Author's Notes for Manmon

By Glarryg

This story was very much an experiment. That sentence is rather misleading, however; I have always thought that it is in poor taste for an author to write something serious merely in order to have it written. S/he should instead write because s/he has a story to tell. Having said that, my story is an experiment. I wanted to see how King Manmon would react to the depletion of Mana, since his fortune had been based so vitally on it. Although he is not the only person to be affected by the loss of Mana, I felt that, given his shallow character, he would be one of the more unique subjects to explore. Hopefully, he has been for the reader.

This story is an experiment in another way. As is obvious from the third chapter, I wanted to write in a style that I normally shy away from. Stream of consciousness was the intended effect; I though it would fit the situation, considering how essential Manmon’s thoughts are to the last piece of his adventure. Plus, I don’t always leave things as open-ended as this story. Likewise, I'm especially interested in knowing what the audience thinks-- good or bad-- of this tale and how I presented it.

About the names: the name Syla is a derivative of Syria. Plotus comes from the Roman god Pluto. Development of this story took so long that I forgot where I found my information, but I was clearly under the impression that the mythological Manmon (Mammon) came from a Syrian story, and that there was some connection to Pluto (if only the fact that the name “Pluto” comes from a Greek word meaning “wealth;” know what a plutocracy is?). As far as the name Krikor... well, there’s a little bit of me in every story I write, I guess.

I hope you enjoyed this tale. I have more Secret of Mana fiction planned for the future, and I hope you like that stuff, too.



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