The Ocarina of Time Novelization Chapter 2

Ring of Flames

By Habuki

Copyright: I do not own Zelda, Nintendo does. Story by Habuki productions.
"Yes ma'am." He replied to the red-haired women, while staring down at the ground, flushed.

The woman giggled and parted the hair out of his face, brushing digits away from his forehead. "Go and get the Cucco's and I'll give you a special treat." Kneeling down, she cupped his cheeks, tilting his head forward and kissed his forehead. Link nodded quickly and turned around, looking for those stupid fluffy things with the feathers.

He and Navi had left the Kokiiri Forest four days ago, the first day they reached Lon-Lon Ranch and spent the night, with the infuriating Talon trying him with more chores. Denying the privilege, he left early that morning, and the next two days were spent traveling back to Hyrule Market Place. The journey then spent westward, in a new direction, and at three o'clock the fourth day they reached the stairs up to Kakariko Village. The path led up several staircases and when the time was five o'clock they reached the top. How long did it take to reach the top? Link would guess about two hundred feet up to the village? The staircases seemed endless and forevermore. Would they ever end, he had pondered? Well, they finally did, the marble casing ended just as the sun was setting over the horizon.

This village was larger than the Kokiiri Village, but it was smaller than the Hyrule Market Place, hence the name market and village. The entrance was adorned with a top gate made of out some strange wood. When he asked the guard at the entrance, all the man could say was the time and the name of the village. Ignoring him, the group went on, deeper into the village. Not that many shops were around the place; well actually, there were no shops around. Just houses and some carpenters lived in the center of the village. Something new was placed near the back of the village, something twirling.

"W-what's that!"

"It's a windmill, Link." Navi answered, sitting upon his hat. "The things at the top are being moved by the wind. Basically, it controls the water supply."

"You've been here before?"

"Nope, but I know about windmills."

"Ah, okies." Just like that, Link dropped the subject. Navi and he were not on very good speaking terms, from the night before.

The entire trip, Link had been on the edge of the world, so to speak. The boy had been a little bit giddy and always giggling at the slightest things. Navi, fed up with curiosity, finally asked him what was so funny. "What's going on, Linky-chan, you've been acting weird the last few days."

"I just feel glad we are getting back on the road, finishing out journey."

".No, that's not it, you seem very gay today. Are you missing Saria?"

That hit the hammer on the nail, he giggled and nodded a little. "Yea, a little bit, but I am ready to complete this journey so we can be together, and you too!" He turned to her, cupping her back into his hands, and nuzzling his face into hers. "When this is over, will you still be my farie?"

"As long as I can, Linky-chan, I will be yours forever." Well, she meant a little bit more than he could have ever understood.

Link nodded and said that he would hers as long as she was his, but that wasn't what made the two so uncomfortable. What made the two a little angry with each other is what happened that night after they had began camping. You see, Saria not only gave him most of his stuff including the following: an extra tunic, nightclothes, soap and powders for bathing, some rubies of her own, a sleeping bag, tinder wood, and some bedrock. Those materials were used to start a fire, so that night they were bathed in the night from the Stalchildren. It was a known fact that they hated fires and stayed miles from them and that solved that little problem.

After the fire had dimmed, but not yet drawn out, for it would last the entire night to keep the monsters away, Link dug something out of his satchel, and hugged it. The satchel, along with the Kokiiri Blade, Deku Shield, and the side pack were all strung on a stump, a few feet away, so it was had easy access.

Navi scurried over from her spot, on his hat, and fluttered down towards his arms looking upward. What happened made her eyes widen and she looked up at Link. His face was groggy with lack of sleep, he hadn't had any at all and it was long walks during the day. Link wasn't yet asleep, his eyes drifting, but enclosed in his arms was a green-haired little doll. The doll had light, green hair with small beads for eyes, and had peachy skin. The entire body was made of Deku silk and it was wearing a big sweater, small shorts, and some green shoes. It was a Saria doll. "L-Link, what is this!" She sounded like a jealous wife.

Smacking his tired lips, he looked down at her. "Hmm? Saria and me made them. I made my own self and she made this one and we switched. You like it?" Saria's had more detail thank Link's, but they were both adorable. At this time, Saria was curled in her own covers with the doll of him in her arms.

She couldn't control it, she tried too, but she just couldn't. Her veil flashed off, she had taken it off occasionally for him, but this was no friendly look, this was a look of hatred. Her face was drawn up in a shouting movement, and she screamed out. "I knew it! I knew you loved her more! First it was sending me off, and now making dolls! Why don't you just go ahead and marry her, Link! Fine, go ahead and be her hero, but you'll need me someday and then you'll be sorry!" Tears streaking from her hued orbs, she took off into the night.

Link just stared up at her, trying to interrupt, but was drowned out with a scream every time he tried to intercept, so he ended up sitting there. Confused? No, that couldn't explain the feelings he felt a more appropriate word would be flabbergasted. What in the world is she talking about? No time to even speak up, he jumped up, in his pajamas and grabbed his sheath, where the sword rested inside. Not even his shoes were on when he took off into the dark night after the glow. She left small sparkles when she ran, so it was easy to find her. For twenty-some minutes he ran after the little farie until he saw a small sparkle lying on the ground over a bigger shadow. This night, the moon was new, so he couldn't see what it was until he got closer, but nevertheless he sensed danger and ran with the unsheathed sword.


How could she have been doing stupid! Why did she run right into its clutches? When she took off, away from it all, she wasn't thinking about anything. All she wanted to do was fall into the ground and rot in her own grave. A few minutes later she felt a little better and was over the whole suicide-trip. Now she was caught in the clutches in one of those Stalchildren, while its friend were surrounding them with no escape. This was bad, and she finally realized she loved Linky, but he was a child.

Of course, he is still a child, even though he will remain one. He is still a child, Kokiiri-wise, so he hasn't matured like the rest. Was there ever, in the history of the forest, a guardian who fell in love with her protectee? Well, she hadn't really always studied her history, hence the way she had never had a guardian. Well, whatever the case was, she loved Link and was about to die over some stupid friendship doll. Why wouldn't he love Saria, she is his best friend, his foster-mother, and an older woman. It was only natural, the way he felt. Love or crush, it was natural.

Crying out his name, she stared into the soul-less holes of the Stalchildren. The evil dinosaurs were going to eat her; those soldiers of the old world would finally have a taste of farie flesh. "Linky-chan! Help!"


That was all he needed, that cry and the scary little scuttle those Stalchildren made. Of course, they were the only monsters on Hyrule Field. The Peahats, which he had unfortunately run into a week ago, were active during the day unless they were harmed. Then they sent out their babies to take care of the mess. Brushing his blade back, he leapt in the crowd of shadows.

Strikes were blown, the boy took hits, but he won. The claws scraped his entire body, not too bad, since he dodged most of them of the attacks. That was great, and he threw his own share of the ending winces, knocking the Stalchildren down. How many were there? Ten, eleven, maybe a dozen of those tyrants were around, and all active for duty. It didn't matter, because he fell right infront of Navi and defended her. She had been brushed with the claws, a little cut up, but she would live. They both would, and when the ferocious battle was over, he stood with the blade in his hands and a little blood falling from his chest.

Falling down to his knees, he turned around and looked down at her, breathing heavily. "Are you alright, Navi-chan?"

She burst into tears and buried her head into his chest, punching him and clawing at his face. She wasn't attacking him; the guardian was scolding him in her own language, cursing. Link wouldn't know what she said, so he lied down on his back and passed out. That night she carried the boy back and nursed him with the Lon-Lon Milk.


Now they were in Kakariko, the two infuriated with each other. Link mad because she got mad over some doll and Navi at herself and him. She was mad at him because he came after her, and also angry with herself for leaving. The place also had a huge, three hundred-foot tower, that stood in the center of the town, right below a house on the ground. This entire place was unleveled; it seemed, with bumps and hills all over. Was it the mountains that did it? From outside he saw the whole Death Mountain and questioned it to Navi.

"W-we have to climb that!"

"Yea, Link, the race of the Gorons live on the center, though. You won't have to climb to the tip of the mountain, about half there."

Now he stood in the first half of the village, wide-eyed. The whole place was overrun with Cuccos.

"Navi, just like at the farm."

"Yeah, they don't raise Cucco's at the Market Place, but they raise them here. This village is small, compared to Hyrule."

"I noticed that, there are no shops."

Twenty-foot towering wooden gates were closed off and other places, such as people's doors he knocked on just told him to ".Get the hell out", and whatever that meant. Navi's face would turn up in disgust, and she would lure him away, so he figured one of those words was bad. The next area, near the windmill, was where he met the Cucco Lady named Anjou.

It was complete luck he ran into her at all, while he walking down from the windmill, seeing a weird man inside playing some sort of instrument lured him away from there, and he heard sneezing. Pulling himself down the large flight of stairs, he saw a small red-haired woman holding a Cucco and reacting to it dangerously. He never knew infection and sickness because in the forest everyone was always healthy, so he leapt forward and grabbed the Cucco throwing it aside. That was when she slapped him across the face.

Standing there, dumbfounded, he watched the lady grab the Cucco and stick it inside of the large pen that was to her left. The pen was connected to a large house, above on a hill, that towered over the village. This was one of the largest houses there was, and a guard stood on the other side of the mountain, guarding the door. Link had seen him when he passed through, but now they were near the back, so there was no way to see him or the front of the house. Meanwhile, Navi had stared at Link, shaking her head. She knew about disease, she should have told him.

"W-why did you do t-that?" Link whimpered out, watching the woman stare at him. She was a plain woman, but beautiful otherwise. Her clothes weren't like Princess Zelda-sama's, but instead, she wore a long blue skirt, that came with a tucked in shirt. Right now, her otherwise pretty face was red and infuriated with passion.

"Why did you slap my Cucco's, you naughty little boy!"

"Y-you were making funny noises.I thought it was hurting you."

"I was sneezing, where are you from, wait until I inform your parents. I am going to te--" She trailed off, staring at the small thing fluttering over his shoulder. "What's that?"

By this time, Link knew only the Kokiiri had faries, so he smiled and spoke proudly. "I am a Kokiiri, and this is guardian force, Navi."

"Kokiiri? You are a forest child? No.they can't leave the forest."

"Oh, I can, the Great Deku Tree-sama said so."

"Who is this Great Deku Tree?" Anjou looked bent down at her knees, and watched him inquiry. He sure didn't look like a liar, but how could he be a Kokiiri?

"The Great Deku Tree-sama is the guardian of the forest." Navi spoke up. She didn't want to give away that the Great Deku was dead, because if they found out he was dead, then someone might try to invade the forest for it's jewels. There were no jewels, of course, but did the robbers know that? This Anjou wasn't a thief, or so it seemed.

"H-huh!" Anjou stared forward the tiny veil. "I-it's real!"

"Of course, ma'am, why would I say she wasn't?"

"A she? How can you tell?"

"It's a veil, miss. My veil can be removed, but I prefer not to remove it." She went up on his hat and laid on it, her wings coming to a rest as she stopped moving, and her shine lowering down. There she stared at the two and stopped speaking.

"So, who are you, ma'am?" Link just noticed her leaning down and giggled a bit, sitting down in the fresh patched grass. That was another thing, the Kakariko Village was patted with grass. When he first entered the Hyrule Market Castle, some of the materials confused him, especially the stone- paved ground. This place was sort of a relief, from the man-made materials of the castle. The grass felt good upon his legs, and so sitting Indian- style, he peered up into her eyes. They were a bit lighter than his were.

"Anjou, and who are you, little boy?"

"I'm Link, Anjou-san." Pulling his gaze from her eyes, his cheeks softened with a red crimson.

"Link, Eh? That's a cute name. What are you doing out here, Link-kun?"

"Shall I tell her, Navi? She seems nice enough."

"Well, we need something in return." Navi, being quite the contradictor, did not expect to be given anything easy, so this Anjou woman wouldn't get anything in return.

"What do you want?" Anjou, who had been staring at Link, now focused her attention onto Navi. "Well?"

Navi didn't have an idea, so she shrugged her shoulders. It was Link who spoke up. "I.don't see an inn, and we don't have anywhere to sleep. Could we sleep with you tonight? In return for information."

Anjou chuckled and stared back at the boy, a hand went to his cheeks and caressed them. "Sure, but on one condition. I need you to gather up my Cucco's. I am allergic to those Cuccos, but I love them to death, and someone destroyed the pen last night. I repaired it, but my Cuccos are all over town, except this little fellow." She pointed to the Cucco from before, who was inside the pen, asleep.

"But, Anjou-san."

"Oh, please, Link-kun. Please and I'll let you stay here, plus I'll give you a treat."

"Yes ma'am." He replied to the red-haired women, while staring down at the ground, flushed.

The woman giggled and parted the hair out of his face, brushing digits away from his forehead. "Go and get the Cucco's and I'll give you a special treat." Kneeling down, she cupped his cheeks, tilting his head forward and kissed his forehead. Link nodded quickly and turned around, looking for those stupid fluffy things with the feathers.

"How many are there?" Navi asked.

"All together five of them, but now three, since we already have two. One was already here asleep, and the other one is the one you threw, now get." She pulled him off and sent him off, patting his behind as sort of a push- off. Link was still looking down when he was twenty yards from her, hiding those cheeks full of passion. Navi scowled at the woman named Anjou, right before they left, and when they were some ways away, she spoke. "She was a little too friendly."

"Hmm? What do you mean?"

"I think she thought you were cute."

"I'm not cute, Navi. Now where are those Cuccos." He could hear the clucking now, but the Cuccos were nowhere to be found. Link had dropped the subject, however she hadn't.

"Yes you are cute, Link. You aren't a handsome young man, like the Hylian women like, but you are a cute little boy, in their eyes. They just want to eat you up."

"Like Gohma?" He reached for his sword.

She burst into a stream of giggles, and kissed his cheek. "No, Linky-chan. Not like Gohma. They love how you look and just want to hug you all over."

"Oh, well, I guess they can."

"No, they can't."

"Why not, Navi? I don't mind."

"I do, you are a hero. I don't want you to become those stupid heroes in the storybooks who get all the glory from every woman in the land. You are going to get praise, but these women want to do bad stuff."

"Like kill me?" Link was now at the beginning of town and peered at a small Cucco. Leaping forward, he caught the Cucco in his hands, and turned around, heading back to Anjou. When he dropped it off, there he noticed she was gone. Probably gone to her house to make preparations for us. Link concluded and went back to looking around.

"No, not kill you, other bad stuff."

"Like what?"

"Like what Gohma was going to do."

"You said they wouldn't eat me, Navi." Now, he past the beginning of the village, which signified the near center, by a huge palm tree bearing the mark. Under that tree, someone was laughing in a manner to himself, he couldn't see whom he was laughing at, but the man seemed good enough as anyone for information. He looked at the old man, grayed hair and balding, then spoke to him. "Mister?"

"What do you want, kid."

"I'm looking for some Cuccos, mister, and I need to know have you seen any?"

"My daughter has Cuccos, why do you need some."

"A lady name Anjou is asking we find them, she's allergic to them." Navi stayed quiet, she didn't like to direct her attention to people she didn't like, and she did not approve of this man.

"Anjou? That's my daughter, what do you want with her!"

"H-huh? We just need to find some Cucco's, she said she would give me a room and give me a surprise." "Oh.only that," He knew the surprise and nodded in approval. "Some of the Cucco's like to hide in the boxes around town, so try those, young lad." He said one other thing; something about his daughter needs to ask before permission, and walked off into the deeper section of the village.

"Under some boxes? What did he mean, Navi?"

Navi heard some clucking and pointed to the northeastern section. There, next to the stairs that led to a place he hadn't been, was a small box that was shuffling. Clucking was heard from inside of the house, and Link walked to the box, smashing it open. Inside was a small Cucco trying to get out of the place, but before it could get away, he had it. This time, however he didn't let the chicken go, he headed back to a small section where a large section looked like it was being built. Construction equipment was strewed all over, but the screw didn't seem active at the time. Probably on a break. Walking up to the area, he looked across the area and saw there was another Cucco across the stretch. This one was barred up by one of those large gates, but if he could get across he could get it. Then he had an idea.

"The Cucco!"

"Which one?"

"Let's glide over and get it." Before she could comply, he leapt across the crevice, holding the Cucco high in the air. This Cucco flapped its wings, so he and it didn't fall at all, they just floated across the twenty feet crevice and landed next to the clucking machine. Picking both of them up, he floated back and raced his way down until he reached the pen, throwing the two animals back in. There he saw on the fence, and waited until Anjou came back from her chores or whatever she was doing.

Anjou returned at about three hours later, at eight o'clock. She found all the Cuccos and cheered him on, that is when she pulled a small glass bottle out from behind her back and presented it to him. It was just like the one from the Lon-Lon Ranch, but a tad bigger. "Here you go, Link- kun, a reward for your services. Now are you ready to come home with me."

"Urm, Anjou-san, I'd like to explore. What's back there?" Pointing from behind them to a bath that led into the darkness.

"It's the graveyard, Link-kun. All right, my house is right near the center of the village, from the tree you go north and it's the first house you see on the front. I will leave the light on for you, so hurry back." Bending down, she kissed his forehead and walked off into the village. He couldn't see if she headed for the house, but he had a small hunch that's where she headed. When she was out of the distance, he turned towards Navi. "Graveyard?"

"It's a place they bury the dead, Linky-chan. When a person dies, they bury him in the ground so he isn't exposed to the world."

He didn't quite understand, but he turned around, stuffing the bottle into his side pack and headed down into the darkness. The next few minutes of walking, it seemed the world go darker, and fear began to shiver down his spine. Link kept Navi close, using her almost like a flashlight, and she kept herself closer to him.

"Let's go, Link."

"No, Navi, I want to go and view this 'graveyard.'" You see they never had graveyards in the Kokiiri Forest, because the Kokiiri never died. Each Kokiiri was born every three hundred years, and Link was the newest of the pack, but they never died. These forest children remained just as they were. They remained children for all eternity, the only way they died is if a monster was there, and the monsters had disappeared centuries ago.


"Navi, please, let's just wonder around then we can go back and see Anjou."

"I'd rather be in a graveyard than with Anjou." Navi muttered lowly.

"Why don't you like her, Navi?"

"Because, I don't trust her, she likes you."

Burying his hands at his sides, Link continued down the path in silence. For another ten minutes, he walked on, until a large sign, just like the Kakariko, streamed over the top of a new place. Across the top read the words "Kakariko Graveyard." In the front of the new structure, which was paved with stepping stones, was a large stone? This stone had all sorts of text on it he couldn't read, and was old as dirt. Wiping the dust away, he knelt and read it out loud.

R.I.P. Here lie the souls of those who swore fealty to the Royal Family of Hyrule.

The Shiekah, guardians of the Royal Family and founds of the Kakariko, Watch over these spirits in their eternal slumber.

"Shiekah? Isn't that what Impa said she was?" Navi fluttered over to the text and read it silently, before asking.

"Yea, she did. Wow, so she must have founded this town, or something. At least helped, huh? Navi-chan, what does R.I.P. mean?"

"Rest in Peace, it means happiness for the undead. Anyway, you're probably right about her, Linky-chan, all right let's go on. I'm interested now."

Nodding in approval, Link moved forward and above the large tombstone were smaller ones. He read most of them; some had flowers, some none, and most had wilted flowers. Most of the graves were Hylians, but the older ones were those of the Shiekah. This whole area was full of hundreds of graves, so the place had such a spooky entitlement. He was just about to leave when he looked up and stared into the face of ugly old man. His age was undetermined, but he reminded Link of the character from the Hunchback of Notre' Dame. Letting out a scream of fright, he took off running, but a sweaty hand clasped over his shoulder.

"Hold your horses, young person, I may look ugly, but I am as friendly as can be. Could I interest you in Danpte's Heart-pounding tour? I host it and it only cost ten rubies. I dig up in this graveyard, there are many treasures, and whatever I find is yours. What do you say?"

After recovering from his heart attack, the boy nodded in compliment. Navi went inside of his hat, keeping her glow down. The other man was all right, but this man was.she didn't trust him as far as she could throw him. Link pulled out his wallet and put down ten rubies in Danpte's hand.

Danpte was dressed in brown rags, his entire body pale and deformed, from behind his back he took a shovel and pointed down. "You pick a spot and I'll dig." Link walked infront of the Shiekah grave and placed his foot upon the center. "Right here, I like this spot."

Danpte dug for a few minutes, until he found a small fourth of a heart concealed inside of a container. "I don't know what it's worth, but it's yours." He bent down, grabbing the thing and pressing it inside of his hands, that was when Danpte threw the digging tool aside and headed back to his little shack. The shack was only about four feet wide, and six feet high, hidden by the giant fence from before, so Link hadn't noticed it.

Link didn't even notice the man leave; he saw another piece of heart! Squealing with delight, he placed it inside his pocket and searched around the rest of the place with shovels. Link didn't dig up any graves, but he found enough money for his wallet to stock it full of ninety-nine rubies. When he was done, he propped the shovel up against one of the graves, leaning on it. "Hey Navi what should we--whoa!" He screamed as the grave he was leaning on, slid open and he fell through. The grave was deep and deadly, he should have died, but when he landed at the end, he stared around, unharmed. His scars from before didn't ache, neither did any of the other ones, it was like he dropped three feet. Turning around, he saw a small platform with light leading up and looked up at it.

"Navi! Come down, it's clear, it wasn't a grave! It is a hidden passage!" Navi came racing down and stared across the room. Wow, this place was actually nice. The place wet all around, looking like it hadn't been inhabited for about a thousand years, but nevertheless, it was nice. Entirely, the room was made of stone, and not an inch of dirt fell inside. Cobwebs were all around the walls, but most were washed by the leaky interior. Stepping forward, he saw all the room had been stairs leading up to a small chest. A chest? A small one, but a chest!

"Ooh! Navi!" He ran forward, not even bothering to unsheathe his sword and raced up the fifty stairs, to the box that led to the top. It was smaller than the ones he got his Farie Slingshot out of, the map, but this one may have still had some nice stuff in it. Kicking the edge open, he leaned forward and store inside was a large shield.

Inside of the chest, was a Hyrulian Shield, with a long buckled strap along with it? Now, she nodded her head, and actually began to work on fastening it around his body. When she was done Link didn't know how, but the Hyrulian Shield was upon his form, and a strap came across his left shoulder, moving across his right armpit. The strap went fully around his back and held tight in place. How it was presented was that the strap wrapped around the center of the sheath, holding it in place. The Hyrulian shield was hanging off, around his back, stopping directly at where his neck began. Even his cap seemed to fall inside the shield. The Deku shield was, however, clasped in his right hand.

"You'll have to carry it from now on, either that or stick it in your satchel. On the other hand, you could stick it in your side pack, but don't do it, because it will be in your way. Stick it inside of the satchel, and keep it on your hands unless you are using them to move something." On the shield were handles to which it could he held, and also clips where the shield could be held down. This was only on the Hyrulian Shield; the Deku shield had only two handles to hold it with.

This shield resembled nothing of his Deku Shield. This shield, when propped up, reached almost to his waist. A silver rim surrounded the triangular shaped defender, but at the same time, it wasn't a triangle. At the top it was pointed, and the top left and right, but at the center and bottoms it curved inward. This rim of the shield didn't curve in straight, it moved in and out, in different directions. The shield wasn't all silver, though, because after the rim, the background was painted blue with small silver squiggles at the top of the, not connected to the rim. Right below the squiggles was a large golden Triforce. Under the Triforce was a large eagle, with its wings spread from the rims, this was in the center. Now at the end of the shield, below the eagle, was a single golden triangle. This one was turned upside down, the bottom facing up. Link held the shield up and turned it around, on the inside it was golden with some buckles. Some were to hold the shield to one's back and others were to hold for defense. Link held it out proudly.

"Should I keep these both?"

"Yes.I think you should. Death Mountain is an active volcano or it maybe. I don't really know. How much does it weigh?"

"I would say about seventy pounds, but somehow I can hold it."

"But can you fight with it? Why don't you just keep it on your back, and use your Deku Shield until it wears out? I know you can't hold the shield up and fight, so kneel when you want to dodge with that, all right? Let's try some flips, see if you can handle the weight."

Pushing the shield on his back, under the Deku Shield and right below the sheath, so he had easy access to it, Link pulled the sword out and began to practice. It took a few minutes of running around, but he eventually got the hold of it and was able to perform some flips with it. The only problem was the Deku Shield was not in easy access. "How do I get my shield for easy access?"

"Well, put it in front of the Hylian Shield, or you can just get rid of it. No, that's stupid, I have a solution." She grabbed the Deku Shield and began to circle him all over, making a few adjustments. A few minutes later, he had the shield right infront of his Hylian Shield, it was pinned up, so it had an access he could reach. "There we are."

"Great!" You ready to go home? I think that's all for the graveyard."

"Yea, let's go."

That was the first plan, but when Link stepped into the light, he was transported not out of the grave he got out of, but out at the top of the graveyard. This way he was infront of a new grave, this one much larger than the Shiekah, with two other smaller graves to the side. On the ground, imprinted In the grass was a large Triforce symbol, and this symbol was shaped with the grass. Standing on the Triforce, he read the large text printed in the old language. Some of it he couldn't understand, but he got the familiar feel.

Here lie the souls, who fought in the War of Wars, We honour thee who gave their lives for the country of Hyrule. Let eternal piece be blessed to those Shiekahs, Hyrulians, Zoras, and Gorons.

Next to the tombstone were a set of graves, he read the right one, ignoring the left one because it said the exact same thing. Most of it was old and unreadable, but he managed to get most of it through his mind.

To the Royal Composer Brothers, who gave their lives for the Royal Family of Hyrule? We honour their brave ness and wish them happiness for wherever they maybe; Peace and happiness shall prosper through Hyrule for their sacrifices.

"Who are they, Navi?"

"I don't know, I've never heard of them. Hey, remember what Impa said about the Triforce?"

Impa stood over the two of them, her hands upon her broadened, muscular hips. She smiled affectionately and patted Link's head. "Young lad, the next Spiritual Stone is the Spiritual Stone of Fire. It is up in with the Goron's of Death Mountain."

"Gorons? What are those?" Link stared up in the distance, staring at Death Mountain, from the castle balcony. "Those are the rock-eaters of Hyrule, Link-kun. You might need to gain their approval, but they are a friendly race, indeed. First you must pass through my hometown, Kakariko. From there you must climb the torturous Death Mountain. It will be hard, but I have faith in you."

At this time, Zelda raced up to the trio and puffed out from her breath, the three had been heading outside, after Link viewed the mountain, when Zelda showed up. "W-wait, Link-kun!"

Turning around, Link stared at her. "What is it, Zelda-sama." She had something folded in her hands, and placed it on his, clasping them together.

"This is my signature and a letter. You see, there's a guard who will not let you in without my permission, so give this to him."

"Good idea, Zelda-chan." Impa spoke up, and smiled patting her hair. She had it taken off, bearing the most beautiful golden hair that Link had ever seen. The two were just alike, an almost sibling way, in a sense from their looks, but it wasn't so. Link was a Kokiiri and she was a Hylian. Navi grabbed the letter and stuck it down in his side pack, turning to Zelda and nodding her head. "Thank you, Zelda-sama."

She giggled and petted the farie. The little girl had rather enjoyed Navi's company these past few days, because faries were things of the past, but here was one now! "Your welcome, Navi-san. Okies, I must be going before my father comes looking for me. Now remember, Link, come back to me when you have both the Spiritual Stones. I don't want you to waste a trip unless you can't find the Water." There, she trotted back up the stairs, turning around once with a wink, then she was gone.

Impa lead them out of the castle, eluding the guards, and taking a carriage towards the Hyrule Town Market. When they were out of the castle area, she walked them out of the whole market, finally resting when they were outside the castle gates. "Link-kun, take a look."

He stared up, in the distance and caught just the peak of Death Mountain. "Link-kun, I want you to remember something. Whenever you see a Triforce embedded upon something, such as a symbol, play the Royal Family song, because those notes hold such special power. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Impa-san."

Leaning down, he pulled him up into his arms, hugging him roughly, then she laid out her palm and rested him on it. "You are quite a fine lad, Link- kun, take care of yourself and your partner."

"Will do." He felt a little uncomfortable on her hand, but he sat there and listened.

She didn't talk anymore, though; she clasped him in her arms, once more and kissed his lips. She kissed him long and hard, breaking it after a few seconds and sitting him down.

Link sat there, staring at her, dazed. His cheeks were crimson, his eyes misted with a little bit of excitement. She was a pretty woman, indeed, so that is why her kiss made his eyes illuminate with pleasure. He was about to speak, when she backed away a few feet, and threw something out. The land seemed to explode, when light filled his eyes. Putting his hands over his eyes, he looked up as the smoke cleared and she was gone.

"Navi, where did she?" But Navi was inside his hat, a little streamed off.


"I remember the kiss." He giggled and pulled out his Farie Ocarina, but before he could blow a tune Navi smacked him on the side of the head. Rubbing it, he grinned and played the Royal Family Tune. As soon as the tune ended, the sky seemed to darken. The entire place was getting darker and darker, so Link backed up a few feet with light began to glow around the tomb. A few seconds later, he was thrown across one of the many gates, which surrounded the graveyard. He was thrown back when the lightning, from the sky, struck the tombstone and sent pieces flying everywhere. If he had been near it, the rocks would have crushed him, and now lying on his back, the boy thanked the Goddesses.

"L-Link are you okay!" Navi was by his side, checking him for any new scratches, but besides the scratches from the fall, he was all right. Breathing a sigh of relief, she flew near the hole and called out. "Another hole, another secret passage!"

"Really!" Jumping up, he jumped the gate, and rushed near the hole. Where the huge, two-ton tomb stood, was a hole about five feet around that lead into darkness. "Should I jump?"

"Yea, just land on your hard shield. Link, that is a knight shield, I saw some of the knights wearing them. That shield can withstand anything."

Without hesitation, he pulled the Deku shield off and jumped in the hole, bottom first. He should have landed on his behind, but again, he landed on his feet with a quick snap. There behind him, was another one of those transporters. "This must be the old magic of the world?"

"Yea, like in the legends. Let me go check." She went forward into the darkness, and a few minutes she returned with her veil turning a complete white. Taking the veil off, she sat her small body on his shoulder, covering herself up. "Link, I think you'd better take your sword and shield out."


"T-there are bones in there, they look old, but there has to be something in there. I didn't see anything out their, but two unlit torches, and a room door that was barred. Let's go back."

"Navi, if it's barred, then we need to go see what's out there!" He started forward, Navi pulled at his shoulder a few times, but she pushed her fingers aside and continued forward. The area was just like the last, made of stone and having carving all around the walls and floors. The only difference was on the left and right sides of the place were, in fact, bones. He couldn't tell if they were human or animal, because he saw no skulls, but they scared him half to death. He did, this time, pulled out his sword, and since his shield was already out.he placed them readily in his hands.

Navi went ahead and rechecked the area, didn't see anything and flew back, with her veil on. It was just too damp in here for her, but what about him. "Link, if you stay in your skirt-tunic any longer, your going to catch a cold."

"Can't help it, Navi. I've always dressed like this."

"And been in a subtropical environment."

"Well, maybe I'll try to find something to put under it one day, but for now I love this Kokiirish clothes, they give me a certain feel. I like for people to know I'm from the forest." They had been walking and talking at the same time, so now they were near the center of the tomb. Yes, tomb was the only word to describe this place. The other one was maybe a crypt, but this was a tomb. They both moved to the center, and he could see that they were about twenty-five yards to the entrance. "How do we open it?"

"I wouldn't even begin to guess, unless we were to make some fire?"

"It's too damp down here, Navi." He walked the entire distance forward, and was about the climb the stairs when Navi, who had stayed in the middle, yelled out. "Link! Duck!"

Link hit the ground and as he did, three giant thumps slammed into his Hylian Shield. Jumping up, his Deku Shield raised up, he saw three bats flying towards him. He'd read about them before, they usually stayed in the caves and wet places like this.


"No, worse than that, they are Keese! Luckily they aren't ignited." She whispered that part, but he caught it. Ignited? What is she talking about? Before he could comply, he saw two of them head for him. Flipping backwards, he slammed his blade through the neck of the other one and smashed the shield into the second one. They may have been stealthy, when hiding, but they were quite weak. Over the next two minutes, he stood forward, taking out his sling and putting his sword and shield back. Navi was at his side, and soon turned towards a shadow and shone yellow. "Another one!"

Pulling a Deku Seed back, he slipped it into the notch and fired into the sleeping Keese. The thing screeched, a dying scream, before it plummeted to its death. The seed was just that strong inside the sling, that it had pushed into the thing's throat and ripped it out.

"Was that one asleep?"

"Yea, Link."

"But I heard--Navi!" He leapt into the air, reaching for the sword, but pulled out a Deku Stick. No time to threat, he slammed the butt of the stick on the skull of the last Keese. It seems the thing had gone after Navi, that was, until Link bashed the brains out. The Deku Stick broke, it wasn't made for combat, but it sure did the job for him. Pushing the shattered remains of the branch away, he gathered Navi in his hands and checked her over.

Navi let herself being checked, taking the veil off, and giggled whenever she was kissed. She usually did that, takes the veil off whenever it got too hot slept at night, alone with Link, or was kissed. When he kissed the veil, it tasted weird, and felt no affection at all. It was different with her, though, he felt much emotion. Right when he was about to speak a small snap cleared the air and the bars of the door raised up. Turning around, her raised in his palms, he saw it and squealed with joy. "It was a puzzle."

"What do you mean?"

"It was a puzzle, Navi-chan. You see? Whenever the enemies died, there is was a triggering switch, or something, that activated the door."

"Wow, Link, that is very perspective." Now hanging upon his neck, her arms around his face, and pressing her face to his left cheek. Link pulled his sword and shield back out, keeping them handy as he climbed the stairs up to new room. The bars were gone, but the door was still solid and couldn't be lifted. Kicking the door, it creaked and slid open at a stop. Another reason to look forward, this room was filled with complete darkness.


"What's that smell?" Something was very disgusting about this next room. The next path was a bit stonier than the last, but it had the same feel too it. The only difference between the two was that this new room had sections of it cut off and in those crests were some green liquid bubbling about.

"It must be that, Link-chan." Rising out of most of the pools, formed in pillar-structures, was gaseous forms. She pointed to the gaseous layers. The form entered Link's nostrils, and he broke out in a gag. Navi went right to his face and stuck his nose in the barrier, by sitting on his nose. Instantly, he was feeling with relief of the pressure.

"Thanks, Navi." The room wasn't very big, a littler bigger than the rest by twenty-five yards. Small little lumps were piled around the rooms, they didn't look very dangerous, and so he sheathed up his sword, and kept the shield incase any more Keese showed up.

About half way away from the first lump, his body froze. Link didn't know what to do, he couldn't move his arms, nor could he perform even a blink. Whimpering, his tongue the only thing that could move, cried out in a screaming voice. "Navi, I'm paralyzed!" That's when he saw it, the lump curled up and looked at him. This thing made Danpte look like a Raphael angel. This hideous creature revealed it hadn't eaten in weeks, or even months. It's skin was a dark gray and stretched across its body, like a tight suit. Its ribs, veins, and everything else slithered and wretched out of the body, giving Link a full view. Claws for hands, and its feet were already decaying, the monster was sexless, but from its structure, it looked male. But across its face was the worst, because across it's face was a brown mask, the mask made of a brown wood. Holes, where the eyes went, and a grinning mouth shone out from the beast. This monster was deadly, he didn't know what it was, but it was deadly.

"Navi, what is that!"

"Let me think.A Redead! Link that is a Redead! It's the body of a dead soldier infected with evil chi! Run, don't let it look you in the eyes." Navi flew up to the tyrant's eyes and flashed a full white. That made the thing cry out and cover its eyes, and since its eyes were off of Link, he could run.

Run? Run was an understatement. What the hero did was dash for his life. First, he ran to her grabbed her, and ran across the left side of the room, because there were no cuts into the green liquid, which he was convinced, was toxic. There he dodged three of the Redeads; they were well over seven feet tall and hard to reach him. One actually jumped on his back, with its arms and legs wrapped around him, but Navi blasted it with some of the newfound powers she had. At last the new path opened, this time the sword inside his hands, when he dashed in and slammed the door shut. Wow, the new room had a large runic wall. Upon the wall was a bunch of unread text, but a simple message and chords from a song he could read. This is what it read.

This poem is dedicated to The memory of the dearly departed; the Sun's Song. Members of the Royal Family of Hyrule, scripted by Royal Composer Brothers.

"Those guys from the grave!" Link took out that piece of paper, with three other songs on it, and wrote down the script of the song. It was a very bright, dancing tune, or so it seemed on paper. I mean, he couldn't tell that until he played the Ocarina, so out that small playing machine went to compose this song. Link stared up at the notes, stuffing the instrument inside of his pocket and blew the notes out, but the strongest thing was nothing happened.

"Navi, usually a tune happens. Or something happens."

"I don't know Li--" A crash fell and the door exploded with a moaning rush. Out came all the Redeads from the room before, he hadn't noticed this many, there were fifteen of them! Navi squealed and hid behind his back, praying in her own tune to the Goddesses. Nothing could save them, anything!

"I wonder.if we play these tunes, they are dead. This is the Sun's Song. Worth a try, I mean, I can't kill fifteen of those things at one time." Propping the Ocarina in his lips, he blew out the Sun's Song. Hrm, staring around, the moaning had stopped and all the Redeads looked at him with a paralyzing face on them. "Navi, they froze!"

Navi peered up and burst into laughter, she fluttered up to his face and pecked his cheek, grabbing his Ocarina and holding it into the air. "This magical thing saved us! Yes!" She placed it inside of his satchel and stared forward at them, the bandages were coming unloosened. They had been wrapped in bandages when the song they heard, but they were unraveling. "Linky-chan! Run, they are unfreezing--whoa!"

He was way ahead of her; he had noticed the wraps and packed his shield into his satchel while she was praising around. Then, yanking her forward with himself, he dashes passed the group of more than a dozen as they came to life. One actually caught him, but a quick hilt of his boot sent the monster back into a shallow grave of the earth. The old room was empty; all of them must have really been trying to open that door. Good, no more disturbances. Pushing forward, in an open sprint, he crossed the entire room in less than ten seconds and burst through the old Kesse door. Nothing there so the room with so many yards, from before, was now empty. So now he busted through that room and was up into the silver light within a matter of seconds.

This time, the light transported him back to one of the old graves. Impudent, he walked to the center of the room, which happened to be the room the shield room and played the Song of Suns. The room changed, and a clear hole blasted through the roof of the floor. Also, some sort of ladder slid down. Taking this chance, he climbed up the ladder that was dropped, and when he came out he was back in the graveyard. At his side was another piece of heart, wow that made three fourths of it. One more piece and we get stronger! He still had Navi in his pocket, so as he walked back to the graveyard, he opened his hands and spoke. "How long were we there?"

"Three hours at the...most? It's the evening, but how!" The sun was lowering when they had come out of the tunnel.

"Maybe the Sun's song is actually warping time? I played it twice, so the first time maybe it became morning, and now it warped back to night?"

"So you are telling us we wasted an entire day."

"Pretty much." He was halfway back to the Kakariko Village, he had been jogging and now it was just darkening. When the two reached the inside of the village, they saw a small light on in a tiny house out to the west. "Must be Anjou-san."

"Are you as tired as I am? Did that song drain a whole day out of us?" She yawned and slowly, but surely, patted down inside of his hat. Even if he spoke, she wouldn't be able to hear. She was in her own dreaming land.and she was queen there, but he was her king.

Walking across the village, he followed the light and knocked on the side of the door. Judging from the moonlight, it was only about seven o'clock, enough time to eat and get to bed. No answer at all. Nodding against the door, he began to pound on the door and call out her name.."Anjou-san.Anjou- san." Too late, gonna faint. Yes, he slumped against the ground and fell into a small curl.

When Anjou opened the door, she couldn't help but stare down at the boy with awe. He's so cute. Scooping the young child into her arms, she walked inside of her small house and put him right to bed. The whole house wasn't much of a house, it was about the same place as Link's, except a little larger for her. The kitchen positioned to the right of the room, the bathroom situated with a shower in the left corner. In the center was a small seating area where when she had guest over, which was never, she would have seated them there. Finally, where he was now, was her bedroom. A large bed was there, enough to suit two, with a small chest full of clothes. Anjou sat him down, covering him up.

He's so dirty. She pulled off his cap, and saw the small twinkle was here. Pulling the farie up, she moved her to the small couch and covered her up with a blanket--actually it was a towel and a small couch pillow, but you get the idea. When Navi was down, he walked over to Link and removed his armour. Wow, a Hylian Shield, how could he carry that! She had to throw the thing across the room, using every ounce of strength to move it. The thing must have weighed a hundred pounds! Next came out the lighter, twenty-pound bag across his back, and the heavier one across his waist. There she unhooked the sheath, sword, and pulled all that sweaty armour off.

There, now let's clean him up. When she actually touched the boy, was when she noticed his soft he was. There wasn't an ounce of muscle on his skin; it was smooth as a baby. She guessed he was about nine or ten, but was he really from the Kokiiri Forest?

That sparkle isn't a candle, Anjou. Her father spoke in her mind. Anjou got her sense of determination and sense of knowing if something was real, until she had evidence. She did not believe these people who drilled holes in their heads to let the 'evil spirits' out. That was nonsense!

The woman, she was about twenty-five, didn't bother to go through his satchel, but instead pulled out some of her clothes as a teenager. This shirt would fit the boy not perfectly, but came down to his knees. At least he couldn't slip upon them; she was a lot shorter then she was now. Looking at his full body, she just had to ponder. Why is he wearing a skirt? Link-kun isn't a girl, at least she thought so, but tonight she would be sure. She did have to bathe him, after all. Looking up the skirt, too see if her wore anything under, she saw a small pair of shorts and nodded to herself. Quite embarrassing if he tripped over a rock or something in the middle of town. Ha! Now, the woman couldn't help blush and hid her face deep into the covers, right by his head.

"You are quite queer, young boy. What are you exactly? You look just like a Hylian child, but carrying that shield, I am sure you aren't.hmm." Walking to the left side of the room, opening a small door, and leaving it ajar she began to draw his bath water.


It actually took longer to draw the bath than she thought she had to go fetch some water from the newly refilled well. Yes, the Kakariko had been in the drought season for a few months, but now Hyrule Castle was sending water, and milk, for that matter, to the Kakarikoians. Weren't they so glad they had opened up their lands to us Hyrulians? Pulling off his hard boots then the socks. Anjou removed the tunic top first, running her fingers across his chest and resting her head against his chest, listening to his heartbeat. He looked like an adventurer, but what she saw made her gasp. A huge scar was placed upon his chest! It was healed, but she scar was there. He must be an adventurer.

Then she took came the tunic skirt, they were actually buckled from before, but she undid that in a matter of seconds. He didn't smell too bad. It was obvious he hadn't had a bath since he had come to Kakariko, so he just needed a good scrubbing. Pulling him, still in the small undergarment- shorts, Anjou headed to the fresh warm water and slipped him in. She did, of course, strip his shorts off and slide him in the water. When he was in, comfortably, she gathered up his clothes and stuck them near the wash. She'd fix the tear on his hem later, but now she needed to wash him.

Maneuvering back to the room, with a towel and a washcloth, she shut the door and knelt beside the unconscious boy. Should she have awakened him? No, he is a maturing young boy, not that mature, but be rest assured he would have blushed and looked away from her the whole time he was here. The final decision was this: not to wake him up. For the next the twenty minutes, the young woman bathed him all over, first the started with his face and the upper neck region, then she moved down to his chest and arms now. That was when she moved down past his waist and to his feet and legs, scrubbing them hardly, and then going to his back and flipping him over washing his back, behind, and thighs. Anjou slipped him back on his rump and slipped a hand down there, scrubbing under the water.

During the twenty minutes, Link moaned when he was flipped, and then called out various names. The most repetitive one was some one named 'Saria' and his farie 'Navi'. She knew who Navi was, of course, she had heard Link talking to him the day before. A few minutes into the bath, his eyes opened and he stared her deep into the eyes. A very embarrassing situation, except he had smiled and slipped deep into his slumber. He's probably a heavy sleeper. After he washed everywhere, she went down and washed down there. That was when he woke up and stared at her.


Oh, his dreams were so sweet. In them he was dreaming of Saria, they were kissing again. Hee, but the dream flashed forward and he was inside of a large bowl of water. Looking up, he stared into the glaring eyes of a Gohma with a spoon in her hands. Something was creeping up his shoulder and washing him all over. Not being able to see what it was, he stared at Gohma as her tongue came out and ran upon his skin. Piles of goose flesh appeared all over his body. When he was able to stare up, he stared into the eyes of a man. No! His worst dreams had come true. Above him, It was the man from the room. It was Ganondorf! He had a giant spoon in his hands and was chuckling evilly. Springing out of sleep, he stared down at Anjou washing his body.


Anjou stared down at the ground, and was still washing at his area when a voice spoke up. "A-Anjou-san!" Link was staring down at her, widened eyes, and his face was turning a deep crimson. "Anjou-san, what are you doing?" He nearly squealed with a whimper and peered at her sharply.

"L-Link-kun, I was just washing you. I thought you would be out for at least a day or so, so I decided to wash you. You do smell--" A pounding came at the door and suddenly a loud voice boomed in. The voice wasn't a man's, it was a pissed off little farie. "OPEN THIS DOOR, ANJU-SAN!" Before Anjou could comply, the door turned and Navi burs in the room, looking at Anju with her rag still down there and Link looking scared.

"What did you do to Linky-chan!" Nearly soaring towards Link, she sat up his newly washed hair, and stood up staring up at Anjou. "What did you do! Were you touching him!"

Anjou's eyes widened when she heard what Navi said. "Navi-san! You know me better than." Cut off, by herself, she realized that Navi didn't know her, and she didn't know Navi. Staring down, pulling her hands out and shuttling them, she spoke. "Link-kun, I didn't do anything, I was.bathing you, you were smelly, so I wanted to give you a bath."

Navi stared at her, eyes glaring with hatred and flew down to Link's face. "Linky-chan, do you feel different, did she rub you or touch you in any way?"

Link rolled his eyes. "Of course she did, Navi, she was bathing me. You have to touch to bathe. Hee! Don't worry, Anjou-san, I believe you. I don't know what Navi is speaking of, but you didn't do it." He slowly grabbed the towel and slid out of the water, walking into the living room to dry him off.

Anjou looked up at Navi, who had stayed behind and frowned. "I didn't do anything, Navi-san, believe me. I was going to give you a bath too. He was just so cute looking, and when I took a scent of him, I had to bathe him."

".I know, I just got mad. He is cute, isn't he?" Navi flushed under the veil, showing a deep crimson through the center, and fluttered right infront of Link.

"Yes, he is adorable. His flesh is so soft, but come on, I have some clothes for him."

"Okay, Anjou-san, I am sorry."

"It's alright, Navi-san." With that the argument was forgotten and the two headed into the main room to dress Link.


"No." Link looked at Anjou and Navi and shook his head. "I can dress myself."

"Come on, Link-chan. Let me dress you, please? You can slip the shorts on, I just like the way you skin feels." Anjou pounced at him, gathering him inside of her arms and began to tickle him profusely.

Link, in turn, burst in a stream of giggles and pawed away from Anjou. While they were gone, he had slipped on his boxers and was looking for his tunic, when they came in. The place was very small, reminding him of his own room, but why did they want to dress him up? What was this?

"Linky-chan. Come on, we just want to pretty you up."

"Pretty me up? Navi-chan what are you talking about?"

Anjou intercepted the conversation. "We want to see what you will look like with a dress and such on. You are such a pretty-looking boy, we want to dress you up like a little girl." There was no real expensive or beautiful looking makeup back then, and since Anjou didn't wear it, there was no need to use it. Or no desire to do it at all. Link frowned towards Navi and finally agreed.

That night, he was prettied up and dressed like a little girl. The embarrassed Link took it all with full force, and at about ten-thirty that night, he went to sleep in a dress.


The following morning, Link and Navi set off for Death Mountain. The two ate breakfast with Anjou, and Link was dressed up in a tunic that was sown up. Looking up towards the woman, he gave Anjou a huge hug and ran off towards Death Mountain. There Anjou stared at the strange boy as he headed up the miles to the mountain top. He might have some trouble with the guards, but if he did, then Anjou would make sure that the boy was put up to that place.

Moving north of the town, they climbed a little section of the mountain and by eight-thirty reached a huge gate that enclosed the entire region of Death Mountain. The gate was long, steel and fifteen feet tall, covering against walls so no one could get out, and not a being could anyone enter. Link was walking to the gate, examining it from right to left, when a voice sprang out of no where. "Halt! Who goes there!"

A tall man, well large compared to Link, was sitting along the right-hand side of the mountain with his arms folded around his chest. The man was dressed just like the guards at the palace: ugly small clothes, no real leg armour, and a helmet that hid his face to the world. A large spear was withheld inside of his hand, which he had pointed at the young boy. "Where do you think you're going, you little ass, I think you had best step back from me, before I decide to get angry!" This man was not one to tempt with.

Navi just stared at the encounter, and surrounded the man's face, yelling out to him. "Hey! Leave him alone, this boy is on orders from Princess Zelda-sama!"

"Zelda-sama! What the hell is this thing talking about." Trying to swat at her, but profusely missing. "Give me some proof, you little punk."

"She must have been speaking of him Navi--"

"Shut up and show proof!" The guard sputtered out, the spear pointed right at Link's chest.

Nodding, Link pulled out the large letter and handed it to the guard. What it read was this: This young boy's name is Link, and he is on his way to save Hyrule. Please let him pass onto Death Mountain. It was signed Zelda-sama, and a small insignia of the Triforce was right below her name.

"This is definitely Princess Zelda-sama's handwriting, but what is out princess up too!" He burst into guffaws of laughter. This laughter went on for about five minutes, which Link stared at the man rudely, but when it was don

the guard handed the letter back and clapped his hands. "Alright, Alright, Mr. Hero! I'll let you pass, but it's a good thing you have one of those Hylian Shields. Death Mountain is an active Volcano, you know. Usually you need the King's permission, but I guess our little Zelda-sama's is just as preferred. I'd kill you if this was forged, you know."

"Yes sir." That was when he looked up at the gate, growling and slammed his spear into the ground. A clinking sound surrounded the atmosphere and the gates slid back into from hence they came: the mountain. Link stared at it, gape-eyed with amazement, as the guard broke out into laughter.

"Alright, Mr. Hero. I hope you have a fun time on Death Mountain." Breaking into another barrel of laughs, he had the nerve to ask if Link would get him a mask for his 'son.' Link was considering it when Navi shook her head, pointing at the veil and twirling her finger. Giggling, he walked away, but the man was still laughing when Link walked away with his hands stuffed in his pockets, boiling with anger.


Death Mountain was a lot larger than that it looked. For the next three days, the couple spent the entire days climbing the mountains, but by the second day, they decided it was best to climb at night. There were no Stalchildren on Death Mountain, he heard the rutting of Skulltula in the walls, but never saw them. There was a new type of enemy on the mountain and, they were called Tektites. These monsters, which looked more like spiders than the Gohma spawn, only had four legs and a small torso. These monsters were red, with large eye in the middle, but the funny thing was they were easy. Link could dispatch three of them with the basic spin of his sword and block of the Deku Shield.

Traveling at night was more preferred, because of the hot sun on Death Mountain, was it called Death Mountain called that for the sun and the mountain was active? Probably so, it seemed, because after the first day he almost died of dehydration. This mountain was dangerous place. So, he would sleep in his shade, under the Hylian Shield, and travel at night. Instead of stopping in the morning, he traveled until it was well into the noon.

No time during his trip was there a 'volcano explosion', but Navi did explain what they were talking about. This mountain spilt out fire and ashes, it seemed, that would consume whatever was in it's path, but she said that the stuff happened up at the top of Death Mountain and Goron City was at the center of the mountain. While he was traveling, about the first day and a half, he ran into a large cave that was blocked by a huge boulder. A small sign was labeled Dodongo's Cavern. He didn't know what a Dodongo, but they must have been quite the secretive people, because they didn't want anyone inside.

Another strange thing happened to Link, he ran into a crossroads, and I mean literally. The duo ran into a small piece of wood stuck in the ground with a red flag hanging from the top of the flag. Him and Navi flipped a coin and went up towards the top. That was a mistake! The way up lead towards a huge set of boulders that they couldn't pass without some severe explosives. Maybe they have bombs for this bag! So, a half a day was spent traveling back down the mountain and going south of the flag. That led right to the city, it seemed they were right under it!

Link and his companion reached Goron City the third night on the mountain, coming close to the fourth, it was about eleven o'clock when he saw the inner gates. They weren't really gates, but a large arena slightly carved different from the rest of the mountain. It pointed out towards a large squarest structure that had a huge block in the center aligning rocks in a circle. Link kicked the rocks aside, to find some of those pretty hear containers and drank a few. The strength returned to his body, and he and Navi drank two apiece.

"Navi, is that is?" He pointed north where there was a medium sized door that lead inside of the rocks. "I think so, Linky-chan. Now be warned, this race looks a lot different from the Hyrulians, Kokiiri, and the Faries. They don't have pointy ears, like us, or the same colour of skin. We might find them repulsive, but don't show your disgust. We need their cooperation to get the Spiritual Stone of Fire, and knowing Daruina he won't give it up."

"Daruina? Who is that?"

"The Great Deku Tree-sama told me about him once. He is the Great leader of the Gorons and as stubborn as a mule. He doesn't listen to other people, but he isn't a bad guy. Some where in the Lost Woods is a path towards here and there, so he likes the music of the Lost Woods, but he's never been here.

"Wow, alright. Are you ready?" It had been eight days since they left the Lost Woods, leaving Saria, and it had been twenty-three days since he had begun to journey. Wow, almost a month! Three weeks and two days! This was incredible, because it never felt like it. It was quite an astronomical feeling he felt. This journey was quite into it, he believes, and so he jumped off the rock and ran forward to the City of the Gorons.


Why was it everywhere he went, the places seemed to get bigger and bigger? An asterisk of confusion swelled over his mind as he stared in the city. This was definitely why they called this a city, and Kakariko a village. Link guessed they could just about fit twenty Kakariko's into this one Goron City. Probably every Goron lived her, he assumed, since he had never seen a Goron.

"This place is huge." Navi spoke, reading Link's mind, and fluttered around the area in utter amazement. They entered from the top of six-layer city. This wasn't like a normal city, because there were no houses, there just was this huge.sanctuary was the only word! The first level was full of dirt clogged paths, the entire room was in a sort of oval shape, not really a circular, but it would be considered that. Different holes covered the area around the top level, and in those holes were endless paths of stairs. Large rocks covered one place when he turned right in, but something else caught his eye.

In the middle of the entire region, four ropes sprung out in the cardinal directions, and a small platform was suspended in the air from there. "Navi?"

"The Spiritual Stone maybe there, come on Link."

"N-Navi.that is a long way down. And I don't see no Cuccos."

Blowing out a long sigh of frustration, she took off her veil and latched onto his clothes. "Hold on, and don't scream."

"Navi what are you--" Link cried out in a gasp as he was lifted into the air and was levitating. Levitating! No, he was being pulled across the structure, through the air and to the center, by the one and only Navi. Holding his hands to his side, he prayed the Goddesses until his fit hit the five by five hexagonal shaped platform. In the middle was a stone with a small inscription.

The Spiritual Stone of Fire Lies here; Separated by the Goddesses, and praised For the Goddess of Flames, Din. No one shall ever touch thee stone.

There was also something else he didn't notice, that surprised him. A large lump, which he thought to be a rock, propped up and stared at him with those beady little eyes. "Who are you?" It croaked.

Leaping back, barely catching his balance on the edge of the rocks, he stared at the being. It was obviously larger than he was, about seven feet this one was was, but it was covered so strangely. A tannic colour, it was, with bumps of rock that ran along it skin in a structural way. A huge potbelly ran along its stomach. It was seen clearly that this fiend or friend was not that weak. Deep muscles ran along his chest, arms, and legs, with those veins bustling out. This one had a small amount of hair on its cone-shaped head, and some under it's lips. A pair of fish lips smiled out, those huge stained midnight black eyes staring at him. No pupils at all were on its face. Link let out a horrified gasp, and reached for his sword.

"Wait! Wait young Hylian! I am not a fiend!" He sat up; Link's guess about his height was quite accurate, and slowly wobbled over to the boy on its uneven feet. Huge bear-like paws were on its hands and feet, and upon its left arm was a small triangle with three triangles sprucing out in three single directions. Two holes were pressed into its skull, no nose, just blowholes, and the monster's hands went to his shoulder. "Wait, don't draw your sword, young Hylian. Just who are you?"

".I'm not a Hylian, I am a Kokiiri, from the forest. What am I doing here? I am on a quest. Are you a Goron?"

"A Kokiiri. So odd to see one out of the forest, I've never laid eyes on one." He chuckled and sat back on the ground, staring up at the boy. It was obvious he was male, his voice deep and charging. "Yes, I am a Goron. Now, young Kokiiri, what are you doing up on Death Mountain."

"I'm--uh--looking for the Spiritual Stone of Fire."

"Oh, the big, juicy stone? That red stone used to be out here, but Aniki took it away. I was so hungry, I just came out here for a little bite."

"Hungry, do you want some food? I have some bread and fruit."

The Goron made a gagging sound and stared at Link, bewildered. "I don't see how you Hyrulian children do it."

"I'm not a Hyrulian--"

"Yes, you are. I mean, you are the children of Farore-sama. We are from Din-sama, which means we live on the red earth."

"Oh!" Link giggled, and nodded his head clearly. Maybe the Zoras were Naryu-samas? "So, who is Aniki?"

"Aniki means 'Big Brother.' It is the head boss of us Gorons, Daruina."

"Oh, the head boss, like the Zelda-sama's father and the Great Deku Tree- sama."

"You've met the Princess-sama?" The Goron stared at the young boy; eyes were wide with such a small little passion. "Wow, I can't believe it."

The boy nodded and told him about his encounter with the Princess, then he told him about the Great Deku Tree-sama, but that was when another question popped up, this time from Navi. "So, why are you hungry?"

The Goron stared at the young farie and sighed deeply. "Did you two see a large cavern down at the center of the beginning of the mountain?"

"Yea, Dodongo's Cavern. We read the sign."

"Well, our food supply was in there, but ever since that man showed up--" The Goron was interrupted by a wild-eyed Link.

"A man! Was he wearing black armour and have evil eyes!"

"Yes, he did. He came here about two weeks ago and asked Aniki for the special stone. Aniki denied and then that man shut up the cavern. We have tried to live off of our current rocks, but it is useless. We tried to remove the rock, and it was gone for twenty-four hours, but the people who went into there died."

"D-died? How!"

"Well, the Dodongo are supposed to be extinct. They died out a long time ago, but after the man left, they started to repopulate the area and ate our fellow Gorons."

"So, you eat rocks?"

"Yep, that's about it. We eat rocks and that's it, the rocks are so sweet inside of the cave of Dodongos, and we are running out of these spares."

"Wow, could you take me to Daruina?"

"Sure, normally it would take you about three hours to get down here, but I have a short cut." At this time, he curled up into a ball and laid down on his back, so they were pressed into the earth. "Climb onto my stomach and hang on." Link complied and put Navi under his hat, then he climbed on the Goron's stomach and smiled a little. What was he doing, was he going to Hearing the rev of the rock-eater grunting, he tried to protest.

"Goron-san! Don't do what I think you are doing!" Crying out, he hung onto the Goron, burying his face into the rock-eater's face as they sailed off the mountain.

Each thing layer was about a story long, so they sailed past the layers in a matter of seconds. Link thought he was going to have a heart attack, and he yanked Navi out, kissing her face and crying out. Yet, he held onto the Goron, hoping the impact wouldn't kill them. This Goron had strong skin, he probably didn't know much about the Farore-children.

No, he does know. He knew that you were from there. Us Kokiiri may have been isolated, but it seems the other races weren't.

Why did the Great Deku Tree-sama do that?

HOW SHOULD I KNOW! I was separated along with you, but the Hyrulians and Gorons know each other. Plus, Impa is a Shiekah, and Ganondorf is a Gerudo. All these races know about one another except us.

It was like time slowed down.they impacted into the ground and the Goron held onto the boy until the entire region stopped and a small hole was formed in the center of the earth. Link stared up, jumped up really, and screamed in joy. They were at the bottom layer! He stared up at the aerial platform that seemed hundreds of miles away. Wow, they just saved a whole bunch of time.

"Navi, we did it! Thank you Goron-san.?" He saw the Goron was rolling away, in a ball, but a hand popped up and waved. Then the Goron was back inside a small hole and up the stairs.

He also noticed something else about this room, and the others, from looking up. There were paintings of the Gorons, and these were as large as most of the fifteen feet walls, all around the place. Something else was strange; he caught the sound of music. "You hear that?"

"Yea, sounds very soothing." She went to his face, and sat upon his nose, humming. "You ready to confront Darunia? I have heard he is a very hard Goron. That one from before was soft on you; he is just a citizen. Don't expect that from the Goron Boss."

"Yes ma'am. I guess I can handle him. I have survived a lot these past three weeks. Okies, I guess I am ready for this. Let's go."

"This place reminds me of an ant farm, Link. What is that!" She fluttered up to this huge tower. Now, this thing was about fifty feet tall, and in the shape or a Goron. Why hadn't he seen it before? Because the monster- tower had been a layer below, nevertheless it was huge. Other than that, the place had no other distinct features, there were torches all around and a sealed door to the north of them. Link walked to the door and pounded on it, only responded with a voice almost as loud as the Deku Tree's.

"Unless you are from the Royal Family, Aniki doesn't want to speak to you! Leave me alone before I crush the precious stone!" Horrified, Link backed away; tripping upon a rub that was underneath his feet.

Navi flew to the rub and spread it out, reading the text upon it and noticing the Triforce symbol. "Link, the Triforce. I think you may have to play the Royal Family melody before we can enter. Thank Goddess we learned it, Eh?" Link grabbed the mat, positioning it back where it stood and read the text upon it.

The Great Daruina's Room. Only shall the Great Royal Family enter the scorn Without the Royal Family Tune, nothing complied soon.

A quick flash of the wrist, and the ocarina was placed in-between his palms, with the nozzle at his lips. Concentrating without the paper- written notes, Link played the entire Song of the Royal Family. As in compliment, the door slid from its hidden hinges and slid into the wall. It was a tyranny large door that stood at least seven feet tall with the scuffle of some paint upon it. The paint resembled some berry fixations, the whole door was outlined with connecting lines going inside of the door and forming the shape of some jewel of a kind. Link would take a guess and say it was the Spiritual Stone of Fire, but that was just a hypothesis. Inside of the newly opened entrance was a path that led into a field of darkness.

Navi stayed ahead of Link, to guide the way with her veil. This prevented any misjudged danger of the ghouls that lived within in the dark. Malachite form upon his body shone forward with the azure light just a few centimeters from his body, but the warmth kept the pursuit on. A hollow corridor led down for what seemed to be thousands of miles long, yet it only lasted less than five minutes. Pretty soon a rouged shadow of the room appeared as they crossed from around a corner.

Damn that man! Damn him and his fucking Gerudo whores! Our entire race is going to starve just because I wouldn't give up our precious stone. Is this my own fault for my own gluttony? Sure, he liked to lick and nibble at the stone from time to time, but he guessed that this was his fault. When was the king going to send his men to help? We are sworn brothers! Daruina placed his hands at his sides, breathing in a deep breath from the Islamic cremation-look a like room. This room was his; it always helped him think during crises, so he had locked himself up in this room less than a week ago. A few days after that man from the desert had left, Ganondorf Dragmire, had visited him. Yes, he still remembered the coldness in his eyes.

Ganondorf had actually started the mission off as a plea-party. He asked the Goron for the stone.

"Please, Daruina-sama, I beg you for the stone of the fire. The King needs it."

Daruina, never having trusted those Gerudos, just scoffed and broke back with a sarcastic comply. "Really? Then why hasn't my Sworn Brother sent me a keepsake? Unless you are one, but you don't seem the messenger type, to me. "

"I am not a messenger, but I need the Spiritual Stone of Fire, please!" Sincere was reflecting through his eyes, but Daruina could see that inside of those pores bled the heart of an evil man.

This man was not from the King, because the king always sent a special insignia with his messengers. Of course this man wasn't one, he didn't have the insignia. Daruina just scoffed at the man, shaking his head sadly. "I am sorry, Gerudo, but you are not allowed the stone. My Brother gave me this stone to me nine years ago, and told me to never lose it or give it too anyone. Besides, I never trust a Gerudo."

That was his fatal mistake, and Daruina was now regretting it when he heard the tune of the Royal Family. The big Goron regretted it because soon after that conversation, the man in the black armour looked him dead in the eyes and hissed out like a snake. "You will suffer, Goron. I will make sure you will suffer."

He took a swing at Ganondorf, if hit probably would have fractured his skull, but the skilled Gerudo leapt back using his theft training. Turning around, the evil man stormed out of the Goron City and was never heard from again. That wasn't the end of it, however, because by the end of the second night after he was gone, was when Daruina ran into some trouble. The long extinct Dodongo had reappeared, and a giant boulder had appeared on the cave of Dodongos. Whenever anyone broke or blew the rock up, it would regenerate in a matter of seconds, crushing those who had dared to get close to the site. He had sent word to the King that he was in trouble, but the funny thing was the messenger never returned. His long returns and bitter nightmares were interrupted with that tune.

Snapping out of it, he let out a long chuckle and pounded the switch that opened the room. Yes, his brother was coming to visit him. When he told the king of the troubles that Ganondorf had causes, his Sworn Brother would surely crush that preposterous villain, but something happened the Goron didn't expect. A small boy appeared in the front of the door.


Navi didn't even get the chance to explain the structure of the Gorons, because a loud and voice as loud as the Deku Tree intercepted her feminine voice. This was the voice from earlier, except it was ten times as booming. "Is the King of Hyrule denying the Daruina the privilege of a real meeting!"

Link turned towards the voice, letting out a gasp of fright, he looked nothing like the other Goron! That first one he had met was a towering seven feet, but the Aniki of rock-eating races was a bludgeon nine feet tall. No flabby stomach was on this one, his stomach was sticking out, but it shone with the same muscle-veins that aligned over the rest of his body. They must all have those naturally.? Thought the boy, before noticing his face. The head was fit for the body that was for sure. Upon his head was more than a small inkling of blonde hair, the hair was naturally spiked up in the same right direction, but there was at least ten different up dikes on the top of his head. It curved down to his lower head and connected with his beard, that reached downward at the middle of his gut. A strong determined nose stuck out, not at all like those holes stuffed into the other Gorons. Speaking of his muscles, they bulged out three times as much as the other one from before, and two tattoos were on both of his arms. Maybe that is the clan symbol? It was the same design as on the one from earlier. Another quality were his hands were so large Link could sleep in them, oh and the wrist bands around his arms and legs. Gulping, Link stared forward and started to speak. "I'm--"

Navi intercepted him, as usual. "This is Link, he was sent by Princess Zelda-sama to receive the Spiritual Stone of Fire."

Daruina stared at the small fly, or whatever it was, then his face grew a large red. "Now everyone is after it! No, no, no! I refuse to give the stone up, even if we all starve. You aren't from Zelda-sama, you are from Ganondorf, correct!" It wasn't a question; the Goron pounced forward, taking the small child up by the collar on his tunic, staring him in the eyes. "Don't you lie to me!"

"I-I'm not! She taught me the song! Impa-san used to sing it to her as a child. Please, Daruina-san!" Link cried out, when he hit the floor with an abrupt smack. It wasn't a forceful fall, otherwise his bones would be broken, but he stared up at the sighing Goron.

"I am sorry, young man. I did not mean to lash out at you, it's just that this half a month has royally pissed me off." He picked the child up, sitting him down in a chair and brushed him off gently with those huge hands.

Link couldn't believe how gentle he was, but he took the brushing off and nodded. "Anything I can do to cheer you up?"

"No, you are much too young to do anything I would like." He turned around and began to talk about his encounter with the Gerudo King.

While the Goron king spoke, Link took this opportunity to explore the room with his eyes. It wasn't that big, a very small room, and some of the rugs as from the outside were in here. These had only random marks he couldn't make out, he guessed they were the Goron languages. Turning his eyes towards Navi, he rolled them boringly.

Navi shushed him quietly and turned towards the room, also exploring it. The story was quite interesting, but with all the things they had heard about Ganondorf, they did not want to hear anymore about this cold-hearted bastard. Flicks of conflagrant fire went ablaze around the room. They were assigned in a pair of torches at each sides of the room. Also, there was a huge wall at the back of the room, near where Daruina was, but on this wall were all kinds of rock-structures with a figure standing alight. This figurine was taller than the King Goron was, it actually reminded the two of pre-evolution Gorons. Navi went to Link's shoulder, sitting down and rested the face of her veil against his neck. A bright spark was accustomed when he stroked her veil, also stroking her body, rewarded with a small sigh of satisfaction.

Daruina finished just in time, for when he turned around, Link was staring at him nodding eagerly. "But, I guess this doesn't concern you. You aren't a Goron, after all. What are you? Some Hylian who liked green?" The Hylian men, except royalty, all wore the pants and shorts. This little guy was dressed in a tunic, had a sword and two shields. Surprised he was carrying a Hyrulian shield upon his back; he reached over and stared him down.

"I'm a Kokiiri."

"A forest child! Ho! That is a good one, but you can't be a forest child, they have far--" He had seen the spark from earlier, but he thought it was something else. No, Sprites were pink and never wore veils. "You are a forest child, I thought they couldn't leave the forest."

"Should I tell him, Navi?"

"Sure, he is the King and wouldn't really try anything."

"Try what, if I may prey to ask." Daruina hated the game of cat and mouse, he hated to be manipulated, and always wanted the truth straight out.

"The Great Deku Tree-sama died, he was cursed by Ganondorf, that man you speak of. I clashed swords with the spider named Gohma inside of the Deku Tree-sama, but the poison was already fatal and he died soon after. He asked me to come see the Princess of Destiny, there I met Zelda-sama, learned this tune and was assigned here."

"The Deku Tree died, so sad. I remember him during the old war." Who would forget? The Kokiiri were the ones who did not want to participate in the war, the only civil ones, as he remembered. "The Princess requests the stone?"

"Yes, sir."

"No, I refuse too. I do not feel the mood; I am too grumpy to even negotiate with my Sworn Brother. Leave, please!" Spinning around, he walked back to a table, slamming his fist upon, it and studied the maps. It wasn't actually a map, but how to divide up the food supply between him and the rest of his people.

Link craned his head, putting Navi in his hands, and stared at her, whispering. "What do we do?"

"Lighten the mood. Maybe you should play a tune for him?"

"Which one?"

"Zelda-sama's didn't work, so try Saria's. I doubt the Sun's, or Malon- san's will work." Navi fluttered down to his pack and retrieved his Ocarina, placing it into his palms.

Taking a deep breath, and trying to not mix the notes up, he respectfully played the song of Saria for the grumpy Daruina.

Something changed between the old Goron, and the young boy. Daruina turned around, when he heard the first part of the ocarina tune, as to make him stop, but he stopped dead in his tracks. Staring forward, the Goron began to hop up and down. Racket was displayed as he hopped up into the air and cheered to the Goddesses. The Goron spoke with a full jovial voice.

"Hot! Hot! Oh, yea!" Spinning around, knocking the table over, he began to bend down and shake his behind all over the room. This went on for another few minutes, when he stopped, heard the beat and broke up into another series of senseless dances, this time whooping with joy.

"Whoooaa! Yahoooo! What a hot beat!" Finishing the tune, the astonished and scared, Link gaped at the man in wonder. He was no dancer, that was for sure, but even Link could dance better than that. Gorons must have had two left feet, as the old saying went. Putting his ocarina back, the boy walked to the creature with easy steps, hoping not to get pummeled for doing something bad.

Daruina calmed down, giving a few belly laughs, before he scooped Link up, holding him before him. "Ha! What a hot beat, young man. You made my depression run away."

"So, we can have the Spiritual Stone?" Navi inquired. She had been just as shocked as Link of how much of a bad dancer this one was.

"Well, little farie, you may have it. But on one condition."

"What's that, Daruina-sama." Link spoke out.

"Clear the Dodongos out of the Dodongo's Cavern. Now, don't look so surprised. If you want this stone, you have to prove to me that you are a real man!" Beating on his chest, he sat Link down and reached back behind him pulling out a small wristband. This band was must different from the ones he was wearing; it was golden and looked sort of like a crown. The Goron insignia was implanted on the front of the fashion attire, and he slipped it on Link's right arm.

"Here, take this. Don't think of it as a present or anything, you'll need it, believe me. Wear this and even a little guy like you can pick up those Bomb Flowers. You are going to need them to survive the adventures in Dodongo's Cavern. The cavern is full of places that need to be bombed, walls and special areas of that sort."

The new piece of equipment went right below his palm, and he could feel the newfound strength with this piece of hardware. Smiling towards the Goron, he ran out of the door and made his way up the stairs that led out of Goron City. In such a hurry to get out, the boy left the Goron City in an hour and a half, instead of the usual three hours. The Gorons were probably slow, that was all, right?


It took a lot less more time to get back down then it took on the way up, and that was a wonderful thing for the two. The less time it took to get down, was the faster they finished the cavern and were on their way out with the second Spiritual Stone. On the way down Death Mountain, the same mistake was no repeated of the path switching, so they actually only spent a day heading down towards the Dodongo Cavern. It only took a day because Link would run down the paths, jump over the crevices, and went with no breaks. The climbing up would take longer, but the downward part was the most fun.

Before he left the Goron City, Navi had wandered a few yards from the entrance to the city and shone a bright green. "Link, another area."

The wandering wind blower's intentions had been true. When he got to the area, he saw one of those "Bomb Flowers" everyone was talking about. It was basically a huge black object stuffed inside of a flowing petal of leaves. Heaving the bomb up, the thing ignited, and the frightened Link threw it over the edge. That wasn't a real bad accident, because a few minutes later a small ignite went on and peering over the cliff, he saw that the boulder blocking Dodongo's Cavern was gone. He had to beat; there was only twenty-four hours, maybe more since Ganondorf was far away. The boy just had to beat it, and he knew it was possible. That was the start of racing away from the city and dodging down the pathways to the Dodongo's Cavern. There were no stops, a two-hour nap spent the next day, and eating while he ran.

During the day and a half stride, he called Saria once. It was weird talking to her this way, and when he blew the tune of Saria, a voice piped in. It was hers, giving him a beautiful "hello." Link chatted with her while he ran and explained his situation. Also explaining he may not have been able to go out to the Kokiiri Forest, explaining where he was.

"It's fine Link. Oh, I found some information on the third Spiritual Stone. It's called the Spiritual Stone of Water."

"Water?" Now panting, he had the Ocarina inside his satchel, since he didn't need it to talk to her. It was if they were linked telepathically.

"The Zoras own the Spiritual Stone of Water, also known as the Zora's Sapphire. I will tell you more about it when we talk next; you seem out of breath. Even if you can't come see me, come visit me before you head back to Zelda-sama with the final stone."

"Sure, hee!" The conversation didn't end there, he told her of his travels so far from when he left the village. Mentioning the new friend Anjou, the people of Kakariko, and the outrageous dance of Daruina. That had actually caught a giggle from her, thinking of a giant Goron dancing around from her song.

"Link, I've heard that strange music you speak of. Maybe there is a passageway that warps the two lands together?"

"Maybe, I'll check when I get back. I am on my way to beat the Dodongos to earn Daruina's trust."

"A Dodongo. You know what those are?" "No, I don't."

A sigh blew through his ears, almost a feeling she was there, and then she spoke out sadly. "Link-kun, I taught you better. Dodongo is Kokiirish for dinosaur. As in the ancient, extinct species of giant lizards."

Link had nodded bluntly, and then the talk went on for a few more hours, before he laid himself down for a rest.


The rock never regenerated. Some withstanding act of purity kept the evil from multiplying and holding the hero back ever more. A hole was firmly standing ajar when the two descended down the slope to the cavern, only one fourth from the Kakariko Village. Brushing a loose strand of cornstalk back, Link went through his pack easily, checking to see if the Fairie Slingshot, nuts, sticks, and heart containers were at easy access. These beauties had saved his life one too many times, and he needed them for these occasions. Navi prepared him by pulling out his Deku shield from the bag and wrapping it around his left hand where a small caplet was. There he could slip his arm under it, and prop the shield up with guarding defects. Doing so, the Kokiirish blade settled into his right hand. Navi fluttered at his side, staring down the path. There was no way to see what was going on, only blackness surrounded.

"You ready?" She peeped out, guarding above his head, as an animal guards its territory. The mistake with Gohma wouldn't happen again.

"I.I don't think I'll ever be ready for these adventures. Is it going to be like the Deku Tree?"

"I am very sure it is. These Dodongo's don't seem that tough, but there may be a mother, or a leader like Gohma was to her offspring."

Link couldn't help but shiver at the name. Gohma. He still had nightmares about the spider. Sure he joked about it occasionally with Navi, but deep down he knew that he would never stare at another spider in his life.

"Ready?" This time a little more compassion in her voice."

"Yea, sure. I don't think I'll ever be more ready than I am now." Pacing himself a few steps back, as if turning to run, he stopped himself assertively. running away from these monsters. I will prove myself, this time. A flick of the wrist, keeping the sword at his approach whenever necessary, and his hand never leaving the shield, the young hero entered the deep cavern with a guardian light at his top.


The path led out two more miles into the darkness, before a gloomy aura began to prevail around the entire scenery. A background, he entered, separated from the darkness and inside of a new room. This new room was arranged with the walls that were made of rocks, it rained up thirty feet. Of course, that had been the size of the entrance to the caverns. Up ahead was a straight path that led to a door. No, no, it wasn't a door. Because when Link walked up to the door and tapped on it, the thing didn't spring up. Tapping it with his sword, a clank sound erupted the atmosphere. Blinking abruptly, he turned around and sighed. "Navi?"

"Tap the wall, see if it sounds different."

This little experiment proved actually useful. The walls made a clink sound, but when he hit the door another clank sound went all around. "The door's hollow, Navi-chan?"

"Yea, Linky-chan. Let's see.Link! The bombs!"

Turning around, he peered that to the side of the rock-clawed path they went down were two small platforms with a Bomb Flower upon each platform. Grasping forward, he ran into one of the Bomb Flowers and yanked it up. The fear went over when the fuse ignited on the bomb. This was weird, because he had only had it for a few seconds before, but these flowers were bigger than the ones up in Goron City. Throwing the explosive at the wall, he backed up a few yards, holding his ears and waited.

A kA-boom sounded and all at once Link thought he was going deaf. Frantically, falling onto his side, he clawed at his ears crying out softly. He would have kept clawing if Navi hadn't pulled his hands aside and kissed his forehead. "Shh, be quiet."

After what seemed like ten hours, but was ten at the least, the pain subsided and his eyes fluttered open in confusion. It was like the pain had not throbbed away at all, and the weirdest thing was that the ache just dissipated all at once. Looking forward, Navi was sitting on his cheek, leaning down with the veil off, and kissing his cheeks. She was humming a soft hymn. Noticing the crying stopped; she looked up and smiled at him, stroking his cheeks. "Shh, it's gone."

"That hurt, Navi-chan."

"Yes, Gorons don't have ears, you see. They do have ears; they are stored deep inside of their skulls so they have a high pain tolerance in sound waves. But I do have something for you."

"What?" Standing up, his hand caught her before she could flutter away, and he stared at the door with a gaped expression. Where once the door stood was now an opening inside of a much larger room. This adventure was just starting, sure the bombs hurt, but he might be able to stop it. Yes, if only he could stop the pain. That was when the time would start for his new adventure. He could hardly see inside of the room, but he could feel the evil roaming through it. Ganondorf had definitely been here, because it smelt just like Gohma's lair.

Navi interrupted his thoughts of the new places, by flying up to him and pulling his face down to hers. "Here you are, Linky-chan. I want you to have this." She reached inside his satchel and pulled out the bottle they got from Lon-Lon Ranch. Inside the bottle was a little farie. Yes, he remembered how they got this one; they had bought her from that man in Kakariko. He was selling faries, so Link bought her for a few rubies.

"How's about a prize, sonny?" Link turned towards the man, shrugging his shoulders, Anjou had given him some rubies to spare.

"I have this ancient pixie dust. An ancient sprite from the forest!" He spoke in a mysterious tone, pulling out a small bottle. Store inside the bottle was a small pink sprite, staring at the ground, in sadness. Navi gathered at Link's ear and had explained that it was not a sprite, but a healing farie.

"I've seen one of those before, mine is better, anyway."

"Yours? Sonny, this is a farie. Only Kokiiri have--faries?" He had glanced at his shoulder, only to see a large veiled figure that was a bit bigger than the boy's palms. Hovering over his shoulder, the thing spoke in a feminine voice. "I am a farie, that is a healing farie, you want to get charged with fraud. I know what a sprite is!"

Gasping, knowing he had been had, the man emptied the sprite out, throwing it at him, and stepped aside uneasily. "I am sorry, great Kokiiri!"

Leaping forward, Link gathered the healing farie, sticking her inside of his second empty bottle, the first with fresh Lon-Lon Milk, then Link threw out ten green rubies. "Here you go, I don't want to take your stuff without pay." That was that, the sprite that would save something was now bought.

"Navi, what do you want with Fiija-san?" Link had named her that, and had been keeping her safe ever since they left Kakariko. It had been the morning they left Anjou that he had ran into that crazy old man in the blue robe.

"Fiija-san is going to help you with your ears."


"Like this," Navi proposed, pulling the cap of the bottle out and a pink sprite pulled out. They were actually more of fairies, than sprites, but that was unimportant. The little healing being flew up to Link's ears, caressing them, but instead of disappearing she stayed at his side and guarded near his ears. Navi was just above the healer, and she nodded to Link. "She will heal your ears so much, so that they won't hurt."

"Wait--explain that again?"

"Well, Linky-chan, let me tell you. This farie is going to guard your ears, because the reason it hurts so much in here is because of the cavern. This cavern is made just reflect sounds, or this is what I think, since the bomb outside didn't hurt your ears. Whenever you use them, which I think we may have to go, she will heal you before the pain starts."

Chuckling, he gathered the pink farie up and gave her a kiss on the cheek. Small high-pitched laughter came out, and then she went back to his ear, hanging off of it like an earring. Gathering Navi up this time, he kissed her cheek, setting her on his hat and walked forward into the nearly lighted room.

The new room was twice as tall as the last, being because there were two levels, but no way up. When he looked up all he saw were some platforms connected to the high grounds, and two bridges that stretched across the width of the two hundred feet scenery. It may have been eighty feet up, but it was wider than the pervious room they had been inside. You think that was strange? Up ahead was one of the strangest things he had ever seen. At the end of the main room was a giant dinosaur's head! The monster's skull breached into the wall. It was a beautiful blue, with black, soul-less eyes staring forward. Two small holes in its long snout breathed through a dead display. The thing had been dead for whom knows how long, but it wasn't a skull. It looked like the skull was plastered with armour to preserve it, or maybe worship it?


She wasn't even looking at that, she was staring at what was beneath the floor. They were on a platform, but it had two slopes that led down to two other platforms on the left and right sides of the room. At the back of the room was the Dodongo skull, and positioned in the center was another piece of land. Beneath the cracks, and there were a lot of those cracks, since the platforms were small, was lava. Hot, flowing lava poured all at the floor regions of the ground. It wasn't exactly lava, but the floor melted bubbly hot with just a little of the liquid magma. "Link, walk to the edge and look down."

Ten feet forward, staring, and then he leapt back with his eyes widen with fear. "What is that!"

"Lava. This is an active volcano, after all. It is still hot, but I wouldn't worry about it emerging, just don't land in it or it will burn you to death."

Gulping, he nodded and walked towards the edge once more. Across were a small spinning statue and the middle platform, but he noticed something else. A sliding sound had been in the room ever since they entered, but now he saw what it was. Between the platform connected to the ground, both the left and right, were two smaller pillars that were going up and down. They stopped right above and the lava, and ended right above the platforms. Nodding, he ignored them and leapt forward.

If Link had measured, the jump would have been twelve feet forward. For someone his age, that was impossible, but the strength pulled forward, especially when he pulled into a ball. Remembering what the Deku Scrub said, Link had rolled up and propelled himself forward. An uncomfortable thump occurred, but he was back on his feet in a few seconds, brushing the dirt away. Navi was watching the statue, which turned out to be a small metal figurine of a creature with one eye and a mouth. The mouth was close shut, but the eye was spinning right above his head and heading towards them.

"B-Beamos! Link, run!"

"Navi, what are you--" The eye had stopped right infront of him, staring at him, and a beam of chi light emerged from the pupil. If the beam had hit him, it would have been pain, but if he had blocked the beam would have penetrated through the wood and still fried him. He knew this, so he jumped to the right. That should have been the end of the crisis, except the beam didn't stop, and this time it hit the ground and started dragging towards him. How was it dragging, you ask? The "Beamos" was tilting its head hurriedly towards the boy, the mouth still in a ferocious grin. This was no statue that was for sure.


Navi had to save him. Why hadn't she seen it before! She knew what the Beamos were, of course she did, but she had just thought it was a statue, that was, until he had leapt across. The leap had really frightened her, she not thinking he could make it, but once again the young hero had proved her wrong. I love that about him.

Concentrating all her chi into a single beam, knowing she couldn't kill it, Navi hit the thing straight in the eye. Like automation, the beam of its stopped and the eye slammed shut. A screech of pain filled the hollow corridor, and Navi yelled out. "Jump Link!"


All at once he had a direction. The right direction seemed the most appropriate, because it was his favorite direction, and the other region held another one of those Beamos characters. So, turning right, he leapt forward and landed upon the small platform. The Beamos had come back to life now and the funny thing was its chi light couldn't reach him. Giggling, he awaited for the platform to raise up, then he jumped the other six feet to the right platform. When it was over, he slumped against a wall like the one he bombed before, looking back at the Beamos. "What was that?"

The fairish muttering sounded, it was Fiija, now at his side and soothing the scratches he received from earlier. Looking over, he saw Navi was lying by the Beamos, and the Beamos was awake. Navi is by the Beamos! Gasping, he pushed Fiija at his side, leapt up and kept his sword up. During the struggles with the Beamos, he had sheathed it into his sheath for the time being, but now it was out and ready. Running to the fully ready pillar, he jumped upon it and easily leapt across to the Beamos. Its beam was narrowing towards Navi when Link pushed the blade of the sword into its pupil. Another screech went forward, the sword buried inside of it. Link gathered Navi up, yanking a bearer out of the creature's pupil. Link was on the other side, before it started shooting madly at no one.

When he reached the other side, Fiija gave Navi a good run through, disappearing under his hat for further inspection of her temporary master. Link knelt at Navi's side, checking her wounds, sighing with relief. "Navi.wake up, what happened?"


The thing that happened was that that monster had struck Navi in the back. After she had blinded the creature, she waited for Link to get across, hopeful would make it against the tricky corridor. Before he got across was when the Beamos came back to life and struck her down. It didn't notice her at first, because she was so small, but soon the tyrant spotted her and started moving towards her. That was all she saw, before unconsciousness took over.

Next thing she reminisced was a pair of beautiful azure eyes staring into her own. Blinking awake, she stared up at Link, and gasped out loud. "Link-chan, what happene--?" Never getting to finish the sentence, he engulfed her in a barrel of hugs, giggling and snuggling with the little one. She complied back, not being able to give much out, but she took as much as came to her. Even though he was getting stronger, the boy was so gentle with her, that it was almost funny.

A few minutes later, Navi pulled back and stared over at the Beamos. It was staring at the ground, shooting blindly at bold dust. Black blood gushed from where the eye used to be. So, he blinded it, Eh? Chuckling silently, she crept over to examine the newest part of the room they were in, with Link following behind her. The right platform consisted of three different passageways, the one they leaned against, another wall that would be bombed, and one that was ten feet in the air. The one in the air was actually a huge square high above, so she couldn't reach in, but flying up she saw that it was a huge door and a switch. The switch was too heavy to come too, so she ignored it for the time being. She may have been able to carry Link far when she was at full strength, but now she was a little tired. Moving backward, she laid on his shoulder lazily.

Link spotted another Bomb Flower, but two doors. A problem presented him, so he pulled the bomb out and threw it to the left. As it explored, a sprinkling sound went onward, and his earache never went on, but the sad thing was in the door was just one of those stupid Gossip Stones. Yes, they were in the Lost Woods, plus they told the time. Striking the stone with the Kokiirish blade, the two-foot tall model that was imprinted with curves and an eye in the middle, now spoke in a squeaky voice. "Boing, Boing! The time is twelve twenty-five o'clock!"

"That was useless, Link." The farie led Link back to the Bomb Flower and to both their surprises, the flower had regenerated itself back to normal.


"Hmm, weird. I thought they may have to be grown, but it seems not so." All right, there is another wall on the other side, let's try bombing that, and if nothing happens we can try the other side. That seems unlikely though." There weren't any Bomb Flowers over there.

Link bent at the knees, lifting the bomb with the crown upon it. The long ash fuse began to sparkle, and he leapt forward, throwing the explosive up against the wall. The fake slide imploded and the brown walls with the cracks upon it, crackled into tiny bits of pieces. Rushing forward, as the smoke cleared and his own elven ears healed up, Link followed Navi inside of the newly opened passage. The walls closed in once more, like the entrance room, and led down a similar path in darkness.

A room of spiky-shaped end was in this one. The ends seemed to jag back and forth, as if zigzagging to one different direction and then to another way. The dirt upon the still stone paved wall was a lighter shade of brown, but that was the only new thing about the room. About forty yards ahead was a platform raised on crisscrossed bars, and two statues at both sides of the platform, on the ground. There was nothing else in the room that seemed sort of idiotic. "Navi, what is this? We've only run into one monster. This isn't a dungeon."

"Yes, but you must stay on your guard, Link. You never know what is cre--" Stopping dead in speech, she stared up ahead, a hand pushed from the veil and yanked forward. "Link! Something is coming out of the ground!"

"Huh, what are you talking about." Glancing down at the ground, some seven feet ahead, the ground began to crumble a little. Nothing big was rising, at least not a giant, but something was definitely coming.


It felt something, all right. That was why sensei sent them too do. Search out and destroy the intruder, because this one wasn't like the others. This one was smaller, had a blade of steel, and two blocking utensils. Each was situated in a group of three, so they wouldn't be out numbered with this creature and its minion. Yes, it had a minion that shot out something like the Beamos did. The others had been sent to other rooms, since sensei couldn't pinpoint the intruder's location, and they had been the lucky ones.

It was the leader of the squadron, so when it began to burrow up north, the other two were at its left and right moving through the dirt. This creature may have been able to take out the Beamo, but they were superior to that minion, and this new creature would taste just delicious for them to snack on, giving the rest to their sensei.

Finally the ground split out from the twenty feet tunnel they were digging in. This was to keep those stupid special crops those old creatures made from affecting them. Now, with teeth bared, it leapt from the earth first and darted at the creature. Its own squad leaping out four seconds later.


The next two holes were easier to hear then to see, but he finished by looking north and spotting them. They weren't as important as when the creature leapt forward. This monster that Link could have held with open arms jumped forward with a pair of razor sharp teeth bared. Navi was quick at the creature's side, examining it and screaming out.

"A baby Dodongo, just like the Gohmas. It's vulnerable all around, since it's new, so slash it anyway you want." Link couldn't have slashed it, because the first went past him, almost clearing his arm off. Dodging westward, the razor blades, but they scraped against his forearm. Immediate pain surged throughout the entire escapade, but Link ignored the numbness that now took on this luck of evasion. It was only a bloody scratch; those things could have gone for his throat. They were aiming for that area.

Spinning around, ignoring the two that had so much half way out of the ground, he took a quick second to study the creature. It was smaller than he imagined at first glance, he could easily lift the thing with on arm. Yes, it was a baby Dodongo for that reason he saw no arms or legs. This 'fearsome' monster was just an infant squiggling upon its cold, yellow underbelly. Smirking a little, Link walked to the thing, which was turning towards him, and pushed the head of the Kokiirish Blade inside of its skull. The crimson eyes filled up with blood, as a screech echoed through the empty room, a screech of pity and death. Kicking the dinosaur away, he yanked the blade up and turned to the other two.the two were flying right at him.


Navi had blinded the two, only temporarily, when the boy was in his battle with the young Dodongo. The determination in his eyes actually frightened her for a few seconds. He had changed, that was for sure, moving from a scared little boy to a fear-less warrior. That was good and bad, for some of her reasons. It was wonderful, because the journey would be easier with him, but horrible at losing his childhood to some demeanor of Goddesses never shown to the world. What she didn't understand was why these three couldn't stop Ganondorf themselves. Of course, when she saw the scratch with the Dodongo, her mouth filled with bile. How dare they hurt him!

Now those two siblings were back in full action, leaping towards their prey: Link. Letting the thoughts chill away, Navi rushed at the two beings, firing a solid light into each of its eyes. This was no blindness, but one of those chi attacks that Impa had taught her. Penetrating the eyes was an understatement. What the chi did was burn those orbs right from their sockets. Two more screeches went up, the two stopping dead in the air, fighting nothing that was there. She now turned towards Link and nodded appropriately. It was time to finish them off.


Great thinking! Link had been ready to hide under the Hyrulian shield when he heard the screech, watching the duo fall down, in surprise. It was almost comical how they each fell upon their bellies, never being able to get back up, yet still flapping around like fish taken from the water. Smearing the blood from his blade on the ground, he wiped it clean, and decided a better way to finish these two off, and there he walked to each one of them, smashing them right in the skull. Red blood splattered all over those cloth boots, rolled at the ends, to keep from falling off. Smearing dirt with his other foot, the liquid soon came off and nothing was left except two dead, twitching corpses. Funny thing was, the things were glowing red. Then an explosion from where he had been thirty seconds around. Spinning around, Link saw the corpse had a self-destruction sequence.

"Link, they blow up! Run north!" Navi was already tugging at his ears, before he turned north and ran for those statues and the platform with bars. Not that big, but an accumulating blast launched him forward, just as he reached the platform, twenty-five seconds later. Leaning against the wall, he reached into his pack and took out the 1st Aid Kit that Saria had packed for him.


"Stop being a baby!" She shushed him, rubbing some more of the alcohol with a small piece of cloth. They had originally planned to sit down for twenty minutes to eat lunch, bandage Link up, and then head off. The two had eaten some of their berries and those new meats that could survive days without freshness, but the patching was a different story.

"It hurts, Navi-chan!" Link was sitting on the structure. It wasn't actually a platform, being it was only four feet up in the air. The structure was actually brandished in a rustic wire from head to toe, only two small boards made room for foot walking possible at all. With their stomachs full, both recharged from those heart pieces (Link had three actually), and clothes fastened for battle. How could this little hero be scared of a little alcohol?

"It treats infection. You want it to get infected so we have to cut it off? Hmm, how does the one-handed swordsman sound?"

He frantically whined, swatting at her playfully. "Shut up!" Not at all offensive, just a cute way of saying it, he didn't believe her, did he? Biting his lip, the last of the full amount poured upon his scraped forearm. After a few shakes of pain, it wasn't as bad as the slash had been; his arm was patched up with some of the 1st Aid bandaging.

"See, was that so bad?" Navi questioned after the two had finished packing the supplies up and as it turned out they had been seated for about an hour or so. That might back an hour or thirty minutes through this entire dungeon.

"Yes, it was 'so bad'!" Whining, he turned towards the door, seeing the bars once more and pouted aloud. "How do we get to this? If we step on the switch and then step off, the bars reappear."

"I've been thinking about it for a while and I have a solution."

"Which is?"

She pointed to one of the two statues randomly. "Pick a statue and push it there."

"No way." Those things were hideous! A statue wasn't going to hurt you, he knew that, but these two creatures looked like something out of his nightmares. They stood over six feet tall, not that tall, but compared to him it was. Each was made of a very hard rock material, so if it tipped he would be crushed, and the things were no coloured at all. They held a sword and a shield each, the sword pathetic and rusted, while the shield was cracked all around. A pair of demoniac horns positioned on each of their heads, beady black eyes portrayed an aura of evil, and that grin? Woo, all around its mouth area it was rocky and rubble, except around the grin. A smooth surface was right there, and pointed teeth poured out the edge. This set of creatures was round at the top, moving down to a center platform at the end of it, and around the waist area it had numerous horizontal crests.

"Come on, Linky-chan. I'll help you push it, I mean unless you want to wait for some more of those babies to come back."

"I can handle them."

"But can you handle the alcohol."

Leaping over the edge of the platform, he pushed upon the right statue, which easily moved up a few feet. This new bracelet was seemed to be a lifesaver. Not only did it let him pick up those heavy explosives, but he could also move large blocks and stuff. Pushing the statue to the end of the platform, he changed directions and began to push it left, towards the switch in the center. This switch was just like the on in the Deku Tree (the underwater switch), but now he got a full view at it. A deep azure, it was, about two feet across and a bolted up a foot in the air. In the center was a small crescent moon, the same as on the blocks, with a star at the ending and beginning of the moon.

The statue fit finely, because when he placed it on the switch, climbed up, and walked to the door was when the bars didn't go crying down. Navi hovered right at his hat, smiling a little. "See, it's not scary."

"Yea, as long as it doesn't come to life, I am fine with it." How little did he know.?


An overwhelming hiss of steam spread across his face, when the two entered this room. Staring forward, they were about inside the volcano. Small little isles stretched across the sea of lava, but I wouldn't stay isles, more like stepping-stones. Each was in a pentagonal shape, about four feet around over all. The room itself was in the shape of a rough pentagon.


"Don't fall, that's all I am saying. Do not fall down."

Eight small stepping-stones were all around. The one he entered the door from, six in the middle, and the ending one, which had a door that, led to another passageway. No way out of here, except forward. Bracing himself, the Deku Shield went up in defense from the heat, knowing it wouldn't do any good. No magma was boiling, or overflowing, but the steams were sure to leave a mark in themselves. Finally taking a few steps forward, Link stopped dead in his tracks from the sound of a squawking sound, except it wasn't the sound a bird made. It was the sound of something else. Not really a squawk, yet that is the best way to describe the sound. Staring to the left and right, since the north was so far away, he spotted two figures staring at him, each squawking.

"Navi, what are those!" The high-pitched voice screeched out. Usually his voice wasn't a scream, but these guys definitely scared him, especially when they came into visual view. Each stood a good seven feet high, green all over, but with a very muscular body. From the looks of it, they were evolution dinosaurs, of some sort; these had a lot more evolution than the Dodongos. The creatures stood on two legs, well claws is a better word, because razors were upon each of their appendages in a five-fingered manner, with four on the legs. A jaded green tail, matching the scaled skin, whipped around in mutilating fashion with that long blushed tongue, and sun coloured, reptilian eyes. If that wasn't the worst of it, both left hands of each creatures was a beautiful broadsword. The hilt a dull gray, but a streaming splash of silver stood out at least five feet in f

shion. The next and final piece of destruction was that the creatures were wearing a simple piece of body armour. No, not body armouries, something more of a vest that protected just the upper region, covered the groin, and on the right shoulder blade was a rogue ending with four sharp spikes. Not very noticeable was a red sheath, metal made obviously, to hold the sword, perhaps?

".I-I don't know. Link get ready. This is going to be a real test; these things look like actual fighters. From now own, you've only been fighting monsters. These maybe monsters, but they are intelligent ones!" Sparkling an angry blush, Navi stayed at his head-level, whispering. "Guard and hit the open spaces. Hit where the stomach is, Linky-chan. I need you to promise me to do well, does your arm ache?"

"No, it's fine." Turning towards the farie, he was smiling, and cupped her down in his palms, kissing her softly. "I will make it, there maybe two, but they seem like they wouldn't gang up on me. Alone I can take them out."

Nodded, she quickly added. "I will target one individually, you aim wherever I light up yellow at, alright?"

"Yea, here comes on." It seemed Link was right, either that or they were too stupid to realize that. Maybe not as advanced as we thought? The platform they were positioned on was the largest of the eight, so this was a perfect battleground. This pentagon stretched out more than twelve feet, enough room for him, but maybe not enough for these creatures.


The two were smelt five miles away, sensei had sent them too take care of what these idiot Dodongos couldn't take care of. Sure the sensei made the offspring, but they weren't as advanced as them or him, now were they? These new ones, the bigger one in more aspect, were now frightening them. How did he find his way through the puzzles, handle the Goron's special crop, and dodge the Beamos? The sensei didn't have answers, all he wanted was to kill them, so the best was were with swords, since he used them.

Lizalfos were the name of this beautiful race, approved from the evolution of the ancient dinosaurs, the runners of the dinosaurs. Skilled in swordsman ship, the major could taste the fear of when the young boy saw them. They had been talking about how to gut him, since he was in the next room taking care of some business, when the door opened and all had been lost to this young creature. Flicking the rose-coloured tongue towards his comrade, a position to stay, the Lizalfo leapt from platform to platform for the young creature.

Agility was a great specialty for these creatures, so easily the experienced warrior found its way to the larger path. Stupid of the boy, he should have picked a smaller one for a better chance of falling off. Then again, he didn't guess this race was too smart. Those Gorons sure weren't, they ate rocks! Snapping his beak shut, he wouldn't need it until after the kill, the Lizalfo unsheathed the broadsword from his packet. That was when he peered at the young creature taking out a dagger, and a protector made of wood. Another protector was upon his back, one that would prove worthier, but maybe the creature wanted to die? Whatever the case, he squawked to his companion this wouldn't take long, launching at the boy a few seconds later.


She wouldn't let this happen, because that was not the way things were supposed to be. Luckily, for her, Link jumped when the blade slammed down, pulling out his slingshot and shooting a bullet at the enemies' head. Unfortunately, for them both, the thing dodged and rammed at Link. Impa had given Navi a new ability, that was to register the enemy and find it's weakness. So far, she had found out that it was a Lizalfo and it's weakness was that the area below where the armour wasn't stored. Nothing real useful at all, but she yelled out its name. "It's a Lizalfo, Link. Guard it, the Deku will hold!" Well, she didn't know what for sure, for broadswords were never used against any Deku materials.

To prevent the other monster from back-attacking Link, Navi guarded the areas where he was, but incidentally went around the lizard, fluttering a bright sunshine.


The next few moments counted on luck. If the wood broke, the blade would slice through and cut him in half, but if the blade held, that was when Link would strike. Following its movements, as the monster leapt back and forth upon the isles, headed for him, he heard his guardian yell out the monster's name. Lizalfo? Whatever this creature was, he was taking it out in a few seconds. Gripping the shield with his left hand, raising it up into the air, Link bit his lip silently, crying out to the Goddesses. If they truly wanted this quest to end, then it would, but if they believed in him was when he survived.

Iron from the broadsword slammed into the children of the Deku Tree. The crimson insignia began to shimmer when the blade slit on the head of the shield, but nothing cut through. Nothing cut through because the blade was pushed back by Link's strength. Jumping forward, Link blocked the blade from its position, knocking the creature completely out of balance. Out of balance was the time to strike, so he did.

Precious Kokiirish blade from Farore shined brightly when an uppercasing gesture slit into the beast's stomach. A screech of pain erupted from the monster, and instead of jumping away, it leapt over his head with the broadsword moving towards his skull.

A small chi light intercepted the blade, throwing it out into the lava below. When the smoke cleared Navi was right above the creature's head, yelling to Link. "Get it now!"

Chuckling quietly, Link threw the sword towards the narrow of head, feeling the burst of fresh blood that coated all around his body. When the sword connected with the skull the immediate skull and brain matter gushed forward in a panic frenzy. Quickly shielding his eyes with the Deku, blood coated the thick hide of shelter, staining the thing completely, but this was when the light on the shield shined down to its original colour.

Navi quickly retrieved the dagger, throwing it at the frenzied Link. He caught it with ease, turning towards the other Lizalfo that was heading towards his region. This one wouldn't be so easy, he thought, because the monster had seen the tactics from before.


She begged to differ, this creature would be must easier, because this creature was at a distance. Hovering ahead of him, she spoke to Link. "I am going to blind him when he arrives, go for the neck."

"All right." The blood shed had become more immense, that show presented itself self-evident. A few seconds later, the creature arrived with its sword drawn, but a sense of fear plastered across its face. Yes, this tyrant had seen just what the duo were capable of, especially too one of its own, and that very much frightened it. Time was of the essence, and Navi shot a thick beam into each of its eyes.

Screeching went forward, along with Link jumping into the air, slinging the sword in the middle of the mutated dinosaur's forehead. This time more blood gushed from the open wounds, but Link luckily back-flipped to Navi, ten feet away. Fastening his hands inside the shield, curiously wondering to the two corpses, Link kicked each of them inside of the hot, boiling lava. Hisses were head, as he leapt across each tiny platform, coming to a rest to the newest door. It seemed bars had been set from before, however, they weren't there now. Those two had been booby traps, someone had set them, and that someone was very peeved they had survived.


The scene had a lot of trauma on the hero, it wasn't seen, because it held it inside for Navi, but when they reached the scene of the next room, he broke down with a slumping motion against the door. Throwing the sword aside accidentally slit the throat of an arriving Business Deku Scrub. These were the beings that sold you items right after you beat them at the test of reflecting nuts, but that wasn't the case now. Not even noticing, nor caring, the little boy threw the Deku Shield aside a few feet, curling up, sobbing down and hard. "I killed them!"

"No, no! Yes, you did kill them, but you had too. They were going to kill you!" Falling at his side, Navi flashed the veil off and revealed himself to her once more. Usually it was glimpses, or when they were talking in the dark, but now were more important than ever. Completely shedding the masque, the young farie walked along the ground to his face, cupping her hands in his cheeks and slapping them playfully. "Stop that, I say. I want you to be brave for me."

Staring up, he caught a glimpse at her, nodding helplessly. In the veil she was easily bigger than his hand, but in this form she could fit in his palms exactly. A pocket farie was a nice word for her. Bigger than the spites by all means and the healing faries, but smaller than the legendary Great Faries. Looking aside, he sat himself up, watching her flutter up to him with those two pairs of wings that connected to her back, splitting out the back of her behind. Navi was dressed in ravishing shawl that wrapped around her body, but under that was a matching dress of the cerulean colour. Clearing his throat, the blush creeping to his face, he spoke. "I don't know, Navi. I just-just realized I killed, and.what's worse is I liked it!"

"Good! You need to triumph in your victories, Link. I want you to be glad you won, show them no mercy, but do not torture them. Put them down for good. Remember what these animals did to the Gorons."

Yes, those poor Gorons. What happened to them was inhumane and terribly injustice. Their deaths need be avenged. These creatures are only dinosaurs, dinosaurs that Ganondorf brought back. Ganondorf! Gripping his bare fist tightly, he stared off into the night. This new room was pitch black, with dripping sounds of some underwater cavern around. Some light was present, maybe moonlight. "It's always going back to him."

"Him? You mean Ganondorf?"

"Yes." Voice just shaking, he slammed his fist into the bare wall, looking back to Navi. "We have to stop him, kill him or something. He is not stopping this insanity.

"I completely agree. It is your responsibility to eliminate him."

Quietly, but assertively, he contradicted. "It is not my responsibility." At this time, he brought her close to him, staring into her eyes, his cheeks still flushing.

"Then whose is it?" She stared back; her entire body was glowing red. It was really shown through her pale skin, she almost wanting to pull the veil up, but somehow knowing it was the wrong thing. Sitting on her behind, she watched as he pressed their faces closer and closer, until his nose touched hers.

"It is your responsibility also."

Her eyes widened, and she shook her head, lying down upon her stomach. Arms were propped up in a fashion so she could still stare him fragrantly in the eyes. Mm, his fragrance smelt of a sweet soap, so nice she couldn't help but moan. "I am not that important."

"Yes you are, don't kid yourself. I need you and you know it. I'm nothing without you, I never really was. I've always needed someone, but I like it that way. I need you.and I hope you need me. This responsibility is of ours."

Oh! Every time I see him, I fall more and more in love! Staring back at him, she nodded her head. "I do need you, Linky-chan. No one else matters, but you!" Leaning forward, she kissed the tip of his nose, returning to her position.

"As are you." Placing himself up, Link took out his satchel, setting Navi on his shoulder, and began to clean himself off. First came the blood off the shield, the blood from the sword (after retrieving it from the carcass of the scrub), and finally his clothes. Nothing had dangled his bandage, which was great for him, so within twenty minutes he was all set to go. No strength had been lost from the last battles, as quick as tried to be, so he gave Navi one of those little heart drinks, sharing half with her. Re- fixing his hat, the little pink farie. Grumbling uncomfortably (for she had just awoken) Fiija went at Link's ear, hanging off of it. Navi sat on the top part of his cap, and they were all set to go. Returning his sword and shield to the correct fixations in his hands, Link left the small little room into the next. No door was actually present, but only a little path that led into much more darkness. Like before, past fears returned, but they were conquered when he ran through the pitch-blackness.


An almost identical room was presented at the last, except a few new reasons were added to his worry. For one, there were many pillars in the center of the room (possibly hiding enemies), some torches that were probably a trap to open the next door, and Dodongos. These weren't as small as the babies weren't, either; these Dodongos were possibly the mothers of the smaller ones. Each Dodongo eight feet across, and if standing on the tip of their tail would reach up that far. Forest-coloured scales shimmied across hits muscled body, but the from the mouth of barred teeth it changed to a darker gray.

Staring at the creature, with the eight-inch spike leading off of her forehead, Link gulped sadly while staring forward. "How shall I answer this one?"

"These creatures have armour, the babies didn't. There is armour everywhere, except the tail. Try hitting the tail. The only other alternative would be getting it from the insides." Giggling, Navi fluttered over to the active Dodongo. She hadn't seen the group yet, so she continued to hunt through the damp corridor for food.

Pulling out his slingshot, Link took aim and fired a seed directly into the left light blue eye of the Dodongo. A screech of pain hit his ears, sounding just as back as the bomb, but instead of recoiling back, the Dodongo stared him down. Barring herself for a fight, she held her breath for a few seconds, before unleashing out in a gasping impact. Instead of some bad breath coiling out, laps of flames came out.

His eyes widened, jumping to the left, while slamming into a wall, but that was the least of his problems! Seeing an opening, he yelled to Navi. "Stay on her!" When his guardian lowered right above its face, Link jumped forward in a slashing motion. Two hands, having dropped the shield now held the blade, when the impact sliced into the tail. She spun around, knocking him with what was left of the tail, throwing him against one of the pillars while preparing to breathe up fire. That's right, he took the whole thing off. All that stood was a small stump wavering back and forth in fury.


Navi grasped the Deku shield, throwing it right at the Dodongo's skull. She stopped the puffing breath, turning to see nothing, and with a cry of frustration breathed fire into the air, as if trying to kill a stealthy enemy. Appearing right at the tail, she looked over at Link, who nodded and sliced the blade right at the new area that had appeared. Yes, a new area right where the tail was appeared to be beating. Crimson was all around, so she guessed it was the monster's heart. "Must be her shield, slice it!" At this time, she darted behind the creature and gathered the Deku shield for Link, so he wouldn't forget it.

The reaction was one of a dying creature, because as soon as the steel sliced the delicate feature, the thing began to convulse and shake all around. Her body slumped to the ground; a bright red aura appeared around her, like the baby Dodongo, which gave time for Link to grab Navi and dive for an area of cover. As it just happened, another Dodongo was wondering where the dying one was. Without hesitation, she took off in a direction for help, but was stopped when the dying creature's blast knocked her own heart out of balance, resulting in two blasts.

He ran into another one of that stupid Dodongos. Stupid was literally put, because as he threw a bomb flower down at the creature, knowing it wouldn't work, and he was surprised the dinosaur ate the bomb. That resulted in its insides being blown apart by the huge explosion, killing it in under a few seconds. Navi handed the shield to the boy, who in turn, thanked her and put it back on his left hand, holding it steady.

".Those things are stupid."

Navi agreed, chuckling with him and ran forward noticing how the torches conditions were around the room. No need to use those Deku Sticks, because the blast from the Dodongos created a chain reaction of blasts that lit each of the torches. When he heard a slinging metal sound, Link raced across three Dodongos (jumping across the bodies, for they were asleep), and headed to the doors before the bars shut from the lack of fire on each torch. When he passed through the newer door, Navi slumped on his shoulder, staring off into space. "Do you think there is a king?"

"I don't know. You think there is a king, like they said. " Link complied, looking forward.

"They said sensei."

"What's that?"

"Sensei means master. Like a teacher, or mentor. Either there is a king, or there is a master." Looking with Link, Navi gasped. "Look!"

It wasn't a new room; they were in that room they couldn't reach before. Gasping after Navi, Link ran forward, jumping on a small switch, like the blue one from before, but this one didn't require automatic weight and was a tannic colour. A clicking sound shut off, and from across the pits and pillars from before, Link saw a door with bars show itself to them.

He sat upon the edge of the walled room, and slid down the twenty feet. Landing down in a curled roll, as the Deku Scrub said from before, Link only had a few scratches upon his body. Putting the shield up, he ran forward and jumped across the tree platforms to the next room. The Beamos was at the other end of the room, Thank Goddesses, so there was no need for a confrontation from it. Navi interrupted his thoughts.

"A chest."

"Where?" He turned towards it and just as luck would have it, a large chest was right past the Beamos. Cursing his luck, the lad slid past the Beamos, right under its nose, and came to the chest. Pulling the steel rimmed box open, another one of those old maps was imprinted on it. "A map!"

"Yea, now slid past the Beamos again." Of course, he did it again, because those Beamos weren't that smart at all. They did not even bother to look up or down. Since Link couldn't jump over the Beamos, he crawled under it this time, making an easy escape.

He just ran forward to the giant door, slamming his fist upon it, which in response slid open and showed down another dark corridor. It was actually lighter, but the next room confused him. There was a new room ahead lighted very headily. The room led up into the second floor, but there was a problem. Bomb flowers were stridden around so if he took one wrong step then it was time to die.

Navi fluttered away from the flowers, coming to a new entrance to a room. "Right here, let's try this door first." The brand-new room was unlocked, and Link walked inside the new room. At the end of the hall was a similar giant chest, like before, but this one was positioned between three of those statues. Walking forward, Navi slid past the statues and opened up the chest, there was one of those small blue machines from before.

"What is that, Navi-chan?"

"A compass, we were going to get one last time, but the trap. Now, this tells you where important items are in this dungeon, but not what they are." Throwing the compass forward, it bounced off the top figure, ricocheting into the boy's arms. Rolling the map up, with the compass tucked inside, Link stuck the tools under the waistband of his side pack.

"Good, now we don't have to wonder." As he turned around, something pushed into his body. Not into, but slammed so hard against him, a little trickle of blood slid down the side of his arm, where the wound was. Falling forward, a strange sound interrupted the atmosphere.


"Link, the statue's alive!" Floating right beside him, she checked him off, and dashed back to the monster's head, hovering over it.

Spinning around, only the shield in his hand, he stared down to the beast. The exact same statue as before, from the baby Dodongo's room, but this time around it was tanner than usual. Those beady eyes shown a blood red through them, while the sword stuck out for his blood. He didn't even need a warning, for he leapt forward, grabbing his guardian, and rushed out of the room with his new items stuck inside his pack.

When the edges of the doors shut, two more screams erupted. He must have woken up his buddies. Pounding against the door commenced for another ten minutes, until the creatures returned to the hidden chest and returned to their normal state. The group inched away from the door, wondering back into the other one. On closer inspection, the room seemed easier than before. In the center of the room was a huge platform that hung fifteen feet in the air, with stairs at the end. No easy access to that entrance, but at the base of the platform were Bomb Flowers spreading across the left and right sides? The only problem was that there was a spot in the middle for them to connect.

".Maybe a chain reaction would work. Navi-chan?"

"Very good, Link. Ah, look!" She had illuminated a brighter blue towards two Bomb Flowers that sat at the base of the door they just came out of. "If you put this in the center, then the bomb will go off and signal the others for a reaction that will rumble the base of the stairs. Of course, it may collapse and kill us both."

Chuckling, he gathered up the left bomb, placing it in the center, then throwing the right bomb on top of it. Running down the hallway of the statue-room, he ducked down on his hands and knees holding his ears for the impact. This was the time the small sprite circle around his ear and healed it, for if she hadn't, then Link would have gone deaf. There were forty Bomb Flowers that went off, in total, each one including the impact bigger than the rest. Now, this added up with the balance of the structure falling fifteen feet, making up the entire explosion to that of an avalanche. For a few seconds, Link couldn't even hear, but then the smoke cleared and his hearing returned. Staring up.he saw Navi right beside him, shivering.

"Are you all right!" He was screaming because his hearing hadn't fully returned.

"Yea! It just hurt my hearing a little, that was a first!"

"Want to wait a few minutes! Our hearing will return!"

Nodding, Navi and him walked out of the room ten minutes later, with ears back to normal. The sprite had disappeared; it seemed she had used up her power, which sadden him deeply. "Did she die?"

"I told you, Link, they return to the Great Farie."

"Oh. Hee, yea!" From staring up, he saw the platform had indeed dropped fifteen feet, but that didn't matter since the thing went up forty feet. Bracing himself, the two climbed the stairs (they were actually giant's stairs, so they climbed up each step). There were about forty steps in all, so the group spent two hours climbing up the entire flight of stairs, maybe It wasn't forty feet, and Link had misjudged his own trajectory. Upon reaching the top, he sat down and watched the new level of walking.

This room was a square, like the last, with familiar planks that led to the other end. Small little spider webs hung on the wall, and Link could hear the familiar clicking of those monsters from the Great Deku Tree.

"Left or right?"

"Left." She fluttered up the path, checking for monster's, with an eager Link following her with his sword drawn in his left hand. The protecting Deku was placed back in his satchel, with the flap open if he needed easy access. The entire brace was just a ruse, because when they reached the end of the hall, nothing was there aside a door at the end of the planked wood. Stepping through the door, he ran into an empty hall way, a rest spot. Sinking to the ground, he threw his equipment on the ground, slipping down into slumber land.

"Link! Get up!" Searching around the room, she spotted some plants, and threw them at the boy. Nothing. He was out cold for the night. Growling, she searched the room for supplies, finding some more seeds, and heart containers. Gathering them up, Navi went by his side, guarding him while he slept. Not that it lasted long, soon after she was slumped at his side, unconscious.


What were these two doing? He inspected them from the special device that the man in black had given him. Yes, the man had revived him and his people from the dead, and then given him this special device. He said that it was too watch anyone that would enter his domain. Now, however, there was this pipsqueak Kokiiri and a little sprite in his cavern!

Yes, he would wait until the little one got to his section of the cavern, then he would feed on it and him and the sprite. Hot flesh in his mouth, not like that nasty Goron flesh, would be a nice change from the regular meal of Armos, Beamos, and Kesse. The monster watched throughout the device as the little one slept. Yes, you shall sleep your last, Kokiiri, for when you get to the King Dodongo, you shall perish. Chuckling silently, the monster slammed its fist into the device, cutting it into pieces.


Seven hours later, he awoke to the smell of peacefulness. Was he dead? Was the adventure over? Yes, the boy had been eaten in his sleep, and now he was resting with the Goddesses. Staring up, he saw three beautiful women before him, each with a multiple colours of hair he had never seen. One, the colour of Malon's hair, one the colour of Saria's hair, and the last the colour of his eyes. Each was adorned in a long white dress, with the Triforce on each of the dresses. On each of the Triforces, a different piece was brighter than all the rest; for instance the top was brighter on the red head, the green wore the left, and the blue wore the left piece more illuminative.

Staring up at them, he heard the voices of each, yet their mouths didn't move.

Thou must go on, Hero of Time. The green-haired one spoke. She seemed somewhat closer to him, as if they came from the same land. The redhead just smirked with her arms crossed over her breast, while the blue haired one nodded her head softly.

Go on? I am dead.

Doesn't be silly, young one, thou art alive. Leaning closer to him, all three of them kissed a piece of his forehead, chanting out his name. Link, Link, Link, Li--


"nk! Link, get up!" She fluttered right above Link's nose, slapping his cheeks softly, but was thrown aside as he woke up with a yawn.

"Hmm.ohh, how long have I been asleep?"

"Seven hours."

"S-seven hours? Why did you let me sleep that long!"

"Because I slept that long," she giggled a little, shrugging her shoulders. "Now, we need to go on, all right?"

Raising himself up, he brushed the dirt from his tunic. Picking up his equipment, Link walked to the other side of the safe-room, pushing the door open and walking through it. Seeing that they were in a brand new room was just two doors (one he came out of), and a new one at the other side all barred up. A small platform in the center held the switch at the top, but unfortunately was guarded by four Armos on each side.

"Tempt it?" His voice wavered, trying to say soft, as not to wake them up.

"Want me to carry you."

"If you can. Would you mind?"

"Not at all, Link-chan." Grabbing him by the collar, Navi flew him over the statue-creatures, sitting him on the switch. The doors clanked open, and jumping off the platform, Link ran to the door leaving those creatures behind. Heh, he would probably have dreams about living statues for weeks.

A familiar room? They were in the Dodongo-skull room, but instead on the top level. "We did it!"

"Sure did. Wow, you had better watch out. The bridge doesn't look sturdy" That was true, the huge bridge stretched from the beginning of the room they had came out of, and stopped at the end of the upper level Link had viewed earlier. That's a long way to fall. he said silently to himself. Breathing heavily, the shield came back out, pushing the sword back into the holder. "Ready?"

"Yea, I see no immediate dangers, Link. Good idea to keep the shield out." Moving ahead of him, she went first, while he trailed behind. Every now and then there was a loose board, or one that was completely gone, and she would warn the boy so he could hop over it. That went on for a long while, because it seemed the higher up they got, the wider it got. The group walked the bridge a full ten minutes, before the real action started.

Flying towards them, the creature knocked Navi aside, and ran for Link. This wouldn't have been a problem for Link, except this monster was on fire.

"Kesse, elemental! Duck, Link!"

Staring up, it was the same bat as he had seen from inside the graveyard, but this one was ablaze. Yes, the creature was on fire and hovering towards him. The shield was useless, so he rolled forward upon the bridge; almost losing his balance that would surely bring him a bone- smashing death, or a fiery. Now, don't those sound nice? Smashing the mark on target, Link rolled forward and jumped up running for the other end.

The creature followed him all the way to the end of the bridge, which was evidently its death sentence, because once it reached the end of the bridge it met steel. Link had been waiting at the end of Rope Bridge, sword drawn, and slashed the thing in half, then to bits. The sword was protected against fire, so it didn't become affected, but he did get a little hot being so close to it. With a conflict finished, he still kept the sword drawn, exploring the platform. There was another bridge that lead to a smaller chest, but the bridge was so broken up he dared not attempt it. Plus, it was across a ledge 20 feet away. Something about the bridge intrigued him for there was a headstone over there. They would work their way over there, because Navi couldn't carry Link that far.

"This platform is small." Navi had witnessed the battle, amazed at how much of a tactician that he had become. Congratulating him for the victory, she stared down the brightened hallway and the steel door that lay ahead. "Come on, now. Let's finish this already."

Nothing of interest was around, so Link headed down the door, letting it open itself and welcome himself inside. A pit was at the end of the room, a real pit, or a lower region in the room. Taking the small ladder down into the deeper layer of the cavern, Link heard the sound of metal rustling, slamming against the wall just in time.

"Link! Are you all right!" Navi was quickly back at his side, watching that little torture that tore the hem of his tunic.

A small little machine (reaching in height, to Link's ankles) slid across the path, and returned to its resting-place. The little mechanism was not all that way wide either, so light, in fact that he would be able to hold it. All though the fact of the matter was that the black structure was condemned with metal spikes. Yes, blades of all kinds stuck out of the machine, streaming in six different directions. Looking at it, the trap slid forward again, missing him all together this time, but giving him that queasy feeling in his stomach.

"I-is that an monster?" Link asked desperately, if it was, he wouldn't be able to get a hit on it.

"'s a trap. I hear no signs of life, so it is a trap. All right, leap."

"Leap! Are you crazy!"

"Leap, now. Climb up the ladder a little and leap forward. See the platforms?"

Yes, there platforms hanging around, the spike was only guarding one thin hallway, so if he leapt forward then he could hide in-between the structures from it (and maybe more) or the similar machines. Nodding, Link scaled five feet up the red ladder, gave a thumbs-up to Navi and jumped forward.

The scrape of metal sounded again, but this time it seemed far away when Link sailed over the small trap, landing on his behind at the other side. Going to the other side, he peered over a little and spied another one of those traps. Reaching into his pocket, he threw out a nut. The Deku nut startled the machine to go that way, which Link passed by into another set of structures.

"Good, you are doing it!" She yelled from afar, rejoining him a few seconds later. "I saw six more of these columns, so you are going to have to do it a little more."

"Sure, no problem, I have enough nuts."

Some of the columns they went under were short enough to reach if he stood on something, and others reached the wall with no ceiling to climb on. Five nuts later, he was at a place with another one of those huge rocks, the ones with the crescent moons, pushed into the wall. The thing was pushed into the wall, so even if he had the strength, he couldn't pull it out. Slumping against it, the farie came to his side.

"What to do.what to do. There is a ladder up there." Speaking aloud, to her. Also, it was ten feet in the air, so he couldn't latch on it.

"Try pulling it out, Linky-chan."

"I can't, remember last time?"

"And you have powered up twice in that time. I think four pieces of hearts powers you up just as the blue light does. Now try it."

".All right, but I am warning you."

To his surprise (but not Navi's), his own limits were surpassed. "Hee! I did it!"

At least it slid out four feet, enough for him to climb on and search the way around for a new way. There was a small column he could jump on. Leaping forward, his digits pressed into the top of the platform, pulling him on the five-foot wide thing. Standing up, a Bomb Flower was to his left, while the door-passage was north of him.

"It's blocked!" Yes, the door was covered with one of those barriers that you bombed, but no where to put the explosion, except a measly one foot!

"Try to make the ladder." Navi suggested, fluttering around the huge black explosive.

"What? What do you mean?"

"Throw the bomb and try to make it slid where the ladder meets the door. It's either that or hold it a few extra seconds, hoping it doesn't blow, and throw it at the wall."

No answer was needed, and he yanked the bomb and threw forward.utterly missing. The bomb fell down to the large block and blew that to pieces. Frowning, he waited a minute for the bomb to regenerate, balancing his wait, and launching it at the ladder.

"Perfect, Link!" A few seconds later, the bomb blew up shattering the barrier. Navi floated at his ear, somewhat amazed. "It's stopped."

"What has?"

"You're hearing. It is fixed, now, Link. You are adjusted to the blasts."

" are right." Shrugging his shoulders, the lad jumped the estimated feet from the ledge of the platform to the new room. When he landed, he ran forward, ignoring the darkness, for the darkness was limited because all these puzzles were easy.

Crimson and orange flames came out of the next room. Blocking his eyes, the boy saw that this room consisted of a lower consisting of nothing, and a column in the middle that was held with flames. No other way forward, but there was a small diamond shaped headwork at the end of the room, an eye in the middle of the centerpiece.

"That must be a trap, Link, shoot it with your seed might extinguish the fire."

"Like the ladder from before." He mentally spoke aloud, pulling out the sling and taking aim. The first seed missed, but the second hit the target right on schedule making the fire disappear. A ticking timer sounded, as if giving him limited seconds. Not even waiting to be misjudged by Navi, Link jumped upon the first platform, and jumped across to the next end. At the end, it was like the first room with the statues (the ones not alive); the surface was made of some weird black and red materials.


Another group of those lizard-men appeared to Link in the next room. It was basically a replica of the previous Lizalfo room, but with a waterfall of Lava at the end. More platforms to cross too, and one that led out to the end with no prizes at all.

Even the fight was a repetition of the previous one, for Link had the two monsters down in a matter of two minutes. With each with impaled wounds, he leapt across each of the islands, until stopping at the one where another door stood.

Another many of them are there? When will this end?" Frustrated, he smashed the hilt of the sword against the door, which in response, opened up.

"Hey, we're almost there, don't worry. Just take a look at the map, if you don't believe me."

"When did you read the map?"

"While you were passed out, we should only have two more rooms left."

Pulling out the map, he leaned against the wall with it spread and looked forward. Yes, this was the third to last room. Another room with a similar trap was next, and then a room with some chests. That compass worked wonders because it located where each of these things was. Throwing the compass into the lava, he rolled the map up and stuck it at back between the waistband around him. "You are right."

"Of course I am. You ready?"

"Yup." He put her under his hat to rest, saying. "You said you were tired, now take a quick nap. I can take care of the next two rooms."

"You sure?"

"Yes, ma'am." Reluctantly she slid under his hat to rest herself up for a fight, and of course there would be a fight. Always there would be a fight, for these dungeons had a master in themselves. Hopefully, this fight wouldn't end as bad as the last one did: with a stroke of luck. It was his anger that stopped the Gohma, but he weaker then.


A remembrance of a previous puzzle did come up, as the map said. This time there were two platforms ablaze. Shooting the eye again, the first platform out, but when Link crossed onto the first one, he saw an eye to his left. This eye was at the left wall, enclosed in a small box, with only one way to shoot in. Aiming precisely, the ticker still coming on, he nailed it in one shot. Second pillar of fire ended, and the boy leapt across this one and off onto the exit just as both pillars began to spit out fire once again.

That was his last puzzle, as the map showed, for the next room was a series of small ledges he leapt out, and crevices to pass over. When he finally reached the end (Navi being asleep about thirty minutes) he saw to his left were smaller platforms he could never balance on, but to his right was a series of stairs that led to the treasure. Giggling, he ran up the stairs, well climbing them, reaching the top of it, he yanked open the door. The same sensation of when he found the Farie Slingshot was overcome, for inside this chest was a larger bomb bag and thirty bombs.

Taking out the old bag, which only held twenty after some speculation, Link threw the older bag aside and attached this one right at his side with the bombs stuffed in them. They were a bit smaller than the Bomb Flowers, and could only the size of his palms for mobile access. Slamming the chest shut, the boy ran out down the room and into the next one, the end of the line.


"Maps like to lie!" Stomping his foot into the ground, Link stared over his position with disgust. He was basically over that twenty-foot jump, in the main hall, that had worried them nearly forty-five minutes ago. Shrugging a shoulder, the boy walked over to the small headstone pushed up out of the earth. A steel plate was set in the center of the tombstone, where carved writing was scratched in with what seemed like a rock. Bending at his knees, Link read the heading.

Giant Dead Dodongo When it sees red. A new way to go Will be open.

Does it mean red, as in the colour? I am assuming it means the huge skull, but the eyes "Red. Of course!" Nodding, he walked towards the long drawbridge, but on his way over stomped on a huge switch in the center of the platform. After a screeching sound of some machinery, the pillar that once stood on the first floor would now reach to the top of the second hall. This must be my way down. Moving over the bridge until he came to a part where a loose board was, Link kicked it out and pulled out the bomb.

The way the bomb worked was if you pressed on the fuse, it ignited and started to burn down the wick. Pressing on the mark, he threw it down the hole and watched it fall exactly on the right eye socket of the Dodongo's skull, and this presented itself of when the bomb exploded the eye turned crimson. Squealing, he moved over to another lose board and preformed the same task, but this time when the other turned red something different happened. Both eyes were red, sure, but the mouth of the Dodongo slammed open.

He couldn't see what was down there, so running back over to the platform, he leapt upon it and let himself be taken down to the first floor. When the pillar stopped at the first floor, Link dodged the Beamos and ran up inside of the Dodongo. No traps were inside there, but only a hidden door, and walking enough distance so the Beamos didn't notice him, he awakened Navi, explaining to her what had happened.


A few minutes later, she was inspecting the bombs for bugs (so they didn't ignite when he wasn't using them), and gave a quick nod. Link had already explained all the traps to Navi, and to her surprise how he figured out that complex puzzle in a matter of seconds, no matter how the difficulty. Floating at his side, she viewed the huge door inside of the skull, speaking to him directly. "All right, let's go. The map doesn't explain this area, probably because no one ever gets this far."

Nodding a quick approval of apparition, the lad ran forward inside of the Dodongo's mouth, walking where its throat was, and opening the door. With a simple kick, the steel plated door popped open, giving him access to a newly lighted room. Preparing himself for what was a puzzle (or so it looked), Link pulled his sword back into the sheath, while keeping the shield and slingshot handy. Stepping into the new room, the boy spotted two Kesse flurrying towards them.

He aimed and shot two seeds directly at the birds, taking them out completely, well with that knocked out, there seemed to be no more dangers. Just incase, he slipped the slingshot right under the waistband of his belt, and grabbed the map throwing it aside. There was no need for those things anymore.

Enlightening his way forward, he noticed there was a four feet drop from when he entered, basically another pit, and dropping down he spotted four different directions to go. Barred walls blocked the north direction, the east was too tall to climb, the west about right, and the south was where he climbed out. In the center of the room was a group of submerged stones surrounding a small hole, in a square shape. After peeking inside, he saw a small blue switch from before, but after sitting on it and climbing out the bars of the room remained the same.

"Do we venture west?" His voice wavered a little, scanning the walls for Kesse.

"Yes, let's do that, maybe we can find something to push forward and hold this switch down."

"Your right. Hee, you are so smart." Throwing aside his fear, the boy walked to the east and climbed up the two feet to the wall. Settling him down, the paths were stonier than before, for when he ran down the darkened path (that was lit by a torch every now and then), and while this went on his eyes would scan all the stones around. Finally, a few minutes later, the light spread up and he entered a new room where another drop down was needed. Sliding down the two feet, Link stared forward at the existing room.

Heavily lighted by unknown sources, the room consisted of nothing except a wall that led ahead seven feet from where he stood. Up ahead were two Kesse, which he took out in a few slingshot targets, but aside that there seemed to be nothing to do. Heavily scanning the walls, he discovered there was a place to climb up that lead to the other side of the room, and with a the upbringing climb, the boy jumped down the small cliff that stood two feet high. Identical walls were aligned, as the other half of the room, except this time at the end of the hall was a pair of blocks from the room with the spikes.

Nothing was of importance of the stones, only for a descent procedure, and after some struggling he was on the other side of the third wall. The room in all contained two walls that separated the room except the small cliffs at the left and right ends of the room. In the center of this room was a door that contained the need to be bombed, and after doing so, he peeked in seeing a Armos, quickly slamming the door shut.

Jumping down with Link, Navi noticed that the path was blocked, yes the path they were supposed to take out of here was blocked. Frowning, she left his side and circle the blocks, getting a conjugation. "Link, the stones, match them up and push the other one over here. If you do that, we can pull the stone over here to where the exit is blocked, climb on it and push it aside."

Brilliant! These stones were a bit smaller than his previous ones, so after only two struggles, he had the stone pushed to the other side of the third passageway. Pulling the stone to the exit of this maze, centering it to Navi's configurations, he climbed up on top and pushed the stone away like a brick. If this had been the first quest of his, he wouldn't have been able to accomplish it, fortunately for them both it wasn't.

Not even bothering to push the stone with him, Link ran down a familiar looking stony path that led back to the room they couldn't climb up because it was so high up, and at the top of it was a stone like the ones from the previous room. Nodding, they both pushed the stone off the ledge, watching it fall down below into the room with barred doors. Hopping down on the stone, Link pulled it out from the wall, and went behind it pressing it towards the switch. A long distance, for this stone was a bit heavier than the others were, but eventually it slid in and like automatics, the barred door slid open.

Sprinting at the direction, the doors slid upon the hinges, revealing the final door. The newly adjoined room was actually quite small, with nothing there. Only a floor that looked like it was about to collapse, and a chest in the middle. Staring down the red and white walls (which reminded him of a volcano as explained in the books), Link growled and slammed his feet into the surface.

"Where do we go?"

"I don't know--Link!" Grabbing him by the collar, the center of the room collapsed into another room. She realized that if she hadn't grabbed him when she had--because the room went down one hundred feet. All she could view down there was a red surface and the smoke that emitted from it. Placing him right infront of the chest, she leaned heavily on his shoulder.

"T-thanks, Navi." Poking the chest open, he found some more bombs, two more to be exact. Placing them inside his Bomb Bag, Link left it open for it. "I can bet this is going to be the monster's lair, the center of the volcano."

"I would imagine so." Groping him by the collar, she flew towards the center of the path, fluttering down the one hundred feet. When they were just five feet, she dropped him, so he landed quickly upon his feet with the sword and shield drawn for battle. Looking around the room was a mess, for in the center was molten lava quickening the pace of the room. Nothing was streaming, Thank Goddess, but if he just fell in. The room itself was oval shaped, so only a small path, about five feet wide stretched across the entire room.

"Navi, I don't see a boss."

"He has to be here somewhere."

It was about time! Ever since the machine had been destroyed, he regretted it now; the monster had been worrying that the boy might die. If he died, he wouldn't be able to taste the flesh of the Kokiirish. Mustering out a long growl, the monster was positioned right behind the two. What fools they were! Didn't they think to look behind themselves? Now would he just gobble him up, or play with his food a little? The answer was quite obvious: playing with your food always tenderized it.

Pulling on his four haunches, the tyrant deepened its growl, letting out one of the strongest war cries in the history of them. Soulless blue eyes stared down the boy, as he turned around, and that was when he saw the fear in the little one's eyes. Why shouldn't he be scared? He was, after all ten times the boy's size. This was a revenge mission, for all of his children were dead, or dying. Nothing was left except those stupid Beamos (and you couldn't kill those), so he stared the boy down.


"I really don't know, Link." Clicking her teeth together of fright, the growl had startled them. Looking from the left to the right, the two saw nothing.

"What was that.?"

"I don't know, now stop being a--" This time she was answered by the largest yell she had ever heard. Turning around, her little eyes gasped with fear, and all of a sudden she was glad the veil was on her. No one would ever see her fright.

Those little Dodongos didn't compare squat to this one. The creature stood over sixty feet tall (no wonder it couldn't get them earlier), with at least no green upon its body. A gray colour, mixed with a tan, was placed all over the scales, but upon his shoulders were some black and light green scales upon there. Well, scales are a bad word, because they were spikier than the rest of them. Like the other Dodongo, this one had a huge horn, but it was ten feet long and twice as sharp, showing scales upon its back were sharper than his blade. Four legs, instead of one, rolled upon is body holding up that great white belly along with that face? Two layers of teeth, big enough to swallow the other Dodongos, were stretched out in a yawn, and also a pair of larger fangs pressed out into the atmosphere. Those eyes had nothing but blue in the, showing off no affection or emotion, for that matter. A massive tail sprung back and forth after its rear, with enough force to impale them both in one turn.

"Link.turn around."


"Did you find him?" Stumbling around, he spotted the tyrant, and this monster was nothing compared to Gohma. His heart stopped as the monster stared back at him, crying out once more. That was when the monster held its breath and began to spit out fire. Gathering Navi up, he held out the Deku shield for protection. How much trouble did that need to be? Well, we shall see.

The Deku wood designated into nothing, as the fires licked upon the ends of it. All the shield did was protect him from the fire, but when he threw it aside, some burn marks were scuffed on his hands. Staring up at the monster, he watched as it curled into a ball and began to fall towards him, and without knowing what to do, Link fell to his knees letting the shield take the impact of it. Yes, he would die; he was ready and prepared. Too cocky, he always got, why did he always get so God damned cocky!


What a fool! First the shield didn't work, and now he plans to let the metal piece protect him? The monster bellowed silently, with a mental shrug of the shoulders. This was the best way to take him out; tenderizing was what the little Kokiiri needed. Letting out a snarling laugh, the monster rolled forward, curled up in a ball and flattened the surface of the shield.

That should have been the end, it would have been the end, but it wasn't the end. Something was protecting him, because the shield began to light up, mainly the Triforces did. A special someone was protecting him, and the monster saw this. When it saw this, it covered its eyes from the light and began to circle away from them, running around the long circle to escape the light. Damn him!


Was he dead? Looking up, his body was in perfect condition! With only one shield now, he drew his sword and kept his hands on the bombs. Well, what was the plan, boy? What would he do to kill this beast? It's shell was obviously too hard to pound on, but what about the insides?

"Navi-chan! Have any ideas!"

"What about the insides, you saw when he began to breath fire. I think you might be able to throw a bomb in his mouth." There were bomb flowers surrounded them, but it was too risky to touch them, he trusted his own bombs.

"Yea, I see. And the bombs would blow up his insides?"

"It might take a few times, but yes, I think that might work. His shell is too rocky to hit."

"We have a plan. Ooh! Here he comes!"

The beast hit the side of the wall, a few feet from them, and towered over at them with its mouth raised. Link grabbed a bomb from his pocket and leapt forward, throwing the bomb right at his uvula. With a gasp of surprise, the bomb went down its throat and for a few seconds, it just sat there. Opening its mouth, ready to breathe fire, but it stopped when a splash of pain went inside of it. Falling upon its knees, the monster began to shine a bright red.

"We have him, Link, stab him!"

Taking no time, she fluttered around his eye, brightening her aura to yellow. For a second Link didn't move, but then he yanked the sword out and did one of those jump-slashes from before. This slash was aimed right for the eyes, so when it went down, the monster jumped up and spread off in the opposite direction screaming with pain. Black fluids poured from both of its eyes (Link had nailed both of them, instead of one), growling and yowling as it sat on the other side of the room, still in a ball.


How dare him! At first, he didn't know what he had eaten, then he had tried to throw it up, but he was too late. Most of his internal organs were already flattened which meant he would die within the hour. Curse him! Damnit! The monster slammed its paws into the ground, but it was paralyzed? What was going on, its skin colour had changed and now it couldn't move?

That wasn't the worst of it, though. The worst was when both of its eyes were gouged with that little Kokiiri's blade of steel. Steel had stung his eyes, blinding him from both of them, so he wouldn't be able to aim himself properly, and throwing out of his mouth the fire would hit no one. Not knowing what to do, the Dodongo sped down towards the end of the room, stopping at the other side and staying curled. That monster couldn't get him now, yes that was a monster. How else could that Kokiiri survive the impact of his own body? It wasn't a Kokiiri; it was that only to tease him, what it really was some sort of deity


"I don't think he is going for that trick again, Link."

"Oh, I know, I am going to do the Deku nut trick."

"Good idea." Navi sped towards the weakened Dodongo, firing blast at his shell, some of the shell cracked open, revealing some skin, but it didn't do much good at all. Running across the circle, not as fast as Navi, the boy took out a Deku nut and launched it right at the dinosaur.

The monster turned on its back, bloody eyes ajar, with mouth open and staring at him widely. Link pulled out two bombs, igniting the fuse, and placing them inside of its cavity. Jumping forward a few feet, he hid under his shell as the impact fell out, but there was no need for no more slashing, for when he turned back around, the Dodongo was bleeding in all its glory. Half of its stomach was gone, all the scales shattered off, and the head stared ahead with brains pouring out.

Curling into a ball, the monster ran out into the hot lava, sinking inside of the lava until its skull was the only remains. Some of its body was still alive, but as the lava hardened and crumbled, it all turned to ash. Yes, the lava was crumbling too. It froze down to a light red, the heat of it dissipating to nothingness. Staring down at the monster, blood flowing from his sword, Link wiped it off and sheathed it down. Near where the skull disappeared, the familiar blue light stood open for their entry.

"We.we did it."

"Yes, Linky-chan.we did it."

"H-how did that save me, the shield?"

"I guess Farore must be looking out for you, Link."

".Must be, must be." Tying the bomb bag shut, he hurried over towards the light and stepped into it. That familiar feeling of returning strength appeared around his wounds, the scuffs of the fire disappearing, and also a new power was rejuvenating inside his soul. No, whenever this happened, he didn't look physically stronger, but he just got physically stronger. The third time it happened, so now he was three times as strong as when he the journey began. Just like last time, the room disappeared and he was transported to another area.

The scene switched from the boss dungeon of the Dodongo's Cavern, to right outside of the cave. Shaking his head lightly, a small pinging sound entered his ears, before a smash settled right next to him. Throwing himself around, he spotted a familiar looking Goron standing himself off. It was Daruina. A large smile was plastered on his face, and he beat on his chest furiously.

"Kid! No, Link! You've done well!"

".Yea, you saw?"

"Of course not, but I sensed it. You have defeated all the Dodongos in the cavern; all we have are that stupid Beamos, which we can take care of with our special crop. I see you have some of our crops. You may keep them, I am sure they will help you on your journey to blow off walls and stuff like that."


"Now, you wanted the Spiritual Stone of Fire, right?"

Navi went in at this time. "Yes, we do want it, Daruina-sama."

"Ha! Such a polite farie. Call me, Daruina. Please, I want you too."

Link looked up at him expectantly, and held his hand out politely. "The stone?"

"Oh, sure, but first let us become Sworn Brothers. No, there is no ceremony involved, we just have to come back to the City of Gorons and receive the stone, and it is inside my room. Hop on."

Climbing upon his back, Link held onto the Goron as Daruina streamed up towards the City of Gorons. They weren't actually gone that long (it only took an hour to get to the city), and when they were there Link received the Goron's Ruby. The ruby was quite beautiful; it was a red jewel, adorned in gold from the sides to the top of it. When receiving the ruby, Link stuffed it in the special pocket of his side pack where his ocarina notes and the other stone was. That night a small ceremony was met in his honour, and there he was given a wonderful feast (which he ate heartily). Him and his farie ate there to their heart's content; it was a dinner that was well indeed deserved.

"Here you are, Great Dodongo Buster." That was just one of the few nicknames he had inherited since his first night here. Turning around, he noticed one of the many Gorons with its arms pointed up to a new arena. They were on the second floor, and this room had normally been blocked up with boulders. Now, with rocks pushed aside, he pointed down the ten-foot tall square door.

"What's in there?" Spoke Navi. She had been secured in his hat, but now was up with the overfull moon.

"It will be to both of your liking, Miss Navi. Please, trust me."

With a sulk look from Link, Navi nodded her head in defeat. How could she say no to that.? Leaping forward, Link ran through the door and into the newest room. This room was twenty feet wide and thirty feet long, filled with lava rocks on the sides, was a long metal tank filled with water. It wasn't bubbling like the magna had, but the water was red from the immense heat.

Yanking boots side, the young hero placed his feet in the water, only to be slapped in the face a few seconds later.

"Link, are you insane! These are Gorons--ohh is your foot all right!"

He now had both bare feet in the water, sighing sweetly. "Yes ma'am, it feels wonderful. It isn't hot, but what is this? I've never seen water like this before."

"It's called a sauna, or a Hot Springs. It is where a person relaxes in the pool and bathes their troubles away." Contenting with a sigh, she fluttered over the pool, testing the water. Yes, this was so wonderful, such good Gorons.

"Wash your troubles away? What are you talking about, Navi? Navi?" She had flown out towards the middle, so he pulled his sa

chel, side-pack, and weapons off, placing them at the entrance of the room. Lastly, he yanked his hat off and dove into the water. Link had taken some swimming lessons before, so he easily glided in the water, and came to a stop next to his farie. "What are you talking about?"

"L-Link, you are n--" No, he wasn't. His hat and materials were over there, but the boy had obviously not gotten the key word: bathe. "Link.sweetheart, it's like a bath. You have to strip down so your clothes don't shrink in this water. Now come on and get naked." Wow.her cheeks exploded in embarrassment, turning around.

"Oh, all right. You too?"

"Me too! Link, what are you--" Of course, she realized he meant nothing by it. Why would it be fair for him to strip and not her? "Why.all right."

"And no veil."

"No veil? Why not?"

"Because I don't have a veil, silly." He had yanked the wet clothing off under the water and threw it upon the coals at the sides. There, that would dry them while he bathed. Swimming over to the sides, away from the coals, was a scrub brush, some weird looking soaps, and other shampoo essentials.

"Link. I don't know about this, I am.after all a girl."

"So is Saria, but she used to take baths with me."

She countered. "Does she anymore?"

"Well, no." He confessed. It was weird, but after he grew too eight she said he was too big for them to bathe together. "I guess we don't. But, anyway, we are partners, remember. Whatever you have is mine and whatever I have is yours."


Ohh, I'd take anything you have to offer Linky. She thought dreamily, slipping her clothing off, and sliding into the water, a few feet from him.

Really? It was the voice. Would you?

Yes, I would.

Ha, like you could handle him. The voice seemed to be growing stronger and stronger, why did it want too keep the two apart?

Aren't we the same?

Of course we are.

Then why don't you love him!

The voice was quiet for a few seconds, but it quietly answered back. I do.but we both know we can't have him, now do we?

Yes we can! Several minutes passed, Navi called out in her mind again. We can love him. We can together! "We can love him together!"

"Love who?" Navi had been in her trance for a few minutes, so he had slid over to her and checked her out for any signs of strains. Nothing was wrong, no strains at all. Navi went in these trances sometimes, but Link was used too them by the third or fourth day on the road. She is different.that's all. That was fine with him, for he loved different things. Saria is different, he is different, and so is she.

Turning around, she noticed that Link had wrapped her in one of the many clothes the Gorons had left, sitting her upon the sides where the flames were bursting. Had he seen her naked? Gasping, she looked up at him with curiosity. "What did you say?"

"You said 'we can love him together!' who is he?"

"H-he? Ohh, he is.he is.Mido! I was saying we could love Mido together one day.? Yea, that's it."

Distaste ran through his eyes. "Navi-chan, you are too close to the flames." He smiled a little and splashed her with the water.

"Oh. I am, aren't I? I think you were the one who got his brain smashed in the Dodongo Cavern."

Giggling, he backed up to the other side of the pool, waving his hands back and sending a wave towards the girl. Now it was only a wave too him, but too Navi it was a tidal wave. Squealing, she flew out of the towel and deep into the water, so it stood over her neck, staring up at the grinning Link. His own water level was up to his stomach; actually revealing that tanned chest was becoming a little muscled. Frowning, she growled a bit.

"Linky-chan, what was that for!"

"Oh, that? It was for this." Gliding away, his feet went into an uproar and spilled what seemed like gallons and gallons of hot water on Navi. Crying out again, she fluttered the barrier on (just from her breast stopping at where her vulva began), it was basically a one-piece suit made of chi. Gliding through the water, she stopped right infront of him, blasting some harmless chi into his eye.

Standing up, he fell into the water, screaming in surprise. When he came up, Navi had the strangest look upon her face. He stared at her for a few seconds, and spoke. "Navi.what's wrong, you are paler than usual." It was true she almost looked like she had albinism, but her pigment was whiter than ever.

".Nothing, Link. Nothing at all, I was just thinking."

"Ah, well you want to be alone?"

"Kinda, could you go bathe and come back when you're done? It is personal."

Looking hurt, he began to swim away, when she blurted out. "I love you."

He didn't have too look back, he yelped out. "Love you too, hope that the personal thought isn't any of my flaws, hee!" At that point his voice echoed out, and he glided to the end of the Hot Springs, washing himself off.


Oh, yes, it is about you, but it's not a character flaw. When Link stood up, Navi had been as joyful as ever, probably the most fun she had had in years, but as usual the fun came to a stop. Little Link jumped up and revealed himself too the young farie, which in turn had made her skin grow colder and all her emotions numb. Yes, she had seen that forbidden part of him, she wasn't supposed too see. The Deku Tree had agreed with her that the two must never fall in love. Sure, she hadn't known this was going to happen, but after that case, the two were going to remain partners until all eternity.

There were many rules in the Kokiiri Forest, and in most cases Faries and Kokiiri could fall in love, all though children producing was zero to none. In this case, however, the Deku Tree had forbid her from even thinking of those thoughts. That, in turn, had driven her wild, too think about him forbiddingly. Her first impression of him, was that he was this spoiled little child who had been raised by the most beautiful Kokiiri and lived up to snob issues, but she was wrong. Now the impression is that this is the sweetest little guy you would ever meet, whose courage is far past that of all Kokiiri, Hyrulians, Gerudos, Shiekah, and Gorons. Navi still remembered the conversations they had had almost a month ago.

Never, Navi, I forbid it.

'But why?' She didn't seem that interested, Navi was naturally curious. 'I know some faries that have fallen in love with some of the other Kokiiri.'

'Yes, I understand that, but I forbid you too to get close. Link may seem ordinary, but he is far from ordinary, his future will bring great things.'

'Great things? Like what?'

'Nevermind that, I want you to promise me you won't get anything physical with him. The boy is young, anyway, much younger than the rest of the Kokiiri and as innocent as a newborn. Don't soil him, Navi-san.'

Soil him? How do you know, I know about those things?

The Deku Tree had just grinned, as Navi flew off in rage.

Was she breaking her law against the Deku Tree, by falling in love? Maybe she was, but she didn't care in the least. You couldn't deny love, love was just like that, and sure she saw how those other girls eyed the young boy (he was naturally a very adorable one), but it didn't matter. The only one she had too worry about was Saria, no she wouldn't forbid Link to not see her, and she would just keep a close eye on the older Kokiiri.

When Link was done, he returned to her and washed her back, letting her bathe by herself. That night, they spoke of unimportant things, the stars, what was next, where the next stone was, and of course about themselves. Nothing particularly exciting happened that night, Navi snuggled up by his face, instead of in his hat, but that would sum up the entire Goron facility for that night. They were so much nicer than when the Kokiiri had given them a good-bye party. Of course, they hadn't killed Daruina, had they?


The next three days he spent wandering the Goron City, the first day he lit all the torches with the help of his Deku Stick and got that large statue of the Goron in the middle to start spinning around. A few hours later, he wondered to the third floor and threw some bombs inside of the mark, which resulted in throwing a heart piece at him. The last piece until he got stronger, so he connected them and the feelings he had just felt a day ago returned to him with full extent. Stronger than ever, he could run up the entire place in and it too a half-hour shorter than before.

On his way up to the top of Goron City, Link ran into a Goron who called himself Hot Rodder Goron (that's what the sign said.) It also challenged anyone to throw a bomb out, to stop him from rolling. Link took the challenge with every bit of himself, throwing an explosive when the ball was two feet infront of him. Dodging the Hot-, the bomb blew up and threw the Goron against the wall. Gasping, he ran to the Goron and helped him back on his feet, who was smiling at him.

"You've stopped me!"

"Are you hurt?"

"Not at all, young Kokiiri. I've heard of you from the local Goron, you helped end our starvation, right?"

"Yes, sir."

The Goron reached inside of his pocket and took out a larger Bomb Bag could fit more bombs than ever. "You have more bombs, correct?"

"Yes, sir."

"All right, take this Bomb Bag as a sign of my appreciation for stopping the great Hot Rodder."

Taking the Bomb Bag, inside were eleven more bombs, which brought his total number of explosives to forty bombs. Putting the bag back on his in place of the other one, he traded it and wondered off, for the Hot-rod was already gone with the wind.


On his explorations through the city, Link discovered an entrance to the Kokiiri Forest. It really explained why Daruina liked Saria's music, for they were so close together, that he had heard it before. Placing a bomb right infront of a pillar of rocks, Link went off to the side letting the rocks crumble. When he wondered through, he was in the middle of the Lost Woods.

"That's where those rocks led. Hee!" Navi was tuckered under his cap, so he let the girl sleep while he wondered through the rest of the woods and back through the Sacred Forest Meadow. When he came upon the exit of the meadow, he peered through the gardens to see Saria was sitting upon the stump, as the last time he visited. There she was, in all her glory, perched upon the bench, enjoying herself. The instrument wasn't being used, so at least there would be no time to practice.

"Saria!" Running from the entrance of the new meadow, he saw as she jumped up and met him halfway. Giggling, he fell into her arms, causing them both to collapse into the dirt, yet he smothered the forest child with kisses of glory and misfortune. She, in turn, retrieved the smooches and gave a few back. When it was all over, he sat infront of her, grinning a little.

"Link--you're back, but you were still in Goron City less than a week ago, how did you get back so fast!"

"A secret passage. You see, there was this place covered with rocks, and I bombed it." Triggering off the sentence, he pulled the bomb bag out and showed her the fresh patch. These never went bad, so there was no need to replace them after a length of time.

"Wow, what are those?"

"I'd show you, but you aren't used to them, they might make your ears bleed. Almost did for me, first time I used them. Anyway, in Goron City, there is a place where you can bomb rocks, and we could hear your tune. So, I bombed the area and turns out it leads into the Lost Woods."

"You mean that stone wall that was covered up?"

"Yea, a few sectors away from where the small lake is." Putting the Bomb Bag up, he told her of his journeys with the Gorons. What happened between him the Dodongos, and a lot of other stuff, basically he told her the entire tale until up too today. The boy also mentioned what Navi had done (his words didn't describe what she saw), so Saria glanced at the hat and passed it off as embarrassment from her nudity. Half-agreeing with her, something else seemed wrong, he dropped the subject and went on with his tale.

A few hours later, the tale done and them both eating, Navi came from her hat and was surprised at the place. "Link, how long have I been sleeping!"

"Three or four hours, ohh, the place? I bombed that entrance with the music we heard, that took us here." "Hello, Navi-san." Saria spoke up, she had Link bounded in her lap, but since she was hovering over them both, he fully recognized her without moving.

"Hi, Saria-san. Urm, Link-chan, when are we leaving?"

Saria grasped, trying to hide the frown, so she stared down at the ground. What was it with this farie? Why was she always trying to separate the two of them? This girl, is she jealous, because they spend much time together, but why was that? Saria grasped it with full colours, nodding with anticipation. Of course, that was the perfect reasons. "Maybe you should leave tomorrow?"

"Saria-chan! I came too visit you!"

"Yes, but you need to spend time with Navi."

"Navi-chan? I see her all the time, she knows I care for her, right Navi?" He looked up at the grinning farie, but her grin disappeared and she nodded a little. "Of course you do, but we do need those Spiritual Stones."

"Yes, Link." Saria had picked him up and sat him upon the stump, kneeling before him and resting her head in his lap. "You need to find the last Spiritual Stone, and then before you go see the princess, you can come and see me for a while. I have a feeling that maybe the entrance to the water leads to the Zoras, but it is too deep to swim. When you hypothesis is you will be able to swim it."

"Saria.I--we can't be-- you don' me?" Staring off to the side, he was holding back the tears. Saria didn't love him anymore! Why did he have too leave! Silently, the salty sprinkles escaped from his tiers and stained his small tunic. As if like magic, he was gathered up in those arms, returning too her lap, and feeling her kiss and stroke his brow affectionately. Navi also sat on his shoulder, nuzzling him pitifully.

"Oh, Link! How can you say that? I do love you so much, but now isn't the time. You are slacking off, my little hero, and the sooner you finish this. The sooner you can come back too me, all right?"

".Okay, then tomorrow?"

"Yes, Linky."

Navi came over to Saria's side, speaking out loud. "Saria, about the Zora's?"

Peeking up his interest, Link rested his head against her small breast, but listened too them speak fondly of each other. Nodding quickly, she reached into her pocket and spread out some material she had written down. It was in Kokiirish (which Link could read little of, he mainly read Hyrulian, for that was mostly what stuff was written in.) Clearing her throat, she spoke.

"I found this in the Deku Tree-sama's files, it's written in the old language, but I roughly translated it. What is means is that the Zoras live down in the domain that lies south of that village you were at, Kakariko. It also mentions you don't go across the river, but you follow the river downward and that will lead you to the domain. This text mentions you need to learn to song of the Royal Family too open up the great waterfall that leads inside. You have that song?"

"Mmhm, Impa-san taught it too me."

"Great. The Zoras have the Spiritual Stone of Water, also known as Zora's Sapphire. The King is in good relations with the Zoras, so you shouldn't have a problem."

"What do they look like?" Navi spoke, hovering over the tablet, reading the Kokiirish with little trouble. "It says fish-people, but that could be a mistranslation. I think they just maybe a race of swimmers, and the Deku Tree-sama misunderstood."

"Nevertheless, do you have a special tunic for Link, any water-proof ones?"

"Ah, yes, I do have one. If one is sprinkled with the dust of a Deku, then we can have it. I just happen to have some dust. Link, take off your tunic for me?"

"Mmhm, Saria-chan." He sleepily pulled himself up, and slipped from his tunic. Standing just in the boxers, boots and weapons, he climbed back onto her lap and watched peacefully. Saria stroked his hair, pulling it over his ears, and gathered off his hat also, along with his socks, boots and the rest of the clothes.

"It will also keep his sword from rusting, and that new shield. We can do that tomorrow, how about we go too sleep, now?"

"I like that idea." He was asleep in a few seconds, being moved into the grass, and covered with his own clothes. Saria spread out a large sleeping bag, pulling him into it and sliding in herself. Offering Navi a home for the night, she refused profusely, flying away with a trail of disgust spluttering from her aura. Sliding down, so their heights were the same, the older Kokiiri kissed his cheeks wetly.

"You asleep?" She spoke aloud, keeping her voice quiet; the forest had turned darker and a bit more frightening.


"Want me to let you?"

"If-you-don't-mind." He spoke in one quick word, cracking his eyes open too her. Staring into her face, his eyes widened, and he stared back at her. "What's wrong?"

"I'm a little scared, Link-chan."

".Oh." Giggling, he wrapped his arms around her waist, resting his head upon her shoulder. With their bodies pressed so close together, his figure couldn't help but scream in some unknown feelings. This felt as if hot lava was being poured upon his stomach, and yet the feeling was marvelous. Groaning, he nuzzled his head into her shoulder, mumbling aloud. "Scared now?"

"No. as long as I have my little hero, why should I be scared?"

"Someday, I'll be bigger."

"Oh, no you won't. I like you this way, you are much cuter." Ruffling his hair up, she settled her head on his shoulder, in a matching manner, closing her eyes. If he replied, she never heard, for she was in her own dreamland ten seconds later. The same feelings were starting to flow over her body, sure she had felt it before, and knew what it was; yet it mystified her while she felt it for one so young. Each of the Kokiiri was thousands of years old, yet he was barely a decade old. She being one of the oldest and wisest, it really was strange too feel something for one so young.


She just had too cool off. It was fine, for in the morning; Navi was right at Link's side, curled in those blonde tresses. That morning, while the duo ate Saria's breakfast, she prepared his tunic and clothes for the Zora's domain. When it was done, he shyly gave her a kiss and a hug goodbye, watching as Navi shook Saria's larger hand. So weird how they never got along, it really made him mad, since they were never angry with him. At about ten o'clock that morning, they walked back inside of Goron City, heading right for the exit. On there way out, Daruina was at the gate, with a few of his men.

"Brother!" Beating his chest profusely, he entangled Link in another one of those Goron hugs. Crying out, he hit the ground a few seconds later, and smiled a little.

"Hello, Daruina-sama."

"Brother, are you leaving?"

"Yes, sir. I need the next Spiritual Stone, remember?" He had told Daruina of his quest, they were Sworn Brothers now, so he knew all about the quest for the stones of elements. The Goron nodded his head sadly, he was quite sad too see the little guy goes, but his spirits kicked up as he remembered what he was here for.

"Link, you might want to visit the top of the mountain."

"Why is that?"

"There is a mystical farie that lives up there. Some of the Gorons have seen here, not many though, she maybe a legend, but I wanted you too see for yourself. As legend goes she will grant you manna power."

"Manna power? What's that?"

"It is sort of like your chi power you showed us, but Manna gives you the ability to use your sword attack to more of an extent."

"An extent?" Leaning against the city walls, Link crossed his arms over his chest. This Great Farie would be worth going too, so it seemed.

"Yes, you can use it a lot more often, and won't get tired as easily."

"Wow, thanks Daruina-san."

"My pleasure, brother."

Waving a quick goodbye, Link and Navi journeyed past the outskirts of Goron City, passing that red flag from before and headed up there. On the way, boulders were considered around the area, easily blown up by the boy and his new special crops. With little ease, there was not much trouble up the mountaintop.


The third day after leaving the city was the worst of all. The duo had left the area and begun to sink in a sort of cavern. Nothing of the volcanic activity was around, so the two ignored the little rumbles every now and then. They had arrived in the center of the canyon, when the action started. The sky all of a sudden grew a darkened black, the clouds swirling all overhead. Staring up at the sky, since it was day, Link turned towards Navi with caution plastered in his eyes.


"I don't know, I don't--the volcano! Link, under your shield!" She had blurted that out, for a large molten rock headed right for Link's head.

Cowering under the shield, the farie scrawled under it with him. Craving his arms around her tightly, he began to cry softly. The rocks stung as they clashed upon the shield and dented it inward. No immediate damage, so the stings were minimum, they were really from the pressure of the protector. Burying his face in the dirt, he shivered and cried out.

"Shh.Shh! Calm down."

"W-w-w-w" He couldn't even speaks. They were going to die, and it was his entire fault! His entire fault! Letting out a shakily cough, Link pressed his head into the darkness, but a beam of light lit up into his face. Blinking, he peered forward and saw her aura brightening a lighter shade of azure. She blew him a slight kiss and his entire body was filled with the light and chi he always felt when close to her veil. Shivers of pleasure ran down his body, the aura all around.

Gazing forward, he saw that he was inside of her aura. Somehow, someway, she had expanded it so it included him too. Pushing himself up, Link brushed the dirt from his body and gazed over at her. At the full light, he finally caught her with all her glory. With the aura on, she would fill his entire hands, and some of her would stick out. This way, she could stand in the palm of his hand, but could also curl up and be held.

A mini-human is what she reminded Link of. He had seen Navi a lot, but usually she had some of her aura on, or she was hiding on him. Chuckling nervously, he looked down at the ground, embarrassed. She stared up at him curiously, and spoke.

"What is it?"

".I was scared."

"Of course you were, Link, sweetie. You had to be scared, you saw fire and it frightened you." Her wings were finally shown to him with full colours. These were a clear, see-through substance, the top part connected to her back, while the bottom were at her back, but stood out south. Wearing a blue top, and silky pants on her body, a shawl extended down across her body, covering up her pale stomach and other hidden fleshy parts. On her feet stood a pair of small shoes, this was maybe what she usually wore. He guessed Faries didn't need to bathe much, because she always smelt good.

Link had been staring at her, eyes agape, which in turn made Navi flush a little. Flying up to his face, she kissed the tip of her nose, and spoke out loud. "Link, the fire has stopped?"


"Yes, and we didn't need this aura. It doesn't protect you, you know."

He knew this; Gohma had mortally wounded her while wearing this little veil. Nodding simply, he curled her inside of his palms, stroking her like a doll. Navi, in turn, flushed and pulled away from him giggling a little. Pulling her close, he kissed her cheeks sweetly, before settling her back on his shoulder, speaking out. "You ready?"

"Y-yea." Clearing her throat, she snapped her fingers and they appeared back in the old scenery. Her aura was gone, for the time being anyway. Gathering up his scattered shield, the boy ran out into the valley even deeper, running into the rocks sometimes, but he learned they were easy to dodge. That night it was officially decided that from that day on the veil would stay off unless they were in the company of others. She argued, he compelled, eventually winning the argument and receiving what he wanted.

"Why do you want too look? Aren't I ugly?" She spoke of the subject the following night. He had spotted a new area to climb, but it was at least a few miles away. They rested for the night, so they could tackle it before noon tomorrow and be done with this dreaded mountain, but all Navi knew was this Great Farie had better have been as good as the legends said.

Link smiled a little, stroking her hair somewhat, it was quite lovely for her. You would never tell by her veil that she was lovely. "I want it, because you can see me and that isn't fair. Remember that, we are equal."

"Yes, but am I ugly?"

"No." He answered without any thought put into it. Thinking a little, he shook his head once again. "You are very pretty Navi. You have some things on you I don't quite understand." He was referring to her breast. "Yet, I didn't understand why those are on Anju and some of the other women in this land."

"Women get those when they get older."

"Saria's older than me."

"Doesn't matter, she's a Kokiiri. You all don't grow up."

"Ah, yea. So, how old are you?" They had set up camp; Link lying in the sleeping bag with Navi rested right before him. It wasn't really a sleeping bag, but a comfortable sheets stocked together for when people traveled. No monsters were on the mountain, so the fire had drawn out of its cover and was put out when Link kicked it out. Receiving an odd look from Navi, he stared back into her deep eyes, kissing her forehead. "What, what's wrong?"

"It's impolite to ask a woman her age."

"But, I know mine, and I know Saria's."

"Ohh, how old are you and her?" Navi stretched herself out a little, curling the covers around her body, and watched Link with quite the glaring movements.

"I'm ten Navi, you know that. Saria is 5,600."

"S-she is!"

"Yea, she said that she is one of the oldest Kokiiri. Mido and the Know-it-all's are the oldest."

Wow, she was a lot older than Navi, which was for sure. Navi wasn't even a century old at all. Should she tell Link how old she was? Nah, she just drifted herself off to sleep as he explained what he and Saria did that night down when Navi was asleep. Nodding off to a distant unconsciousness, the jealously was erased, because they were together.


A total of five days the two they spent wandering the atmosphere. By the third day, they reached the little area that led up out of the valley. Taking out the trio of Skulltullas, he spent the next day climbing up to the top of the area. There were little crests in the mountain where he rested upon one that night. The fifth day he climbed up the top of the Death Mountain, and peered into a hot molten lava entrance of the mountain.

"We can't go in there?"

"No, we can't, Link. It's too hot, you would suffocate, and this is the direct lava. The Dodongo's Cavern was at the bottom of the mountain, this is the top." "Where is the farie then!" Growling, he slammed his foot into the left area of the wall he was leaning upon. A small creaking sound interrupted his thoughts. Gasping, he stared at the wall, setting down a bomb and setting it off. Moving back a few feet, the bomb exploded, and when the smoke cleared a hole was in the place of the wall was.


"That must be the fountain. We can go inside here, it is safe!"

"You sure?"

She didn't even answer him, but flew into the cave, with him running after her. As soon he entered, the soft harp music fell upon his elven ears. Sighing softly, he stared around the brightened room. Sprites of all kind were erected in the room, talking amongst themselves, staring off to the sides. When his presence was shown, they immediately surrounded him, pouncing Link in the ground. Letting out a stream of giggles, the smaller faries nipped and nibbled at his flesh, playfully excruciating him.

"De go, fee he nai! Link he jie!" The sprites made tracks, returning to around the structure in the middle staring at him with wide eyes peering out of the veils. Sitting on the pale blue stonewall, he stood up and stared forward. Up towards the ends of the stairway were two small steps and the symbol of the golden Triforce. Right above that was a pool that sprinkled with glistening water, the water wasn't very large, but the pool extended out twenty feet. Where the sprites were, were drips of water that they could rest on, but it didn't compare to this place. Turning to the owner of the voice, he stared at Navi.

"What did they want?"

"They were trying to eat you."

"E-eat me!"

Smacking her forehead, she let out a little chuckle. "Not swallow you, but taste you. Most sprites up here never get too meet anything close to a Kokiiri. Gorons hardly travel up here, and no one has ever found this place, they wanted too taste your skin."

"Did they like it?" He blushed, staring at the sprites. Each of their veils was off, only surrounding their waists. It shown that all the faries were females, at least all here and all had pink hair that was long, short, or medium built. Each wore different pairs of clothes, which included shorts, dresses, shawls, battle armour, and just regular attires. None of them battled, but they were probably meant to aid someone on a quest.

"Of course they did, you are a Kokiiri. Besides, you are sweet, I've tasted you."

"Y-you have!" Covering his cheeks, they were burning up. Trying to catch himself, he sat upon the stone path, lying down on his back.

"Yes, of course I have. Don't worry, that is how sprites and faries tell if your personality. Most of the Kokiiri faries taste there masters of mistresses, it is a way to find out if they even want him or her for a partner."

"Ohh, urm, what is the deal up there?" He pointed at the Triforce symbol, and with the crimson to his cheeks already gone, he pulled the ocarina out and walked up to the symbol, standing upon it.

"Play it, that summons the Farie-sama, she is just the one of many. I forgot which farie she is, since I have never seen her. Only Royal Family members can access the faries, of course, no one usually finds them."

Placing the nozzle to his lips, the young lad blew out the tune of the Royal Family. After the tune was out, a few seconds passed, but nothing happened. Then a scream of laughter pierced Link's sensitive ears, making him grip it with one hand, holding the ocarina with the other. A spiral of magic interrupted the water, spewing out in a cone-like structure. Out of the cone came a body that started to form in the air. Beautiful soft skin clad upon her body, a darker colour of pink hinter her long hair, maybe magenta, it was. The woman was at least six feet tall, with ivory vines aligning upon her form, with the illumination of those deep brown eyes staring at him.

Link couldn't help but be propelled by her beauty. Never had something seemed so lovely, and yet at the same time too be so forbidden. A nervous laugh entered his esophagus, throwing out in the atmosphere, and throwing up his head, he stood upon the Triforce with full stance. Navi stayed at his side, watching the sprites every now and then, but keeping a close eye upon the farie.

"I am the Great Farie of Power, what is it you wish to ask me, young hero? You have traveled a far and dangerous road, as I can foretell."

"I-I-I was told by the Daruina that there was a farie up here who could grant me something called manna. Is that true?"

"Manna. Yes, Daruina knows well of his tales, yet has never been up here. Indeed I am one six of the most power faries in the world. Maybe I shall grant manna, but then again, maybe I shan't." Smirking, she laid upon the air, as if it was some sort of furniture, defying the laws of gravity.

"I.what do you mean?"

"I shall grant you manna for your hardships, but I require something in return."

"Anything!" He blurted out.

"Link, don't say that!" Navi scolded, staring up at the farie. She didn't know what this one was capable of, she wasn't evil, but something about the glimmer in her eyes made lower class farie feel a bit uncomfortable.

"I haven't seen anyone out of this cave since I entombed myself, which was three hundred years ago, and I require something that hasn't been given too me. I would like a dae nei."

The guardian's eyes widened, what did this want! Looking up at the higher in the chain of faries, Navi shook her head all of a sudden. "No."

"Dae nei."

"No, not that, please!"

"I need a Dae nei, little farie."

"What is a dae nei?" Link stared up at the farie, then changing his expertise to Navi. Both seemed in some sort of spoil or a battle of some sort.

"It means she wants a kiss." Growling, she fluttered off to where the sprites was, pouting. She knew he needed the manna if he hoped to take any of the other monsters our, but this was ridiculous! Keeping her distance away from the group of sprites, she heard their fairish speech of what the Farie-sama wanted. They understood her, but not any other Hyrulian, so it was hard to distinguish if the boy was going to reply.

"You want a kiss? But why, I am but a little boy." Link had sat himself down upon the Triforce mark, gazing up at the farie. Lowering her a few feet, but still hovering over his body, she grasped him by the collar and brought him up too where she was. The boy gasped, levitating up to her height, which she returned to where she lay only a few minutes ago. Nodding a quick approval, the farie spoke.

"Yes, you are a young boy, but one day will mature into a Kokiiri. Sure, you have your form of it, but yet I desire something from a true hero. Heroes aren't as common as they used too be, so I desire the love of one. Just one kiss, and we shall begin the training so you may gain manna."

"There is training?"

"Of course, you did not think it was just a restoration process? The other faries might not require training, but you need my manna to gain their powers. So, do you agree?"

Turning around, he faced Navi, and spoke. "'s for the mission."

Remaining silent, she nodded a sigh of deep consent through her mouth. Link couldn't help, but feel bad for it was weird how her emotions spurred out when they were around other women. Never-ending the thought, the young hero nodded a little for the approval of the kiss. It wouldn't be painful, nor as beautiful as the one with Saria, but he had kissed a few times.

Nothing was ready for what came next. The farie began to smirk, her long arms coiling upon his body and entangling him into a barrel of passion. Lips moistened, puckering for the release, and went into motion with a barrage of feelings surged through out her. Link's arms flailed a little during the kiss, coming to her neck, and holding onto it for the support of accidentally falling. There were no words for what his thoughts were during those two minutes of kissing. Repeating Saria's actions from before (meaning the tongue), it coiled and slid to and fro from inside his mouth too inviting his own to hers.

All the sprites watched with ease, and when their mistress waved her hands, the sprites sped up towards Link. Being covered with an entire suit of pink veils, each of the sprites began to lick at certain parts of his body, but they couldn't go in specific areas, those were just off limits. Some crowded upon where his lips were; some just picked any other spot, but most went from place to place, searching for his sweet spot. Shivering lightly, he could feel them all around his body, while the kissing went on.

Finally, the farie broke the kiss, dropping Link down on his knees before the Triforce. Smirking a bit, she petted his head a little, reaching into his satchel for that bottle he had gained from Anjou, opening up the top and pouring the Milk out. Grabbing a sprite, she placed it inside of the bottle, shutting the cap on it and returning the glass jar back to the home where from hence it came. Touching his head, she spoke sweetly.

"I was kidding."

"About what?" His breaths were a bit harsh, trying to rejuvenate after the experience; it had really left him winded.

"About the training, I was going too train you for no power gain if you didn't comply to my kiss, but you did, so I shall restore it onto you. Peii, heal Link!" A small Sprite came up to Link, kissing his cheek, and disappeared after a few seconds. All the pains of the climb to Death Mountain were now only a little bit of a problem. Standing himself up, he smiled a little, crossing his hands at his chest.

"There is a Sprite in your bottle, her name is Tui, and she shall be with you until you need healing." Placing a hand upon his forehead, her other hand came forward where Navi appeared in the palm of it. Nodding, each palm lit up a different colour, the one Link was near shaded green, while Navi's shaded a light-blue appearance. Beginning to speak in a language even Navi couldn't comprehend, the great being asked for the powers to be bestowed upon these two brave souls.

Magically, Link began to fill enlightened with his feet. As it would turn out, his strength, vigil, speed, and other important elements were enhanced beyond the Kokiiri boundaries. Remaining in the same form, when she took her hands off the two, she made them test out each other's power. Navi's blindness technique could affect more than one enemy, her chi was also stronger, but it was Link who received the most power. Along with being enhanced physically and mentally, his sword gave itself a new glow. For the next few hours they honed their powers, trying to reach the peaks, and discovering new things about them.

"This is called the Rhiu-Kiyto. It is an ancient sword-technique passed through the legends. Try it out, hold your sword and concentrate upon it." When Link did give it the ole' try, the blade shimmered a bright blue from before, but about two seconds later the chi around the blade began to waver and turn a monstrous rogue. Asked to spin around, when Link did, the results were astounding. He went around three times, cutting anything in his path. Thanking her profusely, the farie had one last reward for the duo.

"I was going to let you enter Death Mountain and retrieve this, but since you are running short on time, I shall give it too you. I understand you collect heart pieces, is that correct?"

"That is right, Great Farie." Navi spoke. They had only been here practicing for five hours, but Navi now held a deep respect for the farie. She may have been love-hungry for Link, but with all tricks aside, she had deeply affected the odds in their way.

Throwing her hands out in opposite directions, a fourth of a heart container fell down at Link's side. Reacting, he stashed the fourth piece inside of his pocket, bowing to the mistress. "Thank you, Farie-sama."

"You are welcome, young hero. Anytime you come around here, I shall heal you, but for a price." Winking at Navi playfully, she leant down and patted the boy upon the head. "Ah, that reminds me. Since you know the Royal Family, next time you are in Hyrule, I advise you too visit the Fountain that is located right before the palace. There you shall find another one of my kind." Waving to the two, she slid back inside of her pool, gone without a trace, but this time the sprites went with her. After the magic was over, the cave resembled a basic water fountain where one would wash clothes.


"She was too love-struck." Navi was muttering too herself, when Link blurted out a yell of surprise. Turning towards her companion, she spotted what had dumbstruck him so much. Resting upon a wooden sign, the one they had seen before entering the cave, was Kaepora Gaebora. Turning towards the attention, the owl burst out in a 'hoot-hoot'. "Hello there young farie, young Kokiiri. I see you have grown stronger since our last encounter."

"Hi, mister Gaebora." Link walked over to the edge of the cliff, sighing a little. This was going to take a long time go get down, but before he could start climbing, his farie was at his ear whispering an idea silently. Eyes widened, and he nodded to her little devilish scheme, walking over to the owl, coughing a little bit.

"What's wrong, young Kokiiri? You seem ill?"

"It was that dreaded Dodongo, I think he had something I caught from him."

"Ha, so you have the Spiritual Stone of Fire, I presume?"

"Yes sir, but I guess I won't be making it down." Slumping to one knee, the owl was at his side in seconds, with concern plastered upon the animal's face.

"Don't worry, young Kokiiri, I will take you down to mountain to the Kakariko village."

"R-really? Oh thank you!" He smiled a little, stroking the owl's feathers, as it flew above Link and dug its claws into his shield, anywhere else would have injured him. Gathering up Navi in his palms, the lad smiled and nodded for them too take off. The plan had actually worked, no he wasn't sick at all, and it had been the idea of getting down the mountain in a few minutes. Plus, a chance too fly was one in a million. Spending the next few minutes with hands spread, Navi stayed under his hat and watched them bound the mountain that had taken long too climb. The record time was forty-five minutes.

Gaebora stopped onto Impa's house, dumping the boy on the roof. This was an area Link couldn't have reached from before, it was inside of the pen where Anjou's Cucco's were, but the roof of the next house was where they sat now. The owl smiled at the two of them, his grin was sort of, nodding quickly.

"No time to doodle, young ones, I must be off. Do not worry, for I will always have my eyes on you. Hoot-hoot-hoot!" Not even a polite goodbye was given, before he was heading down where the sun set its horizon.

"He left us on a roof!" Growling, Navi went down inside the house too look for a proper person with a ladder. Down inside the Cucco pen was a small passageway that led inside of a cage with a barn. She didn't know until she smacked into the cow, though. No one was in the house, except a small heart piece near the cow. Bundling up the piece, she fluttered back and presented it too Link, who completed the half of the piece. Link had managed to skim down the side of the house, past the Cucco pens, and was looking for Anjou when Navi arrived with the heart piece. The Cucco girl wasn't found that night, so he and Navi rested at a local's house for ten rubies for the each of them. It wasn't one of the best stays in the home, but each got a hearty meal for supper and breakfast. Starting out early the next morning, the two would head to the next Farie fountain to get one of the other powers that laid within the Goddesses', what it was? That in it was a mystery.


Taking the way to Hyrule Market, the group took three days to reach the mysterious fountain that was deserted in the place before the desert. Link had to bribe to guard ten rubies too slip past the gates before getting unnoticed (the vines had been cut only a few days before.) When he slid past, she spotted an area that was deserted besides for a small rock and a sign that read 'dead end.' It wasn't too hard to figure out that with one of the special plants in place, that the walls imploded to reveal another one of those entrances.

This encounter was a lot quicker than the other one, for there was no training or any formality. The farie, who was Great Farie of Magic, did ask for a simple lip kiss. Not as intense as the last, plus there were no Sprites around too interfere. After the kiss, he was given a small little diamond shaped glass jar, where a jewel was uncrowned in the middle. He had to speak up.

"What is this madam?"

"Spread your legs and slam your fist into the ground, young one." These great ones just loved that he was so young, for some reason, but complying to her wishes.he did slam his fist into the ground (after making sure she wasn't looking up his skirt.) When his interactions were perfects, a ball of fire entombed him, spreading in every direction. The fire was like an aura, as it didn't burn him, Navi of the Farie, but everything else was singed.

"That is the Goddess of Power's own little tool. Din's Fire is the correct name of the term, and the Goddess of Power has entrusted it too you. It will sap at your manna, but now that you have this, some new little tubes shall appear in dungeons, along with heart containers. They are brown and cylinder shaped, but when you drink them they shall return your manna to full power."

Saying quickly thanks to the farie, they rushed from the small cavern and made their way back to the Hyrule Castle Town Market. Reaching the town right before it closed at nightfall, they received a small room at an inn for the night, where they rested. Only residing for twenty rubies, the room was a deal, since people always visited the Market Place for days at a time maybe to see the sights, shop around, or see royalty. Truly the Goddesses for providing a rest for them blessed them.


"Where did she say the Zoras were?" Nine days total had been neglected from these Farie requests. They were essential, yes, but the adventure did need to be met on. Link was lying in his bed in only his nightclothes, while Navi rested upon his chest, asking the question.

"Saria said that we were to go to the river, remember that river we passed on our way to Kakariko, across the bridge?" Remembering the bridge, the one they almost fell off of, she gave a nod, nuzzling her face into his chest.

Flushing, he gave her a small pat on the head. "We follow the river, then we get to a place where we must swim the river for a while. She said the current would drag us along, so we needn't worry. Then we go a while until we reach this waterfall and from there we play the Royal Family's tomb and something happens. Probably the entrance opens up."

"Saria is probably right." Crawling up his chest, she laid her head on his shoulder, letting out a small growl. She had been on the top part of his chest, veil off, so it wasn't a hard climb to the top area of him. The growl, playful in all its nature, was a way to express her tired bones from this journey. She wasn't a very young farie, nor an old one, but this journey could work wonders on anyone.

Lifting her small body, he set her in his palm so that their eyes could meet. "So, why do you get mad?"

"Mad? At what, there is a lot of stuff I get mad at."

"Well, whenever a know, messes with me. Why does it bother you so much?"

That hit the nail right on the head. Her face tightened up in fear, and she looked off to the side, chuckling nervously. "I don't know, Link, I-I guess I am a bit protective of you, that's all."

His eyes veiled over a little, and then they brightened up, him stroking her hair softly. She was dressed in a long silky robe for the night, so his fingers could come over those small features from the robe. Yes, she had attire too, but it was stuffed inside a small pocket of his satchel. "Don't worry, I'm not mad about it, I am sort of glad too have a protector out here. I know Saria would get mad that those women are being so weird with me.especially those Great Faries."

"D-did you enjoy their kisses?"

"'Course I did, it was fun! I mean, it was nice too be kissed, makes me feel loved, and I was happy to do it so those faries would be happy, you know? I just don't understand why me, I am just a boy."

"Faries are attracted too little guys like yourself. Some of them even fall in love with their partners, like forest faries."

"R-really? Wow, like who?"

"Oh, I haven't met any." Unless I look at my reflection in the water, that is. "But they are around, Link."

"I have a question, I have seen faries all around, every type that is known, but are there boy faries? And how do they reproduce?"

He knows about reproduction! Then maybe he will want too with--

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Down girl. Link has read about it in his lessons, but he doesn't do it! The voice was back, not as evil as before, only trying to make her understand the facts: Link didn't least, yet.

"Boy faries? Well, faries reproduce asexually; all are females, though. What I mean by this is that us faries have the parts a female farie would have, but we don't reproduce sexually. In other lands there are other faries that reproduce and have males, but not here. I guess everyone decided that females would be better."

"Why is that? I mean I like you as a girl, your pretty and smell nice, but what's wrong with the guys?"

Flushing a little, Navi shrugged. "Thank you. Urm, I don't know, the Deku Tree wasn't in charge of faries. I guess it was evolution that decided it, that and the Mistress faries are all girls."

"Mm, so do you know anything about these Zoras? Are there any pictures or anything?"

"Sorry, Linky, I don't really have the slightest clue." Her voice drifted off into oblivion. The tiredness was consuming, but she didn't want it too go on. No.stay with him and be with him. Yet it was futile to resist, for within a few seconds she was out like a candle. Link pulled the covers over the two of them, kissing her softly, admiring her scent, and joining her within minutes later. That was the last night they spent in Hyrule, for the next morning as the sun rose at six, they headed out into the lush fields to search for a river.

Chapter 3

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