Chrono Trigger Dimensions Epilogue

By Jerm

The group spilled out of the red gate that stood in the frame of the gatekeeper. The gate remained open, however. They stood up slowly, peering into the depths.

"The shadows may follow us," Marshall said slowly, "I think it best that we close it now."

Crono nodded and reached out to press the deactivation button on the gatekeeper.

"But Lucca's still in there," Cid continued.

"I'm sorry, Cid," Crono said, shaking his head in a downcast manner.

He pressed the button and the gate shut, sealing this world from the next. Crono stepped back from the machine, dropping the gatekey to the ground. It was over.

But not without the casualties.

"Wasn't there any way she could have done that without the bomb?" Marle asked.

Melchior shook his head, "No. In order to disrupt a spell, you need a lot of energy. Energy in its pure form is fire. To disrupt a spell of that magnitude, you needed a lot of fire. A bomb was the perfect implement."

"She's really gone," Crono said sadly, "After all these years I've known her. . ."

Marle reached out and hugged him. He held her as well, seeming almost to cry. Cid looked at the gate longingly, as if he wanted to use it to go back to Limbo. Instead, however, he turned from it and walked to Lucca's house. He opened the door and walked in, shutting it behind him.

"Do you think HIS scars will heal?" Glenn asked.

"I'm not sure," Melchior replied.

"It's all over now," Crono said slowly, "What will we do?"

"Rebuild. . .and hope that nothing like this ever happens again," Marle replied, "That's always the best to hope for."

"I must return to Zeal," Magus said.

"I need to rebuild my home," Melchior continued.

"Guardia needs a leader," Crono said, looking at Marle.

Marshall shrugged, "Looks like I'll be burying 'The Marshal' once more. I'll go back to my shop and try to live a peaceful life again."

Glenn added, "I think I'll be returning home as well."

"And what about Cid? He doesn't belong in this time," Marle asked.

"We'll have to ask him," Crono said.

* * * * *

Cid walked into Lucca's bedroom. Immediately, he walked to her bookcase and began to take out books. He sifted through them, looking for any information. What he found inside these books, however, was something much bigger. Lucca's journal, a list of inventions, and several small books of Lucca's theories adorned the bookcase.

Cid sighed in content and began to pore over the books. There must be something in here that will bring Lucca back. He opened up her first journal and started to read about the life of Lucca.

When he opened up the book however, a note fell out of the sleeve. He bent and picked it up, reading:


To whoever finds this,

I think that it will be you, Cid, that finds this. In this case, I address this note to you. On this shelf you will find my life's work. I want you to study it, to gain a better knowledge of the technology of my time. I'm sorry I couldn't stay with you, but what I did was necessary. I hope you can understand the importance of my actions, and you won't do anything foolish. In these books are things for Crono and Marle as well. I have discovered intriguing facts about our past and ancestors. You must make sure that they read and understand these things when you find them.

I'm sorry again that I can't be with you all. I will miss all of you and I can only hope that my death has caused more positive points than negative. One can only hope for the best, after all.

Bye to my friends,


Cid put the note down and sighed. She had known all along that this would happen. Why would she do it? Cid turned back to the book seated before him. He would find his answers here. There must be a way to bring her back.

Cid would dedicate his life to that end, if necessary.



Began: Mid-November 1997

Finished: July 10, 1998



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