Birth of a Demon Part 2

By Jacen

            Lucrecia's eyes slowly opened after a half hour of being unconscious and the first thing she noticed was that the painkiller was wearing off, but she no longer felt any pain.  The child no longer being within her, her body no longer had a reason to complain to her of its contents.  Her vision was blurry and she thought she saw someone hanging above her.  She wondered if it was the one she loved, the one she treasured above all others...Vincent.

            "Vincent...?" she questioned groggily.

            "'Fraid not, miss.  M'name's Davis, the inn-keeper," Davis answered in a soft voice.

            Hojo heard their conversation and remembered Davis being in the lab.  He had to get him out of here, he could take care of everything now on his own.  Hojo sat the baby down on an enclosed table so it couldn't somehow wriggle itself off the table and onto the floor.  He then said, "Davis, come with me for a second."

            Davis nodded and gently kissed Lucrecia's forehead, saying, "I'll be back in a minute, miss."

            The two walked out and stood in the dark hallway, an awkward silence coming between the two of them.

            "Davis, I'd like to show you something.  Come with me," Hojo said slowly, deliberately.

            Davis nodded again and Hojo took the lead.  He opened the door to the crypt and let Davis walk in first, then walked in after him and silently closed the door.  He produced and cocked the same revolver he'd shot Vincent with soundlessly and pointed it at Davis's unassuming back.

            "Davis, what do you think of this room?" he asked.

            Davis couldn't see anything at first, save for the dark stone walls.  Soon, however, he bumped into something at knee level, and bent down to investigate.

            "What the...?" he whispered.  Panic began growing within him as he realized what it was.  "It's a coffin..."

            "That's right.  You're seen too much, and any usefulness I had for you is gone now.  I'd be damned to let a fool like you run around and spread stories of what you've seen, so I only really have one option.  That coffin there will be your home now for all eternity," Hojo said without emotion.

            Davis stood in terror at first, unable to move.  He whipped around and charged at Hojo, desperate to get out, knowing he couldn't reason with this maniac.  Hojo fired a shot at him and it hit Davis square in the chest.  Davis collapsed to the floor, blood gushing from his wound, but he was still alive.  Hojo aimed and coldly shot Davis in the head, and dragged his body to the coffin Davis himself had discovered.  He dumped Davis's body in it, and placed a lid half-way on top, then went back to the lab. 

            He walked through the lab door and saw the baby, his son, still on the table.  He then saw Lucrecia, wide awake now, looking directly at the child.  Hojo prepared a small dose of the same sedative he'd used on Vincent, and injected it into Lucrecia.  She gave a small cry of protest and soon went unconscious, unable to fight the drug at all.  Having taken the child's mother out of the picture, Hojo walked over to the table, faced him, and said, "Hello, Sephiroth."

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