The Ancient Tree Epilogue

By jenyf86

“Well, I guess this is it,” Marle said. She stood next to the Epoch with Crono, Lucca, Glenn, Tosha and the twins. The King and a few other castle people were now safe.

“Yes, I guess so too,” Lucca said. “I’ll accompany you to 602A.D. We’ll stay in touch, okay?”

“Yes, we will,” Glenn affirmed. He climbed in the Epoch. “See you soon, Crono, Marle.”

Tosha followed Glenn. “I’ll help you anytime.”

Lucca climbed in and took off. The twins would go on the next flight.

Lucca came back quickly and the twins went aboard the Epoch. “We’ll be back!” Celia said.

“Whenever you need us!” said Kirin.

Lucca and the twins rode to 602A.D. Lucca asked, “How did you do that spell. On Kinishi, I mean. I though you didn’t use magic.”

“We didn’t know we had magic either. It just came into our heads like that,” Kirin explained, snapping her fingers.

Lucca said goodbye and returned to her own time. She met Crono and Marle in the forest by the great tree.

“Well that was one though job,” Crono announced. “I’m glad it’s finished.”

“Yeah…” Lucca said, looking at the floor. “I’ll miss the twins, Tosha and especially Glenn, although.”

It was still the middle of the night, and the three friends flew to the beach with the Epoch. They looked at the night sky full of stars.

“Kinishi is long gone now, I guess,” Marle said. “Do you think we’ll use our magic again?”

“Who knows?” Crono said. “Maybe someday we’ll have to.”

There was a moment of silence. Then Crono asked, “Do you think we should name the tree we saved?”

“Yes, it would be nice,” Marle said.

Lucca answered. “Why not the Ancient Tree?”


The Ancient Tree:
The End


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