The Biggest Sacrifice Part 1

The Kidnapping

By Husker Du

King Guardia............King Guardia! Please rise!.....

"Uhh.." the King said dreamily. Perhaps this is a dream, he thought, but thought worse of it when he felt a cold hand on his shoulder. Hurriedly, he sat up in bed, and tried to focus his eyesight on the black shape in front of him. Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he peered through a half-awake mind at the appirition in front of him. I just haven't enough sleep, he thought. This is all a dream....

King Guardia! Please! This involves Chrono!

"What...??", stammered the King, obviously awake now. Sitting up in the huge bed, with only his sleeping robe on, he finally focused his eyes on the shape in front of him.The room was very dark, only lighted by moonlight from the half-open window, but what he seen made him shake. Taking in a sudden gasp, he studied the person...the THING, in front of him. It was covered in a dark black robe, and the only features he could make out were a long, pointy nose sticking out from the black hood. But, he thought, it sure looked human.......except for the eyes. They glowed a bright blue, a blue that seemed as if to never die out.

"What's this about Chrono?" he asked hurriedly as he rose from bed, followed stealthily by the figure. "If this is a trick", he said whirling around to face the black robed creature, "I will have all the guards in this castle, along with Chrono himself, come and take your head!" He ventured over to a far wall, and picked out a long raiper, which he brandished threateningly.

"I appeal to you," said the apparition, "please hear me out."

"Very well," said the king, as he grabbed another robe from a chest. It was cold in here, he thought.....It wasn't this cold 5 minutes ago...

"I am Gaspar, the guru of time. I accompanied Chrono 3 years ago, on his quest to defeat Lavos. Now, I come to you to accompany you on a quest that will help save Chrono's life. Please, you must believe me."

"What has happened to Chrono?? Tell me!" the King yelled, grabbing the silken robes of the stranger.

"Nothing yet, sire. I cannot tell you here what has happened, only you must come with me."

"Very well," said the king. "I will be ready in 15 minutes, I must prepare, and bring some guards with me."

"That won't be necessary," said the stranger, "They cannot accompany us on this journey, it is only for us to finish."

The king pondered on this statement. I've never seen Gaspar, he thought. How do I know this man can be trusted? How can I leave my kingdom without a king?

"Listen," stated the king, "I'm not sure that you can be trusted or not, so I am at least going to bring this along." He reached into a chest at the far end of the room, and pulled out a broadsword, about 6 feet long. "This is the Kiona, one of the most powerful swords known, second only to Chrono's. Please do not make me have to use this," he stated, as he sheathed the great sword.

"That won't be necessary, as there will be no trouble. Now please follow me," the stranger replied.

He stuck a long, bony arm out of the robe, with hands that looked frail and thin, with a greenish tint to them. A stream of blue energy flowed from his hands, to a point on the wall, which opened a bright blue portal. The stranger stepped inside, and the king, knowing full well what he was doing, followed the stranger inside. Suddenly, surrounding him was not the bright blue of the portal, but eternal black, as he felt a large object crash into his head. The last words he heard were.....

"We have him now, the others will.......soon......We...bring back..............os......"

Everything went black.


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