Chrono Trigger Prophecies Chapter 8


By Jerm

"I know you're there. . .Speak to me!" Janus whispered harshly to the bodiless voices he assumed were still around.

Nothing answered his words, however. Janus scowled, but continued to climb Denadoro. He had been climbing for a short time now, around twenty minutes. Despite the obvious wind, it wasn't cold. He pointed out to himself that he wasn't high enough. But it still worried him, to a degree. This was the final part of his enigmatic quests, but he was no further in figuring out what was going on than he was when he began. All he had was a name. Vili.

The only reason he was doing this was the small chance he had of seeing his sister again. No matter how small, he had to take that chance. It was all he had now, this drive to find her. The drive scared him, it was this unwavering march to a goal, despite all consequences, that reminded him of Magus so much--

Janus shook his head, he could not think of Magus at the moment. Magus was gone and no amount of voices were going to force him back.

Almost as if on cue, the voices returned.

"How much further, Cyrus?"

The voice of the boy was new to Janus, but he already knew who it was.

"Don't worry, we'll be there shortly."

Janus shuddered violently. It appeared that this wasn't going to be very fun at the peak. He shut the voices out of his mind as best he could and trudged forward.

* * * * *

"Is he all right?"

"I'm not sure. . .Quick, put him back on the cot."

"Okay. . .What happened to him?"

"He fell out. He must have rolled over or something.

"Does this mean he's starting to wake up?"

"I'm not sure. . ."

* * * * *

"Did you get it, did you beat that monster?!"

The voice sounded overexcited, almost childish. Something Janus would never suspect coming from Glenn. But the voice he heard was definitely his.

"Yes, now we can surely defeat Magus's minions."

"And Magus himself, right Cyrus?"

"Wrong. . ."

Janus flinched at the new voice of Magus. He wanted to shut out the noises, but couldn't for some reason. He listened as the argument advanced, voices became louder and louder, more clear and audible. Then suddenly, he was actually seeing the drama unfolding before his eyes.

Before him stood four figures, obviously transparent, but there nonetheless. Janus looked from Glenn to Cyrus, to Ozzie, and finally at himself, Magus.

I am not Magus! he mentally reminded himself harshly.

His thoughts silenced instantly when there was a bright flash of light. His head whipped around back to the fight and he saw that Cyrus was now burning. He had missed most of the argument. He continued to stare at the burning body, even as Glenn teetered and fell, falling off of the edge.

The body continued to burn and Janus slowly tore his eyes off of it, looking up at Magus. Then he gasped.

Magus was looking right at him.

"Are you ready to return to your destiny?"

Janus stared at the figure, his eyes narrowing into a scowl. Magus patiently waited. Behind him, Ozzie slowly faded away, but Janus didn't notice. He also didn't notice that the burning corpse below him had also faded away. He only saw Magus.

"No, and I never will be." he replied, finally.

"Too bad," Magus replied.

This time Janus did realize something. Magus was no longer a voice, he was really there. The transparencies were gone, he was staring face to face with his other personality.

"Toooo bad," Magus repeated, shaking his head slightly.

Then the world around them went white and Janus shielded his eyes. A few seconds later, he removed his arms. The world around him was still white, but he could see Magus in front of him.

Expecting an attack, he quickly readied his magic. But Magus just laughed at his attempts and turned away. He started to walk off.

"Wait!" Janus yelled, dropping his spell, "Where are you going? Where am I?"

"I'm not going anywhere," Magus said, still not turning back.

Then the white around Janus was suddenly flushed with colors and he found himself standing on Denadoro again.

"Wha. . .?" he scanned the area around himself.

"Let it begin." replied the voice of Magus.

Before him, Cyrus and Magus reappeared. And like before Cyrus burned. Janus shook his head, he couldn't tell what was going on.

The area went white again, but for much shorter this time. Now he found himself standing at the head of the Mystic army. Mystics slaughtering people and Magus laughing. Each individual death was presented before Janus, forcing him to view it. He couldn't shield his eyes, couldn't close them. The horror of what he had done was unavoidable.

A brief flash of white passed by and he now stood in Zeal. Inside the mammon machine. However, he was all alone.

"You waited so long to challenge Lavos. Imagine how many people died because of your delay?"

"End this, now!" Janus yelled.

The white light returned and he once again reviewed Cyrus's death. Before he could say anything, it was gone and the slaughtering army returned. Seconds later, Zeal was before him. The pattern began to flash before his eyes.

"I said end it!" Janus yelled again.

"Why should I?"

Cyrus stumbled to his knees before Janus. He looked up straight at him with dying eyes, then he gasped as blood began to pour out of him. Janus reached out, but felt nothing. Cyrus fell to the ground and disappeared.

"So you have learned pity? You have become weak after I left."

The images continued to flash by at an alarming speed. Janus shut his eyes, but they would not hold out the view. Finally, he himself fell to his knees, "Stop this! End it now!"

"But I am you and you are me, if you want me to stop it, couldn't you stop it yourself?"

"I am not you!" Janus looked up, but could see nothing but the constant destruction of his past, "I am Janus!"

"You are the body of Magus! Accept that information!" Magus slowly walked out of nothingness to step before him, "We are the same person, you have just forgotten what your purpose is."

"I am Janus," Janus repeated quietly.

"Then Janus is Magus," Magus shook his head, "We are one."

"We are separate--"

"We are the same person!"

The world was suddenly plunged into the white light once more. Janus looked around, panicked, as a forest came into view around him. Glenn's forest. In front of him, stood another Janus. The replica was walking down the trail before him, with a distant look on his face.

"Who is that?" Magus asked.

"It. . .It's me," Janus said as he started to walk, following the copy.

The white flash returned and he found himself standing yet again in the forest. This time, he was by Glenn's home. Before him, Janus and Glenn were attacking each other. Janus was winning.

"So you agree that that person is you. . ." Magus taunted.

"This isn't true, I never did this," Janus said, "It's just a false illusion."

"How are you so sure?"

"I think I would know if I attacked an ally," Janus replied sarcastically.

Finally, Glenn fell over, badly injured. Janus, with no remorse on his face, turned and stumbled out of the woods. Moments later, everything went black.

"You did this, Janus," Magus spoke finally, "I am drawing this and all events from your mind."

"Our minds, Magus," Janus corrected, "I would never do--"

"So you accept that we are the same?" Magus seemed to be smiling.

Janus was silent. He glared at Magus, whom calmly eyed him back.

Finally, Janus spoke, "You have no power over me. I am my own person. Leave me be."

"I have all the power I need over you," Magus replied.

Then Magus faded away. Before Janus could respond, the images returned, flashing before his eyes at rapid speeds. This time, Glenn's attack was added. Janus instinctively shut his eyes, but like before, it didn't help.

Then he yelled and fell to the ground.

* * * * *

"Oh good, he's finally waking up!"

"He is? That's great!"

"Hurry, get some water for him. He'll probably be thirsty."

"And some food? He might be hungry, too."

"Okay, get whatever you think'll be necessary."


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