Shades of Darkness Introduction

By Iris Amergin

Just a few things I should set down before I start.

Writing for Fire Emblem 4 can get a bit tougher in places than other games, because it's harder to define canon.

On spellings: I spent a long time trying to decide which spellings to use...because let's face it, the Japanese material may romanize "Fury" as "Ferry," but I've yet to see a single person in the Fire Emblem fan community who calls her that. Then there are some names that have more than one fan-accepted spelling...eventually I just went "screw it!" and used the ones I was most used to. In most cases, the spellings I went with agree with the most commonly used spellings among fans, and where they don't, it should still be quite obvious who I'm talking about—there's not a world of difference between "Noish" and "Noiche."

As for pairings...that can get a bit stickier, thanks to the romance system the game used, but there's only one important pairing in this story anyway, and if you really want to split hairs about it, you should probably find a hobby.

Finally, I'll admit that details are easy to miss when the only real resource you have is an 80% complete translation patch. But anything that's wrong probably isn't that important anyway, and if you want to nitpick, I again suggest you find a hobby. It's just fanfiction, for crying out loud!

Thank you.


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