Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 15

By Jerm

The group found themselves in a small clearing by a streambed. It was slightly dark, the sun hiding behind the hills to the west.

"Where are we?" Cid asked as he stepped through the gate and into the world of the seventh century.

Behind them, the gate closed. The world around them altered itself slightly as the blue tint left it.

Crono looked around briefly, trying to come to an answer. Finally, he spoke, "I think this's Truce Canyon."

"I don't recall being here," Cid informed the others, "Must be new territory."

"It's way off to the north of Truce. You've been here," Crono said, "It's called Leene Square in our time."

"Nice job of redecorating," Marshall added, remembering what the square was like; Cid nodded in agreement.

"At least we aren't trapped in a collapsed basement in Magus's castle," Marle pointed out.

"Hell," Marshall spoke, "At least the world's even here."

"Even so, we're pretty far from Glenn's home," Crono argued.

Marle nodded, "Yeah, it's about a week's walk to get there from here, isn't it?"

"Close enough," Crono said.

Magus and Schala were quiet, seeming to stand in the back. Schala still didn't know half of what was going on and spent her time listening and trying to piece things together. And Magus. . .well Magus was always quiet.

"Should we get started? It'll be dark in about two or three hours," Marshall stated, looking at the sky, "I don't really care where I sleep, but I'd much prefer to do so in a town once in a while."

"Okay," Crono replied, pointing south, "Truce isn't too far over there. We'll stop there for the night and start after Glenn in the morning."

The others agreed and they began the trek off of the mountain. The area around them continued to darken as night approached.

* * * * *

Bastion stared from his concealed position as Glenn walked by. Everything had gone as he'd hoped. The frog was afraid now, looking over his shoulder every minute. Eventually, he'd break.

And then Bastion could get the sword. With it, he would be able to take charge of the spectres and end the anarchy that had been quietly erupting.

Nikades was gone now. Even so, there were other ways to take a world. There wouldn't be as much power involved, but you had power all the same. With the Masamune, he would have such power.

Trapped in Limbo since time began, he longed to be able to see other worlds. Now that he had the chance, he had noticed how weak other forms of life were. The spectres had decided that since they were the strongest, they should be able to rule.

Being the strongest had been the reason for their banishment in the first place. Now that they had escaped, they would be able to start what they had planned all along.

Bastion slowly crept forward, still trailing the departing figure. Glenn looked around once more, then continued after spotting nothing.

It would be soon, Bastion thought to himself, "He will break very soon."

* * * * *

"Storimae, I must talk with you," Ericane said, drawing the spectre being spoken to to a stop.

Storimae turned irritantly toward the speaker, "What is it?"

"Bastion is gone, I believe he is after the Masamune again," Ericane said, "You were the first of the council I met when I learned of this, so I thought I should tell you."

"Do you have any proof?" Storimae asked, slightly intrigued.

"I saw him leave, myself. I'm sure if you were to send someone out to the frog's house, you would find Bastion there," Ericane replied carefully.

"Any 'solid' proof, Ericane?" Storimae's hopes died somewhat.

Ericane looked downcast for a moment, shaking his head, "None at the moment. But I have a hunch. . ."

Storimae thought it over, "I'll talk to the council. If he has truly gone after the blade once again. . ." Storimae stopped, remembering that he was talking with someone who didn't need to know this stuff.

However, Ericane knew what would happen, "When. . .'If' he is removed, would the council consider having me as a replacement?" he asked this carefully, not wanting to sound too ambitious.

"You will be considered," Storimae said, raising his hopes, then he crushed them, "You will be considered as an underling of Bastion. If he is found guilty, you would share his fate. . ."

Storimae waited as Ericane blanched, "However, since you have noted us of this, you will be spared. And finally, you will never be considered for a member of the council as long as I'm here. Or Morlis or Lanon for that matter. Now leave me so that I might be able to talk to the council about this."

Ericane bowed, trying to hide his spite. His plan to become a member of the council had failed. He would have to find another way. He turned from the object of his hate and left.

Behind him, Storimae smiled and went the other way, toward the main hall that the council's meetings were held. A plan was beginning to form in his head.

* * * * *

"So do we send a. . .'spy' after Bastion?" Storimae brought up, after telling of Ericane's findings.

"Very much so," Lanon said, "We've warned him, and if he is indeed acting outside of the council's and his jurisdiction, he's gone."

"I agree. He is much too ambitious," Morlis spoke, leaning back in his seat to scan the room.

"My vote is for a spy, too," Adijem spoke. Beside him, Amey nodded his agreement.

"And Dalack?" Storimae pressed, looking at the spectre across from him.

The final spectre nodded. It was unanimous.

"And if he is found guilty," Morlis spoke up, "Who are the nominees to replace him?"

"Since Ericane was the one who brought this to our attention," Dalack answered, "I think he should be a nominee."

"Out of the question," Lanon spoke up, "He is one of Bastion's lackies. I'm sure that he is just like his boss. Ambitious. Why else would he turn in Bastion like this?"

"Maybe he likes Bastion as much as we do," Adijem said, the sarcasm of the overstatement very much present.

Amey nodded beside him, smiling slightly.

"Not likely," Storimae argued, "The first thing he asked after notifying me of this was if we would consider him to that position."

"That doesn't sound very un-ambitious," Morlis added.

Dalack nodded, being voted down. They began to think of more possible nominees.

"And," Storimae continued, breaking off their thoughts, "I don't think we should nominate anybody. We should leave the position empty."

The council stared at him, some muttering. He continued, ignoring them, "Even though we are now ruling by council instead of one leader, it is obvious that we were doing better with just one. So, let's whittle ourselves down, until one is left. That way, we will get the least ambitious of the council to remain. The one who remains will be the one who stayed within the boundaries of the rules of the council."

Lanon shook his head, "Even though that idea has merit, I don't think so. This council is what rules now, not some 'king'. If one of the council dies, we still have others to rule. If the leader dies, then anarchy is all we have."

"Isn't what we have right now called 'anarchy'?" Storimae pointed out, leaning forward slightly, "No one listens to the council. In fact, the council spends more time arguing with each other than anything else. With one ruler, he would make decisions in a moment's time."

Adijem and Amey nodded, agreeing with him slightly. Dalack, Morlis, and Lanon were still unwavering. Storimae quickly thought up some more propaganda to shovel at them, to change their minds.

"You say that if we had one leader, and he dies, then anarchy is all we would have," Storimae said, "If everything goes to plan, who will be able to kill our leader? What would threaten us?"

"Those that would want the title for themselves, for one thing," Morlis argued, "With one leader, it would be so much easier to overthrow the power block. With this council, we still have order if one or two turn up missing."

"Still have order?" Storimae stopped himself from laughing, "No one listens to the council. We don't even say anything," Storimae was suddenly angry, "Like I said before, we spend all of our time arguing! We don't get anything done! We wallow around in our power, yet we don't act when we should because the council doesn't agree on how it should damn well be done!"

"You are acting out of order!" Lanon barked, breaking Storimae out of his anger, "Calm down or you will be excused from the room."

Storimae looked around and noticed that he was standing. He slowly sat back down, glaring at those around him. They were afraid that he was planning something. That if one leader was chosen, he would take it from them. That was the reason they voted him down.

They would have embraced the plan, each of them individually. However, there was fear that they would not be the one on top. They feared Storimae had a plan to do so.

Was it so far from the truth?

He shook the thoughts from his head, "I am sorry. I. . .got a little upset," he apologized, "Please continue."

Lanon spoke, "We will have to get someone to hunt down Bastion and see if he is indeed acting out of the orders of the council. If so, we will then begin the nominations for a replacement."

Morlis looked at Storimae, "And there WILL be a replacement if he is found guilty, Storimae."

Storimae fought down the urge to jump the table and attack Morlis. That would result in nothing except a feeling of satisfaction. Instead, he nodded, "Very well."

"If he is found where we believe," Adijem spoke, "Should the spy kill him on the spot. If so, then we should send several of us after him."

The spectres thought inwardly. None of them liked Bastion. They didn't care if he was guilty or innocent, just as long as they had a good enough reason for those below them. If the council said that he had been going against the wishes of the rest of the council, they would have plenty reason enough.

"Sounds good to me," Morlis spoke first, trying not to smile.

"I agree. We shouldn't allow him back. . .He might have people here who would help him," Dalack said, thinking up a good reason.

"It will be so then," Lanon finished after Storimae nodded.

"Then this meeting is over," Dalack said.

"I and Morlis will select the tracking squad, then," Lanon spoke.

No one argued. Any squad was as good as another. Bastion was as good as dead.

They rose from their seats and walked out of the room. Storimae held back a moment, thinking when he should act.


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