Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 10

By Jerm

Pret looked up as his door noisily swung open to reveal a figure, who strode into the room calmly; Nikades. The sorcerer was wearing black robes as always, but he was visible in the light that shone in brightly through the window behind Pret and his desk.

Pret stood up and and began to quickly put away his papers, he demanded, "Where have you been all of this time? No...forget that. I don't need to know and I don't want to know. Just tell me this: did you accomplish what you set out to do?"

"Yes...Now it is your turn to act," Nikades closed the door behind him, which shut with a click that was much louder than Pret thought normal.

"What do I have to do?" Pret queried, suddenly feeling hesitant, he backed around his chair and leaned back on the windersill behind him.

"How many soldiers do you have in your guard?" Nikades took a step forward, nearing the desk, "Not an exactp number, an estimate will do."

"I would say I have about one hundred of them. Why?" Pret asked, disliking his situation even more.

"You're going to defend good old Truce, Pret, my pet."

Pret was taken aback by Nikades' idea, he vaulted up from his sitting position on the window "What?! Defend Guardia?! Why would I do that? That's not my goal!"

"Maybe if you would listen to what I would do to help you, you would understand. Would you listen or do you feel like ranting a bit more?"

Pret calmed down, stepping away from the window, "What? What is it?"

Nikades walked around the desk and toward the now vacant window. He drew his hood back and put his hands behind his back. He stopped at the window and looked outside toward the north while Pret waited impatiently.

"There is about to be an invasion on the king. If you were there to defend the city, the king would gain your trust. I would then use my powers to increase that trust somewhat. You would be his right-hand man. And since his daughter is gone, you would be the next in line for the throne were something to happen to him."

"Why don't I just take the throne from him? Why be sly about it, be secretive?" Pret asked, amazed at how fast his plans were being torn up and reworked.

"If you just took the throne, do you think the people would like you very much?" Nikades demanded, "Even your very own guard would leave you. But if you usurp the government slowly, no one will care until it's too late."

"...Fine, but who will be invading our king?" Pret asked putting a vile emphasis on the word 'king'.

"That is for my knowledge, after all it is my purpose. You will find out soon enough. Now...will you do this?"

"I--Umm..." Pret began, thinking over the plan again.

If Pret could win, he would own Guardia. However, if his advisor was lying and he lost, he would be killed. Pret thought about it. Ambition against common sense. Greed against fear.

As always, ambition and greed won.

"I'll do it," Pret said finally.

"Good. Good," Nikades said, stepping back from the window and back around the desk, "I will have to leave again to collect the invasion army. With your leave..."

"Go," Pret said retrieving his papers.

Nikades went to the door, reaching to open it. He stopped as Pret gave his final words.

"Nikades. If you trick me in this, I will kill you before I die, before I take my fall from grace. Remember that before you think of betraying me."

Nikades nodded and opened the door. As he left a smile flitted across his face. Grace indeed...

* * * * *

"Let me out!"

The Marshal yelled again, but to no avail. Ever since he had been thrown to this strange world, he had been locked up in here. 'Here' was a small room with a bed and a door. Nothing else. Grey walls and a door. He felt like he was in a prison. There was little light, though he didn't need any anyway. There were other ways for him to see. The window was barred, there was no escape from that exit. The door was locked. No escape there either.

He beat his hand on the door and went back to his bed. He began to think about how to escape. He also thought about whether this was worth the gold he had been paid. He must have been behind the counter too long, he was getting rusty.

Well, no more. It was time for him to take his turn...

* * * * *

"We can't just leave him in there, can we?" Cid demanded of an adamant three.

They were in Cid's house talking about what to do with The Marshal. Cid's room was dormitorial, but it was suitable. There was plenty of food and there was a place to rest. Most importantly, there were chairs to sit in while they talked. Lab equipment was in the room next to where they were sitting, and Lucca seemed to look in that direction every minute.

The Marshal had been placed in Cid's guestroom, which was virtually empty of anything he might be able to use to free himself. Then again, they had forgotten to search him, but they didn't bother now, as it was obvious he was awake.

"No, we can't," Marle finally said reluctantly, "but he is a bounty hunter. If we release him, he'll nab me and try to leave."

Crono leaned forward, "Where could he go? I mean, how good is he?"

"He's the best as far as everyone else is concerned. I don't know why my father would be so desperate to bring me back." Marle answered.

"Maybe he finally noticed that his soldiers weren't doing and good." Lucca said jokingly.

"Who is this guy?," Cid asked finally, "Some sort of kidnapper for hire?"

"He's a mercenary," Marle answered, "He's got a bit of a past, though, and it'd take too long to explain."

"Well, I'm the outsider in all this, I'll go get some drinks while you talk about it, okay?" Cid stood up and left while the others continued to discuss The Marshal's fate.

"Why would he be foolish enough to jump into unknown territory just to get me?" Marle asked.

Crono shrugged and replied, "Maybe your father is more desperate than we think. Maybe he paid this Marshal a lot of money. A lot."

"But he's supposed to be retired," Marle argued, "He shouldn't even be accepting jobs."

"I repeat," Crono answered, "The Marshal was obviously paid a ver large sum."

"We still need to decide if and when to release him," Lucca cut in.

Cid returned with the drinks. He gave one to each of them, then took his usual seat to listen in again.

"Cid," Crono suddenly asked, "Have you ever heard of Lavos?"

"Umm...", Cid mumbled, shaking his head, "No. Who is he?"

"Nevermind. Just checking something," Crono replied with a quick smile.

Cid sipped at his drink. When he was done he asked, "Now why don't you answer my question about where you came from?"

"Do we?" Crono looked at the other two briefly, who both shrugged.

Lucca shook her head, "We owe him that much, he's helping us; we should be able to give him our side of this."

"Okay. I guess you're trustworthy," Marle shrugged, "Tell him."

Lucca told the story. She told of the building of The Gatekeeper and Nikades stealing it from her. Then the intervention with The Marshal and their escape. To the future.

Cid looked at her as if she was joking, "You're from 1000 years in the past?!"

"999 years to be exact," Crono said calmly.

"Well don't be exact, I'm confused enough as it is..." Cid retorted; he stood up so suddenly that his drink tipped over and spilled on the table. The others looked at him warily. He stumbled around confused, trying to find out what to do. His stumbling became a nervous pacing.

"You're going to hurt yourself," Lucca said, taking another drink.

Cid stopped and looked at them. Finally, he said, "But I though that technology was extremely low in the Medieval Ages."

"Medieval Ages?" Lucca asked.

"That was you timeframe. The time of kings." Cid replied.

"Our technology wasn't as much as it is now, but we had some. I'm an is my dad." Lucca said, "In fact he built most of the stuff. I was just beginning my inventive stage."

"There's someone I know that is also trying to build a time machine. He's nowhere close, though. Maybe you could tell him..." Cid said slowly, "His name's Nabat."

The name sounded familiar to the three but they couldn't place it.

"No," Lucca said adamantly, "I wouldn't allow time travel to fall in anyone elses fact, with what we've been in recently, I probably shouldn't allow myself to play with time."

"Would you at least like to meet him?" Cid pressed.

"No," Crono finally said, "take us to The Marshall. We're going to release him. . .And then we need to find out how we're gonna return to our time."

"Okay," Cid nodded, ceasing his pacing as they stood, "Fine."

"So you actually believe us?" Lucca asked suddenly, "Just like that."

"I have reasons..." Cid said, "Let's just say I can be a bit openminded to certain circumstances."


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