Chrono Trigger Invasions Chapter 39

By Jerm

Magus slowly stepped up to the dias, upon which sat a large throne. Seated upon the throne was a spectre. It was dark, no candle was lit. However, Magus could see in the dark just as well as in the day. The lack of light was not a problem.

"Welcome, wizard," the spectre said, not at all surprised at Magus's appearance.

The throne room was a large domed room. All around the throne, like a stadium, were hundreds of seats, empty at the moment. For the other spectres, obviously. Fortunately, the rest of the spectres were gone. Off to fight against Guardia. Only Storimæ remained.

"Hardly a time for formalities," Magus replied, coldly, drawing his scythe.

"Very well, Magus," the spectre said, still calm despite the appearance of a weapon, "Let's get down to business. What is it you want?"

"You know what I want. The complete withdrawal of spectre invaders. You won't win this. Retreat and leave other worlds alone."

Storimæ smirked slightly, the shadowy form's face wavering. It leaned forward in the seat, "What makes you think we're losing?"

"In the end, you will be overpowered. You have spread yourself out too thinly. Recall your forces and leave the world at peace."

"And if I don't?"

"I will kill you personally," Magus replied, his voice still cold and dark.

"Wizard," the spectre asked suddenly, "Do you know who I am?"

Magus was slightly baffled by this question, and made a slight probe into the being's essense. Something wasn't right about it. Magus withdrew slowly and looked back at Storimæ, now more wary than usual.

"The leader of the spectres. . .But I sense something larger within you."

"Quite right," the spectre seemed happy at this, Magus could almost imagine a smile forming on the formless face, "How much larger?"

"Very much. But don't think that I will turn from my path in the face of a menace much larger than I had prepared for."

Storimæ drew back quickly at this, "My, you're quite set on killing me, aren't you?"

"Who are you?" Magus replied, ignoring the spectre's words.

The spectre slowly stood from its throne and began its oration, "Long ago, there was a high power. It created this world, the universes, everything. It existed in the sixth dimension, controlling the powers of a god.

"However, it became too ambitious, it drew in too much strength, too much energy. It left the sixth dimension. Instead, it was a being above everthing, even the very fabric of existance. It became a being of the seventh dimension. It became the very essense of existence. It became, in fact, the very multiverse. It became everything, taking into itself-or rather itelf into-everthing. It is a part of this land, this castle, magic, you, me, everyone and everything that basically 'exists.' Unfortunately for it, everything below became nonexistant to it, they were too small for it to actually even see. We became nothing to it, it was blind to everything, though it had become everthing. It had gone too far above to be able to control those below. It was all alone.

"In order to keep order in the worlds it created and consequently became, it gave life to two other beings, whom both existed in the sixth dimension. They would be the new gods to the people. Then the great spirit left the world.

"I'm sure you are familiar with these beings, Magus. . ." Storimæ stopped for a moment.

"Masamune and Murasame," Magus replied thoughtfully.

"Correct. The two forces were created as opposites, so as to create balance. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way--"

Magus cut in, "Opposites as in good and evil, I would assume."

The figure shook its head, "Incorrect. Don't jump to conclusions. Just because someone is on the other side, does not make them 'evil.' We simply had different views on things. They wished to create, we wished to destroy and recreate."

Magus suddenly realized that he was not speaking to a spectre. He was speaking to a god. Murasame itself stood before him.

The being seemed to smile again, as if it had read his thoughts. And maybe it had. Magus grasped his thoughts and tried to control them as he continued.

"Destruction is evil in many people's eyes," Magus retorted.

"Then you are evil, as are the rest of the world. Do you know how much people destroy? They even destroy each other. All civilization must be evil in your view. Hmm. . .Maybe that's why you are a simple killer--"

Magus cut him off quickly, with an angry voice, "There is a fine line between necessary and unnecessary killing!"

"Quite right. . .How long have you been on the unnecessary side, Magus?"

The wizard remained silent, unable to retort to the musings. In a twisted way, the god was right.

The god shook his head, "It is unwritten law that a person's being either good or evil is simply based on the view of the majority of others. It makes no difference if you are in fact good. If most people believe you evil, then you are evil."

Magus continued to glower.

Murasame continued his story, as if no interruption had occurred, "The two forces battled eventually, creating a war that would span worlds and last eons. Eventually, a third party would attempt to join. If it had succeeded, all would have been destroyed."

"Nikades," Magus added helpfully.

"Yes, the overambitious human. He was dealt with before his plans succeeded, and the world's balance continued. It was after his demise that I found a new host."

Magus's mind wandered again, Nikades seemed to draw a memory from him. There might be a way to stop this god. He quickly tried to draw his memories as Murasame continued.

"A girl who had nearly killed herself in dispatching the demigod. She had the powers of magic, she was intelligent, and most of all, she was currently vulnerable. Her mind was garbled at the moment. I took her mind, and gained control.

"It was then that I found a spectre that suited my purposes."

The shrine that Nikades had sealed himself within. . .

"I mean if it can keep the other gods out, it can certainly keep a single god, him, trapped inside." Glenn's voice echoed from his memory.

"Lucca," Magus said finally, "So she isn't dead?"

Murasame ignored him, "Storimæ was neither overambitious or weak. He was a perfect pawn. I struck a deal with the promising spectre, gaining control of the organization for myself in the long run. Which leads us here."

"Why are you telling me this? What does it have to do with anything?" Magus cut in finally.

"It is to show that you cannot win. I have finally reached full strength and nothing will stand in my way, not even Masa and Mune. You come here to slay a spectre, but enter to find a god."

The memories flooded back to Magus slightly, a plan forming in his head.

"I have come here to stop you, and that is what I intend to do," Magus said, finally, "whether you are a god or not."

"Hmm? And how would you do that?" Murasame seemed intrigued, "Speak quickly, as I have to kill you soon."

Magus concentrated. Suddenly, a crystal alter flashed before him, shining light brightly around it as it stood between the two. Light within it seemed to dance around its borders, "With this."

Storimæ/Murasame laughed, "You can't seal a god away! You don't have enough power! Any other ideas?"

Magus didn't answer. Instead he concentrated his energies on the pillar and on the god before him. Murasame felt a slight pull on him as the magic took effect, but it wasn't enough. He continued to laugh. This was ludicrous, but then again, the human was desperate.

"You don't intend to stand there like that all day, do you? You'll get a headache if you concentrate too much. . ."

This time, Magus smiled. "We'll see. . ."

Murasame shook its head in mock sadness, "Magus, Magus, Magus. . ." he berated the wizard.

Magus's smile broadened as he glanced at the god with slightly hooded eyes, "Don't call me Magus."

"Eh? Then what should I call you in your last moments of life?"

Magus reached up and removed the hood from his head, "Tonight. . .You may call me Janus."

Then Janus released his life energies into the spell. The added flow of power surged into the god and the crystal, taking Murasame completely by surprise. The amulet, a priceless gift from a caring person, glowed in response, adding its ancient power into the spell.

"What? You'll kill yourself!"

"A small price to pay. . ." Janus began.

Then the dark god screamed in pain as it was torn from its throne and into the crystal, pressed into bondage by the magic of Janus's life essence. Murasame flowed into the altar quickly, his arms raking along the ground attempting to get a grip on something. Dark claws, black as night, scraped along the stone floor, making a grating noise. No grip was found and the god was drawn into the altar.

". . .for a debt owed," Janus finished.

The crystal made a loud screeching noise as it suddenly began to shrink. It spun madly as it fled from the world, to a land of its own. The noise intensified, then finally died away as the crystal disappeared. Gone forever.

Janus, with no energy left in his body, his heart lacked the ability to pump blood. His bloodstream stopped, ceasing the supply of oxygen to his brain. He suddenly felt lightheaded as he stumbled to the ground. He fell to his knees.

"Good-bye, Schala. . .my sister. . ."

Then Janus passed out, dying peacefully. He cloak swirled slowly to the ground, making a burial shroud for the wizard. Magus had finally left. It was Janus at the end.

* * * * *

"Janus!" Schala suddenly screamed, jerking awake from her sleeping position in a chair.

The sudden cry drew the attention of her friends, who had been calmly sitting beside her. They were in the meeting room, just Schala, Marle, and Crono. Schala quickly looked around, wondering what the strange dream had meant.

"Are you okay, Schala?" Marle asked.

"Yes, yes, I--" Schala began.

A guard suddenly burst into the room, breathless, "Your Majesty! The demons are attacking again! It looks like they're throwing everything into this one!"

"Oh great," Crono muttered, standing up quickly and walking behind Marle and the guard.

Schala, however, continued to sit. The dream. . .

Tonight. . .You may call me Janus. . .

"Magus? No. . .Janus?" the pieces slowly began to form in her mind.

Tonight, I am the Angel of Death. . .

Good-bye, Schala. . .my sister. . .

"He's dead. . ." Schala finally said.

. . .For a debt owed. . .

"What debt?" Schala asked the voices in her head.

A vision entered her eyes suddenly, of people screaming and running in terror from a merciless band of mystics. Magus stood behind them, watching the death calmly.

More visions came. Magus slaying Cyrus. Magus failing to save her. Magus allowing Marshall to die.

"There is a fine line between necessary and unnecessary killing!"

"Quite right. . .How long have you been on the unnecessary side, Magus?"

Magus had been a blight on Janus's soul. His dark half. Schala was beginning to understand it all.

I was once but a mere brat. . . .I am Magus now, that life is gone. . .

The visions and voices continued to come at her. Finally, after several moments, it ended.

Magus was finally gone. It ws Janus at the end. . .

Like a puzzle, the pieces clicked together in her head. Schala began to cry.

Good-bye, Schala. . .my sister. . .

* * * * *

"What in the. . .?" Crono said, facing the advancing horde.

The invasion force had suddenly stopped in their tracks. They were straining against some barrier, something holding them back. The beasts growled and continued to push against the barrier, even as it began to move, pushing them back.

"What's going on?" Marle asked, in awe as well.

Then the invisible wall became visible. Blinding white light extended from the barrier, forcing many of the soldiers to cover their eyes. The wall pushed back faster now, pulling the demons along wherever the destination was. And they couldn't do anything about it.

"I think they're being pushed back to their world. . .Maybe. . ." Crono said, unsure.

". . .Yeah, thy're heading toward the gatekeeper!" Marle answered happily.

Then the monsters were gone, the light fading away. The soldiers lowered their arms slowly, unsure as to what was happening as of yet.

But the others knew. It was over.

"How long until they return?" Marle finally asked.

No answer came immediately. Then a voice came from behind them, "It's completely over. He stopped them. There will be no more attacks," Schala said.

"Who?" Crono asked, turning to face her.

"Janus. . .He gave his life and dirtied past to seal Murasame. . .I saw it, somehow. . ."

"Come on, Schala," Marle said, trying to sooth the obviously mentally exhausted princess, "Let's go inside and straighten everything out. You can tell us what you saw. I think tonight's going to be a wild party, though. . ."

Schala nodded, but thought she had seen something in the sky. It had looked like Janus's face. Schala blinked and looked again. However, the face was just a cloud passing through the sky.

Schala sighed, and followed the Queen.


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