Chrono Trigger Prophecies

Synopsis of Dark Prophet

By Jerm

As Magus released his devastating spell, the damage was widespread. Crono, after being struck by the shockwave, realized that something was wrong. He increases his speed as he returns to Glenn's hut.

Meanwhile, Glenn has barely survived the catastrophe, though his home has collapsed. He crawls out and is met by Crono. Together, the two begin to leave the forest, Glenn needs some form of medical aid.

Janus awakens from being torn away from the host to find himself back in his castle. An illusion, that is, created by his mind. To find answers, he rushes to the basement in search of Vili. Magus, on the outside, reaches Glenn's home to find it collapsed, and assumes that he is dead. He leaves to head towards Guardia Castle. However, he plans to make one more stop.

Crono and Glenn reach the outskirts of the forest, however Crono stops as he hears voices in the distance. He tells Glenn to wait for him and returns to search for Marle and Lucca.

Janus reaches the basement and encounters Vili. After a lengthy conversation, he learns that Vili is not Magus, and also that he could possibly be a third personality. Unfortunately, if this is so, he has sided with Magus.

Crono races through the forest, following the voices as he attempts to find his missing friends. Finally, he stumbles across Lucca. Upon query, he learns that Marle is injured, more than Glenn. Lucca relays their story to him, about Magus going nuts on them. After listening, Crono learns that Lucca wasn't calling for him. Something else had been. Instantly, he knows that it is Magus and picks up Marle for a mad dash to get out of the woods.

As he and Lucca run, Magus's voice follows them, taunting them. Finally, they are able to leave the forest and Magus dawdles behind, waiting for them inside. Then, Janus chooses that moment to try and break free. Magus suppresses the attack, then flees. Crono carries Marle back to Glenn, Lucca behind him.

After Magus supresses Janus, he confronts him personally. After making several threats, he leaves to continue his plan. Janus is left behind to wonder at what he can do now. Then, Vili rejoins him. He reprimands Janus for trying the impossible, then states that he is ready to meet his end of the bargain. He will give Janus Schala. Give him a new live to live without the pain.

Janus agrees. Moments later, he begins his new life. He is back in Zeal as a child, back with Schala, and back to before his mother was corrupted. When life was good. However, he is constantly reminded that he is a prisoner.

The group reaches the inn in Dorino. After a while of resting and rejuvinating, they gather once more. Crono, after searching around the town, has managed to pinpoint Magus's destination: Guardia Castle. After an argument, he allows them all to accompany him. They leave the next morning.

Janus is taken to the throneroom after a while, where he meets someone called The Prophet. However, the person looks nothing like him, causing some curiosity in his mind. Then Vili comes back and explains Magus's goal. The Prophet years ago fortold the future. All fortellings were correct, proving him true. Magus, while with Ozzie, was able to get ahold of a copy of his prophecies, and learned that he was the harbinger of destruction, the tool of the apocalypse. His task is to raise Lavos and destroy humanity.

However, Janus learns more through his knowledge, that he had been the prophet. Apparently, Magus had at first summoned Lavos to lead the mystics to victory. However, when the spell failed and he was sent back to Zeal, Janus took control. He used the guise of a prophet to get close to Zeal, so that he might destroy Lavos. His prophecies had been true because he was from the future. His words were written down, and possibly miswritten. Centuries later, Magus reached the writings and believes the "bringer of destruction" is him. It was meant to be Lavos, however, Magus has misread it. The time loop finishes, and once again he fails the summoning and is sent back in time.

However, Janus/the prophet has found a way to return to any time he wishes with the aid of Crono. They travel and defeat Lavos deep in the future. With his threat gone, Janus returns to searching for Schala, and Magus retakes control when he falls under from the freezing cold. Magus, now back in command, prepares to finish his false destiny.

While Janus ponders this as he returns to his room, Magus has reached the castle. He quickly disposes of the guards at the gate and breaks into the building. The doors shut behind him.

Vili visits Janus once more, but does little to help his questions. When Janus gets too nosy, Schala enters the room from Vili's will. He is further surprised when he learns about the Ocean Palace. His utopia was falling apart.

Magus stalks through the castle, disposing of all who challenge him. Above, the king is being led out of the emergency exit. However, Magus is not here to destroy the command. He changes direction and heads for the basement. His destination, the Rainbow Stone. He intends to use its energy. Crono and the group reach the castle, then follow the sound of fighting to chase him down. They meet him in the treasure room down in the basement. Magus quickly chips off a sizeable chunk of the rainbow stone, then tries to teleport somewhere away from them. Glenn gets too close and is teleported along with him, however. They both end up on the castle's parapets.

Janus begins to once again try and break free, disliking the broken deal. Vili tries to stop him, but he fights back and destroys all of the illusions, finding himself with nothing. He strikes at Magus's mind to try and free himself. Glenn also attacks Magus, though physically. Magus is unable to fight the two way war. He finally throws Glenn back so that he can try to teleport again. However, Janus gives his all into another attack, breaking Magus's concentration and causing him to fall. He quickly uses his stored energies to call a shield around him as he crashes through the roof of the castle.

Crono, Marle, and Lucca gather around the unconscious Magus, wondering what they can do. In the distance, they can hear as the castle's knights return. Something will have to be done fast. With Magus unconscious, Janus can once again take control. The pendulum swings, the balance is once again shifted.


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