The Biggest Threat Part 4


By Husker Du

3000 a.d.

Chrono's first sense that was alerted was his smell. He could smell the salty waters of the ocean nearby. Boy, he thought, that was some bump, I must have been knocked out.....

Chrono opened his eyes to a blue sky, and birds flying gently overhead. He struggled to sit up, and he also saw the other 3 were still knocked out. No sign of Rudian, he thought, as he took in his surroundings. It seemed like a beachfront, with sand everywhere, and a type of woods behind them. The trees, however, had a yellowish type of leaf, not the green normal kind. I wonder why that is, he thought, as he heard someone reviving. He looked over to see Brian spitting up water, and coughing, but he looked ok. Marle was still very much out of it, and Lucca was just beginning to stir. Great, he thought, they have to fight probably the most powerful sorcerer of all time, and half of them are out.....

"Ugh........" groaned Marle as she finally started to stir. Chrono lay beside her, trying to keep her calm, when he heard her finally make a noise. Brian and Lucca closed in, and they all seen if she would finally wake up. She had been out for about 2 hours now...

"uu.....c...Chrono?" Marle stirred awake finally, her eyes snapped open and focused in on Chrono. "Did we .... make it?"

"Looks like it to me." Chrono put his arms around Marle and helped her to her unsteady feet. As he did this, Brian turned his head behind them........he swore they were being watched......

"Ahh!" screamed Lucca, as her whole left arm was jerked forward, hit by some sort of blowdart. Chrono and Brian prepared to fight, but they couldn't see any attackers! Then, Chrono also was hit by a blowdart in the leg, and he went down. Marle, who was still out of it, tried to rise, but was also hit by a dart in the arm. Brian, seeing this, was very scared. What did I get myself into?? Drawing on the little Rainbow power inside of him, he telepathically tried to find his assailants, and could make out a movement to his left. Close enough, he thought, as he let loose with a magic white flame from his arms, which engulfed a shadowy object directly beside him. The creature yelled in pain, and laid down, not moving. Brian still sensed something else coming, so quicly he grabbed a tonic and revived Chrono. "There are invisible assailants, Chrono, I can just barely make them out....."

"Well, tell me where they are, and I'll help!" Chrono yelled, dodging another blowdart. "Those darts will knock you unconcious!"

Brian tried to sense again, and found a movement directly behind Chrono. "Behind you!"

Chrono swung his Rainbow sword, and it met it's mark as greenish blood was spilled all over where he swung at. Suddenly, the dying assailant was visible, and Chrono gasped at the appearance. "Why, it's human!"

Meanwhile, Brian cast a white flame to where he thought a monster was, but alas, it easily dodged the flame. This one is smarter, he thought, as he saw Lucca finally get to her feet. "Get down Lucca!" yelled Brian, as a dart flew right where her head was a second ago. Marle started to stir, as Chrono lept at the last asailant, slicing off it's right hand, and making itself visible. Chrono grabbed it's throat, and threw it to the ground, holding his sword to it's neck. "One move and you die!" The attacker lay still, as the group gathered around it. "Why are you attacking us!!" said Chrono, pushing the sword harder against the attacker's throat.

Suddenly, a very deep voice came from behind them. "Let him go."

Everyone turned around, and came face to face with Rudia. He was very tall and well built, with waist long white hair and a red cloak on. Hanging at his side was a VERY long kitana-like blade. He also had at his side a staff, with cryptic writing on it, which Lucca made out to be a mystic's staff. Mystic, she thougth.....where did he get that at?

"I said, let him go." he said very cooly, as if he controlled the world. He stretched out his arm, and Chrono flew backwards all the ways to the forest, which was about twenty feet away, and fell to the ground in a heap. He tried to regain his composure, as the rest of the party readied to face Rudian.

"Why are you here?" calmly asked Rudian, slowly walking towards the group. Lucca drew her Wondershot, while Brian and Marle readied their strongest magic. "I said, why are you here....." He thrust his hand out again, and Lucca was thrown backwards, at the same speed that Chrono was thrown back at, and landed right beside him, bruised.

"We are here to stop you from taking over 4050 a.d.!" said Brian, with determination.

"Is that so?" Rudian mused. "How would you know I was even going there?"

"I'm from that time, and I seen what you did! Starting a nuclear war!" Brian yelled. "Now it's time to finish this!" Brian summoned all of his powers, as Rudian stood there watching intently. Suddenly, a beam of direct sunlight from the sky pierced through the clouds, hitting Rudian directly. Rudian stepped back a bit, actually looking shocked that this 'mortal' was able to hurt him.

"Now, you shall die."

Rudian stepped forward, drawing his gigantic sword, and swung it in a huge sideways arc, as Brian jumped back to avoid the attack. He started to summon as spell as Marle also readied one. Suddenly, Rudian stopped his attack, sheathed his sword, and just stood there. Brian and Marle looked at eachother confusedly, and cast both of their spells. Brian's white fire entwined with Marle's luminaire, as they both flew toward Rudian, and to the surprise of everyone, they both dissapated into nothing inches from his face. "BARRIER!" yelled Brian, pulling down Marle as their spells ricocheted back towards them, then to the ground behind them, leaving a small crater.

During this time, Chrono and Lucca regained conciousness, and motioned to Brian and Marle to distract Rudian as they got in position behind him.

"HEY! You trying to kill us here or something?" Brian screamed at the demon. Blazing around in a circle, Rudian stared directly into Brian's soul, and uttered the words, "Why, yes I am."

Rudian then drew his staff, muttered a few words and pointed it at Brian. Suddenly, 2 wolf-like creatures appeared, their fangs and claws smelling flesh and blood. They both lept at Brian, but only one made it to him, as the other one was dropped by a crossbow shot by Marle.

"Now that wasn't very nice....." calmly said Rudian, as he shot a bolt of lightning at Marle, knocking her temporarily out. He then watched the scene with the wolf with amusement, as this 'mortal' tried to fend it off.

"AHHH!" Brian screamed as the wolf creature lept on him and dragged him down to the ground. It started to claw, bite, scratch anything that moved, and Brian started to smell the blood around him, his own blood. This is the end, he thought.....

Suddenly the wolf was gone. Brian opened his eyes to see Rudian directly overtop of him, holding his gigantic sword in position for a deathblow.

"I will enjoy this, 'mortal', you will die here today, and I will be in the eternal flames watching the skin be torn from you're still alive body as I cry out in joy!" he screamed, as he started to bring down the sword. To the surprise of Brian AND Rudian, he missed the blow by near inches, and Rudius let out a huge gasp. Brian quicly jumped to his feet, backed away, and seen that Chrono had thrust his sword almost to the hilt into the back of Rudian. Yanking the sword from his dying body, he readied another blow, as everyone else regained conciousness and did the same. Talking with a low, raspy voice, powerless, Rudian uttered his last words....

"You............doesn't matter......planet will still cannot revive....magic......"

Chrono took one last look at the pathetic dying corpse, and swung his Rainbow sword with a rage, taking off the head with one swoop. An unearthly shriek was heard as a greenish mist was released from his decapitated body, that floated up above the clouds, while his corpse fell to the ground. Both Lucca and Marle burned the body with magic, and the only thing left of it was ashes, which Chrono kicked into the ocean, watching them float away.

"We've done's saved....." said Brian with a gasp.

Chrono looked up to the skies. "If only I wish......"


(Part 5 coming soon!)


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