Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 1

By Jerm

. . . .and in these facts, I have drawn out that tinkering in time will not put the world to a certain doom. Time loops apparently do not exist in the way I had expected. Still, from my experiences, I say that time should be left alone. . .

Cid continued to read, wondering at the depth of the girl known as Lucca's mind. She constantly surprised him with another great idea, or sometimes simple witty comments. He turned the page to continue reading.

Cid sat at a table next to the bookshelf that contained Lucca's work. He was currently reading a book on Lucca's theories. About a dozen more books lay neatly stacked at his feet, ones which he had already read. There were still around twenty more books to read and Cid had still not gone anywhere in his search for a possible solution to Lucca's death.

It had been just short of three weeks since he had undertaken this self-appointed job. He had continued to read voraciously, consuming Lucca's works at a rate of four a week. The others had left long ago, Crono returning home, Marle taking her position as queen and beginning the rebuilding of the Kingdom of Guardia, Marshall had gone back to his pub and removed any trace of The Marshal once more. Glenn and Magus had both used the gatekeeper to return to whereever they wished to be. Glenn, of course, had returned home. Magus's current place of residence was unknown to Cid. Melchior had returned to his home tentatively, remembering that the Mystics were a little annoyed at the humans at the moment. Queen Nadia would have to sort that problem out.

Cid shook his head as his eyes blurred a little. Reading was taking a toll on him, but he refused to quit. He MUST find what he was looking for. Cid turned the page once more:

Magic is something that has puzzled me for years now. I have always thought of this world as a world of science, then suddenly, I am thrown into this strange world of infinite possibilities. In an attempt to understand magic, I have placed it into a category of science and I think I have an interesting theory on its existance.

We all know by now that Lavos was the reason that any form of magic entered this world. However, how did he infuse it into us? The average human uses only 15% of his or her brain. However, what is that other 85% capable of? Perhaps the 15% we use is to store the knowledge of the basics, or science. The other 85%, being much larger, would be used to store the infinite possibilities of magic. It is a fairly sound theory, but I haven't had much time to delve into as much as I would like.

Cid read the last line, there had been nothing there either. However, the theory was quite a good one. Cid put down the book and went to the bookcase, picking up the last book in Lucca's journal. He sat back down and opened to the first page:

I think I might be able to create a machine that can send a person to another time. I have studied my telepods and the gatekey, and I might just be able to get such a machine going! I've really wanted to see how the rest of the world is faring, now that Lavos doesn't exist. I will start on it this week. It may take as much as a year to finish, though. This may be my last entry for a while.

Cid read the next entry.

The gatekeeper is finished! It only took me four months to figure out, and I will be testing it out today. First attempts are rarely successful, so I may have to look out for an explosion. If it works at least half right, I'll be happy.

Cid turned the page and read the next entry.

It didn't work at all. However, I think I see the problem. What strikes me as strange is that as I came back into the house, there was a flicker of light from behind me. I turned to my machine, but it was as quiet as ever. For a moment, I thought I saw something moving away in the corner of my eye, but when I turned, it was gone. I think it was just my imagination.

Cid looked down to the next line, and was surprised to find it written in ink that was less faded than the rest. This was written not too long ago:

That figure was my first glimpse of Nikades. If I had know, I would have went after it and destroyed him. But instead, I allowed the world to nearly be erased. I'm sorry for this thing I caused. I guess, since this book is being read, the problem has been fixed and that makes me glad.

Cid continued to read the book, delving further and further into the creation of the gatekeeper. Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep.

* * * * *

Magus stood at the edge of the cliffs of North Cape. He was once again in his time, the once beautiful land of Zeal in the sky, now a blizzard wasteland on the ground. He shook his head and stared out at the ocean.

He had found his first clue to Schala's existance today. It might have been enough to make him happy, but he was still skeptical. A fisherman had been out in the ocean fishing. He had been bending out of the boat to pull out the net, when something caught his eye. It was a sunny sky that day, the first in weeks. Something far below was sparkling in the ocean. He had pulled up his net to find it held not fish, but the head of a statue. It was from the Ocean Palace.

Magus looked up at the cloudy sky, which continued to shower snow. It had been snowing for years now, with only small breaks in the weather. It had been luck that the fisherman had been at that spot when the sun was out. Magus had gotten the position from him and would be going as soon as the sun was out once more.

That could be weeks, though.

Magus sighed, but remained determined. If Schala was anywhere, she would still be in the Ocean Palace. Alive or dead, it no longer mattered to Magus. He would find her.

* * * * *

Marle had been named as queen of Guardia. Now Queen Nadia, she was responsible for the well being of a whole nation. The thought made her feel ill, but she fought it off, reminding herself it was her job. The rebuilding of the castle was going much faster now, with even the citizens lending a hand.

There were several things she couldn't get over that came with being a queen. People bowed to her and listened to what she said. She didn't like being the center of attention when there was a whole kingdom giving said attention. Plus, the guards never let her leave to go out alone. They would acompany her whenever she left the castle. The chancellor told her it was for her safety, trying not to hint to her what had happened to her mother.

Marle remembered that story anyhow. Her mother had been abducted by bandits while out on a carriage ride to Truce. They had taken her to the cathedral. After negotiations had failed, the king had sent in The Marshal, along with several soldiers to take her back. A spy had been in that group and the raid failed. The ONLY survivors of that was The Marshal and a lone soldier. Her mother had died.

Marle had stopped blaming Marshall for the death long ago. She knew it was the spy's fault. Even so, her mother was dead and she had been raised solely by her father. It was a lonely life, her father had always dealt with the kingdom first. But she had learned to live with it.

Now she had the problems of the kingdom on her hands, and she didn't know what to do. It would have scared her had she not been so determined to do her best.

She looked over the crowd that was building the castle piece by piece. Somewhere in that crowd was Crono as well. He had volunteered to help her, one of the first actually. She didn't spot him out, there were simply too many people.

'Oh well,' she thought, 'I'll find him during his break.'

* * * * *

Glenn climbed down the ladder and stepped into his 'home'. Unstrapping the belt that held his Masamune, he sat down heavily in a chair and lay the belt on the table. He had just been out practicing with the sword, which explained his tired manner.

After leaving the group once more, Glenn had no choice but to return here. He had long ago decided not to join the rank of knights. Not looking like he did anyhow. The royalty and other knights would know who he was, but the people would not. Mystics were still held in low regard, the war only ending two years ago. He would easily be mistaken for one. It was better that he remain here until he could find a way to drop the spell.

His home was dark, but his eyes could pick out the details of it easily. There were good things about being turned into an animal. Some senses were enhanced. However, some were dropped as well, but he had learned to live with them.

Magus had said it himself, though. The spell would be removed when he died. No sooner or no later. Of course, at the rate at which Magus wasted himself, Glenn felt he wouldn't have long to wait.

He leaned back in the chair and was soon asleep.

* * * * *

Marshall unlocked the door once more, beginning yet another day of getting the masses drunk. He could have done anything else with his life, but this building held special meaning to him. He shook his head, not wanting to recollect his past. Instead he returned to his counter and pulled out one of his daggers.

He then pulled out a block of wood and began whittling.

An hour later, there were still no visitors. He tried to remember why, then it hit him. They were all out rebuilding Marle's castle. He could have done so himself, but he wasn't a people person and that many people were much too much.

He stopped whittling and blew away the wood chips from his work. He looked at it harshly, recognizing the face that had been carved from the wood.


Why had he created an image of HIM? Marshall shook his head and walked to the fireplace, not yet lit. Marshall threw the figure into the ash covered fireplace and looked around briefly, though the move was unnecessary. No one was around. He focused his mind on the wood briefly. It burst into joyous flame.

Marshall sighed and returned to behind the counter, wondering why his memories were haunting him once more. Was it the appearance of Nadia or was he merely getting old?

It was now nearing noon. Perhaps some people would be coming in now.

* * * * *

Crono turned at the foreman yelled to them that it was breaktime. He dropped his work and stepped out of the rubble he was helping pick up. He quickly walked around the side of the castle, and came to the front, where others were also having their break. He looked across the bridge to the forest and spotted Marle, sitting in the shade of the trees and surrounded by six guards.

Crono walked toward her, crossing the bridge and heading toward the trees. He fought back the urge to run to her, the guards might get a little feisty and deside he was attacking her. Instead, he calmly walked to her, waving. She waved back, trying to motion the guards back. They remained adamant, however.

"How've you been doing?" Crono asked.

"Fine, I see you're on break, too," Marle replied.

Crono sat down next to her, "Have you been down here all day?"

Marle shook her head, "No, no; I've been working, too. I'm on break along with everyone else."

"Ah," Crono replied, then asked, "How much longer until the castle is completed?"

"I'm not sure. I sent someone down to the basement, and he says that it wasn't damaged in the concussion. That will shorten the time, surely. But we still have the rest of the castle to fix. I'd say about a month at this rate."

Crono nodded, "Not too long."

"We've got an hour long break. What do you say we go for a walk?" Marle asked, standing up.

"It's all up to the guards," Crono shrugged.

Several of the guards glared at him, but he ignored their looks. Marle looked at the guards for a moment, "Would it be possible that we could do that?"

"If we follow you, it will be," replied one of the guards, the head of the group.

"Oh, very well," Marle huffed, then bent and pulled Crono up, "Let's go then."

Crono stood up and they walked hand in hand down the trail of the woods. The guards remained several steps behind them. Soon, they were out of sight of the castle and thoughts of royalty and work left their minds.

* * * * *

Ayla emerged from her tent once more, looking at the new Ioko that had so recently been rebuilt. It hadn't taken much time, skins for the huts were easily found. What had hit them hard was the loss of nearly half of Ioko's population.

At least the reptites no longer exist. They would have taken that moment of weakness to finish them off. It wouldn't have even been close to a fair match.

Ayla shook her head. Life had almost returned to normal, though. The huts were back up and the monsters did not return. Perhaps Crono and the others had killed them all.

Even so, it didn't matter. The monsters were gone, and they won't be returning. Ayla looked up at the sky, small clouds starting to form once more.

More snow.

Ayla shivered involuntarily, and reentered her hut. Azala had prophetized a blizzard the likes no one had ever seen before. This was the beginning. It would get much worse.


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