Chrono Trigger: The Mistake Prologue

By Jerm

The Moonlight Parade was slowly ending. The people who had marched in line alongside those that had begun the parade were now sitting back in wait for the big surprise that had been rumored about.

It was the 1000th year anniversary. Guardia had been a kingdom for a whole millenium. It was shocking to think that something, whether it be a thing or title, could last that long. But Guardia had, and the 400 years of peace gave proof that it would last longer that a simple 1000 years.

* * * * *

Marle and Crono slowly stepped into the far clearing, from which a blue glow illuminated the ground the walked on. Hand in hand, they stepped forward to join the others that were already there. The others acknowledged their pressence, but remained quiet in this last meeting for a farewell.

"I guess this is it," Lucca finally spoke, giving a quick glance at the gate to make sure it was still stable.

"Yeah. . .It was a blast being with all of you," Marle agreed, nodding.

Frog smiled, "It hath hardly ended, Lucca. The epoch doth still reside in thy care. I'm sure that you could find an excuse to visit."

"We're still going away," Lucca retorted, not optimistic at all.

Ayla stepped forward with Kino, "Ayla go now. You all stay friends even if Ayla no see no more. Ayla remember fun we had."

"Kino too," Kino added as he turned to follow Ayla, who was heading for the gate.

There was the faint humming noise as they walked into the gate. The gate remained open yet still, the guests were still not all returned.

Frog took his turn next, "I shall miss all of you. But I know that we will meet again under much more favorable circumstances. Leene, we shall take our leave."

"Bye, Frog," Marle said, waving to the amphibian.

"Yeah, good-bye," Crono agreed, raising his hand as well, "Til next we meet, I guess."

"We'll miss you, too," Lucca finished.

The queen followed him toward the gate. Frog stopped for a brief second, turned and waved to them. Leene did the same, and then there were gone as well.

Magus stepped forward next, staring into the gate with his emotionless eyes. Not bothering to face them, he spoke, "This is where our paths fork. I thank you for helping me destroy Lavos, however."

"What are you going to do now?" Marle asked.

Instead of replying, Magus stepped into the gate and was gone. Marle sighed, and dropped the question. Crono shook his head, but didn't say anything. Instead, he nodded to Doan, who walked up to the gate with Robo.

Robo walked up to Lucca, "Before I go, I wish to thank you for repairing me, not once, but twice. I am forever in your debt."

Lucca seemed to smile and patted Robo on his mechanical shoulder, "No problem. Just make sure we see you again. . .Oh, and here!"

Lucca handed him a small device, which Robo examined, "What is this?"

"It's a transmitter. It'll help me locate you when I want to visit," Lucca supplied, "The future is a big place and I don't want to have to spend years looking."

"I see you thought ahead," Robo praised her, "I should go now."

"Bye," Lucca said, a hint of sadness in her voice.

"Bye," Crono added, "and bye to you, too, Doan!"

"Bye to the three of you," Doan said, "Thank you for allowing me to live in a good world again."

"No problem," Crono replied, smiling.

Doan disappeared through the gate. Robo stepped up to the gate, stalled for a moment, then stepped through. The humming noise resumed as he was transported to his time, but this time the humming remained even after he was gone.

The three watched the gate as it slowly shut, sealing them from their friends temperarily. They could always use the epoch for another visit.

The gate shut, but seemed to hold for a moment. A fiery red glow ignited from the tiny hole, seeming to leak out. The glow was plainly visible in the dark clearing.

"What the. . ." Marle muttered, as she witnessed this bizarre occurrence.

"I think it's just the gate sealing itself, nothing to worry about, "Lucca replied staring at the phenomenom as well.

A brief electrical discharge escaped the hole, the bolts lacing around the ground around the gate. Then, with what seemed a wrench, the gate shut. The glow died and the silence returned.

"All over?" Crono asked.

"Yeah, it's over," Lucca replied, wondering if he meant the lightshow or if he was referring to the much bigger thing: the fight against Lavos.

They stared at the final resting spot of the gate for several moments later, not wanting to end the moment. Finally, however, Marle spoke up, "I'm tired, let's go--"

The gate was suddenly thrown back open with a strong force, the energy seeming to be visible. It was bright red instead of blue and it was roaring angrily. It continued past its normal size, growing larger. The three quickly took steps back, trying to avoid getting caught in the vortex.

Then, as fast as it had occurred, the gate shut again. This time much more calmly and without the pulsing energy. The roaring died away quickly as well, seeming but a false memory after it had left.

"I really think we should go home now," Crono agreed with Marle's earlier statement, "I've had enough of these gates for a while."

"Me, too," Marle agreed, turning to walk with Crono out of the square.

"I think I'll stay and have a look around here," Lucca retorted, "I'll have a check and see what's going on with this."

"You do that," Crono said in a voice that stated all too obviously that he could care less about the gates at this moment, "I'm going home and giving this hero business a rest.

"You're lucky," Marle teased Crono, "You don't have to wake up as a Princess in the morning."

"I'm glad, too. I'm not sure what I'd do if I was a princess. . .Now a prince on the other hand--" Crono began.

"You know what I mean," Marle said, giving his arm a punch, then continuing to walk, "Let's go."

Above them, as they walked, the fireworks began. The sky was illuminated with bright, beautiful colors as the Millenium Fair came to a close. People stared in awe at the display, surely amazed by the finale.

Lucca stared at the spot where the disturbance had occurred instead. One thought was drifting through her mind. Unlike Crono's and Marle's, it wasn't sleep. Her thoughts were much more indepth and scrambled.

What had happened to the gate just then?


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