Destiny: Memories of Water Chapter 7

Invaded Dreams

By IceWolf645

It was later on. The sky was a deep dark blue and speckled with shining stars. A crescent moon watched over the quiet village. Most people had fallen asleep, but I was restless. I fidgeted under my warm covers wishing that the sun would peep over the horizon, just so that I could go and do something. I was incredibly bored.

Ryuu and a few of his men were still awake. For a moment I considered walking over to join them, since Oryon was one of those men and I felt that he would certainly allow me to listen and chat for a while, but I was wary of the golden-eyed man who was smiling unnervingly at his men and seemingly informing them of new orders. Oryon looked very angry. He had one hand clenched in a fist and even from where I was lying I could see his eyes narrowing. Curious, I strained to listen.

"We're leaving in the morning," Ryuu was saying. "The Besaid villagers are coming with us. They shall reside elsewhere until we can get a proper crew in here to rebuild this rabble."

Oryon frowned. "Have you asked the villagers what they think about this plan?"

Ryuu looked at him scornfully. "I don't need to. They'll do whatever I say without question. It's best for them anyways," he said in a sickeningly arrogant tone. I felt the urge to slap him, or even better, punch him right in his little pride-filled face. Maybe I could break his nose if I did that. I was stronger than I looked.

"They have a right to decide," Oryon protested. He crossed his arms and in the light of a fire flickering nearby, I noticed how dangerous he looked. I also noticed for the first time that his arms were covered in scars, probably from battles with treacherous fiends that had taken place in the past.

A small memory flashed in my mind for a split second, and then it was gone. It was of a person, though I couldn't quite make him out. He/She had been saying something to me in a low growl of a voice, but again, I couldn't understand what was being said. I sighed and tuned my ears back towards the Crusaders. Ryuu was speaking.

"Now, go to the docks and tell them to be ready to leave by noon tomorrow. I'm going to talk to Lady Yuna. I wish for her to come along with us," he said, with a glare at Oryon, who had merely closed his eyes and uncrossed his arms.

"Fine," he grumbled, in almost the same voice as I'd heard in my memory. I confirmed in my head what I'd believed. I had known Oryon, and I would consult him about it in the morning.


I'm not sure how long it took me to fall asleep, but I do know that when I did that I began to dream, because the dream I had that night was so vivid and real that when I woke up I was sure that I would see what I'd seen there. I can still describe it perfectly, even now.

Oryon stood before me, looking as impassive as ever. I walked forward and took a good hard look at him. He seemed different somehow. "Oryon?"

He smiled. "Perhaps. It's been quite a while since I've last seen you," he said gruffly.

I was puzzled. "We saw each other this morning, remember?"

He sighed. "I think it is you who needs to remember. You don't even know where you come from."

"Do you?" I asked with a sneer. If I didn't know, than certainly he didn't.

"Perhaps," he said with a chuckle.

My eyes must have lit up, because he laughed again. "My memory is a little fuzzy lately as well. I believe that I know where you come from, but I'm not sure if I'm correct, so we'd best leave it at that," he said, and a second later he vanished. I jumped, startled.

"Oryon?" I called.

"What do you want him for? He'll give you nothing but cryptic answers and lousy guesses, you know," a voice said, a little off to my side. I turned quickly. The voice was Ryuu's, but all I saw was a tiger, or more precisely, a black tiger with electric blue stripes. His smile was almost human, and it showed off his ivory colored canines well. His blue eyes watched me with loathing. I hated him, and my face must've shown it, because he said, "Oh, come now Destiny. That's no way for such a beauty to be looking. You look too much like the beast dwelling within you that way."

I raised an eyebrow. "Who are you?" I inquired.

He laughed, sounding crazy and furious at the same time. "I AM YOUR NIGHTMARE!"


I awoke with sweat beading my forehead. The sun was shining in the sky, and people were bustling around me busily.

"Ryuu says that we're leaving today.

"I wonder where we're going?"

"I don't care where we go, as long as Ryuu's on the same boat as I am!"

I laughed dryly. These people had no idea of that man's true nature. They were naïve, and now I knew how Ryuu had so easily talked them into leaving. He was right. They would listen to every word he said.

I felt someone pull me off of the ground and found myself looking into Wakka's face. "Good morning, sleepy head," he said, releasing me. "I was just comin' to wake ya up. We're movin' out, so grab a box and meet us down by the docks, okay?"

I nodded and walked over to all of the packed boxes, then hurried back to Wakka's side. "Where are we going?" I asked.

"Zanarkand," he grunted. I blinked. Zanarkand was the ruined city that Wakka'd told me about in the story of Yuna's pilgrimage.

"I thought Zanarkand was nothing but ruins," I said, trying my best to avoid falling and breaking whatever was in the box. I hoped that there weren't any of Lulu's dolls in there.

Wakka sighed. "It used to be like that, but with Sin gone we decided to rebuild it. There was no use in keeping it as ruins, ya? It's a nice place now. You're gonna go there with us. Cap'n Ryuu wants ya to," he said. I grimaced. I didn't care what 'Cap'n Ryuu' wanted.

Sanya came jogging up next to us carrying a box labeled 'my stuff'. I giggled. If all of their boxes had been labeled like that then they would have quite a time sorting everything out. Sanya grinned at her father.

"So, Pops, you got any reasons for why the whole village is goin' with us? I just woke up, ya?" she questioned.

"Ryuu gave orders to evacuate. Everyone's leavin' on the Draconis," Wakka said.

Sanya smiled coyly. "The Draconis, eh?" Wakka eyed her suspiciously.

"You got somethin' for Cap'n Ryuu like all the other girls in this village?" he asked.

Sanya grinned. "Maybe, maybe not. What about you?" she asked, turning her head towards me.

"Nah. He's not my type," I replied. She shook her head exasperatedly.

"Well, I think he likes ya. He was watchin' ya yesterday, ya know?" she said slyly.

I frowned. "I don't like him. He can forget about it," I said with an air of finality. She got the hint and shut her mouth. I focused myself on the road in front of me, and shut all thought of the pompous yellow-eyed man out of my head.

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