The Biggest Sacrifice Part 10


By Husker Du

"A toast!" General Laman raised his golden mug high in the air, over the hundreds of guests in Guardia Castle's banquet room. "A toast to the people who saved the world yet again, who we are ever in debt to!" Cries of joy and exaultation were heard throughout the great hall, as the hundreds of people clapped and cheered as Chrono and his friends rose from the great table to take in the adoration of the people. Also seated at the table were all of their friends, Robo, Magus, and the others, brought there just seconds ago by Lucca, who also was on her feet. Just then, several trumpets sounded as the king of Guardia, all in his royal splendor, made his way down the aisle toward the great banquet table, accompanied by several knights in white armor. As he came down the asile, everyone rose to their feet and started to applaud, when the king raised his hand for silence.

"Do not cheer for a lowly king, when we are in the presence of these great heroes!" he cried, grabbing the closest mug of ale he could find. Raising it, he cheered along with everyone else as Chrono and Marle were given the best treatment of their lives.


"Well, Marle, what of us now?" Chrono asked, as he and Marle sat under the stars on a cool, crystal clear night in the castle courtyard.

"What of us?" she grinned, looking up into Chrono's eyes. "Well, everyone is alive, the future is looking good, and we are heroes yet again, for better or for worse."

Chrono laughed, a very deep laugh, as he stared up at the stars. "Well, what about us?" he then said, turning back to Marle. He noticed she hadn't stopped staring at him since they had arrived at the courtyard.

"Well......I was hoping....." stammered Marle, looking pleadingly at Chrono. He knew what she meant.

"Marle, would you.....marry me?" Chrono finally said, as Marle hugged him and started to cry for joy. "Yes!" she cried, as she kissed Chrono under the stars.


Well, this story was supposed to have a sad ending, with Chrono ending up dying. But, sad stories are not my forte, so I ended up having him survive. Don't worry, however, there is a sequel coming, hopefully much better than this.

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