The Ancient Tree Chapter 8


By jenyf86

“Listen, I think I better go get Glenn,” Lucca told her friends. They had managed to escape, and were now sitting on Crono’s bedroom floor. “After all, he could be a big help to us.”

“Yeah, but you can’t go alone,” Marle pointed out. “Crono or I should go with you.”

“No way. If only one person stays to guard the tree—and also keep an eye on the King and the village—Kinishi will probably attack then. Anyway I’ll be in the Epoch and I’ll find Glenn as quickly as possible. Kinishi can’t fly so he won’t be able to get me in the Epoch.”

“Yeah, you’re right even though I hate to admit it. Are you sure you want to go? If you prefer staying here, I’ll be glad to go,” Crono proposed.

“No. I want to go. I’ll leave tomorrow morning.”

“If you insist…” Crono said.

* * *

Where did I leave my bag? Oh, there. Lucca took her bag from the table and prepared a sandwich to take with her; she also put a bottle of water in her bag. OK, what else? Lucca didn’t want to admit it, even to herself, but the fact was that she was nervous. She really would have liked that someone would accompany her, but she knew that it was better this way. If Crono or Marle would have to stay alone here and Kinishi would appear, that person would loose the battle.

Lucca put on her coat and ran to the Epoch outside. She climbed in and set the time dial to 602 A.D. The Epoch flew through the air at warp speed; Lucca then landed safely at the entrance of the Cursed woods.

She encountered a monster in the forest, but at least she had brought her gun with her. When she went down the steps to get into Glenn’s underground apartment, she noticed a letter on a table.

Dear Friends,
If you are looking for me, I have gone to Denadoro Mts. Wish to see you soon

“Oh, no,” Lucca mumbled gritting her teeth. “Guess I’ll have to head there myself!”

Lucca took the Epoch to the base of the mountain and started climbing. The mountain hadn’t changed much since the last time she had seen it. She had seen it only once, at the beginning of the quest against Lavos. Huge trees were blocking the sunlight, but Lucca didn’t notice much. Her attention was caught by a green shape kneeling down at the edge of the river that cascaded down the mountain.

As Lucca approached, she could see a frown on the shape’s face. The frog looked up.

“Lucca!” Glenn exclaimed. “I am glad thou art here.” He paused and prepared himself for what he was about to say. “Something has affected the villagers of Dorino! I found out about that only a couple of days ago. The doctor of the village said the water was the reason; he thought it wasn’t clean, that there was some pollution in it.” He took a deep breath before continuing. “I came here today, in the morning. I was examining the water when you arrived. There is something in it that seems…”

“Let me check it out,” Lucca said. As she leaned above the water, she noticed it held a strange color. Not the habitual clear color; it was clear, yes, but it had a tinge of red in it. All the color rushed out of Lucca’s face. “The water’s poisoned!” she whispered. “And if we don’t stop this disaster now, my time too will be affected! And all the future times too!”

“’This horrible! We should inform Crono and Marle,” Glenn said.

“Yes, but they’ll have to stay in 1002 A.D. just in case Kinishi arrives.”

“Yes. I think thou should go now tell them,” Glenn suggested. “The fastest the better.”

“Okay! Let’s meet back at your house as soon as I come back. Then we’ll tell everyone the news so no one drinks that poisonous water.”

* * *

Marle woke up that morning, worrying about Lucca. She was sure her friend had already left and was probably O.K.

Marle had spent the night at Crono’s house. Now she looked in the bathroom mirror. Her reflection looked totally normal, but in her heart, Marle felt afraid. She was afraid of Kinishi, and of what that monster would try next. They had almost killed him, once. She was the very one that had stabbed him. Only he had survived. He had killed a whole bunch of soldiers, and was probably holding her father prisoner in the castle basement or wherever.

Marle took a sip of water just as Crono knocked on the door.

“Anybody in there?” he asked.

Marle opened the door and went out. Her hair was a mess, she remarked. “Can I borrow your comb?”

“Of course.”

After breakfast, Marle was feeling bad. Her stomach hurt and her head ached. “Unngg,” she moaned.

“What is it?” Crono asked her. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay. But I guess it’s just the emotion.”

Crono and Marle walked in silence towards Leene Square. Once there, Marle really was sick.

“I, I think I need some water. Can you get me some please?”

Crono nodded and bought a bottle of water from a stand nearby. But as Marle drank it, she felt even sicker. She lifted her head and saw the Epoch fly by.

“Hey,” she said in a weak voice. “Lucca should have been in 602 A.D. by now.”

“Maybe she overslept,” Crono said with a frown.

But a few moments later, Lucca was running up to them. “I saw you here from the Epoch. I’ve already seen Glenn. He was on Denadaro Mts. Please tell me you didn’t drink any water!”

“I have,” Marle said. “Why?”

“Are you feeling okay now?”

“No, I’m not. I feel sick, and I guess I am.”

“Oh no! That’s horrible! It’s already here!”

“Lucca explain yourself!” Crono cut in.

“The water on the Denadaro Mts. It’s the water the villagers drink from. Even in this time, right? Well, the water in 602 A.D. has been poisoned! No one took out the poison, so it’s still poisoned in this time!”

“Oh no, I think I’m gonna faint,” Marle said.

“You two have to tell everybody while I and Glenn try to find a solution.” Lucca started going away. “I’ll be back as soon as we get the poison out!” Lucca shouted running back to the Epoch.

After that, Marle really did faint.

* * *

“Marle’s been poisoned already. Crono and she will warn everybody; well, Crono at least. But first of all, we have to inform the villagers,” Lucca told Glenn. She was back in 602 A.D. in Glenn’s home.

“I wish Marle will recover.” Glenn said. “I will go to Porre and Dorino. You will go directly to Truce and Guardia castle. We have to hurry!”

* * *

Glenn walked out of the cursed woods with Lucca, and went alone to Porre. There he told the Innkeeper about the poison, and informed the restaurants. The residences were next. He told the Mayor and learned that the Mayor’s wife and children were already sick, but the Mayor himself was still feeling good. A few other residents were sick, but most of them were in good condition. They were only going to drink milk till the water was good again.

After all the town of Porre was informed, Glenn headed north towards Dorino. In the streets, not even a cat made an apparition. Glenn entered the Inn only to find no one there. Same thing for the restaurants and markets. When he knocked on the door of one of the residences, no reply came, but he decided to enter the house anyway.

On the floor, a girl was lying still. Glenn quickly searched for her pulse, but found out that the girl was already dead. It was horrible for Glenn to discover a dead body.

Dorino was the town that used most of the water from Denadoro Mts. That was probably why, in other houses, Glenn found more bodies. It was a horrible sight. Finding only two twin girls alive with their big brother, Glenn decided to take them with him to Zenan Bridge, where he and Lucca had decided to meet.

* * *

Crono saw Marle open her eyes. He had carried her back at his house from Leene Square.

Marle looked like she hadn’t slept for days. Her eyes were red with dark circles under them and her face was pale. Her body was limp.

“Crono… I…Unngg, I don’t feel good… at all,” Marle tried to say.

“Shh, don’t talk. I’ll have to leave you here with my mother. The other villagers have to know.”

“Okay… be careful.”

Crono left the house in a hurry, and quickly got all of Truce knowing. Fortunately, no one had been poisoned.

Crono headed for Guardia castle, but remembered that no one was there anymore, except maybe the King and a few people that Kinishi was probably surveying closely.

He went to Lucca’s house to tell her parents. They were both a little sick but weren’t too badly poisoned.

Crono headed to Porre and informed everyone he passed on the way. Only a few people were sick in Porre. Crono knew where he would have to go next: back home to take care of Marle.

* * *

Lucca arrived at Guardia castle, and told one soldier to inform the rest of the castle for the poison. Queen Leene had already been poisoned and was lying in bed, unconscious. Lucca ran to Truce and got there fast enough to inform everybody before it was too late. No on had been poisoned.

Lucca headed back to Zenan Bridge where she saw Glenn waiting for her with three kids. Glenn was looking horribly sad.

“All of Truce is safe,” Lucca announced. “Queen Leene is sick, but otherwise everyone is O.K.”

“Porre is O.K.” Glenn reported. “Except a couple of people.”

“Why are you looking like the whole town is sick, then?”

“Porre is O.K.” Glenn repeated. “But those three children were the only survivors of Dorino.”

Lucca was astonished.

“Everyone else is dead.”


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