Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 21

By Jerm

Nikades felt the death of his lieutenant, the red demon. They had survived the attack. He could sense that all of them were still alive. And they had two new allies.

This would not do. He would have to set a better trap before this motley crew actually did something damaging. They were beginning to become a nuisance.

* * * * *

Pret sat in his regal throne, enjoying the power he held over the person standing in front of him. He waited as the man finished his request, not yet bored. The day was still young. Behind him, in the shadows, stood his advisor, Nikades. No one could see the sorcerer, he was concealed somehow.

The man finished his request for a few more acres for his farm and Pret leaned back as if to think. Behind him Nikades whispered to him, "Give him the land."

"What?" Pret said, forgetting that eyes were on him.

"It will keep the morale up. It's only seven acres. Truly you aren't THAT stingy. Gain the people's trust by giving in to a few of their requests. Then when they trust you, you can do what you want. It will be too late then."

Pret leaned forward again and faced the farmer. The man looked so pitiful, certainly at Pret's mercy. The thought gave him power.

"You may have the land. I will send an auditor to select where there is free land to take."

The man looked happy and bowed to Pret saying, "Thank you, Your Majesty."

"You may have it for one year. Then, after the year is up, you will have to pay for the extra land. Unless you relinquish hold of it."

The farmer bowed again, happy for his sudden gain. He turned and nearly pranced out the door.

"Idiot," Pret murmured under his breath.

* * * * *

In the town of Truce, peace had returned. The new king was worthy, and the land was not fading under the loss of the Guardian line, as so many had predicted. After the war with the Mystics, the land was returning back to normal.

However, there were some who believed that the Guardian line still existed. They denounced Pret's claim, stating that Princess Nadia would return. It had only been a month, she was bound to return.

A resistance group was forming. They resisted the rule of the new king and they were growing stronger day after day.

* * * * *

Taban and Lara returned to their house. Since news of the war had reached them, they had hurried to return home, wondering if Lucca was all right at home.

Taban looked in the yard to see a large device sitting there. It was Lucca's latest invention. Taban wondered if it was finished yet.

Maybe Lucca would show him how it worked. He looked around to see that the grass was very high. Lucca had not been cutting it.

Lara and Taban waded through the foot high grass to the front door. Taban pushed it opened and the two walked inside.

There were no lights on, the sunlight shining through the windows was the only source of illumination. This light illuminated a scene of destruction. Everything was overturned. There were claw marks on the tipped refrigerator, whose contents were scattered everywhere. A wall had been completely mauled, claw and teeth marks abounded apon it.

"What the--" Taban began.

They heard a noise upstairs. "Lucca?" Lara asked hopefully.

The noise became louder, it was a growl.

"Let's get out of here," Taban said as Lara reached for the door.

There was a sudden rumbling as something big came running down the stairs from Lucca's room. It turned as it came into view.

A black four legged beast. With red eyes and a fanged mouth.

It turned from the stairs and bounded toward them, cutting a clean and graceful corner for such a large monster. The demon jumped over the bookcase across the doorframe and raised its hackles, about to pounce.

Lara ran out the door and Taban shut it behind him. As the door shut, there was a loud crash as the monster hit the door.

Taban walked away from the door slowly, still facing it. Suddenly, a claw stuck through the door ripping a large chunk out of it. Beyond the hole, they could see the red-eyed face.

Then the demon stopped. It stared at them, and then it turned and walked away, back up the stairs.

The two began to sigh, when they heard a low chuckle from behind them. They turned and faced a more fearful menace.

The new monster had the body of a scorpion, complete with six legs and a menacing stinger. However, where its head would be rose a human body. It had hands instead of pinchers, but it still looked deadly. It was centaur-like, except a scorpion body not a horse's. On its head it had no hair and two blue eyes peered at them beneath the bald head. It opened its mouth to chuckle again, short, sharp teeth emerged from the cavernous mouth. It stood over the two, a good seven feet tall.

"Welcome to the end," it said and advanced, stinger dancing in the air.

* * * * *

Nikades smiled. Merjhra had completed his task. The trap was set. Feorne, the red demon, had failed and payed for that with its life. Merjhra was not likely to slip so easily.

A new lieutenant would have to replace the late Feorne. Something with more intelligence. Nikades thought about it.

* * * * *

The group looked at the destroyed escape route. They had escaped for now, but the fear of another attack was all around.

"Where are we?" Crono asked Magus, who was looking back above the cave, where his castle had once stood.

Magus looked around, "I am not too sure. . .I think we lie on the western coast."

"What?!" Crono asked, "You don't know your own home?"

"It has been years since I have been here," Magus replied coolly.

"Could you stop yelling and help?" Cid asked lying the unconscious Lucca down onto the soft ground.

Crono turned from the wizard and walked over to his sleeping friend. Marle and the Marshall joined.

"She's hurt," Cid said unnecessarily, "She was cut by one of those demons."

"Clawed?" the Marshall asked.

"Yeah." Cid back off to let the Marshall nearer.

The Marshall inspected the wound, peeling back the cloth Cid had tied around her arm. The wound was flecked with yellow.

"Venom." the Marshall said spitefully replacing the cloth.

"Poison?" Crono asked looked at his bitten leg, "Then why aren't I affected?"

"You were bitten. I suspect that the demons use their claws to poison, their jaws to eat. Why would it bite you?" he asked the last question thoughtfully.

"It didn't exactly have the use of its appendages at the moment," Crono replied, indicating his belted sword.

The Marshall reached into his cloak and pulled out a small envelope. He opened it and pulled out a package of something the others couldn't make out.

"Do you keep EVERYTHING in there?" Crono asked.

The Marshall ignored him. Instead he said to the group, "She's lucky. She was bitten in the left arm."

"So?" Crono asked.

Cid cut in, "Blood flows from the heart TO the left arm. That means that it has to travel all around her body before it returns to her heart."

"And this will slow the poison down enough so that we can take her to a doctor of some sort."

He opened the package and held open Lucca's mouth to pour the contents in. After that he closed her mouth and looked to the others. "Where's the nearest town?"

"Dorino," Crono said, "West of here."

The Marshall lifted Lucca effortlessly in his arms, "Then let's hurry. That poison has been slowed down, not stopped."

* * * * *

Nikades stood thoughtfully in his room. It was now noon, he had been in here for over an hour. He looked out his window thoughtfully, making decisions as to what he should do next.

Nikades decided that it was time to start his plans. He sent out his thoughts to his minions, giving them his instructions.

The monsters understood. . .and implemented.

Nikades smiled. His minions were such good little workers.

* * * * *

Gaspar slept fitfully under his lamppost. The End of Time was one of the most boring places to live. Sleep was a constant thing here. Gaspar remained, however, so that he might help others who get lost. It was his job by choice, though not without its regrets.

The bucket that led to Lavos was no longer there. The great entity was finally dead, and Gaspar had no more need of that spur of the moment gate.

Spekkio sat in his own room, watching the planet live through the times.

Gaspar jerked awake suddenly. He had felt something. A pillar had been used.

He turned to the door, expecting another lost traveler. They appeared here ofter, yet not so often as they used to.

Then he felt a wrenching in his mind. Something wasn't right. He started to use his thoughts to lock the door when it suddenly burst open. A large demon stepped out. It stood at eight feet in height on two legs. Two impossibly large arms stooped before it, with clawed hands at the end. Its whole body was covered with dark brown hide. Two coal black eyes peered forth.

The thing shrieked as it spotted him. Inside of its mouth was nothing. Just a black hole, a large hole.

Then more nightmares came pouring out of the room behind it. The black, four-legged demons bounded toward the old man.

"Spekkio!" Gaspar yelled preparing to fight.

Spekkio came running out and stood by Gaspar, not understanding, yet not asking in this time of need.

The leader turned to Gaspar, "Master Nikades sends his greetings!" it said and then it laughedk "And his farewell."

"Nikades?!" Gaspar began.

". . .says that Banrin can have this dump. But Banrin want to destroy it. Is a dump!"

The creature laughed again and the demons charged.

Spekkio summoned all of his energy to fight. Though it would not be enough. There were just too many of the demons.

And the only escape was blocked by the brown menace named Banrin.


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