Chrono Trigger Prophecies Chapter 26

Countdown to Ragnarok

By Jerm

Magus smiled slightly as Vili disconnected. It was almost over. Behind him, Janus followed calmly, unbeknownst of the true plan behind the shift in loyalty by the one he called Vili. It was true that Magus was weakening, but Janus had been weakening much faster. Of course, he didn't have Vili to lean onto in times of trouble.

It was almost over.

It had occurred to Magus at least once that maybe Vili was in fact on Janus' side, and all of his feelings of victory were wrong. But he quickly shut those thoughts down. He was clearly winning and Vili had openly helped him, no such thing for Janus.

He had been a bit annoyed that Vili was forcing him to play this charade for two more days. Why not switch back now? It was almost as if Vili didn't trust him. Then again, he wished he could fully trust Vili. The thing had given no past, no information, nothing. Just orders. But the plan was sound, Magus went for it.

Just as Janus fell for the Schala bit...

Magus shook out the thoughts, he didn't have time to doubt Vili. If Vili pulled something, Magus could easily overpower the other...Couldn't he?

True power comes to those who struggle independently, shared power to those who struggle with others.

How far did Vili's plot really go?

* * * * *

Crono groaned in pain as he slowly woke up. His face was pressed against the floor and he could smell rotting wood. He gagged slightly and tried to pull himself up and away, rising up to his knees. The side of his face hurt like somebody had slapped a 2x4 against it. His memories were returning as he thought back to how he had reached this position, and he realized he had be slapped across the face...but by the flat of a sword instead.

He scanned the area around him, quickly spotting Marle and Glenn, both still lying in unconsciousness. He mind helpfully pointed out to him that they were lying in almost the identical position, a neat little row. He quickly shook his head, quelling the thoughts. He didn't have time to joke around with the current situation. Instead, he shakily stood to his feet and hobbled over to the pair.

As he approached, he realized that the back of Marle's head was matted with blood. He quickly kneeled over to inspect the would, forcing himself not to anticipate anything for his mind would surely pick out the worst. He lightly ran his hand over her head, instantly finding a large knot that had formed from the impact. She was still breathing normally, he noticed, hopefully that was a good enough thing to place hope on.

He sat down beside her form and waited, no longer caring that Magus was gone. Magus would come later of course, but for now Crono merely dwelled on the hope that his friends would come out okay.

Three hours later, all three were awake. There was no permanent injury, and the three seemed marginally okay. However, it was apparent that Magus had the Masamune.

* * * * *

"We have to stop him," Glenn repeated again.

"Yeah," Crono agreed, "We'll catch up to him and he'll do this to us again."

"He has my sword," Glenn reminded him, then added, "That will not do."

Crono began to pace down the aisles, thinking over the situation. Marle had been busying herself with cleaning up her hair, she had been quiet so far. Finally, Crono stopped pacing and offered his idea, "We'll have to get Lucca, she's the only one who really knows what's going on."

"He's going to raise Lavos," Marle finally spoke up, "I don't think we have time for that."

"Then we'll hurry."

"What of the Masamune? It will most undoubtedly pose a threat to us," Glenn stated.

Crono nodded, "Right, it can block magic, can't it?"

"But won't it resist him? I thought it was on our side," Marle said, confused, "It wouldn't turn against us, would it?"

"I have no idea of its intentions," Glenn shook his head, "But I know Magus's, he he'll do anything he can to accomplish it."

Crono stepped out of the aisle and towards the door, "Then we'll have to really hurry."

* * * * *

Lucca carefully shifted the weight around in her backpack, trying to lessen the strain on her right shoulder. She had it now, but it was incredibly heavy. Hopefully, it would allow her to fix the problem with Janus...and Magus. More specifically, simply remove Magus.

Because if it didn't work, they would have to 'remove' both of them.

She pointed the gate key and pressed the button, causing a burst of light to reach her. She carefully looked around, realizing at the same time that it was a bit too late to scan for witnesses. Still, there was nobody. She jumped in and the gate disappeared behind her.

Moments later, she erupted out of the other end, the next gate closing behind her as well. She carefully looked up and was surprised to find three people waiting for her. She was a bit angry as she realized why, "Where is he?"

* * * * *

Vili stepped into the empty castle, home to the great Magus. Without wasting a moment, he diverted his mind, using his magic to shut the large doors behind him. The light dimmed as the doors closed, finally blanketing the halls with darkness as a click emmitted from the shutting. After a moment's pause, he stepped into the den.

Everything was going as planned, as he had wanted it to. Whoever said that plans never go as wanted obviously was thinking through a narrowed mind. The pieces were clicking now, something that had been set forth and read off as prophecy was now being acted out, and flowing together to form what he wanted. And now....

Vili reached into his cloak and carefully removed the Masamune, examining the intricate handle for a moment.

And now he had another 'piece.'

With sword in hand, he stepped past the room and to the large stairway leading down. As if there was light only he could see, he passed through the darkness unfaltering. Though Vili himself had never truly been within these walls, the minds of his puppets gave him details they themselves may have forgotten to even know.

And following the path of a dark tradition...

One soul must solve the world's condition...

The word's of the prophecy, a prophecy he himself had created, came into his mind. These words were what sent Magus into the throes of insanity, blinding him to the world, yet allowing him to see his purpose. Janus had been the messenger, Magus the tool.

His fellow man he has forsaken...

He'll call upon a force to awaken...

Vili trudged down the stairway, softly stroking the sheath of the blade in his hands. It was so close now; years, decades of planning were coming to a culmination now. It would work, for every second that passed, the chance of someone stopping him dropped. He was in the clear.

This force will issue a fiery rain...

Bringing to all an unbearable pain...

How many steps were remaining now? Four? Five? He couldn't ponder on them currently. However, he had rehearsed it many times through his head, the count didn't matter, he knew what to do. He reached the bottom of the stairs and stepped into the basement hall. With a quick flicker of his mind, he ignited the five braziers. The fire quickly illuminated the area around them, and the pentagram embedded into the floor between them; each resting upon a point.

It will turn all that is dead to rust...

And all that is alive will go to dust...

He stepped into the pentagram, however he didn't stop. He walked beyond to the statue sitting before him. Twin flames ignited from the statue's hands, giving a red glimmer to its stone surface. Vili smiled and nestled the Masamune into its arms, as if it was offering the blade to an unseen figure before it. Currently unseen, at least. dust...


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