The Biggest Threat Part 1

Letters and Portals

By Husker Du

Just a small entrance to this story......I've tried to combine Chrono Trigger elements into modern day elements, along with morals and such.....seems to be working, so far at least. Oh, and I'm a character in it! :)


4050 a.d.

"Arrgh, mom, I don't want to cut the grass today, it's too dry.....anyways, I was going to go up my friend's house today!" Brian ran around the yard, to the back porch of his house where his mom was sitting, sewing a bright blue pillow.

"You're going to cut the grass Brian, because Dad is working over tonight, and he is not going to come home and do it. Save him some work and do it, please." She bent over in the chair and gave the dog sitting under it a friendly scratch on the top of it's furry head, and it closed it's eyes in response. "Have you noticed that Tellie is very old?" she commented while fumbling with the dog's ratty ears. "She hasn't been looking to well lately. It seems every dog or person for that matter that I've seen in the past week or so has been sick with either a cold or something else." She rose from her chair, and went to the railing that overlooked the back yard. Raising her head to the sky, she saw 3 doves fly overhead, landing in her neighbor's huge pine tree. The sky looks awfully cloudy, she noticed, must be rain moving in.

As Brian reluctantly walked up to the shed, he heard his mom call, "Never mind honey, it's looking like rain. You better get inside before it storms!" She grabbed her sewing items as a gust of wind threatened to blow them all away. She opened the door of the small house and brought the dogs in with her, as Brian stood by the shed, wondering where the clouds came from.

Taking a deep breath, he sat down in the middle of the yard, and for the 3rd time today overlooked his surroundings. No matter how many times I look something over, he said, I always find something different about it. He glanced around the large back yard, looking at all the darkened and burned grass. Boy, he thought, not alot of rain this year, and the sun has been so hot lately... He had on a tank top and blue jean shorts, along with an old workpair of his Dad's shoes. Brian was pretty short for his age, about five foot nine. He was 19, and most of his friends were so much taller than him. Come to think of it, he thought, most of his friends were still in high school. He then looked in front of him, at the house he had called home since he was born. Boy, he wondered, I wish we lived in a bigger house... They lived in a small double wide trailer, even though his parents made a pretty good living. They weren't too big on material items, he thought as he walked down the driveway to get the day's mail and newspaper. He stopped about halfways down, as he saw his neighbor Jason out next door, putting a tarp on his boat.

"Hey Jason! Long time no see!"

Jason stopped for only a moment to see who it was, and then resumed putting the tarp on. "Yep, looks like bad rain moving in. Better get inside myself," he mentioned as distant thunder was heard.

After saying goodbye to Jason, Brian went to the bottom of his driveway, beside the vacant road and opened the mailbox. Great, only bills, nothing for me again he thought.......wait, what's this? He picked up a card in the bottom of the mailbox, it was addressed to him, but there was no return address. As he picked up the paper and started to walk back up his huge driveway, he opened the letter. A gust of wind threatened to rip the letter from his hands, so he ran up the rest of the driveway to his door, and slammed it behind him as he sat at the kitchen table, spilling the mail out in front of him.

"Mom, here's the usual fun bills for you." Brian laughed as he gave his mom the bills.

"I just LOVE getting these," she joked. "What did you get today, anything?"

"Well...." he remarked, as he finished opening the letter. "This wierd letter, with no return address addressed to me."

"Probably some sweepstakes or something," his mom remarked as she walked over to the sink and started some hot water to do the dishes in. Brian picked up his still unread letter and walked into his small room, sat down on his bed, and finally opened it.

"Wow....." he remarked, as he looked at the letter. It was printed on very yellow, aged paper, with some sort of seal on the bottom left corner of it. The seal was in the shape of a lion holding a spear, in the color red. The writing, however, was what really amazed him. It was so fancy and neat, he thought, as he tried to make out what the faded writing said. He squinted his eyes as he started to make out some words...


To: Brian Schumacher, September 16, 4050 (he wondered why such detail in the date..)

          Dear Brian,

If you are receiving this, then please follow what I am about to tell you. This day.....

"Brian, let the dog in, can't you hear it scratching on the door??" his mom yelled annoyingly from the other room.

"Blah, blah, I'm going...." he muttered, tossing the note down and letting in the 2 dogs, dripping wet. He seen out the door window that the rain had already started, light but steady.

Walking back to his room, he shut the door this time so noone would interfiere, and sat back down on the bed, picking up the note carefully and reading on....


If you are receiving this, then please follow what I am about to tell you. This day, September 16, 4050, a great catastrophy is about to take place. If you don't believe me, then just consider who this note is's from you, 1 year in the future......

"What???" he thought. Someone's playing a joke on me.....

If you still do not believe in who I am, then let me tell you this. Today, you went to cut grass and the rain was coming down, so you stopped, as you took a look around the yard....

The note went into detail on what had happened that day so far, as Brian sat there dumbfounded at the note. What is happening.....

Finally, I ask of you a favor. A great catastrophe is about to happen, something that noone has ever seen before in this magnitude. I ask of you, please, go down to the Metropol today at 4:00, and enter what you will see inside. I wish you all the luck in the world......

Brian Schumacher


Brian dropped the note in trembling hands, gasping for air. His head was spinning in ten different directions, trying to make sense out of what had just happened. No matter what, he thought, this is real, and I have to follow it......

"Mom, I have to take the car out for a drive somewhere." Brian stated as he came in from his room, a look of determination on his face. His mom looked at him and remarked about his clothes.

"I just bought you those!" she said. He was wearing a new pair of dark jeans and a T-shirt with a flannel overshirt on. The T-shirt had the words "Corporate Rock Sucks" on it, and his mom grinned when she seen this. He also had a metal necklace that had a white stone on it, and he was also carrying a plastic bag of something, she couldn't quite make out what it was, but it looked heavy.

"Mom, I need to go now.....please."

She looked at his face, and never saw him so serious in her life. Even the dogs took a look at him and ran back under the table.

"Ok........just please be back in time for dinner." she said as she rose and hugged her son goodbye.


Brian raced down the interstate at about 75 miles per hour, ten over the legal limit, as he checked the car clock. "Hmm...3:45, I'll just make it" he remarked. Why would the note say to meet me at the Metropol, he thought. The Metropol was a local concert club that he and his friends went down to on Fridays. It's only Wednesday, he thought, the club won't even be open. He then had the premonition to turn the car around and go back home to forget this all, when he seen the note again. Me.....he thought. I...wrote that? How......

He arrived at the Metropol at about 3:55 p.m., and pulled the car into the back alley parking lot. Picking up the bag that he had brought, along with the note, he slowly got out of the car, into the pouring rain. The rain had almost begun to fall horizontally, and that usually means either a tornado or a very bad storm, he thought, as he fought his way to the main door of the club. To his surprise, the door was open, and he lunged inside, happy to be out of the rain. He could hear the rain outside of the club as he made his way through the hall, all the ways to the main dance floor. As he emerged from the door, he saw the lights had been turned on already, and the place was dead empty.

"What the.....empty." he thought, as he glanced at his watch. 3:59:55 p.m., he remarked, as he watched it turn over to 4:00. The instant that happened, he heard a sudden wind blowing, and was knocked off his feet by a gust. He stumbled to his feet, noticing that the doors and windows were closed, so where was the wind coming from? He then focused his eyes forward, onto the main stage, as he saw a phenomenon that made the little hair he had stand on end.

On the main stage, balls of blue and white light danced around, and threw themselves into each other, forming one huge ball, which bowed inward and created a sort of portal, glowing a pure white. Wow, he thought, as he staggered to his feet, and walked towards the glowing object. Suddenly, he was lifted off his feet, and flew towards the portal screaming, as he was pulled inside. The portal closed as sudden as it had opened, carrying it's prize.


"Hmm...doors open.." remarked the club owner as he closed the doors to the Metropol around 4:30 p.m. He had come to check that the club was shut up, as there were tornado warnings all over the place. He ran back to his car, and took off toward home, hoping that his family was ok.....


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