Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 21

By Jerm


Cid looked up quickly, expecting to see Lucca. The figure above him was not that person. Cid glared at his disturber, he had had enough of strange visits in the night.


"Go away, I'm tired of these nightmares." Cid replied, trying to close his eyes and return to sleep.

"Talk to me Cid, speak your mind."

"What is this?" Cid demanded, reopening his eyes.

"Simply a dream, Cid. Tell me of yourself."

"If you are part of my mind, you surely know of me," Cid answered, annoyedly.

"What do you want most of all, Cid?"

"Huh?" Cid asked at this supposed change of events.

"If this is a dream, surely you can get whatever you want." the figure replied.

Cid looked quizzically at the figure, thinking.

"Would you like your old life back perhaps?"

Cid shook his head, "No, I don't belong there. I belong with these people."

"How so?"

"I. . .I'm not sure, but I feel as though I do belong around them."


"I don't know. . .Maybe because they treat me with respect," Cid pondered.

"Who treated you with the most respect?"

"That's easy. It was Lucca," Cid said sadly, "But she's gone."

The figure nodded, "Then I ask again, 'What do you want most of all?'"

It dawned on Cid, "I want to have Lucca back."

"Do you truly want to have her back?"

"Yes," Cid answered, almost a whisper.

"How do you plan to do that?"

"What?" Cid asked, surprised, "I thought I could simply dream her up. . ."

"Why have a dream, when reality stays with you a little longer? Dreams pass and are forgotten, but reality is what it says: real. It is there and can last the lifetime of so many dreams."

"How could I get her back?" Cid nearly jumped up at the figure.

"You have nearby an object that can do such a thing, Cid. Surely you haven't forgotten it already."

". . .The Time Egg!" Cid was essentric, "I remember in her notes, how she was telling me that I couldn't bring her back because the Chrono Triggers no longer existed!"

"Can you use it?"

"Yeah, certainly. The others were telling us about the instructions on how to do so," Cid said, "But if I used it, then this world would die. . ."

"What do you want most, Cid?"

". . .Lucca back," Cid said slowly.

"Then why quarrel over a world? You have the gatekeeper, you can find another world, a better world."

"But it'll be destroyed by the invasion," Cid pressed.

"Who built that machine?"

". . .Lucca," Cid answered.

"Have her build another."

The idea was so insane, so ludicrous, that Cid would never have even thought of it twice. But it was to save Lucca, to bring her away from Nikades and his dark wrath.

Was it worth it?

"Take the egg, Cid. You have been through so much, given so much. Maybe it's time you thought for yourself. And this isn't just for you, it's for Lucca."

"For Lucca," Cid said, his eyes unfocused, then he looked back up at the thing before him, "It is for her, isn't it?"

The figure nodded.

* * * * *

"What took so long?" Dalack asked, not surprised to find the boy walking up to him.

"He is strong willed, even though his mind is jumbled," Morlis explained, "But I have him now."

"Pray tell what that would prove?" Dalack asked, hiding his sarcasm well.

"I'm sure you learned of what they were doing on this mountain," Morlis began.

Dalack nodded, "But it's none of our business."

"It is now," Cid/Morlis drew out the Chrono Trigger.

Dalack glared at the boy, "What will that do except destroy this world and make Storimae slightly annoyed?"

"It will bring back a lost dynasty," Morlis replied.

"Thatos?" Dalack asked.

"Close enough for now," Morlis evaded the question, "Right now we have to start climbing before the others find out who and what's missing."

* * * * *

"Everybody into the gate, now!" Storimae yelled over the rushing and booming noises outside.

The Lavos's invasion had begun several minutes ago, several hours ahead of the spectres schedule. Even unprepared, they had done well in a quick evac.

The spectres were pouring into the red gate quickly, each knowing that to slow down would kill so many more. The gate led back to Limbo, where the spectres' main base was located.

Storimae watched as they filed through, waiting to be the last. He would have some time explaining what he had done here to those in full charge in Limbo. However, he had full confidence that black-edged explanation would be enough.

It had certainly been enough for Bastion.

Part of the ceiling was suddenly thrown away, to reveal a small area of sky, lit up with the fiery rain that cascaded down onto the seventh century. Storimae ignored what was going on even after the explosion came from far off, signalling the thing had struck the ground.

Finally, the last of the spectres had went into the gate. Storimae swept into the raging vortex, which shut behind him and allowed the world to continue to doom itself.

* * * * *

Marshall yawned as he stood up. It was still dark, but he had never been one to wake up late. His life had been the reason for that. Marshall stumbled from his 'lounge anywhere' choice and walked toward the door for some fresh air.

Still half asleep, he stumbled over what he presumed to be Cid. "Sorry, kid," he muttered and continued, not noticing that it was simply the small time machine that Cid had left behind.

He opened the door and left the building to watch the sun rise.

* * * * *

Marshall sluggishly tracked back to the building several hours later. It wasn't so much as the fact that it was morning now that he returned.

It was the yelling--audible from well away from the building--that drew him back. Something must be amiss.

He opened the door and walked in, drawing everyone's attention. Everyone except Cid, at least. "Hi everyone," he said happily, "What'd I miss?"

"It's not so much as what you missed," Crono said angrily, "It's about what all of us are missing. Cid, for instance."

"Maybe he's out," Marshall shrugged.

"Yeah, it's pretty obvious he's out," Crono continued, "Particularly since he took a souvenior with him."

"The Chrono Trigger's gone," Marle added helpfully.

"Any ideas why he would do that?" Marshall asked.

"Just hunches. None good," Crono shrugged.

"We don't have time for this, I believe you all know," Magus said, cutting off their voices.

"I can't believe that he would do that," Crono said.

"Maybe he didn't," Marle said, "Maybe someone took the time egg and then took him as hostage."

"Sure," Crono replied, "this is the most remote place on the planet. I doubt ten people have set foot on this island since that mountain."

"Not random bandits, Crono," Marle shot back, "Someone following us."

"Like who?" Crono asked.

Marle shook her head, "I don't know."

"I guess I don't have to ask where he's going, do I?" Marshall asked.

"Let's go," Crono said, picking up his gear.

"What about this?" Glenn asked, indicating the time machine.

It was still lying where Cid had been sleeping. No one had even noticed it until then. It was a surprise that Cid hadn't taken it along with himself.

"Take it, we'll probably need it," Crono said, not bothering to see what Glenn was indicating.

Glenn shrugged and picked it up daintily, not wanting to drop it. He hefted it under an arm, despite its small size and followed the others outside.

There, they turned toward the mountain, hoping they could catch up with Cid. Death Peak was the most dangerous place on the planet. To actually chase someone up it is suicidal. But to simply give up and let the world die; that was more that suicidal. It was giving up.

They couldn't give up now. They had done so much for this world.

Despite the continuing threats, there was no stopping now. This was their world, their lives. They would never give up.

* * * * *

"What are all of you doing here?" a surprised guard asked as a massing of spectres came flowing out of the gate.

Storimae entered and stepped toward the quesioner, "I need to have a talk with the high council."

"But--" the guard began.


". . .Fine," the guard sighed, "I can't stop all of you anyway."

"Not all of us, just me," Storimae said, walking past the guard.

When he was gone, he turned to the large group, "Can any of you tell me what's going on?"

Most nodded, while the others simply remained silent. The guard sighed again and waited for more word. This wasn't something that happened everyday. An entire colony group had suddenly reappeared from whereever they had been sent.

Something big would have had to have driven them out.

The guard then realized that only one of the group seemed to be in charge. Where, then, were the council members?

Something big indeed.


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