Chrono Trigger Dimensions Chapter 41

By Jerm

They finally decided to 'borrow' a two wheeled cart from one of the empty houses. The house's occupants were out carrying on the good deeds of a lynch mob, so they wouldn't miss it for a while. Even so, Cid pointed out that they should find some way to return it. Witnesses could point them out to the people when questioned.

The others agreed and proceeded to pile Marshall and Magus into the cart. Marshall was a bit of a problem, however. His legs hung over the edge and dragged on the ground as they pulled the cart. It couldn't be help, so they ignored it as best they could.

They reached Lucca's house a few hours later, it was now midafternoon. They hid the cart inside of Lucca's house, and deposited the two unconscious beings in each of the two beds in the house. Magus was placed in Lucca's bed, because Marshall couldn't even begin to fit on it.

After the two were taken care of, the others went back downstairs to the main room.

Glenn continued, however, walking out the door and going outside. No one questioned why and the door shut behind him.

"Tomorrow's the day, isn't it?" Cid asked as he sat down in the wooden chair by the front door.

"Yeah," Crono nodded, "Doesn't give us much room, does it?"

"I'm glad I'm not claustrophobic, because it isn't giving us an inch of room," Lucca said, with a smile.

Crono sat down on the right side of the couch, "It's almost good to see you have your sense of humor back, Lucca. Just one thing: Puns aren't funny."

"Sure they are, Crono, you're just not sophisticated enough to understand them," Lucca pointed out.

"I see your cutting remarks have returned as well," Crono said, then replied, "Fine. I should never have known to match wits with the brainiac."

"Why Crono, is that a compliment?" Lucca asked, feigning surprise.

Crono glanced at her, "Shut up."

Cid grinned, "I'm sure THAT wasn't."

Marle returned from the kitchen with a glass of water. She sat down next to Crono and tried to figure out where the conversation was.

"You don't know me well enough, apparently, Cid," Crono replied, "That's as close to a compliment you'll ever hear from me."

"Apparently," Lucca said as she went to her kitchen to get a drink as well.

"See?" Crono asked Cid, "Even she agrees with me and she's know me her whole life."

"How long HAVE you known Lucca?" Marle asked, finally getting a chance to join into the conversation.

"I don't remember now," Crono said grudgingly, "It must be around 15 years or so."

"That's almost your whole life," Cid pointed out.

"I'm not exactly a doddering old fool yet, Cid," Crono replied.

"Yeah, yeah," Cid replied, looking outside through the window for a moment, wondering if he should add, 'Just doddering'; instead he said, "It must be around four o'clock by now."

"By the way," Crono said suddenly, "I've been meaning to find out at what time will Nikades awaken tomorrow?"

"I was guessing about the same time he went to sleep," Marle replied, rocking in her seat slightly, "Melchior knows, and as long as he doesn't come running into the house screaming about the end of the world due to his being late, we shouldn't worry."

Lucca returned from the kitchen with her drink. She walked into the room and sat down in a chair, facing across from Crono and Marle.

"So Cid," Crono said, drawing the former engineer's attention, "What's your past like?"

Cid shook his head, "Nothing special. Just drudging day to day things."

"Won't they miss you back where you work?" Lucca asked, "You've been gone a long time now."

"I doubt it," Cid replied, "I could fall over dead in the halls, and they would simply get the janitor to clean it up."

"You're exaggerating," Marle said, "I'm sure that you weren't that inconspicuous."

"It's not that, it's just that. . ." Cid tried to find a word, "I'm just a kid over there. Someone to do all of the work that the 'adults' wouldn't touch."

"Ouch," Crono said, "It was that tough?"

"Probably tougher," Cid said, continuing, "I had no family, and I left all of my friends to get that job. I was alone in a hostile environment."

"You aren't alone in being alone, Cid," Marle said, "I've lost my family, Marshall lost his family, and Magus's family is. . .missing."

Lucca was about to add something, then shut her mouth and continued to listen, taking a drink of her water.

"Yeah," Cid agreed, "but I've always felt that I don't belong in my time. I mean, everyone else is so closed minded and only think about getting their next paycheck. I always wanted to live in a land of magic and possibilities. But there was no room for that in this world, it was a world of sciences and impossibilities."

"The only reason this world has magic," Lucca explained, "is because of Lavos. He gave it out freely to the people of Zeal so that they might power him even greater in the end. Sort of like collecting interest at a bank. However, the magic lasted several centuries afterward, only slowly dying away. In our time, magic only existed in a select handful. Finally it died out completely close to your time. People grasped onto science to fill in the gap."

"I know," Cid agreed, "but I would have killed to be born with magic."

"As grand as it sounds, Cid," Lucca continued, "Magic is a destructive force. Lavos, Nikades, Zeal, and. . .Magus are all examples of what happens when you acquire too much."

"Power corrupts even the nicest of people," Crono added.

Then the door was thrown open, revealing Glenn. The others turned quickly to see what the commotion was. Glenn walked inside.

"Melchior is returning," he said, indicating outside.

"Good," Crono said, "Let's hope he got what he needed."

* * * * *

"What's that?" Marle asked, as Melchior pulled a strange looking amulet from his pocket.

"It's a pendant made from dreamstone," Melchior explained as he set it on a table, "Not as pure as yours, Nadia, but it will serve the needed purpose.

"What IS its purpose?" Crono asked.

"It should provide enough energy for the spell to be cast. The spell should seal Nikades permanently. Of course, I'm not strong enough to cast it even with the pendant."

Melchior looked around casually, "We'll need Magus. Where is he, by the way?"

The others were silent. Melchior looked at them hard, wondering what they were hiding, "He isn't dead, is he?" Melchior asked tentatively.

"No no no no," Marle replied quickly, shaking her head fervently.

Melchior took a deep breath and exhaled quickly, glad for the news, "Good."

"He's in a coma, though," Cid added helpfully.

Melchior looked at him for a second, the information registering slowly, then he nodded slowly as he spoke, "A coma?"

"It's not a coma. He's just unconscious," Lucca added, "He should recover over the night. . ."

"What's been going on?" Melchior finally asked.

"You wanna sit down for this one?" Crono asked indicating the chair beside him.

* * * * *

"So the shadows are already showing activity in our world," Melchior said thoughtfully, stroking his chin.

"Yeah, one tried to get Magus. It said that he was the most powerful being in this dimension," Crono said.

"The most powerful human,"Melchior corrected, "He is hardly the strongest 'being' in this world."

Then Melchior added, "So you then decided to put him into unconsciousness to get at the shadow?" he looked at Crono pointedly.

"Don't look at me," Crono said defensively, holding his hands up; then pointing at Glenn, "He was the one who hit him."

"I thank you for that, Crono," Glenn said sarcastically.

Melchior changed directions, "Well, I guess that was the best that could be done with such short notice, it was a much better choice than killing him."

* * * * *

Marshall opened his eyes. The movement caused slight pain, but he ignored it. His whole body was stiff. He needed to move about to loosen the tension.

He sat up in bed and attempted to stand. . .only to fall onto the ground, his legs giving out and going numb. He struck the floor with a deep thud, shaking the room slightly. He groaned as the pain increased from his movements.

Marshall slowly dragged himself back up to the bed with his arms, wondering how this had happened. Then it struck him. The lightning had hit him dead center and he had blacked out.

That would explain the numbness and stiffness. His muscles must have tensed up fiercely when he went into those spasms of electrocution. He bent his fingers into a fist, hearing and feeling the bones pop and snap as they were moved for the first time in half a day.

There was a commotion at the door and Marshall looked up to see it open to reveal the others. He smiled at them and waved, the waving caused his elbow to pop loudly, and he flinched.

"You sound like an old man," Crono said as he entered the room.

"You would actually tell me that and stand within fifty feet of me? You MUST be insane," Marshall joked back, popping his back.

"Are you ok?" Marle asked, filing in behind Lucca and Glenn, "We thought the bed might have finally given way under you."

"Did you enjoy your session of shock therapy?" Cid added.

"'Yes' to Marle and 'no' to Cid," Marshall said, then added a moment later, "whatever the hell shock therapy is."

Cid started to explain, but Lucca cut him off, "Don't bother."

"Thanks," Marshall said, his legs creaked as he bent and massaged them.

"Do you think you can walk anytime soon?" Cid asked, then added, fiendishly, "Though not as stealthily, from what I hear."

"If I'm the object of another joke, I'm going to 'snap' the teller," Marshall said, emphasizing the word 'snap' by popping his neck, "And I can probably be up and running in a few minutes."

"Ok, we'll meet you downstairs then," Lucca said, turning to go.

Marshall was about to say 'bye', when he remembered something, "What happened to Magus?"

"He's ok," Crono said, "just unconscious."

"Oh, so being unconscious is okay, is it?" Marshall asked, standing, which caused his legs to pop again.

"As long as you don't snore," Crono finished, leaving the room and heading downstairs.

Marshall was alone again. He looked around thoughtfully, his neck creaking slightly. He hoped he could get his body back into functioning order soon.

He hobbled over to the door and pushed it open to let him through. Then stopped to think for a moment, "I wonder if unconscious people really do snore."

He shook his head and headed downstairs to join the others.

* * * * *

"War plans?" Cid asked, incredulously, "Isn't that a little flashy for what we are really going to be doing?"

The group were all seated in the main room, discussing what was to be done about the denizens that Nikades had created.

"Plans are plans, Cid," Marle defended herself, "Now let's create some."

"How can we prepare for these things? We haven't even seen them," Cid continued.

"Cid's right," Lucca added, "We don't know their weaknesses-if they even have any-or their strengths."

"Do unconscious people snore?" Marshall piped in suddenly.

"What?" Marle asked, unsure she had heard him right.

Crono started snickering like a kid and the others glared at the interruption. Marshall shrugged and looked at Crono, "He put it in my head."

"I think they would, since they are sleeping," Cid said.

"Not sleeping, but unconscious," Marshall pressed.

"They're the same--" Cid began.

"Aren't we getting off track?" Marle broke in.

"From what? We can't do anything about a foe we don't know anything about. We'll have to make it up as we go along," Lucca said.

"She is right," Glenn added, then said, "Sadly enough."

"Our only plan is to make sure that Magus can get to Nikades in one piece. . . .AND be able to cast the spell." Crono finished.

Marle sighed, "Okay, so we don't have much to go on, do we?"

"When have we ever?" Melchior asked, though it was a rhetorical question.

"It's getting very late," Lucca said suddenly, looking outside.

It was dark outside, around seven o'clock. That wasn't really very late, but they needed to wake up early tomorrow to get ready and make sure that Magus was in top performance.

"I'm going to sleep now," Lucca finished, heading off to her room.

The others agreed and each went to their regular sleeping area. They said good night to each other before falling asleep.

Tomorrow was going to be the longest day the world had ever faced.


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