The Biggest Sacrifice Part 3


By Husker Du

Arriving right at the instructed time, Lucca waited for the others. We haven't seen Robo in 3 years, she wondered, I wonder if he's ok. He should be, but........

"Lucca!" said Chrono. "Wow, what's gotten into you," said Lucca, "you look like you're preparing to fight a kingdom."

Chrono had changed his clothes, and put on a skin tight armor suit underneath his garb. He also had his trusty Rainbow sword with him, sheathed in a silver scabbard. In a patch that hung on his waist, Lucca could make out some tonics and Ethers. "Boy," she said, "I guess war makes you prepared, eh?"

Running down the walkway, Marle joined up with Lucca and Chrono. "Am I late? Sorry, I had to get this on........."

She had on a beautiful silken white robe, more beautiful than I've ever seen her, Chrono wondered.

"Hey!" Marle stated. "Pay attention!"

Chrono blushed, as he had been staring at Marle throughout the instruction of the Gate Key by Lucca. Smiling, Marle picked up the key.

"So, you're not coming with us then Lucca?"

"No, I have better work on perfecting the Gate Key, plus if you're to bring Robo back here, that's 3 people, all the key can handle. Good luck!"

Marle pushed the button on the key, and a small white portal appeared. "After you?" giggled Marle to Chrono. "Arrgh," he said, as he jumped through, with Marle behind.


600 A.D.

"Robo! It's been so long!" cried Marle when she saw the huge mechanical machine, looking better than ever. She ran up and hugged it, as Chrono watched on with a smile on his face.

"3 years to be exact," computed Robo, but then changed his tone and asked what they were doing there.

"The king has been kidnapped, and this is the only sign we have from the kidnappers," Chrono stated as he pulled out the glowing black cross. "Can you translate these symbols?"

"Hmmm.........." thought Robo, as Marle could hear gears and parts clink together as he thought. "I believe this is the translation....."

Castle by the sea, that's where the celebration will take place.....

"Uhh? What celebration? Castle by the sea? What??" said Chrono in a hurry.

"Well," stated Robo, "While I was in Bangor dome, I saw on the computers the remanance of a castle on an uncharted land mass about 30 miles east of here, in the middle of the ocean. Perhaps we could check it out, I believe that is our castle we are looking for."

"Sounds like a plan!" cried Chrono. Marle giggled, "Is that all you can say?" Chrono laughed, and said "well its a plan......"


They are coming....

Good. Prepare the ritual.

But what if they get past our allies.....

The ritual will be done by then, that's all that matters.



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