?" Chris asked.

"That was a riot," Marle agreed as she leaned on Crono's shoulder. She looked toward the musicians. "I say we dance. Someone tell those guys to turn up the beat, right Crono?" Crono nodded his head in affirmation.

Patrick rose from his seat. "I'll get it. One fast beat coming up. If you need me, I'm going to get a small drink afterward."

Patrick made his way through the crowd and several ongoing conversations to get to the band. He whispered something into one of the player's ears when the band had finished one of the preludes. The man nodded his head in understanding. Moments later, they had begun to play an upbeat piece of music. Several of the guests took that as a cue to begin their dance, though none danced as lively as Chris and Michel and Marle and Crono. Lucca was left at the table alone, watching the couples dance.

Patrick sat at a stool next do a man in his mid fifties with a light mustache and ordered a glass of white-wine from the bartender, a man in his early thirties with a clean cut and in uniform. He took the drink as he always did and looked at the couples dancing. He noticed Chris putting Michelle through a series of twirls and some rather fast dance techniques. Crono and Marle were having the time of their life spinning around. He had expected some of the dances from the Jurassic music, but that didn't happen. Instead they followed Chris and Michelle's patter, dancing in such a way that they were close a moment and apart the next, but never apart for very long, always yearning for each other's touch.

"It's amazing isn't it?" the man next to Patrick asked.

"What would that be, sir?" Patrick encouraged the man.

"How dancing can start or deepen a relationship. I danced with my wife in a similar fashion when I was younger, about your age, if I recall. I love dancing ever since. Just getting close to her sent a euphoria through me." The man's eyes were shining as he recalled those days.

"Ah," Patrick was guessing this man was one of those "romantic" types.

"So do you have a date?" the man asked. Patrick pointed to Lucca at the table at which she sat. Her eyes followed the movement of the dancers, a longing in her eyes.

"Good, God, man! Why don't you dance with her?"

Patrick sighed, "I'm not much of a dancer. Besides, it's not like we're in love or anything so I didn't think it mattered."

"Of course it matters," said the man, "just because you don't love her doesn't mean you can't show her a good time at a dance. It's your responsibility." The man gave a smirk, "Besides, you might find that you actually love dancing with your date than you thought." The man stood from his stool and began to walk away. "Now if you excuse me, I can't keep the missus waiting." With that, he disappeared into the crowd.

"How strange," Patrick said as he got off his stool. By this time, he noticed the music had stopped as well as the couples. They began to get close as the band began to play one of those romantic slow-beat songs. He looked around the room and by chance came across Lucca's scanning eye. Then time stopped.

Remembering the man's words, Patrick walked passed those people in the room as if they weren't moving at all. His steps were timed, not rushed, but not too slow. He approached the table and reached out his hand, and in a tone which held no malice or any sort of negativity, he asked her.

"Will you dance with me, Lucca Kepler?"

Lucca, for one, was speechless that moment as similar thoughts ran through her head. Truth be told, she was about to ask him the same thing after speaking to a kind woman in her fifties who had talked to her about dancing and her responsibility to dance on this floor. She took her hand as she stood, and he led her to the middle of the dance floor. Time seemed to resume back to normal as they began to dance. As far as either knew, they were in the hands of an expert, but neither one had danced on the floor like this in their lives. They held each other close, for some reason unable to leave their partner's eyes.

"What in the name of Truce is that," Crono asked in shock as he held Marle around her thin waist. Her hands were around his neck.

Marle smiled knowingly, "Why, they're just dancing, silly."

"I never knew that Lucca could dance, especially like that.

Marle brought Crono's head down to her level, the tips of their noses touching, "My dear, Crono, everyone knows how to dance. We're born with the ability. It's all in the heart." Marle then stood on her tiptoes and kissed Crono on his lips.

As fast as the dance began, it seemed to end except for two people on the floor. Patrick and Lucca continued to dance moments after the music stopped. They finally seemed to realize the dance was over when the audience began to clap for the music. The two clapped for the band and made their way to the seats, but not before grabbing a plate of various foods from the buffet table. Both Lucca and Patrick ate their food. For some reason they were flushed and couldn't seem to look at each other without the crimson growing deeper.

"Ladies, gentlemen, investors, higher-ups, and respected guests," a voice came over the speakers placed around the ballroom. A man stood at the podium talking into a microphone. Behind him a blank screen was dropping and a projector turned on, showing the desktop of a computer. "If I may have your attention, I would like to present you with The Company's greatest creation. We have successfully created an element with an exact number of 201 protons in its nucleus. This element has shown properties unlike any other element we have here on Earth. Allow me present." A scientist rolled a cart with a white sheet to the podium. "Millenium!"

The white cover sheet was uncovered, revealing a cube of a red rock with six inches on each side. Three sharp intakes of breath were taken with its first site. The three which saw it were the first people from off the planet to see the element, though they had seen it before. That was proven as the quick experiment was conducted. The scientist made the Millenium part of an electrical circuit. As soon as the circuit was released the cube began to glow a dull red with the small energy. The crowd let out a series of "oohs" and "awes" Then the scientist disconnected the circuit, and the cube continued to glow. People began to speak among one another.

"Everyone! If I may, I will now go over some data about our new creation!" The man then began to make some points which showed up in a slide show on the screen behind him. The lecture included the element's physical make-up, it's location on the Periodic Table, Electron Configuration, and other Chemistry related topics. A group of six ignored the information coming across.

"You weren't kidding me when you told me about that," Patrick told Chris in reference to their earlier meeting. "That stuff did glow like a lantern."

Lucca had glanced at some of the data going across the screen and went to the conversation. "That's Dreamstone all right. All the evidence is pointing toward that conclusion."

Marle bit her lower lip, "So is there a chance this is a bad thing?"

Patrick shook his head, "I highly doubt that. Without magic, they can't really understand it's full potential as a weapon, storage unit, or amplifier. The only reason they're getting anything out of that is because electricity is similar to Lightening magic."

Chris looked back and forth between the two, "You mean there's more than this thing can do?"

Lucca looked him in the eye, avoiding Patrick's lest she go crimson again, "You hook that thing up to a magical power source, and you've got an amplifier that can make entire islands float. When you connect it with a magical source of energy, it'll absorb it, becoming a battery. If you know what you're doing, you have a powerful weapon."

Chris leaned back in his seat in awe. "Man, have I created a monster?"

Patrick smirked, "Unless we have a Lavos in this planet and a whole bunch of people suddenly learn magic, we should be fine."

The group continued to talk about the new element until the presentation was over. After the presentation was over, the band started again with another fast-tempo song. Patrick was debating to dance with Lucca again when he decided to leave to give himself some time to think. "Umm…I'm going go freshen up real quick," he said as a way of excuse and went off to find one of the restrooms.

"Well that was sudden," Lucca commented. Crono, Marle, Michelle, and Chris were dancing again, and she was alone again while her date "freshened up." She got up from her seat and walked to the bar and took a seat, wondering what to do next.

"Good evening," a voice next to her said. She went wide eyed as she was in front of a god. Well, that's what she would say he was. He was a dashing young man probably in his late twenties with slicked black hair. He didn't look too bad in a white tux and his facial features were that of a gentleman. If Lucca had kept her mouth open long enough, she would have been caught drooling.

"H…Hi," she stammered and mentally cursed at herself.

"I saw you earlier. You looked a bit lonely. You here by yourself?" He gave her a dashing smile.

Lucca couldn't help but blush, "Umm…I'm here with my friends mostly, and they're dancing." She pointed to the dance floor.

"I see…so, mind if I get you a drink? You like cola?"

Lucca blinked, believing at first he would get her something alcoholic and nodded her head. He ordered a champagne for himself and a glass of cola for her. He took his drink and placed it down. He then took her drink by the top and swirled it around allowing it to fizz before handing it to her. She thanked him for it, blushing again and wondering why she felt like a school girl. She tried to hide her blush by drinking half of her cola

After a couple of minutes of silence, the man spoke. "My name is Ryan. I work in public relations with my group."

"My name is…umm…Lucy," she stammered, "I'm a scientist." She immediately gulped down the rest of her entire drink.

He raised an eyebrow, either by her cola drinking or her occupation. "Well, what kind of scientist are you?"

Lucca blinked. She felt funny as she tried to think, "I…umm…I work in all sciences."

He looked worried "Are you okay, Miss Lucy? You don't look well." Lucca held her forehead with her right hand. She felt dizzy and weak. "Would you like me to take you home?" She barely heard the question, but nodded her head as the drug took its effect.

Unbeknownst to Lucca, the man had slipped a quick dissolving and absorbing drug into her drink when he grabbed it by the top. The stirring of the drink only hastened it's dissolving. He held out his hand and took hers as she tried to stand up. "Come on now, I'll take you somewhere comfortable," he said with a grin. He helped lead her out the front, but not before the bartender saw the back of his right wrist as his sleeve was pulled up. It was the tattoo of a black widow.

9:21 PM

It had taken Patrick long enough to find the bathroom. He thought they would put up some sort of obvious sign in the place, but he was left to asking several people before finding it. He looked around for Lucca, but didn't see her. Crono and Marle as well as Michelle and Chris were still dancing. He walked up to the bartender and asked him about it.

"Oh, yeah," he said, "I know that girl. She suddenly got ill and walked out with this man with slicked black hair. He had white tux as well."

"Anything else?" Patrick felt panicky.

The man thought a few seconds, "Let's see, they left a couple of minutes ago…yeah now that you mention it, he had this tattoo on his wrist of a black widow or some sort of spider."

Patrick's face went pale at that moment, and he thought his heart would stop beating. Without thanking the man, he ran out of the ballroom and out the door of the hotel just in time to see a black convertible drive off into the night with the valet nearby.

"Excuse me," Patrick asked the valet, "was the person in the car wearing a white tux and had a cute girl with him with a lavender dress?" The valet confirmed that, and before the valet knew what happened, the man ran off.

Whether by instinct or divine intervention, Patrick quickly found his car and mentally popped the trunk, since the valet still had his keys. He didn't have time for that. In the trunk was a katana he kept in case of emergencies. It was always just something for him to have around, and the sword made him feel comfortable. He took it by the sheathe and closed the trunk, rising off the ground with his own mental energy. Whether he was watched, he didn't care. He made himself horizontal to save energy from less wind resistance and "flew" off.

9:32 PM

The Black Widow known only as Ryan stopped his car in a bad side of L.A. It was a side no one nice would stop at for a pleasure stroll. He had stopped in front of an abandoned house he knew would be there. The girl, who he knew by the name "Lucy," was still unconscious by the drug he had given her. It worked many times before. It acted quickly in any situation and promised memory loss the following day if she happened to wake up, given the woman was allowed to live. This one would; he liked her too much.

He carried her inside the abandoned home, more a mess if anything, but still a shelter. He grinned evilly at her restful form. He usually would prefer his victims awake, but that wasn't how it went tonight. The house was too quick a drive for the drug to wear off. Asleep or not, something felt strange tonight

He finally decided to get to work and made to remove her dress and begin his assault. However, a voice suddenly filled the room, and filled the man's heart with fear for being caught. It took a while to realize the voice was rhyming.

"Good evening little widow, who tried to press his luck, He tried to test his strength but was run over by a truck The little bitty guy was run over on the head And all the little widows soon found out…he died"

The voice laughed and apologized, "Sorry," it said, "I never was good a poetry. I must admit, I found it harder than I thought to follow a speeding car without a car. I'm just glad you didn't go very far or I would have been in trouble."

Ryan looked around and saw nothing but the darkness around him. He pulled out his gun and aimed for the door, and before he realized it, a flash of metal came across his face, and the gun barrel was suddenly no longer attached to the gun.

"That wasn't very nice," the voice said, "try that again, and I'll circumcise you, whether you need it or not."

Ryan stood up and eased away from the girl. The man in the room moved with Ryan, and soon, due to moonlight falling through an open window, Ryan had a good look at his assailant's face and the color of his hair. "YOU."

Patrick leaned down and gently picked up Lucca and faced the now unarmed would be rapist of the Black Widows. He approached him with no fear in his eyes. "Give your boss a message. Tell him that this is the third time I had to put up with your gang. I'm not sure why you're as far as you are, and right now I don't care. But if his gang doesn't stop messing with me or people I care for, then I'll have to do something about it."

With this, Patrick brought his foot up and gave the man a front kick to his abdomen. Once Patrick's foot came down, he brought it into a crescent kick and hit the man on the jaw, knocking him out. Every bone in his body wanted more from the man. He wanted the man to feel pain for what he was about to do, but if he hurt him too much, the message would not be sent. He looked a Lucca's sleeping form and smiled, relieved she was safe. He walked out of the house and rose off the ground again. He would need to get his car, but he didn't have to rush this time. Besides, he didn't have the energy.

May 27, 2006
10:08 AM
Patrick's Home

The previous night, Patrick had set it up so Crono and Marle could drive home with Chris and Michelle so he could bring home Lucca. He dared not tell them what happened because he didn't want to see Lucca in any sort of depressive state. Besides, nothing really happened so there was nothing to tell. Of course, he wouldn't lie to her if she asked.

Patrick was reading the morning paper when Lucca came into the kitchen. The other two were still sleeping off the night, but Lucca didn't get that luxury. "Why does my head hurt," she asked as she prepared a cup of coffee.

Patrick felt relieved with that question and answered it accordingly. "I think it was something you drank." He turned to the Technology section of the paper, "in fact you kind of passed out at the party. You remember anything?"

Lucca tried to concentrate but found many things were blurry. "I just remember some guy named Ryan. He was nice, but that's all I remember." She held her head as a slight pain surged through her."

"Well…at least you know you'll live. Anyway, Lucca…" He put down the newspaper and looked at her. She still had the dress on from last night. "I just wanted to tell you that I did have a lot of fun last night. I really did." The poor boy was crimson.

Lucca responded similarly temporarily forgetting her pain, "Yeah…I had some fun too. You were a nice date, Patrick." She felt her body temperature go up as her cheeks flushed.

There was a silence afterward. Neither knew what to say, and it lasted a while.

It sure is silent all of a sudden, Lucca thought.

Man, this feels awkward. I gotta do something about it, thought Patrick

"Oh…umm…Lucca?" Patrick smiled nervously

"Yes?" she asked, in a hopeful tone.

He put his right hand behind his head nervously, "I just noticed that you changed some since last night."

Lucca blinked, "Really? How?"

Patrick pointed to her chest and grinned widely, "Well, it seems that you filled out some since yesterday. Yep, you definitely filled out some. It's about time too."

He knew he had pushed the buttons. Lucca's eyes twitched. Her hands became tight fists at her side and her breathing increased. She was also turning red from anger…and popped.

"YOU JERK!" she shouted and gave Patrick uppercut which sent him back against the kitchen wall. She stormed off.

Patrick sat there with a strange smile on his face as he slumped against the wall while sitting on the floor. His smile was with relief, and he didn't feel so awkward.

"There…things are now back to normal.

Same Time

Ryan stood facing his boss. He was still in the white tux and his face was battered. He didn't look in the best of moods either. In fact, none of the Black Widows looked happy, especially the boss.

"I'm sorry, Boss. I checked out this new element the government's got, and I found this really nice looking girl. I would have had her, but then that blue-hair guy showed up. He caught me by total surprise. I don't even know how he could have followed me. He's like some sort of demon."

The "Boss" was a tall man with a heavy build. Basically, he looked tough. He was bald with scars on his arms and chest from previous fights. He had a tattoo of a black widow on his neck.

"He what?" his voice bellowed. "This is the third time he's done this. Three times he's met our gang. Three times he has beaten us up. He has done too much as it is!"

A voice from the shadows called out as a head of raven-black hair stepped out from the shadows.

"Well, then. Don't you think it is time you actually do something about it and stop him?"

Chapter 16

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