The Ocarina of Time Novelization Chapter 6

Engagement of Aqua

By Habuki

Copyright: I do not own Zelda, Nintendo does. Story by Habuki productions.

        "Where do we go, the Water?" His courageous nature had returned over the past few days they had spent riding at a slow pace, knowing the temple of water was not that far off. Even though they were following the trail towards the Zora Lake's, Link was making some conversation of his own, trying to lighten to mood. Conversation had come on less and less over the past few days, they walking at about four days since the time of the village was now a distant memory. Everything had been screwed up when they left the horrible village of Kakariko, not wanting to ever set another foot in there as long as he could live. Too many memories were stored in the town, and in there, too much had happened for him to be scared off by something so evil, by the vile scrounges that faced him daily.

        Being left ignored, he knowing the right way, the two of them continued down the road with his back laying on Epona, staring up at the bellowed sky. Bright and shining, it always seemed to be that way around this entire area; there was nothing in the way to keep them from being disturbed. Everything was calming down, except between the two of them; it was as if the mood couldn't be saved--nothing could have been saved after what happened. Maybe each of them blamed themselves, that was probably the logical field that everyone took on when examining this little situation. If psychiatrists were around, they would of diagnosed the two of them of being depressed over the loss of a friend and blaming each other, but they weren't around here.

        No one was taking the fault for it, it was simply an accident, one that could have been prevented, but wasn't in the act of that way. A tort was the best solution--if the courts in Hyrule were even around anymore-- not that there was anyone to sue the two heroes. Even taking into more consideration was that none of them had any money, they were flat broke and running out on the supplies as they went. Gathering up the scraps from the party, they raided a few empty houses on the way towards the end of the town, not even bothering to ask anyone. Anjou was not even a question, she seemed to be in love with that stupid sack of a Goron, the one that had taken all the love of everything and left the hero and his guardian to sulk in the darkness.

        Link was pissed about it, of course he would be, though he didn't show it--he simply just left the town without so much as an everlasting good-bye. His thoughts were just that everyone would survive and get through, he was so used to the abandonment that it was apparent everything would work out. After losing Saria, he was able to cope with himself; even the thought of losing Kaci was hard on his heart--though he got over the most of it. On the outside he was his cool and calms self again, the one who faced the evils and always triumphed through them with the living colors. Inside was the most important, the one that made the most part and also the exact one that no one ever saw, took a glance at, or even seemed to give a living shit about.

        Anyone could deal with it, anyone would be jealous of it and even that same person with the 'any' in their name seemed to have the dissatisfaction for the thing that went one. Link wasn't this 'anyone', he was a person that had feelings and those feelings were stomped on and left in the rain to be trounced. He hadn't forgotten what the town had done for him, the admirable burial that his love had gotten for her sacrifice, and a stupid one that should have been prevented! His own words had been of fury, everything was blamed on the simple satisfaction that it could have been thrown out and everyone could have survived. Gripping feelings were swirling inside of him, as the sun seemed to take on a twilight feeling, everything calming down for the bitter night.

        Nighttime was good time for some, a bitter time for others, and a neural time for the rest of the population that circled this small globe in the center of the universe. For the girl, it was a beautiful time to consider, one you would cherish and love for all your life--a rebirth was coming when the night had come. Poes were no longer following the two of them, maybe aware that her boy had a device that pierced them and took them down in a few shots. It was actually close to half a dozen shots, though anyone who had lived through the killings of the Poes was not about to count how many pierces had gone inside of them. On the trips a few had survived, not in the Forest Temple, but those that had come after the duo in the middle of the night, when he was being on watch.

        Her time to be of consent of his well being, they were usually disintegrated to ashes, so none of them could have been warned about the beams. Unless they were traveling in packs and some of them disappeared before she got the chance to blast the all of them, her beams were usually small at night. This was because her energy was depleted from the day-- unless she slept earlier in the day--then she could kill all of them off. Since the training of their new powers, it had become easier to take care of groups, the slash of a hand had sent out a wave of energy towards them. Never did the two of them stay up together, they always slept in shifts, but for the next past days that had had no worries and sleeping together was a good way to accomplish things.

        "Are you okay?" His cheek felt a rubbing, which he glanced and caught the love and feeling over his only one, his special someone of love.

        "Yea, I'm--I'll deal with it, I mean, it was an accident." Grinning towards her, he scooped her up and put her down near his lips, looking down into those eyes--through the veil, whispering out. "I love your comfort."

        "You do?" Surprise was put in her voice, she hadn't known that she was such a big comfort, there was only so much that a little fairie could do (not considering she was five or so inches.)

        "Mmhm, of course I do. There is nothing more I would want than a wonderful girl by my side, one who would die for me--and I for her--plus the fact that your cute does seem to put anyone to shame." He grinned towards her, and those fingers went around her waist and hugged her to his face, it was simply better to do it this way.

        "I-I never realized." Her cheeks were starting to form into some colour, the state that went when they sometimes kissed, but never by the way he talked to her, how he had changed.

        "You keep that in mind." Simply letting her go leaving her in some small state of mind, he turned on his back and sunk down into a deep sleep state of mind.

        He's growing up so fast and soon will be surely an adult, which I know of it. How could he be going this face, moving this forward and adjusting with his mind, the immaturity level was starting to lower it, she just knew it. Words couldn't explain how she was feeling, how her face was breaking out, and would probably be like that up until the day she admitted herself to him. That seemed like ages ago, before all this other lesson came into mind, back when they planned to go back home and live their days in peace. Now it was another quest to get something else for the same girl, that stupid girl that this fairie had never ever had some affection for. The innocent words had been thrown here and there, usually for just the two of them playing with each other--never meaning to anything serious.

        Everything is at a very more serious level, it was moving into the fact that he could really die one of these days at those stupid temples. Before had been hard--sure--but they had both been children of their races and death had never been realized in either of their minds. Adults were hard to become, each of them not adults, but maybe late in their teens, well it was in her partner's case, or so he claimed. She was a teenager, more in the middle of her days, even though she had been a child her entire life and the same for him, hers was longer. Ten years was not that long for the boy, from an infant up until the time he grew into his former self and then there was what lied beyond.

        According to everything around, he was in the prime of his life and would be until the age of twenty-five came and went, then slowing down some. Only eight years remained before he started becoming a real adult and would slow down just like the old men, eventually dying at a later age. She had no idea how long Hylians lived or Hyrulians for that matter, but she had an idea it was a little less than a century they survived. If they went on any longer than that, the deterioration was intense and was one of the nastiest things that could be laid eyes upon. His youthful attitude would disappear, his power that he had gained, and unless this Triforce of Power made you immortal, then even his life.

        Meanwhile, Fairies lived forever, they could only be killed by something that attacked them, and diseases didn't even work on the likes of them. So sad that he would be killed and she would live on, unless something decided to hurt her at the exact moment--or before and after--the attack of his death. A deep hurt was growing in her heart, just thinking of him disappearing forever, no way to get him back to her, the way she felt was eternal. Another alternate to being killed was killing yourself, though she was too narcissistic to do something like that, afraid of the consequences. Navi didn't believe in anything, she never had been very religious and would always be that way, thinking when you died--that was it.

        Now she wished that something else was there, that maybe someone else could help them, and as she settled down aside him, that's all her thoughts had concerned. Lying near his face, she noticed he had drifted off to sleep without her even noticing, he just another slide inside this great wind tunnel of life. Her thoughts were of the beauty of immortality; maybe after this journey and a short break that they head to look for that great Fountain of Youth. Yes, if only that was found, then he would live forever and we'd always be together, no one would ever disdain anything we ever did. Her race was not a problem anymore; nothing of physical was a problem, her big enough for some things, though still small enough for the others that blanked through her mind. Unconsciousness was lost all together when it happened, everything coming together as her dreams slept through that brain of hers and thoughts focused on him.


        As they slept for the night, the horse finally stopping near a pond and keeping herself quiet, she was unaware of someone was creeping up beside her. Starting out from a tree that was far away, it moved at an incredible speed that some humans couldn't muster up the power too. Maybe this person had tapped into their hidden powers, something only a select few have and an even smaller majority know how to control. The closer the person got to them, the further away the sense of the horse seemed to disappear, until something sprinkled over its face. Falling asleep on the impact of that, the horse just stood at the river--since they sleep with themselves standing up, just like the cows did.

        With that accomplished, this person, somehow hidden in the shadows of the morning light that was now starting to rise of the sun, the figure walked forward. On two legs, showing it was a human; an aura of peace was placed around the person whose hands went towards the young hero's shoulders. Yes, with a shake the person began to move him at a small speed, trying to wake the boy named Link from out of his sleeping state. Now, it was even worse, because the boy wasn't waking up, a balled fist coming down and slamming down into his head, expecting a scream of fury. That would have been better than anything would, though it wasn't, because all that the figure was greeted with was a groan of moaning, as if he had been shook instead of struck.

The shadow cleared up and a figure in white, the matching hair was only a lighter colour, almost that of an albino was shown for anyone around. No one could see if fury was in this person's face--sexless because the way its mask was worn was that of some sort of ancient Shinobi. One eye stuck out, ruby with ringing terror, so if one looked at the single eye, they could tell that this person was obviously upset with him. How lazy someone could be, was what tumbled through the persons mind, the hands curling up in fury and preparing to knock some sense into him. That was the only way to get awake, the boy had been asleep for quite some time and it was about the seconds to prepare wheels of training, they were cranking up and preparing to run.

Before striking the kid's skull open, he held himself, because somehow it knew with all the power it possessed that the small task could have easily been done. First of the power punches had not been very powerful, not able to take care of this boy, though enough to knock a regular human out. Now the next punch would have exploded this one's skull and even decimated most of the monsters that were crawling around these weird temples. It could have smashed any of the generals, though that wasn't the purpose of it, it was basically one who would spy and collect some information. Besides, the Shinobi-clad-person was not really in the mood to go through all those puzzles and save the land when this slumbering fool had been assigned the mission in the first place.

Holding all the power back, ready to strike him this time, but with most of the energy held back that was enough to put a clear not on his head. A grin was lined through the thin material around the person's mouth, the grin was not of evil, but the simple sense of humor showing itself. Such a wonderful thing to have in these times, the diminishing land was enough to make any person want to slit their throats, though it had its moments. Yea, this land was good enough for some points, though not as much as one could of wanted it to be--not as fun as seven years before the time of war had broken out. That's why it had to be stopped, the person's thoughts rammed into anyone's passing mind, the psychic energy enough to make you sweat (balled fist going for the middle of his forehead.)

"Wake up!" Another pound on the head sent the boy awake, him tumbling off the horse and sliding down into the dewy grass that greeted his period, eyes frowning open in anger, surprised by his find.

        "Shiek!" The lone world spurted out of his mouth, glancing around and finding a groggy Navi was at his side, rubbing those eyes in the dissatisfaction of being thrown awake.

        "Shiek.what are you doing here?" Navi yawned out through those lips, fluttering around the boy's side and using the veil as a sort of cover, she was dressed in literally nothing.

        "You two are so lazy, its time to train!" The boy, whom had been talked about for the past few minutes, was none other than a boy who had been deviled as evil by the two of them. His voice ringed out in an evil tone, making Link think that none of the monster he had faced would be as hard as these new training sessions. Hell, Ganondorf would probably be easier, because this just wasn't anyone training them--this was the one who had tried to kill Navi to get him to fight. Not that he had any bad judgements against the older boy, he just knew how rough he was and how crucial this training would be, not a very short one at that. Biting his lip, the kid was groaning on the outside, but on the inside he was actually excited about his first real training as an adult, looking to see if she was.

        Mutual feelings were shown inside of her mind, she was very excited to get stronger and live on, it was maybe the human (or in this case-- fairie nature.) Now with those facts inside of her mind, Link couldn't sense what was inside of there, she gave the same exterior of a man desperate for training, though mad about it. How good it would feel to get stronger than ever, to live on and face the harder battles that lay ahead for the both of them. In the case of the world ending, one couldn't help but feel the need to get even stronger than the next person, the will to be all they could be. Or maybe it was just the fact that the two of them were fighters, and romantics, a good combination when faced with some situations, but bad when one was taken hostage.

        Yea, the old fact that someone would turn against them and kidnap the other was bad, the advantage to the enemies had always rung in ones mind. Good for them, or so Shiek knew, that Ganondorf didn't know of anything that happened between the boy and his little guardian. Now that she was bigger, Ganon's spies from far away would notice her and it might get back to the leader that something was different about her. Some explanation for why Shiek hadn't noticed it, a few explorations and some time later, that was when a plan to kidnap her would be in motion. It was a theory--a damned good one--but still just an idea that he had and wouldn't care to share with any of the viewing world's audience.

        That pushed aside, it was time to begin the training, and begin he would have them started with an uproar--it was the best way to begin ways. Otherwise, what was the point of living if you couldn't go without a bang and start with the same one, each repeating themselves in that fashion? Shiek didn't plan to die anytime soon, but if chance and fate had decided it was his time (not that he believed in it) then a bang would be how he went out. Screw fate, she was just as bad as her sisters of the Goddesses, each of them beloved in their powers that they had encrypted so long ago. Everyone was low, and Shiek should know, each was weaker and no one could run, though now that a crisis had arisen, they chosen to rely on one warrior instead of himself or herself--how pathetic.

        "Yea, we are going to train in the style of Budo." An ancient term for the type of training they were going to perform, for not a long time, but surely enough time for the Water temple to activate itself--it was still incomplete for him.

        "Budo, what is that?" Blinking in confusion, the boy leaned across his sleeping horse, never tilting off and glancing back towards his newly appointed master.

        "The Martial Arts, I think its Shiekah, Link." Navi chimed in and landed on her partner's shoulder, the veil still standing strong around her beautiful body, it wasn't for that man to see, anyway.

        "Martial" He was staring over towards Shiek, maybe to confirm what this new word meant, a strange one with the tip of his tongue curling when he said it.

        "Smart Fairie. Yea, the Martial Arts, I think I'll train you for about a week and then three more days in some energy attacks." Yea, ten days was just enough for the monsters to start to mess up the temple, though they already have, it gave them time to plan ahead. His standard points weren't siding with them, this was just enough time for the Sage of the Water Temple to awaken, or prepare to awaken itself. He seriously had no idea that it would be, his thoughts concerning on the races of the others and predicting that a Zora had to be the bearer. Not that he could be wrong, the boy had been wrong bunches of times, this was just a hint that he decided to cant at, decided to live by. This would probably happen within seven days, although he wanted to help them condense there new powers and train them in private, he would have to because otherwise a lackey would have ratted him out.

        "I see, and what if we refuse?" Navi had always to be the maverick in these situations, one that costs for them to either gain some new powers or face the horrible consequences.

        "Then you face my true power and you die." The sneer returned to his face, the one that they had seen the day meeting Shiek, an evil on that so didn't match with his compassion shining through the smock.

        "Link, what'd ya say? Shall we take him on?" A crackle of energy appeared around her body, burning a bright red and the aura that even surprise the older ninja, Links arms crossed a little in a way that frightened him.

        "I guess we could try, just as a test of our power." With that, he dipped down for the sword, throwing it out into his hands and racing forward, the blade held up in the air for him to prepare himself. The speed that he gave out, it was nothing like the power of Volvagia, it was nothing even when he was pissed with the Phantom Ganondorf, it was a lot more powerful. So strange the way he ran, his aura flaring around his body, surrounding itself in a white light and concentrating itself down into the sword. Yes that conductor held the energy well and would take care of it, otherwise the sword was weak without a strong soul--full of courage--to guide it. Exactly what the ancient sword was, didn't work for people that were weak-hearted, and especially the cowards that didn't even attempt heroism in their life--only the strong.

        Navi had been working with him these past few days, they had done it at night--apparently from the look on Shiek--he hadn't been watching. Sure they knew the boy was following them, scared to come along, or just a loner, it was the way that each of them smelt his scent along the way. Being raised in the forest had its benefits when you were wandering around for someone to stalk you; the smells were always the best. Now the hearing was also obvious, though he kept himself at such a quiet rate that each of them had to listen with a real keen ear. Regular people wouldn't of heard it, even Kokiiri, Fairies, or the Hylians wouldn't have been able to hear them, but were each of them part of those races entirely?

        Shiek's eyes were widened, or his single eye from those points of view, though it was suspected those boy eyes was considering how much faster he was. Speed was one thing, but strength was a whole different matter taken into consideration as the seconds passed from when he grabbed the sword, until he slashed. It was like everything was put in slow motion from that moment on, Shiek able to view it at a pace that seemed out of this entire world. Swinging towards him, the boy saw not a lot of power was concentrated on the blow, knowing he had condensed his speed and was starting to work on the power next. Grin of evil shone over that place where his face should have been, it was beautiful to be in this situation and when the sword came down, blood didn't spill because he was gone.

        Blinking, the boy stared around in different directions, trying to consider where the one had gone, nothing in the shadow of his plane. There was not even a sparkle of sweat, no smoke bomb had been thrown and blood didn't even sparkle from the tip of his blade. A bit of fury was in his eyes, knowing no matter how fast he had gotten, the older boy was faster and probably even stronger than him. It was true that his speed had been increased, for it mattered more than power, because one could get to you if you were slow and powerful. Another factor to consider was even if you were weaker, if you were faster then you could dodge the blows, yet this guy moved faster than he even could of mustered up.

        Damnit where the hell is he! He was just around here; there is no way he could have disappeared from my sight. Something caught his eye in the wind at the top of his lids, something he had not noticed this long ago, and it was how weird he acted. Turning over towards his fairie, he was caught with the realization that she was gasping and pointing up towards where he had started to stare up. Yes, it was the way she pointed that made him glance up at the sword and there was when his own eyes went into a wide passion of fury. Of course he would feel like that, those feet were planted on top of his sword and there was a grin shading through those clothed mask. Shiek was standing on the tip of the sword, before maybe air borne when he looked, though now there was nothing in the air about him, he was just planted on a sword.

        "Link--he's on your sword! I don't know how in the world he got there, but somehow he can just high enough to knock us both back!" Her eyes were widening, only noticing him a few seconds later, charging up an attack worthy of knocking the boy off the sword--he was so fast!

        "Shiek--how did you." It was all he could say, before something went forward and drove him down to his knees, the fist too fast from even him to notice it.


Shiek had been up in the air following the leap he had made, blurring out of the way, though now he was just sitting on the tip of the sword, smirking. How sad it was to be that slow, he could remember when he was that weak, though that was a long time ago--many, many years ago. It seemed strange to remember back that time, no one had been there to train him, so it was left up to him and took so long to get this strong. Now that he had this little one under his guide, he could keep him up to his power in only a week or so--that was with a lot of luck. Up until seven years ago, Shiek couldn't remember much about his life, though he did recall when his power was only just above a human's.

So sad to watch how Link had looked around, not able to really sense his moves--he was so mysterious in his movements, it was like he could do anything. And that was where Shiek was obligated to go for the sword, he had planned to go around and hit him on the neck, at first, until he saw an open spot. Being on his weapon would not only humiliate the boy; it would boast his new sensei's power and show just how powerful he was. Not that it was a lie; he could destroy the boy in close combat, long-range combat, and even in the powers of magical skills. His magical capabilities even outmatch that fool he was under, not showing it during the initiation because the fact of being too powerful usually got you killed in this game.

Finally when he realized, he knew that the time to exert some more power and end this silly battle was coming nearer and nearer. The climax was coming because his fairie had noticed it, a little problem and an advantage towards some and away from the others. It was an advantage for Link since he had a small, fast little girl on his side that kept him from getting his throat slit all these past years. Bad for him because someone could kidnap the little girl and force him to give in, a bad weakness that no hero should ever has to comfort. No one would ever have to go through that in this tale, he would make sure his little one wasn't kidnapped because Shiek didn't believe in kidnapping people, it was usually for the cowardly-- something Ganondorf did a lot.

        Say goodnight, hero. May your dreams be full of beauties? He flipped down from the sword and spun stood right infront of the boy, himself sort of slowing down when he touched right down on the ground. That was when his plan was set in motion, because the boy was swinging his sword over towards him, just as he planned the boy would. So predictable, and so gullible, there was no room for that in this world, especially since he knew all that techniques that Ganondorf had to offer. What he did next was one of the symbols of Ganon, he knew it and this was where he had seen it and copied it from the older man, even though used for evil. The evil King may have been a vile man, but his techniques were nothing to fool with and a nice way to learn something new from an enemy.

        He moved, though he didn't seem to move away from them, because Link kept swinging his sword at the shadow that was left behind. Just like Shiek in every way, though not a doppelganger, it was an after-image that he had left behind just for the young boy to tease at. As gravity gave in, the sword slashed through the shadow and no damage was done to the man, a gasp of fear appearing around in his eyes. Nothing had ever been faced for this boy, or so he imagined, since most people could not even conjure up this little power trick. A simple matter, it was all according on how you were trained--he having a knack for it and catching it up the thing with no training, since he had seen it before in the old martial artists of the world.

        Yes, the Martial Artists were no longer in this world anymore, they were gone away from the land and had been related the name Shiekah. Now, back to more important matters, his history lesson was gone and while Link gaped in a matter of speaking, he was floating behind him. An easy thing to muster, he just fluttered down towards the ground, silently cracking his knuckles and preparing to throw what was going to be seen as the final blow. Not flying, per say, he was just gliding down with such ease that it gave the image that he seemed to be flying around with no wings. If anyone would of seen him, they would of guessed he was some sort of deity from the heavens about (not that he wanted to be associated with those idiots) but it was wonderful to be associated with Gods.

        Just at that moment, his fairie turned around and let out a scream, the Shinobi knowing it was all over and slamming his fingers into a section above Link's neck. Grinning at the ending point, the scream of Navi went louder and Link had begun to turn around, never even finishing two inches from his initial spot. His grin was spread even more as the boy sunk down to his knees and hit the ground, the unconsciousness was taking him over. Now he didn't exactly tap it, he slammed his fist--which was held open like two slicks of paper into a regular pressure point on his neck. With a regular person, it would only be touched or could have shattered, and yet with him it had to be done this way or he wouldn't pass out.

        Throwing himself back, to avoid a blast that came so close to him, it singed some of the clothes on him, he noticed how bizarre she was acting. Of course, from the way it looked, someone would think that Link was dead and he growled, racing away from the blasts and gathering up the boy. Throwing him up, she stopped blasting when the kid was used as a shield, or maybe it seemed that way to the angry little fairy's mind. What Link was really doing was checking for a normal pulse, not as upbeat as one awake, though it showed he wouldn't be out more than a few weeks, or a few days at the way he was strong.

        "It is done." He cracked his knuckles aloud and dropped the boy beforehand; aching from the silent one that occurred later, he was finished with this fight and the outcome came that they needed some training.

        "W-will he be all right?" Fluttering over towards her partner, she was relieved when Shiek walked away from them and leaned up against one of the plains they were on, falling down on his behind and looking up towards the sky.

        "Of course he will be, I didn't hit him hard enough to crack his spine, he's got a powerful structure." Shiek had fallen all the way, laying down on his back and the eye towards the sky, staring at the morning clouds beginning to fall over the horizon, the sun already rose and a little in the air.

        "Shiek, level with me.what was that you did." Fluttering over towards the boy's forehead, she sat down and watched him, speaking in a normal tone since he was only five or so feet away.

        "It's called the Zanzouken technique, or the after-image." He grinned and thought about it, the technique was one of the best ones he had ever learned, knowing it was a well-known martial artist move. Sure, the Great Ganondorf had been trained in those arts, maybe by some sort of unknown Shiekah, since the Gerudos didn't know them. Well, it was based on someone that was trying to confuse their opponent and needed to get the will to survive, it usually meant they were ready to run away form the danger. Though, in some cases, it can be used to confuse an opponent that it too strong or in his case used to impress the boy so he would want to learn it. If someone saw that thing, they would want to learn it as fast as they could, that way to finish the battles ahead would be even more easily.

        "I see, it looks very spec--" She was cut off when something began to move around her, not noticing it until it was ready to rise up and she stuck right in the middle.

        At that moment, the ground underneath Navi seemed to rumble and she flew away from it, scared it might be an earthquake when it was remembered where she sat. Of course, Link was awake! There he stood up, clawing at the area that Shiek had hit and pains of crying came out of his mouth, staring off towards the side. His sword lay there, gripping the hilt a little and slamming the blade down into the ground, a sort of shockwave sent off from that, rumbling the small amount of ground. Shiek didn't seem to notice it, he crossing his legs now and humming a small tune while she fluttered over towards her boy and calming him down a little. From the look in his eyes, he was ready to kill someone and that was targeted at the ninja that so-happened to humiliate him in his moment.

        "Ah, I see you are awake, well.that is quite unexpected. I was considering you to be out for a few days." He sure had to hand it to him; it surprised even him at the way he had gotten up--what had it been only five minutes since the attack was given out.

        "Heh, you don't know me then, Shiek." Those fingers curled back and forth, them cracking each time they came in reach with each other, dreading the pain that still swelled through his body.

        "Link, calm down! He was testing us and we lost, I know you feel bad, so do I, but going after him will just anger him even more and he won't train us. Don't you wanna learn the after-image technique?" She was shushing him and kissing at his nose softly, as she fluttered right before him and wrapped those arms around her face, the feeling of her getting bigger and bigger increased with everything.

        "After-image?" A blinking confusion appeared around his eyes as he stared down at his fairie, the anger disappearing within a matter of seconds.

        "Where he disappeared, remember?" Had he lost his brain? It was a weird way to address it, though she couldn't really describe what that young boy had done back there.

        "This, stupid." Shiek spoke out, and disappeared from his spot, appearing right next to him and pointing over towards where he had just sat. In the place of him lying was a picture of him, the image disappearing after a few seconds, because it was one of the weaker ones. Yes, there were some that wouldn't go away unless struck, but that was just one of the things he would teach the boy, since his ones would be weak. A grin was spread on his face when he saw how the light sparked in his eyes; it was obviously true that he wanted to learn something like this. That was good--he was willing to teach him at no price--regularly had been charging people whenever someone ever came to him for training. Back in the old days, he imagined he was getting a lot of disciples, but now that most fighters were gone, no one had ever come and actually asked to be trained.

        "I-I want to learn that!" Before he could throw something at it, the thing disappeared, though Link knew that the other one had lasted more than ten seconds.

        "You do, eh? Well, are you and your fairie willing to cooperate with me for the next week and then I'll let you go to the Ice Cavern to rescue your sage." He cracked his knuckles, as if an old master getting readies for some serious training, and took a hold of the boy by the waist, letting him know it was time.

        "Sure, but Ice Cavern?" Of course he would be like that and let him train them; he glanced at his fairie and saw she was smiling, showing she wouldn't get mad about anything.

        "You'll see, young one. Miss, fairie are you going too cooperate?" The singed part of his mask shown a smile, it was the smile of someone you could trust, but someone you wouldn't dare sleep with your back turned towards him or her--a weird paradox in the making.

        "Yea, I am ready, I am pretty sure we can do this." Seeing that Link was being handled, she scuttled under his hat and hid herself there, that was where she would be safe for the time being. Yea, that was weird around here, the training would be something she would look forward too with those arms spread open. Sort of mad that he had grabbed her boy like that, even though he was a boy, it was a strange feeling that she felt around Shiek, but not jealously. Nah, you wouldn't be jealous around a male and a male, I mean, she had heard about that, but he didn't seem like that sort of person. Those were weird people that had nothing to known about them-- although they knew next to nothing about this young boy, not even his origins.

        First, the ninja walked over towards the horse and slit the reins that held it to the tree, staring at it and whispering into a strange tongue. With that, Epona seemed to understand him and nuzzled playfully at Link's face, as if telling him that she would be back in a little while. Shiek approved of this and slapped her down on the rump with some rough interior of his palm, not the sharp weapons that were on there before. That would of caused an even more bad uproar, the weapons having been removed some time before and just replaced with his own palm. Epona seemed to hear him and took off towards the hills, glancing back towards them one last time, then nodding to herself and going on.

With blinding speed, desiccating any limits that could have never been reached by a normal human being and even passing the 'exceptional' ones of any race. Yes, not even a Gerudo was as fast as the boy that grabbed a hold of the hero with a tight embrace and sank off was in a fast paced run. The run took him over fields, they moving faster than even the beautiful Epona could of run, hell, even faster than what Gaebora's flying speed. Hands were passed forward with long walks that were dashing forward, still tightening around the young one's waist so he couldn't fall off. Maybe he didn't trust himself to let the boy hang on, that would be a mistake if he fell at this sort of speed, the consequences would have been more than a few broken bones.

His power, it's un-measurable! Link was staring in awe, his hands linking around the man's neck and pulling himself up so that he was sitting on the older ones back. Shiek may have been an inch or so taller than him, but he had enough of that strength to support maybe one hundred of Link's masses. Yes, that was the feeling he felt when the hills passed more and more, Hyrule itself seeming to disappear and in its place was nothing more than darkness, before the darkness, he thinking he saw an entrance. Well, the rate that he was traveling, the boy was lucky if the ground was even in the place, looking more like some sort of eerie dream in a ghost world. Nothing was going to stop it, the darkness around them sending chills as they traveled on, having no idea he was in this country--maybe a hidden place.

Now the training will get done, yes, indeed. Navi, she peeking through the hat as soon as they took off, was sure this would be a fast ride, but not as powerful as the race was. Shiek looked like he was running from something, not able to see his face, though from the breaths and pants he gave--it was sort of scary. Maybe they were going to train in solitude because it was good for the soul, helped benefit everyone around here, or simply he was scared of getting caught in the act of aiding the hero? Nah, that didn't seem to be this one's style, he didn't seem to fear anything and when he did, probably the showing of it was as impossible as making reviving a person. What she imagined, only in her own opinion, was maybe he worked for someone close to the King of Evil and was simply protecting himself (incase tabs were kept upon either the heroes of he--himself.)

Shiek's face, if it could have been seen, did have a mask of pale fear creeping around the edges, the dreary beating of his heart raced on. In the caverns would be safer, plus the fact that Shiek's magic was exceptionally better in shadow-based areas and could conjure up more activities for them. Areas of stealth were more suited for them, incase someone decided to follow him, and he could execute them all without fear that someone was hiding behind an area of safe harm and ready to spill the beans. No way he was going to take that chance, in the stinky stealth of a cavern, he could see better in the dark and detect any heat forces that were about. Plus the fact that he could sense Chi levels all about, a very easy task that he planned on pounding down into Link's bare skull.

Darkness had overridden them and finally he appeared at the area he wanted to be best suited at, a cavern that looked like someone lived there. Someone was really residing here, there was a place that maybe a hermit or someone had lived there only for a few months, not very much longer. There was this tent standing in the middle of the place, torches placed in identical manner in the shape of the room--which happened to be a circle. Rounding around the place, Shiek sat them down in the center of the room, where there was nothing in the way and began to stretch himself out. Also around there was a small camp-fire site that was now put out, but looked like it had been lit up only no more than a few hours ago.

"Well, we are here. This is where we shall train." He looked down over towards them, arms crossing about his chest and glancing in all directions for some sort of way to be found, searching the wall for a certain figure.

"Train, but there is no where to go." Link blurted out with his hands entwined about his back, gripping the side pack that was down around his waist, just figuring with the loops.

"Oh-ho, don't you worry a bit, my little trainee." A grin circled around his lips, as he scaled the wall until he was next to a figure where a Triforce was, depressing the center triangle. Not the symbol itself was pressed on, but it was the small space that was between the three triangles, the one that was a dull brown. Mmhm, that place sunk inside, while the rest of the place lit itself up with the brightened colors, the center of the triangle depressing until it disappeared all the way. The rest of it was a dull yellow, now showering itself in a bright golden colour, like the sun when it had rose itself high in the sky, during the noonday. With the bright in the way, the entire wall (consisting of over seven feet long and seven feet wide) opened up and slid back, revealing a doorway.

Gathering up his entire muster, Link took the power walks all the way down the dark hall, which was lit every now and then by a creepy-looking torch. Looking like something out of a horror story, the place was certainly having the haunted-castle aura about it, shivers were going down his spine just to accompany the situation. It was getting a little creepy, or maybe it was just how Shiek planned it to make him feel, that wouldn't have surprised him in the least little bit. Dressed with his hands stuffed down into his pockets, the hero kept the pace up, the only light when the torches went out was the faint dim light of his guardian. Or was she even a guardian anymore, it was weird, but now he felt he didn't need her and at the same time couldn't live without her guidance.

Navi was--Navi was incredible, that was a good way to put how she felt towards him, and how he felt the same way at the little figure. Much bigger than when the journey first started, that only gave more room for him to love--more room to hold onto and even more to protect. Everything they did scared him, scared her, but mostly what it did was make him fear that she was going to be harmed when something got whim of how important she was. All the others didn't matter, Saria was now gone, and that meant no one else was around to be kidnapped aside the little one that was always with him. No, he'd never let what happened to Kaci happen to her that was a promise he had made when they discovered the young body of the lovely girl.

His thoughts were spoiled when he arrived in the newest room, a long room that stretched out about two hundred feet, leading up in the air as far as he could see. It was amazing, how it could be secluded into such a small area, this arena was nothing seen from the inside a cave, sort of like the Dodongo's. Yes, that's what reminded him of it, though the air was cold and bitter, while the dragon's cavern had been hot and very hard around the edges. Sparking in his mind, the boy got the feeling that the room was dripping, even though there were no sloshing sounds in here, the aura felt like it. Slapping his feet on the ground, caused him to see that it was a bitter damp feeling, that was stupid, how in the hell were they supposed to train when it felt like the place had just been rained on.

"How are we supposed to train in here, Shiek?" Navi whispered out through those narrowed lips, her thighs shivering from the way this place felt, sort of like the old tombs down in the graveyard.

"Oh, you'll be slow at first, but you'll get used to it, little ones." Reaching behind them, he slammed a button that caused the doorway they entered to slam shut, the button he pushed also disappeared inside of the wall. "Yea, we aren't leaving here for a few days, I want to see how you two can fair in here with the basic training. So, are the two of you prepared to plunder in the way of the Shiekah?"

Neither of them spoke, they just stared at the way he grinned towards them, the place of the smirk through those singed marks, made them a little nervous. At least with that stupid cloth, it could be held back, but now the grin was shown through, a smirk that reminded of them the one Ganondorf had given them. Before they could protest, they were unarmed by the young man and there he threw all of their weapons aside, into a small little hole that was implanted in the ground. He snatched them all so quick, even the satchel that he held, and the weird thing was that the energy around Navi was not swirling like it just had been. Sitting there, the weapons were engulfed by the ground, only the hilt of his blade sticking out--the very thin hilt of it, not enough to grip without some restraint.

"As you can see, your weapons have been taken--well yours Link. But do not fret, you don't need them for my training until the last three days, until then we will dwell on the Martial Arts, and not even energy attacks. Navi, I have taken your energy so you can't conduct any, so you may also learn a few moves of the martial arts, since your energy isn't infinite and one day you may need pure power alone. Now, your power is gone also, Link, even though you can't detect it through your hands, it was just a precaution because by this time in ten days, you may be able too." Shiek finished his little introduction, and just grinned, removing the weapons of his own and throwing them where the hilt stood, they too being absorbed into the ground. "So I don't have an advantage, either."

"Goddess, this isn't gonna be easy." Link shuffled his feet and whispered to his fairie; while she simply nodded towards his statement, and the sad thing was that it was true. The mirror of hate was now focused on them, knowing that eventually all of them would have to go through it, or face the consequences of death. Murder was the only face they would see when against the man of evil; he probably knew some arts that neither them, nor Shiek had heard of. Yes, they had to have known that this enemy they were facing was in the arts of the fighting races, and if Link lost his sword, then he was dead. Preparing himself, the torture that would come forward he actually seemed to look forward for, no one was going to stop him when it was over, and Ganon would suffer!


They followed every movement that their new master could think of, spending the first two days to get used to the terrain and gain an advantage on the moving ground. While they were getting adjusted to the ground, Shiek kept them moving by throwing small little bombs at them, and Shurikens (some weapons he hid.) That wasn't all they did during the forty-eight hours, no- no, they did more than that, like gaining some speed in racing around the muddy place. Running around was doing him some good; this place seemed to solitary the duo's energy and gets him to move at a faster race then ever thought possible. Being drained of his powers also made him depend on his pure energy, instead of the power that he was rewarded all those years ago.

Focusing on Link, the entire week when Shiek trained with him, he taught him how to work his muscles in an according fashion as to never gather fatigue at the normal rate. Tightening his muscles was a way to escape from certain situations, like as he had read of in an old book, about some weird magician. From what their new master had read, the man's name started with an 'H' or something, a weird name that sounded from a foreign land. Anyway, this magician--not skill in magic--made some sort of death defying scenes and would escape from them in a matter of seconds. Now how he did this was by tightening his muscles, like when he was chained or roped up, so when his muscles loosened--mixed with sweat--it didn't take long to escape from something.

This was not all they did, because when that and speed was focused down, he worked on the after-image with him, also with Navi, but mostly with Link. She was fast, so the after-image was only a small bit for her, a larger bit for the Hero of Time's powers, since he was at such a larger mass. The Zanzouken technique took the rest of those two days away, because learning it for him had to be a very hard-paced factor of it, for some strange reason. Maybe it was because he was so naturally slower than Shiek, the other being one of a ninja, while this was one of a slow warrior. Not really lacking in speed, just naturally slower since he was never trained in the arts of disappearing and leaving behind a life-like image of himself.

Following the two days that were spend with Navi--they slept at different times so he could train them at two different times--he taking special potions to keep himself up. Those elixirs always kept the fatigue from taking over and of course he knew when this was all over that he would sleep for ten straight days. Well, that would have to wait, because the caverns of ice and then the Water Temple were next, he having to make his way through those areas. Finally when the boy rested for his weekly pursuit, that was when the young boy would collapse himself and maybe demand a vacation from the leader. The ninja could naturally keep himself up longer than a normal person, but for forty-eight hours straight he was not even taking a rest of it.

Continuing to Navi's training, she learned the after-image in a matter of two hours, since her speed even could out-do Shiek, if he wasn't at full power. Now, going back, that was when they entered the rougher stage in her training, the martial arts were beginning to go quicker for her, he not even there yet. When they focused on the natural art of the martial arts, the dodging she was very accustomed to, but when struck was when her power was down. Too extreme, not that he was using enough power to actually bruise her, although it seemed to cause enough damage to make her cry out. If she took blows like this all the time, there was no way she would make a good fighter, such a bad problem that he had to find a solution too.

After a few hours of going through that, he decided to come up with a solution and constructed for her a small little vest, made of the land around here. Made of that beautiful mud that they were trudging through-- yea he was making her walk on the ground--this caused her defense to approve. Disappearing inside of her body, the thing was like the chain mail that Link got from the Goron of Fire, that sage's powers were just alike. When the smoke had cleared, the blows that he planted on her weren't as bad as before, they were actually making her take them with pleasure. That problem solved, he continued to show her attacks through the air, some aerial attacks that she didn't have the knowledge of--yet.

The aerial attacks consisted of flowing around, zipping from behind, involving the after-image to confuse them and nailing them in specific spots. Even teaching her the pressure points on a person and most monsters, that would come in handy when they were against some evil enemies. Mmhm, that was mostly through with her training and when he visited her on and off--until the week was up--that was when they just worked on more of the martial arts. Speed was something else they worked on, not returning her energy until a week would pass, that was they deal that they had spilt and hold up to it, he would. Her training didn't take that long, so she mostly trained off on herself while he worked with Link and slept some more so she could watch the two of them spar.

Skipping back to the boy, he spend most of the five days working with the Hero of Time, mostly who needed more of the speed training and power. At times, he would beg for his sword, this was more around the first three days, but by the beginning of the fourth he was getting the hang of it. It sure was getting easier with what they fought at each other, never stopping unless someone received a very large bruise on them. This was usually Link, unless the potion wasn't working and Shiek slowed down for a few seconds, having to call a time-out and take another gulp. Sure he would complain that was a healing elixir, though it wasn't, just something to keep him from passing out and being pummeled by the martial artists in the making.

There they sparred with each other, sleeping only twelve hours during the day, even longer when the sessions with Navi became shorter and shorter. That meant he got more sleep, the master also sleeping some while they waited for the lessons to begin, his power slowly coming back to original points. By the end of the seventh day, it was true that the martial artists were going to have their hands full when it was over, that was the exact moment it was going to end. Not as powerful as him, though maybe about halfway as powerful as the powerful Shiek, he knew how much was going to happen when the last three of the medallions were received. Actually glad that he was on the side of the hero, the gladness of him being able to train such a student was one of an honor, to surpass the student was coming up.

That was when the second part of the training started, what they would call the 'Ki training' and maybe one of the most powerful of them. Now they would be going at each other with weapons, with the energies, and Shiek just didn't know if he was ready for that sort of stuff. It was strange how that happened, and when he heard of the thought of going against them, his bones called on him to quit this sort of stuff. Calling out his own energy, mixed with theirs, he gave it all towards them and kept his own, gulping down a few more of those elixirs. Yes, he had been living off their life forces, the training was knocking him out and that was when he collapsed down upon the ground.

Surprise was in both of their faces, not even considering that he hadn't slept in the past seven days, going on eight since it was close to the eighth day. It was strange, until considered by Navi that they were trained twelve hours a day, that was between them at two different times and twelve plus twelve was twenty-four. That was logical that eventually he would collapse, surprised that the lather hadn't happened sooner than it was expected. No one could survive forever, the Shiekah were a strong race, but they weren't immortal or anything--they had to sleep too. Maybe it was his stamina and the drinks he was sloshing down, which would be a great factoring that each was taken into deep consideration.

Over the next three days, they simply tucked in Shiek at his spot and went away to training themselves with the energy that was something they loved to do. Yes, so over the period of seventy-two hours that was where they trained themselves, trained together, and even went against each other. Over together was a great way to fight; there were no enemies here, so when battle was together, the lather was to face one another. No, they had no problem hurting each other--each one held back on the other because killing or harming each other was not an option. Sure they could hurt each other; they just would feel so bad about it, that it wouldn't make much of a chance that was fighting whom.

So sketchy how everything went into place, it was how they focused on each other and still kept their powers at a training pace. Link was the one that trained with a sword, he would use his sword to conduct so much energy that it would outlast anyone that was in his way. The sword could be created into any shape that was in his sword; also circling in any shape to form the beam of energy that zoomed out. Also trying to summon up the flame powers he had gained from the Fire Medallion and the other ones from the Forest jewels, those were ones he wanted to fully discover. Never actually going ahead with the Firepower, he was actually more fully discovering the energy from the green jewel he had gotten from the Forest child.

That sword training was more than he could expect, spending some endless hours just holding the sword infront of him and fully powering it up. More practice was needed and more hours were spent, not fully mastering the sword, but by the time they left here, he was up to regular speed. Blades were hard to master, he could handle it, but the thing he was trying to master was how the sword could be used as a conductor. What it felt like now was maybe a semi-conductor, trying to make it all the way and absorb all of the Goddess' powers in an attack of devastation. Halfway was how much his training got him done, halfway towards Ganondorf's power and that meant the medallions and more discipline would get him done.

With that said, the more focus of anything was trying to get the powers out of the sword and into his hands, maybe throw some punches that could be put energy in there. Yes, the sword may have been hard but on his lone training, this was something he needed to accomplish without the fear of being hurt. Physical attacks didn't affect some creatures, and when he finally ran into those, a kick to the head would send him standing in his place. If full of some power, the kick could of withstand him and gone right through, a great accomplishment that he wanted to take care of. Mmhm, that was all he needed, since he could kick and punch as good as any of the old Shiekah, though not as good as the one whom had trained him.

Supporting back to Navi, she wasn't working on much but training her energy into thinner beams and when the two of them battled against each other, they held back and only showed off a few moves. Usually flashy moves was what they showed off, the ones that showed a lot and didn't really suffice in much of the same damage. Yup, but by the end of the week, each of them was ready and the three days had passed, now it dawning towards the ending night when they left a note near Shiek. The man had been out the entire day that was the factor they had to consider leaving a thank-you and also saying that both of them had trained in energy. The note was taped up and attached to his head, giving off so that he wouldn't misplace it whenever he would awaken--whatever time that was or days from now.


"You think we're strong enough to do this, I mean, maybe we can finish this somewhere else, with another teacher that doesn't pass out." Link whispered as they began to pace out of the cave, leaving all the entrances open, finally finding the switch that led them out of the pit.

"I think we can manage--maybe not against Ganondorf, but his minions. I am sure whatever that creep has up his sleeve that we can handle. Ganon wouldn't dare show himself, I get the feeling he wants us to be a challenge." She grinned towards him in the dark; her aura seemed to have dulled from the bright red and turned down to a shallow maroon, lighting the way at a small pace as they walked.

"You're right, I am just being a little paranoid. I mean, I know we aren't gonna run into Ganondorf for quite a while, but I just feel a little nervous about this battle, like something terrible is going to happen. The last two were creations of Ganondorf, well, I think Volvagia was revived, like the Gorons say. I wonder if all the others will be that way." He trailed off when the tented area came into view, the place they hadn't seen in ten days, since they had been sleeping on the ground and from the smell of things, hadn't bathed either.

"I am correct, we can do this, and even if we can't, with those after-image techniques, we can just disappear." She trailed off, having settled on his shoulder, and when she mentioned the Zanzouken technique, she fell down through a small shadow of him, seeing him off to the side chuckling, her voice turning into a whimper. "Link! That wasn't funny!"

"I-I'm sorry, Navi.. I just couldn't help myself." The grin disappeared, as he saw the hurt look on the girl's face, and wondered over towards her, those hands lacing around her and pulling her into a deep hug. "Shh, I'm sorry, little Navi, I won't do it again."

That smile of hers brightened and as he continued to hold her and walk past the campsite, she didn't speak but kept herself up against him. It was warm how they kept up against each other, someone walking by might of thought that they were some sort of weird couple. No one would complain, maybe throw a few stares at how this handsome boy fell for a pixie that was always with them, such a small creature. Words couldn't explain the feelings between them; this pixie had to be one of the best people around, no matter how small she was. Wasn't it what either of them wanted, of course that was a hard question to answer, since it was still undetermined if either of them loved each other?

Slipping through the cracks of the area and continuing out through the grass, the boy stared fo

ward at the ground and realized that he didn't know where he was. Grass was thick and lush around, the place was so enchanting, a meadow stood before them, but it wasn't one of the many fields of Hyrule Field. This was something much more different, a different area that was maybe not even inside of the country of where they were taking their quest. Quite a problem that they faced, it was something that none of them wanted to face together, to be lost and the next temple was just around the corner. Huffing out a sigh of fresh breath, he was about to collapse and think about it when a sound caused him to jump around the corner of his seat.

"Link--Epona!" With a startle, he spun around with Navi's words and felt the muzzle launch at his face and start nuzzling and nibbling all over him.

"Epona--Epona, your back! I thought Shiek took you away--" He was cut off when the tongue of hers slid down into his mouth, licking him all over his cute little face and there he continued to try to speak, she keeping on licking him.

"She's just glad to see you." Navi whispered out through her lips and watched as the boy tried to control the dominant horse, she really did seem to love that hero.

Finally, after a few minutes of being licked and having that tongue inside of his mouth, the horse pushed back away from him and just kept a head on top of his. That heavy head caused him to fall down for a few seconds, the horse looking down towards its master with amusement, then whinnied in approval. Leaning down towards the boy, the tongue lashed across its hair and made him shiver, when they passed around the area of his ears. Yes, those sensitive ears hadn't changed, as he grew stronger, those were something that would always be the utter weakness of the boy. Having long ears gave you the advantage of some advanced hearing, throwing you back when someone even wavered their finger infront of the thing, not to mention push a long tongue against it.

Finally, with some last breaths, he called for the teasing to stop, and this time the teeth of hers clicked around his shield and pulled him back up. Having dug out all of his stuff, the materials and him smelt badly, that was obviously why she hadn't licked them that long, maybe just loving the taste of his face. A sigh of pleasure was in his mind as those blushed cheeks poked up towards the horse, being sat down like a human would stand. On two feet, the hand went up in her mane and stroked all around the bangs, rubbing across the ears and waiting for what would happen next. Number one was to find a stupid bath, that way he wouldn't be embarrassed about smelling like the dirt they had been sweating under for the last ten days.

"Hey, is there a lake around here, girl?" Link whispered his head nestled down on the side of her mane and staring at Navi with some approval, that would be a good thing if there was.

"Link, you know she can't talk." When her partner shrugged a shoulder, she knew he was just being helpful and gave back a shrug towards him, it was nice to try.

"Come on, girl, you can tell me." A small grin was given towards her, and the horse stared up at him, the long tongue licking across his face, causing him to let out a small giggle. "I know you'd bathe me if you could, I just need you to sniff out some water for me, can do you that, girl? Can you do that for your master?"

She seemed to respond to him, by nibbling at his hair, and then tackling down on him, pushing him down on his behind so he was looking up at her. Hooves were set so that they were right near his arms and legs, keeping him from moving, but not putting any weight on his fragile body. She huffed out and whinnied a little, leaning her head down towards his face and began to rub her nose along the lines of him, taking in his scent. Such a weird thing she was doing, causing the blush to reappear around his cheeks, as if she was trying to kiss him, or something. Maybe it was a girl, this mare was a female horse, but maybe she sort of acted like a female human and had a crush upon this hero.

"She is so excited, maybe she does know?" Link whispered, as she finally reached down and pulled him back.

Navi let out a small little giggle and was soon licked by the ravenous horse, one that seemed to have missed them over this long week. Maybe Shiek had told it to come back in ten days, that way it would follow them, but how did it come all the way out here without directions. Those thoughts were pondering both of their minds as they mounted upon the horse and watched as she was beginning to make her way forward. The pace would be trotting, since the horse seemed to be tired, for some reason, nothing that he could of guess--maybe it went back to Malon's and she was with it the whole week playing. Yes, it was like she knew the way back, but at a much slower pace than either of them would of guessed, she was no where as fast as Shiek had been.

Rushing through the fields and beyond, the fields seemed to rush past his mind as the water supplies were not raiding on and they just seemed to be out of existence. As soon as the night-fall fell, the two of them munched on some of the food that had been left, the two of them feeding her a few of the carrots. It was gone, everything of water was gone, and they were lost, there was nothing to do but follow the trail and hope that tomorrow something came into view. Yes, that was what they were going to do was hope that water came soon, if not, they would bathe with their canteen water, the smell was causing Epona's eyes to water. The aqua was going in and out of his mind as he tried to drift off, finally able to whenever the wind was gone, the wind of her running so fast and slowing down.

Navi was quiet during the night; she was as calm as can be, and during the night she slept along with him with the oppressing passion rising against Epona. Yea, she was so scared that something would happen and the horse would turn into a human, maybe-taking Link with her, or even throwing her away and taking off. These horses were so weird, you never could expect anything from them, and maybe she was some sort of Centaur in disguise. Such tales were uncommon, but in the world she lived in, they had fairies, magic powers, evil villains, and specific heroes to take care of the land, only two of them. This land was something of a mystery to even for her, not knowing as much as she led on, as clueless as the beautiful angel that slept near him did.

You are crazy, the horse is gonna take off? Someone familiar whispered out of a forked tongue, she recognizing it as none other than her own conscious, reason in its voice.

It could happen, I mean, it has been know to happen. She retaliated with some obligation in her voice, wanting to win this argument, even though the consequences were nothing she wanted.

Where? You have been reading too many stories. A barrel of laughter caused her own blood to boil; almost screaming in fury, stopping because doing so would cause Epona to stir and Link to jolt away.

I-I has not! I am just so scared that one day he'll get tired of me and leave, one day that he will find someone beautiful, someone tall and then leave! Tears were falling down her cheeks, knowing the person inside her would disagree and say it would happen sooner than she thought, much more sooner.

But instead, the voice was sympathetic, having grown when she was in hibernation, maybe not the same one that teased her but a very different one. I don't think he ever will disappear, he'll just stay with us forever.

You're just disagreeing with me, because you like to argue. Her argument was that, this was not a nice voice and by any means did it even care about her, this voice loved to argue and disappear whenever the time was wrong.

I won't disagree with you, even if you said he loved you, I say he loves us too, I don't want him to leave, I do not ever want him to leave. The voice was nice, it was changing, or something, and the gruffness was gone, and for the first time she noticed that she hadn't spoke to it since she was a child.

Who are you? She whispered out of her mind, something that caused her to shiver and hold herself, the thought felt like she didn't want to know who this was.

Are you sure you want to know? A tone of worry was in the voice, this one showed that some compassion was gone out towards her, actually impressing the young fairie.

Yes, please just tell me. Her voice was in a whisper, or what she thought of as a mind-whisper, one that scared the inside of everyone around, maybe the realization of destiny.

I am you, but I am not you. Do not worry, for when this temple is over, I shall disappear, because we will face each other in combat, I am looking towards that day. Don't you keep me waiting, the Light side of Navi, please don't keep the darkness waiting or it will swallow your heart up without a moment's hesitation. Your friend has thoughts about us too, but in a different aspect, and a much more deadly one than what we brawl about, just not as often. I need you to be ready that day, your training was good, but I doubt you will survive this ordeal, I certainly doubt you can beat Onii-san. And with that the voice quieted itself down, not wanting to speak out anymore, or so it seemed, the darkness engulfing itself in the silence of the night.

What is this Onii? No, who is this Onii and why will I not survive what awaits us in the Water Temple? Please tell me what you are talking about! The voice was not going to speak anymore, it was down for the count, leaving at the wrong moment and keeping itself down in some fury. How it pissed Navi off to leave now, and as the minutes passed on, she realizing the whole ordeal had taken place in a minutes of ten, she was confused. Onii was someone they would be facing, along with herself, also being called the Light side of herself, which meant that the darkness was that voice? Maybe so, that meant that maybe their shadows was what they were going to face, concealing the information inside of herself, not able to tell him as of yet. Yes, tomorrow they would find a pool and disappear from the dirtiness, be ready for whatever--or whoever--was ready to kill them in the temple.

"I don't know who you are, but you shall never hurt him or myself." She simply blurted out towards the night air, the horse stirring and Link not moving an inch, a good thing, she hadn't meant to be vocal.

Who knows whom it was, who was really speaking and who knew if it was inside the Water Temple, somehow she had a feeling that it would be. That was for sure, the only thing that thought of was inside the temple of Aqua, since it was so much closer and the voice spoke as they headed for it. A small little giggle choked inside of her throat, causing herself to grab upon her shoulders and shake herself just a little bit. Link stirred from the sleep, not awakening, just letting out a moan of sleep and wondering hands went towards her, gripping her towards him like a teddy bear. Letting herself be taken, she had no worries about who saw, or cared, the sleep going inside her as soon as he kissed her, in his sleep, the dreams were done as they always had been when they grew up, of the beauty of each other.


No one would face it, I hope, but I can't really tell if it wills happen or not, I am just afraid it will be too much for him. A voice whispered out from the trees, no one could see who it was, dressed in black as the small little figure zipped across the trees. It was following the carriage of them, moving at a speed that even the two of them couldn't of seen, Epona not noticing it with her horse-like senses. Mmhm, the creature was viewing them with the watchful eye of a mother, though the eye wasn't a very good one, maybe of an evil moth. No one knew who it was, what it was, but as soon as the horse started to slow down, something wrapped around and the thing made a squeal of joy. Yes, some strong arms wrapped around it and the thing was enticed in a loving embrace, one that no one could recognize as violent of loving, the squeal was feminine.

"They'll never make it." Another voice rung out, this one was masculine and moved through the trees at an even quicker speed than the smaller object this shadow larger.

"I don't know, they may make it though, On." The feminine whisper came out; it was held tighter, as from seen from the trees, nothing in the blackness was shown of the two figures.

"That puss will take care of them, he maybe weaker than me, but he can beat that joke for a hero." The grin appeared through the night, white shimmering as bright as the moon that fell overhead, blocked out by the trees that were standing in the way, as of now.

"I don't know, love. I am sure that the one would not be enough for them, then maybe they will get through and start to head this way." Fear was sparkling in the female's eyes, it was not fear for herself, maybe another person, someone that seemed closer to her than anyone else.

"If they do, they'll face it and then they will die." The chuckle from the larger one came out, the smaller one burying its face into the male's and letting out a huff of a sigh, despair appearing in the male's voice.

"Please, if they do, promise you'll never go away. Promise that nothing will ever happen to you--if it did, I don't know what I would do!" It was sincere, the voice was, and it speaking out with a clear conscious and nothing else perplexed on its mind but the safety of the partner.

"I would never think of leaving you, milove." Leaning forward, all that was shown was the smaller one had some ruby eyes staring into the matching ones of the other, each of them pulling together in a hug. Such a beautiful embrace they shared together, not wanting it to end; though knowing that eventually one of them much goes ahead. No, it didn't happen, the hopping went on until eventually, and they leapt infront of the moon, appearing before the horse and disappearing from the sight of all. As they disappeared, the kiss was never broken between the two of them, a lovely romantic sight as the kisses went on forever. What was noted by anyone watching, especially the freaked out horse, was the size of the little one, only about five or so did it stand?


By the time three days passed on the horse, they were back near the river that they had passed paths with almost two weeks ago. The gallop of the horse had slowed down, she now walking aside the river as they closed towards the entrance of that place in Zora's Domain. Yes, they would jump the water and go across, so that the two-day's journey was going to be caught off in half a day, since Epona was energized. Feeding her more and more of the carrots had build up some of her muscles; she a bit faster the three days that they had wandered around. Exercising her muscles had been a great help in this process, thinking maybe she could have used a few little training sessions herself.

Warriors and partners were great, of course, but without a steed they could not go very far without the travel of the beautiful mare. Sure, Shiek was fast, but they would never be that fast and wouldn't even realize how slow he was until later on, or so he thought as this time. Speed was good for dodging, but the ninja must have had some sort of device to increase his speed, since there was no possible way to go that fast. With the mare now at his side, they could do anything, not that Epona was weak; he had sort of trained her in her slacking off for the past two weeks of lazing off. Now, as they neared the water, walking aside of it, she seemed to have no problem with it, occasionally bending down and nipping at the water, slurping it down her throat.

Wow, the vacation had been so delayed; his clothes now much drier, cleaner, his face and everything about them were spick and span. Only this morning had they found the first signs of water--Zora's River--and bathing there was as much as they could benefit themselves for getting around here. Sure, they were coming the backwards way they were, so the entrance would be closer than before, that would make the journey even closer than ever. Finally ready for it to end, the scent of everything was returning to him, having to deal with those weird smells of the cavern for so long that a flower was so strong to him--when he first came out of the cave. Yes, the bath had been something that the three of them loved, baths were so fun sometimes, bad at times, but a miracle when you went thirteen days without one.

At first, the two of them had gone to the baths and let her run away (she could always be called with her wonderful song) and then they were joined by her. Yup, the horse wanted a bath, so Epona was going to get one, even though she was brushed with water every single day--something Malon told him to do. If he was gonna keep a horse, he would do it right, that was what he wanted to explain to everyone, that he was a very responsible boy. Twenty minutes during the bath--spending the first twenty minutes bathing their stuff and soaking their clothes at another part of the river, so the mud wasn't near their bathing spot. Returning to their spots, they were joined by the mare that slid down into the water and let it be cleaned by the running water, it not even pushing her back a few inches.

Now the bath had been very enjoyable, just so weird to see someone joining them, not to mention the horse was coming towards them with a small grin on its face. The two of them had already been bathed and were just soaking in the warmer water, it was noon so the water didn't have the cold feel on it. Water during the morning was very cold and cools, something to wake a person up, but during the mid-noon it was actually very warm, but not hot. Taking it into their responsibility, the two of them got up on her and began to bathe her, a job that was caught to be masked in difficulty. Yes, the job was not going to be an easy one, none of them considering it would be when it was taken on and the mare wanted a little bath.

The young horse had wandered upon them and was greeted with the bath, yes because for the next forty minutes she was bathed and scrubbed clean. When the aftermath was done, they were left with a very clean horse and the ability of taking another bath, sweating up a storm cleaning her. You see it was very hard to clean a horse, harder than Malon had explained, since she probably didn't think they'd ever have to do this. Horses could go a while without having their coats cleaned, if they were brushed every day or so, maybe she had gotten herself dirty when she visited her old master? So and frothier they took another bath and were ready about two hours later, ready to get a start on and quickly go to wherever lead ahead.

Now slowing down towards the river, backing up about twenty-five feet and getting ready to gallop over the smallest ridge they could find, Link spoke up. "Navi, where did Shiek say was before the Water Temple."

"I think he said something about after the temple, I don't remember." Navi was just as confused as the boy, he had said it more than a week ago, and even then didn't explain any of the details involved.

"That's right, he did not even explain it to us, did he?" No, he had just said two works and now the things were sitting on the tip of his tongue, the word was something he had heard before, just not here now.

" I think he mentioned something about a cavern. Or maybe it was about an element, I am thinking so I really can't make up my mind now. Ohh, it was a combination! Something about a cavern of ice, I dunno." Her thoughts were a little rambled as her friend fed Epona another carrot, as maybe an energy booster so they didn't land in the water, she'd never done this, after all. "Oh, I think I know! Urm, he said it was called an Ice Cavern, but where could some ice be in the middle of here, I've never even seen snow."

"Snow, what is that?" Link scooted towards Epona, scratching her and as he did so, backed up an extra five feet, always checking behind himself, making sure she didn't run over a rock or something--the path clear.

"It's condensed water, put in a solid form, when it gets really cold is when it snows, you should know that." Frowning, she patted his head a little, seeing that some things came and some things didn't come when he was maturing up so fast. Of course, most people here wouldn't know what snow was, that was true enough, the stuff just had never appeared around these regions. Hyrule's summers were always summers, the winter came and it would get a little drafty, but never so much as a snow or ice storm brewed over here. Spring and autumn would come, of course, that wasn't the strange part and everyone knew of the wintertime, just never of the white, powdery substance that leaked from the clouds. Some could call it a miracle that the dead of winter came and no one was ever killed by freezing to death, yet other called it a curse for snow was a wonderful part of life.

"Oh, during winter, you mean." Link whispered out with hushed lips, not able to control himself, that was what she had meant by it, it had to be and he nodded it on.

Not even a question, the boy knew what she was talking about and simply began to push on the ribs of Epona, making her take off. Well, it wasn't a harsh movement by his part; he just rubbed his boots against her at a soft angle, remembering how other people used to do it. Yes, they would have spurs on their feet (little sharp spikes at the tips of their boots) and would hit the horse in the sides with that, very painful for the horse. There was no way he'd ever mistreat Epona like that, he wasn't an animal freak, though he wasn't some sort of sadistic who loved torturing poor animals. He shrugged a shoulder that, she starting up and pacing herself, so it seemed that this one would maybe have to try again, maybe back up a few inches and try again--though when he tried, she wouldn't let him.

Epona must have been determined, Link would later ponder on, and it seemed true because as soon as she was within fifteen feet of the edge, she took off like a racehorse. Well she was probably like a racehorse, since she could have been a show horse of Ganondorf's if Link hadn't come along and saved her at the right moment. Now and forever he would be her savior, the one who plucked her from doom, maybe owing the hero some sort of huge debt or something. It was time for the debt to be paid up, the check to be cashed, no one would be able to fulfil her spot, so she chose this time and now to accomplish it. For that, she somehow had to repay the boy and this seemed the best possible way, since the trudging walk through that stupid riverbank took as long as he could ever remember.

The way she rode was incurable, nothing he had ever felt on her, his head buried in the white mane and taking in her scents as the edge came towards them. Speed and muscle were poured into the way she kept her pace, the way that the ground seemed to disappear, even though it was still there. In some sort of a blur, he thought later on, yes, the ground was blending in with the power she threw out with those beautifully muscled legs. Training he had given her, that wasn't what did this, there was some sort of incredible force inside of this mare that powered her enough. The ground disappeared from them; Link thinking the water had to be next, though at the same time was sure what was next was nothing next to the water.

Incredible how can she generate this much stamina! Navi knew it was theoretically impossible, but as she lived and breathed, this was the first time the horses had pushed their limits this far without dying. As the air disappeared from them, the horse sailed over the top of platform and came to rest at the next slit of land that was right near the entrance to the Zora's River. It didn't stop there, that wasn't the end of it, because Epona was having the greatest drive of her life and there was no way it would end now. Navi was prepared for her death, surprised her heart hadn't exploded when it went this face, and the pumping of it was very intense. So intense, that she was just staring agape when the horse passed through the long hole that led to the Domain of the Zoras, where they had met that sad man all those years ago.

"Navi, she's going so fast!" No matter how fast she was going, she was quiet, so either of them could speak freely and from the look of things, she wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

"N-No idea. It is scary how fast she going, she acts as if she's having a heart attack!" She blurted out in a mad fury, the ground was moving quicker and quicker, though not as fast as when they were traveling aboard Shiek.

"I am surprised she hasn't collapsed or something!" Link gripped the mane of Epona tightly, nuzzling his head into her mane as Navi was sitting at where his head was, watching as they went along.

"I don't know, I am astounded she hasn't had a heart attack." There was no need to yell she was not panting or anything, and when the gate came up, the one it had had to go on the other side of with a cucco, Navi was nervous.

"Oh, shit!" Link whispered out, under his breath and held his eyes tightly to the other side of him, it was going to be a big one, or maybe it would end up with her gutted on the jagged spikes.

As soon as the horse made the jump over the fence, or started to attempt it and was halfway in the air--that was when the pixie's eyes shut so tightly. Yes, she was scared to death that the horse would be killed and the two of them would be launched I the air at maybe sixty miles an hour. Landing down and breaking their necks was not something either of them wanted to accomplish in the distant future, or any future for that matter. Navi was scared to death, she could of told anyone at that moment, and from the way Link grabbed a hold of her and held her, he letting out a shriek, he was scared just as much. Holding him back, the air around them whisked all the way, the breeze catching them in the middle of the air, splashing against their face with the force of a thousand boulders.

Unbeknownst to either of them, the girl felt, as if she was flying, as if she was a unicorn from the old legends, the folklore was correct. Soaring over the sharp spikes, sure of what would happen, the squeals of her master and his friend were just keeping her more determined on winning. No way she would let him down, that was the truth, and as it happened with the last of her remaining new power, there was nothing to do but hope. Pegasus had visited her and granted the mare wings, as it felt, then she was over the entire fence and tracing down towards the ground, staring with eagerness. At that moment, she quieted down for a quick moment, her enthusiasm gone because if this had kept up, then she would have passed out and died, the regular pace was what she needed.

Eyes peered open, heard the soft whinny of the horse, and there was how he realized how much power the people around him had accustomed, the words ringing out. "Are we dead?"

"No, oh praise the Goddesses!" She let out a squeal of joy and ungrouped from him, rushing over towards his face and taking him up into a tight embrace, kissing those lips of his softly, muttering out. "They--or someone--granted her the powers of an ancient horse, or something, she was able to sail over those spikes like they were nothing!"

"A-are you sure we aren't--" He cut himself off as Epona started to take off and head where she wanted, no she was just following her masters orders and getting them at the cavern, kissing on Navi. "We are alive, I can't believe it."

"Yes, we are alive, I am so surprised about it that I can't seem to keep my enthusiasm in, you are such a good girl, Epona! Such a wonderful mare." Navi began to coo and stroke the ears of the horse as she passed through the passages that led on, whinnying in pleasure when she touched a soft spot.

Link just stared on in eagerness, soon his own hands curling around both of her ears and rubbing them back and forth in a passionate manner. "Yes, she is, I am so glad that I got such a courageous horse instead of one of the others, she really was the liter of the bunch."

The stroking went on for a full twenty minutes, before the horse was tired of walking and decided to keep the pace on and reach the end of the maze. She wanted to reach the end of the place by the time night fell and they were pretty much only a few hours before the sun started to melt on the horizon. Only a few more hours, since it was nearing two o'clock, according to the sun in the sky, of course that could be off by ten or more minutes, it was never known in this day and age. It was wished that they could have started earlier than this, maybe close towards the six in the morning sun, instead of closer to the six in the afternoon one. Not like you could change the time of anything, you just had to deal with what you could do, take the good with the bad and make the best of the maniacal things.

The two of them had stopped to pet upon the girl and just focused on what they would do whenever they reached the cavern. Epona wasn't neglected; she was just put aside so that they could talk about the next mission, better to plan ahead than charge in blind. No one knew what exactly had happened between the Zoras and the King of Evil, at least no one knew this time around the bin. The first time was when Princess Ruto had been kidnapped, she was probably grown and governing the throne, unless she aged slow, like some of the other races. Maybe a hidden race that stayed young forever, or maybe children, as the Kokiiri were labeled to be, though none of that really mattered.

What mattered was finding out if some sort of ancient water daemon had been set free, some sort of evil enmity had been let loose on the temple. Better than that, where was the temple, was another question that pondered both of their minds, thinking of the most logical spot. Since the Forest was up in a tree, the Fire down inside of a mountain, that meant that the next one would be under an ocean, or something. Recollecting on what Shiek said, it was under a vast ocean, or a lake, in the worlds of the Shinobi and there was only one of those around. No one even suggested looking under a river, it was too stupid, these rivers had been built to withstand the force of an idiot, and they were so obvious!

Maybe the force of finding those stupid little dungeons was not enough, maybe it was inside that mattered, that was all that went through their minds. Everything would come piling down on the end; he had a small hunch that Ganondorf's castle wasn't going to be all fun and games. Maybe it was the sense of adventure he had, or the fact he had read about this ten's of thousands of times, but the suspecting feeling of a temple inside the formally Hyrule Castle was peeking at his mind. Harder and harder the temples were giving, they following the most obvious order since Shiek had decided it and it was the way they found the jewels seven years hence. Now, after this one would be two more, having no idea where the fifth medallion would be located, the sixth one was sort of in the clearing.

All that happened on the rest of the way, or about halfway, was that the two of them spoke of maybe where the next temple would be located, after the Shadow. Link had an idea that maybe the graveyard would be a great spot, since that was where the shadow people lived--the Shiekah--and the shadow of death. Navi pointed out that the Shiekah didn't live in the graveyard (they were all dead years and years past) but checking the graveyard wasn't a bad idea. As much as either of them didn't want to come back, they knew it was inevitable, since that was where the Kakariko Village Graveyard was located. No way to slip past, unless they climbed hundreds and hundreds of feet across the edges of the mounts, but the humiliation wasn't that bad--actually there really wasn't any.

Of course the hardest question came up, it was from Link and what he had been dreading since she mentioned where the temple maybe. "How are we supposed to fight underwater?"

"I'm sure the entire temple isn't underwater, I mean the inside is probably solid, just the entrance was safely underwater." A good save, she knew it, but of course Link wasn't stupid enough to fall for that, he was smart enough to question what he would say next.

"Navi, that is stupid, I mean there have to be some air pressurized parts, but all the others will be under water, there are some air pockets, but probably not much." Huffing a little, he shrugged a shoulder and began to shiver all over, staring ahead with his eyes sort of getting smaller, it felt so weird around here.

"Link, what's wrong?" This was the safe spot, somewhere to mention another thing to get rid of the fact that either of them were probably be choking in a few hours, or days, depending on this Ice Cavern.

"Don't you feel that, the coldness!" Shivering, the tunic just wasn't going to do it and he soon wrapped the entire black cape around his body, the one that was still tattered after the battles on Death.

"Feel what, I feel fine--" Letting out a long screech, the girl slid over towards his cape and slid inside of there, shivering harder and harder, staring ahead for what it was. Nothing was ahead of them, the ground was still solid as they walked and there was nothing that could have caused the air to be this bitter, even if it was winter. A season that seemed to be around but it really wasn't showing its head, the truth of the matter was that the fall season had just stared, winter was three months away. The ground was as green as could be, not a thing to spoil the weather except this cold chill that was diverting itself into the aftermath. No, it wasn't a chill like a precognition; it was more like the real cold you felt in the dead of winter, as they described in the old stories.

"Why is it so cold, it's never been so cold before." Link wasn't freaking out, the cape gave enough warmth for him, though all he could stick out was his hands, the gloves kept them warm, fighting may have been hard, but not impossible for this little hero.

"I don't know, I really don't know." Navi whispered out as the sun seemed to bleak out at that very moment, the sun going down, but the pace of Epona didn't charge down, she was heading on.

When the cold started, the two of them had been on the horse and were already where they had seen that funny-shaped rock, so long ago. That one where he had earned all the money by playing those silly ocarina songs, speaking of which, were fully organized and rewritten down. The fires had swallowed them up and now were replaced, good enough things to think of, though he was too cold to even play the instrument now. Link had lost them in the fires of Death, which seemed like a million years ago, but now he had them down on another piece of paper. Shiek had had them down and given him an extra copy, the beautiful notes like before were printed on there, showing how much of a musician his master was.

Yes, at a closer look, that was where they met the frogs, looking at the rock and hoping to see it, but the log was all bent and out of shape. From the look of things, the entire place had always been this cold, because the water on the log was all crusted with a white materialization. A thickly crust was on it, Link leaning down and touching it with the tip of an ungloved hand, pulling back and warming it up with the glove--it was cold! On further inspection, this was looked at as frost, so yes; the things that lived here were probably long dead along with the rest of the world around here. The farther they trotted on the tiring Epona, the thinner the grass had gotten, remembering back near the gate at how lush it had been all so long ago.

Link had had enough of it, and when they reached the portion where the drawbridge was, the one that led over towards the waterfall, he hopped off of Epona. "Go back, girl. It is too cold for you, I am afraid you'll pass out."

"Epona, he's right, you are much too cold for this, if you had a coat like this--then maybe, but don't worry we are almost there, less than an hour's walk from here. Plus this bridge seems too light for you, especially if it's frozen." Navi smiled towards the mare, the mare whinnying in protest, before the fairy began to stroke her and feel how cold she was.

"Listen to me, Epona, I want you to go back." Turning her around, he smacked her on the behind with a little harshness, sending her trotting off over the horizon, or close to it. When she was about to jump out of the way, she took a glance over at the boy, whined a small little noise from her nose and kept on that pace until she was gone. It was better this way, there was no way that the horse could have waited outside of here for a week, or however long this was going to take them. They were protected from this padded cloak, it wouldn't ever die out and where it was tattered didn't seem to matter to them, the air never sunk through. Giving his thanks to Anjou for her giving it to him, he knew that soon this thing would be as reliable as his sword itself, only problem was it didn't help him breathe underwater.

"You think she'll go back?" Navi whispered out, curled up at the top of the cloak and sitting on his shoulder, well it was more like laying, a cute position if the circumstances weren't so harsh.

"If she does come back, she will die, I am sure she knows that. What she didn't know was that the cape kept us warm, I am just sorry there isn't one big enough for her, I know she's dying to get in on the action." Chuckling, he looked over at the rope-bridge, noticing that the drop down wasn't that far, though on further inspection it was icy, the water seemed so cold, that it was as solid as the ground. "Navi, what happened here, this place was never like this before."

Two words echoed through her lips, brushing under the iciness as she spoke them out through the cape, knowing if she didn't that they would be muffled. "Ganondorf's curse. That is the only reasonable explanation to this are those two words, I am sure that if they were frozen in the water, the Zora's would die."

An expression of fear appeared in his face, he taking his chances and running upon the bridge, the thing seeming to crack under his weight. Ignoring it, the raced along the edges of the icy bridge, mostly concentrating on not falling, then the stupid thing giving in under his abundant weight. No way would be done in by weighing too much, knowing this was one of the many more times he would feel bad about growing out of his child-like form. It was all over when he neared the edge, the thing giving out when he was two feet from the edge, he hearing the snap a little early, giving him time to leap ahead. Yes, it was a moral thing to do, two feet was just too good to be true, since the hard water below would have snapped his skull into pieces.

Ruffling upon the ground, he tumbled forward into the ground, hearing the bridge snap all the way and fall below, him peering over the edge. The sight of what could happen made the bile rush to his throat, holding it back and downing some of the canteen that was wrapped around his neck, pushing the sickness back. Now as he fell upon the ground, his back pressed in the solid ground, something felt wet below him, hoping to the Goddesses he didn't piss his pants from being scared. No, he didn't do it because that wasn't where the wetness was around, it was on all of his body, like he had fallen in a pile of water--but this water was hard. To add to the effect, something fell down from the skies, the clouds opening and sprinkling a small star-shaped flake that flickered down and hit him on the head.

Catching the flake in his hands, or trying to, the thing burst into a thousand spaces, fluttering into cold water and washing all over his face. Several of its companions (each of them looking as vastly different as the next) were colliding all around him and there he inspected all of them. Opening his mouth widely, he caught one of them and slurped it down his throat, loving the feel of wetness as it spread down his throat. Feeling better than even the canteen did, he wished he could keep these things in a pack and munch on one when he was thirsty, saddened that he couldn't because they exploded when you touched them. Letting out a downfall sigh, the boy was thinking to himself when Navi let out a gasp and started to point forward, his eyes dislocating forward in awe.

"Snow, its snow." She whispered through hushed lips, as he released himself and noticed that on the other side of the bridge--or formal bridge, the place was covered in snow.

"Snow? But how, I thought that Hyrule was subtropical." There was no need to answer the question, so he didn't state it as a question, just as a statement because those two words came up in his mind: Ganondorf's curse.

The two of them stared in silence at the land, it was like the place beyond the bridge was clear and green, but the other side was snow-ridden, the place hit the most. The scenery was devastatingly beautiful, still it was sad because the Zora's were probably dead, at least the ones that weren't underwater when the freeze was hit. Although, the ones that weren't could have been hit since most Zora's had to be submerged most of the times, and if not, they would become un-moist, maybe their skin would dry up? Whatever the case, the young ones and the old ones would be dead or trapped underwater, if the freeze had happened so recently. Maybe he had come after the Zora's last, it wasn't like the King was going to go in a specific order in how he terrorized his citizens.

No time to explore the beauty of the winter wonderland, the two of them hurried past the snow--Link gathering a handful--as they continued down the path of reality. Swishing past there was the land where the mazes were, the binding little land that stretched out about a mile and then the hidden waterfall. Each was more difficult than the next, because it got higher and higher and with frozen water below, slipping was not an answer for anyone. Winding through the small ones were the most difficult, the place was a lot smaller than when he was only just a pup of a Hylian. This wasn't the sort of water you slip on and bust your behind, this was the one that you fell on at one hundred feet up and broke your tailbone, it not even cracking under the surface.

The higher we get, the slower it goes, at this rate we'll never be there. Link thought to himself as he disappeared on his legs and began to crawl on his knees, when the slips were too small for him to fit. It wasn't that he was fat, or anything, he was just too damn small in some spaces, they could have been climbed, if the situation was different. Yes, if it wasn't so slippery, he could scale some of these places and make his way past them with the smoothness of a climber. Now, the last one he had climbed past had been the smallest of them, the smallest was the best of all gave all the room to get back. On a leg now, that was when the last embankment was out of the way, he stopping infront of the waterfall, eyes widened.

"My Goddess, it's frozen open!" Link let out an exasperated sigh of relief, as Navi spoke those words, they were glad that it was frozen open, not in the closed state.

"Yea, the thing looks like a mural of some sort." Out of an old painting, it was truly how beautiful the thing was open; maybe the waterfall had never been closed since his last return.

"That seems true, it is sort of slippery around there." She was more warned about him, than she was herself, because she could fly over when he had to jump or think up some weird plan of his.

"At least it isn't closed, Navi, then we'd be here all night. Or we could always go to Lake Hylia, I mean, figuring that the lake isn't dried up or frozen, itself." Link was getting sick of this, it was sickening him how much Ganondorf was messing up this word, and he was one of the worst in the world.

"Yea, there is that, but I doubt that it is frozen shut. If it was frozen, then the water to from Lake Hylia would not be running, the well would dry up and even Ganondorf would of died, he can't live without food and water.unless the Triforce, nah, it hasn't granted you immortality or anything." She smiled towards him and fluttered over towards the edge of the entrance to the domain of the Zora's, it was definitely too slippery to jump.

Link was way ahead of her, he reached past the canteen, inside of the cape and took out the hookshot, grinning towards her and preparing it. This was the only way to get out of it without taking the chance of landing on the other side, slipping on some loose ice and plummeting down towards his doom. Aiming at a chunk of ice that was just above the area near the entrance to the domain, the real domain, he swiped the trigger and let it fly. Slinging through the air, he was worried maybe it would miss, break the ice and hit nothing, or simply not reach, it looked like it wouldn't, or maybe it just felt that way. The spring-loaded hook stuck out and penetrated the ice to the core, none of it breaking, and slinging him across the way without breaking so much as a sweat.

As he fell across, he felt a crack in the ice, doubting his weight and letting go of the launcher, not letting go, but jumping forward and pulling on the handle. Sliding about ten feet from the entrance and ten feet from the ledge, the Hookshot in hand, he considered himself pretty lucky. Just when he was considering himself good, he thanked his lucky stars that he wasn't five or so feet back, because a crack came again and a huge explosion was behind him. Spinning around, eyes caught that a huge chunk of ice--maybe about one hundred pounds--was sitting about five feet from him, coldness radiating off. The cold air was like an aura, it spin off and when you were close enough was when you could feel it, otherwise the thing didn't even seem to really be there.

"That was stupid, you know that?" Navi whispered out from the cloak, she had been with him the whole time, not daring to leave the coat because she feared her wings would fall off.

"Maybe I am just a reckless kinda guy? You hafta deal with that." He smiled towards her, masking the feeling of terror he had felt, maybe that was because he wanted her to think of how tough he had been.

Navi just let out a small chuckle, the boy flushing and shrugging a shoulder before he pulled the Hookshot back into its place in the bag. Better to keep it there, but it was even a little reckless since there might be some monsters around here, ice monsters of some kind. That was what he feared, the cold was a nice thing, but he really wasn't ready to tackle some sort of cavern of ice, like the ninja had said. Taking a deep breath of fresh air, clearing out his lungs from the regular cold and getting ready to the extreme one, all that was left to do was hope. As he descended into the darkness, it felt just like a temple, except the monsters were dead, there was no one to save, and worst of all was it was cold!


The dankness of the temple was spoiling around her waist; it smelt of the old kings, the ones she had read about as a child, now this was their resting-place. It was horrible, what had happened, but even more horrible was what had happened here, how she had been the only one to go on. Everyone else was gone, she the only one and for what was she to do if the sadness did end, to breed on and hope the race survived the consequences of living on. Sadness was choking in her throat, so much that she just wanted to kill the world where it stood for doing such a cruel thing to her, for sinking fate on her. She knew that it couldn't be done like that, she knew she had to go one for a few reasons in her mind, two of them were unsuspecting people.

Now, fluttering through the water like a fish--but she was a fish--all thought were off of the boy who'd never become an adult and more focused on the adult? Yes, over the years she had thought about him and how her body had matured was even more distracting because she knew his didn't. A Kokiiri, he had claimed to be the scent was one of the forests, proving the fact, though she still didn't want to believe he was like that. There was no way he could be like that, because the Forest Children never left the forest, he must have been mistaken or something, that was in. Sure, that was the only explanation for his appearance, and he was a Hylian who would one day whisk him away from the evil reign of one man whom she wanted dead, the one revenge was not wasted on, as of yet.

Though, as the years went on, the years and the mature body began to take the place of that smaller one, still bigger than his, though. Fins had began to spread all around, being more beautiful than any of the other fish, she was more enchanting and could beat them all out. Her hand for marriage didn't even have to be arranged anymore, even though the older ones still wanted her so did the ones her age and even the younger ones. Some wanted to arrange marriages for their younger kids, it was funny, though sad how beautiful she had become and yet to wed herself to any of those lucky little fish-men. All she was waiting for was not a fish, she was waiting for a Hylian to show up and not just any of those tanned little ones, she was looking for a child to appear, younger than any of the others wanting her hand, though beyond years in experience.

Age of when they were supposed to be wed was thirteen, which the year came and went and by that time she was already beginning to develop so well it was crazy. Now, as she stared beyond the clouds and just would think, at night, of him, her love didn't fade, it grew even more, it was just like that. A normal person would of said 'screw it' and decided to hook up with someone else, but they had never seen this little boy fight with a sword. How incredible he was, and even now, he had to be even better than before, he just had to be the best of the best, able to defy the odds even more. Even if in a child form, not that she would care, she'd marry and mate on with the boy because all the fish-men (and women) were gone from here, including her own father.

Father, how could they do that too you, the impenetrable fire that can't be touched! A tinge of hate for the boy had begun to grow when she had seen that, that was when she had headed for the legendary blue fire to sink the flames from her father, failing in her attempt, though that was where she found him.

How she remembered it was she had been searching the cavern, not even knowing any of the puzzles, it was when she traveled into a lone room. The room had been cold; she embraced by one of the tunics that her father had kept, and sure it kept water out of those without gills, but also protected against the cold. Along with those features, the Hylian-made tunic kept a Zora who wore it as moist as they could be, even without sinking into the water. Yes, that was a good thing for now, since all the water was frozen and without it, she would have dried herself up and died on the spot. Ruto didn't like water too much, or hadn't as a kid, so she used to wear the large ones to bed, because they didn't make them for children, I mean, who would need one.

Not knowing who made them, the tunics were given to them back in the old days, before she even met Link, they were a present from the King. Not the King of today, but the good one who had been a fine ruler and relations between every race--except Gerudo, but can you blame them--had been wonderful. This man, whom had ended the war and establish peace, hadn't made them, she had forgotten what he had said where he'd gotten them. Maybe should would ask him one day--but then as she wandered those halls, she knew that he was long since dead, one of the first fatalities of the war. Ganondorf had killed him first, maybe not the first, but one of the first ten; this was excluding the knights that he bashed out of the way to get to the old ruler.

I shall avenge you father, the fire shall heal you, you're the only one like that, even so, if we work together then we can rebuild what he destroyed. I promise I shall keep him out, we shall find a Hero in all of this, and when he is dead, we'll just laugh about it. Yes, those thoughts were broiling through her head, the thoughts of being prepared for monsters hadn't crossed her mind, and none were in the way.

Her thoughts had been ruled off and that was when it attacked him, that was when something had attacked her and taken wanted to kill her. Yes, the paws of something were placed on her, she too much in fear to realize that something was coming towards her. It could have been detected from a long way ago, if not for her stupidity in realizing certain things, but now it was too late to do anything. She was just too scared to even attempt to do anything; not that she had a weapon to protect herself with, although she wished so. Now, the only weapons left in the palace were some old javelins from the old world, to rust, that was the main reason she hadn't bothered to pick one up.

Oh Naryu, oh Naryu, if I survive this, I promise I will do anything for you! She could not tell what it was; this creature with white fangs was bearing on her, saliva dripping down from the cord of its mouth.

White fur, something she had never seen, it was probably domesticated from here, not that the fish would ever have enough time to classify the thing. This creature was unknown to her, even with gray fur in its place, though from the way it looked, Link would be able to tell it in a second. Her thoughts were rushing to Link, to her father who would spend eternity in the red fire, and to the others who had died such horrible deaths for needless causes. Ganondorf was doing such stupid stuff, killing and torturing everyone except the ones that deserved it, and his own race needed this stuff. Now, onward her thoughts went and she thought she would accept death, just embrace it, that was when she heard a small yip, that a dog makes, and the wolf fell over.

What in Naryu's name is going on? She felt the dead weight on her, the spilling of the blood fell all over her naked body--she covered herself with those glistening fins when males were around--and looked about. Either this one had had an extremely violent heart attack (the heart didn't come out) or someone had pierced the monster in the chest. The lather seemed the most possible, so she threw the monster off of her, searching the room for someone that might have been in the way to save her. No, there was no one here, but she never got to examining the entire room, for it began to crumble, she realized this was only an air pocket in the snow. How she had wandered off the path and into some stupid little air pocket was beyond her, not even knowing there could be these things in snow.

"Grab my hand!" A voice rang out; a masculine voice that seemed to pierce her ears and makes her want to melt at the arms, the ones that heartthrobs make.

"W-who're you?" The voice rang towards the left, and when she clasped to the left, feeling a skinned hand grab hers, she was overcome with relief that Link had come to save her. Yes, this man was Link, he was a Hylian and had grown up to be such a handsome man, or from what she heard with the voice intact. Staring to the left, the golden hair warned her that this was Link, the hair had grown even longer and was now down right above his strong shoulders. That face was covered up, but a single eye beamed out and through that, she could see he was compassionate enough, the cloth was smiling through there, he clad up in some weird garb. Glancing into that blue eyes--the enchanting ones--she was caught with the realization that it wasn't her hero, the man had a single red eye, the other one hidden from view.

"Quiet, I'll explain later." Throwing her forward, she slammed her hardened breasts up against his flat chest, he making sure she was attached, before taking off.

The ride was extremely fast, faster than those horses that sometimes the King used to bring over with him, they were about a million of them in this boy's speed. He raced through the pocket, which was at least about two miles long, without a sweat and was on the other side before anyone could complain about anything. His speed made her sigh and rest against his chest, her small head nestled on her shoulder and feeling the hair brisk around her face. Zipping throughout the end of the pocket, the cavern came into view, it disappearing after a few seconds and even the water was gone from Zora's fountain. Fountain was out of view, she remembering the Blue Fire, though not saying anything, because for some reason, she wanted to be held by this man and even her hero was gone from her dreams.

As the hours passed on, only about two, she realized during all of them that he was running so fast that an hour after the accident they were in the middle of Hyrule Field. He must have been heading to the Lake Hylia, and since there portal was frozen shut under the water, that meant that this was the only way to get there. There was an ancient spell, but you needed some weird instrument to play it and the Zora's really didn't play many instruments, although Link had one. That was the only time she thought of him, she was so dedicated to focus on this new one, examining that he also was carrying some small little sharp knives. Weapons of these caliber were resting around his waist, also a small little golden instrument was in the pack that he wore around his waist, a harp, she remembered it being called.

At long last, they appeared down into the depths of Lake Hylia, the first time she had seen it in four months, her eyes widened as he sat her down and she examined it. The thing was smaller for one, and before she could fully research it anymore, he was looking at her with that beautiful crimson eye. Now, she wanted to pull that mask down, find the handsome face and ask why he would hide such a beautiful face form the rest of the world. He would answer that he was a loner and didn't want his past undone, then she would seduce the boy and have her, she would be her first and only. No royal blood was in him, she guessed, but who cared, since all that mattered was being with him, and her royalty was out of the way, anyway, as she thought this, she was interrupted by his voice.

"Miss.Ruto, isn't it?" He was looking over towards the lake, a sigh was masking across the garb on his mouth, unrealized it was really this bad, those rumors didn't do wonders for the real thing.

"Y-yes, I am Princess Ruto of the Zoras." She mouthed out in a dry voice; the nervousness was the same kind a schoolgirl felt around a beautiful male teacher, the ones who always looked good. "W-who're you, my savior?"

"Savior? Well, that seems a little too much, but what the hell? My name is Shiek, I am an ancient Shiekah of the real race, and you better believe that." A grin circled his lips as he stared over towards her, catching her gaze and backed up a little, they were resting on that huge platform where Navi had visited Gaebora that night, so long ago.

"Shiek, then. Would you be interested in being my King when this is all over---oh, if this is ever over." She sulked towards the ground; about to start crying when she saw him heading to comfort her, and not wanting to be seen as a little stuck-up baby, she held the tears back. "You rescued me, how're you so fast?"

"I was trained that way, your highness." Of course he still respected her, even though her kingdom was decimated and the King beyond recognition with that ice around him.

"Now what?" She blurted out, sniffing as some of the tears leaked out, and shrugged when he got closer to hug, not wanting him to bother with her for the time being.

"Now you go down to the Water Temple, you know where it is at." Grinning, he wandered over towards her, placing hands on her naked shoulders, and bending down, whispering those words out. "Link has awakened and grown from the last time you set eye son him."

"A-awakened and grown?" Link, her Link, was awake and how long had he been asleep, she wondered as she stared down into the single eye of this man, such a feminine and mysterious Shiekah he was.

"He shall explain, just go to the Water Temple and await for him, also shut down the temple when you get inside, so that no one else can answer--don't worry he has a tool too get in--and go into the room with the torches." He smiled and jumped up into the air, the noon sky was in the sky, she blinded when she looked up, though when she stared down, he wasn't there, and he had simply disappeared!

Now here she was, just walking into the room and having just closed up the temple, on the bottom floor of the three-story temple, remembering all that happened. Link had awakened from something, she wasn't sure of yet, though that must have been what kept him from marrying her after all these years. She wondered if she still had the ring, or if Shiek would take it once this was all over, or even if she could have both of the men to herself. The devilish smile grinned to her lips, noticing that Link had awakened, he was also larger, that meant that he wasn't a Kokiiri at all, but a Hylian--or Shiekah. As she sat down on the ground, her thoughts coiled up of the two of them and her, the beautiful princess, falling asleep at the thoughts of what they would do if she married them--thoughts that would put a sailor to shame!


        Talking about a winter wonderland in the making, this place was as huge as it could be, the icy feeling was dwelling all over their bodies. Shivering through the darkness, the two of them expected for something to happen, an evil aura was dancing around, mixed in the coldness. Even though this black cape, the shivers were getting in, the coldness taking on a serene feeling, a departure of all good in here, flashing out of the mind. Sure, it was one of the worst that they had felt; worse back when they were children, the Fire Temple's accordance didn't even matter to this. As the two pounded on through the darkness, the light opened up and revealed what Navi had been expecting to boil over, Link was astounded in amazement.

        As soon as the two life forms drifted out of the darkness and into the light was when the ground below them got more slippery than usual. So messed up, the ride down would be one of the hardest that they had ever experienced, since his

boots didn't have the hilts to handle ice. Maybe ice-skates, but those weren't even made in Hyrule, since there was no ice, and another thing was that if they were made, it would be in the castle of the desolated Market Place. No way either of them would ever step place in there, except one last time and they knew by that time, they would be strong enough to combat the worst of Redead. Yes, even worse than what they had treaded on to get here, one false movement and you would go pummeling down to the waters below.

Waters wasn't the best term, for with further inspection, the entire place below was frozen solid, whiteness beyond whiteness was growing on the ice. It just wasn't the hardened ice, what it seemed like was that ice was growing on the bitter ice, something that didn't happen at normal temperatures. Speaking of the degrees, the place was about a few hundred Celsius from below the freezing point, which was thirty-two degrees, when water froze. Hardened waters, no longer the sweet trickling of anything was about, it was like time had stopped and the splitter was one called the hellish weather of Ganon. Well, these waters were frozen, and if there was such a term then they were over-frozen, although he had never heard of such a word in his own existence.

"Nav', I don't understand, this place is so desolate." An only word he could think of, knowing that without the cape, the both of them would have been freezing down into their frostbitten hands.

"Linky, I am sure this is the work of the curse, but other than that, I don't see how Ganondorf has the power to control the weather, it seems like something out of a fairy tale." She halted herself in a fury of amazement and pointed across from where they stood, where about two hundred feet away, or so it seemed was the waterfall which they had gotten the scale from, so long ago. "It's frozen!"

"Frozen, what do you--Oh my Goddess!" His eyes almost bulged and he felt they would fall out of his sockets, they were widening out with such an amount of fear was spreading outward. Now, it was true that there was nothing very bad at the waterfall, not something like a monster, or an ice creature that had worried him before. Sure, the other waterfall had been clipped and frozen down to its core, but in that case it had been easily broken if it was penetrated long enough with a sword. What stood before him was a fall that couldn't be smashed open, nor could it be burdened with any sort of sorcery that even he could conjure up. From the looks of things, nothing would ever unseal these Zoras except a lot of hard work and maybe some patience in years, if the things could live frozen underwater.

Indeed, as they ventured closer, sliding down towards the end of the long path with quick feet and usually halting every now and then, the amazement didn't cease. Ice upon the waterfall was the least of his worries, that just didn't bother him now, what was more of a worry had to be this path he was on. Now, he was less worried about that than he was worried about falling down towards the frozen waters that couldn't be broken without any harm. Sliding down was just un-forbidden, there would be nothing to save him if he went sprawling, plus the ice was so low below that he couldn't slide out. What was best was to hug the wall down and hope on the way to the King's chamber, that he didn't run into any other icy paths--though he doubted anything was un-iced here.

As fate would have begun its fickle journey, the ice below him began to crack, the path was not breaking, and just a piece of ice was sliding down. An entire block of ice, what he happened to be standing on, just slid down like some sort of skateboarder who was using a very small board. The thin piece was only about two feet apart, so his feet had to be pressed together to keep from falling, and very thin from the looks of it. On further inspection, it wasn't entirely a block, or a thin piece, maybe in the middle, for if it had been thin, then the block would have broken in half long ago. That didn't mean that riding on the thing wouldn't cause it to crack, because it was just unsafe to be trailing on this stupid thick.

"Oh Goddess, I just knew something like this was going to happen to us, your power gets heavier and I can't carry you around as easily as before! Link, you're sliding!" Navi squealed out in panic, she was in a fright, as he slid onward with just staring out towards the ground, keeping eyes on there, his bulk wasn't increasing, just the stamina he held, so it was more difficult to hold onto him.

"Y-yea, just trying to hold on." A grin was piercing his lips, daring not to look up, since the smallest little satisfaction would cause him to break out away from his concentration and fall.

"There maybe a way to keep this form lasting, I don't think that stupid ice is going to hold on much longer! Eureka, I have it! Link, I want you to use your shield, it's the only way that we can outlast it!" Navi pierced out in a panic, going out under the cape and retrieving the Hylian Shield, undoing it from his back and using her newfound power to hand it to him without a sweat.

".Navi, you've gotten stronger! The shield?" He retrieved it from her and tried to think up what maybe her little plan was, the thoughts coming and then he realized what she was talking about in her voice. There was only one solution to the problem, that had to be the defender he was holding in his right hand, nodding to the girl with some realization. A grin pierced his lips as he sat the shield down infront of him, and when he did that was when the ice block shattered down into a little bit of pieces. That was good enough time for him, because with the shield down was a place to leap, those two feet assigning in there and one foot standing in the loops. Only one foot could stand in there, that was good enough because as the end of the slide came forward, the other foot was balancing and readying itself.

That was an understatement of how amazed she was when he jumped ahead, she had expected him to stop at the end of the slide, though he didn't listen to the internal conflict in her. No, what she expected was he to stop at the tracks and just case off to the side, then they would climb ahead and continue on with the shield back in place. It would be a little frosty from the ride, and maybe a little bent, she didn't know if it could support all his weight or that it would suffice under the weight. Not at all, from the inspection of things, the shield was giving on and would continue with that, even if it did break, they could always find another shield. Wasn't true at all, this shield had some sort of powers, maybe it was enchanted from the tomb they found it in, or during the period that the two of them slept--this shield could withstand powers not usually thrown out.

Mustering all the power he could, the edge of the slide came up, the edge was the last part and a little crack in the side shown the perfect jump was coming. Now rights after the ride down was that small shop, it was incased in some sort of ice an unknown sort because the thing was not the color of regular ice, it was red. The small ruby color didn't phase his mind when the crack came in view, you couldn't afford to do that when attempting a jump like this, because right after the shop was a right angle. Yes, there was an angle right after this and somehow, he would have to ricochet in the middle of the air and fly the right angle, sliding up the entire path of the slot. After the second slide up would be the King's chamber, then they would find out if everyone died, that stubborn man couldn't of done it, he was just too nice.

"Are you ready, Link! I am not sure what you have up your sleeve, my hero, but I am ready for what comes next! I have faith in the Goddesses!" Screamed Navi out in a piercing voice, she realizing the void he was going to do and getting ready to pull out the 1st Aid Kit. There was someone there to help there, if there was, she prayed to them and hoped this person did what she wanted to do those Goddesses.

"As ready as I'll ever be!" She knew the plan, as reckless as his other plans were; though could you expect any less from the Hero of Time, he was confusing in general.

The moment of truth was coming up! There was nothing holding him back now, the crack less than a foot away, and when it came near, he leapt near it and slid forward. Hitting the thing with dead aim, it gave him the jump- start to fly towards the wall, the shop disappearing after a few seconds and the icy wall coming up. Iced upon the wall, the shield would slam into it, then he had to think of where to press himself to go onward, otherwise, the fear would swell up and he'd miss. Groaning with the pain coming up, there was nothing else to do but give up on what was coming and exert it all with those hands pressed forward. The wall was next, the wall was right there and when he slammed right into it, the hands went to the right, pressing away and towards where the staircase was.

His hands had fumbled, but eventually when he pressed, he pressed towards the north section, seeing that was where the stairs were located. When his shield--which he was standing with the front pointed forward--bounced off, he was flying towards the air, at least seven feet above and hit upon the icy path, sleeking up. His defender had been spinning in the air, when it had hit the edge, maybe it was because the friction had caused the sudden movement to exceed more than possible. The spin didn't give a bad use, by any mean was it; it actually gave him sort of an edge, though the after effects would leave him a bit dizzy. Maybe gravity was defied, maybe not, all he knew was that when he hit the middle of the path, the shield was spinning and headed up towards the end of the path.

Navi had been tucked away at his coat, watching when the collision happened, almost expecting him to go flying; though when he didn't, her nerve was still there. Biting her whim, when he began to go upon the path and slide up, she saw that he wasn't going to go all the way and frowned, she floating out of the coat. Shivering out and crying louder, the aura around her was charging with her own energy to keep the cold out, though it still felt like the dead of winter was around the corner. Slithering through the cloddish air, she appeared near the shield and let loose her entire barrier, appearing inside his cloak a few seconds later, chipping the ice off of her. Now, the energy that she blasted wasn't enough to cause any harm to the shield, just giving it the boost that it needed to fly all the way up.

What is she doing? The spin of the shield was creating an ear shattering sound, not enough to make his ears bleed, but enough so discomfort was there and they couldn't talk. Keeping his eyes forward, it felt like someone had added some extra power to the shield, like when the stamina increased in Epona. Letting out a cry of joy, the shield sped up the entire area and slid through the path like a cakewalk, obviously stronger than the other one had been, his mind realizing over towards Navi. How he admitted his love for Navi, the obsession swirling around his heart when the end of the path disappeared and they were disappeared into the next room. Joy would of overfilled inside of his head, had not the image of the fire now above him, this time incasing a fish, but not just any fish, the largest one in all of Hyrule--no we aren't talking about the Lord Jabu Jabu.

"K-King Zora! What happened to him?!" Link blathered out in a miniscule of confusion, fury, and just the sadness of the situation, the man was incased in that reddish ice from before.

"He's incased in some sort of fire, I have never seen something like this before." The little fairie began to scratch her head, noticing the man hadn't moved much in the years--he was still in the spot that uncovered the area where Jabu Jabu was, and hadn't changed much from the look of things.

"I remember it, that stuff was on the shop door when we passed by, I don't know what its called though, I guess we could label it 'red ice', but I don't think fire can burn it." Just to check it out, the boy looked towards her, seeing she was still in his cape and prepared his hands in the shape of performing something. The Fire Medallion, as he had realized only a few days ago, granted him the powers to control fire, but also the ability to increase his normal magic attack 'Din's Fire.' Now the medallion, tucked away inside of his pocket, was beginning to resonate inside of the pack and then when he preformed the sign of the Tiger, it was over. The sign of the Tiger was meaning you were getting ready for a fire attack, the one of Dragon meant an air attack, while the attack of the Serpent signified water. Putting two fingers--the middle and one after the thumb--together, no whisper was given as those legs spread for the devastating attack.

Smirking, that hand slammed down at the ground, he was now standing on the little platform the guards made him sit to talk to the larger man when he was young, when the fire went on. A circle of flames surrounded him, at first they were only about three feet tall, but now up to nine feet tall, so the attack was more than twice added on. Now, the flames spread out in all directions, but as he spun around, the boy pointed both hands towards the red ice, since now he could direct the flames and watched them fly at the ice statue. His grin faded when the flames all went inside of the red ice, the colors seeming to absorb the ice and add its on towards the person who made the ice. It was horrible, and that was when the flames appeared around the red block of frost, which was about twice the size of the man, and shot back at him.

"Link, watch out!" Navi appeared around where Link's body was and began her aura; the redness of it absorbed the flames that were licking at the energy barrier.

Dancing around her body, the flames began around her entire body like a hokage would, yes, the shadow of the flame was twirling about the small body of this fairy. She, herself, didn't know why she did this, it was a sort of protection against someone getting at him, that seemed the most obvious--though there was something else about this. No ice was forming over her body when the flames went inside of her, the ice of the place was melting, thinking if she survived, then the ice wouldn't be a problem. As they were around the little small one's barrier, he couldn't even remember how any of this happened, regretting ever having summoning up the flames. At long last, she was about to die, or felt the need to, when the pain didn't come at all, the hurt and death of everything hadn't appeared-- probably not going to make its entrance in spite of worry.

Too afraid to touch his little one, there was nothing to do but watch in a sort of horror and exclamation swirling through the pit of his gut. Maybe he feared she was going to burn up, that was for the most part, since the flames were beginning to lick at her form. Kaci was reminded in his head, the shivers burning inside the pit of his gut, the hands coming across Navi's body and holding her to him with the fierceness. If he died here, it wouldn't be for anything, it would be because she was fading and then and there he knew without a doubt that this would be the end. Pain was not swelling through his body, as he came to notice and when the flames were undone, the atonement of not being dead was floating through his brain in a sort of ecstasy.

When the worrying of everything was gone, the two of them were left with nothing pushed on except the excitement of the aftermath. Link was in sort of a worrying stance, examining her for any bruises or burn marks, while still his fear of something happening to her was existent. No reason why she should be alive, there wasn't a care in the world for this, his thoughts were splitting until the thing before it happened occurred to him. She had spread her barrier before the flames hit, and this was the red one that the Goro had sprinkled around her, to breathe in the flames of the Mountain of Death. Of course those flames would lick at her in the temple, the powder was used because it kept her from being affected with the fire, and like the tunic he was wearing, meaning that was what saved her life!

Navi was just looking at how she was being held and let out a deep sigh of pleasure, her expression hidden from the boy, since she was staring down. Her realization of the tunic had come before his; she was just staring back and knew that if he had known about it, the boy would just of let it alone. Now, she knew that he had tried to protect her, but at the same time he wasn't hurt, the aura had surrounded him and engulfed him in the protection. The muscle of her heart was beating faster and faster, as she was pressed against his chest, the feelings of love fluttering to and fro her muscle inside of that chest. It was strange, he cared, she had known before, the realization of just never thought beyond her, and although she wanted to recollect on it, there was no time so the thoughts were shoved away.

"T-the vest?" Link choked out as he walked over towards the platform, skipping past it and heading where the red ice was, still holding Navi close to him, never un-tightening the grip on her.

"No, the veil, the veil protected me." He knew this; maybe he was just stuttering because the way he was acting, it was true the fright of his life was now in the way, rivaling with what happened to Saria in the dream.

"I meant the vest protected me, or the cape, or both?" While the stuff had gone on, he had been having his eyes closed, so there was no way to check if the veil had gone over him or not.

"No, again. The veil protected us both, I made it go around us both." Her smiled sweetened a little and she glanced over towards the boy, loving the way he smiled and nodded, looking over towards the fish now.

Link's hand narrowed upon the block where the King of the Zoras was placed, the gloved palm just having enough time to circle around there before the pain began. Throwing his hand back in pain, a hiss of pain flashed out of his breathing mouth, groping those two hands together and rubbing them to calm it down. Yes, it hurt, the ice was not the same as regular ice, he had an idea this one was closely related to the heat, while the cold was related to the blue form. The extreme force in him wasn't bad, it ended in just a few seconds, actually reminding him of when you touch a flame for just a few seconds, it didn't seem as worse in a the time passing. It was probably not hurting since the hand had become a little numb; having to hold tap his other fist on the touched palm, just to make sure it was working.

The theory was that this ice could be melted, in some way that was echoing through his mind, but there was a way, there just had to be. The tint of blue frost was silted down when the red flames of fire were produced on here, the two colors mismatching and causing it to melt. Okay, so fire would work on here, since this form was ice, but what could make the ice disappear, the red one that encased the only person who could help them away from their troubles. If there was a tunic around here, he held it and since there were no chests or even any rooms around, no way to plunder inside the dead people's rooms. On the slide he had rode up on, the doors that were passed had all been sealed up with that mysterious cold form upon them all, desiring it to disappear.

"Where in Hyrule can we melt this ice?" Link whispered out in a breathing procedure, taking the glove off of his hand and inspecting the blueness that appeared around it--no it wasn't red when you were burnt, the azure colour was now in his face, taking the breath away from there.

"Well, we could try--your hand!" Navi fluttered over towards the hand, holding it between her hands and rubbing at the wound, the numbness still there so the boy only flinched at the consideration of no feeling in the place he bore a sword, it was the right hand he placed on in the ice.

This distinction was nothing he wanted to feel, the sword could be held in another hand, though he preferred the fingers around the one to the right. A sinking sigh disappeared from his lips as she kept those hands rubbed at that area, his eyes darting down towards the way she cared for him. Mm, she was so loving for him, he knew that other people were jealous because he had a pixie around him, although now he had someone who loved for this hero. Tender as a mother, loving as a sister, and even more beyond this imagination, the race of the two of them didn't matter, they were just too shy to admit it to anyone else. No one else cared around this sort of stuff, they also didn't have the slightest feelings about how the two of theirs relationship worked--it was a strange way for things to appear.

"Navi, I think its red because it's the opposite of the red flames burning you." He chuckled a little towards the comment, since the pain didn't burn, but was as numb as ice could be when penetrated with a finger.

"You are absolutely right, and I think I know where this ice is, I don't think this is part of Ganondorf's curse, the ice and everything is, I just think the red ice is natural, just around here, though." Never had she read of anything about them, the Zora's were a very weird race towards her, she only knew more on the Kokiiri and Hylians, plus the Hyrulians.

"Navi, where do you think it is, all the rooms are sealed up." He leaned up against the wall, glancing over towards the Fairie; she had taken out something from the 1st Aid Kit and was rubbing it over the wound. "What's that?"

"It is an herbal cream I got from Kakariko, a balm, I don't know what it will do, but might help with this ice burn--or freeze, whatever it is." Chuckling, she rubbed the cream all over the wound, leaving it there for a few the seconds, smoothing it in with her small hands. "Oh, the fire has to be in the Ice Cavern."

"I see, who'd you get it from?" So good, the cold cream was washing over his wound, if he had been in pain then it would have disappeared, now the bitterness in his skin was loosening a little. Her motherly nature was kicking in once again, the love within him causing that heart to swell up, hoping that this moment could have gone on forever. Not so enough that if she grabbed a hold of something that it wouldn't drop it probably would if it was big enough, he might be able to pick up Navi or something. That innocent mistake was not going to happen, the numbness in his palm was going out even more, so much that he thought that Navi could be carried. No, he wouldn't risk that by dropping the little fairie, even though it would be a great test, the consequences were just too great to try something at him.

"I got it from an old witch that lives behind the Bazaar." Link remembered that place; it was where he had found his shield on display, or one that looked like his, though without most of the magical qualities.

"Mm, so where do you think the Ice Cavern could be, there isn't anywhere but--Jabu!" He yelled out, the hands wanting to shake with the immediate disposition, though the one being massaged kept itself calm, the other one going on and stroking her grinning face. "You knew that, you little scamp!"

"I didn't know, I just had an idea." Ceasing the rubbing, she pressed her face into his palm and got the massage, a shudder appearing through her breath and rubbing across his hand.

The incident of not feeling anything began to dissipate from his hand, up until after a few minutes since the talk began that it was gone with all the feeling back in his hand, the wound just an incident in his mind. Gripping a hold of the glove, the touch was back in, and slipping it back on his hand, he retrieved that sword of his and pulled it from the sheath, the coat opening as he did so. Grinning towards her, his mouth was gaping at the profound strength that returned from what it seemed all at once, though over a period of minutes. He couldn't help but throw the blade into the air, ripping the cape off and leaning towards the left, the sword sliding down into its scabbard with a clinking sound. Swinging the blade back and forth, nothing was wrong with his skill, simply the feel had kept him numb for only a few minutes, quite a catch when you think about it.

Navi stared over at the boy; he was enjoying himself and had actually mastered that sheathing technique, she had seen him working on it a few days before. It was only practiced by the most prestigious of sword- masters, she had never known anyone to attempt it fully and live on, though she didn't know anyone with a sword, aside him. You threw the sword up into the air and leaned in the direction it was coming, timing the move and at the power the sword was launched at, very hard when you weren't looking. Attempting this was a bit reckless without a peering back, since the thing could get out of balance and drag across your back, slicing up your back. Some looked and made sure of it that was what he had been doing up until now, though the one slid inside without a glance at where it landed.

Not that he had gotten some slashes from there, that was an understatement because he had a few rips inside of his tunic, and matching scars upon his back. Practices had been very harsh, she warning him that it was reckless, if he wanted a great sheath, then he could wear the scabbard down by his side. Just like the old Samurai in the ancient legends used to do, not like the knights of today, though he always complained that wasn't his style. Though he wasn't some stupid knight with the loyalties to everything good, his thoughts were turned towards the one of his own, a loving little spectacular one he wanted to vary. Grinning was always what he would do, at first practicing with her, then moving on miles away, so those screams wouldn't echo away.

Staring at his face, she was gasped with the realization that Link wasn't wearing a little something on his body, the cloak that he received from Anjou! "The coat! You aren't wearing the coat on your body, Link, we are supposed too--oh my Goddess-- I am not wearing any part of the cloak either!"

"You're right, we aren't wearing out protection, but I don't feel the cold on me, do you?" Inspecting her, there was no ice caking on her body, like when she had pushed up the shield, his own wasn't wearing any frost either.

"No, I feel sort of warm, like when we are in the forest, that seems so strange, doesn't it? Oh, I think I know why I am like this, the flames were absorbed inside of my body, so they warmed me. Must have done you too, I suppose." Mmhm, that was a good reason for her, but what about him, could the flames have also encouraged the warmth inside of him when he grabbed a hold?

"Nuh-uh, that isn't is for me because I was still shaking when I grabbed you, the cold spots were sinking through, so that can't be it. Oh, I think it is because the red ice I touched." Those flames were what warmed him up, that just had to be the only reasonable explanation for this, good reasons why the coat was no longer reliable.

"Can we get out of here?" Draping the coat over his shoulders, the idea of heading towards Jabu was a good fact, just how were they going to get past this stupid fish? The Ice Cavern, which was probably just established, would be back behind him, since there used to be a series of caves over there, when he was a kid. Ruto had pointed them out; they were near that giant tree--which was probably dead after the coldness had taken over, and the plants did die when that happened. Tightening the strings upon his cape, slinking the black towards them, the ruby colour showing itself off, he walked past the giant fish, passing a glance over towards him, he would come back and save this man. A great man, like his father (the Deku Tree) he would avenge and revive this person, and so he be dead, then the revenge would be for the Zoras and him, not the mention the Princess.

Navi nodded towards him, signaling she was ready to leave, and as the two stared over at the frozen ice, they were caught with some new science in their minds. Growling towards this, she was staring down, feeling the warmth of the aura around her body, probably the only thing that kept her from freezing to death. Unlike Link, her aura may dry out, or the coldness may have disappeared, since she hadn't really touched anything, while his hands had been placed on the frost. Almost feeling like groping it, she decided against it and just came against it because there was nothing wrong with the power from now, she could always hide when the shivers came back. That was true, glad that this had happened to her, that he had touched the fire, he depended too heavily on that coat, and enemies would notice and take advantage.

It was actually not as thick here, walking ahead about a mile into the darkness, now lit with small torches on each side; the thing was definitely thinner. No, the ice was thinning when they took the stairs down into the blackness, up until he heard the slosh of his boots collide into the water. So, the curse was in the center of the Zora Palace, Ganondorf obviously not worrying about what was beyond here and that stupid fish from before. Jabu was either dead or had somehow disappeared down into the water, where it slept from before, that depended on if the water was frozen or not, it liquidated here. Depending on the situation, they were both confused when the light began to open up and the entire land appearing before them, the frost was very much different here.


"He's gone! The Lord of the Waters has disappeared!" The yell escaped through Link's lips as they trailed upon the platform where Jabu--excuse me- -where he used to reside, the emptiness all so serene.

"Jabu is probably just underwater, Link, don't be ridiculous. The whale can't even get through the hole out of here, what do you think he sprouted wings and flew away?" It was ridiculous to consider him gone, her thoughts were rolling back as she approached the icy edge, the fear of slipping was still apparent.

Actually she was flying over him, he the one walking and having the fear of falling off, those hands crossed down beside his waist, a grim smile upon lips. He just knew that the fish was gone, the closer the edge got, the more he knew because the fact that surrounding the edge wasn't frozen water but small icebergs. No, that was an over-statement since the blocks were only a few feet across, eight at some and four at others, while the equal size in the same shape as the others. Hell, they were circles, so they had to be the same size that they were wide, none of them actually misshapen and looking like they were carved out of a large piece. Growling for the fairie to mistrust him, sure it felt weird, although it did seem that, he could even feel that the fish wasn't there, sensing its spirit.

Having the ability to sense a spirit was a new one, he had felt it for some time now and couldn't tell you if it developed during his slumber or was acquired over time. The sleep may have charged it up, giving him the ability to see even more than usual, it wasn't like the aura, though, sort of in a different sense. It was hard to explain, he didn't think he could give a lecture on it, since everyone he spoke to would think that he belonged in the mental home. Along with the Poes and other loonies, so he wouldn't explain this to anyone but the fairie, proving his theory to her and showing her the new insight. If she could feel it was another question that pondered his mind, wonderful if she could, but that seemed not likely since she had never mentioned it.

"Link, he's not here!" She whispered out in the utter satisfaction of his virtue, that he had been right in the hand, not a little something she could inspect--he wasn't under the water--the water was so light that they could see the bottom. "I don't see how you could have detected the aura of this man, or can you sense those like the Great Fairies? How did you know that he wasn't there, is there something I should know?"

"Not an aura, Navi, it is more like a spirit I can sense, but the funny thing is that its hard to explain in these simple words." Yea, I can sense that Jabu is gone, I don't know how, I just can." Shrugging a shoulder, he waited for something to be answered, who knew what would happen between the relationship of them, after this stupid sentence was laid down on the two souls.

"Sense souls? Care to explain?" No humor was placed in her voice, just the curiosity of a question, what people usually felt when they were intrigued by something, he had felt it several times in his life, well a lot more than normal people because of his backgrounds in the forest.

Now, the spirit of Navi, the spirit of the King, and even himself he could feel in his mind, Jabu's was not there and staring down into the water proved it. As he explained this to Navi, she didn't laugh, didn't get uncomfortable, nor turned away, what he expected the other to do and even her. She was different from the rest, he knew that, but to what degree had always wondered in his mind, now the test was proved beyond those limits. He couldn't help but grin towards this, loving how much he trusted his fairie and she the same way, almost feeling a doubt she would never think of him crazy, how could he ever doubt his love? Chuckling, the explanation went on about how he could feel all of the people around here--reason he knew that the King still lived through that ice.

Yet the explanation wasn't through there, not at all, he was just getting started it and went on to tell how he had felt these senses as a kid. Not as powerful back then, he sometimes could tell if a person was near him, it was a close-ranged thing, and other times the ability was gone. A bit of a psychic telekinesis, he had never felt such abilities in his reach, except the nightmares of seven years past, yet those weren't the best of talents in this field. No such thing s were available in his arsenal, there wasn't anything he could do, like lift things with his mind and those other cool talents you read about in papers. How unfortunate for him, this quest would be a lot easier for the two of them, only left with the fact that he could sense souls from a long while away.

        Just not the fact that the pretences were near, it was as if they were giving off something inside of their power, the soul was contracting to his mind. Inside the left part of his frontal lobe he could feel it, not that it twitched or made pain singe all over him, this was some sort of unconscious feeling that he felt. Grinning towards the girl, he spun around and studied those large ice packs, the break-off of some large piece that was no longer among them, either broken off so small that it couldn't be seen--melted was another idea. Spotting a lone spot just ahead, if his calculations were correct, than that had to be where the Cavern of Ice was located at, no where else stuck in the way. Shrugging at the thoughts, she speech was discontinued her and there he pondered another question towards his friend, how were they going to get across to the Ice Cavern.

        "How do you supposed I skid across there without falling into that icy water. I mean, I can't grip onto there." He said himself because she could float on towards the end, and the reason he couldn't grip was the edges had no where to grab, they were just too smooth and slippery-looking.

        "Yea, the edges do seem a little thin, maybe I could try to carry you?" She whispered out, knowing that wouldn't last very long, she might be able to get him half way there, then have to rest her little body, no help throughout the cave.

        "I'm too big for that now, you know that, but thanks anyway." Grinning towards his girl, the boy was undoing the cape, tying it around his waist, when the glint of the blade had gotten in his way, temporarily blinding him, the idea streaking on him when the sword was within view. "I've got it!"

        "What do you got? Link, don't go rush off--Link!" It was too late, she knew he always did this without discussion, maybe it was the fact that he went to such lengths to impress him. Letting out a small giggle, the fairie-girl just shrugged that off, the girlish thoughts of him doing all this for her--since explaining it would take the mood out of it--exactly what ruined the entire mood. There wasn't another reason to be doing this but for her, not that she minded, she thought it was one of the sweetest things that the hero accomplished. Taking all these risks, even though they were inevitable, and still keeping an element of surprise just for her was something she hadn't experienced before. Blessing whatever he was thinking, let it be with him and the Goddesses, the prayer was a silent fix as her eyes adjusted to what he doing, the sail over the edge.

        While she was thinking about him, he tied the cloak tightly around himself, stuffing it inside itself so he wouldn't trip over the ends of it while he ran. Pulling the sword out of its sheath, checking the edge for dullness, the serene feeling that this one would never break, none of his swords had ever shattered themselves. It was because the Gods blessed them, he knew that, feeling just so lucky to have them by his side, now the ultimate blade of destroying evil was in his palms. No, he didn't plan on going and killing anyone now, that wasn't the plan, all that was available was getting to the Ice Cavern, finding these new flames, maybe acquiring a suit in the process. Slicing down upon the ground, it not breaking the ground in half since he had no power in his slash, just creating a huge cut in the center, a grin appeared on his face when the ran took off.

        Taking off at a larger speed than he usually ran, the jump was made towards the nearest little block, it was about seven feet away, the sword held in the air. When the ground came into the view, his feet sitting upon them and about to slip off, the sharp blade was pushing into the icy below. Shoulders slacked down towards the ground, unplugging the blade and scouting how far, how big, and luckily how deep the others would be, compared to this one. Now these things were very thick, or so he hoped as he came down, and when it went inside, the blade was not breaking the ground on him. Relief was in his face, wanting to have tested it out, but afraid it would break and keep his chances from ever getting towards this small cavern.

        "Oh, goody, Link! You accomplished that, it was such a good plan, I didn't mean to worry, I just do sometimes, its in my nature about you. But you did it!" She was huffed from the breath of thinking he might fall down into the waters, seeing the plan, and flying out towards him at an incredibly large speed.

        "Yea, I was just doing this for the suspense, y'know? I am sorry if I scared you, but at least we can get away from here, depending on if all the other ones are as thick as this one, I mean." Chuckling, the sword was held in his right hand, just slinking down against the ground, his scout in vain, the way to the cavern looked all mixed up from here.

        "I can do that, sweetie, I'll be right back." Fluttering past the boy, her relief went in as she trailed into the air, scouting through the fog at what exactly was going on around here. It was true, there was a thick, white fog down on the ice, it about seven feet below than the place they had been standing on, for some reason not noticing it before. Yea that still baffled how they could have missed it, or maybe it had just come into view was another thought peering through her mind. Wishing for an easier way, those wings began to flap up and reveal the majesty she ran about the clouds, the air catching her and pushing her up even further. Groaning throughout the air, she was noticed all around that there was a way to go, it was exactly straight from where he was standing, down on the block.

        As she floated down towards the ground, her other idea of the thickness of each rock was in her mind, so she didn't take the way down towards her hero just yet. Trailing out over the ground, she found that each of them were as thick as the last, the cold blasting against her faith, the warmth making her even warmer. Even if it was cold, she would brave it for him, she always would, and the trip back was a lonely one, almost feeling as if that stupid stuff was wearing off. Picking up speed, the warmth feeling itself slip away, she was groaning and freezing all over whenever he was appearing before her, not stopping to greet him. Slamming her five and a half-inch body into his chest, she snuggled against the warmth, her aura brightening even more, the power of fire inside was returning.

        "W-what's wrong?" He spoke in a bemused voice, checking to see if she was hurt, her skin was still burning with the flames from before, it wasn't the coldness.

        As she was pulled away and inspected, her cheeks turned rosy when the cold disappeared, realizing it was part of her imagination and shaking that head back and forth. "Nothing at all, hee, I am just fine, I just got tired being away from your warm body, maybe the fog was getting to me or something, I dunno."

        "Oh you were, were you?" A grin appeared around his lips, those fingers lacing around the small--though larger body than before--pressing him towards her and holding onto her, fingers lacing around her body and just smashing her against him with no hate at all. "Well, I missed you too."

        "Hee, I am so glad you did!" Standing in the cold, she knew it was time to go, the romance could wait until at least this quest was over, she planned on pulling him back for more than a week's vacation this time, there was no one who ordered them around. "My heart beats faster when you are around."

        Giggling nervously, he shrugged a small shoulder towards her and stared off in the direction he thought they were to head, the north, but as the smooches were left on, he changed the subject when she mentioned the hearts, bursting out. "Did you find out where we are to do, and the thickness of each of those blocks?"

        "Oh, yea, I did. I found out that each of those blocks is about the same thickness as these, about eight inches and also that the direction we are to head is northward." Pointing in that direction, she was about to say something else when she was bundled up and felt him move out through the air. His speed, agility, and virtue were all-important points that were gone beyond belief; each of them improved more than thought the imaginable. Sure, she always rode on him when she slept, usually only hanging about his body (and awake) when it was time to talk to people, or converse with the two of them only. Now, the power lifting as he streaked through the bitter morning, or evening, she had done forgot how late it was, an idea of a break never filtering her. They would try and finish this break without the need of stopping, the graceful ability to go on and find no breaks; those were for the weak.

        His speed moved even more, using the sword to the fullest power, even sometimes cracking one of the blocks and having to get off before it broke. It wasn't that they were thicker, she had been right about the thickness of each, and it was just that how much power he pushed into getting to each one. The closer and closer he got to the end, the more determined his bones felt to finish this and get on throughout here without breaking his neck. The closer he got towards the edge, the more he cracked the icy rocks, and it was only a matter of time before none of them started working. Grinning up towards the ground, the last one came into view, that hand still gripping the hilt of the sword, as the rock formation appeared before the two of them.

        Sheathing the sword up, not putting any power and only sinking in an inch or so inside of this rock, he prepped himself for the jump by stretching a bit. It was true that from here on there was the ledge, sticking out of the thinning fog, it reached up a foot or so from where he stood, the climb looking more difficult than it was. Watching his little fairie, she was over at the other side now, seeing if he could do it with or without the armour, he going for the first one. No way that this weight would hold him back, as much as he had fought with it on, now that getting to a ledge would be a piece of cake for the Hero of Time. At last the stretching was finished, cracking the knuckles and undoing the cape, draping it around his body, tightening it so that it shown out if the white mist.

        Taking off with a leap, he jumped the foot into the air--which wasn't the hard part--his fingers lacing upon the ground and gripping with all his might. What had frightened the boy was that maybe it wouldn't be hard around here, the fog slicing up and moisturizing the edges just for him, a curse at him. Now as he yanked himself up, without any problem at all, the Gods had decided to smile down at him and grant the last wish of the hero they had chosen. Thanking with a silence in his mind, he would never reveal that sometimes he did give them thanks, it was only between the two of them that he was truly like this. Having Navi was what he thanked them for, giving him the love of Saria and surviving all these missions, he could never say that he had done it, that was an understatement.

        "Link, did it hurt?" When he was finally over, noticing the marks that were placed on his hands, he removed the gloves and stared down at the red marks from the ferrous climb, why hadn't he noticed that during the initial move?

        "I just didn't know, it is strange." Chuckling, he shrugged a shoulder, thinking maybe the numbness was returning and pulled his gloves back on, taking a quick look around, it was quite an area to be around.

        "All right, it if starts acting up I want you to tell me, Link. I don't want you suffering on the benefit that I would be worried about you." Giving a sweet smile towards him, the truth was that she didn't even want to think that something had gotten inside of his large body. What was in her mind was maybe that the ice had been infected and now was slowly eating away at his body, causing the easier things in life to become some of the household councils. Whispering she would never accept that, this about the time as he looked around, her thoughts were going to be settled when he came back to his old self. A small grim smile was appearing around her lips, the thing hidden as the veil appeared over her body, seeing that Link hadn't noticed, a sigh of relief was twirled around her mind. He could inspect through the veil whenever he wanted, absolutely giving her no privacy, it was a hassle when she was sad, although to think that someone had so much love for this one made the heart of hers swell.

        Cracking his knuckles once more, he reached for the hilt of the blade, turning a face towards the girl to tell them that they were entering, catching the veil with a frown. He had been inspecting the layout of the cave; it shaped in a small little cutout circle, looking like it was either carved horribly or by some friction of the winds and waves. That was a possibility, since the water used to be so high around this area, the tree had once rested here and now that all laid down was the corpses of nothing. It was a sad fate for them to suffer, he knew it and he thought that she and the rest of Hyrule had it in their minds, although no one was ever looking out for anyone else anymore. He was this voice of reason; it was his mission to do this and show the people that they could care, that he cared and that that was all that mattered.

        "You all right, Nav'?" His lips whispered out, the blade in his right hand was shaking a little, the numbness was not there, he could feel the way the grip was tightening as those words leaked out.

        "I-I'm fine, Linky, I am just a little bit nervous about this, the ice that you touched is scaring me, so scared that something might happen to you." It was the Goddess honest truth, she couldn't deny it to him, the act of lying to him seemed like a sin, not that he was her God or anything, it was just a bad truth to be displayed.

        "Navi, you don't have to worry about that, I can me take of myself. Besides that, I feel the blade on me, I can actually feel it." He smiled at her with his teeth showing their beautiful shade of white, not too much to blind someone; just the pearly whites of Heaven were showing themselves.

        "That's what I am scared about!" It wasn't that he was going to be hurt, this one could take care of him, the fact that her place was disappearing, little by little!

        "I-Is that what scares you? Navi, Navi, you never have to worry about anything like that, m'love. I care for so much, you are still my guardian, the fact that I have grown up doesn't mean a thing to me, you are the only one that does, no one else compares." Groping her inside of his arms as he walked inside of the cave, that was where he was headed down into the overly lit room, nothing in the way as of yet.

        "Even more than Saria?" A nail was punctured in his chest, she knew that, but the only reason she said it was that the truth had to come out, if it didn't, then her mind would never be put to rest.

        "More than Saria?" Some thought was put into this, he really couldn't give a one way answer because there was no important way to explain this sort of things. He loved her, he truly did, but then there was Saria in the way, his only one, his one that was the first love of his dreams, the first kiss of his. Hadn't they shared kisses over the days, over the years and months that had been spent together, their kisses had never been anything like the ones with Saria. No, not that they weren't important, the fact was that each time they kisses, it was maybe as friends, or was it as more than that--friends didn't kiss. No, the only people that did that were the ones who loved each other, those groups were spent together, and the decision was just too hard to choose.

        The lights form overhead, the blue ice around here was shining with some brilliance that was like there were torches surrounding this room. Not an ounce of red ice was around as he wandered on, the question was still pondering his mind as the minutes went on, the first room they were in had no enemies, or so far. There his thoughts returned towards the girl he loved, and the one lost inside the time forever, who would change when this was all over, or simply vanish. How fate had drug them apart, no it wasn't at all the fate's part, this was the whole fault of the only man he had ever wanted to kill, that bastard Gerudo. All he knew was that Ganondorf would die, his life would be on a stake when this was all over, nothing could grant immortality, that was the honest truth.

        A stupid man, who would pay with his crimes with his life, there was nothing to suffice him, justice would sweep down with its cleaver held high into the ground. The judge would be none other than the Hero of Time; he would make that cheap bastard pay for whatever he had done and some that wasn't passed through. All the hate had built up over the time he had slept, maybe in his mind that he knew what was going to come, a precognition in the slumber. Anger was bad, it wasn't supposed to be used in most cases, though he thought the Gods agreed that the man should be punished, if anyone else, then maybe him. Smirking at the thought of that, there was no time for talk because talk was cheap and that wasn't what he wanted to display around anyone.

        Who cared if anyone ever came back, the dead didn't, so neither could the sages be returned to their normalize spots, his love would remain a lone guardian of that temple in the forest, never to leaves. Besides the fact, their races were so different that it scared him, while Navi could grow up, this one would remain a little child for the rest of her life. Races and races were different in the love triangle; the most logical choice had been Saria when he was a child, now it was no one, since she was a fairie. No actual way to make it seem like this, there was no way to make him a fairie--why would he --or to duplicate her into some sort of human. His love would not be as strong if any of their races were decided between the different ones, that are what made him love each of them was the vast differences.

        "I-I think so, I really do. But we can't figure this out now, we need to finish this stupid quest." Shivering, the coat was wrapped around him as he returned to the icy feeling, the power was starting to really disappear from him, not his little imagination, as her had been.

        "I agree, this shall be sorted out later on, when we take a vacation." She whispered the last part, knowing he heard it because his ears twitched--they always did that when picking up something far or almost silent.

        Shaking the bitter head to the left and right, Link's background kept changing the further and further in the cavern that they dwelt. It wasn't like that he was in a volcano, which was not what was meant by that phrase; it was a ridiculous one to conjure up in one's mind. At the same time it wasn't that bad, for they were dealing with a powerful magician that could in case people inside of sheets ice. Maybe that man could turn the environment into some sort of hologram for them, trying to scare the courage out of him, making him run home in fear. No, it was still a cold environment, just that now as he wandered through the lonely room, all that surrounded him were small blocks of ice, also some red ice to the left.

        Scrounging around the floor, eyes only beveled as the body stood straight up and watched, those eyes were looking for some sort of switch, or enemies. There was just no telling around here, the harsh bitter wind picking up from his sensitive ears, causing a shiver to blow down that spin of his. Holding his arms together, the sword dangling in the right hand, still gripping it in the fear of an ambush, the flames of fire had completely disappeared. That was just fine, the cap was strapped on and right now he wasn't freezing so he had that much to thank the old fish- sickle, it was probably a precaution incase you fell into the water. Yes, those were his thoughts when the wind suddenly was a lot bitterer, something coming towards him and someone throwing his self to the ground-- where he had stood was now frozen.


        Navi had not seen it soon enough to warn him, something had been wrong about this room, she just hadn't had the perplexity to notice it, as of yet. When that strong wind began to blow was when she shivered and those sensors began to go out of control, the internal one that said an enemy was around. A slight probe in the brain, information rolled in, then altered her all at the same time that a malicious aura surrounded something within the darkness--when it wasn't seen, that is. Her psychic abilities weren't very keen, though the power to sense out an enemy had been endowed towards the budding fairie. Nah, neither of them were geniuses in that area, though as the enemy came towards them, that didn't matter, all that did was taking care of her larger partner.

        On pure instinct, she pushed upon his body and knocked him to the ground, the thought of the icy wind had sent her on the fritz--it was getting closer. Yes, the thing was getting closer when he noticed that, really not all that strong, but adrenaline was a funny thing to play it, it fooled you sometimes. Grinning in silence at that thought, she pushed down on his body, hands clasping on a certain area that would make him fall like a freshly cut tree. There was a certain spot in the human form that could paralyze a person temporarily, she not going for the full force since he needed to fight, just enough to make him drop. If this weren't so frightening, it would have almost been sort of comical when that face smashed into a ground, hearing her scream and holding him down.

        When the wind passed over their ears, she glancing up and seeing that indeed the wind had to have a bit of ice into it, that passing over there heads. Comically staring in disbelief, she whirled around and caught the pasture of what was coming after them, trailing on what seemed like a train on its tracks. Whirling across the solid ground was just a stupid ice figurine dressed up like a person, except if that was a person then it was a midget in disguise. Some stupid guy that was going for a prank and would be punished by the stroke of a blade, the ice didn't seem too tough to get out. No, it couldn't be a human, or any other race, since the thing was see-through and no body was encased in that stupid thing, its mouth agape, still whistling out the ice.

        "Link, its some sort of ice statue!" She yelled into his ears, noticing he had flipped over and was gazing towards it, the sword now lying at his side, having clanged when knocked down.

        "I see, a statue. Hm, that explains the wind in the air, well, what shall we do about that, then? I've got it, let's finish that, then!" Grinning, the hand was going over towards his blade, prying with it in that sweet manner he held such things with, a nicely tuned away.

        "I dunno about that, sweetheart, you seem a little over confident and when that happens, usually trouble is behind it. Besides, it maybe too hard to hit!" She yelled back, knowing the sudden change would make her and his ears bleed; they were right by each other, yet it was a little doubtful.

        No speech was continued in his voice, the anger of having spent such precious time to be wasted on the account of some stupid little figure. Leaping up from his spot, a yell of fury was pierced in his throat, the sword held up in his right hand--having retrieved it right before the attack was initiated. Maneuvering towards the left, the thing didn't seem to have eyes- (just soulless sockets) it didn't notice, that was a good thing for his plan. Eyes of determination were blasted down towards that icy glare with the matching blue eyes, swinging the sword over towards that neck of the monsters. When it connected with that area right below the head, the small little species that was in the way was when he knew it was over, the battle was finished before it began.

        Moving like a samurai used too, he slide past the eager monster, appearing on the other side of him, quickly throwing the cape up and sheathing it in. Right when the clink of the blade hit down was the exact moment that the icy head slid off of his shoulders, settling down in the icy grave below. Skull clattered upon the ground, exploding down into a thousand pieces as a weird blue liquid leaked out of the head, patching down the floor around. As anyone's guess, it was blood that was coming out, the blood of the monster, or maybe the brain mass that had exploded from the Blade of Evil's Bane. That was it, for the thing soon defaulted itself and seemed to melt, wanting to get out of this world or maybe just this room since the form was of ice.

        "You okay?" He whispered out when it was all over, only a single block remaining in the way of here, his foot going down on it and smashing it into smithereens.

        "I'm fine, Link, let's just go." There was nothing more to say the cape had already flattered down from before, as she tucked herself down into and enjoyed the warmth of the fireproof cloak.

        There was nothing more to say, and Link ventured on through the darkness, blocks of ice as they came into a new room that surrounded the light reappearing. Clearing the stalagmites and stalagmites with the swish of his sword, they came down with a snap and slid down towards the side with no harm. These stupid things weren't harmful, not even alive or possessed, just a hazard from the sharp edges that could pierce a man through the chest if it were to hit them at that sort of angle. At first there was a fear of the things shattering and penetrating them with loose shards, but as soon as he struck it with his blade--or his foot on the last occasion--the thing just slid down on the ground, nothing ratcheting. Planted on the floor, each one was blocking the entrance to the newest room, which from the looks of things was just being covered with torches, the brightest room that he had seen so far.

        Taking a few steps forward, the shards he smashed between the hilt of his toes, was when a shiver went up his spine, the tinkle of coldness in his bitter self. Gripping the sword as he settled past those shards, the precognition was out of his mind, that just simplifying the matter of fact that something bad was gonna happen. Always did, there some good moments around here, most of the time just the bitterness of the situation, usually more of less of a lie. All he would do was hope that nothing happened when he went inside, grope for the reality of everything would be okay, that usually calmed him down a lot. Grappling through the entrance, he stared forward into the brighter room, seeing there were no torches, but a giant skylight that lit up the entire room.

        "Oh no!" He whispered out and Navi couldn't even speak as they stared around at maybe the frozen man's siblings, which wanted some sort of revenge. The ground below them was different now, a little bit of a bluish color, but that was the least of his worries, and those things were about ten or maybe a dozen. A silent groan echoed through his mind, about to step upon the ground and charge in blind when he noticed that they weren't even coming towards him. Standing in the beginning of room made the duo a sitting duck, more than him than anyone else, it was the fact of the matter that they were standing at different parts of the room, exploring. Also was a straight line down the middle, yes, there was a clear path for him to run at, if he could catch himself and make it all the way, then there was a door to another room waiting for him (not actually a door, but a cave entrance.)

        Taking a few steps into the room, his feet were caught up below him, the sword dangling off towards the left and clattering on the ground. Wisps of wind had been in the room--how they breathe--but now they caught up in a panic-filled sigh and spun around towards him. As slow as these guys went, it would take them a while to go, though

as he stared at them with the fear blasting in his face, his partner knew that they would arrive first. Caterpillar tracks were left in the ground as they embraced them self around, most of them sort of turning their entire bodies like a spine- less jellyfish. Who could you blame when they were made of ice, of course no spines was in there, this was just like the bubbles, except instead of liquid water, it was solid water.

        Before he could take off in a panic, grappling the sword before they would reach him, he felt a pressure on his back and realized the ground below had been slippery. With more speculation, a glance backward gave him the image of Navi pushing on his back, or so he thought since he couldn't see far that back. No way his head could spin around, though he very well imagined that theirs could, it was the simple fact of the matter that his spin was in the way. Thanking the Gods for believing him to be a vertebra, it had some bad possibilities, but left him with the fact of the matter that he could have looked like them. Well, all he knew was that his body was moving (sitting Indian-style on the ground), butt dragging across the ice and sort of likes a small puck.

        Sliding harder and harder upon the ground, he noticed the end was coming up, so that was when he reached for his sword. Up until the drag on he had kept the thing close to him, it leaving scratch marks on the icy floor, but now he slammed it into the ground, planting it. Coming to a haut right before the ending of the room, which he would of fallen and been thrown off of course, that was when it came to a stop. Grinning at the sudden change of luck, there was no chance in getting up here, so he just crawled onto the solid land, a nicely shaped cavern in the way. Nodding at the power of getting up, the heavy breathing of Navi reminded him she wasn't left behind, so on through the darkness he went.

Wandering through a few more rooms proved nothing of interest, this wasn't exactly part of the temple and both of them knew it. A sigh of relief and one of fury were inside of his mind, sort of glad there was no temple or bad maze to go about, though the time wasted was just stupid. Yes, everything was spoiled and he hoped that they acquired this stupid fire, or he wouldn't even bother un-melting that man from his sleep. Everything was out of control, nothing going his way--of course it was usually like that-- anything could be like that for even the strongest of people in the world. Nothing was worse than wasting time and as the thing went on, not even a hidden door to wonder about, it was wondered what could be here and what was not.

Nothing was around here that would signify this was a temple, or a dungeon for that matter, since besides the enemies that they had passed up, there was nothing. A better rephrasing of that would this situation had to be confirmed that the monsters weren't even repeating they after a while, just gone. Each one could easily be passed up; ruthless to the matter that anything happening wouldn't affect either one of the two of them. Or, if in contact with one of them, Link found that dodging the ice was so quick and easy, slicing them down even proved to is a simple task--smashing some of the others. Repetitions were not a usual thing to happen, the ice figures the only enemies in here, that only youma trapped inside of the ice monsters.

At long last, he came upon an area where there was nothing to happen upon, only a single room with a block inside of here, the switch in place. The ice was not dragging in this room as it had been in any of the others, just not in the way for anyone to see what was going on. Steps were taken into the room, suspecting some traps and disappointed when there was nothing to see except the idiotic switch in the center of the place. Whatever fool had a trial and made the decision to put this here was either making the ultimate trap, or maybe retards were allowed around here and this had to be a center for them. Walking towards the switch, move of a puzzle on the mind, he was holding his hands behind his back, that sword dragging across the ground.

"This must be a way out." He whispered in a toned little voice, that hand uncurling from his back and raising the sword, tapping on the switch-- nothing happened, so he figured it was safe.

"It seems safe, but how do we open it?" A single blue button was sitting there, the thing marked with the insignia of a snow-flake, representing that thing that had fallen on him about an hour and a half ago, seeming longer.

Laying his hands on top of the switch, the sword perplexed between strong fingers, the boy pushed with all his might, amazement to see it budged. No, it wasn't rusted like the ones inside of the Temple of Fire, just seemed a little odder, sort of like it was made of something besides iron. That was when he realized that it wasn't like anything he had seen before, the thing sinking inside, and water clogging around that small switch. Yes, it was clear as the air could be the oxygen in the sky and even the gravity that held them down, sort of like a boggle switch applied pressure too, popping with marbles throwing about. A weird paradox to think about though right now as something opened to his right side, that wasn't the least of his worries, at this moment.

It seemed that the Ice Cavern wasn't as big as it had been upon the first glance, for when they peered into the next area, and last from the look of things, it seemed to be over. A lone room with nothing of any interest in here, his eyes were about to turn around and leave this place--empty handed- -when he noticed it. Grayish in color, the thing was some sort of mantle piece that used to hang somewhere or something out of a graveyard that a gravedigger had replenished. Yes, this was the fact because infront of them was a small pedestal, the little tombstone had embedded on it the picture of flames on the very top. Not just that, on the top of the flames, or colored in all around was blue, maybe showing that this was not just any fire, it was the legendary Blue Fire that they had been seeking.

"Shall I touch?" He whispered as sort of a rhetorical question, his mind giving him the permission and that was where those hands felt upon the flames.

"Yes you shall, let me as well." Her hands went towards the flame and as she placed them on the flames, pressing those fingers against hers, that was when the chill pressed through her body.

This feeling, something is awakening! Link made a long and winded breath of fresh air out of his lips, hitting Navi in the face, though she didn't seem to notice since the same things were boiling through her. He didn't know how she felt at this particular moment, but he wasn't feeling as hot as he could, it was all boiling down to that last moment. Groping fingers aligned around that stupid stone, feeling it crack under his weight, as it seemed to do that, but when the thing exploded, he was still floating in the air. All in his mind was all that the thought sparked about; there was no way he was floating, that was just against the laws of physics. A shiver of pleasure was going through his body, almost like pleasure and pain were signified at the same time, the good feeling overwhelming the bad.

Against her own will, she wished she wouldn't have laid a hand on there, now the regret was mixed with the satisfaction that it was there. The same emotions were flowing through her body, that voice was not there, it was just screaming down inside of her mind, though it wasn't the bad voice. This was the voice of a good person, maybe the Goddesses and told them that this was the right thing to do, but not give into the love. She couldn't even remember why she touched it, or for that matter why he did it, what did they plan to accomplish with the simple fingers tracing on there. What she was sure of had to be that this was going to give them something, maybe allow them to summon blue fire, or put them inside their graves--it was hopeless to let go.

Eyes of both of them had shut tight, but if they were a wide, then each of them could of glanced and see that the tombstone was starting to light it self up. Link had not been imagining anything when the crack came upon, it was appearing and within a few minutes the thing would break down. It hadn't, however, exploded and he floating, that was just something that wasn't possible, giving the rest of that as simply a mirage. Yes, the thing was shimmering a beautiful blue; it was broiling as fast as it could, the most part of it that was brightest had to be that little one of the fire. Higher and higher they got, it was appearing that something was happening, this thing would either quit within the allotted time or blow itself to smithereens.

The first happened, a huge crack melting down the center and the thing breaking into two evenly separate pieces, each one sliding down towards the ground and disappearing. Each piece was now out of sight when they both collapsed from the ground and something appeared by the two of them, too tired to even notice. It was sad, you know it was, though as the unconsciousness went out of each of them, a single eye was shown for the face of them. Whoever this was, they could tell that familiarity was with both of them, the arms embracing them and holding tight to the one with the white suit on. That attire seemed familiar, the scent did even and as they disappeared into dreamland, no one could be placed since their minds were on the fritz.


Bright light flooded into his eyes, a deep voice is what sounded him awake, a groan escaping from those lips that caused him to cover his ears. Ears felt like they were bleeding and whoever had done this too him, he just knew they were going to be asking for trouble of their own. Never did it occur to him that he was somewhere new, somewhere that didn't have the Ice Cavern, his mind wasn't that focused yet. Nope, it wouldn't be for quite some time, the only thing that was there had to be his lack of sleep, the power of returning strength and that the pain from the fire was gone, so long gone not even a tinge was there. Whoever was speaking, they were either close-up, away from the person with a loud voice, or close to a person with a very, very loud voice!

"Young hero! Awaken from your slumber!" The voice rumbled through his ears, knowing good well that this male voice was close up, and the vibration bouncing off of his ears and reflecting back.

"Holy Farore, shut up! Who is this, anyway?" Eyes peered open and settled on him was a blue figure that stood over a brooding feet tall, the face of a fish in view and he was already cursing himself, too paralyzed to move. "O-oh, great King of the Zoras, I am s-so sorry, if I was not stuck here, I would beg forgiveness."

"Ah-ha, it is all right, young hero. Thanks to you I am back to my old self." A chuckle entered his train of mouth and that was when he picked up the young boy and held him, in a giant embrace, pressing against the hero. Yes, he was held in a giant hug for a few minutes before the man looked at him and sat the boy down next on the pedestal where he talked to his subjects. When he was sat down, he didn't notice anything around him since the hero couldn't move his head, only saw that the man was starting to murmur. Whispering a few thoughts in the Zorian language, a small little sprinkle fell around the boy's body, he didn't know what it was, but it felt nice. An enchanted feeling over fell him as the whispering stopped, the hero turning to the side and seeing Navi was right at his side, sleeping.

What happened was an old prayer of the Zoras, ones that healed people once they were hurt, not beyond a mortal wound, just a simple one? Link had been drained all of his power to receive the legendary fire of the aquamarine race, it was a special area and usually ones life was drained to death. Fortunately for him, Navi had grabbed on and only half of the power was sucked from both of them, usually would have been paralyzed for about a week. Even that prayer worked wonders and they were healed, they did need the power to get out of here or something bad would happen, he felt that a week after this time that the entire world of the Zoras would be destroyed. Call it paranoia, or anything you wanted, that was just how the old King had felt, especially once that nice little gentleman woke him up.

"N-navi? What's wrong with her, King?" He whispered through small lips, not knowing his name, but it didn't seem to matter as fingers stroked upon the beautiful body of Navi, she not awakening.

"She will over time, she had had less sleep than you so her power will awaken within a few minutes, just be patient." Chuckling with the thought of how he cared, the somber old man was worried, worried more than anything about one that he loved, one he cared for.

"You said I saved you? I passed out, I don't remember that." It was true the last thing he remembered was touching that stone, everything else was a blank, something had happened, just that the thing was gone from his mind.

"Oh, not you, sort of did. A young man with blonde hair brought you to me a few hours ago, he touched me with your hand and I see you absorbed the blue fire, so I was awoken. After that, he said he was late for some business and would be going, and just as fast as I had ever seen, he was gone. This person was even faster than most of my swimmers are--or used to be." Sadness was toned in his voice; the voice of a man who had lost everything and it was true, his family was gone, his friends, and even his kingdom was destroyed.

"Sheik must have done it." Navi's speech suddenly peeped out of her mind, looking over towards the two of them, and then he was embraced by a young boy and held together by the hands.

"Oh, Navi, you are awake!" She had awakened so much more than expected he was just staring at her with those eyes widened and kissing at her with lips pushed against those of hers. "Why did you touch it, you shouldn't have, if you hadn't, then you wouldn't of been passed out, only me."

"That isn't the case, young hero. If the girl hadn't interfered then you would have been dead; none of my men have the fire of darkness, because each one could never ever think of taking partners around. You should be glad this girl cares so much for you to sacrifice half of her life for yours, I think the fire shouldn't be dubbed the darkness fire if more people like you were to possess it. Of course now that the fire is taken, then we can't ever receive it again--a present from Naryu for our beauty here, but we failed her so it belongs to the hero now." Chuckling, there was no sadness in his voice at this, the fire wasn't really an important thing to have around, there was no more red ice, except for Ganon's curse.

"Well, then thank you Navi." A smile beamed his lips, taking her inside of his hands and pulling her up where his body was, that was where their lips rubbed against each other.

"You are welcome, sweetheart, I wouldn't mind doing it again." Giggling, she pressed against the young boy, receiving his kisses, between the two of them, neither was scared of what the King said or thought.

"Mm, save the romance for later, you two. I have a present for the two of you." A blush was added to their faces as they watched the man go into another one of his chants, this one much quicker and simpler. When his hands opened up was where the vest fell down, the blueness of the tunic made the enchantment in Link brighten up. Just like the one from before, he held one tunic in his hand, while a small bag of dust was in his right hand, the two of them seeming to brighten at the thought of it. Dust, just like the other way, then that meant the only thing that they could conjure up, it was the same all around here as always was. The simply laced tunic was that matching the one on his body, except it was blue where the other one had been red and his current one was turquoise.

"The Zora Tunic and dust, the dust is for her?" Link hinted towards Navi, whom was sitting on his shoulder, uncovered, and that seemed the blue fire had ever kept the cold from getting to them again.

"Yes, this is brushed from the very scales of a Zora, it indicates the gills whoever it is sprinkled on and shall change her back to her old self, I can see her veil is a different colour." Chuckling, the older King threw them down towards the boy, he catching them with accuracy and there he watched the hero prepare himself.

Throwing off his old tunic, it went inside of his backpack, there in the undershirt he pulled out the tunic and slipped it around his body. Fitting with no snugness, just the simple lock, that was tied down and there the dust was pulled from the bag, he pointing for Navi to get down towards him. When she was over towards him, he took out a little of the sparkling dust-- this time it was blue--the other time it had been a ruby, he thought. Whichever was fine, and there he made her shut her eyes so none got in her eyes, the sprinkling of the Zora gills was pulled all around her body. How disgusting it seemed to have the dead gills on them, it wasn't so bad since he had one inside his body, no it was just the simple matter of life that they had to accept with open arms.

What the King of Zoras had said was she would revert to her old self, the timing of her shrinking had appeared in her mind, though it had to be done. When the stuff was sparkled around her, she began to not shrink, but grow a bit bigger, the aura flaring around her body was also changing. Maybe what he meant was her aura colour, she supposed so because the blue was now reappearing to its original state, reverting back to the old self. As she grew a little bigger, the veil got even larger and a bit lighter shade of blue when the sparkles finally stopped, him using the whole bag on her, because who knew how much was needed. Now the fact being was that who knew how much, because one thing was that this was supposed to last forever--or however long they were going to be inside that stupid Water Temple.

"You've grown, Nav'! Was that supposed to happen, King?" It was true and from an approximate view she had been five and a half inches tall before this, now measuring in at a total of seven inches.

"N-no, it was just supposed to make her revert her aura and make her breathe under water, but she does seem to have grown, has she, young hero? Should I revert her back?" He knew who this was, he knew all about the Kokiiri and everything there, it seemed that it had been a false statement he hadn't known about, the fairie also was smaller.

"Of course not!" Both of them shouted out at the same time, staring at the intermission between them then both looked down at the ground and giggled nervously, blushes reappearing.

"Oh, I see you want her bigger." Chuckling a little, he nodded and watched how the two of them acted, then his mind was back in motion and he gasped with some embarrassment, pulling out a slip, and throwing it out towards the young boy. "I almost forgot, that young man that you named as Shiek, he left you a small little song in some notes, I don't how to read it, but you might."

Catching the note down inside of his hands, the crumpled ball was put up and there he undone it and took out his own little ocarina. It was ready, because he knew a transportation song was here, it just had to be, since neither of them knew where that stupid little Water Temple was. Looking at the note, it was spoke out as simply the Serenade of Water, the title that was written at the top, Shiek's signature below the scale. There was sadness to the song, it was a beautiful one but gave out a somber tone that only ones loved to hear when they were in a blue mood. Nevertheless, he took out a pen and wrote it down on the stationary with his other songs, throwing the other sheet aside into the water when it was done, not needing to practice this one (it was simple.)

"Shiek, the Serenade of Water, I see that is another song. King, do you know where the legendary Water Temple is?" He just had to know, either if he didn't, then they would play the song and disappear to the new place, which was what Navi inspected when she questioned him.

"The Water Temple? Oh, you mean the Aqua Shrine, well there was an entrance to it, in Lake Hylia used to be, but the thing is sealed up now, so you'd have to ride out there. I think that's where the princess--if she is still around--said she was going to go." As much as he wanted to hate himself to say that, it was the simple fact that Ruto was probably dead now, she was not around on this world, he the lone race left.

"It is, eh. The Serenade may work, Link." Link was nodding, listening to the two of them, then when he mentioned that the girl was probably or not alive, his eyes seemed to connect, or dilate.

"She's alive, King." He whispered out, shaking that head a little and confirming himself in the statement, his eyes going back towards their normal self. "Ruto is alive, I don't know where, but her presence isn't here or dead."

"How can you know, hero?" The King blurted out in a worried tone, but not just that sort of mood that gave off, there was a sort of anger that would displayed towards the boy if he was just pulling his leg, as some of the old Zora's used to say when joking around.

Shrugging a simple shoulder, there was nothing he could say, Link was baffled that he knew, since he could have never sensed if a person was alive or not. A matter of transfixion mixed with the simple fact of luck, the laugh of dismissal was just swirling through his mind, and maybe thinking it was a fault. At the same time he knew that the fault was the truth, that this something was not wrong with her, she was just trapped inside the Water Temple, or simply wandering around there. Maybe he was just fooling himself into making a better impression on the King, or trying to sooth the pain in both of their hearts from a loss of a friend. A daughter of his gone, the entire race disappeared and for some reason he knew that she was alive and couldn't explain why, it was a sad world for Link.

The King was angered by the news of his daughter being found and nothing to be done about it, or the whereabouts of her not even any. Of course one would be pissed after the events of everything, he the only person of his race left after being exterminated by Ganondorf. The other races had suffered their casualties and fatalities, but none had been completely wiped out, as was supposed to happen, there were always some who survived the event and were able to live on. Now, as time would see, nothing was to stop him from dying alone on his deathbed, nothing to take the place of something to give birth too. Now the fact of Ruto being alive made a spark in his step since his daughter was alive, she would be able to make the race live on and give him comfort in old age!

When inspected that it was unknown where she was, of course he would have been mad, if anything, he was angrier that the last of the race was missing. Being selfish was a quality of his, he wanted the Fish-men to live on and the only way of that was to let Ruto live out of the family, have children with a Hylian. A weird thought, it had happened before, but who knew what she could attract with the teenage beauty in her, the rouging hounds would be around the doors. They were, by no means, an ugly race and the most beautiful woman was left of them, of course she was going to live on and keep everything going. Anger was in his voice when he stared towards the boy and bellowed out that he demanded where his daughter was, she was his only pride and joy!

"You don't know! If you know she's alive, you must have seen her!" There was no possible way that none of this could have happened without the sights to be used, the man wasn't as stupid as he looked.

Just bowing his head towards the ground, the kid couldn't say anything, just shuffling the ground below him, and staring off towards the water, the ice seeming to reflect his image.

"You don't know? I can't believe that." Sighing deeply, the anger fixing through his body, it was unknown what would happen, the possibilities were just so endless in pursuit.

Expecting some sort of punishment for his disobedience for his actions, the boy was just cowering in a little bit of fear for his live. How was he supposed to know what would happen, never had such a situation been placed down on this young man's shoulders, still just a boy. A daughter and a father had a very special bond--or so he heard--and if it was anything what he felt with Saria and Navi, he knew he would be de-headed. Just to think of being killed why on the way to save the girl and protect someone else, it was a funny world, if he wasn't killed than a beating was obviously in order for any bad manners he showed. Yes, he was ready to accept whatever punishment when something measuring in as a dozen or so inches appeared before him, speaking out in his defense.

"Lord, he is not lying about this, he can sense auras with his mind, their energy." So hard to explain to one whom was never summoned in the presence of the Great Fairy, but the truth of the matter was he knew some magical spells.

"He is telling the truth, how does he sense auras?" He whispered through a hushed breath and stared off to the side for his anger to supress, it was his daughter and that would have to wait until after the story.

"It is strange, but he can sense the auras of people, while I can see the detection of monsters, maybe a power we picked up from the Great Fairies as kids." Shrugging a shoulder, since there was no real way to explain it, al that could be said was that everything was different in this sort of world. "If he says she is alive, then she truly is."

"I shall buy it, I will bid you farewell for now, go to the Water Temple and try to find my daughter, if you don't I shall not find it against you, young hero." A clearing through his throat made both of trembles from the after all, then something popping into his mind as he nodded and spoke aloud for once more. "One more thing, that boy whom you described as Shiek told me to tell you that when you reached the end of your destination there would be a gift for you, I have no idea what it means, but it seems fun to work out."

"Fun." Link closed his eyes and stepped from the pedestal, gathering up the pack he had dropped to take on his tunic, there he stashed inside the cape and the old green tunic. With both inside, the cold air wasn't affecting him, plus the thing did mess up his accuracy at drawing his sword, a fatal mistake when in danger. Walking out of the newly melted room, well only the King, his thoughts weren't pressing on anything in the making, just where this was supposed to transport him. Now standing at the top of the slide, not even going to slide down, the only part to recollect was how to play it out and hope he wasn't inside the water. Being there would be risky at first, I mean who kept all that stuff for him, or made the water from escaping inside his eyes and nose because of a piece of cloth?

Hands laced behind his back, reaching at the far side of the backpack and pulling out what he wanted, actually two items of the musical sense were there. Flaring out that stupid little tune that he had wanted to be taught to by Shiek, the disappointment of not hearing it with that sense of his kind of upset him in a way he couldn't explain. A musical harp was probably in his mind, when hearing a tune that meant something sparked and was able to conjure it up inside that small instrument. When his master did it--he didn't refer to him as that by name--it was easier to follow along, the notes slid out when that beautiful harp strung itself at all once. As they came to his lips, a glance on his shoulder revealed she was just resting there, not asleep, eyes sort of drooping for the once in a while.

"Go to sleep." He murmured out, searching out those notes and assigning them the positions on the ocarina that showed him where to go when the time to play came about.

"Sleep? I can't do that, you may need some sleep." She whispered in a hush voice, in case that fish (who apparently had no ears) was listening into the conversation of theirs.

"Hey, hey, it will take a while to do it. I am sure I am going to have to walk a while until I come upon something that I can find the entrance to the Temple, you don't have to sleep long, just go on." A few minutes of silence had approached him, so when he stared over towards her the slumber was in her, resting on the collar of the shirt, using it as a cover like she always did. Chuckling a little bit, he wandered a bit farther from the door, coming against the edge of wall with a back pressed up against it, staring downward. With the small of his back rubbing against the icy walls kept themselves against him, not an inch of shivers were swallowing down his back. It really was something of an amateur hero if you couldn't withstand the cold, not knowing if he was a hero of not in this time, just that nothing hardly affected him. By the end of the journey, I can bet I won't even be able to be killed, a chuckle was appearing down inside of his heart, a feeling in the pit of his gut was showing itself off. How much had come about since this journey was around, how was everything and who had died and survived these past seven years.

Reliving that everyone around him was mostly alive; the ones that were the most important had been spared the torture of the situation. Less important ones, rivals, and just general people that he didn't believe in to be around had been killed, or murdered off with the stroke of something. How sad it was to say that the less people of this important world had been killed, was there anything that he could of spoke without seeming cruel? No, everything else would of b been worse, there was no way to be good in this sort of thing, the matter of the fact that two of his best friends had been snatched from him, not dead, though. Well, fishing that sheet back inside of his sack, he just held the ocarina in the air, ready to receive what kind of gift that this weird Shiek presented. With those ocarina pushed against his lips, licking upon the dry skin above him, that was where he stared off towards the side, grinning.

Sobering up some of the wind inside of his mouth, not at all dry as if would have been without the infinite heating powers in the core of him. With that in mind, the tune of the serenade blew upon and whispered into the ocarina, the tune going as quick as it had come. Feeling the sudden feeling he was going to he transported, a hand went to his fairie and held onto her--always afraid it would transport him only, since he was playing the song. A ridiculous action, since all of his weapons and everything on him was blurred around with him; it could have just been a small ruse in his mind to stroke the young girl at any given time. Blue was around his body, red, yellow, and green had been the other transports of the spells from before, nothing mattered when everything washed around him and his form was gone.


Sunlight blinded into those open pours, never falling asleep, it was always the same since he never took within the allotted time to get here. A few seconds passed within each time he would leave, never seeing when he was gone, just where he appeared in the way. No, keeping your eyes open didn't work, he had closed his eyes the first few times he had done it, keeping them open one time, the result the same. Darkness just flooded over your eyes, like when all the candles go out in a house, it doesn't matter if they are open or closed, and the matter remains. Now, the birds tweeted and everything boiled over that he knew the fact of the matter that nothing was changing was remained he had transported inside of Lake Hylia. A beautiful country, this Hyrule was, it had everything along with a lake, a forest, rivers, domains, cities, castles, and even a great desert. It was wonderful how everything piled together in one sign of tranquility, how much it cared for another and kept itself together, despite the vast races. Each one had a bunch of differences, each was hated or despised another, while others loved and respected each other. A part of a Great Circle of Life, this thing was wonderful seven years ago, and then the time when that evil injustice from the desert arrived, maundering and raping the once- purified land. As the two of them stared at the land, there was something wrong and not just the wrong that can be fixed, it had to do with the water levels.

Usually lush and wondrous, sometimes the entire place of the Hylia would overflow and cause a few floods when the rain was too high. Always they were minor and could be cured by simply building a temporary dam for the place, never had anyone died from such stupidity. However, now there was no amount of small water that could refill this once full lake, it was down to its middle-region with the water. With a groan, inspection was revealed the water was not just a different level, it was also somewhat of a contaminated stance to it, the other had been crystal blue and able to see through with no harm. Upon now it was a deep and sickly green, like the sea labeled in the tales and if anything lived down their to previous knowledge, it was long dead from the smell that overflowed.

Burning both of their nostrils was what it had done, not smelling at all as how the liquids from the sea sniffed like, this was a different scent. Maybe it had to be something had drowned to death, he couldn't tell, but if that was so then maybe a thousand bodies were piled in here. Death was what was in the air, he thought, but it was not the same time when you saw a rotting corpse on the ground, this one couldn't be described. Almost feeling like backing away from the stuff, there was no turning back, he had to hope when they got incased in the water that this tunic kicked in and blocked off all those foul smells. If not then his own body would be the first person to throw up under water, a very sickly site when the bile was rising instead of the usual falling down.

"Nav' what is that!" A hand was placed over his nose, gagging from the sudden awareness and sitting down where he had landed, it was another one of those platforms with the symbol of water on it.

Wait a minute, she's asleep. I don't want to wake her or anything, not until we get out inside that stupid Temple, then I will need here with me. After this, he checked to see if he had woken up the sleeping angel, she still tucked right there and he blew a sigh out of his lips. When the sigh was gone, the smell had started to adjust to him, not feeling so bad as the long time of five minutes came and went within a blast. Yes, that was good because as the silence faltered on and five turned into fifteen of those sixty second turns everything was starting to adjust to it. Thanking the Goddesses he didn't over do it, a relief washed over his body as he looked around the landfill--the only word for it now--for something. The King had spoken of a certain present that was left by that man Shiek; it was nothing that he particularly wanted, at the same time craving for a gift for all his hard work.

Leaning he back a bit, something thumped against his rump, and he spun around in fury (sure that some sort of monster had preyed on him.) All he was left with was a pair of boots, these sort of like the ones he wore, except there was something on the end of them, it was hardened. What he thought was that maybe this was a gift, but what was he supposed to do with boots that had those heavy weights upon them. About to dismiss them as a stupid farmer's, there was a small little note on it, curled up into two equal sheets, a small little sign on the one revealed to him, one he knew all to well. The bloody eye, the tear streaming down, and all those other marks revealed that it was the man who had trained him, so grabbing it, he peeled it open.

Hm, what could he have left instructions for these boots or something? Groaning as he tore the sheet in half and ripped open the new letter, his thoughts were reconciled that this was indeed used for his quest. Shiek directed that to get down to the temple--explaining where it was if he didn't know--would require this boy to use the Zora Tunic and that melody to get down here, but there was another one. To get down in the temple he would need those boots; they weighed exactly two tons and would converse with his weight, meaning as much as he could lift. At first he was propelled at being about to lift that much, he hoped they did converse and were able to fight around with those on. Sinking him down, those shoes kept him down and when he wanted to take them off, all he had to do was think it, knowing confused how boy would he, the last of the letter said to just try them on with his own Kokiiri boots on.

Crumbling and throwing the paper aside, into the nearby water, he looked over at the boots and did exactly what the man had expected in the letter. Slipping his own boots down inside of the shoes, he was refilled with a strong pulse of animosity, the boots seeming to blend in with his own. Blinking in confusion, the iron ones were starting to disappear while the Kokiiri were going through the new ones and just sucking them in. When it was all over, the other ones had been absorbed into the other ones, and he realized just like the tunics and chain mails, it was the exact same thing. A small little smile was placing his lips as he thought of the iron boots, a clanking sound making him jump and staring down to see they were there-- thinking of his other boots, they returned and the thought process was over, it was time to venture into the beyond.

Taking a chance for a running start, he looked down below and saw that the water was just enough for him to go, the dive he hoped the scale protected against, like when making the dive long ago, it was shorter. Leaping forward the following feet, he was holding himself together when diving inside of the water was just as beautiful as a Zora, hands held together as going down. Feeling the intense pressure hit him, lungs starting to feel with the oxygen and hydrogen combination; he felt he would die when a click appeared. Staring around, standing below on the ocean floor, no temple in sight, eyes blinked themselves open and revealed the surroundings about. Stomping a foot on the ground also showed he could hear things, relishing in them that it was just fine and dandy for this little tunic, believing in anything that happened now, he was actually breathing underwater!

Not attempting to take out his sword, since the slow motion of waving it made him feel distracted, he reached down and pulled out the Hookshot. Shooting it forward, the thing actually did go fast, not even water pressure held it back, so that was good enough as he took off in the northward direction for the temple. Keeping the hook with the shot placed in his right hand, he ran along towards the temple, it coming into view after about ten minutes of tracing. It wasn't that big, not even able to describe it since some weird grate boarded up the thing, everything around was a small symbol of Zoras and old hassles. When at last near the gate, a pull on the grate revealed there was nothing here, I mean no way to actually get inside this stupid dungeon without killing himself to blow up this gate.

"How about you hit the small mark at the top." A voice whispered from the side of him, a small little voice that had a sleepy look in the tone of it, he not able to place the voice at first, until he did.

"Navi, you are up! W-we can talk under here?" Two surprises at once, his mouth had some sort of block over it that kept the water from going down and sinking into his lungs, killing him, and Navi was awake!

"Mm, I've been up for a few minutes now, the pressure of walking woke me up, it isn't easy to sleep when you're ears are popping themselves off. But back to the matter, you should hit that little white thing above us, I think it's a target of some sort." She whispered out, the words even catching to him, he taking a glance forward and seeing indeed there was this large seven foot thing that looked almost like a dead fish, sticking out of a socket and even looking loose.

Nodding at a silent stance for her, the boy held the right hand up and aimed right for the target, going for the dead center, instead of a weak edge. A weakened end may have been a better one, but he didn't go for that, releasing the trigger to slam down inside of the center now. Almost expecting it to slide in and stick, that hook just knocked it off and watched as the thing slid out of the slot and began to open itself up, revealing to the top that it floated and stayed there, probably remaining all eternity. Creaking sounds attracted them both, staring down at the gate as rust arose from something that had obviously been closed for a while, the whirling sounding as machinery was rising the large gate to its post. Stopping at the very top, the entrance to the Water Temple was officially open and as he got ready to walk in, the familiar phrase arose to his ears.

"You ready?" She whispered, sitting on his shoulder now and adjusting herself down to the water, the ears of both of theirs had stopped popping themselves, water level the same.

"As ready as I'll ever be." Chuckling between the inside joke, he knew that anyone around here wouldn't have understood this joke unless someone had graphed their adventures in a journal or something, or maybe a person spying on them with a novel in hand.

Running a hand over her, stroking the larger girl, the size was quite an improvement when the kisses were sweeter at now, yes, more intense. As the thoughts of that boiled themselves over, he decided it was now time to defeat this place, get ready and conquer everything around there. This Temple had a dangerous monster, harder than even that best Phantom of Ganondorf and the dragon of the dark, each were very formidable. He could do it, though, he just knew it, there was no doubt about it and as he walked towards the temple, appearing down inside of the area where he couldn't sink through. Thinking of the old boots, he was floating against the ceiling of the entrance, now swimming through the water and sliding through the darkness, knowing he'd need these some of the time.

Indeed, it seemed he did need that thing, he did not need the boots at this initial practice when floating now because they were floating to the top. The first room wasn't really a room; it was just a block that was filled with water, the top leading to the main room to this new little place. When they were underwater, the veil of Navi was around her body so it showed she just needed it on to breathe, not even placed on that small little face of hers. A good thing, to cover it would be a sin, was what he thought when swimming up towards the end, his swimming had also improved over the years, never taking any advanced lessons. As he floated to the top, pulling up all the way and staring over the edge, gasping in surprise as he was now over the edge and in utter amazement at the newest room, it really was something.

Sitting on the edge, he gasped in amazement of the room, filled with wonder as they were on the top floor of a three-story temple, rooms sitting in every direction. The shape of this place was a thick square, there a large pillar in the center of the room that went down all the way, all the way to the end, each side of every floor had a room on them, most of them locked with keys or sealed with gates. This pillar that sat in the center could be climbed on, since the fact was that the stupid thing had a small connecting bridge on the square-shaped platform, so it could be climbed. He wasn't attempting the long jump--even though he could make it--the point was that those signs on it mesmerized him. Symbols were all around the door, it was quite a sight for the ages, no doors adorning the place--at least on this size--his main focus was not even placed on there, somewhere else.

"Link, look below." Yes, she spoke up and with utter fascination there was nothing to describe the sight that beheld them on the second and first floors.

Okay, so on the first floor was as dry, and a stare up revealed that indeed there wasn't another hidden floor, but below was a different story. The second and third floors were submerged in water, so clean and wishful that it made the others seem nasty to the touch, even the old ones. Waters from before had been lush and before, now the temple water--which he guessed had been sealed centuries from before was better. Lake Hylia's original liquids weren't even this good, they were just a stupid little thing in comparison of the temple water, fresh was ever. A chuckle was given, knowing that the best thing to do was start from the first level and make their way up, down the water they were going to go.

"Where do you think we should start at, Nav'?" His mind was made up, he just wanted a second opinion and the wisest person to ask was his very own partner, her tactical sense was greater than his was.

"The bottom, of course." A chuckle escaped from her and she nodded, her eyesight was looking below and towards the right was where she could see an entrance. Something down there was opened up, and she just knew it, the presence of enemies weren't around, she thinking that maybe this would be just like the Fire Temple from a few weeks ago. Hm, she took this time to spin around and felt a few more doors were open, but nothing as good as this, there was the aura of a person alive down there. She couldn't explain it, the life force was just down there and she knew that Link had known this, not able to distinguish just whom it was in the water below. This one had to be able to breathe water, have a tunic, or some sort of scientific equipment that made them invulnerable to the water below and the pressure.

"I was thinking the same thing, I just wanted another voice in this." There he nodded towards her and let her get under his hat--as not to get lost--diving down into the water below, thinking of the boots and sinking. Entirely no use in trying to swim below, he could only swim six meters before he had to go back up and relieve his muscles, a weak swimmer, which was for sure, maybe more since he had gotten older. Scrounging the seas wasn't something for him, the forest was a much better place he would prefer any day, this maybe one of his last times swimming. Nothing else had to do with water, so this would kick the bucket pretty soon of the idea of being in the sea, no one he knew was down here anymore. It was strange how this happened and as he slid down towards the ground, only a few minutes later, the small dust kicking up as he looked forward the entrance, a nod was given towards it, that was it.

Neither of them preferred to talk under the water, unless necessary, because each was afraid the veil may get loose and water would flood them. How sad that would be, so when he made his way towards where Navi pointed, there was no other stops on this way, only the fact of what he was headed. Now as he ran along the ocean floor, nothing yet in his way of enemies, the Hookshot hanging from his right hand, a place with torches in it was around here, the place that Navi had told him to go. Also where he wanted to go, the young boy stared around that this place that was encased in stone, the rest of this place looked caked out of mud or dirt. Some dry material that could last years, he was sure of that, especially those symbols that surrounded this door in a way that made it seem like the royal room.

A deep breath was taken--quite weird for underwater--and he stepped down into the long hall that led forward, knowing nothing bad was here. Navi hadn't warned him of enemies, though maybe some could encase themselves that was a thing to consider the grip on the Hookshot held. Mm, when the darkness was starting to be lit up, it was indeed getting lighter because of something, the temple above, those floors had been lit by something high above. Maybe a weird energy that they possessed, on the floor it was lit by the same energies placed down into the sand, he had passed over one with confusion, but still it was weird. Maybe there was energies in every room, or the tunic just lit the way in some spots, it was good that it was there, he heard the bottom of lakes were supposed to be pitch black.

Navi had a bad feeling of this, it wasn't that a monster was going to come over and attack them, just the closer and closer they got to the room, the more nervous she got. Maybe that they were running into a person that was rose than that stupid monster, even worse than the one named Ganondorf. It felt a little queasy in her little face, so bad at this that they were about to puke, the overwhelming energy of the aura was something she hadn't felt before. On the contrary, she had felt it before but only in herself when she was thinking of the young boy named Link, so maybe this person was in love with another. At long last they were inside the new room, someone was there, it was a someone she smelt before, the scent was strong even underwater.

"Who're you!" A voice, a feminine one, rang out in a nice tone, the boy turning towards the figure and only seeing a silhouette in the darkness; it was hidden in shadows.

"W-who am I? Who are you!" Her voice seemed familiar, something he had felt when he was younger, just not very long, whom he had met only a few times around.

"Yes, who are you and how did you get into the legendary Water Temple." Stepping down into the light here, it was revealed that she was a Zora, and quite a beautiful one at that, one of the best he had ever seen. Standing at a beautiful five feet, nine inches tall, the woman with the beautiful blue skin brooded over him by two inches, he having to stare up at her. Mmhm, as skinny as she had been this entire time, this older woman, looking only a year or so above him, had some muscle on herself. As a muscular person, this young boy was keeping it to himself not to call her beautiful, the fish-girl was one of the best he had seen in his life. Not only that, the small head of hers was different than any other Zora's, it was a lot different because it was shaped like a bulb, remembering only one Zora like that before.

On further aspect of her light blue skin, the arms were as thin as ever; the torso and everything were also built in a nice aspect. This wasn't that important to the boy, but she had two large mounds that were not covered by the skin, it was showing itself off, not being able to help but stare. He was a budding boy and at the further thoughts of such things, he stared down, glancing at where her arms were, something was there that his eyes had never beheld. Attached from her forearm and coming down towards her hand was a fin that stretched out several feet--almost six--and kept itself in those beautiful colours. Only blue and green and white were used but the colors that they gave off, the patterns was what was met, those had to be the best he had ever seen (making designs of different natures, like the snowflakes.)

"Hrm, you look like someone that I have met before. I've--you seem familiar to me, does she do the same to you, Link?" Navi whispered out towards Link at the last part, speaking the other towards the figure, Link nodding in the satisfaction that she was right--there was someone about this that was a present of the past.

Looking down towards her body was even more beautiful; the one was some of the exotic nature as the fins attached to her hands were also on her thighs. The same designs were painted on her skin, though not the same; they were displayed in different nature with the other ones showing off. On top of that small head was a third eye, this one purple, while the ones in her pupils were a beautiful violet, lighter than the other one. So familiar, that he was sure of staring at her body that this person had somehow been in his memories, on his quest and was someone close to him-- for a short time. Groaning at the thoughts, he knew that this person was familiar, it was so different from before and then it preyed upon his little cerebral memory.

"Ruto! You are Ruto, aren't you!" His eyes widened in amazement, Navi's doing the same, and doing a double take at the woman placed in the water, leaning against a wall now.

"Yes, I am the Princess of the Zoras, so what business is it to you?" She smiled towards the man with a grin placed on her lips, then caught the wind of the fairie, the other stuff on him, clinking it all together. This boy was about seventeen or so, seven years after she had met a familiar boy whom had been ten at the time, she a year younger than before. A masculine face, but showing the beauty of femininity was in him, yes, plus the fact of a sword (that familiar Hylian Shield) and the weaponry on him. Yes, he was apart of something; he was newer than ever and just doing that made it all click that this boy was none other than Link. Long blonde hair--like Shiek--was streaming over him and keeping him secure in there was a tunic, but this time it was made of a Zora tunic and blue.

Link just stared off to the side as he was being studied, never one to really show much embarrassment for the situation, she eyeing him like a piece of meat. Hadn't he done the same, he thought and decided maybe he had in a little way, this one was definitely had something in mind than just innocence. Now as he was being measured over by her eyes, his own guided to the girl of his and Navi was seen with the server jealously in her face. Two friends were meeting each other again, it was one sided since he hadn't said his own identify, he would in time, the more important thing was why was she here. It was too dangerous to be here, she wasn't wearing anything on her body, no protection against anything, and there was no way he was taking her again. The thought of her sitting on his head now caused a shiver to fall down his spin, a giggle was appearing in him, the blush down his cheeks.

"You are.Link from the Kokiiri Forest, are you not?" When the eyeing was done, she crossed her arm over her chest and just stared over at the young boy, she looking a bit older now.

"Yea, I'm Link, and you are Ruto. Hee, well it's been a while." He grinned over towards her with those arms crossing over his chest and the Hookshot held down, hiding itself from the rest of the way.

Ruto's face burst out into a swell of excitement; she was staring over at him with some tears bustling down those cheeks in happiness. As she did this, she swam towards him and slammed against his chest, that big body picking him up and pulling him into a giant hug, nuzzling and kissing at him. Happiness was swelling in her heart, he pushed all the way across the ground and now slumping on the ground, well she was slumped and he was sitting in her lap. If she would sit on him, he might've been squished, so this was a much better way to show the affection boiled down inside of her arms. Well, his feelings weren't shown that much, all he was done was embraced very much, a new one for him, especially by one bigger than him-- it was a nice feeling.

Link was sort of confused why he had been tackled, never had he been missed much, or when he did it was with Saria and not this important. When he had come back towards her at the beginning of the forest it had been so beautiful, but the fact of the matter was that nothing this big had happened. Maybe it was, Saria did like him very much and had jumped on him, she was just a thirteen-year-old girl and he had been seventeen physically. A very vast thing when someone that looked older and stronger than you were doing the same thing to you, weight made all the difference (so did height.) Mmhm, everything was done this way and there was nothing to change the fact that he felt so good about everything, the way she touched him and caressed those spots.

While the two of them were enjoying the moment--as Link had dreaded--Navi was bursting right beside the two of them and really shivering with fear. To conceal her from blasting the thing to smithereens, that young fairie just appeared before the two of them and pushed him away from her. A small groan was through her body to do it, the force of will and courage of keeping her away was quite enough to get the two separated for the good of everything. It was easy to yank him away from her since there was no grip on there, but pushing Ruto away from that boy with the force of her training--without the powers it could have been done very better. Chuckling with everything placed in her face, that young woman didn't know what to do until he was thrown away from her and against the wall, not hitting hard to do.

Link was pushed against the wall, actually quite fine to be away from her that was the best thing to do since Ruto was getting too affectionate. Smiling as he sat up, his hands went out and stroked the young fairie for her good deed; it was better than being squished to death in the hug. Actually, she reminded him of Impa (Ruto did) because of the bigger body and one that didn't stumble when it went around, some power placed in her body. She wasn't a little kid anymore, an elegant woman she was, one with a lot of power that could defend herself with a weapon or with fists if trained in the right manner. Staring over towards her, whom had just sighed and sulked her shoulder--not because pushed away--he sensed it was something knew and of course the hero knew it was about her family and race.

"Ah, Miss Navi you didn't have to push so hard." Ruto whispered out, scratching her head with the force she had gone, she hadn't gone too far just slid against the wall and hit her back.

When she didn't speak anything, Link picked Navi up and hugged her to his chest, keeping his fingers laced around her larger body. "She's jealous and has every right to be. Princess, why're you here, your father said that we would find you somewhere around here--he thought you were dead, of course."

"Daddy?" She let out a squeal of joy and leapt upon the air, floating on the way down, her eyes swelling up as she spoke again to the two of them. "Daddy is really alive, oh thank Naryu! I thought he had been frozen to death, but wait--you can't melt that ice without a special type of fire-- don't tell me?"

"Yeeup, I went to the Ice Cavern and gained the abilities of the Blue Fire." Smiling, he held his hands out and the spark appeared, nothing needed for the thing to appear, and the fire didn't go out because it was the exact opposite of the red fire that went out in the water.

Nodding towards them, Navi linked out of his arms and fell down on his shoulders, not at all hurting them that she might've done when he was younger. Now at her bigger form there were just things she couldn't do, things she was glad of and a few of the others that were a little bit sad. Glad that she could be kissed almost like a person now, before her lips had been so tiny that love was the only thing that kept the two from not kissing each other--it was so embarrassing. Now it was over, but one thing that she missed so much was being held in such small positions, hardly able to fill under his hat and the fact that she was getting bigger. It was sort of scary changing forms so suddenly, hoping this was the last one, it was big enough for her and the only fairies larger than her had to be those crazy old Great Fairies.

"So, father is alive. That is wonderful, but you asked why I was here? I was here to find a weapon to kill this evil monster that is trapped inside here, the monster of the Water Temple from the old ages. His name is called Morpha, I think and he runs this temple, though I have yet to close any of the puzzles or anything, I can't operate the water gates." A huff appeared in her mouth, she looking back at him and kicking up into the air, preparing to leave him, or was she just heading for another level and whispered this as she swam up. "Follow me."

At the realization of what happened, he saw that the levels above were indeed filled, each going up to the third floor from the sign of things. Not even having to let himself swim, he just imagined the iron was gone and his boots appeared, gripping at Navi as he floated up out of the first floor. Closing his eyes from the way he soared up, it was so fast that he was afraid of hitting something, so hands went over head and protected the area he sometimes wish was equipped with a hard hat. He still couldn't see clearly the first floor, so as he passed up the second one, all he saw was an empty room with nothing around, the first had stuff around--just all shadowed over from the darkness. What light had lit up the tiny part of the room was in the third floor he floated up, realizing that it wasn't bad, this place wasn't flooded as he thought, just up the entrance was it wet.

His hands had let Navi go sometime during the initiation, and she waited on his shoulder he floated up, hands at his sides and just kicking his feet every now and then. Appearing at the top floor, his head emerged from the water, gasping breaths out--even though he had no need too--and stared over at the entrance, giving it a good look. At a good glance, the room was empty except there was a small little plaque in the center with a Triforce on the end, some Hylian text at the side. No doors were here and the only thing around was Ruto, she was looking at him and awaiting his arrival, the normal temper of her had gone, revealing she had matured over the years. At long last, he yanked himself over the edge, coming completely out of the water and seeing none of his baggage was hurt or damp another advantage of having the tunic, almost scared his supplies would be drenched.

"Hm, finally. For a Hylian you sure are quite slow at your pace, I wish'd you keep up more. Now take a glance at this statue, you play your song of Zelda's to change the water levels with an ocarina, but the thing is I can't change it since I have no instrument. You do, right?" Okay, so maybe she hadn't matured all that much, and as he thought this was when she walked over towards the small picture with the Triforce Symbols and watched him get up.

"Excuse me, but I don't have fins like you. Yea, I own one." Groaning, he sat up a little, checking his clothes for wetness, even the under suit was not harmed and a smile was grinning his lips when she spoke of the marriage.

"Whenever this over and we marry, I sure am going to put some new

clothes on you. And, thank Naryu I came along to put some new weapons--no you won't be a fighter, you are going to help me rebuild the Zora capital by supplying with me, we can have a lot of babies." She giggled and leaned against the Triforce mark, not even paying heed to it and waiting for what everyone was going to say about this.

Marriage, what in the world does she mean? He remembered one of the very last times, or most important, that the two of them had spent together alone and that had to be when he received the Zora's medallion. Along that time was the question that she asked him, she had said that to receive this as some sort of engagement present, which was what it was. Engagement was a word back then that meant nothing to him, he was just in a hurry to get the thing back and receive his prize for stopping the world. Never discussing it with Navi, he would of when they had gotten back to the forest--since at thirteen he was supposed to return back here--but destiny stopped him. It had been forgotten in his seven-year sleep because Ganondorf was all that was on his mind, only now was it remembered at the course of time.

"Married?" Link whispered out of a hushed tone and didn't even dare stare at the girl named Navi, he knew what marriage was back then, and even now he knew it better. "What do you mean I was supposed to marry you?"

"L-Link what is she talking about?" Chuckling a little, the girl had an evil look in her eyes, no longer hanging on his shoulder, but protecting him like a mother does to its young so it can't be eaten by the big-bad Zora who wanted to steal him away from her.

Engagement as he knew it now meant the profound time one spent before they got married and usually the person received a present. On most occasions the woman received a ring or a jewel from the man, but sometimes they both exchanged gifts or the man got it from the girl. In any case, that was the consent that said you were able to be married to this person within the allotted time, he knowing that when he turned thirteen was the time for it to come around here. Ruto and them couldn't go look for them, because the Forest would turn them into creatures of the night, so that meant he either died or swore it off or something like that. Now, however, he had come back and even though everyone was dead, the race had to live on and she was probably hoping he would marry her and consent to that sort of thing--fat chance of that happening, he had been young and naïve.

"Yea, to get the Zora's Sapphire, my mother said to give that jewel to the man I would love and I told him to come back when he was thirteen so we could be married--but this jerk doesn't even come! Oh, well, when the demon of this temple is destroyed, then we can work on it." Smiling towards him, she didn't seem to see Navi was overreacting at the fact of the matter, maybe Ruto liked the reaction of the fairie.

Before anything else could be said about it, something swept out of the ground and threw the two of them away from the princess, leading them aside. Not much of a tumble, maybe meant as a distraction to get to the prize, each didn't go too far and when they did, it didn't lead that far away. Used to this sort of stuff, the thing still hurt, just not as much as one of a true stamina would venture, a regular person's skull of been smashed. Now a huge crack appeared when he threw his head out of the rubble of the wall, about to reach for the Hookshot, when he knew something was wrong. Link and Navi slammed against the wall, shaking their heads in confusion of how each got a bump on their heads, still trying to clear it when a scream came out.

A scream interrupted both of their attentions and both threw a neck towards the area to see that Ruto was no longer on the ground in her pissed mood, she was sinking away. Something of a clear colour was wrapped around her body and dragging her away, each of them knew that helping them was inevitable. A groan was out of his lips, about to pull out the sword when the thing blipped out of no where, as much as it had come and even the floor that it had come out of was disappearing, leaving as if he hadn't come before. Nothing was attempted when the wall that he even went against was knocked out, each of them standing on the dry ground with a sulk in their shoulders, knowing that the things had been in vain. As hard as they had tried--not really--another victim had been captured, but of course they knew that the monster wouldn't kill her--they needed her as 'bait' for him.

"So what did she mean by that?" She let out a growled little hiss, sort of like the mother cub was protecting her pack and Link had turned from one of the pack to an intruder.

"Huh? That was back then, you know I don't want to marry her, I am sort of glad she got taken hostage." Smiling towards her, he saw she had calmed down and nodded back, he slipping out an ocarina of his own and walking over to where she had leaned, the plaque undamaged.

Whipping out the ocarina, he remembered the tune from the royal family and knew that was probably the one, blowing it out with a whisk of the wind. When that happened at all, the water began to descend from the end of the thing and slowly fall down towards the ground, draining itself. He didn't know what had happened, looking to his friend for a few seconds, she shrugging and going over the edge, yelling out his name in a surprised tone. Jumping up, stuffing the instrument down, he headed over towards the hole he had climbed out and saw that in the case of the water down there was a huge ladder. Yes, it had appeared out of no where and just said climb down me, even the first floor was done with water, changing the water levels was an understatement.

"Wow, music seems so magical in these temples." He muttered out of his breath, mounting over the ladder--it was made of a strong wood that looked like water had never touched it--beginning to climb down.

"Temples, the stuff is better in all of Hyrule." She agreed as he began to go down the ladder, she flying over him and inspecting each area as they went down there in the second floor. It surprised her how great this ladder was, almost expecting it to snap under them and he go flying down a few floors to be killed. Playing the song wouldn't help--she just knew it-- and jumping was probably a stupid idea so trusting the ladder just had to be the right thing to do with them. When at long last, he was followed over towards the way at the last jump, she knew the second floor exploration wouldn't take up no time, there was something there! Jumping down when he reached the bottom of the second floor (ten minutes after starting the climb) he realized that there was a chest in the middle of the floor.

Slowing himself over towards the end of the chest, he kicked it open and let out a suppressed sigh of relief when the silver key was standing there. Taking out the ring out, he slipped it out onto the other key and slipped it down inside of his side pack, staring down towards it with a smile on his face. Keeping it handy, not too far form his hands, he had the feeling there were a lot more inside what seemed to be one of the most complicated journeys of temples that's in his way. Yes, it was so good to be here and have this in his hands a relief that when a door was in the way, which he would conquer over, it with passing colours was in the way of it. Climbing down the ladder, or getting on, the longest way would be quite a while, he knew that the first floor held some secrets that just didn't wanna be discovered, or did they? As Navi had seen something under there, so had he noticed that there were three little statues or something, not able to stare down there yet, it was just too far, maybe not torches but something medium length.

Continuing down the ladder, he came to a halt at the first floor, where the thing stopped right about the time of fifteen minutes later. Throwing himself down, the glove coming off and lighting up the entire room, he used the power of the Triforce to get his area done, inspecting it with close intuition. Not much was here except a door that was covered by some steal bars; a torch in the center was somehow lit with red fire, two others off to the side. All beside that, there was no way to inspect anything else, the symbol of fire was carved in a sign above the barred door, giving the impression that the torches had to be lit to get inside. Since Deku Sticks were no longer available--or of much use because of the size--the best next thing was to use his archery to skill it out, to deal one flame arrow.

"Link, what're you planning to do?" She perked over his shoulder and saw him retrieving his bow and two arrows from the quiver, holding one in his mouth, while the other he aimed itself up.

Not that he could talk, all he did was point an arrow at the torch in the center and then towards the unlit torch, doing the same to the other one with confusing nature in mind. Err, Link wasn't a good one at charades and from the look of things, he didn't do much of a good job at it, a shrugging nature in mind. Pulling a groan through his lips, the thing was placed in his lips and biting it with teeth curled in a snarl at how easier it would be just to summon an old Din's Fire. Reason he didn't want to be that they were in a closed place and that it might hurt someone or it might cave in if a wrong turn was taken out. Taking down the arrow from his mouth now, he was ready to explain something to his partner, when she began to shake her had that she had it down.

Stringing the arrow in his bow, he pushed himself to the left and let it fly the arrow catching fire and before bursting out it slammed into the pit of the left torch. Each of the two unlit ones was settled in a corner of this square room, so as it turned into a lit one, only one left, he switched into the left corner. Stringing the other one from his mouth and pushing it out, the thing spread itself and thrashed forward into the other corner, two of them now lit and all the trio were done together. A spraining sound caused the bars to begin to throw themselves up, a door opening up for him too; it was a wooden door that could have been knocked down if force was necessary. Sheathing the bow back into the side of his backpack, he sometimes wondered how this came to be how all those stupid things were held in this bag, shrugging a shoulder and dismissing it as magic.

"There we go." He whispered as himself, knowing she heard it and as he stepped into the next door was open to her suggestions or statements, she usually made them.

"You could of used Din's Fire, y'know." She whispered in a hushed tone, incase there was an enemy there and she knew something bad was here, she could feel it in her body. "I sense something new around here, but I am not sure what it is, probably an enemy around here."

Just at that exact moment, a screech entered his field of vision and before that sword sheathed out, he yelled towards her in a loud voice. "It woulda collapsed the cave!"

"W-what would? The monster is called a Shell Blade, the inside of the mouth is a weakness!" She brightened the aura around her body as to keep her from not blinding anyone, but brighter than the Triforce in the way, a sort of shell was sitting about ten feet from where he stood, having scanned it earlier. "North of you!"

"Din's fire would of shut it off, and made it collapse." Turning around towards the northern direction, the boy turned over at the ground and saw that there was a pink shell just lying before his eyes. Groaning, the blade he had his hand on the hilt when cautious steps were taken forward, and well ready for what was to come to pass in this day and age around here. Around the shell was a linked key on a chain, probably the guard dog or something was what he thought when wandering over towards the thing with the sword pulled out of its blade. Yes, he wandered a few more feet when all of sudden the thing's mouth opened and a tongue shot out, making a roaring sounds as it stopped inches from his face, teeth bared back in meanness. This thing meant business, that's all what the boy knew as he jumped back, the air loosening his fall back, sort of getting used to the water feel back until he drained the water.

With a shot, the thing went for him, throwing itself in the air and launching a full frontal assault, whatever the shell creature was had to be in a hurry for him. When it got within the distance of him, he swung the blade at the creature's shell--not as an assault--just trying to defend him from being gnashed with those sharp teeth. Not wanting to be gnashed at, he swung it forward and that's when the shell was cracked a little, watching it bounce off the blade and go across the room, a few of those teeth cracking when it hit the wall. Diamond-shaped blades were in its mouth, and it was just hard to believe those were the real teeth of it, once or twice giving a double take or two towards them. Smirking as the thing got back up, Link had to give the thing some credit, a little of the shell was cracking, so it wasn't yet time for a bad assault and as the mouth opened to attack him it was all over.

A smoking shot entered its mouth and bounced through the inside of the shell, the monster closing its shell and whimpering in silent pain. Closing that armour was the worst thing because the beam just zoomed through the outside of the shell, creating a full hole that oozed with blood, the monster sinking down towards the ground in a small painful manner. Staring off to the side, sheathing the blade back down (the Hookshot put up when they first entered the room) he would only use the shot of hooks during the water. Navi was smoking from her barrier, having been charging up this whole time and waiting for a shot, since getting horizontal shot by Link was proved to be sort of difficult. First he would have to break all the ugly thing's teeth with the stroke of his sword, then go in for a stab or a slash to the left and right, something that Link had said he hated (this way it helped them both out.)

"You always take the fun out of things." He spoke in a humorous tone, bending at the knees near the monster and ripping the chain off, not taking the delicacy to slip it off incase the thing wanted some revenge with fingers taken.

"Yea, yea, you know without me I would die." Grinning, that teasing tone came out, she pulled down inside of his arms, those hands going over and stroking her newly acquired shortened hair that from the Fire Temple.

"Mmhm, I wouldn't want to be without you." He whispered with a silent tone and put her back on his shoulder, turning around towards the door was headed right before him and on that would be other lands. Walking out through the door and giving a glance to where he met Ruto, it was a little sad that she was kidnapped; though someone had to be gone with them. One of the Sages had been captive, the other one was a guy and wouldn't have been captive much of one, and now he guessed who the next one was. Yes, she was of the Zora race of water, only one other person was the candidate for that and the King fit the description, not really sure of what it went. Since the first sage was not a King, the second one was and so the third one wouldn't be a royalty, just a regular person of this.

At long last he was in the old room at the bottom of the Temple, the main room and from the look of the ground gave him the look that it was made of sand. A regular beach at the bottom of the place, that platform was just sticking in the center and showing off like a Tiki statue from the old religions. There was a small door infront of him, it was blocked up with a key he would go there later on, now all he had on his mind was a thing seen on the way down. Ignoring that, he knew where to go next, it was a place right next door that he had noticed there was a block sticking out, the block was not in the way, just was done. Something told him, as he ran to the left of the square and peered inside of here, that it was time to push it and maybe it would lead to a new place or not.

"Link, there is a door." Navi spoke out when he wasn't going for the first place; he was just walking over towards a square block that was carved in the wall.

"I know, I know, I'll do it on my way back." He muttered and headed over towards the cave and while about to climb in, there was a door with a key right to his left, this was in the way. The doorway was seven feet in the air and under it was a wooden block that you could climb on and make your way up there, quite a nice thing since it was blocked with a key. Okay, so he would deal with this block, check that door with the wooden climbing, then there would be the one connected to the pillar. He just had an idea that the pillar would lead up to the second floor that would be a bad thing in this case, since everything else was in the way. Now, throwing himself into the dark lit spot, he slammed down into the red brick, it right before him, there was nothing else in this entire doorway.

Slamming a balled fist in the center, the auburn block with the mood in the center slid down a few yards back and then it fell down into a clear pool of water. Glancing down at the thing in the water, there was no where else to go, meaning the only thing to do was use it as a future reference. No weapons were needed now, so he just stared down at it and as he wandered away, thoughts were slinking towards the aftermath of it. Maybe there was a strange passage underground that would lead him through here, whatever the case was that he had to do the right thing. While he slipped out of the whole, his voice rang out towards Navi in an enlightened tone that was to tell him where they were to go next.

"Can we try the wooden block of the door?" When they had come, Navi had noticed it, he just knew she had since her eyes wandered over there in a familiar tone and that was where she nodded.

"Sure, I think that would be great, but what do you got for the block." Of course she had been curious about it, why wouldn't she, the stupid block had been a waste of their precious time in here, this place looked all unstable. Sometimes during this place, the walls had crumbled when Ruto was taken away, the area had been water around it for Goddess knows how long, water sank into places. Who knew when this place was going to just give away and collapse, it was quite a journey that she didn't want her or him to be in for, the death of it all. How funny it would be to fall down and die when a loose brick in there way, a stupid temple that was worse than the other two that had been completed. It just had to be the water, there was no doubt that was what caused this place to be so loosen, otherwise the others (which she guessed were completed all at the same time) would be just as raggedy.

"I think we may need it in the future." He simply spoke, wandering over where the wooden block was, standing on it, checking to see if the stuff was molded with water and discovered it was made of iron, the thing had been in the water for so long that the thing was rusted. "It is old with water-age, and a metal of some sort."

"It maybe rusted, but remember that you thought it was wood. Who cares if it is a little wet, it isn't a life and death situation. Yea, but good enough to climb, so let's go on." She smiled and tried to brighten him up, he may have been a little disappointed that it was like this, but considering the situations, rust never really broke in most cases.

"Mmhm, you are right, I mean if we were crossing over a huge bridge of rust then I would be worried, but we are only getting up to open a stupid door." Giggling at his nervousness, the boy jumped up the small little one and looked over at the door above him, taking off the most recent key. The one that was halfway crushed by the lightning beam of hers, he hoped it worked and as it slid in, the thing answered prayers and did its work. Watching the key melt inside of the lock, not only did the lock disappear, but the wooden door melted it self and showed that below water level was bad. Mmhm, the wooden door had been submerged for only who knows how long, which meant no one with an ocarina had ever dared to lower the water level. This was a good thing for him; taking care of the doors was sort of tough in the temple of flame and now in the aqua church was going to be easy. No, this place wasn't going to be easy, he had the feeling it was the worst around here, at least when it was done, the stuff went downhill.

Walking into the new room led the both of them that this entire temple was made of square-shaped rooms; all the others from before were the same. Besides that, he was sitting on a platform that was connected to the side; walking towards the edge and peering over said the interference of nothing below. On his other side was one of those things from Death Mountain and Lake Hylia, the Tektite, this one asleep and aside it was a door that was unlocked. Not believing his luck, and bad luck, the boy was about to pour out and leave when the tone of familiarity from the Flame Temple peered over his eyes. One of those crystals that you hit and something happened, the fire disappeared in this temple and he had an idea this one had to deal with water (there was a huge bubbling fountain at the bottom of the two- hundred foot drop down out of here.

"Navi, could you strike the switch for me?" He whispered hunched down at his knees, whispering so he didn't wake the monster and bending as to see what happened when it was hit.

"Mmhm, I'll do it quietly." She also whisked out of her mouth, going over towards the switch and pitting it with her hand instead of an energy blast of Ki. As soon as that happened, she heard the water bubble and nodded as the fountain rose up the what seemed forever drop and appeared at the level of them. Across the place was fifteen feet, seven towards the center with the fountain and another seven to the other end, the pool only a foot across. Adventurous souls could attempt this, and heavy people could fall, if you weren't a certain weight, then you could just forget about it and the thing would sink you down to the ground. Quite an action to take for someone, she knowing that the boy would do it, so she already floated over near the fountain, waiting for him to attempt it.

He had followed her mind predictions, leaping up when the thing started up and held himself outright, trying to restrain himself from leaping too hard. At long last--or so it seemed--the thing reached the top and the timer had began to start itself off, he taking off like a bullet escaping from a newly prepared gun. Sailing the first seven feet and landing on the center of the pool, it didn't move, which told him he was just the right size for it, almost scared it would pull him down. He'd have to loose a few pounds and come back in a few weeks to try again, not that he was fast, the water pressure was intense on the fountain, he just didn't know how much. Cracking his knuckles, the timer telling him that thirty seconds were left--it was sort of like Morse code, you have to follow the beats-- the next part worried him.

Taking a step or two back, almost losing his balance because there was no room, he took a few steps forward and knew when the ground was gone. Having a glance down before stepping, he had to do this to restrain from running in the air, it didn't work like in the comedy stories of the old days. No, that wasn't the case and when it was in the way, he leapt down the seven feet, his feet placed in the air and not even watching where he was going to land. Link made a fatal (and comical) statement when not watching where he was going because there was that monster right below him, sleeping and maybe dreaming of killing a man similar to him. Falling down on his feet, a squeal of pain entered his ears, the cry of something in death and a squelching blood pouring all over his feet, causing him to slide forward when trying to get up, a good thing that he didn't go backwards.

"W-what happened?" He was too afraid to look, just gathering himself up and awaiting the soon to be land on his shoulder, which always meant his fairie was right by him.

"You landed the wrong way." Just trying to make it seem like a normal thing, her hands over her mouth to restrain the laughs, she knew how much this would upset him.

"I-I slipped, Navi. What do you mean landed wrong?" Then she heard the chuckles of something, his face masked in confusion, eyes still held nothing and just staring down into darkness.

"Y-you.oh Goddess!" She burst into a stream of giggles, examining his legs that were covered in the green liquid of blood, not even baring to look at the ex-Tektite because there simply was no more.

"I-It's not funny! I thought I was going to die." With some guilt, his eyes peeked open, knowing it was safe, those eyes trailed down towards her laughing gesture, growling a bit in anger. Then they went down towards his boots, seeing the muck that covered them, and a little face was made from him, not knowing what in the world it was that covered them. Simple deduction revealed his location of landing and the fact he looked over where the monster was (expecting it to be up and rearing) only to see half of a decimated body was left, and three of the legs were twitching with it, wriggling off-ward. Feeling the sickness rise in his throat, a hearty little gag was revealed there, starting off at it with the force of puking was really showing its dark side. The force of him landing, plus the boots, had caused such destruction that the thing was an innocent victim in him trying to slide across here and what was worse had to be the fact he couldn't wash these boots off for a while!

"Sick." He let a small gagging sound out of his throat and picked himself up, keeping from slipping by grabbing the wall to support his weight, the door before him just sitting open.

"Sure it is, but you just had to see it happen to someone else to think it was funny. Hey, are you mad about it?" She floated over towards him, his face was masked in a grumpy nature, but he seemed to be holding back something, a relentless emotion she couldn't decipher.

"Of course I am, the thing was innocent and I killed it!" He let out in a pursuit of fury, trying to grab the door, only to fall down on his behind and throw his hands in the air, almost throwing a regular temper tantrum.

She didn't laugh at this, just appeared over beside him and hugged his face; he was starting to cry over something more important than this. Could it have been Ruto, she wondered and shrugged it off since he said he was glad she was gone, there was no way that fish-woman had to do with this. Then the realization was that maybe it had to do with everything, her being kidnapped was just an outscoring of what was going to happen. Comforting him as best as she could, she shook him softly, embracing his face and those hands went across her body, rubbing in specific spots that he knew were part of her specialty. Shuddering at his touch, those magic fingers in the air, his way of comforting her was to do it to himself, the boy had displayed it some nights that they slept together and pressure got to him.could you blame him when everyone expected so much of you?

Silence was all that waited for him, he gripping his fist with the immense pain inside of his chest, the saddening nature that was coming back, leaving it alone. Nothing could stop it from bursting through but himself, and as he made sure of this, the only thoughts that flowed through him was how much he would cry when this was all over. A glance over towards the door revealed he knew something that the others didn't want him to know, a trap in the making was just awaiting them both. Relenting the self from the door, turning away from it and watching with peeled as the thing sort of disappeared, it vanished with a start, showing it was merely an illusion. A mirage that was the same as those fake doors inside the previous temple, except when you dealt with water, then you dealt with fake beings, the water mystified all that dared to trespass within it.

Huffing breaths were taken as he dodged out of there, Navi floating behind him and in silence he narrowed his eyes towards the last passage on the last floor. Snapping through the sand, if there were any hidden enemies in there he didn't know, nor care while the emotions were starting to run dry from his body. The run did some good, it kept everything from going off, when you were taking off and speeding you're vigor up, then the whole world started to make sense, those pitiful things called emotions were just gone. Sometimes, it was wished that these pitiful things weren't around, they only clouded you're judgement and made you keep from doing the last thing in the world that otherwise is considered the worst option for humanity. Taking a few runs forward, that place was right infront of him and with a small little surprised smile, it was incased under the water.

Strange, the place was a literal Wonderland with the rabbit hole belonging to an eel instead of the furry creature that always seemed to be late. Diving down into the waters below, he was automatically felt with the feeling of satisfaction, nothing was wrong with taking the battle out, and there he held onto the Hookshot with those eyes sliding around the ground. Before him were some rocks, that was all, they didn't look in place, but he really wasn't worried about that for now, all he had to do was make sure everything went according to place. Jumping over the rocks, hearing a creek in his step, he automatically took down in the water in those Iron Boots, dodging everything that even resembled a rock, purified they were monsters. At last there was a lone gate infront of him, nothing in particular about it, except the fact that the pounding was getting faster and the thing was hanging from the ceiling!

"Link, they are called Spike Monsters, but at this level I doubt you can deal with them, let's just--the gate." She whispered in a bit of frustration, staring at the thing you had to climb to get into, he was an all right climber, just in the water seemed a little more difficult.

"I-I know, shit." He thought with the small mentality, his power of thought returning and all of the emotions were drained from him, hands loosely hanging onto that shot that gave out hooks.

"Go on, I'll cover you!" She yelled and saw him beginning to climb out of there, he was scrambling up there when she turned her back at the three monsters steadily had been aimed at him. Youma usually didn't notice here, that was good since the element of surprise was there, these monsters possessing so eyes, so it even made an untimely mistake when dealing with a seven-inch fairie. Well, they didn't seem much of trouble, the aura having been charged up for the few past seconds as those monsters tried to scramble up, the rocks having transformed of some sort. It wasn't enough time to judge their differences, just that now they possessed an iron body and spikes--well they did--because as soon as the beam shot through them, they were dead. No screams were given, nothing was thrown out, the ashes just appearing and as soon as that was done, she soon slipped down through the cracks of the shut gate, it large enough for her to go through, but not for him (he had shut it.)

When she drenched from the water--that only being a passage to another place--they were out of the liquid and only in a room where a chest stood. A simple blue room, well dark violets like all of the other rooms around, they were made of stone, just soaked in some sort of strange dye. Maybe back in the old days when they could promptly use the Blue Fire, the elders had painted this place with it, since regular fire would burn, maybe this one didn't hurt certain things. It was hard to tell the differences between the two flames, all you could do is hope if you were hurt by it, was as soon you weren't ashes. All that was considered that was this chest was in the way, something in it and as she looked around for anything else, his body was leaning against it, giving it a shove.

"Help me, you big girl." He whispered out in a teasing tone, gripping on the side and pulling, this one of the biggest chests that they had run into since ever.

Smirking towards him, she fluttered over where his hands were, placing her hands on top of those of his, giving a huge yank with all of their power. Both of them were put together so the thing did give out, the chest flowing off and both of them, being thrown with it, landing on the other side. It was a good idea to make these things expendable, of course they were thousands of years ago, and what Navi feared did happen. Shattering into a few pieces, that small little thing was showing itself off, it was indeed broken with all the years of wetness around. Not to mention the fact that years around had dripped certain stuff into it, now only the material inside remained and what it examined, as were parts.

"W-what is this, certainly not a legendary weapon!" Link let out a small little growl, scooping up the materials and just stared at them, they certainly did resemble a few things that he had, showing themselves off in a flourish of colours. A long chain--about thirty feet--was coiled up in a bundle along with a bunch of other coils and screws to add to something, a sharp hook on the edge of that rounded up rope. That was when he realized these were parts to a Hookshot, just like the type he had, a whole new body also in there, it just a weird dismembered parts. A body of this new shot of hooks, actually a bit longer, was violet where the other one was a simple gray; he agreeing this had to be a sort of upgrade on it. They were all stored inside a sack, or a cloth that was completely dry, so maybe one could carry them around as careful not to lose the tiny pieces.

"I'm not at all sure." She gathered up the cloth and tied it in a bundle, floating with the not-so-heavy sack and placing it down inside of his backpack, tightening it around the pocket that it was placed in, no sense in losing it.

It was a cheap gift, that was for sure, he placing his hands at his sides and examining the place around to see if something were in the way, not at all surprised to find anything. With only a key left in his pocket, this was no time to gamble around for something; they just had to find another, since he knew where they were headed next. All the rooms on the bottom floor were done, heading up for the second floor and exploring all four rooms, then it was off to the third and final floor, doing the same to there. In that center room to use his last key, he knew it was strange, just without a key in here, he felt so desperate and alone, as if a locked door would turn up and he out of luck. Gripping his fists, a smash was given towards the ground where the shattered box was, hurrying over towards the hole (keeping an eye out when Navi was on his shoulder, smiling towards her) then diving inside the water.

Nothing was in his way, so within a few minutes he had headed over towards the center door in the sand-filled lot, taking a glance around for anything. No enemies in his way, the key slipped down into the slot, leaning against it as the rusted foot, along with that lock, was disintegrating before his eyes. Mmhm, as he stared beyond amazement while the iron door was rusting before his eyes, there was nothing to do put peer inside the room, it dark like he expected. Not as much as expectations were led, because as soon as a glance was castled towards there, the places had a dim light about it, and not just from the room they were heading out of. Glancing towards Navi, she using herself as sort of a flashlight, he nodded and stepped down into the dry room, feeling his footfalls as he walked.

"We're standing on another one of those rusted platforms." He was invaded within his thoughts by Navi's voice, he taking a glance down towards it and nodding with that, this one was actually stone and not rusted.

"Well, kinda. Hm, does that mean that maybe there is something under here?" A glance around the room made him feel like he was in the future or something; the place was vastly decorated in a way that didn't seem all that familiar. Along this square room was small little squares in the ground, each placed in a pentagonal with lines all around and the pentagon basically a background for it, or a banner of some sort. In this way, he was sort of staring upward when noticing there was one of those plaques that raised the water level, it was on the second floor, which was a very long climb and had no ladders around. A groan was escaping his throat because there wasn't anywhere to go it was like they were trapped and raising the level seemed to be impossible. Actually, along the three floors were small little blocks that were seven feet wide and across, each was held up in the air towards each floor.

"The Hookshot! Link, see up there!" She pointed over towards where the second floor was, a small little thing like in the Forest Temple, it was a circle with a square in the middle that was a magnet that held him if hookshot at.

Of course, he hadn't noticed it before because that glance was so fixed towards the plaque that was out of reach, this blue room suddenly seeming a lot easier. Watching her gather up there and lighting herself up for him, a direct target his that her aura changed a pure green, for the time being, and that was when the shot fell forward. Only about twenty-five feet up, the thing connected and soon he felt the tug on him, knowing within a few seconds airborne would be possible around here. Yanked through the air, knowing exactly when he was to fall, his thoughts were focused on landing, there was a trick to this and if you didn't master it right then you were dead meat, the trigger was there. As soon as he came within the distance, he hit the release button on the hookshot and landed on right where he was on the front of the ground, staring where the plaque was.

His ocarina slid from that pouch and blowing out the tune of the Royal Family, he heard the water start to sink in from everywhere, it soon rising right above his feet. Now with boots only a little drenched in the water (of course not really since the tunic held them dry) he stared over and saw that indeed the platform had risen. That also meant that outside the water had risen, it just had to be, he still curious how it was inside of here and also trapped into the pinnacle. Brilliant, because down there was where he needed to be, stepping on the device was what he did, pulling the blade out and doing what came natural towards him. The blade landed in the center, sending a shockwave out towards him, causing the stone to crack and break into tiny pieces, a precaution this was, because of what he saw on his way up.

Why, you ask, did he crack it in half and waste such precious power when he knew something by the name of Morpha was after him? It was simple because of those spikes that resided on both ends of his way down, scrounging down with that in mind, a smile pasting the face. Mmhm, as he slid down towards, he knew that the Iron Boots would of led straight down on top of those thick, seven feet long spikes that just stood out of the ground. Wanting to chomp him, they would never get their chance because they simply weren't dealing some amateur, this was the Hero of Time, he was ready for anything. Now as the ground slowed down, passing through and appearing in a room that favored where he had seen the rocks attack him about ten minutes before, the arena was empty, a gate was ahead with the first glance.

"A switch." He whispered to Navi, keeping his own, a feeling of remorse of going over and touching the thing was not in his planning schedule, the thing about twenty feet from them.

"Yea, let me shoot it from here, I hear something." A scuttling sound was coming out of her ears, and as she sparked up a shot, she heard him yank the sword out and prepare it. A lowly thing to do, but somehow the sword seemed more appropriate, even if they were underwater, it was good enough because the way he held it, the sword was humming in a soft tone. Going for an energy shot, no doubt, it was a good thing because she heard more than one scuttle, she heard quite a few and even some new sounds to those elven ears. Mmhm, something was coming and as she pulled back and shot it forward, she knew that something was coming because when the gate at the top opened up, screams shot out. Covering her ears, backing up from the few feet she had fluttered forward, actually getting behind the hero so the shot wouldn't get her, the sight was bad.

Two of those enemies where they had the sharp teeth, the clams with the Jaws of Life were fluttering about, clamping their teeth to see whom. That most of been the sound was the gnashing of their teeth up against the steel cage, trying to break through and get at the two of them, smelling fresh meat. Of course they wanted to go towards him, to get there and she didn't even know how long they had been stored in there, never being fed and if most of them were just corpses up there. Shivering at the thoughts of that, she felt the gate slide shot and was caught with that it may open up when they were done or stay closed, just a trap for the two of them to die on. The beam of light slid out of her body, extracting itself in the body and slashing forward through the air--or water--going down in a huge blast just to take them all out in a sudden whip.

Screeches from the clams with mouths were given off, also those rocks were sitting there and not yet active, each one awakening as the light went out. No remorse was in her body, she just let the power flow--knowing that it wasn't that much (woulda been without the training)--everything was good since Shiek's power arts lessons. Energy came out and blasted them all around and as soon as the light disappeared, the ashes were rustling down inside of the ground, throwing it about. Inside the ashes was something she hadn't noticed before, and she was glad that these things didn't get hurt easily, a small key was standing about and almost half-bent, still able to be used. Wow, it was a good thing that everything was concealed, otherwise the loss of seeing a half-melted key would have been a site for sour eyes.

"It's broken!" He cried out and threw himself down into the ashes, taking it out with some examination, blowing a sigh of relief as he hooked it on the rink and stuck down inside of his side pack. "Almost broke, you sure don't hold back on me, did you waste all that energy on those stupid things?"

"Not at all, I just used it for some powerful training to thank for this. Otherwise I'd be passed out." Giggling, she floated over towards him, and nodded, that was sure a lucky break to run into Sheik, she had an idea that they were going to need it soon enough--Onii floated through her mind, making her mind feel wet.

He nodded towards her and walked over towards the entrance of where they had come off of, thinking about the boots leaving his feet and they're the iron was gone. Disappearing without even thinking of the gate and as he emerged, there was no remorse because prying a steel gate was not something he cared to attempt. Trying his sword wasn't even worth the effort, plus leaving something on the switch wasn't joyous since if there was something important there, he would come back for it whenever the time was right. Bombs did not work, and as he pulled himself and took a glance at the iron door infront of him, a kick to the door made it fall down since a lock wasn't on it, the realization that this temple falling down was apparent. Slipping out of the new room and into a new one--well not new, just another floor--he shrugged a shoulder at the areas and nodded, it felt nice to be out of the pinnacle of light.

To his bitter surprise there was a door standing right infront of him, the wood block right infront of it, bared with a key and ready to being opened. Nodding, he leapt for the door and made his way over there, leaping the feet across and not even dealing with getting ready to swim over there. Nothing to worry about, no monsters were on this floor either, he worried that they guarded the pinnacle and making the accusation that since he had been on all floors already. He almost expected those small little things with the legs he had squashed to be around here, using the water with legs like those water-spiders, even though this one only had four legs instead of the usual eight. Mmhm, it meant nothing was guarding the way and when his newly recent key slid into the lot, the door going along with it, that doorway stood open for him with open arms.

A bare room was before him, there was only a switch in the room that he awaited, just the same shade of blue and violet like all the rest had been. Except that normal white switch had been where the crystal was summoned and the geyser went down, the opposite of what it had been when he smashed that monster. None of the youma in here, he stared at the very back of a wall, the back showed that indeed a geyser was spewing its beautiful water for him, the lukewarm never harming him. Speaking of the spewing fountain, it was up all the way so that he couldn't get up there, not even attempting to slide in there, since the pressure would kill him, plus no time to get over there. Only one solution and he knew he, walking over towards the geyser and staring at Navi, still a little confused at what the problem solving was.

"Urm, it's all the way up, go any ideas?" He whispered out of his usual tone, making sure that no one in the upper floor was awake, this taking him or her up in the third floor if a door led out of here.

"You could try hitting it, then let it go down and while we're both on it, I'll try to nail a shot as well, this way we sink up towards the new room." Mmhm, a quick plan on the go, that was usually how she didn't work, not expecting the duo to be able to manipulate water, she just wasn't expecting this.

Before she could shoot a shot out, he undid the bow and nailed a shot down in the center of the crystal, the thing shattering and watching glass spew in different directions. Only going a few feet from them, they were lucky that the thing was still in working condition, because it slid down towards its weight and was ready for him. Mmhm, as this happened, he stared at the water fountain go down, he able ready to go up when a creaking sound shot out his hearing temporarily. Something was coming towards him, he just knew it, the bow held ready as he backed up, and motioned for her silently to follow him along, staying back away from it. Maybe it was the cut of the youma to act now, because a tinkering sound happened as something with the four legs dropped down, quadruple mad at him for some reason.

He was ready, of course since he backed up, and the arrows went flying through the air in a quick paced battle, slicing into the skin of it. Of course these monsters weren't very hard to begin with, they were actually on the side that he could step on, preferring to use some of those arrows. Those sharp pointed pieced the skin and with only a scream of pain, the thing sunk down towards the ground and remained quiet for a few seconds. Just when you thought it was over, the thing leapt into the air, one last arrow going into the middle of its eye and with a slump it was dead to the world. There wasn't much need for his bow since the Forest Temple, a little somber about that and would push it towards its limits when something came his ways, a feel of the sword just didn't clash with him right now.

"Good riddance." The words danced from his mouth as he stepped down on top of the platform, watching there was no need to hit it again, it began to rise automatically when his feet placed on the water.

"I could have just blasted him, you didn't need to waste that many arrows." All together, the hero had wasted six arrows on that monster, the seventh blasted down in the center of that ugly eye, shattering brain matter. Now as it poured under, the thing disappearing from them and she feeling a little sick about it, yes that evil side had reappeared on him, one that reflected towards the monsters. Never was anything put towards him, nothing would be directed towards her since the bones in her body knew the truth that he'd never raise a finger towards her. Animosity was reflected inside of that mind, she knowing a simple shot could have taken care of this monster, it was a laughing matter at how easy they were. No, they were both a little vicious about these matters, but there was just sometimes when nothing affected him and the arrows directed each time into the skull.

"It's fine, Nav', I just wanted to take it out." Turning over towards her, he smiled one of those beautiful smiles and it was forgotten from her, she placing all of that full confidence inside of him. As it raised up, the darkness began to fade from his eyes, everything revealing itself in the time being, just a plain room he expected from the scent of here. Yes, he could sometimes smell the blood in a monster if it had just killed something, which was a secret talent of being raised in the forest was heightened senses. When the water level raised all the way, he stepped on top of the place, taking a glance around and revealing there was only an open door for them. No thought was put in as he walked inside of the room, or in actuality was walking out of a room, the bars sliding down under him.

Spinning around at the bars, thinking that they were trapped, a spin around showed that they were not trapped, in the third floor of the main room. For a better explanation, on the third floor of the main room was a carved small hole at the top of the ceiling, a glance down showed it was only seven feet down from where they landed. Inside of this "room" was just a block about fourteen feet across and ten feet wide, not very large, some sort of hidden passage for them. No way he could make the jump down, since the water was at the second level and he thinking the fall would kill him, since the reason was no way to raise the water. Wait a minute, his eyes were focusing over towards a block that was covered with dust, it was a pale blue and held some similar characters as the other two had before.

"Another level-riser for us, I can see a pattern rising here, good thing it is one of the last ones, eh?" He spoke while dusting the gloves from the plaque, everything came down inside of his face, coughing for a few seconds, before the eyes closed and reopened with fascination, the resembling triangles shimmering in the dark glow from before.

"So the final third level has come to pass, eh? Go ahead and try it out, we can make the jump down if you wanted too, or I could carry you. It couldn't hurt to be touched in any particular way." She brightened across it, so he could read the inscription, of course he didn't need any special help with this, the tune was written down there incase forgotten by someone.

Sparkling down from his ocarina came the tune of the Royal Family; it put up and down inside that satchel before the water began to rise. When at last it was gone, and he knew this might be one of the last times that refilled it, but the fact remained that one of the levels was unexplored. It didn't worry anyone, this was supposed to be a hard temple, the hardest, or so the facts said in their own special ways. Indeed, the third level was fell all the way to the top, seven feet below was a dive that he could make in this tunic, even without it that didn't seem too far. Clearing his throat and nodded to her, he held his hands together and stepped off the ledge, falling down and sinking into the liquids below.

With mouth closed and eyes shut, he sank down and resurfaced within a few seconds, legs kicking in the style that kept him up, not even needed too, it wasn't a dog paddle, some sort of variation he made up. The tunic was making him float like a life preserved, a very good thing since he wasn't one of the best swimmers in the world, and if tired enough could pass out and sink to the bottom (not that it would kill him.) Eyes were focusing around and where he saw beside him was indeed where he wanted to go, dubbing all the other doors as just dubs, just ways to make a person want to slit their throat, temples were usually like that all the time. He had ran into a few of the duds before, that one with the block at the bottom was just a stupid door no one even wanted to follow into at any cases, useless puzzles that affected the person in more ways than one, usually just for a joke. Swimming over where the door he had entered to refill the last level--the locked door from before just a level above, recognizing that all of them had been shut down with keys.

The same rusted door was standing in his way, climbing on top of it and pulling the keys inside of there, watching the door and everything disappear from his eyes. Standing inside the new doorway, while running water was disappearing all over his hues, and there he stared forward at the block he stood at, the melted ice just flowing all around. Sleeping Kesse were standing at his sides, not feeling like messing with them so a few little steps were led forward in a sneaking fashion. Almost feeling as good as Shiek, his hands went over there faces when close enough, breaking their necks as silently as a Shinobi would, standing in the center of the room with nodding pleasure. Taking a few steps forward into the block, a stare over the edge was where his eyes widened as far as they could, almost bulging themselves out of widened sockets?

Okay, so going down from where he stared was a slippery slope that nothing there except a small platform on some cranes that slid back and forth. Now that wasn't what made him stare around, it just had to be the fact that opposite of there, in the center of the room, was a deep pit of blackness that led to nothing. This wasn't a bad room, by any means, because opposite of the seven feet pit was another slope, this one where all the water was going down. Yes, down there was a huge fountain of water, a bunch of platforms going on a circular motion, disappearing inside of the waterfall and reappearing right on the other side, it was just like the other end. Well, almost like that except one little platform only went down a period of ten feet down and up, while the other was meant in a circle.

"Wow, I wasn't expecting something like this, it is like a water wonderland around here. I wonder how we expect to get across here." He whispered with a hushed tone, so that any Kesse that were around didn't decide to awake and pull a sneak attack on him.

"I don't know except by some good speed and luck, are you sure you want to attempt it?" A stupid question, they had to do it or face the consequences of never knowing what came next, that just couldn't be done in this sort of game, if it was even called that.

"Of course we have too, you know that. I can't just quit on here, it is my profession to brave these odds all the time." Smiling towards her, he waited until the platform was near his feet, stepping down and landing on the solid thing with such ease, seeing it as it began to descend.

"Yea, yea, I just am worried what'll happen if you fall down there." A breath of passion suddenly came out of her mouth; she staring down over the edge as it finally hit the ground, a platform also in the way. As the waited thing was coming on, the one of the second platforms coming into synch with him, she was expecting him to fail in his mission; this just seemed too hard. With such ease, her eyes admired him as he leapt upon the first platform, seeing the second and quickly raising towards the occasion on that one, mounting it in seconds. There were little marks on the place where someone could use a Hookshot to climb up there, Link using his newfound training to bound those heights and climb over them in such ease. She admired him, loved him and actually hated him for being this strong, she knew that cockiness was never in his mind, just that something equally more powerful would come.

It went back to a night before when she had the dream, and over all the years the voice had come and decided it back to close it down. On the horse heading towards her was when it happened, less than a week ago, it could have been a dream or a precognition, or a little of them both in reality. She was scared, of course she was, something was coming and it didn't know what it was, she had no idea and he was still the clueless one of it. No way that he would find out about her crazy little obsessions of that, there was no way to clue him in on this and add to his nervousness. Link was already messed up about a few other things, he was a little bad about the most things around here, but now adding her own problems, was the last thing that was on her mind.

"Don't worry, Nav', I hate it when you worry about me." He did hate it when she worried and that was as he thought when scaling the other one of those platforms, realizing his rate of speed was slow. Hrm, at first he was just a little stupefied, then he remembered that the mechanical switch was going back at the same rate, even if he was sitting on there. It didn't matter about anything, he just had to go ahead with it or die out or something like that, it was the thought of the matter that counted. Yes, he had to go fast or it would lose him and he'd sink over the edge in a matter of minutes, not a good thing when going against so many enemies that waited ahead. Grinning, the race was on and as he scaled the other end, nothing was in his mind except getting to the top, knowing no surprises were waiting for him to go there.

Power-leaping across the third little platform, he scaled up the fourth, fifth, and finally appeared down on the last one the sixth one. Dancing through the air in an acrobatic measure, he leapt the extra foot and landed upon the edge of the area, it resembling the last area. A door ahead of him was unlocked, it was a good thing since he was out of keys now, the last ones of before were now gone from away him. Walking over towards the edge of the door, kicking it down with a foot, the familiar smell of water was around; also a shed of blood was reeking in it. Dreading what was coming into this, nothing at that point in time there; he just unsheathed the door and stepped out through the door with the dreading fate disappearing as the light came out.

A long little block he was standing on, a cross of water was sticking out and filled to the top with water, he staring to his left and seeing another block. Yes, another was also to his left and his far-left was also a larger block, to his right was just a wall that stood in the way, like in the edge of a wall. Only five feet forward was the edge where the water met, about only ten feet deep and nothing below there, he stared forward at what was ten feet from his little eyes, resting on that new form ahead. Weird about the things around was the fact that each held some sort of dragon entity on there, standing out like a totem pill, a gray dragon with evil eyes displaying fangs out for this one. It was turned away so he could only seen the side of its face with a clear view of that, something also was headed towards him, a few hundred feet away and skating on the water seemed to be that water-spider from before.

Pressing the blade against him, the distant him began to sink out as the fairie ducked behind him, readying her for the impact of it. Within a few seconds, the blade began to glow a silent blue, he letting it flow out and sink against the air, a distant wave appearing in the aftermath. The violet-blue sank into the air and headed in the direction that the boy had the sword pointed at--near where the water-spider was heading. Covering her eyes as she saw the blade coming towards, she just knew that it would be evil, the Master Sword may have been good against the good, but against someone evil, no mercy was shown. Not ready to explain it, she was sulking on his shoulder, knowing they were far enough not to receive any debris, the fact matted that it was dying.

The wave of energy sank down inside of its body; a scream of pain echoing through as it went inside the body and just stood there for a few seconds. No one was expecting it to just stay there except Link; he had the sword drawn down, his hand with the Triforce was held open in a palm, squeezing it shut. When he shut it, the Triforce under the gloves beamed out under there and was sinking through the once-penetrable gloves, just showing their true colors as the beam broke up. When it did break itself up, imploding around the body of the monster, that was when everything blew itself up and guts splattered all across the horizon, shadowing the water where it was near. His eyes no longer rested there, the beam had calmed down and now the sword was sheathed, just getting ready to sail over where that dragonhead now rested on its haunches.

"How did you do that?" She whispered as he prepared himself, taking out in frenzy and landing down on the other side, hands crossed around chest and examining the reptile head that was ten feet in the air.

        "I really don't know, Nav'." He stooped down over towards the head and to his surprise there was one of those crystals from before, incased in the glass and ready to start off a timer if stuck by something other than an arrow--no more shattering the stones no more. "A way over there, I see, what do you think?"

        She didn't know her point was blank and there was no way to jump to the north where the next platform was, it stood about twenty feet away from them. Too drained to even make it, she knowing he was too, her hands went down and tapped the glass, amazed at what was to come as soon as that happened. The head of the dragon was sinking down from the feet he couldn't climb, now only the head stuck itself out, revealing what to be a head, but that wasn't all that happened. Stretching out the following twenty feet, the neck came out and created a bridge for him to cross, it was a regular way over to another one. Yes, a head of a dragon still stood on another one, another switch was up there and he guessed each led to the path across each one.

        Pacing across the path of the neck, he came towards the other side and examined where he was going, a whole path opening up for him. In the center of the room was a crystal, only he could hit with an arrow, but since there was one right near him, no reason to break it at this point and time. Well, he was not messing with it; his eyes only stared up at the purple dragon n

ck and head above him, this one extending a twenty feet and above were something new. Yes, a second platform was heading for him, if he could tap the crystal and get on, then there was time to climb up it and ride it back up towards the top of the area. Right then and there the world would continue on, each area was hard to examine the next since from one area there wasn't an over-head map; now he wished this temple had one.

        Slapping a hand on top of that crystal, the thing sank down like he had imagined it would, it coming to a rest towards him, a joyful expression painted on. The horns of the dragon were in his way as he stood on the thing, sitting down on his behind and just staring over at the switch. From here it looked a million miles away from here, the sword wouldn't even be long enough to strike that stupid little thing hard enough to punch it. Climbing onto of that little thing, he sat down and tried to reach for the switch, utterly missing as he was sat down on the forehead. Just keeping his head down, a face went over towards the love of his life, the smile beaming his face when he realized she could do it for him, he was gladly obliged to have her here.

        "Would you, sweetheart?" Peering over at her with a graceful smile, he just sat down on the ground, straightening himself so not to sit on the horns and hurt a few extra spots on him.

        "Sure, Linky. But I can't use up too much energy, okay?" Smiling over at him, she began to concentrate the energy inside her body, condensing it down to something that would help do it, the aura was forming in her bare hands like someone who was about to create an energy blast of devastation.

"I wouldn't have it any other way, love, I need you to help me fight in the upcoming battles. Otherwise I am going to lose it, the battles without you just aren't worth them anymore." As he spoke that, he saw she was just about ready for her demonstration of power, this would be a quick thing and then on their way they would travel onward for the next part of this confusing puzzle.

Flushing a little, she gave up her emotions and growled with the content one someone finishing anything, she let her hands reach out and that was when the aura was gone from her body and throwing itself forward. Keeping a grip on everything that was going on--since losing you're power would cause everything to go down--that would ruin the whole experience and just drain the power. There she grabbed onto herself and let out a cry of fury to release the power in an even better form; it was really going to blast through and causes everything to come in the beautiful way it did. Just slamming down onto it, the thing was aimed for even more of that since it ricocheted over the smashed little crystal and going for the one in the middle of the lake, making that contraption start up. As the head rose over, she watched him step over it and keep onward over on the second little floor of this third floor, it was really just a cliff hanging off than a floor, since all that was there was a dragon head.

        When his fairie struck the crystal in the center, it had activated a dragon to go down, or so he presumed when he looked over towards the end. As the head came to a stop, a grunt of discomfort escaped his lips, looking ahead and seeing no more obstacles were going to stand in his way towards this newest room of puzzles or monsters. It was always like this around here, whenever you messed with something the wrong way, you were rewarded, in the temple the exact opposite happened, he knowing this wasn't some sort of reward. There was a normal door with its gates staring open for him, the door was completely gone, so someone had used a key or was ready for him to come in. A prophecy that his end was nearing him, that or just the fact that someone was in this temple and had gotten this far, but how did the person left the other doors by themselves.

        Yanking him off of the end of there, those hands pushed up and there he landed on the other side of the horns, staring forward. Feeling the dread wash over his entire body, the hands went forward and stared ahead, almost tripping over and decided down from the head he would get out of there. As his hands pulled forward and yanked the blade from the sheath, he headed over towards the open door, eyes glancing down inside of there. Now as the sword was dragging across the ground, staring over towards her with eyes that were dilating a little bit, just the sort of thing that most people wouldn't believe. Once last bit over conversation was given, the old-time's sake was in mind because he felt like the boss of the temple was down here, even though there wasn't keys of the boss.

        "Any last words." He chuckled a little bit and stared over at her fluttering about his shoulder, a wonder of how those wings never got tired-- yea changing the initial subject cooled the nervousness in his system.

        "Don't joke like that, silly." Even though she was laughing, her eyes were a little bit in anger for that, she always made him mad when doing that, it was a stupid thing to pose on him, he knew how much she worried about him.

        "I'm sorry, little one." He smiled a somber mood to her, she lightening up and glancing around the room, he just focused on the room before him, a cloud of smoke was over it so that his eyes couldn't adjust to it, the sad part was they had to go inside to see something.

        "L-Link, look!" She pointed her hands over towards where a little hand stood, well it was something you put you're hand inside and then something happened, an entire veil over it.

        His mind was conjuring what it was, walking over towards the machine and taking a seat at the panel that was hidden only a few moments before. Well, what had happened was that the place was black, the entire structure, and in a shadow so you could not see the entire thing without some good eyes. Link had them, just didn't look in that general direction, and so you usually suffered the consequences for that sort of stuff when you acted upon it. Mmhm, there was no way you went about this, wondering if it had to be a trap or some sort of helping device, maybe this was the key to the room or a weapon of some sort. Taking a glance for her for the approval, she nodded, and there he stuck his arm in the thing, glancing at the words with the text in the Zorian language, it computing inside of his head.

        What it read was this was a machine that transformed a hook that shot into a long hook that shot, his mind rumbling over the words. Yes, he computed the Zorian language more than he expected, seeing that in his sleep he had mastered most of this one, some of the words not making sense, like the directions. Hm, when he looked where the directions on here were, the words made no sense, he taking it into his own hands to device some instructions as hand dug out for the stuff from before, along with the Hookshot. What he had to do was put all the stuff inside of there and then put his hand and the hookshot in there, and wait for it to begin, luckily that's how. Maybe they would all come together and fit in one; connecting and creating a longer shot that gave the hooks out, a new name was in order if it happened.

        No, that wasn't how it went and as he dumped the parts inside of the machine, he saw there was a slot for the Hookshot, placing it all inside of that box. The box was the cloth that he had thought from before, it actually what everything went into, he nodded slipping down the hand inside of there and searching for the button. Coiling around a small trigger, his finger went to it and pressed on the trigger, a humming noise starting up and groaning with a bit of pleasure. Nothing had ever been in him like this, hell, he had never had such a good back rub in his life, well a backrub was not what he had ever had period. The thing was like a massager, it gave you a good rub, and the seat he was leaned against was definitely giving him the best back rub of his life, energized with mechanical energy.

        Navi was now leaning against the seat too, enjoying the warmth's of the jealously she had just had, hearing the machine start up and glanced over. When the machine started up, she saw that everything was grinding around, or heard it since you had to close the lid on the thing to see anything. Yes, and as this was happening, clicking sounds all went into the room, Link not even noticing since he was in pleasure from the rubbing. Mm, she was enjoying it too, but when the machine stopped after five minutes, the hum ending with it and stopping everything, a clicking sound came out and the thing slid down into his hands. Feeling the cold of the blade against her partner, she felt it also from his body, they were sort of interlined like that, he stopping and looking down as she did the same.

        Pulling away from the machine, eyes of blue examined the machine and just looked at the thing that was strung in his hands, it was quite a beauty. About two feet long--like last time--the thing was just standing in his hands and now the violet was mixed with the blue, it the same one as before, just a different feel too it. All the mechanical parts were not seen, the new tool dubbed the name Longshot was imprinted on the side, along with a small Triforce in the way of here, showing it was rightfully his. Grinning at the long tool with a stainless blade held on it, the grin was going as he looked over at the door, knowing this was truly the weapon of choice, an upgrade of the Hookshot. Wanting to test his beauty out, he was not ready, walking over towards where the door was, a hand linking down and clicking the trigger.

        That was a mistake, there was nothing like doing that to shoot it forward, since it sank down inside of the smoke and slammed against something, propelling him. Of course he was going in the direction it, not knew how far this new Longshot went, having a good idea it was more than the regular thirty feet. No longer was he reduced to size, knowing the size wasn't the limit with this one, everything would go his way with this weapon. Only problem was how to use it, the Hookshot had never been a real boss-killer; maybe this Longshot killed specific targets or something weak against metal. It went quite a while, twice as much as before and as he sank sixty feet into the new environment, stuff all around him that wasn't there before was now into the view of here.

        When, at last he landed down on the ground, seeing that his thing had been gnashed into a wall, the room wasn't dark at all, it had been the smoke mentioned earlier. Yes, now as he jumped off the wall and stared around (pulling the thing from the wall) his eyes stared around in amazement at the place around him, it was like a platform in the water. Yes, he was standing on the very edge of a platform, he was hanging off the wall because below was thirty feet of water waiting for him to go in and sink down. As he stared around that area, knowing good well it wasn't a regular liquid, the boy was now on the edge of here and just placing eyes to scout the place out. Now what he was standing on was a completely blue platform, no doors out of here so he decided that this was the boss, there just weren't no keys in this rotting temple, but the question had to be where he was.

        "Where could he be?" Navi whispered out in a hushed tone so the monster didn't overhear them, which were a bad case, was a sneak attack against anything with strong hearing.

        "I dunno, this is the main area of the battle, you think?" He spoke his mind, wanting her expression more than anyone else, it was worse when he knew this alone, when not, he just felt a little bad about it.

        "Yes, I am sure it is. There is no doubt since there isn't even a door out of here, hell there isn't one in!" Pointing over towards the ground, there was the door where they had come in, shrunk down to the size that his hand could fit in, feeling a bit awkward about it and not sure what to say.

        Growling with a bit of content stared down into his voice, the boy was just about to give up and decide the boss was dead when something happened to him. Him was the Hero of Time and the something was a rumbling sound, there was no motions coming out of anywhere, the ground was perfectly still and he realized with a start that the water was the stuff reacting. Yes, the liquid was coming down, though it wasn't like someone was after them or anything, more like a tidal wave was coming and they couldn't see far away. No, it was ridiculous since the room was only fifty feet apart, the platform was forty-five feet and there was only a small little five feet separating the ground and water. Now, what could be happening were his thoughts, he was thinking that when it rose out of the ground, it was the something that he dreaded and at the same time knew was going to happen.

        Sure the stuff below had looked more like Jell-O than water, and with that she thought it was poisonous and they weren't to touch it. Never in her wildest dreams had she imagined what would happen, the boss wasn't here, the boss was somewhere else and since it couldn't fly up in the sky, that left only one other place. Yes, below the ground wasn't an option since doing that would be a little bit of stupid, that only part was submerged in the water, except when they looked earlier, there was nothing. Uh-oh, she knew it and when it at last rose from the water, the tidal wave actually something a lot more dangerous, there was a lump in her throat that she wanted to smash in with a hammer. And with a triumph of terror, she was behind his back, scanning the person with eyes just a glazing over at the monstrosity that was capable from the Man in the Desert.

        "A water-monster?" He gaped out in an almost amusing tone, still the thing sticking out of the water, just taking its form when he spoke those small words. There, standing exactly seven feet tall and in the form of a hand was a molecular water monster, defying all the laws of physics that had been established. Yes, this monster was just weaving and bobbing around, acting more like a retarded person than a monster; the amusement was for that the reason Link had decided to chortle in his voice. As he glanced over towards the monster, he wondered how this thing could be controlled; his thoughts were answered when he caught himself over towards the edge. In the center of this creature was a thing just staring over for there, it was actually an eye that was in the water, though not hurting it, incased in some sort of membrane of thick jelly.

        "It's a nucleus." Navi didn't speak about the first matter; she just glanced at the thing standing in the center and nodded with her confirmation of the investigation. The only reason the water was around was because a water daemon--the nucleus--was trapped inside of there and controlling it with the adapt ability. Maybe this was a daemon, maybe it wasn't, and the point was that this creature could manipulate the forces of water in just a way that no other she had ever heard of could. Such an extraordinary being, there was no limit to the powers it had, probably able to control other elements, or it could be the lone brain of a long-dead water-god, the possibilities were endless. No one really knew how this was going to come about, she thinking about that Longshot that Link had and nodded with that habitat in mind.

        A nucleus was what she had said, he nodding over to what she said and looking at the older youma; this creature was out for him. There was no way to deny that he wanted this thing dead, and it probably wanted him the same way to it, each feeling was mutual. No one wanted him alive in these places, just wishing to meet a friend that wasn't stupid or helpful for him, Shiek was never in these places anywise. Even if the thing used to be good, it was long possessed by that evil man form the desert so everything was coming boiling down to this moment. Now, the sword was sheathed down into its back, taking out what had to be the Longshot with the new name, no way was his weapon was going to sink into that nasty stuff.

How fast he wanted to end this depended on how far this was going to go on, the restless tasting, the youma finished that when it took off in a blast. Readying itself, getting full control over the body, that monster let out a screech out of somewhere, how it talked was unbelievable to her, and even to any day in time. Now was the time to finish it, maybe that little eye- like creature had decided this and went on to go on, a quick death was what was in order. Sloshing the hand out, gripping in a fist of some sort, the thing sat down on the en pavement, leaving a slimy trail when it would slither away from one little spot to the next. The hand was slapped on the ground, the fist curling tighter than ever and that's when it launched itself forward, heading right for where Link was standing.

Maybe this was some sort of show down in an old spaghetti western and if it was, then Link was ready his hand on the 'gun' and about to draw. When the other one's weapon went down towards him, the hero was ready and dove off to the left, not even close to the edge, his Longshot aimed and fired. Able to do this in fast-motion was a truly remarkable thing, the fairie about him and near the monster that was named Morpha, guiding at its weak spot. Yes, that beam pointed and soon the hook shot from its place and landed down into the water, seeing it pierce the nucleus with a fashion that he couldn't describe as joy. Hitting the switch for a return, the monster was returned to him, the water sloshing in all directions since it wasn't guided and went back to being water--it had only nicked Morpha a little, so it was bleeding barely through the internal organs.

"Morpha, I presume you are?" The thing had no speech, no mouth, and probably no internal organs, he didn't know much about nucleuses, but knew that this one couldn't survive out of the water very long, it would dry itself up.

Stupid Hylian! All the monster did was croak out some water, cursing him while the thoughts were centered on how to get out of here in one piece, of back in the water.

"Go ahead and kill him, this thing is dangerous to be meddling around with, the thing could get at you and screw up this temple!" Navi cautioned in a tone of harshness worried about that this didn't seem to be the boss at all, it was too easy to put and seemed easier than most monsters.

"He is a doesn't show much of a threat anyway, this stupid thing couldn't even break the skin on me, he has no chance to effect me with any attack--" He broke off and cried out in pain as something touched him, he throwing the thing aside and slamming a foot down on it, not sure what it was. The cry of pain is what gave the monster enough time to travel back and as Link was sucking on his finger now, the shoe was lifted and nothing was there at all, it seemed the plan of Morpha's had indeed worked on him. Now, as he searched around for something to beat on, to kill the little monster with a step of his shoe, a plop went down through his ear sounding. Cursing under his breath for disobeying Navi and suffering the consequences, he was met with the realization that maybe this thing had been underestimated. Now was when he prepared the Longshot more steadily, peeling the residue of skin off of there and just staring at the water all around, an entrapment it was?


A tentacle or something had stung him and just as his foot had almost come down, there was no body left, because the thing had slid down inside of the water without fail. Morpha's plan had been simple and sweet; the aftereffects had left him a little scarred, underestimating the power of this boy. Whoever it was, this person had the temple treasure, a rumor had been going on that the hero of time was around--this boy was undoubtedly not he. A hero of Time was a brave warrior that wasn't scared of nothing, while this klutz had just sat there and been beaten, his ego getting the best of him. Egos weren't a good thing, if he could laugh, then the guffaws would of come out and shattered the heavens, chuckling it up with everything around. Another wave and the fool would be dead; the last time of underestimating the boss of the Water Temple was going to be the last one forever.

Well, the former boss of the water temple, though he wasn't about to let anyone else know that, these people would take it to their graves. His old room did look something like that; the room of illusions was doing a bad copy of it, the flood was supposed to be split into several other forms. Aside that, the area had been much scarier and his presence with this water were just as bad as anyone who had been controlling the elements was. Thousands of years had been spent to perfect this art and he realized he just might lose because of it, because of the change of room had done it, all for the simple satisfaction of screwing up. Ever since his defeat and the rise of Onii, everything had been as bullshitty as the next thing, his respect as a general was lost for him, people ridiculed him for all his accomplishments that had been done in the previous past.

A former crewmate, that stupid man of incredible power, not even created but a few years ago, before the generals were assigned, he was something. Excellent in battle, increasingly even more so in the other arts of fighting, there was no doubt that Morpha was less strong, but Goddess- damnit, the thing had been here shorter than he had. There were no fights to determine who was in charge anywhere, it was if you control the element, the different one of power with the Phantom, he was part of Ganon, after all. Paired with his guardian, there was no one that could best them except the man who ran the show, and even then, he had a little sweat on him when finishing pounding that boy named Onii. Yes, the thing was a kid, not even an adult yet and already he acted like he owned everything around here, the fight was one to remember, it hadn't lasted that long for kicks.

He had been asking for it, the position, and gloating over the few weeks since that he was better than he, preferred this was one to the others was. Why, you ask, did he want the nastiest temple of them all, it was the simple fact that it was more complex than all the rest, the hardest. Such a prize to receive at the end, he explained, was dearly to him, and nothing would stand in his way of achieving that sort of goal in the time recommended. Now, he had teased the Morpha character for the position, asking why such a sissy got it, while he was dubbed the miniature boss, getting past him over for the weaker character was not good. In the past, other heroes had come and those that got to Onii never even made it past the Illusion room to the next, each dead at the door.

Now the tables had turned and he had to deal with them, never able to enjoy a goodnight's piece without some punk coming after him with the clicking fights. Everyone had the same feel that this stupid idiot had, they were always cocky, held their time true and always alone with themselves. There was something about this new one that he happened to inspect, it was alone, but at the same time another presence was around here. Yes, they were easy, he dealt with them with the satisfaction of smashing flies, and it was the thought that mattered, how he got down to this position. Nothing could forgive what had happened, he loving to take the anger out on different people; these so-called heroes were the best fun, since there was no innocence in them.

A difference between them and him, I don't know how, but I have a keen sense of it. Growling with a sound satisfaction, the matter of those two were going through his body, suddenly able to know how to do it.

Now his eyes were still down, staring down into he water with the plan formulating, pushing it aside at that ever-so anxious paranoia that was coming out of him. That dot was what told him that a weakness was there, that dot had been around the thing and even speaking to that person, yes he was talked too. Of course that sparkle was an assistant, or something of some matter, how else would it be here and able to assist that person in such a way that none other had. No, this couldn't have just been some sort of helper, a special relationship was between them, and otherwise that creature wouldn't have risked its life for the measly Hylian. This one isn't alone, he never would be and that meant that a strength of a bond had been established, also giving off another little pressure that could be used for his advantage.

Automatically splashing through the water, swimming over where the two of them were searching, it went the other way around. Fluttering to the other side was hard, he had to search each area to see where they were looking, and small talk about what they were going to do was about. If his plan worked, that monster and his legendary weapon would be dead in a matter of seconds, each would never have to deal with him again--they'd be dead. A sneak attack would be better, when he came out, only a dripping sound went about and knew that a Hylians ears weren't that good, no one's were that good. As soon as the getting was good, he sprang all the way from the water and fluttered through the water, heading down for the one, realizing his timing was not as good as expected.


"You think he died?" Ears twitched when a plinking sound came out, he ignoring it for the time being, just keeping the eyes peeled for something coming his way.

"I don't think so, Link, but we can all hope. I think that coward is trying to for a stealth attack, so we should keep our eyes out." From his notice, the boy saw her ears didn't twitch, which meant that he was not going to hear anything, Navi's senses were just as good as his.

"Stupid idiot, he needs too--watch out!" That splash made both of their ears turn up, Link's peering even more and then that was where the large wave came out, he spinning around. Maybe she didn't sense where it was coming from, she turning to the left and seeing nothing, he catching this and doing the only thing that he could in this desperate situation. Hands were fluttering around for the weapon--what weapon, you ask--why it had to be the one that shot the hooks, the upgraded one! Of course, but where had he put it, no he couldn't remember and the paranoia was struggling through his mind, feeling like all of a sudden that his brain would explode. Crying out in the pain from the nervousness, the thing was coming closer, at a speed he couldn't even see, knowing that throwing himself would just kill him, a desperate last scenario in this situation.

Shocking out the thing of passion, his savior was in the way, and there was when he made his move to turn the events of this shifty little attack. Nothing would stop it, nothing except the force of what he had swelling inside of his hands, combined with the power of the Triforce, and a dash of courage gave everything to build the self up. Sliding infront of Navi, the Longshot held out, he just pressed the trigger, not bothering to aim since the thing was spinning in different directions and fired. Feeling the impact caused him to fall back a little, the ground coming within in, and when he heart the spurt of something, that's when he clicked the return button. Nothing was under him, Navi floating above him with that mask of concern on his face, he not looking at her, even looking at the returning chain.

A squishy sound went through something, the returning chain had slid back into place and when he looked over at his hand, lying down away from his body, Morpha was there. The hook had penetrated down inside of its body, the center, so there was no way this thing was going to escape from the extended hooks. Extended, you mean, what that was had to be the hooks had spread wider so that when taken off to piercing metal, a hole that was twice the side of the regular spear-head would be before. Now, a glance down towards the struggling monster, he felt the fury of trying to attack his girl, which just wasn't anything you did to him. His punishment would be swift and good, torture was not something be believed in, nothing like that would come to man, but death had to be a sweet tone. Letting loose the thing with a glove, he threw the thing to the ground, his foot readying itself and coming down with a swift nature, this time. The previous time, they had paid for it by leaving it down and this time around was when the foot went down and boots slammed down onto it. Having a stomping frenzy, he knew that maybe the hook had killed Morpha back there, not really caring if the thing was still alive or dead to the world. To make matters worse--better for Link--he thought about his boots and slammed the last one right into the core of the monster, iron stuck on the once- impervious Morpha into a plating pulp. Taking his boots off of the thing and feeling the guts on the iron, they slid back in and his boots were healed, about to turn around when a sizzling feeling went through his nose, smelling the scent of burnt flesh and feeling her aura turn on.

"Stupid parasite, what was he doing?" She whispered out of a hushed breath, staring down as the last beam landed down on that Morpha-monster, knowing the life was gone, just feeling the joy of heating it until only a bubbly mass was left, no hope for resurrection.

"He almost came after you--I was so scared that he would get to you, I was so frightened that I almost lost you." He sighed out a hushed breath of content, the little fury was just exploding down in his mind, not able to comprehend of how he would be without her and who would this mission land on--it would screw everything up. "I just don't know what I will do without you, I feel that the intensity is flowing through my mind, I felt like I was having a migraine or something."

"Don't worry, I won't ever let something like that hurt me." She smiled towards him and just knew that this was meant to be there was nothing else that would scare her than losing him, everything else was obsolete. Desire was flowing everywhere, not the energy that was going through a regular person, just the kind that each other spitted out in hate. Nothing else mattered if it died, she knew it and he knew it, they were just afraid to admit it, their eyes meeting each other together. Fire and Ice, the two were like, the two of them felt together and knew that everything was working together, if it didn't, then the two of them would die. Those two elements were mixing with such enthusiasms that the two of them knew that without each other, death was the only answer.

Pushing at him, he pushing at her, she fluttered over towards his face and looked up into his eyes, her eyes matching the same ferocity. That intensity was coming closer as the nearer and nearer that they got together, the matching hues were staring at each other, noses touching as her larger form from before just stared down at him. Never since she had grown had they been this much together, this closer that even the heart- beat was getting even further down the road. Pulses reached their momentum of exploding, everything coming down to this moment and the lips were nearing their takedowns, about to close down on each other and move in for the take-over. If that voice had sounded out in a momentum of laughter, then he would of kissed her and who knew what would of happened after that, probably something that wasn't described in books, the naughty stuff, yet they were stopped by laughs.

Echoing through the entire place, the two of them spun around with the cheeks flushing from both of them and noticed with a startled gasp that the room was changing. Not just the floor, but everything around here was in sort a morphing stage when they spun around, the theory of how to get out of here was solved for the moment. While the solution had been found, now there was something else that boiled through his mind, the laughter coming out and it sounded a little familiar as two problems popped themselves up. A new one was sorting up when the room turned into the beautiful floor down to a completely white room, one door near the way he came out and another opposite of that, it near him. Now just where was the giggles and guffaws coming from, when a speculation came about, he realized it was no where in particular, just the general direction as if there were speakers all around sounding it off.

"Who is that, Navi?" So familiar, it sounded like maybe if Link had a close brother than that was the one, a person who sounded almost like him, acted like him and everything else.

"I don't know--it sounds like you." She muttered the words out, he hearing them and making the connection, refusing to believe it, had he ever sounded like that a day in his life?

"I've never sounded like that before!" He retaliated in the force of battle, the love of conquering from before was gone and now all the defense was put on, how could that be him, he was never like and never even knew a person to mimic him before, no twin brothers.

But it sounds so much like you. At the times that he went crazy, she knew in her subconscious that it was he, the place in Lon Lon, just before she left those soldiers to her doom. How she knew it was because the fact that he made the sound of it, that was a difficult thing to make at each other, accusing him of acting on his own. Maybe abandoned as a child, she sensed it and just made the connection that it was silly, even if he was left inside of that place the entire life of him, no twin was about. Even if so, the boy couldn't have been taught if he had a 'brother' and still, that kid was so different from the others, it was strange who this laughing idiot was. How silly, the boy was a Hylian and there were only triplets in the forest, never ever one that looked like him and was treated as an outcast in other situations.

"Fool, how can you expect to pass anything on your own if you always run on someone else's judgement! A wonder how you were able to take care of that idiot, I don't think I'll ever understand that source of power from the eye of a water-god. Stupid little ass-hole needs to learn better than to judge his superiors, but you did do me a favor and a curse, fool, you spared me the enjoyment of killing him!" The voice boomed from all directions, the door where he was supposed to go creaking itself open and the Mad Hatter's speech going on like that of an insane character from a paradox world went on even more in just a bit of passion. "I shall spare you're for now, because watching you amuses me even more than anything else I could dream of, its just like a little story-line. Not much is left, see if you can survive."

"Who the hell are you?!" Link blurted out in a mad fury, how dare he be called a fool in front of no one, he just had to not be insulted by someone like that. Fury was already held in his hand, the hands empty since the Longshot had been put up right when they were about to kiss, now ready to pull it out. As he put his hands down on the hilt of the blade, ready to pull out and take an attempt, something stopped him, nothing physical or magical, it was a feeling inside of him. Well, he would of taken his sword out and looked for an attack, knowing it was useless, there was no point in denying the inevitable of his feelings. Link was scared to death, he knew it, knew the man had it in his thoughts and even suspected that Navi was sensing the feelings of dread that went through Navi's mind. A groan of dread spread over him, even feeling worse than Ganondorf was spoke with, this was ten time's as worse, as if Ganon was a puppy-dog compared to whomever was mocking him.

"Who do you think I am, who do I sound like?" Chuckling even louder than before, the shadow of a person had not shown himself, he was just away from the land, voice spreading in all directions.

"Navi said you sound like me, but that isn't possible, I have no twin." He spluttered out in a manner of fury, slamming his hands down into the ground and trying to make sense of this, it didn't make sense how a person that sounded like him wasn't him, twins didn't even sound this close.

"Ah, Navi, so beautiful and so sweet, I dread to think when she delivers the final blow on you, darling, but it must be done." For a moment, just a moment, his voice faltered and he sounded so sweet and innocent when speaking of the fairie of Link's, she seeing this and sensing something about it, there was an anger inside him, and yet there wasn't anything there at all.

The fairie of the Hylian was actually blushing, the veil hid the fury in her cheeks, seeing Link wasn't looking and being so glad about it. No one had ever seen Link jealous, since he had no reason to be because the perfect girl was only seen cute by him, yes, since others never saw the real her. Everyone else of that origin didn't ever see her; they always just saw the sprite and even when it was her face, just a cute reflection of a young girl. No one knew the girl behind the veil, it was all different about here and as they stared at each other--Link at the direction the voice came the strongest--she knew in her mind it was him. Inside of her mind, the person of the dark features appeared in her mind, she just knew that Link was here and yet he was there, in some parallel universe, the other side of Link had appeared and this seemed to be not at all a good version.

Link's fury had subsided and when his face pushed over to his faire, he saw her veil was up and blinking through made him gasp a little. Her eyes were focused to the roof of the place where the voice came the strongest-- probably revealing himself to them as a teasing sort--anger furcated inside of his brain. Jealously was showing the colors, something he had never even shown when Mido always used to mess with Saria--because he never knew the older Kokiiri's intentions--that may have been one case of it. Nothing had ever felt here, it was so strange and at the same time, revealed how much he loved her, there was no one that would seduce the young boy except if it was him, knowing his intentions were so in vain. Just from the standpoint of here, the arrows came from their slips and that bow was out in an instant, shooting an arrow straight towards the highest pitch of the voice.

The arrows sailed through the air, a grunt of surprise of catching someone off guard and then there was a swishing sound around here. Those arrows that he had sent were being sent back at him, Link seeing this and grabbed the young fairie and diving out of the way, seeing no need too. It was the thought of saving her, those arrows weren't even close to piercing here, and all were being directed back at her by some foreign energy. When each arrow hit the side of the ground, it blew up, he rolling away beforehand so that he was out of the way and debris was shattering all besides him, nothing piercing anything. Good work that he was out of the way, down from the rest of it and rolled on the other side, waiting for something else to come at him, nothing coming out and the chuckle sounding off as the speech began its normal routine again at him.

"You really are stupid, aren't you? Oh, well, I have to go now, my beloved is waiting for me, and to wait until you both get through the temple. Guard that Longshot well, Morpha used to be in charge of the place and it was his ancient weapon, there is none that can hurt me, only pure luck. I look forward if you were best me, then the Hero of Time would take on and conquer the Villain of Time." A small little smirk was sounded in his face, a whisking dodge was made as if he was disappearing and reappearing at another spot in time, the sounds disappearing as the door where he to go was now shining through, just appealing. "I bid you adieu, and do not worry, I shan't have a trap for you, few other things are here and until you come to me, I shall use my power to hold this Goddess-for-sake temple." Now with the voice trailing off, the man was gone into the distance, there was no way to tell he was gone, his energy of power was just gone, they realizing the trail to go towards him coming up.

That stupid bastard, I'll best him whoever he thinks he is, no one shall beat me at the quest I was assigned too. As the two of them sat there, the thoughts recollections, Link grabbed a hold of himself, choking back a sob and walked forward into the new room, left alone to no one.

He just needs time to himself, that's all, yes, there is nothing I can do but let the boy cope with himself, that way it'll be better for us. I know it's hard for him, being mocked and bested that way, I just felt so compassionate around him that it was a strange reaction. There was no reason to go after him, not at this time, just let him think it over in his thoughts and then get out with everything that happened--she cared for the young boy, his emotions were just developing into those of an adolescent, very complex.

When he was gone through the door, all she could do was sit there, the blush from before was gone, and the scent of him still alluring all about her mind, a controversy was there. Not following him for the time being, it was better for him to keep on his own, that made everything better, the time for being alone was not there at now. The time to be together was there, she knew it, he knew it and most of all, the two of them needed each other or otherwise everything would die together. Like the people of legends that depended on each other's life energy, nothing else would be around without the two of them--or so they thought--the laugh was choking down inside her mind. She would follow him in a few minutes; the thoughts now were just going through her mind on what to do those hands around her when she thought that, the stuff was fading out.

Palms about her own size was about here, something of a cloth was over her mind and a weird scent came onto her nostrils and mouth. Now when they came over here, the solitude of being with Link came over, she felt like going to a sleep, it was just something that went about her, no nervousness at all. Portraying the feeling of falling asleep, she knew something was wrong and as she fell back, she saw a face that scared her own, it was one of her own. Yes, this person resembled her in every way, that person was the same size, height, and evens the same scent that came upon her, except the color. Nothing was scary, she knew it and most of all it was the fact that Link would save her, he would fight the one that looked like her and take her back to him, yes, those were he thoughts when the unconsciousness hit.


About fifteen minutes later, the kid was leaning against the wall of the new room was not even known to him, all he saw was a giant blue block around, already knowing what it was. Now inside this blue room, no way was Link even bothering to solve anything, he did, however, take out his ocarina and blow the Song of Time in the bitterness, the 'complex' puzzle solved within a few seconds. Just shaking it off and pushing the playing machine back into his satchel, the young boy was not going anywhere, he'd wait for Navi to do this and worry on with the adventure. Why would he apologize, his pride was hurt and though he was a little hurtful to his fairie, no way was the apologizing nature placed in him at this very moment. With it disappearing, now in his way was a complete hole of dirt, wandering water all sloshing around and showing off what could only be known as an underwater passage, or a spring of some sort.

Another minutes passed by, he not even sure when he woke up, because as soon as he knew it, a dream was flowing around in his mind. There was doubt from this; he was no longer inside of his room anymore, or the temple, for that matter and his weapons were all drenched from his body. Feeling enlightened from the arsenal (pretty complex dream, eh) while the smell of water was around his body, a glance revealed nothing even in the stock. Of course it was an apparition of his mind, he just knew it because the entire place was a sky yellow, there was no sky and yet at the same time, everything was filled to the top with it. Nothing was in his view, as if a fog was lifted around the place and he just let out a grunt, beginning to pace himself around and see where this place would lead him, he never had regular dreams, this had to be some sort of prophecy, or a dud.

Stupid ones, they are just like those ladies. Thinking for a few moments who he meant to blame this little concentration on, he took the moment to remember those three women, the beautiful ones who liked to take care of things, misunderstood as they were.

He never clearly remembered the moments when he was with those three women, each resembling an older form of Saria, Navi and Malon. No, they just had the same color hair, he remembered that none of them vastly resembled them because each was an adult, much taller than he, and had some weird symbols on them. It was so strange to be around here, that young boy had remembered that they were sweet and kind, one of them very spunky, the other one wise and the last one was brave. Not much was done out, the young boy was just a little confused about their purposes, each of them was different and then none of them stated the real purpose of the dreams. Each of them had a weird presence, like a person he had never done and now they were not here, there was nothing here but a dark and empty void in his mind--it was nothingness and yet something-ness.

Whoever those people were, they weren't around and he hoped that he either woke up or found the warm ladies who gave him comfort, they really made him feel good. Most of all, Navi wasn't with him, in some of the dreams she had been in him (asleep in his hat or shoulder) now she wasn't even around, in every dream was her aura felt. Of all that was going on, his sleepiness was sinking inside of his mind, that was a good thing that he wanted, to be around here and then at the same time to be back awake. As his invitation in this world was shown to the rest of the people, he was just staring forward and wondering when the sands of time were going to give off. Loneliness, the yellow the only thing that made him not sigh in the regular relief or die in fear, that sun kept him from living through everything.

The clicking sound made him turn around and realize all of his senses were active, licking his lips and seeing the taste caused him to see that maybe this wasn't one? Gripping his fists in the internal fear, when the lights went out, he knew they were going to go, it was like a candle switch had been shut down in a sound, knowing the sound it made when it clicked down. When the sound came out, the room was filled with darkness, it was black all around and he saw the nothingness was going to swallow him up in a beautiful void. All around him he saw nothing, of course he really couldn't see since the blackness was about, sensing there was still no evil around here, the evil was not in here, though the holy light was not bustling through either. Whatever Gods were around here didn't exist in this void, he felt like the entire world was dead and he was the only one to exist on alone.

Suddenly a light sprang out of no where, the whiteness caused him to stare all around, and it was a thin beam that was twenty feet away, it causing a delightfulness to swell in him. Taking off in a speed of light for the beam that was forward, there was nothing around here to be sure of, the darkness scaring him through, among other things inside of him. Nothing would be here so towards the light he ran, hoping that the sooner he got here, the sooner he awoken and saw the miswritten that destroyed him, that evil one who resembled him was going to take it down within these past thinking moments. Paying for his sins and apologizing to Navi, the kid would head there and then go for that man with the evilness dwelt inside him, the growl of fury for revenge of humiliation was going through, he would pay for everything, indeed. Yes, the one who resembled him was going down, he just knew it, the little voice whispered in his mind as the light was a foot away, he leaping into it without thought.

There, standing in the light was the man from before and from a complete view, this was the man whom he had faced only a few minutes ago, or almost. Wielding no weapons except the sword that was held inside of his left hand, the thing just holding down as it leaned against it, letting himself is stared at. His face was covered up with a veil, the veil was sort of like Navi's, a pure black energy was surrounding the face and showing off its features, even the clothing was around him the same. Yes, the tunic that placed down on his body was even just like the heroes, it not talking, though he knew it was a male and this one was just as black as the rest of him. A grin was talking down through the little cloth over his body, he knew that this man was mocking him, something fluttering over his shoulder and showing itself off.

Well, when he looked over at what was at his side, there was a veiled figure floating above his body, the same dark energy surrounding it, except a familiar tone about it. This one was about seven or so inches tall, looking at him, for he could sort of see through the veil, but nothing like the gender or anything else was revealed, seeing it down by him. Obviously some sort of partner, he could guess, and when it disappeared down beside the boy and let the veil disappears, a beautiful figure was shown to him, well sort of. The blackness was around the face, a short little black dress wore on the black body, and even raven hair was shorter in some areas than he had seen before. If that couldn't make matters worse, when the boy stared over at what was in the man's left hand, a spark of blue was laying in a sprawled out position, the blue haired girl was crying.

        "N-Navi? You have Navi!" It didn't matter if this was a dream anymore, this punk had Navi, and he not seeing any bruises and on a different scale, saw she was being handled with the best care.

        "Yes, there is one of yours, isn't it? Unfortunately for you, she shall never be returned." The girl whispered out, a voice that matched Navi's, though he knew she wasn't speaking because he heard no sound at all, what he heard was in his mind, sensing the feminine nature of the seven-inch girl and the fact that no sound was there.

        "She is right, young Loser of Time, this one shall never be accompanied for she is already mind!" Chuckling through the mindless drone, the boy pushed his sword forward and slashed at the light side of the boy, the dark side was throwing him away from it all, pushing him aside.

        The sword should have pierced him into a million pieces, it resembled the Master Sword except it was dark gray and the other side was black, in a magnificent color of powers. Each one caused him to stare back and knowing his sword of Evil's Bane would not hurt anyone, it wouldn't go against that stupid one, he'd love in a sword-fight, it was like an evil precognition. Now as the force released from him, the impact sent him flying down and disappearing from the beam of light that had concealed some sort of place. Away from Navi, away from them all, tears were streaming down his cheeks as the beam got lighter and lighter than ever, going away and fast. A portal was opening up inside of him and when it came to be, the thing sucked up inside of him and soon he was out of that, entering another world.


"Navi, no!" He threw himself up, tumbling over the wall and tumbled forward, rolling down into another room, his eyes glancing and see that he was back in his old world, the temple of Water was before him and now was the time to see Navi back together.

No one, back in the was all a dream; he doesn't have her, does he? No, she gone in the other room, waiting for me to get over my fit and come for her, that's all it is. Nothing else is going on, I don't have to feel this sense of pain anymore, I can just enjoy myself fully. No, he couldn't, because as soon as he realized where he was, the fear of getting into the new room was more vast than ever, knowing he should of never left her on her own--a fatal mistake he would laugh for earlier.

What he had done was roll forward and somehow get turned around and then rolled the other way and was back inside the old room where that man had been. As dark and dank as it had seemed, now a brightness was to the room, he realizing in an instant that something was wrong, terribly wrong. As he searched the room for his partner, the dread got bigger and bigger, he not knowing what it was, barely able to space it between good or bad (believe me, it was very bad) or so he concluded. Searching the bright room with a bit of gloom in his step, the fact she was hiding came apparent, so all he did was check the open areas and the spots that were closer than ever, growling when cracks became empty. Now as the room was finished and the dread mixed with his senses, the simple fact had been, that she wasn't in here, Navi was not in the room she had been less than an hour ago--or however he'd been asleep.

Oh, she was hiding, that was all, yes and as he looked through the room a second time, he knew she wasn't in this room, she was somewhere else in this Temple. Of course! How could he have been so stupid, she was wandering in the next room, he concluded before checking under his clothes and hat for her, knowing that's where she was residing inside a bit of a fit. There was no other explanation for that, he knew when it was in he way and as he searched through the room one last time, keeping a sly distance in his step, nothing else was coming about. A groan was slinking out of himself, groaning about how mad he was going to be--and crying and screaming on the inside of things, knowing how huge his worry was growing. Now no physical violence would come to her, but as he ran into the next room with it crying inside of him, everyone knew this was no ordinary value, she just had to be somewhere.

Tightened fists revealed the pain that was dwelling inside of him; indeed there was something strange about this, since his eyes had glanced when first awakening. After shifting through areas of different scenes, he able to conclude that she was no here, she was not here and that meant that someone had her--that someone just had to be the bastard. Showing some stupid naivete of their fight, she had been captured because he had run off to cry and now they had two hostages, one he could care less for the other that frightened him to death. In a manner of speaking, the time to cry was coming on, remembering this was the third time in a new quest--also a level elemental--where someone had been captured, that someone was coming on again. Of course he wouldn't cry like last time, all he had to do was put himself up and reach behind his sheath, grabbing the sword from the scabbard and deciding to get her back.

A quick hole was before him, the tears streaking down as he slid down the twenty feet and came to a land before him, pulling the sword aside and taking out the Longshot--knowing this area was unfilled with monsters. Just pulling the Longshot ahead, he was standing on the solid ground of an underground spring, he looking over to his side and seeing that a water- fall was right beside him, he on the only part of the stream that solid land was at. The rest submerged in the evil water that sought to destroy him, and with a groaning material in his throat, the boots remained in the normal state as even the Longshot went back. Nothing was needed now, not even this and all of a sudden he felt the tears drip from his cheeks, pushing them back with a grunt of pain and falling head-first down into the water. Surrounding his body and soul, the wish of the tunic being off and not working did appear, each gone when the current drifted him away from the area, nothing but running water in his way.

I'll do it; I'll kiss it. Kiss the ground, his blade spoke through his mind and when he was near the end of the entrance, the blade hit down into the soiled ground and yanked him up. No land mass around, he knew the only way to get out was to use a simple energy trick he had mastered in his own time, it took some training and drained up power, though the results were awesome. Not even waiting for consider the results of the stronger foe, the boy was only concerned with Navi, knowing that it would power him against that stupid bastard when the time came. Propelling through the water, nothing around except a door that was in the way, he fell up the ten feet and appeared down on top of the ground, the sword refraining down inside of his hand. Standing on the drilled hole, a door standing front before him, the chuckle was held, sensing that something was in there, evil or good, though at the time it wasn't the dark shadow.

Around the door was a simple small key with it linked over the door, pulling it off and seeing that a door was standing before him, the lock rusted from underground. Not even going for the old simple instructions, a simple boot slammed into the shut entrance, it creaking and moving a little on the hinges at first. Holding out in a more forceful stance as a martial artist has, the leap through the air was what gave the needed mentality to strike down the opponent. More power was in his kick and as it began to glow, a hum echoed through his body, reaching up and slamming a foot through there, the hinges breaking themselves off and shooting out ahead. Shutting through him, he just stared through the entrance to the door, his hands staring at his side and glancing forward to his newest surroundings.

Inside of him, or in the room, was spikes standing before, him, and they were flashing in all directions and looking over at him with the intent of kill. More looking like the shark teeth of a giant fish, the Longshot was out in a few seconds as he stared in the new area, that was dry as could be, wanting to finish it soon enough. If this was done and with a cock of the trigger, the shot of the long hook shot out and penetrated the area above there, the switch that he pulled forward and let he fly through the air. As the pressure his ears and caused them to pop, the streaked tears were leaking still, pushing themselves back and no more shone out, it was time for action--no more tears of pain for him. Slinking forward the forty feet in the air, he let go soon enough as soon as he was on the ground floor, giving a good look around and noticing this was indeed a very new room for him.

There was nothing else inside of this room except an open area for him to follow, the duo of keys were now hanging out of his pockets, he noticing this one was unlocked and relieving. Now all he did was kicked this door down with a regular shot and it was opened for him, an evil sense of many auras were around his body now. Shivering, the room was prepared, the Longshot held tightly, seeing the flash and hearing running water that made him think they were under water. Not able to sense what was in here, he so wished she was here, that made him bite his lip hardly, causing a bit of blood to drain off of it. Licking the salty blood with the sweet tongue, he shook his head and vowed no more thoughts were going to made of her unless it was when she was rescued from the clutches of that evil person in black.

Sleeking inside of the room, he was positioned on one side of the room, the area infront of him was full of all sorts of traps and on the other side was a locked door. Nodding at his luck, the traps that were explained were not that hard if you were fast, nothing could be outsmarted in this situation, the currents in here were sort of frightening to him. Scared that they might pull him back and slam him into the room, the huge room was ready, and it could have been swarmed if what for not those other people. Okay, so you have a giant pool around and there were a bunch of Tektite monsters roaming around the area, looking for a snack, not even the worst part of this scenario. Boulders were rolling down the center, coming from maybe the water-fall or something, all he knew was that this area was screwed up with a bit of fashion in a twist that no one wanted to go through.

Grinning with a bit of sleekness in the smile of passion, he looked over and nodded, slipping all his equipment up and slunk down inside the water, thinking of metal shoes. Heh, all he needed was this, the monsters were those water-spiders, the funny thing was none of them could deal with him, he not having much pity for them either, at this very moment. Thinking about taking the blade and just taking each of their legs off, then slicing the corpse in half, he knew that this couldn't be done--no generosity was not into him, this was something else. Not in a torturous mode as he sometimes was, the smirk was held and arms crossed each other as he passed through the first spot of the underwater passage, this one was where the easiness held true. When the center section was holding itself true, the over-achieving boy just looked over at the center passage, a boulder passing right before his eyes, ten feet away and blowing a bright dusk around the turquoise suit.

Soldering past him, his thoughts were on how to get past, one going through every five seconds, and the area that they went past was maybe ten feet across. As slow as he was in this water, no chances were going to be taken like that, so he had only one smaller alternative to consider that one maybe the craziest of them all. The boulders may have been wide, but they were only ten feet up, while the water area rose a great twenty-five feet, giving more than enough room. Nodding, those hands were held together, glancing up and dispersing that the water-spiders had gathered around the place he entered. So, they couldn't sense where he was in the water, themselves not able to submerge, that was a good thing, he knew it and let himself fly.

The currents swept him up from the room and within a few seconds of not having the metal on his feet, his body sloshed against the surface, alerting the attention of the enemies. Fright was in his face, looking over where the other side was and seeing there were no monsters, they were all headed for him--a relief if the water picked him up great enough. Groaning in the pain of death from them (because they were moving at an extremely faster race, the currents not even bothering them) nothing was left but the pure l

ck of the enemy to be outsmarted. About three-fourths there, the luck was on his side and then he realized the twists and turns of the currents would do him in, considering dropping to the water below, knowing it was a mistake. They would get smart and keep watch on the area, where he was supposed to come out, so if it didn't work now, he'd sink down, death was not afraid of him when the impact came.

Slamming into the side, his quickly pushed himself up and dove out of the edge, scourging up a little ladder that was held, they coming faster and faster. At last he reached over the edge and threw himself up the last five feet, landing upon the safe ground, a small little sinister grin caught him while eyes just triumphed in a sort of glory. Each of them was too small to handle it; they couldn't make the jump up there, no hands to grasp the ladder, so essentially only guard-dogs for the bottom, the top. Hawking up a bit of saliva, he spit down the long way, watching it land on one of the creatures and it cry out in frustration, a bomb going out as he dropped it. One would think the explosive would of gone in the water and gone out, but the monsters had connected a sort of barrier, maybe trying to scale one another when the bomb slid down inside the center of there.

The explosion caused him to wince for a few seconds, the ears unaffected and also the worry of something coming up for a sneak-attack was in the past. Now as that was finished, the second to last key was slinking inside of the lock, he staring at the ground in a bit of thought, the thoughts dwelling on that person kidnapped. No, he was about to think of her when that voice in his head commanded him to shut up and deal with it--that she was alive and would survive to see another day. It didn't matter how gruesome and evil that man had been, when he had seen Navi was when Link discovered a gentle side to the shadow, wherever it hid, and also noticed this as a weakness for him to exploit--if he had a hostage of the man's. When the lock slid down and the one of the final doors (or so he assumed) breaking and rotting for him, the Longshot retrieved out and readied itself for the position.


The blackness was around, the sense of desire was gone and all that remained had to be the loneliness in the situation of it all, and what more the memory. What was she? Where was she? And how in the world was she in this place, were some of the questions that boggled inside of her mind, still hazy from where everything was in here. No matter how much the question was, the person still knew of how alone she was, who she was still uncertain, and this places existence still had to breach. Never had she felt so lonely--in her period of existence--or that was how she remembered it in her heart, not caring how the memory settled out in this. How had this happened to her, she didn't know how she could know this was the saddest time of her life, a certain something was in her mind that gave her happiness?

A link of some sort, I don't recall. All I know is that someone is here, or someone inside my mind. Not a link, its Link! Yes, that was it and considering that in her mind, she could feel nothing in her smile, the ghastly feeling dwelling in her mind for even thinking of those weird thoughts.

It wasn't amnesia, maybe a chemical in her brain that would soon go away, this person was someone new, this Link, or whatever the name was. Recognition appeared in her mind, feeling it click together in an instant and knowing--and yet not knowing--whom the boy named Link was. Nothing was clear in her mind as of yet; the awakened form would take a few minutes to recover, either that or a few days, weeks or years. Heroism's name was pasted on his figure--not able to see his face just yet--knowing full well he was a handsome fellow whose feelings were revealed back to her in a sort of heroine state. She almost smiled in the blackness when all of a sudden a dull gray light awakened her senses, something about her size appearing, clearly able to make out the appearance.

Seven inches in the same height about her, that's how big she imagined herself as of now, the resemblance stopped there since she couldn't tell anymore about herself. Beautiful skin was a gray ash, the hair was a dark raven and was spiking out in a cool little tom-boyish haircut for some sort of style of it. She couldn't see her face as of yet, getting the impression that under the veil of black was a beautiful and sweet face that innocence liked to leak out of--just like her. Yes, the more minutes of study came, the easier it was to cope that her skin was soft, so was her hair in that style, the colors and everything didn't match, so this was no mirror. All and about that, the skin was fair and smooth-looking, almost feeling like putting fingers on it would be a sin or some sort.

All of a sudden the light sprang from the gray and beamed out into a white color, the full face revealed as the veil disintegrated with the rest of the shadows. Her skin, hair and everything wasn't changed, so she was some sort of shadow with the most beautiful of face ever presented in the beauty of a girl--or so this girl knew. With the studying of her face and small nose, the full cheeks and beautiful lips those were painted black, and the finish of the face had to be those hues. While hers were a sparkling blue, this one just streamed out of the azure and painted in a midnight color, it was simply enchanting to stare into them. With the finish of the face completed, the over-all conclusion was that this girl had to be some sort of cloning of her--no of Navi--the memory was coming back in a flash.

Before she could conjure up and look down at her body, the delicate hand of ashen skin came forward and struck across Navi's own cheek, the burning sensation in her cheeks, when glancing over there, Navi thinking before the girl spoke out. How could someone of such beauty hurt me so much?

"I can't believe he wants me to keep you alive, what he should do is go ahead and killed. -" She broke off and a sort of sadness surrounded her face, a shake of her head revealed those tresses brushing back and forth across her ears, which were of the elven descent and just as long. "I would feel so terrible if either of them died, even though I hate him so much, I love them both at the same time, but why do you need to be here. I could take them both on by myself, I would take care of the two of them and keep them from killing each other." A sigh made her sulk down and let loose the anger that was originally there, giving time for a question from the fairie that was confused.

"Um, where am I? And who are you talking about?" It was better to take care and conceal on who was being teased at, otherwise the girl would go back to violence and in here present state, she couldn't take it--Navi felt so drained.

"Who? Oh, that's right, you are a little drained from the chloroform. I am talking about Onii and Link, the Light and the Dark side of the Hero of Time, just like me and you are the Dark and Light side of the Hero's companion." A little chuckle came out of her throat and she cleared her mouth a little, the voice did sound almost like Navi's, a bit of viciousness in it, even when she wasn't trying to sound evil--a natural reaction or something.

"Onii? Link! What about Link!" She cried out in a horrified tone, like a mother lioness who had heard that a part of its back had been taken--more over a part of its family a son of some kind, the friskiness made the somber face on Dark Navi (as she had labeled her) peeved.

"How dare you talk to me that way!" Dark Navi had a peeved look upon her face, but her voice had transformed into one as deep as Ganondorf's, keeping the femininity in it at the same time. A fist rose and struck her in the mouth in a balled fist, not feeling anything crack in her jaw, sort of somber that nothing had been hurt in what she would label to Onii as an 'accident.' The growl really sent the brat on her knees, feeling something lock around her body, the smirking monster watching in a sort of chuckle as the binds were tightened around her, the ropes holding her down. Now, the fear was rising within her face, it was a good thing for this girl that the good side was scared, that pissed off tone was really helping--only as scary as some were. Hm, a chair appeared out of no where and in it the young girl went, the binds wrapping around the chair, holding even the stool down with the ropes.

A gag had appeared over the young girl's mouth, so she was unable to feel anything, or speak when the beating came from the monster. A whip was what she heard, even a blindfold appearing around her eyes and keeping her from viewing what was happening, sort of from her own safety from the sickness that she heard. Almost wishing for earplugs, she did her best to lean against the vines and finally they bent down in a little closed space, the sounds soon drowned out of her. Well, she felt it, the numbness that the monster applied did wear off in a few hours and when that was done, she was crying in pain--could have been minutes or hours--she just woke up in pain later. Before any of this happened to her, she just heard the signs of pain and occasionally under the folded ears, screams of laughter escaping from her--this certainly was a dark side of something.

Within twenty minutes, the laughter had no occurred and folding her ears up, she heard nothing at all, she felt nothing and best of all was the sense. Before she had awoken, the reason she woke was a shudder of dark energy had been in the room, now the only thing she felt was that of her own self, not even anything close enough to be picked up. With a two hundred-yard radius, that was a good thing, she'd be able to sense when the evil fairie was coming back and try to hide, or maybe it could sense her. It was a possibility the thing was hiding its level of power--sure she was a girl--it just happened to be a shadow, not a real being and from the way it acted, there was no fairie in it, the thing was a beast. That was another thing she had to consider, not even to think anymore because unconsciousness did overdrawn her and threw her out of here and into the world of dreams.


For the next half an hour, Link had been in a room that troubled him so much that even Onii looked more tempting to do this sort of fight. No, the puzzle wasn't something that confused hi, --he'd gotten used to those over the years--it was how the way was designed that made him mad. A first instance was the boy was standing twenty-five feet in the air, a room was above him that couldn't be reached and below was a pool of water, a brick bridge that went into a wall, then another bridge that connected also. Nothing was really different about the walls, he couldn't see down there, the ladder below the only way to get down they're with a safe landing. The guttural growl of fury was on when he looked down, seeing that the room was full of Stingers--the ones from the Water Temple--but not as much as threat as they had been years before.

Now as he was down the center and standing on the bridges, the easy part was taking care of the monsters, not even lifting a finger and simply taking a familiar stance. The fury of Din's Fire floored through his body and came out in all directions of the world, doing more harm than good, well, actually a miracle he had done it. The monsters were all curled up in a bunch, sleeping like the dogs and as each of them did this, the fire incinerated from the floating bodies and melted them into charred eel. Good thing that they floated to the surface to sleep or he would have been a dead duck, glad that since he was so far inside of here, that the monsters were less on their guard. None of them suspected a person to get this far, he staring away from the remains and seeing all the walls were burnt up, even two special ones cracked open and revealing a familiar- looking block for him.

Ha, an entrance, that must mean the entrance was there, I just push this block and then presto, I am home free and into another one of these rooms! And maybe within ten minutes I'll be out of this maze and there I shall find Navi and avenge her for whatever those creeps have done to her. A man and his guardian, I just see how they feel familiar and at the same time, it feels like we were meant to be mortal enemies and the best of friends. That was what Link had thought, now remember that the world isn't as nice as one person sees it, if it was, then the world would be a very simple face, the complexity was just dying to leak out.

Fifteen minutes had passed and still the boy was unsure of what to do, he had decided that it was not very good to be around, this was what he did. Okay, you see that he pushed on the block and it slid across through the hidden passage and hit the end, he thinking that was it and something would happen. When nothing had in ten minutes, he took it upon himself and slammed the other end, this time across on the other support and it slid again, this time the spot where he had found it. Sounds confusing? Well, it is, you had to be there to get the incredible visual feature, you always had to be here in this tunnel to understand how this bustling technology worked in its own way. Now as he took himself to lean upon it and think, the other half of half an hour passed quickly, the thirty minutes rang up and he knew that time was running out, they were getting impatient.

With a quick stroke of genius, no time to sit around and think the boy left it in its original spot and actually went inside of the passage of where the rock's home was. Staring at it from a side view, hands slipped behind the pressured rock and there he felt a switch, knowing this was the way to push it because of that emblem. A small pressure mark was sitting with a triangle on it, he noticing it because it was opposite of the ladder and when his fist landed on it, the mountain of rock was not crushing him. Instead, it was aiding him in his attempt to solve the puzzle, the rock sliding down towards the emblem, he knowing when the two connected that something would happen to help him. As it was rumbling down and slid into the slot, the water began to rise, he even hearing it through the thick walls and inside the underground stream, he had summoned a water-maneuver without even trying.

Lifting up underneath him, he felt the water become quickly and gasped with some panic, swimming out of the hole before he was smashed under the hole and killed by the pressure. About to feel the metal in his boots, he remembered nothing was under there, that place was empty below, since the pool wasn't but a few feet deep enough for him to see into. A solid floor and no hidden switches were under there, from dunking his head under water and pulled it out with nothing inside of his speculation except to work on the blocks. Where was he to go, was what he wondered speculated into his mind when it popped up that he had seen that place from before, yes, there was a way out of here. Above there was a door about twenty feet up that couldn't have been scaled, he didn't know what was beyond there except maybe a key or something, he sensed no malice from above.

Not even having to worry about climbing the extra feet up because it stopped right short of the old room, flooding up the room he had come out of. It was a small giggle of relief from the situation, he refreshed to see that the water level rose even above that and released where the new area was. There was nothing else that could of calmed him unless a certain someone was around, the feeling of the temple ending was in his way, it always felt like this when it was almost over. Yes, as his hands rested up, kicking to keep up because the thing was floating, he felt a little nervous with that around, just ignoring that maybe long-use to the tunic made it weaken. Relief was swimming over him when hands went up and rested on the floor, pushing himself out of the wet surface and taking a look down at his clothes, seeing that their affects weren't working anymore, or something.

Getting on his knees, he stuck his head underwater, the submerged areas were beginning to burn, yea, the water was actually sinking down into his nose and up his eyes. Pulling up out of the water, it running down his eyes and sinking down the inside of the water, he realized that he was wet, the pack was actually soaked and probably most of the food inside of there was sinking down. Now, speaking of food, the stomach and energy spoiled were rumbling for something, he having no time to stop so reaching inside the wetted back pack, he yanked out a few pieces of bread. These only things that didn't felt sticky and dumped out the rest of the food, the thing was emptied of everything, dried out and then that was where he used his fire to warm it as he snacked down on the bread and gulped down a canteen of water.

        From the frank view of Link, he personally thought the water was spoiled, he had been saving it for some reason and keeping the fact of the matter of poison. Maybe the tunic protected him, maybe it didn't all he knew, as he munched on the last of the bread, was that it was over, so the tunic slid off and went inside of his back-pack and reloaded with the last canteen full of water, and two empty ones. The food was no longer there, but a bunch of weapons that didn't go inside his side pack were stored in there, none of them hurt by the sudden hurt of water. He didn't know when the stuff had started to weaken, now standing in the jumpsuit, and feeling the nakedness, he guessed that the Din's fire had weakened it to the point of not working. No longer needing it, the young boy just stared forward at the room before him, a swirling hole was standing there and also a golden chest.

        Gasping in some surprise, he jumped at the chest and threw itself open, the key coming out and the Boss key was the only one, a remaining key was left on the lone chain. Hooking that one to there along the silver one, the back was picked up and there he stepped down into the swirling mass, feeling it was the right thing to do in this situation. Still undressed in the white dress suit, he could feel everything seeps over him, yes, they were the feelings one felt when moving, the transportation spell or something. Feeling something return to him, not able to look around since his eyes were closed, the transportation was working, he was in some sort of portal that would bring him to another destination. It was a good feeling, when touching down on the ground, the room around was not a new one, but now on a level he hadn't expected himself to be on.

        With the water seeming to overflow the reason, he was in a place that had been secluded on the third level, never laying eyes on it because it was covered up. Now over here, there was a dragon with no crystals around, probably for decoration, and a door behind him that held a silver key, the key was glad to have been saved. This didn't look like a door to be dealt with, the water was overflowing because he hadn't put any effort when rising the water level, and they had already been on the third level. More raising sent it up even more, that was not a bad thing or anything, just a very different one, glancing about the places seemed to rise his awareness even more. The accuracy of his site was more when he stared down at the water at himself; surprise at what he saw; the tunic that had been ruined was not.

        His green-styled uniform had been molding when it threw it away, now back with the symbol of the Goron tribe and even now a new sign was on there, making him proud. In the right hand side seemed to press the one where the scale stood (faded over the years) this newly designed signature was pressed against his right breast. Pride was in him, that whirlwind had not only filled him up and probably made any lost energy appear to disappear, It had also restored his tunic back to normal, giving him the great feeling that one had when you were around. His hat was also tucked and very green (in the other tunics it had never changed, only the tunic had) and had become very wet inside of this temple. Hands reached back and gripped the hilt of the Master Sword tighter than ever as the anticipation of the door melting with the simple walk over, that key sticking in and seeing the door disappear before him.

        Not a bad-looking door, it wasn't the boss door, so he kicked it open and peered in the process, this new room was not like the rest, it was actually very bricked, and before he could step inside all the way, something slammed before him. Groaning with a look behind his shoulder, a hidden door had shut him inside here, it was not a trap because up at the top of the room was a door with a golden lock, the boss room was just past this last room. No patterns were painted on the bricks, only the stuff that made him look about, the same little drawings of the stupid sages of the ancients, maybe ancestors or something in that area. How he seemed to hate them after going through the traps, the closer he got to the exit of here, the closer it remained that the end of the place went on. Back to what a room it was, the place was centered with a majestic feeling of things, there was only a simple walk about ten feet forward and with that, a hill rose up with the same pattern of bricks.

        I shall avenge you! He whispered out under his breath, the sheen of the blades on the hill caused him to whimper, there was indeed three blades scrawling back and forth (ones from the Dodongo's Cavern) no sensors on these, just staring off and wanting him. As the approach was made, no fear was in his face, only a smile grinned upon his lips and with a nod, he began to descent forward on the plain.


A power source and what one it is! I've never felt a power--yes I have, and with such a gentle feeling in it, it can't be anyone else but Link! No other suitable presence was available in here, the others all around, big or small, had an evil one that made her shiver and break into gooseflesh, wishing that the larger one would conquer over the others, although there weren't that many left.

The whimper of thinking that, having just awakened fifteen minutes ago and dealing with the pain, was enough to drive one person up the wall in an instant. She could deal with it, even felt like fighting if the going was good enough and she also felt a few more powers coming about, one a little bigger than hers was enough. That power seemed to be all right, something that the boy could deal with and she had a feeling it was the one called Dark Navi, or whatever her name was. Onii or Dark Link had another name, so why wouldn't she, maybe something along the lines of what his name meant the following: that name was demon in the Hylian language roughly translated. No, there was another that made her shiver, maybe rivaling to the Great Ganondorf's now, that they were no match for, probably abiding above and knocking the great King aside.

Sort of surprised the feel the power, exceeding the moments of most imagination, she'd never felt Ganondorf's so there was no way to test the two of them together (by the time she could sense, they were long away from Hyrule.) At this point, no one planned on returning to that stupid place unless the time of Judgement was apparent, a temple may have been settled there, the Spirit since a lot of them were there. Whenever they got out of here, and she knew they both would survive, if the path took them down their path, then that's what they would accomplish together. Nevertheless, the thought of the two allies battling off did give her a sort of queasy feeling in her stomach, just feeling the part of her gut turn over and roll a little. None of the other energies, not even Link's, seemed to matter at this moment, the person with the 'O' in her name was heading for her, feeling a little discomforted for it.

Before she could even conjure up enough power to speak, or break the binds, something appeared in the doorway, still veiled like the fairie had been, except a little different in his own way. Nothing was there, and at the same time something was coming after her, she could feel the dark aura from before was heightening itself even more, as if he got stronger the longer that he was existed in this world, a power source of something like that. Groaning at the feelings of the power getting closer, the one that related to her own wasn't the same one; it was just standing outside, scaling out her place with the intent of scaring her to death--that was just a probability of hers--the paranoia getting to her. A while away, actually, maybe a few hundred yards away, guarding someone, protecting an entrance, anything that she could think of, or maybe she was waiting to take care of Link. The fear was shining through her eyes, knowing it had to be the one named Onii, at the same time, feeling relief he was around, his aura was scary and beautiful at the same time.

All of a sudden the door that concealed her--she hadn't seen it until it blew--slammed off of the hinges and fell towards her, the splinters heading alone with it. Crying out and shutting her eyes, a whisk of wind caused her to shiver and within a few seconds, she wasn't cut open, so looking up, she saw that the figure she imagined was there, concentrating. As he was in the deep state of conscious thought, the door before her had stopped only ten inches, held in the air along with the rest of the splinters. Dangling for enjoyment of the situation, the tears were streaming down her cheeks, almost passing out and as she began to feel the tears run down her cheeks, a certain material brushed across her cheeks. Eyes peered open and realized the aura was not only closer, so was he, the gloves brushing the tears away and whispering in a silent tone, she hearing his words of shushes and promptly did it.

Hands went around her waist, she wanting to cry out for him to stop that she was not his--Link was the only one for her--at the same time forgetting whom everyone was. His embrace was so much stronger than her friend's was, it was a lot firmer and she liked it, oh Goddess she really enjoyed the roughness asserted towards her, a thing the hero would never do. Shivering in content, the face of his looked just the same, she knowing that this had to be a part of Link, maybe the vicious, sadistic area, but still a whole area from him. Either that or he was conjured up or something, the last thought stopped as those lips pushed against hers, the kiss causing her to stop every natural thought and sit there. It was a good thought that the darkness of her wasn't around, she conjured up before letting it kiss him, she would not return it--she would not--and within ten seconds she was giving back and puckering in.


Blades of back and forth were not much of a problem, he had realized with a bit of comfort, but the solution to getting to the top was not the best in the world. Sharper than even his blade, he tested it by throwing a loose rock from the ground and watched the thing slice in half faster than even anything his own energy could conjure up. Deciding that jumping on top of those monsters was not a solution, hitting it with his weapons proved useless, because bombs fuses were cut off, swords and all metals bounced off and magic was ineffective. Nothing could be accomplished by simply climbing up there, he would sink down and risk getting his feet lopped off by those stupid blades, something that wasn't going to happen. A bit of thought it was going to take to get this one down, there was no area to shoot his Longshot, so that was ruled out temporarily, unless it could go into something else?

Go through something, he wondered with a bit of unconscious thought and looked about the top of the room to see if anything was hidden for his enjoyment. No, there was only the locked door, the launching blades on the hill and at the top was the safety at being at the top of the place, no loose bricks around. Also entailing for a switch or contraption to knock off the trap, he was left with the discussion that this was the best trap of the ancients, they really didn't want anyone facing the former boss, and he had just killed. Either that or its that man's work, trying to test my skills even more he whispered out and knew if it was, that he'd accomplish it in a short few seconds just to make himself look better all the more. Before a few seconds of giving up, he noticed the lock and peeked at the top of it, a smaller hole was there and dressed just like a hook, almost invisible from the look of things, glancing at his Longshot and knowing it was worth a shot.

Clinking inside of the hole, before he released the trigger to zoom across, the key of bosses were pulled out of his pocket, readying both of them with a clear complexion faced forward, otherwise the plan would be in a ruin of such things. What he was planning wasn't even planned to him and when the button was let go, a whisper of prayer escaped through his head that this didn't work, because he had his doubts about this little 'trap' of the evil beings. The Longshot held in one hand and the Boss Key with the other, there was no doubt this was not going to be pretty, or if it was, then a pure ounce of luck was on his side. When the release was thrown away, the blow slid upon the air, dodging the blades that slunk below him and were actually displaying emotion--if soulless mechanical machines could do such a thing--a wrongful one. When he had sailed over all three of them, the incident of the machines rising up and dealing him a blow to the torso had passed, still holding the key and aligning it in the air, because touching the ground near the lock just seemed deadly as could be.

When the door came for him, he snapped the Longshot in a holding position by holding the trigger button so the hook wouldn't return, feet planted on the front of the door. Taking the key from his sweating palm to the left, the thing slid inside the holder and within seconds, it was opening up for him, seeing the lock and even the door slide away. As he was sailing down on the door, a hand happened to grab the remainder of the lock and chunk it down on the solid floor, eyes just widening when a hidden blade slit out of no where and cut it to pieces. Thanking the lucky stars for that spark of inspiration, the thing was going faster, knowing he'd land on the entrance to the new room, where no traps (hopefully) were lying down. At the moment of time, he hit the ground, he fell on the door, not taking the chance of looking back and getting hit, just leaping off the door and following his pathway down into the darkness.

        As darkness had begun to fade at once, an immense light blinded his eyes, not a beam or anything; the entire place was lifted up in a bountiful bound. It was like he had come out of the temple and was now outside, out of the water, and most of all out of the fearful danger that threatened him in here. While thinking about it, this could have been another portal or something, which led to the place outside where the battle had been; of course the best possibility was the last. Maybe Morpha was the boss and that shadow was just as it claimed--an illusion--just trying to scare him into getting to the last place, to retrieve the sage that was un-awakened. Of course, the place he was heading was not empty, he sensed a sort of disturbance around and nodded that even if Morpha was the boss, whoever held Navi was in here--a light energy source was in here, not detected all at once.

        Navi, where could she be? "Navi!" He yelled out in a cried tone, nothing answering his call except a small blow of the wind, giving this new scenery a fresh look, a click sounding from behind him.

        Flashing around this place, he stared that this was not outside, unless the fog had decided to cover up the land (Ganondorf could probably do that), but there was no presence of the evil man, only the other mass. Where he was standing, a flash around gave way that there was nothing there, the door had sealed up or something, and growls of fury were inside of his mind. With the only door out of here sealed, he decided to take a whisk around, feet going off of the ground and feeling a little wetness on his feet, staring down and seeing that the land ahead was a small stream. Only about three inches thick, he could wade through it without the slightest hesitation hand gripping the Master Sword out of its hilt and taking shield with him. Now with the blade in the right hand and the protector in the left, he felt that anything could be paced and walked on through the water in shaky steps.

        Eighteen minutes of walking through the place made him decide that this place was indeed a mirage, or some sort of sacred Shinobi illusion, anything like that. When he was about to give up and turn back, a tree came into his view, appearing right infront of him, showing that it was like a small tropical island, the center of the room. Feeling he was halfway there and the battle was about to start, his feet placed on the forty foot island, the tree standing at the tropical tree and viewing around. From there he could see the entire layout, climb up and then scout anyone out for a fighting attack, now that he was pumped up, nothing could stop him. It was in the center, there was something looking at him, the thing was not able to see from his point of view, already knowing who and what was there.

        Sixteen feet from the tree, just on the edge of the sand, the hero was established to see the man slink from behind the tree, his clothes matching those of his own. Just like the dream from before, a key difference was that two things were strange about the face of his, the first being that it matched the boy's in every way. A shiver of feeling like looking into his reflection, or even deciding he had a twin was apparent, like when you meet you're long-lost brother of so long, except now a twin. In every way the man matched him, he was the same size, the clothes were black and even the weapons around his body were the same in the ways of his own. The second thing about the face that seemed eerie was even though it was matching his, the skin was a dark gray, like he had been working around coal so much that the chemicals and aftereffects had seeped into his flesh and changed.

        "My Dark self." Link whispered in a hushed tone, taking a few steps towards the man so now only ten feet separated him, he noticing that unlike the dream, the spark wasn't near him.

        "Dark self? Don't flatter yourself, you are dark enough. My name is Onii Liinku, but you can call me Onii. I know who you are and I know what you've come for." Smirking, he snapped his fingers and appearing above his side was a sparkled figure, the sparkle was seven inches tall and carrying Navi in her arms, landing right next to the man named Onii and placing his fairie into the man's hands.

        "Let her go, let her go you bitch!" Breaths began to moved harder and harder, through the gloves, the hands turned white as they gripped even harder on that blade for some sort of comfort from the situation, feeling the sick laughter spew from the new man's, Link's hate reaching a new limit.

Screaming out, dropping the shield and leaping into the air, the sword held tight and then heading towards the boy, the sword in tide now. As he flew forward, not actually flying but moving at a fast speed, the concentration in him was all gone, only the reality of killing this monster for handling her. How dare he hold her, Link didn't care if the man like him died, they weren't linked so nothing could affect him, spilling the blood would be beautiful. He wondered if it was black, the thoughts were moving at a very strong rate--faster than he was moving--as if slow motion was in tie with it somehow. For what seemed years, the face came to him and he swung the Blade of Evil's bane, knowing the blade would crush this foe, everything going slower as all of a sudden the man wasn't there and he was flat on his face, the sword halfway across the desert floor.

On a closer review of the situation, Onii had obviously seen the attack and had summoned his fairie to brisk the hostage away, she moving out of range and floating above the tree. The man's sword wasn't even drawn, or his sword and when Link came for him, instead of jumping out of the way, he simply disappeared out of his mind. If an after-image had left, the hero would have been surprised, but could have found an explanation; there simply was not even an image, a teleportation attack or something. A simple attack he had conjured up, knowing the kid could never figure it out, simple as that, it was the ingenious part to out-smart him, although he was strong enough to strike him down--toying was half the game, though. The kid was recovering from the attack, only ten feet away was the man, his fairie returning back to him and reliving at her side, he grasping the new acquired fairie back into those palms, stroking her from the unconsciousness.

        "I see you are finally getting back up, with that attitude, you are going to lose." With a grunt of pain, Link pulled himself up and stared around at where the boy was, first to the left, then the right and finally behind him granted him the senses to view over there, the boy was just standing there and speaking with the malice in his eyes.

        "S-shut up, I can take you on, Onii, I just misjudged you're power." Smirking, no wounds on him since he wasn't touched, a hand went up to his cheek and brushed the dirt from his cheeks, getting the cleanliness back on it.

        "I am giving you a handicap, you idiot. Shiia, give Navi back to him." He motioned towards the fairie, she made a small comment about not helping the enemy, and then a look over towards him made the young fairie do it. Flowing over towards the enemy of his, he watched as the fairie nervously placed the girl next to the idiot, he looking at her and causing more nervousness between them. It was funny how the two reacted, having loved each other maybe in a paradox universe, but enemies here, should be able to kill each other if the time was right, or if someone of their team was hurt. A sulk was in the boy's face as he received his girl back, the evil man actually displaying a mark of beauty, since with the girl back on his side, the kid wouldn't be so weak. Link had been holding back on him because the fear of losing the fairie was in his mind, seeing that the two of them was more alike then they thought.

        Link had turned his back away from the enemy, a stupid mistake in the crucial point of battle and could cause him his life, yet somehow when it involved this girl, he knew Onii wouldn't touch him. Taking and gently beginning to rub his fingers back across her back very much, he saw she was covered up more than usual before, she wasn't wearing her regular clothes. Her regular ones are on, it was just at over them was a sort of shawl about her body, he creeping it off and sticking it back behind his ears, like wearing a maiden's hankie in those old knight tales. Rubbing upon the young girl's body, it wasn't very long before he noticed a few marks on her, no he noticed a lot of marks, the anger boiling through his own mind in a furious rage. Spinning around, she still asleep, he hands were running across her body as he spoiled out in a screaming voice at what was wrong with this.

        "Wrong with what?" Slit eyes revealed that his pupils were red, a deep crimson, sort of like an albino person except the opposite of the skin reflecting in a sort of service, if he wasn't a clone of Link, then maybe he was an albino coal-worker who had fallen into a patch.

        "She had marks upon her, scratches, what the hell did you do to her!" A screech escaped from him, his voice feeling a transformation, at that point in time sounding like he had as a younger boy when he was crying, the tears splashed his cheeks as the thought of her being hurt.

        "Hurt? Shiia what did you do to her? I strictly told you." He didn't look at his black fairie, the only thing he did was snap his head around and looked into Link's open palms at what she had done to him, a bit of tsking in his voice, a hand looping over and looking at his fairie as he inspected her. "I told you not to hurt her, she has some marks on here, very small scratches that could never have been done with these hands of mine!"

        "I-I-I couldn't help it! You care about her more!" The girl's voice was one of a cute one, sounding like Navi whenever she was upset, they both sounded like each other when upset was in their voices, the anger was what it had to have been. It was so weird how they both sounded, Link concluded it as some sort of apparition that he had created, Ganondorf, the reason that he could disappear. This was his thoughts until he felt the cackle of energy rise up against the world, shivering that what he thought was Navi doing when she was ready to fight, this time his judgement was incorrect because his girl was passed out! That only meant that when the two fought that their spirits were almost the same, no malice had been in Onii's dodge, so nothing had been felt as the twin spirits, they only similarly alike now. Energy was making his hair rise even more; crying out in a sort of panic when the ball of black aura sprang off of 'Shiia's' body and slammed headed for Link's fairie.

        The reactions of the partners in evil were that girl grinning and the boy looking over at her in a bit of fascination, erotic feelings in there, or so the Hero of Time noticed. Not very long to persuade himself to go on, his fairie was pushed into his hat, as the energy was coming closer and closer, everything dying towards him. Since the original fairy's energy couldn't be homed in, it was headed towards the middle of his chest, going to slam a full wall into it; he caught in the middle of this deadly trap. The sword was all the way across the room, otherwise it might absorb the energy, he spinning around in a crying fear and with a spare glance around, the place he was standing was trapped, there were rocks forming all around him, staring forward. Onii had a grin on his face and was circling some rocks around him, basically preparing a dead bed in him, so all he could do was hold his hands together and hope it blocked (he had seen Shiek do that before.)

        A smoke hit, then Link screaming out and when the dust cleared, there was a sparking aura near him, this one blue with the enthusiasm in the way that it fluttered around, a black one also there. What he realized was that Navi had heard his call and had come to her rescue, just in time to catch view of the other fairie--the enemy, mind you--trying to save her prey. Nothing could realize how embarrassed her was, the two fairies staring at each other, actually each of them had saved him, the blast from Navi had stopped the power and the power absorbing back into the black girl had caused the results. In a way, he couldn't blame the two of them, and with that in mind, the boy looked at the two of them and their remarks for reach other, they were just staring each other down like bitter enemies. Sprawling away from the duo, back to the blade, it was gathered up in his hands, no way to fight now, just stare back at the action about to be ensued until Navi came to him or it died down.

        "So, you're awake, its about time." Taunted the companion of the evil man's, her arms crossing as she floated backwards towards Onii, closing beside him and smirking a little, the nervousness of the situation shown.

        He sensed a bit of silence echoed through her body, the anger sort of writhing up inside of her body, the small body seemed to be over- excruciating a large amount of pressure in that madness. There was no stopping the boiling out of what could be called jealously, or anger, or even a mixture of both of them in the mixture. Whose job was it to take danger away from him, it had to be only one person and when foiled, that was when the prissy state came forward. Link was the one watching this, he not able to see her emotions, guessing that saving him was the girl's job, not one of a stranger. A protective zone, he guessed, for when one was about to be infiltrated, certain precautions were taken to make sure that the thing was not done, he an object in this case.

        Oh, the kid didn't know how far the emotions were boiling through her, she guessed that his compensation would never be that great, the cackling of energies rumbling through her. Who would dare think of things, she knew if she touched the other girl's boy in such a way that the same punishment would be dealt, smelling the fear in the darker side of hers body. Yes, it wasn't the fact that he was touched, just that she tried to guard him and that fierce will was what pissed her off even more, the power was starting to surge through her now. Even though she knew the power was originally meant for her, the fact of the matter was not that she tried to attack Link--Navi knew that had never been tried. Guarding was the job of this fairie and those who interfered suffered a penalty that had such hefty consequences in the matter.

        "Nav' are you okay?" Link whispered in a shaky tone, knowing that Onii and he's battle was far from over, but the fairy's quarrel was about to begin, in quite a display from the smell of her aura crackling on fire.

        "Nuh-uh, step back, Link." She trailed off as she saw him push back a few steps, Onii following the steps and each of them a yard or two away from the two that stared down. Dark Link's fairie had began to charge up her own power, though not nearly as strong as the other one's, knowing throwing them against each other was stupid. If that happened, both of them knew that Navi's would overpower the lather ones, since so much emotion was flowing through it. Actually, the thing didn't even look blue anymore; it had taken on a white display of colors that were readying themselves to burst open more. When Navi let her power go, it didn't just spark off, a swooshing sound came out as it literally grew a few extra feet (measuring at a ten inch diameter) heading for the target.

        It was too big, too large for her to handle, so the only thing she could do was scream out in a flurry of terror, holding her hands over her ears. The deep chuckles from the other girl had sent Shiia in sort of a panic, wanting her best to escape; though escape was the least of her worries. Since they were complete opposites, each of their powers opposed each other and did extremely harsher damage than a regular attack would do. Plus the emotions were living inside of the ball, the girl who let it off looked a little drained, she knowing that when this technique was over, the fight with her would be over. An attack that drained all of you're energy, Navi may have not meant to do it, the anger from touching the boy caused an ever more suckle of the power, regretting ever touching the kid when the stuff overwhelmed her, covering her eyes in fear.

        Link covered his eyes in fear, as Navi just looked on with a bit of fatigue in her body, neither of them able to glance at what Onii was doing. Most likely, she would be covered up and struck down by the stuff, the girl would die within the hour, if not immediately from the attack. Who knew what sort of power this energy had on another fairie--if she even was truly one--the women with wings were not the most violent in the world. Maybe a little perversity and horny, and just a bit jealous in some situations, the girls had never been fought before, especially by the kid who liked to guide their powers from them. As the two of them looked on, a shing entered their hearing range, the energy seeming to be disappear in a flash, the smoke still not clear when eyes of red appeared.

        Indeed he seen it all, not knowing how much the damage would be until his girl screamed, he reacting in a second, a sad grin on his face if she was to die. As the black sword came out of his sheath and he flew infront of her, holding the blade tight, he knew he was a bit late and some bad scars would be settled when this was over. Already the power had started to overflow her body, the blade held out and he screaming in a bit of fury-- no pain, though--a red jewel on the sword activating and something that sounded like a sucking noise came out. The shing was when his sword hit the energy, a sword of power was what Navi's aura had transformed on, it trying to penetrate his girl's little heart, making sure that it wouldn't happen. At least if the scars were on her, the user of the magic would receive them also; they were bound by a curse after all, one that mad it all the sweeter.

        "You didn't have to do that, Navi, I mean--I didn't want her to die." The smoke was clouding his reading on her life-signs, also noticing that Onii's were gone, so he either was bound to her when he dies, so does she, or he'd traveled into the smoke to search.

        "I-I had too, there was no way to prevent it!" She cried out, not meaning to shout the last part, but something prevented her from whispering or even saying it calmly, it was an aching at her arm. An intense feeling that one couldn't explain, one that was not an accident, she felt that it was an intentional from anything coming at her. Shivering from the heated area around her, the cry came out, ripping the shirt where her arm was, seeing the aura with frustration. Flashing her aura off and staring down at her arm, the flesh was beginning to smoke across, drenching all the way down her from the top of her shoulder to where her fingers started. There was a mark of burnt, but the funny thing was the smell that came off--it was the exact same one that her energy smelt like when it burnt flesh.

        How could she explain this? There was no way, because this simply didn't happen, had the power been deflected back in some sort of superficial way that only Link could do? On occasions of some sort, it was apparent that Link could push certain powers back, like in the Forest Temple's case, maybe the same had been done with this certain evil fairie. Sure, Ki attacks could be deflected when you concentrated enough, were powerful enough take the blow, or had the determination to do it. However, hers couldn't of been since so much concentration had been put into it, she had been charging it in her sleep, unknown to her in this little perfect situation. Suddenly, a feeling of nausea swept over her body, she sinking down as her wings were flapping for a support harder and harder, giving in when those eyes slammed shut and darkness came over her.

        "Navi? N-Navi, what is that!" He screeched out, his voice cracking as he dropped the Master Sword, diving for the girl that was out, nothing able to save her but his hands.

        "I see she's out, so is mine, but then again--she did do this to herself." A sigh of sadness came out of the voice north of Link, he spinning around and seeing the smoke was gone and Onii was sitting there, holding his girl inside his arms, she passed out and having the matching burn on her arm.

        "What happened--what did you do to her!" A wave of fury came over him, taking Navi and tucking her under his hat, taking the cap off and pulling it inside of his backpack as it came off. Onii had done nothing, it was just the same with his, no way that he'd harm his girl just to get a bit of payback, maybe he had deflected the attack back, though. All was off except that beautiful green tunic, his fairie lying in the center of the backpack, so when she awoke, she could watch the fight and see how he fared. He knew that the extra weight was not going to be needed, sliding his side pack and putting it over the side, only the sword and shield were there. Retrieving the defender from where it was dropped, it was held in his left hand, blade of evil's bane smacked in the right, feeling of joy overdoing him, it was almost time/

        "You want me to tell you the truth? Goddess, you are going to get a kick out of this, but let me tell you it all, now brace you're short attention span, dumbass, you have to drain this all in." Chuckling, he slid off his backpack, side pack and had only the sword and shield in his hands, except blade in left and defender in the left. "I am you're shadow, we are connected and so are the other two of them. Navi stuck my Shiia at full force; I was only in time to guard it because my sword absorbs light energy, but why would it, you may ask? Okay, you're sword is the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword.mine is the Blade of Purity's Bane, the Mistress Sword. A very stupid sword, I know, and that means I absorbed her white energy and added it to my own, condensing it down to dark power."

        "But why did she get hurt?" Madness was away from him, he only sulking on to keeps from attacking Onii, now was the time to find out, and battle was soon in the making.

        "Hold you're horses, I am getting to that. We are Shadows of you, I think well because our relationship is more open than the two of you have. Where the two of you are shy in some areas, we have already done." Smirking a bit, he noticed the boy was blushing, so he was right and that gave him more courage to go on, making the kid nervous was a wonderful thing to do--especially since all he spoke of was true. "Back to the important matter, when one of us gets hurt, so does the other, so if I hit you, then I get hurt--or if you hit me, then you get hurt too. I know its confusing, it was designed by Ganondorf so if you managed to kill me, that you died too. Master Ganon does think of such good things, but he had a flaw by making me die if you die, that means when I kill you--I couldn't just do that, so I took action!"

        "That means if you kill me, then?" He whispered out in a bit of confusion as the man began to chuckle just a little bit, breaking out into a bust of hysterics, the annoyance rolling over his body in a tightening fist of a manner, he coming over to the tree what Onii was and speaking. "What do you mean, you took action?"

        "I am not a clone of you anymore, but you are still connected to me! Shiia and me went exploring during those seven years that you slumbered and we happened to stumble upon something enabled the Youth of Fountains. Touching it, since we heard legends of Eternal Life, we were granted it, but we can be killed, but the magic of Ganondorf broke off. Of course, the man doesn't know that, or he would kill me--if he could--I don't think he even knows how powerful I am alone and paired with my companion, we are unbeatable. I know it sounds corny, but when you are with the one you love, the power of the two of you is not just enough--its you're feelings that empower us even more." Nodding, those arms crossed around his chest, pulled back suddenly and as he leapt back, the blade came across the tree, causing it to fall down, clearing the path of death.

        Sensing the blade coming across, not intent for him, but just enough to cause the tree to fall was when Link leapt forward and saw the tree was coming right at him. Crying out and pushing his blade infront of him, he prayed that he would be spared, knowing that the only one left would be Navi, of his friends. Closer and closer the huge tree barreled forward from him, the time seeming to slow down the smaller the distance was between them. Onii was immortal, or so he claimed, so when Link died, that meant that he would not go with him, the other way around had to be evil. When he knew it was all over, a few seconds passed and those eyes stared up, seeing the tree was not infront of him, disappeared.

        "W-what happened?" He felt so helpless around the man; he knew the environment and could shape it like he would, use all of the tricks that were in the book.

        "You are so sad! This is a mirage room, Hero of Time, I can make it anyway I can, that means nothing in this room can kill you--except me, of course." Grinning, he pushed a step back and snapped his fingers, the room transforming from the desert island just to an entire room full of stars, the pitch-black was all around except those white dots that lit up enough room to see and battle.

        "So, we start this?" There was no need to say anything after that, he knew it and probably Onii knew it because teasing and talking was over, the fight was next. Brushing back a little, distancing full ten feet between them, the sword was not glowing because he was not going for any stupid energy attacks. Who cared if he hurt the man, if he fell, this was the only way to rid the world of this man--who was probably more powerful than Ganon was? Not as evil, he knew that Onii had some care and love in his heart for a special someone (unlike, to his knowledge, the King of Evil had never felt that way before.) Hat-less, like the gray-haired boy before him, each fairie resting down in there, the hair was thrown back in a blonde rush while running forward.

        "The Hero of Time meets the Villain of Time, an acclaimed event!" Hysterics echoed through his body, the fairies were down so there were no weaknesses, what he wanted from the beginning was the full power of Link. Fluttering forward in a grayish force that seemed beyond the wildest imagination of speed, he was moving at the same miles that had been the first time they fought. Smelling the purity of his aura made Onii sick, probably the kid thinking his was a nasty scent, of course being of opposites, the tastes were different when the spinning began. Feeling the anger arise in the boy as he spun circles around him, knowing this would keep up until Link could tap into some powers that were never felt before-- the dark ones. His speed was caught down when a simple flick was thrown at him, he spinning across the room and slamming into the ground, staring up at the bruise on his cheek.

        Crying out from the pain that he had caused to the man, Link had decided that slashing was not the answer, it was foolish and pretty risky, but smart. So as the guy slid across and from the ground, not even seeing what the boy was doing, the Hero of Time decided the best solution with the sword down. He knew that Onii would use his sword, there was no use in trying to use his blade, unless he wanted to be made into mincemeat of his own. Now resting into the scabbard, there was no reason to use that--no, there was, and that was when he pulled his sword out and threw it across the room, tucking the sheath into his belt--just in case. Switching the shield to the right hand, as he waited for the man to get up--no, that was not the way to do it, a grin sparking while the man just tried to get up, Link biting his lip and leaping through the air.

        Onii cried out in pain and screamed in fury when the shield came down onto his chest, causing even more pain to swell through his body. Never expecting to get this much in so early (or at all) in the battle, the surprise of underestimating you're opponent had always been his motto, this one washing off in an instant. Ever since he had met the kid, the expectations had either not been met or simply made the qualifying standards, never very great. It wasn't that Link was faster than him--but he quicker than he imagined--it was the surprise of the moves he was using, they seemed so primitive. Pushing himself up, he flew against the boy and prepared his fist, that was when the hand reached for the sword and cut forward, slashing down at the center of his body, a vertical slash.

        Not enough time to dodge, the hand was reacting with quick instincts, jumping back, knowing it wasn't enough and reaching for the only thing he could think of. It wasn't that anything was on his mind at this moment, the only thought was how disappointed Navi would be, how scared that it seemed without her. He knew in his thoughts that he'd would let that happen, she was with him again, scratched down and packing some scars, you had to take that into consideration when you played with the pull named Link, the sadness was just staying there. Scratching it away, shoving down from his belt, the grip caught and that was when the scabbard came forward, knowing that was as much he could do without causing something towards him. Chuckling, the sheath held in his palms, he hoped it would hold up for just one attack, if not, then hell would have to freeze over to suffice him down there--a Poe he'd become of death decided to knock today.

        "What the fuck!" Onii screamed out in a bellow of terror, he sitting in mid-air, staring down into the blue eyes of Link, the loss of no blood wasn't apparent, nothing was there to be cut and something had held up.

        "Huh? What happened?" He spoke to himself, unbelieving at where the sword had hit, right at the area where the gold was intact, not even a scratch was sitting on the metal, it holding up and actually a little stronger than he had imagined, it seemed nothing would break it.

        "Stupid sheath!" Leaping up into the air, his blade came across the blue part, the thing parting in two and heading for the boy, knowing it was too late because he rolled out of the way, hands digging across the ground.

        "I am not going to let you win, you prick. I am doing this for Navi, I don't care if I die with you, it won't matter to me, and you know why? Because I love her!" He felt a tingling in his body, the kind when you're entire body was asleep and all of a sudden it was hot on the inside of his body, the good feeling. A scream was ripping from across the room; it wasn't of pain, just of some fury when you felt when something happened, he having a good idea. It was the way he acted, the lie was in his eye and all of a sudden, the kid just knew in his heart that no longer would he die from killing another. Betting the man wanted to rip out his hair, nothing but a simple laugh was dancing on Link's lips, glad he realized it before it was too late. Yes, that was what happened, the story was false, the ring between them was connected with evil, so if the evil was lifted, the power between them faded.

        "You son of a bitch!" Growling louder than ever, Link knew in his mind that the easy streak had just been penetrated, and as a sort of factor, Onii slapped his hand, the boy just staring and watching him, no hurt was realized to him, even more the growl went on.

"I broke it, didn't I?" Chuckling a little, the boy was just readying himself by taking the sheath and pushing it back behind his back, even though it

was slit in two. Somehow, the thing would have to be prepared, he not even aware how that was going to happen and right now, not really caring when the power was surging through. He was afraid to use power- attacks because of what had happened to Navi, seeing the display the young man did and considering that was the love of it, the love had broken it. Onii didn't have to answer him, he knew the answer, the sword beginning to glow a light blue, then the light transformed from aquamarine to a deep ruby colour, screaming out that payback was indeed a bitch. Taking off in a fury, like the turn of a general who had been losing the war, he had no idea if Dark Link was stronger, faster, and had more vitality--at this moment, he neither knew nor cared.

"Shut the fuck up and fight!" The foul language was a new one to Link, who didn't curse very much and when it happened, never such vile things entered out of his mouth, he saw this meant a new level of swordplay. Yes, Onii was desperate for a win, so as the man came for him, Link was conjuring how to score an easy win, his senses blanking out and nodding in character that he didn't. Cheating with an energy attack was low-down and dirty, usually it wouldn't be, but more was at stake than a simple win or loss, he needed to prove to Ganon that no one could mimic the Hero in the Legends, it was impossible. Maybe the dark version of him didn't accept it either; they seemed to nod to each other, the Hero of Time facing his rival with colours that couldn't be matched by any one other in this field. Equal in power, or stronger than him, neither did he know and at this moment it didn't matter for all the cares in the world were focused off of even Navi, settled on winning.

        Jumping in the clean air with Link close in tag, the man was beginning to float above the air, a talent that Link had neither discovered or knew could be done. Defying the laws of gravity and every physic that was ever written, the sword was held high as he stood about seven feet above the hero, smirking when the kid's swing met the cold win. Now, another attempt was going to be made, Onii sure of himself and hitting the ground with an intense pressure mark, the aura of his blowing all around. He neither saw if the wind affected the boy, nor did he see to the kid's plan, all that happened was the Mistress Sword of blackened beauty went forward for the region that could be considered Link's neck. Waiting for the blood-quenching squelch as the blade stained in crimson, nothing was forgiven to that ashen, elven ears, except the claim of steel against steel.

        The flight had been a little surprise; the terror of being done by some monster without wings had never entered his mind, knowing that it was obviously some illusion. When his blade went through the air, the mirage was gone and in the air the man was, he nodding when the blade down for him, smirking harder than he ever had. Dark Link had aimed right for his jugular, either wanting to rip that stuff out and suffer a medium death, or going to decapitate him for an over-kill move. It wasn't going to happen and when the steel came down, the crimson jewel brightening with the power that meant it was stronger than a normal sword, was when the yellow gold in his blade lit up, he pushing forward. A forward stance gave way, the man now on the ground and as Link felt the blades push against each other, he cried out, the yellow light brightening even farther than before.

        Space was dwelling out and all of a sudden, to both of theirs surprise, the scene transformed from the beautiful place of before to another dreadful one. Stars in the sky had melted away and there they were, in a room of gray, the center of the room where each of them was standing, swords almost a marker to indicate the split between the sides. On Link's side, it was only a pure light room where the golden Triforce awaited, behind each symbol was a small girl, one having red, green and blue hair, cheering him on. Following the opposite side was Onii's and inside the Triforce piece (there was only one) stood a male kid with short red hair, he wearing over-protective armour and crying out for the dark side to win. Between the center of the swords was a solid gray area, the packs of theirs was sitting down there, a blue and black girl's, the fairies, were sitting down and watching, eyes shut like the unconsciousness had told them to get up from sleep and watch.

        "You bastard!" Onii screeched out in a maddened fury, the jewel on his steel brightened up even further and pushed Link down towards his knees, only the sword for support.

        "No need to curse, Dark-self, I am only doing what comes natural." The push down had made him feel a little dizzy, stopping the speaking and crying back, the sword beginning to glow brighter and sprung back against Onii, putting them both to a level where each was the same power as before.

        "It seems we are evenly matched, young hero, I guess I'll have to change that!" Smirking, his hands formed together as he began to chant, a dark energy ball fulfilling the hand that was just not placing on the sword. Evenly matched was not the right word, because Link couldn't do what Onii did, all his power was placed in holding the Master Sword, maybe the guy not aware that. Even more bizarre was both hands had to keep the blade from tipping over, it was like his own spirit was inside there, now fully charged just to keep everything from blowing in his face. No one neither knew what was coming out of the man's hands, looking like a darker version of a Ki ball, except this was not white, it was black as the night could be. Shivering from the feelings, there was nothing the kid could do, he awaited as the ball launched off of its griddle of Dark Link's hands and showered closer to him.


Crying out when the ball slammed into his chest, Link felt that he was falling, nothing could save him and everything would be killed in a matter of seconds. As the grip on the sword became looser and looser, the darkness from within could be felt rising itself up, this not the part of Dark Link, it was another. A force that couldn't reckoned with, the King of Evil wasn't even able to present it because he had it in himself, no way you could control a power inside of your own. Sure, he was a shadow of him, but there was no way a person could duplicate the real darkness, the sort of kind that makes you vicious, if that had happened than he'd be the purest of heart there ever was. The room where Onii was seemed to be gone, and at the same time it wasn't, a spectacular feeling was going through his body, he felt like the dead had risen and taken himself back to their little cavern, there he was made king.

A feeling of pain was washing over him, the room where the dead ones had been was gone, he knows in a completely black room and back with Onii. Only this time, he was not there, it was his spirit, but the same room from before, only the light side had lost and the Triforce was now combine with the black piece. Yes, and the kid from before was grown up, revealing the armour that fit seemed to connect and be of Ganondorf, his adult-form chuckling louder and louder inside of the boy's ear-drums. Not able to see the three girls from before, knowing they were dead, the gray side had also disappeared so Link was presumed that Navi and Shiia had perished much to Dark Link's surprise. Even though it was a sad time, the Hero of Time felt like laughing at him, telling his dark side that his idiocy had gotten their loves killed and that everything was ruined.

Death felt ready him and he did the same for the Grim Reaper, whenever she came knocking at his door, with his girl gone, there was nothing left living for. The room was shrouded in complete blackness, Ganondorf and the presence of the other one was gone, now only the black Triforce remained, shimmering in the dark. Its shininess was the only thing he could view, looking down to his hand and seeing the piece was gone, over beside the piece, the Wisdom had been recovered from before. He neither knew, nor cared about saving the Land of Hyrule; all that mattered was being with death, so that Navi would be with him, hoping his side wanted the same. Sure, the weakness had been a problem and in the end, had not been enough for him, not enough for the dark waters to claim the most two valuable treasures from him, Navi and his life, his thoughts broke.

A giggle entered his hearing, whipping his head to the opposite view of the dark force from before, seeing that a little light had opened up and claimed itself for him. Hm, a thin beam about only less than an inch thick, the thing was his only hope for survival, if he was ever to want to get through this alive. Almost seeing the thing disappear the closer he got, his presumptions were met wrong when the beam just remained the same size, getting brighter and brighter as the closer he got. With it remaining infront of him, there was nothing to do but pray that it worked, whatever it was, that Death had left and the Angel of God had shined upon those beautiful wings to guide him. That girlish laugh was now gone, but when the light came right infront of him, a peer inside revealed the best wonders that could ever begotten his imagination. Groaning with passion, his eyes brightening even more, the picture of the three girls had returned, a third one was with them in the child form, her hair a short blue.

Who are they? He pondered in a bit of confusion, trying to get the realization of them, the first three had clear, cute faces he could never remember meeting.

Each of the girls around them were giggling as the white light spread out farther and farther as long as the laughter was spreading forward. Feeling nothing at his hands, realizing the Master Sword was not there, hands went back and felt it in the sheath, tugging on it and met with some sort. Both hands went to it and yanked forward, he growling as it didn't budge, seemed some sort of force was locking it down there, not that attacking was on his mind--it happened to protect the girls if Onii returned. When he took a few steps forward, he realized he was no longer standing on the black ground, but a matching white that aligned his eyes, a smile spraying across his lips. It was a sight beyond wonders, all of the girls were sitting on each of the pieces, the short blue-haired one floating above the force on a pair of white wings, and something he felt an urge to rub.

"Are you here to play?" Whispered the green-haired one, each of them was only about three feet tall, maybe no more than five or so, looking as adorable as they could be.

"No, I am here to beat Onii!" He didn't mean to yell and flushed a little when she sniffed some, bending down at the knees as he walked towards the green-haired one that sat on the left corner of the force, a hand going up and stroking her tresses back and forth. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell at you, little one."

"Its okies!" She giggled and hopped up on top of him, holding against his chest as her legs wrapped around her waist, keeping him in sort of a hug of desperation. Giggling sweetly, the young boy about to fall on his back, now just deciding to sit on his knees, not even leaning anymore, just standing down on knees. When he thought it was over, he felt a few tickles at his waist, and snapped his head around, the red-haired one had her legs around his waist and just holding him with arms bound around his neck, nuzzling her head there. The one with the long tresses of blue, she walked over and leaned against his side, wrapping her legs around his sides and resting the head of hers on his shoulder, nibbling at it softly. The trio of girls were just kissing and nibbling at his body, wanting so bad to fall on his back, afraid he'd crush the fiery red-head, so he just sighed and let them do what they pleased.

I wonder why they are doing this? His cheeks were flushing from the attention, never since the fairies had anyone ever paid this much attention, even if they were young girls.

"Stop!" A voice of passion stopped all the girls, each of them looking at each in confusion of who said it, finally staring behind the boy and huffing in a bit of a fit. Now each of them was just staring there, stopping the kissing as the only girl left was walking towards them, the boy could hear the cackles of energy flowing through. Gulping, he didn't know what punishment awaited the little girls and himself for acting so bad, not aware of whom this girl was, she looked different. Reason he couldn't tell was she wore a mask on her face, a white veil, kind of like the Gerudos, except it wasn't a violet colour or anything. Nothing was there as he realized that they had disappeared with a poof, gone from the scene altogether; not even a good-bye was given to them, gone as soon as they were here.

"Where did they go?" He now plopped on his lap, until he felt a pressure on his chest and hit the ground, soon a weight was on his stomach, staring over to see that she was sitting there, no longer angry. "You gonna punish me?"

Blinking in confusion, the girl's cheeks flushed over, a hand (which he noticed was not gloved, but bare and still missing the Triforce piece) came up and started to rub them back and forth. From what he noticed, the girl looked the most familiar of the rest, knowing good well that the other girls didn't represent Navi, Malon or Saria in anyway, this one did look a little bit of a face he'd seen before. Not able to place it, she was also five years old, a little bit taller than the girls so she was about three feet and five inches tall, not much, still a good bit for her. As his hands washed over those crimson cheeks, he heard the giggles and felt those hands placed on his chest, for the weight of the situation, also a small little healing was over his body. He wasn't able to place it anywhere at all; it seemed that the light-headedness from when he was a child, maybe those mysterious lights that powered him up? Then again, it could just be his mind decaying.

"You aren't dying.not at all." She answered, the boy feeling like his mind was read, gasping a little, until she put a finger to his lips and nodded a bit at him in her own gentle tone. "I have read you're mind, but don't worry, I know you enough to protrude in those areas and I must say, it does make me feel good to hear such things."

"We know each other? You do seem familiar, but I can't place you." Digressing a little bit, he chuckled and sat up, letting her slide down into his lap, staring down at her with those matching blue eyes, hers just a tad darker than his, but soon he spoke out in trouble. "I don't have time for this, I need to go defeat Onii."

"I am getting to that, silly. Okay, my name is Navi--and at the same time I am not--and those people back there were the Goddesses, they are in forms you have never seen before. Before you saw them in dreams, I know this because I am Navi, or better yet her spirit, in a sense." Smiling sweetly towards him, she was surprised when her form was picked up and he pressed his chest against hers, holding her in his arms and kissing those lips softly.

An energy transfer, he thought in a weird way, and soon the light- headedness was flowing through his body when their lips were locked, the beautiful feeling was bad. Loving how it felt around him, his tongue dropped onto her small mouth and slashed inside hers, gathering against the small tongue (although not as small as before) and curling them together. When they slashed together in the fury, nothing mattered, beating the man no longer did and neither did her small form, and only this larger one was the best. It was beautiful and sick at the same time, knowing his mind was saying to stop and that she was a kid, but the energy flowing through him was helping, plus the fact it felt wonderful. Soon, it was over and that was the worst of it all, it ended right when the power had stopped flowing, he sensing her spirit was becoming less and less of one, though not she was dead or anything.

"It is done, now you must go." Smiling, she pushed him back before he could claw at her, knowing how much he wanted to be there, yet knowing the deed of Onii's death was not yet done.

He was yanked back into the darkness, disappearing into the small paten of darkness that remained a thin beam, except this time it did not spread. As he was pulled through it, the feelings were strange, the farther he got from the girl, the closer he felt to her, it was the way she was Navi and at the same time was not. There were no worries about it anymore, all he decided was this place was where he was heading, and with some new energy, maybe Onii's defeat would be accomplished. It sort of changed into a portal that he could go through, feeling him being sucked into it and the place mending back into one of the original scenarios. Flashing back into the scene that had amazed him the most, everything was transformed back to normal as the stars were sitting around him, the blackened sky the only place around, and Onii's back turned to him.

With his back turned, this was the perfect opportunity for revenge and Link too it, he pushed forward and cried out, the jewel on the blade was resonating harder and harder, pulsing. Almost feeling that it was alive, he pushed it forward until a crack of skin appeared and something black started to fall down from the blade, his arm around Onii's neck tighter than ever. Hearing the cry of him even since the blade went in, a little bit of remorse for his partner was in there, at the same time, wanting to make the death as slow as possible, for effect. Not cracking his neck, wanting the boy to suffer, a head went on his shoulder and stared over at his face, the grin going ever harder as the perfect scenario was met. Nothing could make this thing even sweeter, glad that Navi was passed out, a glance over there and he saw her in the corner, curled in the hat, knowing that seeing this would be too much for her.

"You bastard--how!" He was sobbing, the tears falling down his face were black as the blood of matching colours was all over his body, it was obvious he'd be dead in less than thirty minutes, Link had penetrated his guts.

"You may have Ganondorf on you're side, but I have four people--the Goddesses and Navi! When our hearts are met, there is nothing that can stop us from penetrating the evil in you! I am sorry I did it, and I feel sorry for Shiia, but you deserve everything that you get, I hope you die slowly and rot in Hell!" He smirked, not laughing like the man had because that would have been too sad, but indeed he had the power of it all, nothing at all, that was until Onii held him.

"I know I am dying, but I shall take you with me, self-destruction!" The boy launched a hold of him and held him in a tight bear hug so Link could not escape even if he gained all the power in the world, this was a desperation grip.

He giggled loudly, but before he could say any more, a beam penetrated his head and it sort of imploded, Link staring down at the carcass in amazement. Somewhere that thing came out of, feeling the energy of Navi drive out of his body, returning to his own full power, as the blade was held to himself, looking around the room. Onii was dead before he slumped against Link, the boy pulling the corpse out and throwing it across the room, seeing it blew up in just a few seconds. Not much of a blast, it still could have taken him out if he had been close enough, but with that launch, he had thrown the carcass only twenty feet across. Such a lucky break, he couldn't believe it, the sword was up in the scabbard and he cleaning his face when the warmth was surrounding his body in a bright intensity.

"Navi!" He giggled and as the room transformed back to a regular room, the pure white room, and no mirage since the master had been broken, he saw the seven-inch girl and hugged her tighter.

"Link, are you hurt?" Was he hurt? He was flushing and crying as the tears poured down his cheeks, snuggling against her arm, the one that had burnt, it wasn't permanent burns, since energy healed within a few weeks.

"I'm fine, sweetheart, but you are burnt up." Whispering softly, he did have some marks with the energy ball and had been slashed with the sword, though didn't feel it, must have been when the Ki slammed into him, he guessed.

"Only my arm, I am fine--" She was cut off when something began to rumble around, she looking over towards the ground and seeing it was starting to rumble, also tiles upon the ceiling were cracking and starting to fall down on the ground, pushing around in a strange manner.

Link noticed too and guessed the reason for this was the room was about too- -no the temple was going to collapse--in only a few minutes to go, a way out didn't seem clear. Of course, as he grabbed up Navi and ran across the room, he was met with the power that something was missing, crying out and dodging back to the room. He didn't know as he ran, feeling the enlightenment on his body and then he stared for his weapons and realized his sword was there, but that was all, everything else disappeared. That was where his stuff was, he quickly slipped on the side pack, the backpack, cape and even the shield that had been lost during the battle, slipping his cap on. When it was fastened, he was about to take off again when again he stopped dead in his tracks, spun around and went for the fairie that was wrapped in the black cap; she was just now awakening.

"Shiia, you are awake!" He sighed deeply as he came to a rest before her, opening his arms for her, seeing she wasn't going to get in, then reaching forward and having his finger zapped back, not in an attacking manner, just something that hurt, an annoying blast.

"Where is Onii!" She screeched out, fluttering up to Link's face, but feeling something near him and stopping, there was Navi, sitting on his shoulder with a smirk placing across her lips, it made her fears ring true. "H-he's dead? That must mean you two admitted love for each other, then that means when he died, you weren't affected, is that it!? Have you done something to him?"

"He's dead, Shiia, I am sorry." Navi kept her quiet while Link talked, afraid she say something to be bad, the fact seemed that she did feel bad for this girl, her love had been lost while hers was spared, then the fact about being said that she was loved, the fairy's cheeks brightening.

"Love? You said you loved me, Link? I love you too!" She flushed deeply and stared across as the feeling of warmth washed over her, like the boy had felt, and his cheeks lightened and nodded, the curse was completely broken of the darkness, nothing left to do but live on.

"I'll go! I hope when I hope you hold onto him, Navi, you never know when he'll be gone and that's it. Please take care of him, he's so precious that you can't help but want to die when he does.Link, I do love you, not because you are part of Onii. Just the fact that you are the goodness of him, something he tried to be, even though he was created for evil. I love you both and goodbye the beautiful world of Hyrule! Please go forward, a portal out is there!" She didn't wait for them to say anything when she left, and as she fluttered while they hugged and cuddled, she hoped in her next life she was like that. Onii had been affectionate and she did love him, he just was aggressive and they never cuddled like that, though they had done some worse stuff than kiss. Mm, it was wonderful, it was just she wished, as she self-destructed, that the next life would be better and Onii would be more like Link. Each of them had their pros and cons, the best of the Hero of Time had to be his goodness, Ganondorf had created them for evil, but the two ended up rebelling and swirling in-between the two. Mix the two of them together and you have the best man in the world, one that could honor you for life and still keep you going back for more, he had that potential.

She's gone; she really did it for him. I can't could never believe was that strong--she is an idol to me, and one day I hope she can be doesn't matter how you were made on the outside, what matters is the true person you are on the inside. The tears began to pour down Navi's cheeks as she was gathered up by the startled Link, she neither knowing where they were going nor caring, the portal opening up as they both stepped into it, transporting them away from the rotting temple.


In a flash of over-blinding light, the scene transformed from that ugly room that was falling apart, to another room where the scene was beautiful. It was a simple room; the Chamber of Sages just appearing before them and making each of them looks around in the wonderment of the situation. A little tired from the battle, and bruised up, neither of them wanted to do this, but knew the rewards were worth the torture, since the treasures later were the best of all, knowing sleep awaited the duo. Where they were standing was on the same center mark, facing away from the other medallions and keeping his face positioned at the Medallion of Water. The flutter of a person descending the air entered each of theirs vision, feeling the brush of wings as the figure came to a rest before it, the beautiful Zorian eyes staring down at the two of them, she speaking softly.

"You've grown even more cooler over the years, I can't believe how sly and cunning you are." Ruto giggled sweetly, placing her hands over her cheeks for a few seconds before taking them off, not letting the boy get a word in, her speech going on in the simple tone. "I have a reward for you, my friend.yes, since I am the Sage of Water--during this time of war, we can't be together, but maybe one day. Anyway, my gift for you is the legendary Water Medallion, and a few more things just for you."

Spreading her hands together and grunting, the spiritual energy began to flow through her hands and rub in the size of the usual medallion, it flashing forward in her hands. There was a bit of something in the way she moved, the way that she was floating around on that platform that made anyone want to accept the gift. Panting when it was all over, she seemed a bit fatigued by the condensation, the girl just pushing it out for him, so that he is able to examine her true powers. It was a beautiful one, the same size as the others and bearing the symbol of the water on it, along with other things appearing on it. While there was nothing else special about it, powers were put on there that no one could discover unless in the place of a situation, something that didn't happen too often.

Link accepted the powers with his own hands placing on the thing, reaching through the barrier that opened momentarily, only enough to get through. Rauru must have been pestering his jurisdiction because when she jumped forward to grab him, the only thing that hugged her was the invisible wall, Link just grinning sheepishly. Those hands, that now wore gloves and held back to the normal position, were put in order when he pushed it forward and slipped the jewel down inside of his pack. Yanking his gloves up a little, the right one held the Triforce of Courage, it resting back and easing his worries of not acquiring the powers back--if it had ever been gone from him. Resting against the fire and light, that forest one still hung around his neck, not even ready to put it down there, even though the blue one was given by a girl, the fact still remained.

"My other two gifts are you're tunic restoration and something that Daruina had presented to you, a weapon. From the girl from the Forest you received you're instrument back, her own, and from the Fire King you got that chain mail, so something else awaits the battle from me." With that much information on the side, there was nothing he could do but blush a little; presents were the most wonderful thing that he loved to receive! Smiling, she just pushed forward and watched as his tunic slipped off of his little body and slid over his head, the blue one from the pack was arising. Watching the two of them mix together, her hands grunting and sweat pouring from there, the thing appeared at the same time it had last time, the green colour shining through. A big difference was on the right side of the breast area there was the symbol for the Gorons, the left side bearing even the insignia that the scale had gotten so long ago. Placing the thing before him, it slipped out through the barrier and was floating for him, sliding back around his body and tying itself back.

"T-thank you." He smiled a little towards her, glancing at his fairie that was just looking at him with arms crossed, a little jealous because of the her generosity, but not enough to cause some damage to the Zora.

"You're welcome and now for you're mysterious gift. We can make anything we want and I have been thinking of it, I had decided on nothing until you were down in the fight with Dark Link, then I decided." Pushing her hands together for what would be the last time, small little grunts appeared, the sweat dripping even more as the power began to form something. Much to Link's dismay (he thinking this might kill her) there was no protest and within a few seconds, only a scabbard was placed before him, this one a little different than the other. Encased in a light blue sheath, the thing was not cloth or any sort of plastic, the look of it had to be a pure metal, or some material that the Zoras had access too. The rinks around the scabbard were made of dark blue, while the design on the sword-holder was light blue, a small white fire dispersing around the area, making it seem like the thing was ablaze. There was a bit more to it, he couldn't describe it, the thing felt like it would never break, as he flowed back and took over his other sheath, absorbing it so that a Triforce symbol was in the center of the holder, the Hylian script stating his hero title.

"Wow, another one, but won't it break if someone else tries to slice it in half." He smiled over towards her with a bit of a grin pacing over his lips, feeling the thing attach to his back and the chest-strap was light blue, the buckle made of dark blue, and the sword push inside and feel like a new home.

"You have to go, go see the lake." Giggling, she was gone in a flash, Link taking one look around and seeing the sages weren't present, not even the old man named Rauru. Not knowing how to get out of here, all of a sudden the ground disappeared around him and instead of falling; he was sinking away from here. Slightly floating down towards whatever awaited him, there was nothing to do but wait until it came, then accept everything for what it is. She had mentioned that to watch the lake, that part of him still wondering what she meant, not sure if it was a good or bad thing. Nevertheless, when the ground was found and he saw that he stood on the gray platform where you were in Lake Hylia, the room around him hadn't changed yet, the sound of water running had caused him to stare down.


        The lake did come back to normal, it was quite a beautiful site for them to view, that finally everything was coming back to normal, the three best areas finished. As the water overflowed to the top, not flooding or anything, there was nothing to do but wonder about the other places and just what his little quests had done. First of all, the forest was back to normal, it was a beautiful one and a now lush with the children to now venture onward and live their own lives. Better than that was the village of Kakariko had been spared from the fiery volcanoes from before, and the evil ring and ash around Death Mountain had been cleared off, the water now back to normal. Only bad thing was that sacrifices were mad to do this and they included some of the Kokiiri, Goron, Zoras and that innocent little girl, it was never worth it.

        Over the next week and a half, they spent down at the cabin near the end of the place, it used to be a fishing arena, but maybe the old man had been dead. Taking the first weak to recover from the injuries, Link and Navi were back to normal in a few days, the energy burns had not even left any scars--they were unlike fire. Sleep was used most of the seven days, spending a total of eleven there, so during the first week was when nothing went on except eating, sleeping and bathing. Never had anything seemed so boring, the equipment cleaned by them since an early journey to the Zora's Domain revealed that the sad king was alone, not baring to break the news of his daughter being sent away, deciding to leave him be. It was a beautiful time that was spent with talks and being together, there was nothing to do but accept the fact of their love together.

        Pushing it off and leaving it alone had never worked in their lives, so it was back to the fact that they loved each other, question was what to do to explore it. There was a certain way that love could be made--Link not feeling he was ready since he still wasn't at his mature period--plus when this was all over they'd return back. Of course if they left the forest after the venture (which they agreed to do) then the two of them would mature into the adults of their forms. The act of doing the sex was not on their minds, they were just fine kissing, since Navi may have been a little more mature than him, still not at the period where sexual things were not a physical need. Good for the two of them, Navi had explained how they would do it, when the time was, resulting in the blushed face of the boy, nodding and saying one day was when that time dawned on them, she accepting it.

        Over the period of four days they did speak of other things, like a way to go back and where to go when their little vacation was over. Surely, the girl had meant to spend more than eleven days away, the truth remained that after the rest, she felt like going back and fighting, plus her powers had gotten stronger since the medallion had added its powers to hers. She had no idea how the boy felt, she even ready to take on the Great Ganondorf, there was nothing to do but wait until he prepared to go, and knowing it would be soon. Restless he was getting, sure they had fun together, but the best was whenever they were fighting together, defending and showing their powers off. A race to impress each other, it was quite a good sport to do against each other; the only thing that pondered their minds was where was this Medallion that was located somewhere in the dead.

        After much talk and negotiations, the two of them concluded that the best solution had to be the best--no matter how hard it was to bare-- Kakariko had to be returned. Both had vowed to never step back, the need too had accompanied them since the temple could not be where the Redead were in Hyrule, that place used to be happy. Plus the fact remained that the temple of Light was also known as the Temple of Time, or so Navi had pondered out during their many talks. A graveyard was there, the only proof of where the dead were lain, never hearing of a Hylian graveyard, since it must have been closed off when Impa opened Kakariko to the people of Hylian descent. The village where the terror had happened, the same one where the Cucco girl was, there was a place where the dead rested, plus it was the town Shiek had been raised.

        It was decided that Kakariko was the readying spot and on the eleventh day after the evil Onii and his beautiful Shiia had been defeated, the two of them called for Epona on the ocarina and set off. When the night was coming over the horizon, the challenge of facing himself had been met, the only thoughts of what was to come next, what else was awaiting them in those walls. In a diminished place, the designated Water Temple, it had been the scariest ordeal that had ever been faced, knowing that keeping a love was a problem in some people's case. He knew that it couldn't be helped, there was nothing to thank but himself, the only ordeal in his mind was taking care of the real power that dwelt within him. Looking over at Navi, the only thoughts that came out was the simple phrase of his, a thing he wouldn't remember as he passed out on the horse, just slumbering down.

        She is my true power, the only one that provides for me and shall keep me accustomed, a similar phrase rang through the girl's head, except in the place of where she was, his name fluttered back and forth in beautiful alignments.

Chapter 7

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