Chrono Trigger Prophecies

Final Notes and Thanks

By Jerm

Well, it took long enough, but I've finally completed Prophecies. Hopefully, most of you enjoyed what became one of my most complicated works to date (not much competition, though). This thing should have been completed in February at best, March at worst; but I end up writing up the final notes (these) at the end of June. Sorry about the countless delays and such, some chapters became very difficult to write at times.

Listed below are the outlines and notes that I had collected to write this story. Going first is the outline. I wrote it before I even began this fanfic, and naturally not a bit of it matches the actual CTP. It originally only stretched to two parts, not three. I added the 'True Prophet' part to the outline after I completed chapter 20 and realized that the story was going a bit further.

Listed below the notes is a list of thank you's to people who helped in any way during the creation of this work. Thanks to all of you. And now, I bring you the bibliography/encyclopedia/notes/whatever part of this story.



I. Janus searches for Schala
1. Throughout Zeal
2. Gives up temporarily

II. Return to the Castle
1. Visions
2. The trail begins
3. Leaves castle

III. North Cape
1. Vision returns
2. Instructions
3. Questions the vision
4. Vision gives strange answer
5. Leaves for quest

IV. Ruins of Zeal
1. Flashback
2. Janus takes object
3. Leaves

V. North Cape once more
1. Gives object to vision
2. More instructions
3. Janus asks for more about the figure
4. Unsatisfactory answer

VI. Truce Canyon
1. Another flashback
2. Janus takes object
3. Leaves

VII. North Cape thrice
1. Janus gives object to vision
2. Scoffs at more instructions
3. Inside, the flashbacks are disturbing him

VIII. Ozzie's Fort
1. Flashbacks come, this time almost tearing him apart
2. Janus races out, forgetting his agenda

IX. North Cape
1. Vision tells him to instead go to Denadoro Peak
2. Last set of instructions
3. Janus, angry, complies

X. Denadoro Peak
1. Flashbacks
2. Janus' defenses destroyed
3. Vision returns
4. Janus is broken
5. Vision reveals itself


XI. Magus returns
1. Return to the castle (600)
2. Mystics denounce him
3. Medina razed
4. Magus alone

XII. Glenn
1. Hears of Medina
2. Called as lead investigator
3. Heads for Medina with a few men

XIII. Reunion
1. Glenn searches the ruins
2. Magus reveals himself
3. Battle/inconclusive
4. Division
5. Return to Guardia

XIV. Magus/Janus begins to lose control
1. Personal doubts
2. Inner Struggle
3. Magus wins
4. The destroyer of all

XV. Invasion of Truce
1. Glenn returns to defend
2. Magus scoffs
3. Another battle
4. Inconclusive

XVI. Fall back to the Castle
1. Magus is after the king
2. The retreat
3. The chase
4. Glenn follows Magus/injured
5. catwalk

XVII. Final battle
1. Glenn and Magus struggle
2. Janus attempts to break free once more
3. The Masamune

XVIII. Glenn's regrets
1. Heroes meet
2. The End

Author's Notes: After this, I had the original outline ended. And that was how the story was planned to go, pretty much. But as I went, I added more and more, and it went off course badly; also a third part was created. Before I began it, I created an extra portion to the outline that concerned part three. As you can see, I didn't follow it too closely, either:


XIV. Capture of Magus
1. Magus is unconscious
2. Janus attempts to rejoin
3. Glenn explains Magus' last words
4. Put to sleep by Marle
5. Janus and Magus face off once more in the dream world
6. Battle inconclusive
7. Vili returns
8. The group takes Magus to the abandoned cathedral after explaining to the king

XV. The questioning
1. At cathedral, attempt to safely awaken Janus/Magus
2. Magus too weak, Janus is allowed control
3. Learn a little from Janus
4. Magus attempts to take control again, Marle puts them to sleep
5. Contemplating the situation

XVI. Solutions
1. Decide to leave to Lucca's house
2. There, Lucca will have something that can further determine the problem
3. Janus is constantly attacked by Magus
4. Vili has once again become quiet
5. Janus eventually throws off the attacks, but is weakening
6. Race against the clock

XVII. Lucca's House
1. Lucca quickly gets to work on creating a machine that will allow her to delve into Magus' and Janus' head
2. Leaves to the future for research
3. Janus reawakens
4. Before much is said, Magus attacks and manages to gain a foothold
5. Marle is forced to put Magus to sleep once more
6. Inside, Janus and Magus' battle intensifies
7. Time is running out

XVIII. Lucca returns
1. Lucca comes back from her visit with a neurologist and further research; plus a diagram
2. Begins to gather the items necessary for the machine
3. Crono is sent on errands
4. Marle stays to continue to hold Magus at bay
5. Seven hours later, the thing is complete
6. Able to read brainwaves and translate neuron functions
7. Vili and Magus both continue to harass Janus, weakening him
8. Lucca learns that there are only two brain patterns, not three. Vili is also Magus

XIX. The next step
1. Lucca connects her mind with Janus' with the neuron translator, allowing her to witness what Janus does, with her point of view being translated from Janus' mind
2. She tells Janus that there is only Magus, it is 1 on 1
3. Janus tells her to get out, but she continues to stay and look for Magus
4. Magus realizes that she is there, and attacks her
5. Lucca's mind falls easily and she nearly goes insane
6. Janus changes his focus to protect her mind, saving her sanity
7. Magus takes this advantage and goes all out on Janus' unprotected mind
8. Janus is rendered unconscious
9. Lucca breaks out of Janus' mind and back to the others
10. While Marle and Crono try and help her, Magus wakes up
11. The others are unaware until Magus has defeated them and fled

XX. Preparations
1. Magus flees to his castle to summon Lavos
2. Lucca, after viewing firsthand the dilemma, begins to work on a solution
3. Solution finished, though flawed
4. Could kill both personas
5. Magus is more unstable, however
6. They chase after Magus to his castle

XXI. Showdown
1. Magus uses the Rainbow Shell and begins the spell
2. The group meet him and battle
3. During the battle, Janus wakens
4. Too weak to do much, but gaining strength fast
5. After everyone had been sufficiently weakened in the fight, Lucca uses her weapon

XXII. Fleeing
1. Janus and Magus both struggle to remain in existance
2. Both are still weak, but are fighters
3. Magus lags, but grabs ahold of Janus
4. Janus uses the scythe to disengage Magus, who flies into infinite
5. The scythe follows
6. Janus survives

XXIII. Finale
1. Janus rejoins the group
2. Lavos has been diverted
3. Magus is gone
4. With Magus gone, certain blocks on the mind are lifted, allowing knowledge
5. Janus finds many things about his past and himself that he had long forgotten to those blocks
6. Learns of Schala's whereabouts


VILI - Son of Bor and Bestla, brother of Odin and Ve. Along with Odin and Ve, he killed the giant Ymir and created the cosmos out of Ymir's carcass. He made the first man and woman, along with Odin and Ve. He gave the humans thought and motion. He is identified with Hoenir by some and only as a part of Odin by others. His namemeans "Will".

Nicole Cherry - The Norse Mythology Webpage

NERVOUS SYSTEM - Network of specialized tissue that controls actions and reactions of the body, enabling it to adjust to its environment. The system functions by receiving signals from all parts of the body, relaying them to the BRAIN and SPINAL CORD, and then sending appropriate return signals to muscles and body organs. Virtually all multicellular animals have at least a rudimentary nervous system; in vertebrates the system is most complex. The basic unit of the nervous system is the nerve cell (neuron). Of the billions of neurons in humans, half are in the brain. The neuron consists of a cell body, containing the cell nucleus; dendrites, branchlike extensions that receive incoming signals; and the axon, the long cell extension that carries signals long distances. A neuron works by receiving chemical signals-some excitatory, some inhibitory-through its dendrites and sending electrical impulses along its axon. Chemicals (NEUROTRANSMITTERS) released at the terminal fibers of the axon diffuse across a junction called the synapse and bind to dendrites of recipient neurons. Dendrites and axons are called nerve fibers; a nerve is a bundle of nerve fibers. The nervous system has two divisions: the central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. The central nervous system, consisting of the brain and spinal cord, receives impulses from receptors in the skin and organs via sensory (afferent) nerve fibers; it returns impulses via motor (efferent) fibers to terminals in muscles and glands. Peripheral nerves mediate these pathways. The peripheral nervous system comprises cranial nerves, controlling face and neck; spinal nerves, radiating to other parts of the body; and autonomic nerves, which form a subsidiary system regulating the iris of the eye and muscles of heart, glands, lungs, stomach, and othervisceral organs. The autonomic nervous system, in turn,comprises the sympathetic nervous system, which functions in response to short-term stress (e.g.,increasing heart rate), and the parasympathetic nervous system, which acts in opposition to the sympathetic.

MULTIPLE PERSONALITIES - "So, in our view, MPD(multiple personality disorder) is still a valid diagnosis for a clinical picture, but it requires these preconditions:

1. Life threatening trauma before the age of seven. (Minor trauma is not enough. The child must fear for his or her life.)

2. Grade V hypnotizable Emotional Self.

3. Polarized parents - one good and one bad.

4. Polarization of siblings. Only this one is abused. The others are treated decently."

Dr. Ralph Allison, M.D.


Ice_Man_Ash - Glenn/Magus awakening mix-up: making the reader believe that it was Janus that was the sleeping person being overlooked, when it was really Glenn. This double plot twist was thought up when Ice pointed out that it was too obvious that it was Janus who was asleep; he shouldn't have even known about that, so I decided that it really was too obvious.

Magus - Pointed out a sizeable plot hole in which the characters miraculously knew what Magus was doing and where he was going in chapter 26 or 27. It was probably chapter 26, because I ended up finishing it at about 4 in the morning. Also for the strong support showed through emails.

Paul Nathans - For pointing numerous odds and ends that needed fine tuning. The update in which I stated these is off the 'what's new' list (I only go back 2 months to save room), so I can't drag them up and list. But I'll mention them at least.

Nichole "Eleene" - For your support through emails and guestbook signings. Also for writing one of the most flattering emails I've ever recieved. You keep writing, too; and drawing.

The Entity - For the piece of fanart he drew for Prophecies. According to my original outline, Vili was really Magus, so that could have caused some problems. But slight plot changes were for the better and it worked out perfectly.

The Storyteller - Whose whacked out fanfic "The White Mage and the Angry Toad" inspired the idea of a Magus/Janus split personality.

Samus - Whose fanfic "Reality Warp" inspired the idea into my head to write a story with a complicated and deep plotline.

Minmei, Middletails, Black, Neokefka, Mage64, and DK - For their overall support, and in some cases, badgering to get the story done. Despite all of this, it still took eight months, but I'm getting off topic. Thanks to each and every one of you.

XnessX - For telling me in his own badly punctuated way to 'go to hell.' I couldn't have done this without you or your support.


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