Chrono Trigger: The Mistake Chapter 4

The End of All

By Jerm

Gaspar looked sadly into the depths of time as the world ended once more. This time, it was on a much grander scale. An unstoppable chain reaction. Lucca was right, time was too dangerous.

Stopping Lavos had had good intentions. The whole thing seemed like a good idea. For the first time, they had a chance to end a reign of terror that had lasted for eons.

Unfortunately, bads things still come from good intentions.

The worlds were altered. 1999 was now in 1000, and vice versa. Gaspar sighed as the process reversed, the times reverting back. No life existed on the two times anymore, it wouldn't be as painful to watch at least.

"What have we done, Spekkio?" he asked finally, glancing at the figure beside him.

Spekkio shook his head, "Something very wrong. Something no one could have forseen."

"We could have prevented this with the Chrono Trigger, you know," Gaspar continued, "It would have allowed time to be altered without any of the drawbacks we are faced with now."

Spekkio merely nodded. He didn't want to speak at the moment.

Glancing back at the times, Gaspar watched as the chain reaction spread out, latching onto other times, sending them into chaos as well.

"We wasted it on yet another good intention. And once again, it led to the worst thing imaginable," Gaspar continued, speaking of the Chrono Trigger again.

Spekkio nodded, then spoke carefully, "There is no point in worrying about it. It has been done and if we try to change this, it will only cause another time loop."

"Right," Gaspar said hatefully, "And it's all my fault. I wasted the time egg, wasted our chance. If I had only known--"

"No it isn't, it's no one's fault. No one intended for this to happen," Spekkio pointed out.

"The End of Time will be next," Gaspar said, changing the subject, "When all of the times have been unraveled, this world will have nothing to cling onto. It will unravel as well and we will join those who have already gone."

"Isn't there a way we could stop it?" Spekkio asked.

Gaspar shook his head and didn't answer. He peered over the rim once more and watched as the rest of the world disappeared. All of the times were gone.

"At least it was night. Most of the people were asleep."

Gaspar closed his eyes briefly, thinking on that statement. He then turned and walked to his lamppost. He leaned against it, closing his eyes once more. "Good bye, Spekkio," he said and went to sleep as well.

Spekkio looked at the ground for a moment, then walked away to his room.

Gaspar dreamed of a peaceful world, in which nothing ever went wrong. He smiled at his luck, and didn't even notice when The End of Time began to waver.

The End of Time and its occupants faded away, reeling into oblivion, but Gaspar's dream remained with him.

* * * * *

Time. Though we know of it and believe we understand it, someone of the third dimension can't possibly know of its limits and values. The fourth dimension is beyond us and should not be tampered with.

Most things must remain as they are, no matter how horrible they are. For to alter the past, present, or future is to alter all of time. Control is what we lack due to our inability to understand the true definition of limitations and regulations. Rules are set for a reason, but sometimes we fail to read or heed these.

No matter how small the change you make, the change will grow like interest. Soon, as time progresses with this change, it spreads out, changing everything around it and causing a chain reaction. This chain reaction will devour all in the end.

Lavos was necessary in a way. Nothing is inevitable, unless it has already happened. Changing his reign of darknes had good causes behind it, but the method was wrong. Now the world must face a darker and completely unavoidable threat.


I apologize for the dark turn in the story, and more importantly for the sad ending. Honestly, though, do you really think there is a way to release a time loop without causing another. The very fact that you know of the time loop and try to fix it, will mean that when it is gone, you will not know of it in the past, hence you will not bother to fix it and it will return. Another time loop is created.

I wrote this story mainly because I wanted a new idea to veer away from my major work. I also wanted to try something different, more realistic in a sense. I wanted to explain what would really happen if they had tried to alter time like that.

My next short story will be on a much lighter note, at least. It will still be in a dark tone, but not as dark. More along the lines of Dimensions and Invasions. I won't spoil anything from it since I'm still working on the plot. All I can note is that it will definitely be longer than this, which was much shorter than I had anticipated.



HERE ENDS "Chrono Trigger: The Mistake"

Began: October 15, 1998
Ended: October 17, 1998


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