Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 4

By Jerm

"I wonder if Robo will really be in the future." Lucca stated absently.

They were in Crono's room. Crono was sitting on his bed, stroking a pink cat in his lap. Lucca was sitting across from him on the windowsill, facing the room. She had opened the window and the wind blew her hair around. Though it appeared from a glance to be purple, her hair was actually a deep, deep brown.

"Of course he will. Don't you remember how we found him?" Crono asked, trying to console her, "He had shut down during the Lavos attack. That means the apocalyptic future didn't create him."

"I know...but he won't remember me. Won't remember the adventure," Lucca shook her head, "He won't remember a thing."

"You can teach him again. You should just be thankful that he's there." Crono said petting Blush, which whom purred under his touch.

Lucca didn't answer. She reached out and picked up the musical poyozo doll Crono had won at the fair. She twisted the key on it's back and it began to play its music. She placed it back down and hopped off of the windowsill. Cyrus, who had been rubbing against her leg protested until she reached into the bucket and placed down some food for him to eat.

"I guess you're right," she finally said, straightening up and pacing about.

"Of course I'm right," he said humorously, "whenever I don't make sense, I know there's got to be some truth in it."

He stood up and placed Blush on the bed. She decided that she wasn't tired anymore and went to eat with Cyrus. Crono stretched, "I mean, whenever I know what I'm saying, I....Well, I something when I know what I'm saying."

"I guess I should go home," Lucca said, as Crono stopped stuttering and went to close the window behind her.

He stopped however when he looked into the streets of Truce. There was a monster. More than a monster. A golem. An angry golem tearing apart Truce. He stood staring outside for a moment, his hand dropping from the window.

"What is it?" Lucca asked curiously, snapping him out of the trance.

Crono didn't answer. Instead he ran toward the stairs, only stopping to grab his sword from off of the wall hook it rested on. Lucca ran after him as he flew out the door and into the streets. His mother was startled for a moment as he flew by, then shrugged and returned to cooking as Lucca flew past after Crono.

In the streets, there were several people already armed with swords and sticks trying to fight off the beast. They were losing, as there were now two of the five men lying on the ground.

Lucca checked her belt before remembering that her gun was at her house. She had no weapon. She sighed. There was no reason to bring the gun, how could she have known? She watched as the fight intensified.

Crono unsheathed his sword and charged the golem. It stared at him as he ran and laughed. It threw another man away, and ignored the other two, turning to face the new menace.

Crono slowed his approach as he swung his sword at the lumbering giant, but the golem easily dodged his swing, bending and stepping aside. The side step put it against one of the other people trying to battle it, who fell back away from it quickly. The golem then retaliated against Crono with a backhand against the chest that sent him flying through the air.

Crono landed at Lucca's feet, dust and debris erupting from under him.

"...Guess...I've lo--...lost my touch," he said breathlessly.

"Are you alright?" Lucca asked trying to help him up.

"No problem," he said as she slowly pulled him up, he absently clutched his chest in pain with his free hand, trying to regain his breath.

He finally found his footing and stood facing the golem. He resheathed his sword and focused, using mind instead of matter this time. The golem looked perplexed and just stood watching, a man hung unconscious and forgotten in its hand. The other man was lying on the ground, still and silent.

A white aura began to waver around Crono. He opened his eyes and pointed his hand at the golem.

A white beam of pure energy erupted from his appendage and toward the golem. The monster was hit dead on in the face, causing it to lose its footing and fall to the ground. It dropped the man that it had been holding. The unfortunate victim struck the ground in a heap, then suddenly got up off of the ground and drunkenly ran from the golem. He had been conscious after all.

However, the golem began to get up. It didn't seem to be badly damaged, though there was now a bright scar running down the middle of its face. It roared in anger and faced the new challenge.

Lucca then remembered why golems were so dangerous. They were mimics.

"Crono, loo--" she began.

A beam of light similar to Crono's shot forth from the beast and it struck the target. Crono was flung back much farther than he had been before. He landed hard on the ground no fewer than twenty feet from where he had been standing. Lucca looked back over her shoulder in concern, hoping he hadn't been badly injured. Then a noise came from where the golem was. She quickly turned her head back, hoping it hadn't noticed her.

Crono looked up with the last of his strength to see as a score of armored men wearing the king's crest on their shields rushed the golem. He sighed in content, as the monster fought the guard.

Then he blacked out.

* * * * *

Crono awoke to Lucca's face above him. It was blurry, but he could recognize her, as she was the only person he knew that wore glasses. She gave him a quick smile and turned away.

"He's awake," she said to another figure.

Crono's vision began to focus as he saw the other figure approach. It was Marle...Princess Nadia. She crouched over him, and he realized he was lying in a bed. It smelled like an old bed.

"How do you feel?" Marle asked; a worried look on her face obviously etched on her face.

"I feel like a million," Crono replied groggily, trying but not completely succeeding in making a smile.

Marle giggled and hugged him. The sudden movement made his eyes blur again, but he didn't mind. The worried look had disappeaded from her face. Lucca stepped forward again with a cup in her hand. She gently pushed Marle back so she could reach Crono.

"Here, drink this," she said offering the cup.

Crono looked at it suspiciously. He knew all about medicine and its 'aftertaste.'

"It's just water," Lucca said calmly.

Satisfied, Crono quickly downed it.

"...And several other things that will help you heal," Lucca finished as Crono started choking on the foul tasting liquid.

Crono glared at the young inventor, "Thanks."

Lucca took his cup and went back to the shelf she had taken it from.

"What happened to the golem?" Crono finally asked, as the incident returned to his memory.

"What?" Lucca said, turning around to face him again.

"The golem," Crono repeated, "What happened to it?"

"Oh. It was killed. There were no human deaths, thankfully. But there were nine injuries," she answered him, then added with a smirk, "counting you."

Crono gave her another glare and said, "Do you know where it came from?"

A sudden solemn expression came over Lucca's face. She bowed her head and nodded.

"Well?" Crono pressed.

"...You remember my 'failed' Gatekeeper?"

"...Oh great," Crono responded, sinking his head back into the bed.

"Gatekeeper?" Marle asked uncertainly.

Crono turned to Lucca, giving her the signal to tell Lucca about her invention. However, Lucca shook her head, "I don't have time to explain, you'll have to do that for me, Crono."

"Why don't you have time?" Crono tried to sit up, but didn't succeed, "What are you gonna do?"

Marle pushed him back down onto the bed, "Rest some first."

Lucca replied walking out of the door, "I'm going to be researching on the Gatekeeper for a while. It might take an hour or it might take a week, but I need to find how this happened. I'll try to get it done as fast as I can."

"Fine," Crono nodded, "Do you think another one of those things came out with it?"

"I hope not," Lucca said, walking towards the door, "Oh, and Crono, don't forget to tell her about it."

"Yeah, yeah," Crono acknowledged with a nod.

"Bye," Marle said, quickly waving to Lucca.

Lucca nodded back, opening the door to leave. They watched her walk out of the building, a troubled expression visible in her face.

"Really strange..." she muttered as the door shut behind her.


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