Chrono Trigger Prophecies

Synopsis of False Prophet

By Jerm

After five years of fruitless searching, Janus has decided to cease his quest in finding his sister. Freezing in the snowy wastelands of Zeal, he decides to return home. To Magus's castle. However, it isn't just a whim to return, it seems to be an urge.

Upon his return, he senses something. Strange voices drift into his head from the darkness. The voices seem familiar, but he cannot place them. He heads to his basement. There the voices return and he is able to place them as memories. Before he can think on it however, he is queried by a mysterious person.

The person attempts to strike a deal with Janus: If Janus can run certain errands for him, he will provide Janus with what he wants most; his sister. Though untrusting and unsure of the person's real intentions, Janus accepts; and the stranger vanishes.

Janus sets out for his first errand, to bring a handful of snow from North Cape. This seems bizarre to the wizard, and he begins to question this quest. But he sets out with a resolve to find his sister at all costs. When he arrives at his first destination, the voices haunt him again. Janus attempts to ignore these, but soon finds himself arguing with them. After quickly picking up the snow, he flees in fear of his sanity.

He returns to his basement only to find the stranger missing and the voices chasing him. After a moment of listening, he learns that he might only be having flashbacks. To prove this, the voices are soon accompanied by visions. But not a moment after the visions appear than they are blasted away by the appearance of the stranger. The stranger displays a small amount of magic, but quiets Janus's attempts at questioning. Instead, he gives Janus his next errand and leaves.

The next errand is to find a book from the lost kingdom of Zeal. Janus is at first unsure how to figure this out, as Zeal sunk into the ocean years ago. After a moment of thought, he decides that the fishermen would know of its location.

After several failed attempts, Janus finally latches onto a fisherman by the name of Antold, after he mistakes the captain for Dalton himself. That night Janus has a peculiar dream of several shadowy people looking over an injured friend. But before he can determine what it is, he is awoken by Antold, stating that they are ready to sail.

After sailing for a while, Janus begins to think about his situation. he soon learns that he has been too gullible in this, and didn't even bother questioning the captain at all. Despite the fact that he can escape on a moment's notice, he is still wary of the crew around him. Antold meets him on deck, offering one of his ship hands to give Janus a tour. However, at the sight of Azel, Janus flees back to his room. She had looked just like his mother. He does not leave his room until they reach the island where Zeal is.

After telling the others not to follow him, Janus steps onto the island and begins to search for the castle, where the library would be. He misses Antold's parting remarks, however.

During his ascent, another flashback pans over his mind, a continuation of his dream. He slips on a rock however, and is jolted back into reality. After examining himself, he continues to climb, noticing that he did not feel the pain from the fall or the cold in the air.

When he reaches the summit, where the castle resides, the voices return and greet him to his home. He is annoyed that they would call him Magus instead of Janus, but enters at their invitation. While he is being directed to his destination, he asks the voices why they are doing what they are doing. In response, they claim they wish to bring what is two back together, to combine what is separated. 'Me and Schala,' Janus surmises.

However, during the conversation the voices take a dark turn and begin to sound threatening. Janus enters the library and picks up a book quickly, wanting to leave. However, he cannot read the text. Upon closer inspection, something startling is revealed to him. On the cover, it displays that Antold is an anagram from Dalton and Azel for Zeal. In a frenzy, he tosses away the book and turns to leave. However, Antold and Azel are blocking his way.

After arguing with the two, as well as the voices in his head, he soon realizes that everything around him is mixing around or falling apart. Nothing is what it seems and he has been baited into something he cannot understand. Mentally unstable, Janus flees the building.

After leaving the island, he turns to find it gone, as if it doesn't exist. Though he is confused, he knows where he can get his answers and flies back to his castle. He attempts to attack the stranger, but is beaten. In his downed state, he questions the stranger. However, the only information he can draw from the stranger is a name and the next errand. Now known as Vili, the stranger tells Janus that his last assignment is to bring a rock from Denadoro Peak. Just as odd as the other errands, yet Janus decides to accept. He is promised that this is to be the last. As he leaves, another vision enters his head, but he ignores it.

After climbing Denadoro Peak, however, Janus finds himself assaulted by visions, voices, and hallucinations. All attempts to ignore these are feeble, and he is forced to accept them. However, Magus makes an appearance. Janus is showered with flashbacks, some he can remember, but one in particular he does not. A scene where he attacks Glenn at the frog's home. The visions continue to beat him.

After he blacks out, he awakens to find himself back on Antold's boat. Unknowing what had been dream and what had been real, Janus is confused. But after Antold gives out a small hint, he discovers that he might have been dreaming for much longer than this. He might indeed be still dreaming.

Magus reappears before he can do very much, however. It is then that Janus learns what really transpired. Weak and cold in Zeal, he attempted to return to his castle, but finally collapsed. Unconscious for a moment, the Magus persona was able to take command. He left Zeal and returned to the seventh century to finish old business. Magus attacked Glenn, but was injured in the fight and was forced to flee. In the forest, he too lost consciousness.

Now both personas are trapped into the body and when it awakens only the strongest will be able to retake control. Magus has been hammering Janus with flashbacks and visions to weaken his mind and in effect give him the upper hand.

But before Magus can finish, the body begins to awaken. Janus feels the tug but finds that Magus doesn't notice at the moment since he is talking. With this headstart, Janus flees and attempts to relink his persona with the mind of the host.

In his visions, the figure begins to awaken. He has now surmised that it was himself who had been the unconscious person depicted. However, it is Glenn who awakens from the sleep, proving to Janus that perhaps Magus did indeed attack the frog. Marle and Lucca had been taking care of Glenn in his home ever since he had been injured during that fight.

After Glenn tells them about the attack, Marle and Lucca scour the woods to find the possibly dead Magus. Janus is finally awakening when they reach him, and is too groggy to understand what they are doing. Then Magus is able to catch up with him and attacks his mind, attempting to usurp control.

Marle, fearing what could happen, puts Janus to sleep so that they can return him quietly to Glenn's home. However, with the Janus persona out of order, Magus retakes control of the host. After dealing with the unsuspecting Marle and Lucca, Magus begins to retake his journey. And the first step will be to annihilate Glenn and subdue the Masamune.

Magus is now in control.


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