Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 11

By Jerm

Magus carefully ran down the mountain. Far below him, the trail dug in by the epoch was very evident. It had cut a swath down the mountain for about a mile. He hated to leave Schala like that, but he had a feeling that this was important.

He stumbled again, barely able to keep his footing. Finally, he shook his head and used magic. He hovered over the snow and began to fly down the mountain.

His powers were still weak from after the Undersea Palace episode. He hoped he had enough left in him. He remembered what it was like to push his ability's limit.

Moments later, he had reached the epoch. Now to see if he could get back to his cave from here.

* * * * *

In Ioku, the rebuilt village was once again flourishing. Even with the cold termperatures and the lack of food, peopld were able to live life peacefully once more.

Ayla was in the meeting grounds at the moment. Several others were there as well. The meeting between Ioku and Laruba had been going on for nearly an hour. It was starting to bore Ayla.

Ayla looked up at the sky suddenly. There was a loud booming noise. One of the strange stars that had appeared in the skies several days ago had flared up.

Ayla looked puzzled for a moment. She remembered seeing this calamity before. It was several years ago, but the memory of her enemy's lair being blown to pieces by its arival.


'What was going on?' Ayla thought to herself madly as more of the stars began to burst into flame from entering the atmosphere.

Villagers started to scream at what was happening. Some were running into their tents to hide, as if that would help.

Ayla remained stone still, hypnotized by the view. Pretty but deadly. There were dozens of them lighting up the sky.

She continued to stare as her world ended.

* * * * *

Crono opened his eyes and stared up at the ceiling of a cave. It was somewhat dark, whereever he was and he had a splitting headache. He reached up to feel several large welts on his forehead. In doing so, he also got a view of his hand, cut up, but not badly.

Where was he?

He looked to his side and saw Marle lying on the ground as well, beside him. She was still asleep, eyes closed and facing the ceiling. There was a long cut racing across her forehead and dropping by the side of her eye. It seemed to be healing rather well, though.

"Awake?" the voice startled him and he jerked about, looking the other way to face Cid.

"Sorry," Cid said.

Cid was sitting by the entrance to the cave, his back to the world outside. He had his legs crossed under him and his hands were on his knees. "No problem," Crono replied groggily.

"We're in Magus's cave, if you want to know," Cid said, reading Crono's mind.

Crono almost smiled to himself, he HAD seen Magus. He shook his head in disbelief at their luck.

"How long since. . ." Crono said.

"The crash?" Cid finished, "I'd say about three hours. The epoch took it really bad. I don't think she'll fly again."

Then Crono remembered why they had crashed. He coughed slightly, and asked, "What about the future?"

"I have no idea," Cid said with a sad shrug, "Those Lavos's things wrecked it. I think we have a big problem."

Crono looked around again, "Where's Marshall?"

"He went outside," Cid replied, "He wasn't as badly injured as the rest of us. I think he's trying to salvage what he can of the epoch."

"And Magus?" Crono continued.

"Over with Schala," Cid pointed to the area behind Crono.

Crono calmly followed his finger. When he saw Magus sitting in a chair over a cot, he nodded. Then the implication of what Cid said hit him. His head shot back toward Cid, causing a great deal of pain. Crono winced, gasping.

Cid leaned forward, preparing to get up, "Are you okay?"

Crono ignored the pain, "Did you say Schala?"

Cid shrugged, leaning back to his seated position, "Yeah. He says she used to be his sister, a long time ago."

Crono fell back into his bed, tired from talking so much and the realization of what he had missed. Then, before he knew what was happening, he was asleep once again.

* * * * *

Glenn looked up from his bed to the iron door that was opening. Storimae walked inside. The shadow shut the door behind him and looked at the frog intently.

"What do you want?" Glenn asked, sitting back down on his bed.

"Answers," Storimae replied.

The shadow started to walk around Glenn and the bed, which lay in the middle of the small room. As he circled, he seemed to be examining the frog.

"How powerful is the Masamune?" Storimae asked finally.

"More powerful than you," Glenn replied, "That is all you need to know before I slay you with it."

"I saved your life, Glenn. You owe me your respect at least. Answer the question or I'll give free reign to Bastion."

"No one has free reign here. I've seen your 'council' remember? It's simply one big power struggle. You will destroy yourselves before you can cause any trouble in my world."

"Very good," Storimae remarked, "but the struggle is about to end. With the Masamune, I can cause the others to bow before me easily. With it, the other spectres can't touch me."

Glenn looked puzzled, "Spectres?"

"What I prefer to call my race," Storimae replied, "Shadows was given to us by your world. Besides," he finished with what seemed a laugh, "Who's afraid of their own shadow?"

Glenn didn't laugh back.

"You can't hold the Masamune anyway. Its magic will destroy you."

"No, I can't. But you can. All I simply need to do is take control of you and wield it," Storimae remarked, walking toward the door, "THAT is why I let you live."

Storimae pulled the door open and stepped out, "Remember that, Glenn. I won't kill you."

The door shut, leaving Glenn alone once more.

'Spectres,' he thought to himself.

* * * * *

Glenn awoke when he heard what sounded like a scream. It was dark in his room, the window showing that it was night. Another scream ripped through the building and Glenn jumped to his feet. The bed squeaked slightly from his sudden movement.

Glenn ran to the door and put his ear against it. Beyond, he could hear more than the constant yelling. There was the sound of fighting.

Puzzled, Glenn backed away from the door as the noise became louder, closer. Something was going on. Maybe the shadows were fighting each other violently.

Glenn's thoughts were interrupted when something hit the door. The door shook slightly under the impact. Glenn wished he had a weapon suddenly, he had a feeling that something might happen to him when this was over.

Then suddenly, a red sword tip broke through the top of the door. Glenn gasped at the sudden appearance and stumbled back. The screaming and fighting had mysteriously died away.

Then the sword dropped, slicing the door from top to bottom as though it was less than metal. The area around the split seemed to glow red hot as the sword withdrew. Then the right half of the door fell over, into the room. The left half was opened up on its hinges to reveal what had done this to the door.

Glenn stared speechlessly at the figure holding the Masamune.

* * * * *

"You found Schala?" Marle asked in awe, "When? I mean how?"

Magus glared at her constant barrage of questions. Finally, he turned back to face the sleeping form of his sister, "She sealed herself inside of the Ocean Palace."

"Well, that's great," Marle said, "That you found her, I mean."

"Has she awaken, yet?" Crono asked from where he had been resting.

"No," Magus replied, "But she will."

"I'm sorry to break up the reunion," Marshall said from the entrance of the cave, "But I'm going to need some help getting the epoch up here for repairs."

The others turned at his sudden appearance. Then Crono nodded moments later, standing up. Marle and Cid did likewise. "WE crashed it after all," Cid said, "We'll have to repair it."

"Yeah," Crono nodded, turning to Magus, "You stay with you sister."

Magus watched them leave, wondering if he even had a sister. Janus had had a sister. Magus didn't.

Magus sighed and turned back to Schala.

* * * * *

Glenn continued to stare at the figure of an old friend. When he didn't move, a voice came into his head, "We'd better hurry, Glenn. There are a lot of shadows out there, and they'll be after us and Cyrus in a moment," spoke Masa.

Mune replied, "Aren't they spectres?"

"Technicalities," Masa replied, "We'll go over it later. Right now, we need you to get out of here Glenn."

"Right," Mune replied.

Glenn stared at Cyrus for a moment later, then nodded.

"Let's go," Masa and Mune said, as Cyrus silently turned and led the way down the passageways.

There were bodies of the spectres littering the hallways. Piled up on the walls or simply lying in the middle of the hall, all before him had fallen victim to his old friend.

Parts of the walls seemed to be torn apart from the fierce fighting, giving the place the appearance of a warzone.

More spectres came tearing down the hall to fight the menace. Cyrus wielded the Masamune effortlessly, cleaving the challengers before they could fight.

The duo continued running down the passageways.

Glenn looked up at Cyrus's determined face, "How did you come back?"

Cyrus didn't answer. He continued to run, leading Glenn to the exit. More spectres appeared, but apon viewing the Masamune, they decided to turn and live.

Several more spectres did challenge them, but it seemed as though Cyrus was invincible. He was untiring in his fighting and running, yet Glenn was starting to tire from simply running.

Glenn tried again, "How did you come back?"

"Don't bother, Glenn," came the voice of Masa.

"Yeah," Mune replied, "He's just a ghost. We summoned him here so he could help. After all, swords don't go on their own."

They turned the last corner and Glenn saw the front gate lying all over the floor, having been blown to pieces. More of the spectres were lying about. Cyrus ignored them and slowed his run to a walk, stepping calmly out of the door.

Glenn followed. When they were outside, the frog turned to his friend, "Thank you, Cyrus."

Cyrus looked at him, then nodded. Then the figure started to fade away.

"No!" Glenn yelled, "I've wanted to talk to you for a long time!"

The figure disappeared, leaving Glenn alone. Lying by his feet was the Masamune. He tentatively bent and picked it up. he sheathed the weapon and looked about him.

The base had been built on Denadoro Peak. It stood on the banks of the small stream just before the point where the waterfall began.

Glenn made his decision. He would have to warn Guardia of the threat.

He started his long trek down the mountain, giving one last thanks to his friend, who even in death, managed to save him.


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