Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 13

By Jerm

The invaders were finally defeated, the last one dying by the sword of those it mindlessly attacked. The monsters had fought to the death, no sign of retreat in their movements, almost as if they didn't fear death. The very last had seemed intent on killing everything around it, despite the odds.

After the reinforcements had arrived it had become a slaughter. The cheering from the winners could be heard loudly from the hill the two leaders stood on. The two victorious generals finished shaking hands and turned back to their soldiers. Orders for clean-up and repair had to be made.

Suddenly, there was a shout from the ranks. Inaudible at first to the two, it soon became obvious as the words were repeated throughout the waves of soldiers: "The King!" Heads were turning to the west and fingers eagerly pointed. The king was indeed arriving. An escort of the royal guard surrounded him and the chancellor as they rode toward the hill where Pret and the officer stood.

The procession stopped grandly, each in the group stopping as if it was one thing. The king looked about, finally spotting the two he would have to speak with. He slowly dismounted his horse, handing the reigns to the guardsman beside him. He was still wearing his regal outfit, minus the flaring robe, which would have only gotten in his way. He sighed deeply and walked over to the two commanders.

"Is the battle over, yet?" he asked.

"Yes, it has, Your Majesty," one of the commanders spoke, "The beasts were killed to the last...The very last."

The king gave a scrutinous gaze to the speaker, recognizing him at once. The king appeared shocked for a quick moment at seeing the noble of Porre beating him to the battle but he recovered quickly with a grave nod.

The king turned to the other officer, "And you are...?"

"Captain Williams," the officer replied with a small almost unnoticable bow.

"Well, Captain Williams; I will have to talk with you and Nobleman Pret about this battle. If you will come with me, we can discuss what happened."

The king turned, walking towards an area where a small tent was quickly being set up. The two followed him, already knowing where this was going.

* * * * *

"...So it was the Mystics that sent that...horde against us? Magically created, you say?" the king tilted his head at Pret.

They were seated in the makeshift tent that had been erected not far from the battlefield, what used to be part of Truce. Guards posted outside made sure there were no eavesdroppers or trespassers.

"That is what my spy told me, Your Grace," Pret replied, cooly; the lie fully created in his head.

"Ah...I see," the king conceded, leaning back in his chair.

The king still didn't trust the man, but there had been no flaw in his story. And from what Williams had said, it must be true.

"Your Majesty?" Pret asked.

The king broke from his ponderings and looked at Pret, "Yes?"

"I believe that we must counterattack the Mystics. They had attacked us numerous times in the past, and this recent attack is the final straw in my opinion," Pret leaned forward in his seat, putting his arms on the table, "This recent attack was fully unprovoked. We should be at peace with them."

Williams sat by quietly. He had told about the battle, his job was now done. Politics was something a soldier was trained to avoid. He listened on however, as these 'behind-the-curtain' things always did intrigue him.

"So now you are giving orders to the king?" Guardia asked in a quiet voice.

"No, no-no, Your Majesty," Pret drew back in shock, "just my opinion. I have seen many humans and friends die in this fight. If you were to look outside, you may even see the bodies of friends of yourself. The Mystics are obviously responsible for this and I don't take kindly to having friends and allies killed by backstabbers."

"Very well. I will send a contact to the Mystics," the king leaned back into his normal position, the wooden seat creaking under him, "If they are indeed hostile, we will have to initiate an attack."

"If it would please Your Majesty, may I send the contact? I still have spies in Medina that could act as emissaries. They could tell of a plot in a second."

"I..." the king began thinking, "I'm not sure..."

"Your Majesty?" Pret asked.

"Yes, what is it Pret?" Guardia broke from his thinking.

"Trust me on this one. You need all the men you can offer in the pickup. I have men in Porre that are too far away to help the reconstruction, but can reach Porre in a blink."

"Oh...very well, Pret. You're right."

"Your Majesty?" Williams asked, hearing all he wished to hear, "May I request leave?"

"Yes you may, Captain. Thank you for the information," Guardia waved his hand toward the exit of the tent.

"You're welcome, Your Majesty," Williams bowed and hurried outside to help his men.

Then Guardia turned to Pret, "This meeting is over. I want you to go send some men to tally the damage and casualties."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Pret bowed as well, "...And then I will send the diplomat."

The king waved him off. When Pret was gone, the king sighed. Somehow, he felt as if he was making a very big mistake.

But he couldn't concentrate on what he was doing. He wondered if Nadia was truly safe.

* * * * *

"You know what? This is stupid!"

"Shut up, Crono," Lucca replied, "It is not."

Crono sulked as they drove toward the gates.

Lucca's plan had consisted of taking a patrol of soldiers that had been scouting into captivity. Basically hijacking a jeep. They then took the soldiers uniforms and were going to march right in. Cid would use what little knowledge he had of the compound to allow them to reach the gate. Cid hadn't thought good about the plan, but he had been inclined not to argue with Lucca. He continued to drive down the road.

"You know we're going to get caught," Crono said again.

"Would you shut up! It's going to work. And do you know why?" Lucca asked.

"And why would that be?" Crono asked sarcastically, already knowing the ever present answer.

"Because it's my idea!" Lucca stated matter-of-factly.

"If your ideas are anything like your inventions, then I say again: We're going to get caught. And, since you added that, I'll add this: we're gonna die, too!"

"Do you have a better plan?" Lucca asked in an insulted tone, "You know, since you can find so many flaws in mine and all..."

"Yes, I do. Why don't we all just find the highest point we can and jump to our deaths. That certainly is a lot better than this!" Crono replied in a near hysterical tone, "I mean, at least by jumping off a cliff, we have a small chance of survival...Unlike this."

"Fine. If you're so inclined to jump off high places, you go and do that. Then we'll all be back in our time having a good laugh at your stupidity." Lucca said finishing the argument.

"Do you mind?" Marle asked from behind the two, "I'm pretty sure the gate guards will be within hearing range soon. If you two don't stop arguing, Crono will be right."

Crono and Lucca stopped arguing, but they seemed to be waiting for the right time to continue. Crono changed the subject instead, "Gate guards?"

"Well, whatever you call them," Marle shrugged, "I don't know."

"Sentries," Cid added helpfully.

It was silent the rest of the trip. They reached the gate and Cid produced an identification he had taken from one of the people they had mugged. Well, he thought of it as mugging, though the others had been more 'openminded,' as they put it, in their view. The sentry lazily looked at it quickly and motioned them on through.

"That was close," Lucca said sarcastically as they drove into the outer courtyard, taking a left towards the parking area.

Crono glared at her, she glared right back.

"If all of the guards are as lazy as that, then there'll be no problem in getting to the gate," Marle mused, much to Lucca's ego's delight.

They exitted the jeep, and headed towards the side door of the complex. They stepped in, Cid flashing his ID around like it was the pride and joy of his life; the few guards sitting around ignoring him. They turned down a hallway, then Cid stopped them at an elevator. Cid produced another key that he had taken from one of the waylaid convoy. It fit and the doors opened with a satisfying ding. They entered the elevator and Cid pressed the bottom button. They were going to 'Basement G'.

Marle looked at the settings and said, "That's pretty far down, isn't it?"

"There have been places with deeper holes than this," Cid replied, "But yeah, this is pretty far down."

"Is Basement G where the gate'll be?" Lucca asked.

"Most likely. If I remember, when the 'meteor came, it left a big fat hole in the ground. The military built the base right over and inside the crater. Basement 'G' is at the bottom of the crater in accuality. I don't know why they call it all a basement when it really isn't underground."

"Neat," Lucca said, as she watched the numbers show their descent.

"They also keep an armory here. Don't know why," Cid continued.

"If they know what the gate is, then they'll try and open it. Opening gates to unknown worlds without weapons would be downright crazy," Lucca said, giving an answer to Cid's query, then she added more, "It's good to be prepared."

Crono whistled and spoke, "Armory, you say? Wonder what kind of weapons they've developed over a millennium."

"Don't bet on finding out," Lucca replied.

Cid cut in, "He probably will. The armory will most likely cover a large area. I hear they keep a few tanks down here, too. Excessive, if you ask me, but the military has been known to be paranoid."

"How much do you know about this complex?" Lucca asked.

Before Cid could reply, though, the elevator stopped and the door opened to basement G.


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