The Ancient Tree Chapter 2

The Sick Tree

By jenyf86

The gang reached the forest in time to see a man raise an ax with his two hands.

“HEY!” Crono yelled at the man. “What do you think you’re doing?!”

“Chopping off the tree of course.” The large man replied. He swung his ax at the tree.

“STOP!!!!” the gang yelled in unison; but the man didn’t stop. The ax went crashing at the tree. The tree was so hard the ax simply bounced off. The man’s already large eyes went even wider. He was apparently afraid that the legend might come true. Strangely enough, but good for him, he continued on living. He quickly ran off leaving his ax behind.

Crono, Marle, and Lucca stood there not knowing what to do. Then they looked at the tree. At least they could believe something from the book: the tree was greatly huge and beautiful. But as they came closer to it, they noticed something strange on the roots. Something glowing yellow, even in the daylight. When they were right next to the tree they saw it was a coin. Around it were gray and pink spots.

Lucca gasped. “I know what that means! It means the tree is sick! You see, first a coin appears out of nowhere on the roots. Then, like here, gray and pink spots start growing everywhere. After that, the roots melt and become attached to the ground, then the leaves and branches fall and they melt together, even if the temperature is ice cold. And finally the whole tree collapses. We have to do something!” At that everyone started thinking.

Marle came up with an idea a few minutes after. “Lucca, I’m not sure but, maybe you could come up with a potion?”

“Ok, but we have to find another tree with this one’s decease first to test my experiences on. I wouldn’t want to make this tree explode or something.”

For the next half-hour the gang searched. They finally found one at the other end of the forest. They remembered the spot for the next time they came, and went home for the night.

* * *

Once Lucca got to her house, she went in her workshop and experienced different potions till her parents called her for dinner. When dinner was finished, she returned to her potions.

The next morning, she went alone to the smaller tree with the disease and poured one of her potions on it; the liquid was the same shade as her hair, which meant a very dark brown-purple. The only thing the liquid did was turn the tree the same color as the liquid, so Lucca put it aside. She new she would need some more. Then, she poured a pink-fluorescent liquid; that did the trick. The tree got cured while slowly coming back to its normal color. Lucca went home to prepare more of the two liquids.


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