Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 17

By Jerm

Magus paced the halls of his old castle. The place was quiet, no one had been in here for years. The quiet helped him think however.

He had searched everywhere for Schala. The only option now was that she was dead; an option he didn't think about even now. She was somewhere and he would find her. Or die trying.

Magus looked up from his reverie to look down the hall. Though it was dark, his eyes were able to see perfectly well. He threw back his cape and his hand went slowly to the evil sickle-shaped blade hinged there.

He had heard something. He cautiously stepped toward where the noise had been heard. His hand pulled out the sickle. A twist of the wrist, and a long pole sprung out from it, creating a two-handed scythe. The end of the pole banged against the ground creating a sharp ring that echoed down the empty passageway he now faced.

The noise was constant now; a faint buzzing in the wind. It sounded familiar. He closed the cloak around him and then faded into the shadows. Unseeable from other eyes, he advanced toward his basement, not making a noise.


In his basement, it was even darker. Not a single torch was aflare, the darkness seemed infinite. However he glided through it as if there had been a hundred of said torches burning. And then in the distance, a light did shine.

A bright blue emission showered the walls further down the way with light. Magus had indeed seen this before. In an instant, the scythe was again free from its concealment. Magus reappeared from the darkness shorthly after.

It was a gate. The same that Lavos had created when Glenn and the others had foiled his plans to defeat the beast. It was still as large, but the pull was gone.

Magus stepped forward carefully as a rumbling started to eminate from the gate. The scythe was held loosely in his hands, yet it was a ready and deadly weapon.

As the rumbling increased, a small picked up from the gate. It blew his blue hair around behind his head. Whatever it was, it was big. And it was coming fast.

Magus leaned against the wall and waited for the mystery. The scythe, still in his hand, was leaned against the wall as well. He wrapped the cloak around him, and faded into the darkness.


There was much cheering as the ship returned to shore. Messengers had returned stating that the town of Medina had been destroyed, and that the Mystics had fled to the forests. That had been the news a whole two months ago, but the people didn't think that the Mystics had a chance.


Pret turned to the door as a messenger knocked then hurriedly entered.

"You called, sir?"

Pret calmly looked at the man for a second then spoke, "I would prefer to be called 'Your Majesty' now.

"Yes, Your Majesty," replied the aide, a fast learner.

"That's better. Now what did I call you for. . .Ah yes! I will give out a speech in an hour. Give the people this message: 'The king has returned and will deliver a speech on the war. It will be at the square by that ugly bell--. . .No, don't tell them that. . .it will be at the square by Nadia's Bell in an hour.' Got that?"

The messenger nodded and hurriedly left with a almost forgotten, 'Your Majesty'. The door shut behind him.

Pret smiled. How surprised the people would be.


Magus looked at the portal. The noise was at its peak now. It was coming.

He waited patiently as the gate began to shift and hum.

Then suddenly, a behemothic shape came roaring out of the gate. It's tread wheels turned continuously as it headed straight for where Magus was waiting.

A large barrel at the end looked like an eye staring at him.

For once, Magus was stunned. He finally noticed his position and jumped out of the way as the tank crashed into the wall he had so recently been leaning against. The wall crumbled, but the tank continued.

Magus ran after it as the juggernaut continued. It was slowing down now with a screech. Magus knew that it was from somewhere in the future--he had spent enough time there with Crono and the others to know that--but what was it doing here.

Finally, the tank stopped. Dust was floating everywhere from the debris of the wall now on the ground and tank. The top opened after a second. There was coughing inside as someone stepped out.

He didn't recognize the first figure. It was a young kid wearing glasses and a white shirt. The kid sputerred and all but crawled out of the vehicle.

Then another person crawled out. Magus recognized Lucca. She was older, that was to be expected, but she looked about the same. Behind her two more familiar faces, Crono and Marle, also climbed out.

Then one of the largest men that Magus had ever seen squeezed himself out. The man was muscular, with a traveller's cloak adorned. He did hold a crossbow in his hand and he directed it toward the other four.

Magus had nevered interfered with personal quarrels, but this was in his home. He stepped out of the shadows and raised his hand.

The crossbow jumped out of the big man's hand and the man looked surprisedly at the projectile as it landed on the ground several feet away. Then he noticed the stranger walk forward.

"We meet again. . ." Magus said quietly to the three.


A sizable crowd had gathered at the foot of Nadia's Bell. There was mummering as to what Guardia was going to tell them. Some thought that the kingdom of Medina now belonged to them, while others believed that maybe they had lost and the Mystics were about to attack.

The chancellor stepped up to the makeshift podium that had been erected during the wait and looked at everyone with sad eyes. The people slowly quieted under his gaze.

"People," he began in a loud voice, "as you know, we have been thrown into a war with the Mystics. This was the first war since the battle against Magus 400 years ago. In this war, the king himself went off to battle to help fight for you.

"But now. . .the war has ended."

The chancellor quieted as the people cheered their happiness. They finally died down and the chancellor continued.

"The war HAS ended. It ended in a truce."

Some people started muttering amongst themselves; another Truce with the Mystics, was the thought; but they were quickly hushed. There was a look of question on many of the people's faces.

"However this truce was hard won. We did manage to take Medina. But then King Guardia ordered that we chase and exterminate the Mystics. We met them in the forest and fought. There, in that battle. . .the king was wounded. He died two days after."

There was now an uproar as people started voicing their disbelief. The chancellor yelled over the din, "Let me finish!"

The talking continued for a moment then slowly stopped.

"Also the nobleman of Truce, Godfrey, and the nobleman of Chorre, Maray were cut down. The only man of any kind of rank that survived was the nobleman of Porre. . .Pret.

"Due to the prolonged disappearance of Princess Nadia, King Guardia has named Pret his successor. We now have a truce, but it was hard won. Anyway, here is Your Majesty, King Pret I."

Pret appeared on the podium and walked forward to better address the people. There was complete silence now.

"My subjects, I am saddened to bear the news of my predecessor's death, but it is news needing a bearer anyhow. I now take the kingship under necessity. The king himself has pronounced that I am to succeed him. It is an honor I must not back down on. Princess Nadia is gone, possibly forever. This kingdom needs a ruler. Due to the deaths of the other two nobles, that puts the responsibility on me.

I will try to be a just ruler, as the Guardia line did. However, this will be different. Peace with the Mystics is now impossible. They continuously backstab us and hide behind lies. No more can we trust these beasts.

"My coronation will be in three days at the sacred Denadoro Mountains. After the ceremony, I will have to name new nobles for Truce and Porre. In these choosings I pray I will make the right choices for you."

With that, he turned and walked off. A trail of confused and frightened people shocked into quietness behind him.


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