Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 17

By Jerm

"Are you okay?" Crono asked tentatively, as he saw the troubled Glenn.

They had reached the small clearing that Glenn's home lay in. Strangely, it was untouched by the fiery blast that had occurred moments before. No trees were scarred and the ground was picture perfect, for a leaf-strewn forest bed. Almost as if the fire hadn't occurred.

That would either mean it had been a very rainy season for the Cursed Woods or it was magic fire. If it was magic fire, that narrowed down the list of antagonists quite a bit.

Glenn was sitting on the ground just beside the small bush that hid his home. He had the look of someone who was extremely troubled and tired.

After Crono spoke, Glenn looked up at the group, noticing them with panicky eyes for the first time. He was on his feet in an instant.

Then his sword was out and he came at Crono, "Leave me be you horrid visions!"

Crono stumbled back, barely avoiding the first thrust. He quickly backpedaled, trying to prevent another opening for attack. He was very careful not to draw his sword in response. All Glenn needed was a reason to go into a full frenzy.

"What are you doing!?" Crono yelled.

"Glenn?" Marle added.

Glenn swung again, and Crono jumped back. However, he tripped on a root and was sent sprawling on the ground. The missed blow gave Marshall an opening, though. The large man barreled into the frog from the side, knocking Glenn to the ground. Marshall carefully reached down, trying to pry the sword out of the amphibian's hands without severing an appendage or two.

Glenn swung his foot around, kicking Marshall's feet out from under him. The large man pitched back and struck the ground hard. Crono and Glenn were both on their feet in an instant.

"What are you doing, Glenn!?" Crono repeated.

"Quiet, you lousy spectre! I've had enough of these games!" Glenn was beyond reason at the moment, the careful tugging from Bastion had loosened him quite a bit.

Glenn prepared to attack Crono again, but was suddenly heaved into the air. He waved himself about wildly, looking for the attacker. Magus peered at him from several feet away. Then the sorcerer waved his hand and Glenn was thrown up against a tree, suspended a couple of feet above the ground. He held onto the Masamune somehow, though it would do no good at the moment.

"Listen to reason," Magus spoke darkly, his hand still outstretched.

* * * * *

Bastion looked above to view the outpost atop the mountain of Denadoro. It had been three days and he was almost 'home.' About twenty more minutes, and he would be at the gates.

Denadoro had been chosen as a stronghold for the spectres for a number of reasons. One of the foremost had been because the world was temperarily weakened from the attack by Nikades. Many times were still under heavy construction; several others were still being rebuilt, though not as fervently as several years ago.

Still, the world couldn't muster enough forces to do anything about their pressence at the moment. Denadoro was the perfect selection.

If it wasn't for the council's constant arguing, they could have possibly taken this world already. But no one could agree on 'how' to accomplish such an endeavor.

This would fix that, Bastion thought to himself.

Above him, the two guards spotted him and advanced down the hill to identify him. He smiled inwardly, they would be surprised to see him. More than likely, the council had already been talking about his 'demise.' More than likely, there was already a replacement.

The guards were to either allow him entrance or kill him if he didn't belong. They couldn't turn back people if they didn't belong, the position of this outpost was to remain a secret until it was no longer needed. That was rule number one here in Denadoro.

Rule number two was to obey the council. Unfortunately, that rule might have to be bent a little. You have to bend rules a little during a rebellion.

The guards reached him, and like he predicted, they were completely surprised at his 'resurrection.'

He smiled again, "Come with me, you two. I have a lot to say."

* * * * *

"Let me go and we'll have a fair fight!" Glenn raved, struggling against Magus' hold.

Magus didn't relent.

"What's going on, Glenn?" Crono repeated again.

"You know very well what's going on," Glenn replied harshly.

Crono sighed, "Humor us. Pretend we don't know, we really don't have time for all of this."

Glenn stared at Crono, wondering what trick this was, then he spoke, "For the past week, you have stalked me in an attempt to take my body so that you may use the Masamune. You have used tricks and visions so that you can break my will."

"Who?" Marle pressed.

"You," Glenn answered.

"You're not pretending we're not 'visions,' Glenn. Who is doing this to you?" Crono stated.

"The spectre. . .Why are you playing these games?" Glenn was becoming annoyed.

"Spectre?" Crono asked.

Marle cut off Glenn's response, "I think it's a shadow."

Glenn looked at her and replied, "You are correct."

"Ok," Crono thought, "Ummm. . .What do we do to prove we're not 'visions' or a shadow?"

Cid was ahead of him however. He stepped up to Glenn, still pinned against the tree, and asked, "If we're shadows or any magic created by one, we can't touch the Masamune, right?"

Glenn thought over the question, wondering if they were asking some form of trick question. Finally, he answered haltingly, "Right."

Cid's hand shot out and grasped the blade. He had grabbed it too hard and blood trickled down his palm and wrist. He ignored this however, and stared into Glenn's eyes.

Glenn stared back for a moment, then looked at the hand. Finally, he dropped his head, "Forgive me."

* * * * *

"So the shadows. . .spectres really want to get their hands on your Masamune?" Crono asked after Glenn had told his story.

"Very much so," Glenn said sadly, "I've been attacked so many times, I thought they might have opened hunting season on frogs."

"Well, I hate to add problems onto problems, but we've got one of our own. Problem that is," Crono said grudgingly.

"Hopefully a small problem," Glenn said, though he already knew that it wasn't.

"It puts the spectres into a secondary file, if that helps clear it any," Crono added.

"How big of a problem?" Glenn asked, waiting for an answer.

"Not as big as Nikades, but that doesn't make it any less dangerous in any given sense," Crono continued.

Marle nudged Crono, "Could you quit with the suspense?"

Crono huffed, "Okay, okay, okay."

He sucked in his breath and then let loose with a impression of Lavos's scream. The attempt failed miserably, however. No one was sure what that sounded like.

Crono went into a coughing fit from the strain on his throat, and Glenn was still confused. Marshall was trying to stifle a laugh.

Marle shook her head, "It's Lavos."

Glenn thought it over, "Lavos? I don't understand. What about him?"

"I think he's having a family reunion, and this planet is the party grounds," Marshall added helpfully.

Crono regained his breath and continued, "It isn't good. We're trying to save as many of our allies as we can so we can come up with a quick plan before they annihilate everything."

". . .How many?" Glenn asked, trying to hide his mix of awe and shock.

"Not too sure," Cid replied, "From what we've seen, I could only guess several hundred," his hand was bandaged from the small cut he had recieved from grasping the sword. It would heal in two or three days, but for now he needed it clean.

"Bu--But that's impossible odds!" Glenn roared, "We had enough trouble beating one!"

"I know, I know," Marle reassured him, "But we need to try."

"After we get everybody together, we're going to pay a social call on the deep future," Crono informed Glenn, "They're the only time with enough technology to effectively battle these things. I seriously doubt they'll win, but we may be able to find a way to help and quite possibly win this war."

"And if we can't?" Glenn asked.

"Well," Marshall mused, "We won't have to worry about the shadows anymore."

"Spectres," Glenn corrected unconsciously.

"I'll call them the gingerbread men if I want to," Marshall retorted, "Just as long as the name is something I can identify them with. I don't care if I hurt their feelings or their pride. They've certainly hurt us enough."

"Yeah, it's occurred to me that we're fighting a two way war," Crono said, "That will make it twice as hard."

"Two 'impossibles' is still simply impossible," Magus reminded Crono unnecessarily, "Not twice as impossible."

"I didn't need to hear that," Crono remarked, "We'll just see how impossible this is when we get at it."

"So we're leaving now?" Marle asked.

"Unless you've got something else to do," Crono said, "But those pretty stars in the skies won't wait too long and we have a long way to walk. And the wishes these falling stars grant is nothing like the stories."

"Can't we just use that gate at Denadoro?" Cid asked, "That would be a lot shorter."

"I doubt the spectres would allow that," Marshall reminded him.

"I thought Glenn killed them all," Cid pressed, idling pulling at his bandages.

"Cyrus did," Glenn said, "At least most of them. But I think they're still there. Marshall is right."

"Truce Canyon, here we come," Crono said in a tired voice that complained of more walking.

* * * * *

Storimae awoke to the sound of raised voices. He was up and at the door in a minute's time, however his hand stopped at the handle. The voices raised.

Something was amiss.

Storimae backed away from the door as the sound of voices shifted into the sound of a battle.

Definitely amiss.

Storimae quickly ran to the far wall and hit something there. A small portion of the steel wall shifted to the side, revealing a small passage. It led to the council's room.

He ducked inside and closed the entrance behind him as his main door was rudely thrown open. As the steel passage door shut, the yelling voices faded away.

Storimae turned and walked down the passage, reaching the far end several moments later, and striking another switch. The council room was empty at the moment.

Perhaps the others would be here soon, he thought.

He waited as the sound of battle increased, wondering if he should start thinking of a good plan. A very good plan.


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