Chrono Trigger Prophecies Prologue

By Jerm

Janus flew over the ice-covered, dead world below. What once would have been known as Zeal was now a barren land of snow, ice, and suffering. He paid it no mind for the moment however, his thoughts were on the fruitless search for Schala.

It was over. He had been out for a time that neared five years. The search was empty. Janus had finally admitted that it was over, he wouldn't find her like this. The best thing was to return to his castle.

His castle.

For some reason, he felt drawn back to it. Though Janus had long since given up on it, he felt compelled to it for a reason he did not know of. Almost as if something was drawing him to it purposefully.

He ignored his conscience, which told him to forget the castle, to continue his search. But it had been five years, he would have to return sometime. If not to stop the search, it would be done to at least rest for a while. Five years was a long time to waste your life.

He passed through a cloud briefly, the fog slipping by him all around. Drops of water appeared on his clothing from the water vapor, causing a slight chill. Then he was through, out into the open. He shivered, dislodging some of the water, but not all.

This was going too far, he thought to himself, I need to stop doing this to myself.

Janus finally turned, stopping his flight and veering away from his previous destination. Instead, he headed for the small cave that was home to the gate.

The gates had been expected to close when their origin, Lavos, had been destroyed. Oddly enough, they remained, though this wasn't a bad thing. They allowed Janus the ability to search the world more freely, more openly.

Janus shivered again from the cold, even though he constanly told himself he was getting used to it. It was obvious that he wasn't, but he still believed that if he thought he would be immune to the cold, he would be. Sadly, it wasn't so.

He was cold. Some nights, he was freezing. The climate of Zeal was steadily becoming worse. It was obvious that it would improve over time and even more obvious that human kind would survive the ordeal. However, it would be tough. He had gone through proof of that.

The land below him disappeared as he went over the ocean. Fading away behind him, Janus soon lost sight of it, and only water and sky stretched around him. The cave would only be five more minutes from here, but he hated being over so much water in the middle of nowhere.

He shivered again, this time increasing his speed to prevent it from happening again.


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